2016-01-02 - Trial of the Intruder

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Trial of the Intruder

Summary: After a brief interview from Kotal, Himet is put on trial... BY KOMBAT!

Who: Dorian, Himet, Johann, Kotal_Kahn, The_Trio
When: January 2nd, 2016
Where: TASK HQ - Detention Center / Town Hall Arena

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An intruder!!? In TASK!?

How very amusing. In a way, Kotal had hoped it might have been the Joker trying to do another run at their organization. Oh how Kotal longed to smash that stupid clown's face in. But he knew it couldn't be so since he had left very specific instructions to riddle him with bullets on sight. The reports of this intruder was that they were currently being held in a containment cell with charges of trespassing and resisting arrest. Hardly what the Joker or one of his cronies would try to do, though there was that odd addendum to the report that the intruder was apparently trying to give Kotal a present?

Guess he had to see this one for himself.

Having finished his daily patrol, Kotal walked into the containment cells with the Cereberus on tow. Ever since Minu.. well, 'adopted' him, the Aztec had taken quite a liking to it and he'd been pretty much taking him wherever he goes. Going down to visit an intruder would be no exception and thus the Aztec warlord makes his way where Himet is being held. She'd be happy to know that her present was placed in a cell right next to her. Kotal has not yet opened it.

The Cerberus walks in next to Kotal, within arm's reach if need be. Unlike normal circumstances, Buster seems to be in a fantastic mood. Being a guard dog for the god of war, in his book, things could not get any better. Their long tail swishes behind them through the air. As they walk towards Himet's cell Buster steels himself to make sure he looks vicious for the new boss. However the other two, both Jackson and rex both tilt their heads quizzically. They had in fact talked to Himet, quite recently in fact when they were trying to figure out possible escapes from twisted, to which the result was obvious... there is none. Buster, unable to remember her because of his distraction at that moment, continues his serious look, even adding a low growl to the mix.

Himet is laying on her back on the floor of her cell, hands behind her head and whistling a jaunty tune of some sort. Yes... It's the bartender from the Usual Restaurant, the woman that showed up a couple of months ago, as all but Buster are able to identify. At the sound of the growl, she lifts her head up to look at the others. "Oh, hello," she says in a somewhat too cheerful tone. She sits up, tucking her legs under her as she does so. "How are you doing? Sorry, but I can't get you a pulque today." She then looks to the growling dog head. "Really? Trying to intimidate me? What's the point when I'm already here?"

Kotal smiles in amusement as Buster performs wonderfully and takes on the part of protective guard dog. He'll do well this one and he leans side ways to pet his head, or rather, he pets Rex's head since that head is closer to him and would probably appreciate the pettings more. "Down boy." He says softly, "You'll get your pound of flesh soon." Oh, sounds like Kotal has a nice treat in stored for his guard dog.

As for the intruder, "Well, well, well, isn't this a surprise?" The Mexica knight straightens up and places his hands behinds his back, his voice carrying easily over the indestructible glass wall that makes up Himet's cell. "Once again Twisted surprises me with this.. twist." Woops, accidental pun there. "Who would have thought that the smiling bartender of the UR was in fact a powerful infiltrator in disguise?" His eyes narrow. "I commend you for fooling us for as long as you did, but I am afraid you're deception ends here."

"Would you like to tell me just why where you trying to infiltrate our building o' proud Cuauhocelotl?" The Aztec smirks and gives a chuckle. "And do not think that the fact that you are fellow Eagle Knight will ease your sentence. You and I aren't exactly kin."

Buster looks over the other two to nod at Kotal's at ease order. He continues his serious looking stare however, despite the unimpressed words of the bartender. They sit beside Kotal tail continuing to betray the fact that Buster is enjoying every moment right now. Rex gladly accepts the affection given to him. Jackson pipes up despite promises of treats. " Ummm. Boss. Not to undermine everything but... could this not be a misunderstanding?" he says standing up for her. "I think we may be making a few assumptions here. Unless..." He says looking back to Himet and trailing off. He knows his point might be moot in Kotal's mind so he does not go any further.

