2015-12-30 - Those With Violet Eyes. And Ren.

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Those With Violet Eyes. And Ren.

Summary: Rayne and Serenity meet a new arrival, and it's Rayne that seems the most caught off guard.

Who: Rayne, Serenity, Silencia
When: December 30th, 2015
Where: The Usual Restaurant


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Silencia peeks around curiously as she enters the restaurant. Every corner she turned seemed to hold a surprise for her in this place. She had been picked up by the large man called Kotal Kahn and deposited at his place of work, but she was too curious to sit around waiting for someone to show her around. As always, her left hand was lightly holding her necklace as she looked around. A soft smile danced on her lips "This place is amazing..."

The psychedelic-skinned sea slug slips in from the TASK offices as well, albeit somewhat later and without having gotten a certain memo first. Ren (and the irregularly-shaped column of water supported by the black disc of the field generator) wanders over in the direction of the dance floor with gentle ripples of the cobalt-blue undulatory fins. Spotting Silencia inspecting the room, though, Ren pauses and looks over with an inquisitive cant of the rhinophores.

Rayne can be spotted at a table. While it often could be said she stands out because of her hair... when Serenity enters the room, Rayne no longer seems to stand out at all. She sits alone at her table, and the reason she's at the table rather than the bar is quite apparent in that she's also currently doing... something on a laptop computer while idly eating her lunch. Telecommuting! Alas, her attention downward, she doesn't even notice Ren entering.

Silencia didn't notice the figure entering after her at first, but when she did, she couldn't help but let out a weird little squeak. She had never in her life seen anything like this creature and saying she was confused would be an understatement. She knew that there were many things in this place that she'd never even heard of, but this beautifully colored creature was something she couldn't even imagine. "My goodness... I've never seen anything like you..." Her attention was focused on the unfamiliar figure as she approached it curiously. In her excitement over this place and all that it new, she completely overlooked the colorful person sitting not too far away.

Serenity doesn't yet notice Rayne, on account of the newcomer, but isn't stopped far away from her. As Silencia approaches, Ren shifts to a posture with more of the tail end horizontal with the ground to make the remaining vertical portion closer to her height. "Hello," Ren rasps cheerily from within the irregular mass of water. "I say the same with some regularity," Ren says, motioning toward her with an extruded portion from the right fins, "but not yet today. Is there someone or something I can help you find?"

Rayne looks up at the unfamiliar voice. Not so much that it's unfamiliar so much as the words said. This kind of reaction is what she expects any newcomer to have to... ah, yes, there's Ren. She smiles and waves to the colorful invertabrate, but doesn't otherwise interrupt the master greeter as she does her work. She does, however, stop whatever she's doing on her laptop as she watches more or less idly.

Silencia can't help but stare at Serenity, her eyes dancing over the various shapes and colors. She blinks, surprised to hear Serenity talk. She really wants to touch Serenity, but holds herself back. It took her a moment to register that the unfamiliar creature was talking to her. "Ohh... uhhmm... I'm just looking around...There are so many strange things in this place!" She smiles sheepishly, twirling her necklace absentmindedly. "My name is Silencia. I arrived here not too long ago, but that is probably obvious..." A soft chuckle escapes her as she said that last sentence.

Serenity finally spots Rayne as she waves, raising a 'wing' from the water to return the gesture. A few folds in the sheets of muscle provide a stylized impression of a human arm in a draping sleeve. "I am glad to see that you are taking the arrival so well. I don't think that you will run short of strangeness here anytime soon." Ren extends a pair of right fins from the water toward Silencia, extruding a portion with scalloped edges to suggest a hand (with a little imagination). "I am Serenity. If you would like to have a seat," Ren gestures toward a table, "I would be happy to answer your questions as well as I can, or direct you to the right person."

Rayne finally does speak up towards the two. "Oh, come over here. There's a chance I might have wound up the 'right person' that Ren would direct you to, anyway. I could use the distraction right now, I think." She eyes her laptop with some suspicion. There's work related things that she's been doing with it this afternoon. "Erm, Rayne Hurris, by the way."

Silencia shrugs lightly "A lot of things happened in the last couple of days... to be honest, I haven't had time to properly digest everything yet..."As she hears the voice behind her, she glances toward Rayne, slight surprise on her features. "Oh! I didn't see you there... Nice to meet you!" She glances back at Serenity, hesitating for a moment before grasping her fin with a light sqeeze. "Nice to meet you as well!" Silencia keeps holding on to the fin for a moment longer, squeezing a bit more, curious about the texture. "Amazing..."

Serenity doesn't seem to mind the examination of the pair of fin edges but does relax them to a smoother and certainly not hand-like state. With the other pair of fins, Ren motions to Rayne. "Rayne is a friend as well as a supervisor at TASK," Ren explains. "Shall I leave the 'bad news, good news' to you?" Ren inquires of Rayne.

