2016-01-08 - By the Light of the Sun

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By the Light of the Sun

Summary: Silencia learns more about her duties as a priestess of the sun.

Who: Kotal_Kahn, Silencia
When: January 8, 2016
Where: Kotal Kahn's Room

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Kotal's Room


Actually, this is a pretty normal looking room all things considered, albeit far more on the practical side than anything else.

There's a spacious, rustic looking bed, the kind that has pelts and colorful thread embroidery instead of an actual mattress, a very old school look.

The hard stone floor is bare save for a few tapestries here and there, with a small coffee table and some chairs at the center, a small laptop computer can also be seen there, who knew Kotal kept up with modern eccentricities? There's also some kind of training dummy off to the side which surprisingly enough looks pristine, as if it had never been used. In truth, it regenerates any damage it receives, which is exactly what a God of War would need in order to not go through hundreds of those things a day.

All in all a pretty normal, if Spartan, room. All seems in order save for the giant throne made entirely out of skulls that sits on the far side of the room. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that?



Funnily enough, its not the first time that Kotal Kahn has been in a position like this. To train his own priest, or in this case, a priestess.

Though perhaps not awkward its something that he has to approach very carefully, since having a priestess to worship him will greatly benefit him and increase his power, but it also means that he has to divulge the secrets behind his power which can potentially backfire.

Its not only a great honor, by making her his priestess it shows that Kotal Kahn trusts the girl a lot.

But let's start gently as all things should. The Aztec warrior is currently sitting on his skull throne and has ordered Silencia to kneel at his feet. There, he simply sits there and watches her silently with his glowing golden gaze. Seeing what the girl might do while she is being silently judged.

Silencia did not have any problems obeying Kotal's order. She's curious about what will happen though. She keeps her eyes on the War God, her violet eyes showing her curiosity. She doesn't seem to be uncomfortable under his stare, the girl was used to judging looks. She doesn't speak either, the quiet way in which the man watches her made her think that it would be wrong to speak at the moment. Even though she wanted to ask a million questions.

Kotal can sense her curiosity judging by the bright, wide eye stare that she gives him in return. And yet, she keeps silent, apparently only speaking when she is spoken to. This is quite good for her case, since the Aztec perceives such character trait as a sign of great discipline. The god of war enjoys those who are in control of their emotions and not the other way around, even if this girl looks like a very frail and delicate power, there is a strength within her that he is very well aware of.

"Silencia." The Aztec finally speaks, his glowing gaze flicker towards her as he shifts on his seat made of skulls. Its worth nothing that she hasn't said a single word about it either, where Kotal's own hardened warriors avert their gaze at such a gruesome sight, this girl hasn't even batted an eyelash. It further proves Kotal's assumptions that Silencia is stronger than she looks.

"Tell me.. what do you know about the sun?" He asks strangely.

Silencia perks slightly when the man suddenly calls her by her name. Her attention had shifted toward the throne, that throne seemed to fit Kotal perfectly. It was not that she wasn't bothered by the gruesome sight, it's just that the throne made of skulls seemed to fit so naturally with the man that she didn't feel the need to comment on it. Kotal's question makes the girl hum thoughtfully. "I know it is the source of your power and a source of life for nearly everything else." She wasn't sure what the man wanted to know. Her curiosity got the better of her."Why do you ask?"

Not nearly as poetic of an answer as he would have liked but it was sufficient for Kotal Kahn. In fact, it wasn't the answer itself that he was looking for, it was to see if Silencia had any further thoughts about it besides the sun existing and leaving it at that.

Suddenly, the Aztec warrior stands, and he waves a hand at the ceiling as if he were parting a curtain. The ceiling shifts like disturbed water, and where there was once stone now there is a clear view of the sky and the sun shinning brightly upon the war god's room.

"The sun is the life giver and the life taker as well. As we draw power from it, we must also give it back in return."

"Where I to simply draw as much power as I wanted from the sun, bracingly doing so without considering the consequences, it would run dry after naught but a few years. Leaving me powerless and this land equally lifeless. It is the humans biggest flaw, to take and take without ever replenishing."

