2016-01-09 - The True Wrath of Nature

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The True Wrath of Nature

Summary: Silencia's meditations are interrupted by Dorian and Kotal Kahn. And she is not about to let this infraction go unpunished. Will the two men survive the lady's nature-fueled wrath?!

Who: Silencia, Dorian, Kotal Kahn
When: January 9, 2016
Where: Nowhereto Park - Fountain

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Silencia felt weird from the moment she recieved the power of the sun from Kotal Kahn. Every once in awhile she felt a dull throbbing deep inside of her, as if something was trying to get out, or get her attention. She had found herself in the park while wandering aimlessly, lost in thought. The little bit of nature in this place made her feel at ease, that throbbing gone. Silencia hums thoughtfully, maybe she should try and practice her control. She hums lightly, carefully watching as the plants around her start to grow in responce. Good, her control had gotten better, they grew in the way she asked them to. She sits down on the ground between the trees and keeps humming, tapping into the strength she had felt before. She wanted to see if she could do something more... useful. Her focus was on the nature around her, the girl trying to actively seek out her connection to mother nature. If someone were to walk by, they would see the plants, bushes and trees waving around as if they're dancing. Silencia would be hidden from immediate sight.

Maybe it was the feeling of peace and serenity that drew Dorian to the park as well. Serenity the feeling, not Serenity the mollusc. Either way, he walks into the park, but it's not until he actually gets inside that he feels the aura making the plants grow higher and thicker. It doesn't feel like it's a bad aura. Just strange. So he doesn't immediately unsling the staff from his back, he just reaches out with his magical senses and follows the aura.

He won't see Silencia even if he gets close, because his eyes are all but closed. They're barely slitted open, and only to see that he's not about to trip on something. Silencia will probably see him first, because of this. He's dressed in a modern suit, but white, a dark forest green shirt and teal tie, gray socks and black dress shoes. He does, however, have that staff slung across his torso. Might be visually jarring.

Indeed, its imperative to differentiate the difference between the Serenities. Otherwise, Kotal Kahn would have found himself in the Usual Restaurant if had confused the feeling of Serenity with the mollusc.

Not to say that something as peaceful as serenity comes easily to the god of war. In truth, he was concerned why he felt so at peace and decided that something was wrong. Feeling at peace and serene like this felt wrong to the god of war! He needed some action!

Though most people would not see Silencia communing with nature in the park, the Aztec warrior had an unfair advantage over most due to the girl being his personal high priestess. The moment Kotal left the TASK building he felt that the girl was out in the park and he decided to head over there just to make sure she wasn't getting into trouble. Who knows? Maybe if he was lucky she'd be getting attacked by fog demons or something, then he could really cut loose!

The warlord arrives just a few meters away and behind Dorian. He frowns curiously, wondering what the mage is doing here, though doesn't interrupt just yet. Preferring to see how things unfold for now.

Silencia had been so very focused on her connection to nature that she did not notice the two males approaching until they were close enough to see her. Silencia gasps surprisedly when she sees the mage and the god, her concentration broken. The atmosphere she had created immediately vanished and the girl groans frustratedly. She had been so close! She hops up onto her feet, steadying herself on a nearby tree. She had felt mother nature's embrace and she was about to use that to try and figure out another way to use her magic. The arrival of the two men had shattered her concentration though. Silencia pouts at Kotal and Dorian, her hands on her hips. "You both have terrible timing, I was trying to focus!" Odd thing is, Silencia's voice would be easily heard while she would be difficult to see. She was not invisible, it's just that her figure would be blending in with the surrounding nature, as if she were a part of the trees and bushes, if one wanted to find her, they would have to focus to see her. It appears like the little priestess has stumbled on another skill. She seems unaware though, still talking to the men. normally. "I was so close to finding the connection with nature that's the source of my magic!"

Being distracted as he was, Dorian didn't notice Kotal, either, at least not right away. His eyes snap open the rest of the way as he senses the aura ebb and fade, and he blinks. Her words take a moment to register, and when they do, he chuckles slightly. "I do have that sort of distracting effect, don't I?" However, also gives an elegant bow and supplies, "Terribly sorry, my lady Silencia. I didn't realize you were busy. But I felt the power."

