2016-01-01 - Opening the Year With KOMBAT!

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Opening the Year With KOMBAT!

Summary: Someone is actually crazy enough to attempt to infiltrate TASK HQ for a rather foolish and simple reason.

Who: D'vorah, Himet, Reptile
When: January 1st, 2016
Where: TASK Courtyard


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Night has fallen upon the TASK compound. In the darkness, there is always danger. The flood lights are on, the turrets armed, the troops at the ready for another fog invasion. This is the perfect test of skill for a certain bored half-ninja trained cuauhocelotl. Her active camouflage blending her in with the wall, she carefully scales up the surface and peeks over, noting every threat, every motion, and more importantly, every light. She of course has stopped by once or twice as just a civilian asking for information about various things here and there. It's an easy cover to scout out the basic defenses. It just didn't let her get inside the building proper. Carefully perching herself on the wall now that she's fairly certain she's unseen, she unslings her sniper rifle from her back and takes careful aim. Her entire body tenses up as she lines up the shot and pulls the trigger. While the suppressor on the rifle makes the report significantly less than it would were it a naked barrel, everyone in the courtyard is immediately alerted that something happened as one of the floodlights suddenly goes out, a spray of glass shards falling from where the bulb once was. But the Cuauhocelotl is no longer where she was when she took the shot. No, she's already making her way across the yard silently in the now darkened area.

For someone like Himet, infiltrating a leaderless TASK headquarters would be a piece of cake. Though TASK by itself can be quite the formidable security force, the truth remains that all of its members are by nature the same as the citizens of Twisted, misplaced people from all across dimensions that just decided to band together in order to have some semblance of order in this chaotic realm.

As such, experiences between officers is very varied and almost none of them agree on how to best engage situations. You have people from the Medieval Ages working alongside aliens and wizards and robots, and because of it, a lack of communicative along the agency is very rampant.

Or it would, if it weren't for the very strong leadership that has taken command of TASK force.

As expected of a light going on, some officers approach with flashlights to investigate it. They spot the broken glass and look at each other with a shrug, must have been just one of the Twisted shenanigans, right? No need to put the gun turrets on line? Just as one of them is going to go look for a broom to pick up the glass there's a loud buzzing noise that heralds the approach of D'vorah. One of Kotal Kahn's cronies.

The bee woman flies down to the spot and sniffs the air. "Gun powder." She states to the other two officers. "Someone did this deliberately, yes? Alert the sentries. We have an intruder situation."

The warning given in the radio, Himet will realize that the gun turrets are being activated, and though the TASK guards are still non the wiser about her presence, one of these 'sentries' is already sensing something is wrong. A flicker of movement will be seen trailing behind Himet's invisible steps, moving invisibly just as she is.

The Cuauhocelotl woman manages to make it to the building's wall before her suit detects the word 'intruder' being spoken. An alert pops up on the screen of her helmet, indicating the direction of where that key word was heard. She makes a quick glance in that direction before silently making her way onto the staircase spiraling around the building. Further alerts indicate a flurry of radio signals heralding further notification. She frowns as she takes hold of her grappling hook, already fearing things have gone horribly wrong, but with a shrug she makes it to the spot on the spiral staircase directly over a side entrance.

Unfortunately for Himet, it gets quite a bit worse than that. You see, the dimensional misplacement works both ways. While its true that TASK is in constant disorganization due to the wide variety of its members, the counter balance to that is that anyone who takes them on can never be completely sure who they are going to run into. The guard can be just an average joe with a gun or, as Himet is about to find out, a reptilian martial artist and spy that can sense chi and thus renders any kind of camouflage completely useless.

As Himet is making her way towards the staircase that leads to TASK's headquarters, her sensors will likely alert her of more than just key words being spoken in the TASK radio channel. There's movement right behind her and its coming a sound breaking speed. In fact, it's already there!

If she's not quick enough, Himet will find her neck wrapped by an invisible elastic tongue. As if a giant frog had just gotten a hold of her.

The intruder barely stood a chance, really. She turns at the sound just in time to see whatever it is nearly on her already. Her reflexes are fast, but they're not supersonic. Not knowing just what this snare is made of just yet, her first reflex is to pull the wakizashi from its sheath to cut upward at it, its high-frequency blade whining slightly as it starts up. When she realizes it's probably something organic, her next move is to unclip and power up her shock macuahuitl, swinging to try to catch the end of the tongue in a move she's not sure will connect to begin with, as if her first strike severed it, the tongue likely would already be retracting with out elastic it feels.

