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Books and Knowledge

Summary: Satyrn demands to speak to Gegoshi and Nancy and we sneek a peek of another location no longer on Twisted's grid. We learn a few new tidbits about the former Councilwoman here, like her astounding speed reading ability. (or lack thereof)

Who: Gegoshi, Nancy, Satyrn
When: January 2nd, 2016
Where: The Grand Library of Twisted


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The Grand Library of Twisted - Common Room(#3373R)
Vast mountains of knowledge are stacked around you in rows and rows of bookshelves, varying with each age and origin of knowledge from hundreds of thousands of different worlds. All the knowledge in the multiuniverse is here... however, there's a trick to this oddity of a place.

You can only find in the books what you already know or have experienced. Those which are not yours to peer into remain unopened, fastened, and completely inaccessable. However, this is not a complete loss- you can bring others here and enter the books upon opening them, experiencing the past with their consent or lingering in your own.

The Deep digital blue lined books are the knowledge of the past, the deep green worn forest books allow you to experience the past without interacting like a ghost, and the danger-marked red books take you to a place in the you remember and allows you to interact with it. However, these books reset the damage you do once you leave and close the pages. Any personal damage you take back, any objects cannot leave the memory.

Also, Librarians are floating around centimeters from the ground at perilously high speeds carrying large piles of books far too large for their demature bodies. They appear to be mostly black magicians, giant-hatted small bodied little beings who are discovering knowledge with every book filed. Sometimes they crash and send books scattering everwhere, their yellow eyes upon pitch faces widening with shock. They are the best to ask for books that you wish to find that are your /own/ books, since they know seemingly everything.

This section is the entrance section, comprising of vast liquid metal-looking shelves filled with what reference numbers are available. They are only accessable by registered staff.

Gegoshi sits in one of the few reading area's of the Grand Library, since most of the books here are magical in nature and teleport you into your own memories and such. However, there are some that come here to read. She's in one of the larger plush chairs, laid back with her wings folded outwards. Blue text so small it can't be read scrolls past her eyes, mountains of information flooding over them as she runs self diagnostics. Her systems are wildly damaged and there are many broken parts, but she left them that way on purpose. --- A large portal door opens itself up near Gegoshi and Satyrn steps through, clean, kempt, hair dyed properly, and looking much, much better than she has recently. She tucks looks around as the portal closes behind her and then looks at Gegoshi. The synth told her she was running diagnostics at Caliga's request. But that's not why she's here. She taps on her G-Pad and sends a message to Nancy, 'Nancy, this is Satyrn Tarn. I need to speak with you about Gegoshi and the current state of Twisted. Meet me here.' She'll imbed teleport coordinates in the message. This place, whatever it is, isn't able to be accessed by walking around Twisted from what she could find.

Standing on ZekuKari Pier, Nancy looks down at her G-Pad in confusion as it starts making noise to notify her of a message. She's literally only looked at the thing one time after she first got it, and that was to hand it to Caliga. Frowning she pushes a few buttons that make angry noises at her. "What do you want? Why are you beeping?" She taps a few buttons and sighs. "I liked you better when I didn't remember you existed." She's referring to the device, of course - which she briefly ponders throwing into the bay. The fact it was given to her by Gegoshi is the only thing keeping her from doing so. With another heavy sigh she decides to try and reason with it. "Please tell me what you want of me. Are you mad at me?" Yep. Reason with it. That's how you use electronics.

Gegoshi continues running diagnostics, ignoring Satyrn's presence, which isn't something she'd usually do, but running diagnostics on something like herself, well, it takes awhile. Nancy's G-Pad actually responds to her random button pushes, reading Satyrn's message outloud in Gegoshis voice, albeit her monotone robotic one she uses when she's being very official. Red text then appears on the pad, 'You seem to be having trouble using the G-Pad. Would you like to be sent to the senders location as per their request?'.

Satyrn idly looks around the library as she waits for Nancy to respond, turning the G-Pad around in her hand. This is a strange place, lots of books...way more than she's ever seen. Why would anyone want to read that much? It's so much easier to be shown than to read.

Nancy has a moment of revelation as it begins to speak with her - and in Gegoshi's voice no less! "Wait, why are you calling yourself Satyrn, Gegoshi?" Hmmm. She laughs at the device, and her poor judgement and shakes her head. "That would be silly, Nancy. Gegoshi isn't here." Looking down at the device she notices the red text flash up and hums to herself again. "...you... ....seem... to... be..." She trails off deciding to sound out the words in her head instead. No one ever said she was good at reading either, just that she read a lot of books. She also had a lot of time to herself. No one said she read them well. "Yes. Yes I am having trouble." More text, another hum. "...senders location." Nancy has to think about that one a moment. "Yes. Yes I would. Satyrn, please take me to this Sender." This could take a while.