Rayne stifles a laugh as Silencia wonders about Ren's fin. "Aaah, yes. For reasons even I don't understand, I've managed to become second in command of the local police." She definitely looks a bit young for that. She looks like she's probably not even hit twenty yet! "The bad news is you're now probably stuck here in Twisted... unless you've come from Neo-Edo and are exploring our relatively little town?" she asks with a raised eyebrow. She then looks to Ren after a slight pause. "Uhhh, what would the good news be again? Free housing?"

Silencia reluctantly releases the fin, rather enjoying the smooth and squishy feel of the appendage. She moves to sit with Rayne and listens carefully, nodding softly. "I got a similar explanation from a man called Kotal Kahn... but it still confuses me... ohh and no, I am not from there..." She peeks at Serenity, her question directed at both individuals. "Why... and how... did I end up here? I mean, I do understand that I am not in the same place as I was before but... I really don't understand how I got here..."

As Silencia releases the fins, Serenity ripples over to the end of the table, shifting to more of a 'kneeling' posture atop the field generator to reach a 'seated' height. "Yes, customizable free housing and the assurance of some kind of work are good news, along with endulging one's curiosity," Ren agrees. The mention of Kotal Kahn gets a mildly surprised look to Rayne. "Hh... If we understood fully how we got here, there would be many fewer people here," Ren admits. "I hesitate to call it kidnapping, without someone to blame, but the fact that it's mainly people from similar planets who arrive and not specks of cosmic debris suggests some intelligence at work."

Rayne says, "Oh, you've met Kotal already? I'm surprised he didn't explain it. Uh, he's the one that's above me in TASK." She nods to Ren. "So far, noone has found a reliable way to return people to their home universes. There are a couple of linked realms, but for the most part, people are stuck here." She gives Silencia a sad smile. "Sorry. What has been noticed, however, is that once one person from a particular universe shows up, it becomes more likely for others from that universe to appear, as well. Not always, as Ren and I are examples of, but it seems to become likely."

Silencia nods contemplatively, taking in their words as she sighs. Her expression shows mixed emotions for a moment before switching back to a smile. "He did explain.. but to be honest I was secretly hoping to understand it better... It's just a very, very weird situation...Not that I have a place to return to..." She pauses and turns her attention to Rayne "You are the first person I've ever seen that has eyes that have the same color as mine... Not to mention that beautiful hair!" Silencia has always been the type to try and ignore sad things, knowing that she would eventually need to deal with that.

"The town does have people at work on the problem," Ren tries reassure, extending a pair of fins to offer a pat on the shoulder. Motioning out to the sides, Ren adds, "and will likely have more when we can make people feel sufficiently secure to think of research." With her comment to Rayne, Ren smiles and looks from one to the other.

Rayne nods at the description of a wierd situation. "Yeah, that's an understatement for most people here." She is however taken slightly aback by the sudden compliment of her appearance. She must not be used to people complimenting her that quickly, as she's getting a bit flustered by it. "I , uh, your..." She then blinks as Ren mentions the research. Rescued from what is to her an awkward situation! "Yes! People like Twilight and Sunset are trying to research just how exactly the magic here works, besides usually keeping outside magics intact as they're brought in. If they figure that out, it just might crack whatever the hell is going on here!" She nods a bit too quickly.

Silencia smiles gratefully at Ren for the reassuring words. "I'm fine, really... To be honest, being brought probably is a blessing in disguise." She straightens a bit when Rayne mentions magic. "So magic really is common here... Where I come from, anything magical was deemed work of witches..." She noticed how awkward Rayne felt at her compliemtns and barely held back a grin. She thought it was cute and wanted to see more of that. "By the way, Rayne, right? I really have to complement on your hair, it looks so soft!" She slowly reaches out to touch Rayne's hair. If Rayne doesn't pull back, her touch would be soft and release a small flutter of butterflies in Rayne's hair. She would giggle before sitting back, her necklace giving off a soft glow.

Serenity doesn't hold back a grin at Rayne's reaction, but afterward turns to Silencia without remark upon the compliments. "This isn't the best place to live, I'm afraid," Ren explains with a frown. "Personally, I'm missing the public funding of theaters, a judicial system, and trash pickup. There is also an ongoing animal problem as a result of someone's longstanding grudge- I would advise limiting time out on the streets at night." Ren continues, motioning to Silencia, "That said, you would be far from the first to say that it was better than one's own world."

Rayne is slow to look from Ren and doesn't notice the reaching hand until it's too late! As her hair is touched, she does actually flinch and shout out, "Gah! I, um, uh, yeah! Magic is really common here. I know a few spells, but some people, like Twilight or Dorian, are freaking powerhouses in it. And then there's Kotal... Did he mention to you that he's a god? He's not the only one I've run into." As she talks, she moves her hands up to quickly try to put her hair back into place, even though it was only poked at, not ruffled or anything. If the butterflies linger, she shoos them away, however. Her hair just feels like perfectly normal hair to the touch. "Um, yeah, I've met people where Twisted is a luxury resort compared to their homeworld." She once again nods a bit too quickly.

