2016-01-02 - Tailoring and Dance Theory

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Tailoring and Dance Theory

Summary: Rayne's telecommuting at the UR, and discussion of tailors and patterns of dance happens.

Who: Rarity, Rayne, Serenity, Urus
When: January 2nd, 2016
Where: The Usual Restaurant


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Serenity pours out of the dance club (in-between songs, by the sound of it) in a few quick spins on the vertical axis with fins contracted to the sides. Ren's rhinophores and gills flutter in the current, but a green glowstick stuck into top of the mane of gills seems fairly well stuck. It hangs over the snout like a lure on a deep-sea fish, but it isn't terribly useful in the daylight. While heading for a table, Ren rolls out of the spin and flares the fins in a rippling motion to their usual span.

The alabaster unicorn trots in. She sees Rayne and waves politely to her, but does nothing to interrupt whatever she's doing, going over to a table and ordering a small drink, levitating out a notebook and writing in it.

Urus happens to be spending more and more of his time here in the Usual. Contracts from Kotal and other sources have been, scarce to say the least. It seems no one around wants anything stolen or someone dead. That would be a good thing if it weren't the lifeblood of his work. Thankfully TASK pays well and there is always something left over. He comes up from his table to walk over to Rayne. "How are you? Have been getting bored. Seems like Twisted has become sleepy little town." Attempting to engage in small talk, which is not his forte. He looks behind him to see the pony walking through, and motions to invite her over, the more the merrier.

Rayne sits at a table off on the side of the room, laptop computer out as she taps away on it. Alas, with her attention as it is, she doesn't notice Rarity's entrance or wave to her, nor even the glowstick adorned Serenity. She can't help but notice Urus, however, as he walks right up to her. "Huh? what? Oh, hi! I'm doing okay. And we had an... incident last ngiht at HQ, so it wasn't quite so boring last night. And now I'm stuck with reviewing all the reports on it." She motions to her laptop. At his motioning, she does finally notice Rarity and wave to her, as well. "Getting better aquainted with the city?"

Rarity hesitantly trots over. "I am, thank you," she said, nodding in greeting to Urus. "I am hoping to find some work, something to pass the time until I can find a way back. Eventually, if I'm here long enough, I want to establish my own fashion design business..."

Serenity drifts over to the side of an empty table, 'kneeling' a bit so as not to look odd by standing up at a table. Ren seems to spot Rayne and Urus across the floor, but doesn't interrupt while the former is busied with her computer. Yet another quadruped appearing in the restaurant, though, does seem to get Ren's attention. Ren looks at her curiously for a moment before raising a pair of fins to wave to her. Afterwards, Ren reaches up to touch the rhinophore cuff and crackles a command to project a virtual keyboard on the table.

Urus takes in the information. So apparently he just isn't being called on for jobs anymore. Well, time to either find a new financial companion or find a new line of work. "Fashion design." He mumbles to himself thinking. Nope no need for any of his specialties there. He places the facts right before the pony, no matter how unfortunate. He does however attempt at softening the blow a little. "I have been here for months, Rayne here" he motions to her "has been here longer than me. There is no way back." Ren's appearance is not missed however. "hello, how are you?" he asks plainly, being now surrounded by previous work colleagues.

Rayne glances up at Urus again. "You say fashion design like that's not a good thing. I could certainly use a wider wardrobe... if I can figure out a good way for doing that 'summon armor' thing I've been pondering." She pats her stiff leather chest armor audibly. "As for finding work... You might find something along those lines in Neo-Edo. I generally encourage people to help out with TASK, but with all our worries, redesigning the uniform... or heck, actually having a normal uniform, is kind of a back burner issue for us." Really, what she's wearing right now is what she wears when out on patrol... and these are literally the clothes she arrived in.

Rarity nodded. "Well, if nothing else, I can help with the uniform issue. I had a rather successful business going." She blinks a little, sensing Serenity before seeing her. She waves hesitantly, fascinated, before turning back to Urus. "Forgive me, good sir, if I continue to hold out hope. My friends and I have overcome tremendous odds set against us before... And I do not believe I caught your name. I am Rarity," she said.