Kotal raises a hand and a ball of glowing sunlight forms upon his hand. He lowers it, showing it to Silencia, and letting her bask in its warmth. Feeling comfortable to the touch rather than the burning fire than one might expect.

"I have seen you be one with nature. Do you think you have the power to commune with the sun just as you do with plants and butterflies?" Even now, the proximity with sunlight would make Silencia feel warm within. No doubt because of the signature Kotal Kahn marked upon her soul, claiming her as his own.

Silencia gasps softly and gazes up at the ceiling, the man's powers kept surprising her. She returns her attention to Kotal as he speaks, his tone seemed to be very ceremonious, which made her think that she should pay close attention. His words make her shudder slightly as she imagines a lifeless wasteland without a sun. The nature would wither away, starved and frozen. When Kotal summons that little ball of sun, she can't help but reach out to touch it, a slight smile resting on her lips. She likes this power of his. The ball emitted a soothing warmth that assured her of the War Gods nature. His question makes her pause. She glances back up at him, her expression sure of herself. "The sun nurtures and gives life to the nature that I'm bound to. I do not yet understand the reason for my affinity with nature, but I do think that a similar connection with the sun would be possible..." She touches her necklace softly "Though it is not something I can onesidedly enforce. My connection with nature is not something I do by myself... I can't exactly explain it, but it feels like I've been gifted this ability because of a bond..." Silencia struggles with her words as she tries to explain something that she hasn't even properly figured out yet. "It's more like the nature around me has accepted me and allowed me to have these powers..."

"You may not force these powers, true." Says the war god as he lets Silencia tread her fingers across the glowing ball of light. The warmth it radiates feeling as if it was reaching out to the girl, treading her fingers in return, caressing her and soothing her worries as it had done before when Kotal healed her. It was just as Kotal had said earlier, the sun can heal just as it can burn.

"But I can." The Aztec suddenly looks taller somehow, glowing even brighter. The lines that run across his body begin to shine with the same radiance as his eyes, and the sun above them all glows bright directly on top of the two of them. "You are a most worthy vessel. Though I know not why yet, it is clear that nature has blessed you, and if Great Gaia herself approves of you having but an ounce of her power then I too feel you can be blessed with my gift."

Kotal grasps Silencia's hand so her palm is facing upwards and then, he sets the glowing ball of light upon her open palm. "Receive the gift of Huitzilopotchli."

As the glowing ball of light is set, it begins to phase through Silencia's palm and into her. The girl's body will begin to glow just as Kotal Kahn's body does, flashes of light seen across her eyes and inside her mouth as the energy is absorbed. Silencia will feel a burning within her for a moment, until finally the sunlight settles and she returns to normalcy.

However, this will feel even deeper than the first soul signature Kotal had done with her before. She'll feel a connection with the Aztec. She can feel his presence and something tells her that she'll be able to feel Kotal Kahn even if he were to be miles away from her.

Silencia gasps as she sees that warm little ball slip into her through the palm of her hand. She closes her hand, as if she's scared the warmth would escape if exposed to the air. As the light spreads through her body, her necklace reacts as well, emitting a strong violet glow. Silencia's breathing quickens, the sudden surge of warmth surprised her. She does not notice the light spilling from her eyes and lips, the world simply seemed to look that much lighter to her. Silencia leans forward, clutching wrapping her arms around her waist as she feels a rather odd surge of power. It seemed different from the warmth of the sun and it came from the very depts of her soul, but Silencia couldn't exactly place the feeling, but it felt familiar. From her back, two wings made of light seem to sprout. They are large and transparant, enough to envelope the girl easily. They quickly disappear though, leaving nothing behind except for a weird throbbing in Silencia's heart. She breathes shakily as she grasps her necklace again, glancing up at Kotal, smiling weakly. "I did not expect that..."

Silencia isn't the only one surprised here. When a pair of magnificent wings made of light sprout from her back, even mighty Kotal Kahn has to take a step back as he's caught lightly off guard. How unexpected indeed. Though the wings do not last long enough for Kotal to confirm Silencia's true nature, their very existence confirm his suspicions that there is something more to this girl than simply being blessed by nature. There is something about her that is more than a simple mortal, and its not just because of her purple eyes.