Silencia nods at Ren's words. "My world isn't that bad but... the few little tricks I can do made me into a target and I wasn't sure how I would've been able to live while constantly running away...I would like to know more about your world though, I've never been to a theatre!" She smiles at Ren, already getting used to hearing and seeing things that were unfamiliar. She nods smilingly at Rayne. "He did mention he was a god... he actually asked me to become a priestess for him... though I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do..." The butterflies rush away from Rayne as she shoos them away, the colorful little things fluttering back to Silencia, who gathers them in her hands without even thinking about it. The butterflies quickly disappear as she clasps her hands together. She giggles softly as she recalls Rayne's reaction. "Are you not used to people complimenting your appearance?"

Serenity'blinks', with eyes dipping inward a bit, at the butterflies appearing and disappearing. "It seems that magic here and the laws of physics that support it, are at least somewhat attached to the people who perform them," Ren mentions. "With that sort of diversity, I think you'll find residents at least tolerant of anything that doesn't involve blood sacrifice." Ren continues, "In any case, I would be happy to talk about the performing arts sometime." Ren glances to Rayne, "Perhaps Rayne would, too?"

Rayne blinks in surprise and tilts her head. "He asked you to be his priestess? I've never heard of him asking that of anyone before... And you don't look particularly warlike, so I'm not sure why he'd ask you that over anyone else. I mean, you have butterflies, I have-" She opens up her hand, palm upward, and a flame appears there. "-a lot of fire." She closes her hand, extinguishing the flame. She blinks again as her getting flustered comes up again. "Uhhhh... Actually, not really that often, really. Maybe people are scared off by the weaponry?" She pats the sword on her left hip with a nervous grin on her face. This is why she's not in a booth: she'd have to remove the swords from her belt. As it is, there's a quiver of arrows on the table next to the laptop. She then nods to Ren. "Yeah, sure. I tried acting for a few years. Found it too difficult to really break into the industry, though, and went onto something else."

Silencia smiles at Rens words, Silencia found her whole presence to be a very calming one. It helped her with putting her fears behind. Her smile widens when Ren mentions the performing arts. "I've only seen a couple of performances by travelling entertainers, but that was enough for me to fall in love!" She nodded ar Rayne's question. "I don't think it's supposed to be something for battle though... I am anything but warlike and I do not hide that..." She gasps at the little fire, suddenly being very happy she had put away her butterflies. "That is amazing! Now that is a useful skill!" She grins playfully, her magic has always been more on the 'pretty' side with not much application in normal life. She tilts her head slightly at the mention of weapons being the reason for not being used to compliments. "I think that's nonsense.

Silencia says, "The simple fact that you carry weapons should not scare people off... You don't seem like a person who would use them unwisely!" She winks playfully "I would definitely hide behind you if any of those wild beasts decide it's time to come out!"

Serenity seems only mildly surprised by fire after Rayne gives warning of it, but moreso at her mention of acting. "You did acting?" Ren remarks inquisitively. Silencia's story gets a nod and an interested look as well. With her observation about protection, Ren looks from Silencia to Rayne with a bit of uncertainty. "Indeed we are all fortunate to have protectors such as Rayne and the other TASK fighters," Ren offers hastily, then continues, "I'm a researcher of dance myself. Perhaps sometime I could make some notes about those travelling performers? Small groups can carry unique traditions."

Rayne says, "Well, if you're not warlike... Kotal is a god of War, so I still don't get why he would try for you to be a priestess if you're decidedly not warlike... The fire has come in handy once or twice in combat, but my most common spell is for cleaning my clothes and armor." She blinks as Silencia again moves back to the subject Rayne keeps attempting to steer away from. "Well, then I really don't... know?" She then shakes her head. "I move around a lot in combat. Being behind me may get you hit by an attack I dodged. Hiding would do you a lot more good." She then nods to Ren. "Yeah, a few years, but I was having trouble getting parts in low grade plays and just gave up. It really does seem to be one of those things where you really need connections to get into, and I didn't want to go through college for it. It was pretty similar when I danced, but it was at least relatively easy to get into a background spot so long as I dyed my hair." She closes her laptop now to save battery life, as she's clearly stopped working on it for a while.

Silencia nods excitedly at Ren, smiling wide at the memory of those performers "Oh I would love to tell you about them! I spent quite a while talking to them! For example, they told me that their dances were not only a livelihood, but also a tribute to their ancestors!" She then turns back to Rayne and hums thoughtfully "He did say that my magic held potential... and that mortal adoration would help sustain him..." She shrugs smilingly "I'm already glad that I can be of help however way I can!"

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