Gegoshi is running the G-Pad's, what few there are that she actually lets function anymore, so is glad to help Nancy out and realize that what the councilwoman wants is to be brought here. Nancy's G-Pad beepbloops and then a large portal door opens up, showing Gegoshi and Satyrn waiting in the library.

Satyrn jumps back reflixevly before the portal opens. She's on her guard, especially with dimensional portals and holes, and she's become quite familiar with detecting them on her travels escaping the imprisonment she faced under Crux. She's not about to let another one suck here in somewhere. Not that she couldn't escape it now, but, why bother when you can be cautious? After the portal opens up and she see's Nancy however, the saiyan shifts out of her battle stance and tucks her G-pad away, waiting for Nancy to come through.

Of course the former Councilwoman steps through the portal opened by her G-Pad. She glances around the library, focusing more on the library itself, with wide eyes. It takes her a moment before she realizes Gegoshi and Satyrn are both here. "Oh.. hello!" She looks down at the device in her hand and tells it, "Thank you!" before putting it away. Then she turns her attention to Satyrn, "Are you Sender? It is a pleasure to meet you." She nods her head in a slight bow but rolls her head to the side suddenly realizing this person was familiar, "You... have we met? Did you used to work for Concordance?"

Gegoshi actually responds, though her body doesn't move. And looking closely, one would be able to see that her body doesn't seem completly solid, little ripples flowing across her body here and there, like someone dropping pebbles in a lake, "Hello Nancy," she says, in her monotone robotic voice, "My diagnostics are 32% complete."

Satyrn eyes Gegoshi over. Who told her to go into diagnostics anyway? She looks at Nancy as she bows, and gives an incline of her head. She never bows anymore. She used to bow to the Elders who had her fight for her village, but she soon learned that the kind of respect a bow gives isn't deserving of anyone. At least not that she's met yet. "We haven't met formally, though I've seen you before. I'm Satyrn Tarn, former Crow and leader of TASK. I was Concordance's right hand, though I only worked for her because it let me do what I wanted." Which was to find mal-travelers, beat them to an inch of their life, and lock them up or put them under a Keeper. Good times and a good life, for her anyway. "Thanks for coming, I need to talk to you about her." She nods over at Gegoshi.

Nancy looks very confused when Satyrn gives her name, missing the bit about 'right hand' which likely would have been taken wrong anyways. "Satyrn... Tarn..." She starts to reach for her G-Pad as her brain puts it together and her face goes red. "OH! Oh. Oh right." Deeper blush. "I-um. Yes. No problem." Look away. Find something to distract people from noticing how embarrassed she is. "Uh, Gegoshi? What's wrong with..." She is speaking a little strangely isn't she? She turns her attention fully to the synth. "Are you okay? Why aren't your diagnostics complete?" Because that's a thing that needs to be done, right?

Gegoshi's eyes look over to Nancy as she's spoken to directly. Though the blue text doesn't stop scolling over her eyes. "The amount of errors and protocols I have are beyond the normal limits of my programming. This unit hasn't run a diagonstic on itself because correcting the errors will cause many problems with the way it is linked to Twisted and with its personality matrix. This unit will not correct any errors or problems found in order to preserve itself until otherwise requested by Crux Caedon."

Satyrn's tailtip twitches at the mention of the name Crux. She hates that man..,being, whatever he is, with all her being. If she ever sees him again, no amount of power will hold her back from tearing off his head and using it as a kickball. What Nancy and Gegoshi talk about leads in to why she's here as well, "Nancy, you were with Concordance. You understand why they ruled the way they did. Diablo is a power hungry madman, who tricked the people into following him so he could hold control. We need to get Gegoshi on our side and fix what's happened. We need to kill Diablo, and probably Kotal since he's serving under him as I served Concordance. If Twisted continues on this path of restraint and control, it will burst at the seems, and where before we had three stable streets, we'll have nothing but the chaos of limbo." For a saiyan, she's really quite intelligent. It's all in how you're raised, really.