Serenity still hasn't taken out the glow stick- it flops in the forcefield as Ren nods a greeting to Urus. Ren remains at the other table for the time being, scalloping both pairs of fin edges into enough 'fingers' as needed for typing rather quickly. It's perhaps not as efficient as it could be, as Ren is stretching a little to avoid dunking the table in the mass of water while working.

Urus puts his hands up defensively in regards to accepting ones fate in twisted. "As you wish. Who am I to tell you what to believe. The name is Urus. " he takes a quick glance " you would not happen to know a Twilight... would you" drawing a connection between similar creatures, hoping that he is not making the wrong assumptions.

Rayne finally notices the glowstick off to the side, and sees Ren there typing away. She tilts her head, as this seems to be unusual behavior for the dancer to Rayne. She gives a wave anyway as the conversation continues between the two furred individuals at her table. "Um, well, like I said, new uniforms are really far on the back burner to not being on it at all. I think you'd probably have to talk to Kotal about that one." She pauses, tilting her head and looking to the side. "Actually, no, you'd need to talk to Minu about it. She's the one who understands the budget the best, I think. And I can make absolutely no promises or support on it, you'd have to convince her on your own." She offers Rarity a weak smile. "But I'm certain there's a need for a tailor at the least out there somewhere, if you're willing to start more towards the bottom?"

Rarity nodded to Urus. "Actually, yes, I do know Twilight. We're from the same world. She's a longtime friend of mind," she said. To Rayne, she said nodded, writing down the name in her notebook. "I started my Carosel Boutique from nothing," she said. "I can do it again." She gave Rayne a smile. "The fact that you're giving me the chance is enough, my dear friend."

Serenity offers Rayne a nod and a smile while still typing. After a short while, Ren seems to have finished up and crackles out some word to cut off the computer's projection. Ren studies the scene over at Rayne's table for a moment, meanwhile absently plucking the glowstick from the mane of gills. Then Ren 'stands' and circles with a smooth ripple of fins in the water to wander over to the others (along the way weaving around a few other patrons who would likely rather stay dry).

"Yes, If you need someone to help you get organized. Minu is girl to talk to." Urus mentions agreeing with Rayne. He motions to Steve the bartender for a second to which he gets a nod back. He is quite impressed with Ren's technology and thinks that they need to have a little chat sometime. "As for tailors..." he says turning to view a few holes in his pants on his left thigh. Twisted can be rough on a person, especially with Christabel's help. "We probably do not have enough."

Rayne says, "Heya, Ren. What were you typing up just then?" There's no way she was going to be able to keep her curiousity from showing on that one. She looks back to Rarity again and shrugs. "Not a chance so much as a lead, but hey, I'm always going to help out a friend's friend. That's how you make new ones, right?" She laughs at Urus pointing out his damaged clothes. "You ever wonder why mine manage to be in good repair all the time, Urus?"

Rarity watches Ren for a moment, fascinated. She smiles politely at her. She looks to Urus, noticing the holes in his pants. "I do have a little bit of material on hoof," she said. "I can do a quick patch job on those, if you like." She listened to him, and then turned to Rayne, listening and nodded. "Oh yes, it is quite the good strategy for making new friends."

Serenity slips up to the side of the Rayne's table, shifting from undulations to slight station-keeping sweeps upon stopping there. "Hello," Ren rasps in reply, breaking out in a grin at Rayne's question. Ren motions toward the dance club. "Most everyone was dancing individually or in pairs in the tektonic style, a street-dance/club fusion," Ren explains enthusiastically, "but I just happened to witness a point in the song where the dancers spontaneously reorganized themselves into a circle dance with no apparent instruction from any one person. I had to make notes while the details were still fresh in my mind so that I can discover the cause later..." Ren glances at the others after saying this, perhaps realizing that everyone might not be enthusiastic about the subject. "Hhh... glowstick?" Ren offers to Rarity, making a guess about telekinesis.