Himet somehow manages to keep her usual perpetual smirk off her face, though she still appears to almost have her eyes closed. "Well, no, we're not. Things have changed quite a bit in the past eight hundred years, afterall." She then tilts her head to the side, indicating the next cell over. "As I explained to your subordinate, I came to deliver a gift that I thought you might be interested in. I thought it would be... fun to try to play Santa Claus with it, but then you beefed up your security just before Christmas, so I was delayed a bit. And failed utterly."

She then nods to the cerberus. "Perhaps less misunderstanding and more overreaction... Okay, so I didn't realize that was someone's tongue when I cut it. I do apologize for that, and I offered already to pay for the light bulb."

Kotal Kahn makes sure to analyze both sides of the argument here. In the past, acting rashly, and violently, has cost him greatly and he would be remiss to let his impulse get the better of him again. If this where Outworld, no one would bat an eye if he had Himet executed for trespassing, but Jackson raises a good point, perhaps this is just one big misunderstanding? He's trying to be less the ruthless warlord of Outworld and more the leader that Twisted needs.

The Aztec rubs his chin and silently listens to Himet spill as she confesses that all she wanted to do was deliver a gift out of boredom. "I suppose we will see." Kotal Kahn says mysteriously and out of nowhere, he just opens Himet's cell. "Make her stay put." Says he to the Cereberus whilst he walks to the next cell and opens it, the one that holds Himet's supposed gift.

He opens that cell too, retrieves the present, and then walks back to the prisoner. If she has not yet tried to escape, he'll hand it over to her and say, "You open it."

Jackson shakes his head when Himet admits to doing a few things that do not help her case. Whacking off someone's tongue is sort of bad... whether it was an accident or not. Despite this Jackson is pleased when his suggestion is heeded. Buster, taking orders moves into the door way and sits there keeping an eye on her. One would probably not suggest messing with a 340 pound dog, meaning they are the best creature for the job that happens to be in the building. When Kotal goes to get the package Jackson whispers to her. "I hope you are who you say you are... boss will have my head if I'm wrong about this..." he bolts upright when Kotal comes back.

Himet nods to Jackson. She'd say something to him, but there's clearly not really the time to do so given the circumstances. Needless to say, she in fact does not attempt to mess with said 340 lb dog. She'd prefer her face to remain on her head, afterall. The package now handed to her, she shifts her lips to the side and raises an eyebrow as Kotal asks her to open it. Okay, demands she open it "Normally I'd say that's not how it's done, but... well, the situation has gone so far out of the ordinary as to be unrecognizable by now." She sets the box on her lap and unties the ribbon from the small 2 inch cube package and carefully unwraps the paper, seemingly to avoid ripping it, for some reason. Inside is, predictably, a box, plain white with a lid. She tilts her head up towards Kotal and motions towards it with a hand, showing it's perfectly harmless. It's clear that this wasn't far enough, however, and she pulls off the lid, revealing... a small USB storage device. She tilts the package to give Kotal a better view of it before pulling it out and setting it in the palm of her left hand.


Kotal has been in Twisted for long enough that he recognizes the thing for what it is. He frowns profusely and takes the thing from Himet's hand, staring at it with furrowed eye brows. Its almost as if he were trying to burn the thing into cinders with his gaze, and judging by his glowing eyes, that is something he possibly could do.

In the end, he just sighs and tucks the USB in one of his belt pockets. Honestly, he wishes Himet would just tell him what's in it and he would maybe let her go without much problem, but this continued insistence of being secretive prevents him from giving her a free pass. However, he does have to agree, this mayhap has gotten a tad out of control.

"I should chop off your arms." The Aztec says, and given his tone Himet and Cerberus would know he's not only serious but quite capable of doing it. "But, I promised my second I would not resort to brutality when it is not needed." He'll just look at the USB later he guesses.

