2016-01-04 - Opening the Present

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Opening the Present

Summary: Now that Himet has been charged, sentenced, had her 'time served' and been released, it's time to actually look at what's on that USB drive. A followup to 2016-01-02 - Trial of the Intruder

Who: Kotal_Kahn, Rayne, The_Trio
When: January 4th, 2016
Where: Location or Room Name.

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It's another day at TASK, and Rayne is taking a break from her work. In the actual break room, she has a cup of coffee a foot or so away from her laptop and is munching on a small pastry while doing something on said computer. There seems to be a lot of mouse clicking, and she has a pair of headphones on which are plugged into the appropriate jack. She's humming, presumably along with music that is likely playing on the computer.

Well! That was a bit of fun.

Although it was unfortunate that Kotal couldn't rip out the intruder's heart as a sacrifice to the sun, it is still nonetheless invigorating to have a bit of Kombat. And even better, that was the Cerberus' first bout of battle here in Twisted! Kotal is quite in a good mood and very proud of his newly acquired dogs, he feels they have great potential even if they are still rough around the edges right now.

"..it is all about positioning. Once you flank the enemy and hinder their mobility, you will greatly reduce their kombat efficiency. In such a weakened state they will be easy prey for the finishing strike." Kotal seems to be in the middle of imparting his wisdom of battle on his Cerberus as they walks towards the break room.

Himet has been let go and all that remains for now is to see just what was so important for her to give Kotal that she'd risk her life for it.

Buster has been listening intently, wanting to do his job correctly. "Right." he replies "Sorry I let go, the excitement got to me. We will do better next time, right guys?" he asks his siblings which have no choice but to be with him. "Ok, but she was really nice to us before..." Rex says softly as usual. Jackson however seems to not care as much as he is still excited. "That was awesome! I had no clue I could do that!" going on about the ball of fire that strangely enough worked the first time. They walk along side Kotal entering the break room to get to the real offices when Rayne is sitting there. Rex, feeling the need for some attention " boss can we say hi to her?" looking at the rainbow haired deputy.

Rayne does a quick glance up at the two as they enter. Hey, even if you're used to seeing him all the time, a 7 foot tall blue guy will always catch your attention for at least a split second when he enters the room. The same goes for a three headed dog. It doesn't appear that she heard anything of what they were talking about, but she does wave to aknowledge their arrival. She remains humming as her attention returns to her laptop, since only one of the four heads seemed to really look her way with any real significance so far.

"I am certain of that Buster. We'll undergo some training so that you and your brothers know exactly where to strike. It is merely a manner of knowledge for you to become better warriors." The Aztec chuckles softly as ever the sentimental Rex regrets having had to hurt someone he viewed as a good friend. "I understand, Rex. Himet had also deceived me into thinking she was a well mannered bartender. However, you must not let your emotions get in the way of Kombat. Out there in the battlefield, hesitating in such a manner can put more than just you and your brothers in danger, but also your allies. You must learn that sometimes you must fight in order to protect those you care for."

As for Jackson, ah, Kotal has big plans for him, he does. "That was an impressive skill you demonstrated there, Jackson. I will have to acquire spell books for you so that you may expand your understanding of sorcery." Of course, Kotal expects nothing but the best from his subordinates, and that of course includes his Cerberus! He won't rest until each one becomes the dog he knows they can be.

Once they reach the break room proper, Kotal catches sight of Rayne looking their way and he raises a hand in greeting. Ah, good, she has a laptop out, maybe she won't mind if he borrows it for a second to see what this blasted USB holds. Mostly, because if its a virus or something he'd like to have someone around that is a bit more tech savvy than him.

"Sure, got get her." The Aztec can't help but chuckle and gives permission to his Cerberus to charge Rayne if they feel so inclined.

Jackson expression says it all when Kotal mentions more books. Absolute unfiltered excitement. Jackson is always up for learning new things, and this time he doesn't have to sneak behind their master's back to do it! Rex is glad to go over to Rayne. Hoping reception there is not as critical as what he is receiving from Kotal. They dart up to the side of the left side of her chair and rex merely puts his head down on the armrest looking up at her. "Hiiiii." He greets. While he is doing that Jackson's eyes are glued to Rayne's screen looking at the plethora of information. Buster is unimpressed and just looks away from the two and rolls his eyes.

Jackson must be quite disappointed with this 'plethora' of information. It looks like Rayne was playing Minesweeper and has a music player going on on the side. There's no denying that her attention is request now, however, with Rex's head practically on her arm. "Um, Hello there... uhhh... I'm sorry, I keep getting your names mixed up." She pulls the headphones off her head after pausing the music software and looks at the three more properly. "What can I do for you boys today?" Was she including Kotal in that? Naaaah, probably not.

In his mind, Kotal is already making big plans for his Cerberus. Attack training for Buster, spellbooks for Jackson, perhaps even personal tutelage from Ermac who has hundreds of sorcerers' souls within him and for Rex.. hmm.

Eh, its just a matter he learns to let his brothers do their work properly.