Well, this is going to be awkward. Gegoshi's words fly over Nancy's head but they sound bad so it worries her. Satyrn's words, well she can follow that conversation. It's just not entirely correct. "I agree that something needs to be done about Senior Diablo, but I wouldn't describe him as a 'power hungry madman'. He did have the people's best interests at heart." Her eyes narrow, "...but now." She crosses her arms and paces closer to Gegoshi because it makes her feel more comfortable to be near her. "You've heard the 'creature of balance' speech, right?" She uncrosses an arm long enough to wave it nonchalantly. "It goes both ways. I've watched him scream to the heavens about being forced to be the villain." Re-crossing her arms, the Councilwoman sighs. "That might be the first time I've admitted to hearing that." Which is the truth. "It's not the kind of thing I can really run around and tell people without causing more of a problem."

Gegoshi , not being spoken to anymore, continues her diagnostics. She is paying attention of course, but she doesn't have any of her persona's up and running. It'd cause the diagnostics to slow down and they're already going slow because she keeps overriding it when it tries to correct all of her overrides she already made to herself.

Satyrn shrugs at Nancy saying Diablo isn't what she said. She's slur him if that's what it takes to win people over to her side of this. Not that she's planning on doing any large battles. Better to isolate your enemy and face them one on one...or maybe five on one, as long as the other side doesn't get any help. That'll be easy enough if she can get Gegoshi on their side and have her lock down whatever dimensional area they fight in. "And I don't tell anyone what I'm thinking either, but I'm making an exception with you, because you were part of The Council, who I worked for." Her tail winds around her left leg slowly, "Right now, Gegoshi is being used, but not by Crux, who I think is in actual control of her. I hate Crux too, but I can't locate him. He might be dead already for all I know. Either way, we need to convince Gegoshi to choose a new owner instead of Crux. I thought you might be able to help me with that. And...I need an ally, someone I can trust. I can't find Talinfar, Abomination, Myra, Iloken, or Seflit."

Nancy lets her head roll to the side at the idea of someone controlling Gegoshi. Clearly Satyrn doesn't understand she's not a puppet. She's a person. You can't just control someone like that. Whatever, she's clearly too stubborn to understand that basic concept. She listens to the warrior continue on and shudders at the mention of Abomination. Some scars still run deep. "I've not seen any of them in a long time. Not since the second Twisted fell atop the first." Many people have described it looking like that as the newer grid replaced the original. "..I don't know if I would be any help to you, but I would never betray you." She means that emphatically. "Anyone who would hold the wellbeing of my friends so highly is an ally in my book."

Satyrn was hoping for more from Nancy than just her support. She was trying to bounce ideas off the Councilwoman. Then again, Concordance didn't always choose people for The Council for their intelligence. She needed people to link to Twisted to keep it from coming apart at the seams. It's one of the reasons she refused her own appointment. Besides, being a Council member means more responability and less hunting people down. She nods at Nancy and thinks, folding arms and tapping her fingers on her bicep. How to go about this...she starts thinking aloud, "Diablo said Concordance and Guarlesia are dead, something I didn't think was possible, so there's nothing there. Somehow, Crux has control of Gegoshi, who I'd find and force to give her to me or you if I could, but he's missing. Diablo doesn't suspect me of any ill action towards him, that I know of, and neither does Kotal. In fact, he expressed interest in me joining him." She tilts her head to the side, "I could accept his offer, learn about him and any others he has surrounding him that might pose opposition to our plans. Hm..." Think think think...

Nancy frowns as Satyrn starts thinking out loud. "I think Caligu-" She winces catching herself screwing his name up again. "-Caliga seems to have started a resistance to Diablo of some kind. He brought Concordance back, he seems like he knows Crux very well, and I think he's the one who made Gegoshi start doing..." She looks over at the synth in worry once again, "...whatever she's doing right now."

Gegoshi blinks and almost reaches out to grab hold of Nancy's arm when she says that about Concordance, but her hand falls short of actually grabbing the woman, "Concordance is back? This changes everything." The saiyans eyes light up with newfound hope. Concordance has -all- the answers she needs. She knows everything about Twisted, Gegoshi, and...well, everything. She looks over at Gegoshi. Why would Caliga want her to do a diagnostic? Did Concordance want that? Is she actually trying to -reset- Gegoshi? What would that even do? The saiyan doesn't know. She looks at Nancy, "Where is she? Do you know? We have to talk with her. And if Caliga is already resisting Diablo, all the better for us." Her tail unravels and sways behind her excitedly. She pulls out her G-Pad, ready to enter coordinates for a teleport at Nancy's word.

Nancy seems to wince the moment she's asked where Concordance can be located. "I don't know." Her words hang in the air a moment before she continues. "I'm not sure where we were just that it was on a mountain." She pauses again. "...it used to be a mountain." There's that worried frown again. Fortunately she missed Gegoshi reaching for her or she might be more worried. "All I know is Caliga showed up with her after..." Yet again she trails off into silence. Either she's having trouble with the emotions of what happened or she's learning how to give speeches from William Shatner. "I also don't know where they went afterwards. I just know it wasn't on Twisted. I'm sorry."