"Cerberus. Go get Himet's equipment, it's down by the locker room." So is Himet free to go??

"Then, I'll meet you both at the Arena." Uh oh. Kotal doesn't wait for questions from either of them, he's just making an exit stage left.

When Jackson sees what is in the box, there is a small sigh of relief. He did put his trust correctly. He looks at Kotal for a second almost repremandingly at his threat, but then relaxes again as he makes good on his deal. Buster slowly turns his head toward Kotal when he gives his next order. They stand and turn towards the door as Buster clears his throat. "AGHEM... we DO have names you know..." he says as they walk out to get the gear. "The people around here..." he murmurs under his breath. The locker however is even more problematic. Jackson looks over to a nearby guard and says "excuse me." As he gets the guards attention he is met with an exasperated "What?" from Corporal Jerry. Jackson points with his nose at the specific locker and raises the left paw. "A little help... no thumbs." Jerry rolls his eyes as he unlocks and opens the locker, then walk back to his post. "Rex?" Jackson inquires, however his brother is already on it, picking up Himet's gear with his teeth. They pad back in to the holding area just in time for Kotal to say Arena. At which point Buster's ruse of non-excitement falls by the wayside. "AWWW YEAH!" he shouts. As Rex drops the gear he was carrying at the bartender's feet. Despite what one would expect, there is very little drool left on it.

Himet says, "Really? Without even... oh." A look of hopefulness is soon squashed by the demand to go to the Arena. If she has to fight against him, she already knows what the result of that will be. She lets out a light sigh, than turns to the trio with her usual smile on her face as they arrive with her gear... And then a frown as she realizes she has absolutely no privacy here to change her clothes. She sighs and grumbles, no smile on her lips as she stands up with her own clothes in her hands. "I would greatly appreciate it if noone watched..." she says with an anoyed tone as she turns around to face away from the guards and guard-dogs.

She is very quick to remove the prison uniform and replace it with the bodysuit of her armor, but then takes greater care when affixing the rest of her gear, finishing up with putting on the damaged eagle-headed helmet before affixing her weapons to their stow points on her belt and back. She looks over herself and taps something on her bracer, which brings up a screen that lets her see a readout, making sure everything other than her visor is working well. Said visor is now raised, of course, to give her a much better field of vision, since it's been half destroyed by acid now. She nods at the display, approving of what it says, then looks back towards the three. "Well, lead on, boys."



Even this late on the day there's a few people that have gathered in the arena when they heard that Kotal himself was entering it. Although there's a few citizens there, the public tonight consists mostly of off duty TASK guards that are hoping for a bit of blood sport. They're already hollering and throwing popcorn by the time Kotal, the Cerberus and Himet make it there.

As expected, Kotal is already there, his giant macuahuitl Cuauhtemoc held firmly on his hand as he addresses the public and the prisoner.

"Himet! For your crimes of trespassing a private institution and injuring an officer of TASK I find you.. guilty!!"

The public cheers. This ought to be good.

"Because this is your first offense and you have confessed to your crimes, no fees or incarceration will be charged."

"Instead, you will take penance as your brothers cuauhocelotls did in ancient times."

"I hereby sentence you to.. TRIAL BY KOMBAT!!"

"One round, you versus my boys and I." Looks like this is what Kotal meant by the Cerberus getting a pound of flesh.

"Defend yourself."

Kotal makes a whistle then which Buster, specifically, would recognize its the sign to SIC 'EM!

The three are sitting alongside Kotal, Buster being as proud as he can be, make sure he is closest to the war god. Rex however seems to not like the feeling he is getting from the situation. His ears back a bit, seeming slightly scared. Jackson is merely there for he is not for nor against any of what he thinks is going on. When the ball drops on his plans Rex finds his voice. "Ummm. Hey is there any way we can not do this cause..." voicing his concern. "Nope... This is going to be fun." Buster retorts. "Try not to get us hurt too badly." Jackson warns. "NO GUARANTEES!" he exclaims as he gets them into position. "Sir, mind if we give her the first shot? Seems unfair with three against one." He says discounting Rex.