Why yes indeed, Kotal does have some business with Rayne, or mainly, her computer. "Greetings, Rayne." Kotal advances towards her and looks over at her screen arching a quizzically eyebrow. "Really? Minesweeper? I have to get better games installed there. Have you ever played Marvel vs Capcom 3? Dante and Amaterasu are in it." That's what happens when you live in Twisted. It's almost like there's no fourth wall.

After being a bit judgmental of Rayne's choice of videogames, Kotal digs Himet's USB from one of his belt pockets and hands it to his rainbow haired second. "This USB was retrieved from the intruder from last night. Or rather, she was very insistent that she was trying to give it to me. Would you mind using your laptop to see what it holds?"

Jackson waits patiently for the information contained in the USB. He is one of those nerds who study eclectic stuff, just because they can. They sit as they plan on being there for a while... at least till the boss leaves again. Buster agrees with Kotal even though he has no Idea what computer games are at this point and time. "No accounting for taste boss." The fact that the place stays lit without a candle is sort of cool in and of itself. Rex politely answers "Rex mam." As to her not knowing their names.

Rayne nods with a smile to the head as she takes the thumb drive. "Rex, sorry." She then looks at the drive, then her computer, then back up to Kotal. "So you're threatening my personal computer with the possible virus? I do still do work on it, you know... and it was a gift..." She sighs and plugs the dang thing in. "Let's see what we've got... Well, the anti-virus didn't find anything, that's a start." She opens it up and finds one single file. It looks like she might be about to ask if she should open it, but then just does so anyway. "It looks like... a history texbook? History of the Americas Part 2, 1492 to 1763." She raises an eyebrow and looks back up to Kotal.

"You said that not me." Answers the Aztec warlord in a non committal manner. At this point, Kotal can still -pretend- that he still doesn't know what a computer virus is and he might be able to get away with it. Part of the benefit of still dressing like a fifteen century Aztec Eagle Knight, when you claim to have no knowledge of technology, people usually believe you. Of course, Kotal does know what a virus is at this point, and if there really is one he can have Rayne's computer replaced, but guess they'll have to wait and see.

He peers at it closely when his second opens the file and for a moment he seems confused. "History of the Americas??" Why would it possibly interest him-- a flash of recognition passes across his glowing eyes. "That's the year that bastard Columbus arrived on my islands!" Looks like this is personal! "Himet had mentioned such an event occurred differently in her world? I am curious to see this. Keep going." Looks like Rayne has Kotal's blessing to follow through with exploring the file.

Rayne shrugs and goes through the text book. Seeing a lengthy chapter or two on Aztecs, she assumes that might have something Kotal might be interested in, and she jumps to that chapter and starts scrolling through relatively quickly. Not knowing the history of the Aztecs beyond what Kotal himself has told her, she browses through the headings. Spaniards landing, the march on Tenochtitlan, Cortez and his men becoming guests and then getting kicked out of the city, the Italian, Giotto of Sicily, that was initially with Cortez siding against the Spaniards with the Aztecs to the point of hiring renowned Italian smiths to assist with the Aztec war effort- Wait, that doesn't sound like what she heard from Kotal.

Indeed! Kotal recognizes that bit of history up to a certain extent. He remembers inviting Cortez to parlay and then thoroughly kicking his ass when he realized that all the Spaniards wanted was to konquest of his land. However, he has no recollection of this Giotto of Sicily, no European sided with him as far as he remembers. This is definitely the history of Himet's world but it sounds like something Kotal has heard before. "This is amazing.. keep going." Kotal's eyes shine brightly as he sees a history of what could have been.

It seems that with the aid of expert smiths and some cannons smuggled in from Florence, the siege on Tenochtitlan was broken. Giotto of Sicily was given the rank of Eagle Knight, though he continued leading the Aztecs towards the more advanced European and some Far Eastern weapons and tactics. After a ten year war, the Aztecs captured Cortez and Giotto apparently held a duel with the Spaniard. Cortez was gravely wounded, but Giotto sent him back to Spain alive to deliver the warning to stay out of the lands of the Mexica.

Rayne pauses the screen on a sidebar that speculates on Giotto's identity. Apparently there were no records of his birth or family. Many Aztecs believed him to be Huitzilopochli or a herald thereof, in the same way as some believed Cortez in respect to Quetzalquotl. It's also noted that for much of the war he gave himself another name of 'Gonfeithri'. Finally, there is a traditional Aztec style image of him, portrayed with flaming hair, next to an oil painting presumably made of him in Italy, which shows him with quite red hair. Rayne seems oddly fascinated with this part. "What the hell?"

Incredible! This Giotto seems so similar in the ideals of Kotal Kahn than when he eventually defeated Cortez he challenged him to Mortal Kombat rather than have him executed. Kotal can't agree 100 percent on let him live rather than performing a Fatality on him, but this is the history of another dimension after all, there were bound to be nuances. The fact that in that world the Aztec empire survived is evidence enough of that.

Kotal contemplates this for a long time until the two of them finally get to the part of Giotto's real name and his association with Huitzilopotchli. "Rayne, didn't you mention that your father's name is Gonfei Thri?"

Rayne takes a few seconds to answer Kotal, when she finally nods. "Yeah. And that's definitely him in that painting. I guess he got a bit busy back then."

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