That tongue really IS organic, and Himet will realize that the moment she slices through it as the reaction is what one would expect from when someone cuts a limb of a living being. The first is that there's a GUSH of blood pouring out the tongue, in this case green blood to be specific, and the next is a wail of pain from the victim. "HRAAAAAAAAAGGGH!!" Someone didn't enjoy getting their tongue cut off for sure.

Himet's next movement is hardly necessary. The shock macuahuitl would hit nothing as what's left of Reptile's tongue would be retracting back to his mouth. One would think that after having his tongue cut off it'd make the Zaterran spy curl into a ball of pain and agonize there for a while, but he comes from a dimension where people get most of their intestines pulled off and they can still fight for a round or two before collapsing.

In all honesty, the only thing that cutting Reptile's tongue did was to piss him off.

"DIE!!!!" The Zaterran barrels towards Himet, a blade of his own unseated, it looks like some kind of scimitar. The Kahn was very specific with his orders when it came to intruders. Capture them and if they resist kill them. Reptile is guessing that Himet cutting his tongue counts as resisting arrest.

Closing the distance in the blink of an eye with Reptile's legendary speed, the Zaterran swings his blade at Himet's macuahuitl with the intention of locking her blade in place so she can't use it to block before spitting a jet of acid at her face.

A light curse escapes the intruder's lips as she's attacked significantly more directly. Of course she brings up the macuahuitl to block the scimitar, that just makes sense. She twists the weapon slightly to ensure that more than just the carbon fiber body of the weapon makes contact with the sword, making sure that the high voltage teeth make contact with the blade. Hoping for a knockout from that, she uses the teeth of her weapon to push the other sword away from herself. But really, she just could not have predicted the face full of acid. She's just lucky that she has a full helmet, but now one of her key advantages is starting to literally melt away.

The only thing that saves Reptile from an unexpected discharge of electricity is that very movement Himet does with her sword. Reptile's green eyes widen in recognition. "A macuahuitl!!" There's only one person that has done that movement on him before and it's Kotal Kahn. As soon as he senses that Himet is using the teeth of her serrated sword to trap his, Reptile lets go of the handle just in time to avoid the worst of the electroshock, still grunting in pain as the electricity singes his palms.

"Who are you!?" He exclaims as he jumps back to create some distance between his opponent, passing the back of his palm over his mouth to clean the acid dripping down from his lips. "Has the Kahn sent you to test usss??" It is now that he realizes that Himet's eagle helmet is like a modern version of Kotal's armor. Definitely very suspicious.

The woman shakes her head to get the last of the acid off he helmet. She does a quick damage assessment, and sees... Reptile, at least with one of her eyes. The outer visor is nearly destroyed, and half the screen underneath is as well, with the other half showing little more than warning messages. "Aaaah, I am the Angel Ashmist. I have not been sent by your Kahn, but instead I have come with something for him." She cautiously sheathes the wakizashi and reaches into a pouch on her side, her eye not leaving Reptile's face as she gauges his response.

"The Angel Ashmisst??" Reptile hisses questioningly though without breaking his Hung Gar fighting stance. His claws placed forward and open palmed whilst he rests most of his weight on his back leg, left leg left loose and at the ready.

"Be wary of angering the Kahn." Reptile advices as Himet reaches for her pouch to deliver her supposed message. "He will have your head if you crosss him!"

The hand reaches into the pouch, and retrieves... a small, wrapped present, complete with a bow. A Christmas present? It's a little late for that, isn't it? It's very small, actually only a two inch cube. "Well, I've clearly failed in my quest to leave this for him without being seen. I guess I just make a very poor Santa Claus, don't I? A week late and getting spotted before I even make it into the building." She sighs a rather overdramatic sigh. "I simply must work on improving myself."

That's.. not quite what Reptile was expecting.

"Are you seriousss???" The Zaterran's face turns into that of pure confusion, eyes bugging out a little and eyebrow twitching. Well, Kotal Kahn had warned them all of all the absurdity of this realm, so while Reptile couldn't fathom someone ever trying to sneak into their palace in Outworld to deliver a present to Kotal Kahn, here in Twisted its arguable that someone would be insane enough to try to pull this kind of stunt.