Himet deadpans, "Oh, yes, because this is so much a lesser punishment than a fine..." She sighs and readies her melee weapons just in time for Kotal to whistle at the boys. "Four on one? That's hardly fair." There is no smile on her face, but instead a grim acceptance of what is likely to happen here. Well, if she's likely to die anyways, she might as well give herself every single possible chance to make it through this. As such, she opens her eyes slightly wider, her green irises shifting from circular to slitted. As she takes a lower stance in preparation for the oncoming giant dog, her ears shift upwards on her head, elongating and becoming covered with cream colored fur, while from a specially designed slit at the back of her suit emerges a similarly colored furred tail. The ears swivel to lock onto the oncoming dog as she bares her teeth slightly. Surprisingly, her teeth have remained perfectly human looking. Now with slightly better senses and an improved sense of balance, her stance is low and defensive. She doesn't bother with activating her suit's active camoflauge, since it would be impossible to become hidden in this situation.

When Buster makes his request for Himet to take the first shot, she takes this as an opening to rush in for her first strike against the dogs. Dog? Boys, we'll go with that. Her clear weapon of choise in this strike is her Macuahuitl, which she swings down towards the combined body's center of mass... which happens to more or less have Jackson in the way. Unlike Kotal's legendary weapon, this one is actually very blunt; the reason for this is of course that this weapon is designed to take its targets alive, and getting hit by it is like getting hit by a tazer.

Whereas any other leader that shared Kotal's aggressiveness would chastise Cerberus for not obeying an order immediately, Kotal Khan has long abandoned his tyrannical overlord personality. He pats Buster on the head this time and looks at him like an understanding father would regard a son.

"The whole nature of this exercise is that it is unfair, Buster."

"This is no duel, and she is no worthy opponent. This is punishment onto a criminal, there is no need to treat her with fairness."

The Cerberus might not know it if he doesn't know Aztec history and society but in ancient times the Aztecs used to punish war prisoners or those who may yet redeem themselves in this manner. Rather than executing them or sacrificing them to their gods, they'd have them fight several hardened warriors with nothing but fake weapons.

Its just as Kotal tries to explain, this is little more than a glorified beating. Perhaps not as civilized as a fine or incarceration but its what Kotal has judged that a warrior like Himet deserves.

Of course, sometimes being a kind and understanding leader isn't the best path, even if its the right one! As Kotal explains to Buster and his brothers the nature behind the Trial by Kombat, Himet uses that time to shift into a more powerful form which brings all of Kotal's senses into full alert.

His eyes flash as he suddenly sees her coming with speed that may match some of his very own warriors like Reptile.

Fortunately, its not part of the Aztec's plan to let his Cerberus get too injured. As Himet swings her macuahuitl down upon Jackson, Kotal meets her blade with his own macuahuitl and forces the teeth of both blades to lock together.

Himet can channel all the electricity she wants through Cuautehmoc. Being a real deal macuahuitl it is made entirely out of wood and obsidian, but being laced with Kotal's own chi, it is as durable as its owner. Meaning that it won't transfer electricity to its owner and it also won't break with the impact of another blade.

Best of both worlds. The weapon of a god.

"Strike now!" Kotal commands to Buster as he keeps Himet's blade locked in place.