Then it registers she said 'both'. As in, someone else other than Dorian. So of course he straightens, and then turns his head, to finally regard the war/sun god. "Ah, I didn't see you there, Kotal my friend. I was distracted so completely and utterly by your high priestess." Yes he knows exactly how that sounds, he meant for it to.

"That is something I've been told too often." Kotal mutters to himself when Silencia chastises him and Dorian both on their terrible timing. For the Aztec though, it usually means barreling in on a social conversation waving around his macuahuitl, which for a moment it might been the same here.

Kotal is aware that Silencia is hiding, but thanks to his close link with his priestess, he is able to discern her through the foliage with a minimal amount of concentration. He glances up at her silently and then down to the smirking Dorian. "She is.. enthralling.. is she not?" The Aztec deity agrees mysteriously.

"Come join us, Silencia." Kotal orders to his fairy priestess. "If it is magical knowledge that you seek, who better to ask than an accomplished mage like Dorian."

Silencia huffs while crossing her arms. It had taken her a while to get this far, so it was natural that she was a bit annoyed. She calms down though and walks closer to the two, leaving the cover of the trees behind. Once the light, unfiltered by the shade of the trees, hits her skin, she returns to being a regularly visible girl. A soft shiver runs down her spine as she leaves her cloaked self behind and she pauses. "That was odd..." She shrugs off the feeling and returns her attention to the men, raising an eyebrow at their interaction. "Don't think flattery makes up for it. I'm a bit angry at the both of you!" The corners of her mouth twitch, showing she's just acting angry now. "I will need help from the both of you to bring back that connection now!"

Dorian nods to Kotal's observation of his skill. "He has a point," he chimes in. "Our magic is probably different, but I am quite skilled at the magical arts. I'm sure I can figure it out, and then I can help you figure it out." He smiles at the mock anger, seeing it for what it is. Dorian knows how to read people, after all. "Oh! Goodness gracious!" he exclaims, placing a hand over his chest. "Kotal! We must appease her Ladyship Silencia, and quickly! Lest we be flung to the lions!" Yes, he is kidding. It's a gentle tease, though.

So demanding!! Kotal likes that, the priesthood of the god of war should have at least a little bit of an attitude. Even the god of war can't help but give a bit of an amused grin as Silencia has the gall of threatening the both of them.

He chuckles and looks at Dorian following along on his scared act. "Oh, indeed! Let us tend to her needs quickly before she unleashes her wrath upon us!" Kotal even goes as far as reach for the mage and hug him as if he was trying to cower behind him and use the mage as a meat shield to block Silencia's supposed wrath.

Silencia knows exactly what the two men are doing and that just sealed their fate. She turns around, heading back to the trees as she holds in her laughter, her words short to keep her amusement contained. "Follow me.." She gestures to a spot right next to a rather old tree and peeks at Kotal. "I need you to sit here with your legs crossed." She then gestures to another tree and glances at Dorian. "And I need you to sit here, also with your legs crossed." She crosses her arms again and patiently waits for the men to follow her wishes, her expression blank.

Dorian doesn't seem to mind the 'hug', even when it causes him to stumble back a little. He actually smirks a bit at it, but doesn't say anything about it. However, once Silencia makes her wishes known, he stands, pulling away from Kotal. "Of course, Lady Silencia," he replies, and moves to where she requests, sitting as she's specified. He assumes she means tailor-style, so he does this. As he does, he unslings his staff from his torso and places it next to him.

Well, this is starting to get pretty serious! Kotal Kahn had no idea that Silencia could manage this level of imperiousness, even in jest. He lets go of Dorian and follows the girl curiously. It may look demeaning that a god is doing what his priestess demands of him rather the other way around, but this is a very odd situation and place to begin with. If anything, Twisted is exactly the right place for this to happen.

Kotal decides to indulge Silencia, wondering what she intends to do. He does as he's told and sits down next to Dorian in a lotus flower position. His massive macuahuitl strapped to his back, magically floats out and rests upright next to him as if it had a mind of its own.