"Well working for your boss, as you know, is dangerous." Urus mentions to Rayne." And usually time consuming" speaking of which. He looks over to the bar to see the two margaritas he ordered were ready, during the dance conversation, he walks over taking the two and handing one to Rayne as he comes back. He understands that dealing with TASK and Kotal can be a reason to drink, and remembering the problem she had at the party, now seems like a good time to help. He takes a sip as he denies the help. "Thanks... Rarity was it? But until you have yourself set up, I will pass."

Rayne laughs at Ren. "Of course, notes about dance. Still working on that dissertation, eh?" She then glances at Urus. "Dangerous, and if you actually fully work for him rather than just getting hired on for a job here and there, increadibly boring when it's not." She takes the unasked for drink with a raised eyebrow. "You know I'm technically working right now, yeah? I'm not on the laptop for fun here. Just getting away from the office for a bit. Kotal is interrogating that intruder from last night, and I just had the feeling I'd rather not be there."

Rarity looked from Rayne to Urus and back again. "I'm really just getting things in order right now. If you two would like to talk privately, I can go back to my work..." she offered.

"I've had quite enough formal education for the moment," Ren replies cheerily to Rayne, then motions to the wearable computer. "This is all for making the lives of the next generation more difficult." Ren frowns briefly at the mention of the intruder, or perhaps the interrogation. Then, as Rarity offers to depart, Ren offers cheerily, "By the way, I'm pleased to make your acquaintence. I'm Serenity."

Urus understands that Rayne is working but knows what Kotal does not know will not hurt him. "Drink, being in charge of crap is tiresome and stressfull, that why I usually try to work alone." As for why she is here. "They are interrogating... and they didn't invite me! Damn... been wanting to do good cop bad cop on someone..." When Rarity offers to leave Urus replies "We have no problem with you being here, but If you have things to do, go." Putting the situation rather bluntly.

Rayne says, "As soon as I'm done with this, I'll definitely drink, but I'd best have my better mind when I do this," she says to Urus with a nod. She then looks like she's about to say something to Rarity... but what she was about to say is said just as well by Urus, so she instead just nods along again before turning to Serenity. "Ah, so for future lessons when you teach?"

Rarity nodded, accepting and gathering up her notebook. "Then I'll be off," she said, turning to Serenity. "A pleasure to meet you my dear, although our meeting must be brief. I am Rarity, formerly of Equestria, and it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Perhaps later, we shall talk more!" she said, accepting the glowstick and trotting back over to the table she was at before, intent on finishing her work and heading out.

Serenity looks less-than-pleased by Urus' regret but avoids commenting on this. Rather, Ren gives Rarity a dip of the head in reply. After she steps away, Ren says to Rayne, "Yes, perhaps it will make it into future lessons. I was actually thinking of the notes as data for a journal article. Not all on its own, mind you, but as part of some bigger topic- emergent patterns, perhaps." Ren motions a 'wing' out to the side, "There might actually be a scientific journal out there, now."

Urus stretches a bit and then waves at the leaving pony. As for Rayne's predicament of power, hopefully he has helped. "Well I think she has a good Idea of finding some work." He says finishing his drink quickly. See you around friends. As a parting gift he gives Rayne a bit of advice "If you can keep from it, keep from getting stuck with paperwork... worst. Job. Ever." With a nod to Ren he walks out placing his glass on the bar right before he leaves.

"It's... Too late for me," Rayne says mournfully to Urus as he leaves. She then nods to Ren. "You mean there might be one in Neo-Edo? I wouldn't be too surprised."

Serenity raises a pair of fins to wave to Urus. "Someone with field experience needs to make policy decisions," Ren remarks amiably, then motions to the oval clothing patch in yellow and green zebra stripes. "Otherwise someone like me is deciding what uniforms to purchase and such." Ren then nods. "I would like to visit the city at some point, but not alone."

Rayne says, "Yyyeah, no offense, but I'll take Rarity's fashion sense over yours." She then smiles. "We'll have to make a point of heading down to Neo-Edo when I have some more free time, then."

Serenity grins and nods at Rayne's initial remark. "That would be wonderful," Ren replies. "I am looking forward to seeing what they have in the realm of fine arts."

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