Buster was not complaining nor was he saying no. merely giving suggestion. Obviously a dangerous one as Jackson ducks his head to avoid getting hit. "You mind getting started...oh great guard dog?" Jackson says sarcastically to his left towards Buster. Buster lunges them forward biting down on Himet's exposed leg. Sharp teeth sink down into cloth and then flesh and turns to try and drag her away from Kotal and off balance. However after a few steps, They stop. "I'm sure we shouldn't be doing this guys." Rex interjects at the worst time inches away from success. When there are interfering commands to the body, it refuses to work unless one gives up or agrees with the plan of action. Buster attempts to reprimand Rex for holding them back but considering his current situations all that could be heard is "MRPH HMMM MRRR MURRRMURR" the words being muffled and unintelligible considering the Himet in his mouth. Jackson attempts to remedy Rex's fears. "This is not a good time to balk; she is not going to get hurt too much. This is what we need to do for the boss. Do you want to make him angry?" This argument amongst themselves is easily the biggest time of weakness a warrior like Himet can make use of.

Himet's left ear manages to shift to Kotal far too late for her to be alerted to his block. She struggles to try to disengage her weapon from Kotal's, but her own weapon's design makes Kotal's tactic even more effective than it would be against a normal weapon, the teeth catching even more securely. This of course leaves her well open to Buster's bite as she has to reposition her leg to try to gain leverage against the locked weapons. She cries out in pain as her leg is grabbed and she's pulled away for a brief moment, prying her hand from her locked weapon. As they continue to argue about if they should even be fighting her, she manages to reach with her now freed hand into her last spare clip of tranquilizer darts and tries to eject one of them to use as an impromptu close up weapon. It worked against the cow... eventually. But with her grabbed foot keeping her off balance, she manages to fumble the freed dart, nearly dropping it, and costing her a few precious seconds. Still aware of the threat of Kotal, she manages to reposition her left side so that she's still hopefully able to deflect Kotal's next strike with Sturmfalter.


If anything, this at least might be a good kombat exercise for the Trio who, quite honestly, need to learn to work together if they are ever going to be a proper TASK officer.

Of course, Kotal Kahn doesn't need any help taking on Himet by himself. Particularly not in the arena where all of his power is completely unleashed and he can blow up a planet by channeling chi from the sun. As he told his Cerberus earlier, this is quite simply an unfair match against Himet and he wants to see how much his new pet can savage this impertinent infiltrator.

Apparently, not a whole lot. "What the-" Although the Aztec could do something to Himet whilst their weapons are locked and she's exposed, he doesn't. Instead, he looks down at the Trio begin to fight amongst one another.

"Stop that! NOW!" He calls out, having little patience for chaos in the ranks of his warriors. He is a god of war and demands discipline above all. "Rex! Stop harassing your brothers! Jackson! Don't just stand there and let Buster do all the work! Cast a fireball on this foe!" The Cerberus knows a fireball spell right? That's a pretty simple one.

At the very least, Kotal is not letting Himet get away, fully intending to just hold her in place until the Trio can manage to work together log enough to do something meaningful.

Rex lowers his head sorrowfully as he releases control to his other two brothers. Buster re-continues his attempt to drag Himet away. Their paws slip slightly along the sandy ground, and the teeth are probably going to leave decent marks. As for Jackson, he is less useful than Kotal expects. " ummm yeah!" he shouts then there is a second to figure out what he is going to do, he never learned that one. He thinks he remembers but was never able to practice that one at all. He takes a deep breath and focuses. A bowling ball sized flame appears for a second before it's sent on its merry way at near point blank range. Buster lets go as he just stares in awe. That to him was amazing and he is unable to keep his excitement at bay at what his brother was able to accomplish. Jackson himself looks surprised as well. First time and near perfect casting. That will probably never happen again.

Himet cries out in pain as the flames engulf her, but she's still able to focus enough to stab at the trio of dogs with the tranquilizer dart. Luckily enough for her, her suit is not flammable, and thus she doesn't fully catch fire, but there's still some clear damage to the color shifting cloth the outer layer is made of, just from the heat of it. After her strike on the dogs, she jumps back as she's now been freed by Buster, and she rolls on the ground to ensure that she's not on fire anymore. Still, some patches of fur on her tail are a bit more black than creme color now, and the smell of burnt plastic and hair fill the arena. The rest of the clip dropped when she freed the one dart, she's now armed with nothing more than her wakizashi, Sturmfalter. Given the time, she stands up on her feet and switches the weapon to her right hand.