Then again, the fact that she survived the process is more than enough reason for Kotal to know she's special. Most people would have gotten incinerated by the sun as it deemed them unworthy to carry its torch. The sun itself has approved of Silencia and now so must Kotal.

"You did well despite it." The Aztec decides not to address Silencia's disappearing wings for now. He's not even sure if the girl even noticed them appearing. Instead, he focuses in completing the lesson on what being the priestess of Huitzilopotchli entails.

The warlord sits back upon his throne. "Now, as I said, just as the sun grants us power, we must return it so that it may continue to shine above us. I strengthen the sun by means of sacrifices, whatever foe I vanquish is turned into an offering to the sun, so that its flames burn hot with the fuel of blood." He pats the skulls that make up his armchair. "These warriors and beasts that you see here fueled the sun before I make trophies out of their skulls." A grim god to follow for sure, but does he mean that Silencia has to offer defeated enemies to the sun too? She has already claimed not to be a warrior.

"The sun does not burn on blood alone, however. A prayer, an offering, a song, all these are ways to ensure that the light shines on to vanquish the light when it wanes."

"As my priestess, it will be one of your many duties to ensure that I have sufficient energy to face the enemies of Twisted. Just as I have gifted you with my power, I will need you to return it to me. Just as we draw strength from the sun, we strengthen it as well."

He gazes down upon Silencia, ever glowing eyes staring at her. "Now.. return the energy to me." He's not specifying how Silencia does this either.

Silencia had indeed not noticed the wings sprouting from her back. She had been overwhelmed by that surge of power and the wings had disappeared so quickly that she did not even notice the appendages. As Kotal sits back down and continues his explanation, Silencia rises from the floor. As he explains the sacrifices and the origin of the skulls, Silencia shivers slightly. She was not one for violence and the thought that she might need a sacrifice as such made her feel nauseous. When Kotal continues to explain that she would offer other types of sacrifice, she seems to relax. She nods obediently as Kotal expresses that he wants her to return the energy. She understood from the fact that he did not elaborate that she was supposed to figure it out herself. It's okay, she had to figure out her powers on her own from the start. She just needed to concentrate. She closes her eyes and focuses on the warmth inside of her, the burn of the sun's energy residing deep inside her soul. She found it. A soft smile dances across her lips, her eyes still closed. Now she needed to find a way to give it to him. She hums softly, her voice steady and calm. The warmth reacted. Silencia's eyes open and she smiles. The energy reacted to her voice like the plants did. She walks closer to Kotal, continuously humming a light melody that seemed to build up in strength as she approaches the large man. She then reaches out and touches Kotal's hand softly, the energy returned to him through her fingertips as it responded to her voice. She would need to work on control though, as the slender female feels her head spin with the sudden change in energies. She grips Kotal's hand tightly as she balances herself, closing her eyes tightly. She holds up her other hand in a gesture to show that she needs a moment. "Please... don't move. The room is spinning..."

A song to strengthen the light. Smiles do not come easily to a god such as Kotal Kahn, not because he is not satisfied with his existence and his rule over the domain of war, but because he is of a very serious disposition. He doesn't suffer fools and even less nonsense, but even he cannot help but smile when Silencia's gentle song reaches his ears. The sun can be a life giver and he reflects this by growing brightly, responding to Silencia's melody, full of life, happiness, hope and love.

He reaches his hand to hers and grasps it gently, welcoming the light of the sun returning to his body and strengthening him. The tattoos across his body glow once more as the cycle is completed, life having being returned to its source, and he seems satisfied with Silencia's ability to improvise on the fly.

"Well done, Silencia." He says approvingly, and does more than just hold Silencia steady when dizziness threatens to claim her. The warrior reaches for the dainty girl and sweeps her off her feet as he did when they first met.

Rather than risk letting the girl fall on the ground, the Aztec takes the liberty of scooping her up by the waist and sitting her on his lap. He places her legs astride his waist so that she's straddling his waist and facing him. His hand is still interlocked with hers.

"There are many places here in Twisted where the sun cannot reach."

"From now on, when I cannot call upon the sun, you will be my source of light."