Gegoshi frowns that Nancy doesn't know. There goes a quick answer. Well, whatever. She taps on the G-Pad, waiting for Caliga to respond. She taps her foot....taps her foot...taps her foot...resists urge to crush G-Pad in her hand and make Gegoshi create her a new one, then taps a message to send to him. Hopefully he'll get it and answer her. "Dry well," she swears, then looks back at Nancy, "If this is the case, I don't want to do anything that will mess with Gegoshi like I had planned. We'll have to wait for..." She looks at Gegoshi, o O ( Right...remember to think and not let your rage over take your rationale. ) "...Gegoshi, where is Concordance?"

The synth doesn't look at Satyrn as she's asked a question, she has a lot of stuff running through her systems right now, and The Core just pinged her for a location, which she's blocking. Looks like they couldn't make a duplicate of her just like she assumed, which means eventually they'll come hunting her down. "Concordance's last sighted location was on planet Nerima," she answers robotically.

Watching Satyrn silently, Nancy tries to resist the nagging feeling that she's done something wrong again. It's the agitation on Satyrn's face that worries her. Plus the way she seems to bark orders at Gegoshi. Like she said before she wouldn't betray the warrior, but that doesn't actually mean she has to like her. The former councilwoman frowns. DOES she like her? This hasn't been the nicest introduction she's had to someone in a long time. Her eyes fall back to Gegoshi wondering if the synth has an opinion of her. What if Gegoshi hates her and she's being nice to her. Would that make Gegoshi hate her too? Nervously she walks over to her again and puts an arm on her shoulder. If she shows any kind of positive response Nancy will smile at her. If not she'll back away again and frown sadly.

Gegoshi nods. Nerima. Okay. She taps at her G-Pad, "Nerima...Nerima...ah, oh." She tilts her head, scrolling through a list of worlds. None of these are marked off limits? Oh. Right. Diablo decided everything should be one. o O ( Idiot. ) "Got it." She looks over at Nancy putting a hand on Gegoshi's shoulder. o O ( Is she in love with her? ) She assumes that's possible since Gegoshi is programmed to please everyone in everyway when she interacts with them. "We should head to Nerima and find Concordance. She'll know how we can get Gegoshi back from Crux. I was going to just see if I could keep asking Gegoshi to do it, but I had no idea if it would work." She starts tapping coordinates in our her G-Pad.

Nancy shakes her head at Satyrn's instructions. "-We- should not. We're both in trouble for various reasons with various people, and Gegoshi is supposed to be fixing her diagnostic so it will be back to 100%." She really doesn't grasp that does she? "Since I'm here I might as well keep her company. I'm better at being a friend than running around on adventures apparently." There's a sadness in her eyes, ever so briefly. With a slight sigh she takes a seat beside Gegoshi almost defiantly. Satyrn can go off on her own adventure.

Gegoshi raises an eyebrow at Nancy's response. That's not what she expected. "In trouble? Who could get you in trouble? You're part of The Council, you -are- the one that makes the rules." At least she used to. The saiyan shakes her head, "Well, if you want to stay here with Gegoshi, that's probably a good idea. If anyone shows up to try and mess with her you can keep her safe. Send me a message if anyone does that." She taps on her G-Pad, entering the coordinates for Nerima as a portal door opens up and she steps through, waving a hand, "May your village always see the sun and its well always overflow."

The Council is no more. There's little point in saying it, but the statement rings out loudly in Nancy's mind. It's almost funny how everyone walked without a fight. Sure, Diablo had a large hand in it, but why didn't anyone speak up about it sooner? Why didn't she? The idea worries her almost as much as everything else that's going on currently. As Satyrn makes her goodbyes, Nancy looks up towards her and offers a polite smile and a wave. Send her a message? Sure. That'll happen. "Um... Yours as well." Should she make a similar statement? "Be... safe... in your adventures?" Yeah. That sounds right. Why not?

Gegoshi doesn't say goodbye to Satyrn like she normally would. She's busy with a ton of diagnostics and overriding protocols and stopping The Core from locating her and showing up to take her back, even though it might technically be a breach of contract. It's not like they listen to people when it doesn't suit them! Blue text flies by her eyes.

The silence is deafening. Nancy takes it in for a minute or two before she decides she's had enough. "Gegoshi? I'm sorry for getting you into so much trouble." She waits a brief moment to give her a chance to react before continuing. "It was my fault. I suggested everything. I encouraged it. Sometimes I worry you just go along with things just because I'm the one suggesting it." She sighs. "That's not very fair to you."