Johann is in the spectator chairs! Hey, he's gotta have some fun every now and again too, and a display of strength and skill can be pretty entertaining. Besides, if anyone should get seriously hurt, he'll be right there to heal them (because, hell, the infiltrator might need to be questioned later if nothing else).

Hey, what's this? Dorian had heard about the infiltration, and just now he'd been told that there was some punishment going on, pit-fighting style! So of course he's going to head there. But not empty-handed. No, he has a large tub of popcorn. He moves to the spectator area with this popcorn, but noticing Johann, he heads in the other fellow's direction. "Come to see the punishment? I believe a modern term for it would be 'rofflestomp'?" he asks, as he slides into a seat near Johann. Of course he offers popcorn.

There we go!! Now that's more like what Kotal Kahn was expecting to see!

Of course, his delight of seeing his Cerberus shoot a spell is short lived as Himet almost immediately counter attacks by thrusting a tranqulizer dart at them, but at least the Aztec is beginning to understand just how to get the Trio to follow orders. Its all about a stern hand and an understanding mind it seems. Not unlike some of his other minions actually, like Ferra and Torr.

But anyway, he's getting his pride on his pet get too much of him. He has to focus on giving Himet what's coming to her!

It looks like she didn't enjoy getting set on fire too much so if she didn't appreciate a harmless rolling ball of fire, the Aztec has to wonder how well she'll take a blast from a true spellcaster.

What time is it right now? Late evening? Oh well, there's still a bit of sunlight left in the sky isn't there?

Just as Himet tries to get some breathing room by dashing backwards and put some distance between them, Kotal raises one hand to the sky and closes his fist. "By the light of the sun.."


From the evening sun itself comes down a scorching wave of fire down at the arena. Rather than shining down hot sun fire directly on top of Himet's head however, Kotal aims it directly behind the girl, purposely cutting off her escape routes and forcing her to get closer to Kotal and the Cerberus unless she wants to get her tail and most of her back side burnt off.

Johann glances at Dorian, giving him a small wave in return. "Vell, I did not have much else to do. Besides, better to have someone skilled in medicine vaiting in ze vings, vould you not agree?" he says, taking a handful of popcorn and starting to eat it one piece at a time as he looks back out toward the kombatants. "It vould seem zat Kotal and ze Cerberus have ze obvious advantage, but ze girl is putting up a fight nonezeless. Quite impressive zat she has lasted so long, really."

"I've only just for here, but it does look like that, doesn't it?" Dorian replies. He's one of those who play with his food, apparently. Since he tosses a piece of popcorn into the air and catches it in his mouth.

Jackson has the unfortunate job of being in the middle because that's where everything seems to go in combat. "AGH.. Damnit" he complains as the dart finds its mark in his neck. For once he is the one who is growling "Come on Buster... lets do the job." Buster looks at him incredulously for a second "Who are you and what have you done with my brother... actually... I like this you." They dash forward Mouth agape with two sets of sharp teeth coming at the singed warrior. But before they can get to her their vision goes fuzzy and they slow down a bit, and then a lot as their eyes close and they fall over a few feet away from Himet, slowly breathing as the tranquilizer takes effect. Lucky for her they are only pups in comparison to their fully grown brethren, otherwise her trick might not have worked. Never the less the odds have just shifted, still would have my money on the god of war though.

Johann nods. "Mmhmm. Looks like she got a good shot in on ze middle one, too." he points out, nodding toward the Cerberus. "I still doubt she'll beat Kotal, zhough."

Dorian nods to Johann's observation. "I've seen Kotal fight; she has a battle on her hands," he observes. "Though she may not be in a large amount of danger. Depending on how much offense Kotal took to her intrustion into the building."

