2016-01-05 - Sibling Discussion

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Sibling Discussion

Summary: A brief chat between Seth and Nancy.

Who: Seth, Nancy
When: January 5th, 2016
Where: ZekuKari Docks


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The Dock(#4225R)
While in great condition, this dock tends to give off the impression that there have been a lot of goodbyes said here. Perhaps people travelling to - and from - whatever this place used to be. The shack looks worse up close than it did from the beach. Deep stains color the wood a sickly gray/green, and it looks like the place should really be condemned. Maybe no-one ought to go in there until Twisted either fixes it up, or takes it down. Off the pier, a small wooden boat hides, its anchor rope the only clue, bobbing up and down as the boat moves on the slight waves.

Another uneventful morning. Something that was once so common but now seems to be so strange and scarce. The waters of the bay are peaceful and not even a breeze seems to be building to take away the serenity. At least until a dense fog starts rolling in out of nowhere. Despite the lack of a source the fog comes in quick and the sky is completely blocked out from the thick grey fog. Just as suddenly it begins to thin and fade away leaving former Councilwoman Nancy Dark standing alone at the end of the pier. Finally alone she drops to one knee, taking several pained breaths. She's just come from getting chewed out by Caliga from their unsuccessful attempts at bringing their friend back.

After a long moment she finally pushes herself to her feet and takes notice of her clothing and hair, usually wild and moving freely like caught in a strong breeze, but today barely moving. It doesn't take much to figure out she's much more winded than she's ever been. The failed adventure having taken its toll upon her.

Seth was sitting at his work bench for the moment, he didn't need to have windows to be able to tell that a sudden darkness had come and gone. He pushed up from his chair when his home went from dark to light in such a short amount of time. Grabbing his jacket off the back of the chair, he pulled it on and moved to the rickety door, pulling it open he saw the blue haired woman he had seen before.

He pondered closing the door and returning to his work, but instead he left it open and moved over crumpled notes back to the desk. Yanking up one of the two chairs he hoisted it half over his shoulder and walked to the door. His door left open still. Once he reached the dock he started walking towards her, the chair sat down and pushed her way.

Clearly startled by the sound of rolling wheels on an old dock, especially one she thought was empty, Nancy turns around wobbling slowly. The sight of the inventor coming towards her catches her a little off guard and for a brief moment her face lights up recognizing her brother. At least until she remembers that he doesn't remember her and her smile fades to a polite one. "Good morning." It is morning, right? "I'm sorry, I didn't realize anyone else was here." She casts a worried glance at the water wondering if he saw her stumble. Somehow the idea concerns her more than it should. "I could leave if..." Her words trail off, not sure what she was about to say. Why is he out here anyways?

Seth finally reaching her as she started to speak he just offered her an easy smile and motioned to the chair. "Good morning, Ma'am. You look like you could use a rest." He didn't recognize her as more than the woman that was there when he arrived here, but still, he felt obligated to come out. "I live out here." He motioned back lazily towards the shack without actually looking back. "There's no need to go anywhere, unless you want to. Like I said, you look like you could use a rest."

Nancy retains a nervous smile as he gives her information she already knew. Of course he lives here, she's seen him come and go enough times. "I suppose in a way I do too." Assuming you count standing in one spot all day taking residence. "I..." She looks down at the chair and blushes slightly. Clearly he saw her. As much as she'd prefer to let him have his space she can't deny that her usual standing all day might not be possible right now. "...thank you Seth." She winces slightly saying his name out loud when he hadn't given it yet. Maybe he'll think she remembers it from the day he was released. Sure. It's possible. More awkward silence.

And luckily she was right, he didn't question it at all. He just stepped away from the chair to let her sit if she wanted, moving to sit down on the dock itself, his hair was messy today. He didn't have on his hat but the googles were in his hair holding the bangs up out of his face. "No problem at all, Nancy." He offered her another easy smile and a wave of his hand. "It's a nice morning out. Sometimes I miss the whole day just from working so much. It's kind of nice to be out." He spoke like he had known her forever, but it's just his way with people.

The former Councilwoman sweatdrops. Did she give him HER name? Has he realized they have the same last name?? "I... yeah. It's a very nice day out." She takes the offered seat finally as he steps back, anything to hide the fact her face has turned red. "Being here reminds me of home... as close to it as I'll ever get anyways." In more ways than one.

If he had noticed her blushing he's not making it known. He was just looking out at the water himself for now, one arm draped over one of his knee's the other leg hanging off the dock. He looked lazy but comfortable at the same time. "I know what you mean, this place reminds me of my old home to. Not as lively, but my dad loved the sea side." He waved one hand. "Plus it helps with my inventions. A ample water source. So, where are you from?" He looked back at her again from where he sat.

Nancy makes a choking sound and erupts into coughing. "I... uh...." Coughcoughcough. "I'm from... um... ZekuKari." Well, it's technically true. "Before this pier became connected to Twisted." Again, technically true. "It's sorta why I said this was my home too." Well, you spend enough time someplace. "Your father?" Time to change the subject. "Do you remember much about him?" 'Remember' being the important word here.

Seth looked concerned at her choking noises but showed no signs of moving closer. He just watched with mild concern until she started speaking. "Well, that makes sense with the way this place works. Its not strange at all." Though he idly wondered if that meant she didn't have an actual home. That would be rude to ask though. "Oh yeah, I remember pretty much everything about him. He only died a couple years ago. A freak accident in the lab. I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out what caused the explosion but it never plays out the same. But, yeah he was a nice man. Always searching for ways to make the world better."

Giving a tight lipped smile, Nancy nods her head listening to his words. While it might not be entirely accurate, at least he seems to respect their father. Believing him only gone a few years might mean that Seth doesn't remember his time in isolation being the eternity it was for her. That's good too. "I'm sorry to hear that. He sounds like a good person." She glances over at him to see if he's showing any real emotion, ready to apologize if he seems upset. Still it strikes her as peculiar he should pick today of all days to try to reach out to her. "Thank you for the chair. I hope I've not taken you away from anything important." It gives her hope that maybe a small part of him might still remember her.

He didn't look sad, maybe that in itself was odd but he just looked relaxed and nodded. "Yeah, I hope one day to be half as helpful as he is. I've had some setbacks." Some being, most of his inventions flop. He waved a hand again. "Don't mention it, I have two for some reason, even though I never have company. And no, nothing important at all. Just some schematics. Nothing I can't do later. It's nice to talk to people now and then."

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