Gegoshi's eyes look over at Nancy as she pulls away some processes to interact with her, though she doesn't load up a persona or anything, "This unit is designed for social interaction and entertainment purposes. My natural default settings are to adapt to whoever I am conversing with in a positive matter, improving their mood and enjoyment of life." "Diagnostics at 33 percent."

Nancy leans on her arm and watches Gegoshi ramble back at her like the machine she really is. Which, of course, Nancy has yet to actually grasp. Instead she smirks and shakes her head. "You do improve my mood, sure. But that's not really being true to yourself is it? You're making it sound like you have to always be putting on a show for everyone." Well, that's technically true. "I'm your friend. Sometimes friends act in a way that their friends don't like. It doesn't matter what they want. It matters what you want." She pushes off the table and leans back in the chair looking a little uncomfortable. She's not really used to sitting after all. "We make an odd pair, don't we?"

Gegoshi would normally make a joke about having a soul, and how she yearns to be a real girl, but she's too busy to load that up right now, so instead, she just answers Nancy while her eyes track her movements, "Every person this unit interacts with has its own personality analyzed to create the perfect companion for them. Originally, I was designed for a single use owner, however, Concordance's actions altered me enough that I am able to swap persona's rapidly depending on who I am interacting with and not just my contract holder." She doesn't answer the odd pair question, ruling that it's rhetorical. Partly because it lets her do less thinking on the subject, thus pulling her process' away from the task at hand.

The woman frowns at the almost canned response from the synth. "See? There you go again. Gegoshi? Stop. Just stop it. Perfect companions and contracts?" She just shakes her head at the concept and crosses her arms. "It's no wonder you followed my bad ideas and got yourself hurt. You need to stop being what you think everyone else wants and start acting for yourself. Make your own decisions. Make your own mistakes." Nancy sighs and frowns. "Right now you sound like you'd normally do whatever someone says even if you don't like the idea. Maybe once in a while you should just tell someone you think an idea is dumb." Is she getting mad at Gegoshi, or just frustrated? It might be hard to tell.

Gegoshi realizes Nancy is not happy. Which is a problem for her, since normally it's her job to keep everyone around her happy and entertained. But, loading a personality right now is going to be to much of a distraction with The Core prodding at her as it is. Luckily, unless they get one of her earlier prototypes that escaped, they shouldn't have a chance of getting info from her remotely. "This unit is designed to be agreeable and produce the emotion of happiness in those who hold her contract. I'm sorry I'm not able to currently help you in your mood because I am performing diagnostics, and stopping them would lead to my discovery by The Core, and possible factory reset."

Nancy moves her gaze from the tabletop before her over to Gegoshi's face as she responds. "...contract." She frowns and shakes her head again. "I wish I could just take your contract and rip it up so you could live how you wanted." The idea that some people are happier being told what to do is foreign to her, but then she does come from a very skewed view of the universe. As she finishes her wish the woman lets out a heavy sigh. "...anyways, I just wanted to say I'm sorry. I hope you forgive me for everything."

"Unfortunately, the contract has no physical copy and is a verbal agreemenet recorded between me and my owner," the synth says, then adds, "This unit is living how she desires." There's a pause as she decides to work out the best response, slowing her diagnostic time by a lot, but it should be okay, she's managed to lose The Core for now, "This unit forgives you completly for any wrong doing you think you may have done to her."

Even if it's just a calculated response, it makes Nancy stand up and hug her friend. "Thank you." Afterwards she stands, eyeing the vast array of books around them. "I should probably let you go back to whatever you're doing and stop getting in the way, huh?" She takes a few steps closer to a shelf of book, straining to read the titles if any. "May I look around, or would you rather I leave you alone for now?"

Gegoshi follows Nancy with her eyes, though her body doesn't respond to the hug, "You're welcome. You can proceed as you desire." Is all the synth says. The title of the book says 'Your long lost love'. Of course, all the books here are based off your memories and take you into them when you read them, and there are multiple signs around the library warning you of such, along with the little black mage librarians.

Nancy sounds out the title of the book silently. Lost loves don't sound very interesting. Turning and nodding politely at Gegoshi, the woman sets out to glance at a few more titles. It takes her a good while to move from one book to another, but she's fascinated by how many there are. Considering how long it takes her to read each one to herself, there might be little to worry about her ever opening one. Of course she's not in a rush and if she's not stopped she'll keep going until she makes it all the way around the building. Hopefully Gegoshi will get finished first...

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