"We have a mail sssservice for that, you know??" He hisses with annoyance, Reptile could have very well killed this person over a present!! "Wait, that'sss not a bomb, issssit?" Although Reptile wasn't around for when the Joker paid the old TASK building a visit, he's not naive enough to not consider that the present might be a trap.

The woman shakes her head. "Serious? I've not really had the chance to be fully serious in the place, I'm afraid. The last fight I was in was with a cow." A cow? "I've been soo bored, and I've been fearing my skills have been atrophing! There is far too little seriousness in this place, so I figured I'd at least do this one little act of goodness and kindness in an interesting manner!" She is really starting to hamm it up, actually. "A bomb?! Please, I am a cuauhocelotl. We take our targets alive."

"Hehehe.." Strangely enough, Reptile chuckles at the eagle knight's perhaps overly dramatic reaction. "I can sssympathize with you there. The absurdity of thisss realm has also gotten to me. It ssseems it takes ssspecial delight in dissscrediting warriors such as we." So what if Reptile was able to split in half a Pyramid Head the other day. Being thrown into a time warp hole by a red pajama, spiky haired buffon would put a dent in anyone's pride.

"I have heard of the Aztec Cuauhocelotlsss and I know of their customsss. The Kahn is their god. You sssshould speak to him if you've truly languished in this realm. He'll have plenty of challengesss for you to overcome." At this point though, TASK guards and D'vorah are approaching from the sorroundings of the building. It won't be long until Himet is totally sorrounded.

"Oh, him? I've seen him. He's... old." Ashmist tilts her head. "No, not old so much as old fashioned." She continues to talk to Reptile in a calm, almost familiar tone as the others surround her, and she's still holding out the small present. "It's actually kind of amusing, really. Everything about him just says 'Hey, I'm 800 years old!' He should update his look, I think."

"He's a lot older than that." Reptile responds with more vileness to his tone as the strange Eagle Knight implies that the Kahn is old and out of touch with reality. Although the Zaterran spy might be inclined to agree, he still doesn't appreciate this outsider's comments about his leader. "And he would be too being a god." He hisses again. "You are in no position to judge him, mortal." And Reptile is quite sure this supposed 'angel' is mortal considering he can sense her chi.

The TASK officers soon arrive and their point their guns and magical swords at Himet. With them comes D'vorah who flies in and stands right next to Himet and her odd presented gift wrapped in a bow and everything. "What is the meaning of this?" She chitters with her oddly insect sounding voice. "Why have you not apprehended the intruder yet, Reptile?" As she asks she inadvertently reaches for the present to snatch it out of Himet's hand.

Angel is just a title, really. "Nothing wrong with keeping up with the times now, is there?" she asks in defense of herself. She's definitely mortal... but she's no more human than Reptile or the now arriving D'vorah. "Really? I thought I was pretty well apprehended right now, to be honest. Do I look like I'm going anywhere anytime soon?" She looks down at the weapon still in her right hand and she snaps it back onto its holding ring on her belt before holding that hand up as well. She's not getting herself killed over this if she can help it. "Please don't loose that. I think your leader might want to see that."

Hardly anyone in this twisted dimension is human. Reptile has only seen one in his time here and Dorian is far too accomplished of a mage to be considered an average human. That he can't quite tell what kind of signature this Angel has doesn't bother him. He just wants to know what's her deal. Was getting a present to Kotal all that really mattered to them?

D'vorah couldn't care less really. She ignores Reptile's silence and simply holds Himet's present on her hand. "You are perceptive, yes?" The bee woman says cynically and makes a commanding gesture with her hand. "Toss this impudent intruder into the holding cells. We'll let the Kahn device a suitable punishment." As commanded, several TASK officers make a grab for Himet trying to disarm her and put her on handcuffs.

Himet just sighs in frustration as she's disarmed and cuffed. "Well, this certainly went worse than I'd hoped. Look, I'll pay for the lightbulb if it was that much trouble." She seems to be cooperating, surprisingly enough. Well, other than her nonchalant backtalk. "And I at least hope that he likes the present enough to go easy on me. Oh, careful with the macuahuitl. It can knock you out if you're not," she warns one of the soldiers that almost grabs her weapon. "And I'll save you the time on testing those syringe darts, they're tranquilizers."

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