Himet shouts out again as the pillar of fire comes down from the sky behind her and jumps foreward. It would be directly into the maws of the beasts, except that her tranquilizer was perfectly effective, for once. Seeing things go her way for the first time since this whole ordeal started, she lets a smile back onto her face for the first time since the battle started, but as Kotal looms closer, the smile vanishes again. Rather than attempt to make an elaborate move with a bare dart like she did with the cerberus(not that she could if she wanted, with her only spare clip on the ground well outside of reach, she sheathes Sturmfalter with her left hand while quickly unslinging her rifle with her right. If she's fast enough, she can get one, maybe two shots off. Making sure the selector still is set to the upper barrel for the tranquilizer ammo, she pulls the trigger as soon as she thinks she has a decent chance of connecting a shot, two if she has the time.


It looks like the Trio -might- need a lot more training that Kotal initially thought. He was getting a little carried away by the fact that they are a Cerberus and was, perhaps, purposely ignoring Minu telling him over and over again that they were just pups and thus not the indomitable guardains that Kotal expected.

It all becomes pretty clear now to the Aztec warlord of how much the Trio have left to go when all it takes to bring them down is one tranquilizing dart to the neck.

Perhaps surprisingly, Kotal reacts in a less than pleased way to see the Cerberus going down. "Not my dogs!" Looks like someone is getting attached to his puppies!

Unfortunately for Himet, that does have the downside that now all of Kotal's wrath is focused solely on her and she now has none other than Huitzilopotchli himself to deal with.

Kotal takes one step, then another, and then he's being shot at with tranquilizing darts via Himet's rifle which she expertly unleashes even at that close range.

Admittedly, Kotal is just at the right distance where two shots from the rifle is completely possible. He seems caught off guard for a moment, as even his giant macuahuitl is still resting on his shoulder in not quite a fighting position.

Initially, it looks like the darts have hit him square on the chest since there's nothing but a blur of motion. However, there's no impact, and those darts are nowhere to be seen. Where did they go?

Oh, there they are. It looks like Kotal caught both darts between his fingers in mid air.

He shows them first to Himet to show her attack was ineffective and subsequently throws her own darts back at her. Even though he's throwing them by hand, the velocity is far greater than if they were shot by a rifle, and they are aimed syringe first at Himet too.

The Cerberus simply lies on the ground knocked out for the moment, however the Cerberus does have a fast metabolism, it won't be long before they wake up... and when they do... there is going to be hell to pay.

Himet's eyes widen whe she sees the caught tranquilizer rounds(well, they look as wide as most people typically have their eyes, but still), and attempts to dodge as she sees Kotal's hand moving back to throw them. Still, her speed isn't remotely fast enough to dodge the incoming fire, and she's impaled by her own darts, one in the chest, the other in her neck. She cries out in pain one last time as she's impaled in the neck, and lands from her leaping dodge very poorly as she's already losing her motor control. The doubled dose of tranquilizer isn't something her much lighter frame can take, and she's already having trouble getting back up to her feet, wavering as she barely manages to turn to face Kotal again before she finally collapses.

Kotal pats the flat side of his macuahuitl on his back as he watches Himet struggle to remain conscious until she finally succumbs to her own dose of tranquilizers.

Once she finally collapses, the Aztec warrior makes a dismissive wave with his hand and commands the scorching ray of sunlight to retract, leaving blackened sand in its wake.

Guess that settles that then. Though not quite a flawless victory.

Kotal rushes forward looking like he's greatly worried about Himet's safety but..

He actually ends up grabbing the Cerberus and lifting them up to carry them on his arms. "Blast it all! Someone call a veterinarian!!" Right.. because the Cerberus is his main priority.

"Oh, and I suppose a doctor too." Would be pretty awkward if he accidentally killed Himet from a tranq overdose. The point of the trial by kombat was to just beat her up a little.

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