The world spins and twists around Silencia, even as she keeps her eyes closed. A soft groan escapes her as the Aztec male sets her down on his lap. "That made it worse..." She places her free hand on Kotal's shoulder, as if she needs to steady herself. She still manages to keep listening to the War God as he explains her role as priestess. She nods softly. "I will... do my best..." She slowly opens her eyes as she notices that the dizziness is slowly fading away. She smiles softly "But next time I'm this dizzy and you pick me up, don't blame me if I end up purging myself... I need some time to adjust to this..."

Just because Kotal is a god doesn't mean he's infallible. "Oh, sorry." The Aztec makes a face and almost looks as if he's growing pale at the thought of Silencia throwing up on him because he was moving her around. He often forgets just how frail mortals can be sometimes. "Of course, I will give you the time that you require."

"Perhaps it is me who has grown restless. It has been a long time since I've had any sort of priestess." Just to make sure that Silencia feels better, Kotal keeps her close to him whilst she presses an index finger to her forehead, returning some sunlight back to her body to replenish her lost strength. This will alleviate some of the motion sickness.

The last bits of dizziness fade away as some of the sunlight is returned to Silencia. The girl sighs relievedly and smiles. "I'm okay now." She notices the expression on Kotal's face and she's surprised to see just how worried she had made the large man. He looked like he had gotten pale! Silencia releases her hold on Kotal's shoulder and touches his forehead, her brow furrowed slightly. "You don't seem well yourself. Is this tiring you?" Her fingertips move around as she checks the spots she usually checks when a child feels ill. "Worry will only make you ill, I'll look after myself and my limits, don't worry about those." Her expression is stern, but gentle, it is hard to believe that this girl was dizzy and about to throw up before.

Well, this is definitely new. To say that the god of war is not used to being babied is the understatement of the century. Kotal's eyes widen and he makes an incredulous blink when Silencia leans closer and soothes him gently, pressing her soft fingertips to his forehead in a very motherly fashion. "Uh, no, I'm fine." He even loses his grandiose kind of speech and suddenly doesn't sound too sure of what to say. Just who exactly is this girl anyway that can make even the god of war stutter??

"Don't coddle me too much." He finally says looking more than just a little perplexed. "I'm supposed to be the god of war. I may lose respect from other deities if they see you doting on me so motherly."

The man's expression and the tone of his voice are enough to set Silencia off. The girl bursts out in laughter at the perplexed God infront of her. "I..I'm sorry, but you reminded me of the children I took care of for a moment there... I couldn't help myself.." She sighs as she calms down, an amused grin still on her lips. "If me doting on you makes them lose respect that easily, then that respect must not be worth much." She suddenly notices just how close she sits to the God, the girl was still straddling him, since Kotal had deposited her on his lap in that fashion. She blushes and moves to get down. "I promise to try and keep my doting ways limited though..."

Laughing in the face of Kotal Kahn is usually a sure fire way of getting a macuahuitl to the forehead. But in Silencia's case, all her ringing laughter does is make the Aztec get the most embarrassed expression he has probably ever done in the countless eons of his existence. The very image of a -____- face, even sweat dropping just a bit. For some reason he just can't even think about getting mad at Silencia, even if he wouldn't tolerate that kind of disrespect from anyone, much less a mortal. Kotal simply seems to think its.. rather endearing.

"Even I was a child once, I suppose." He admits, letting Silencia know that he too was a mortal at one point. At the mention of the other gods and what worth is their respect, Kotal thinks of Diablo and Deis, both who would probably tease him to no end if they ever saw Silencia coddling him publicly. "Hm, I believe you may be right."

He chuckles softly and helps the girl off his lap but picking her up by the waist and settling her back to her feet. "Go and regain your strength. There will be even more work for us later." Says the Aztec as he pets her head. Apparently enjoying coddling her back to see how she likes a taste of her own medicine.

Silencia does not seem to have the same issues with coddling as Kotal Kahn seems to have. She smiles brightly at the statuesqe man. "Even though you are a War God, you shouldn't abandon your softer side. A balance between gentle and disciplined is what one needs to be whole..." There seems to be a spring in her step and a certain cheerfulness in her demeanor. This process has started to awaken something inside of Silencia. Something that would prove to be a stronger power than what anyone would expect from a girl this frail.

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