Silencia steps out infront of the two men, tilting her head slightly and even narrows her eyes, as if she's trying to figure out the precise way to position the two. She then nods appreciatively, her expression still lacking her usual smile. "Thank you. Now I need you both to stay perfectly still. No matter what happens, you cannot get up or move. If you do, you'll break my concentration again." She lowers herself and sits down with her legs crossed, her hands resting on her knees. She seems calm, collected and very priestess-like. Her voice reflects a similar calmth as she speaks once more. "The nature around us will react, this is normal, don't be alarmed and don't disturb them. They should be allowed to do as they please for this to work." She waits for a moment to make sure the men understand how serious she is.

Dorian observes the behavior of the weapon, and blinks. "That is a handy bit of magic there," he notes, of the floating weapon. Silencia speaks then, and Dorian turns his attention back to her. He listens, and then offers a nod. "Don't worry about me, I know the value of not disturbing a mage's concentration." He offers a half-smile and falls silent.

Kotal Kahn is no stranger to trials and not all of them need to involve strength or viciously mauling an opponent to death. As the god of marital arts he also knows the value of quiet moments of contemplation to strengthen one's chi. "Very well.." He informs Silencia before nodding to Dorian and his comment about his floating weapon. "I will tell you more about Cuauhtemoc after this." The nature behind Kotal's macuahuitl is quite an extensive one, and its probably best not to converse about it while in the middle of Silencia's test.

The god of war breaths deeply and sets his hands upon his knees, closing his eyes to begin the meditation.

Silencia nods softly and closes her eyes, a soft hum escaping her lips. Her necklace starts to glimmer with a familiar violet light as she fills the air with her wordless melody. The nature immediately begins to stir, dancing along to the melody of her song. The grass grows longer, the trees grow greener and all of the plantlife seems to strain to reach her. Even the roots of the trees extend towards her, finding the two men in their path. Nothing holds back nature, so the roots simply wrap around the men and continue toward Silencia, stopping right infront of her. Thick, green vines cover those roots and it would be a bit uncomfortable for the mage and the god. Everything around the three is colored in different shades of green, Silencia being the only exception. Silencia's eyes slowly open as she looks at the sight of the two males covered in roots and vines. Her humming never stops as she reaches out and touches a root that has gotten rather close to her. As soon as her fingertips touch the root, the vines seem to sprout colorful little flowers all the way through, covering both Kotal and Dorian in adorable little daisies. A couple of the flowers even seem to have found their way inside of Kotal's helmet, peeking out from the sides of his face. Silencia sucks in her lips and concentrates on her breathing to keep herself calm, but that does not last long as she soon bursts out laughing at that adorably weird sight. Her eyes even water as she tries to talk. "Y...you both... look very... adorable!"

Dorian nods to Kotal's promise, but remains quiet. He does raise a brow as the vines start to cover him, but even though they do become uncomfortable he's not in pain, and the predicament never gets painful, so he doesn't speak up. Though he does rather wonder what she's doing. Then all of a sudden... flowers. Everywhere. The first thing he can think is, At least it's not stripweed.

However, he doesn't seem to mind suddenly being covered with daisies. In fact, he smirks. Looking up at Silencia, he asks, "Looking to enhance our 'natural beauty'?" he quips. A look at Kotal. "The daisies really do set off your skin quite well," he comments. He might or might not be kidding. But he is still smirking.

Even if the vines where to become painful as they wrapped around him, Kotal has no fear of them. Not only is he highly resistant to pain, he trusts his priestess implicitly and would never think that a girl such as Silencia would do something as vicious as double cross him.

Still, the vines all around his body are very suspicious, and Kotal finds out too late that its perhaps not the wisest idea not fully trust Silencia. Not exactly because she'll betray him, but because as he just found out, the fairy girl can be incredibly mischievous!

"What the--" Kotal's eyes blink open when he feels flowers sprouting inside his helmet and Silencia burting out laughing. He watches in horror as how now he and Dorian are completely covered in flowers and grunts out. "Silencia!!!!!" Wow! Kotal actually sounds angry this time, though more in a fatherly fashion than truly mad. From his expression he's probably going to grab the girl and slap her wrist a few times.

He doesn't move and rip the vines though. Instead, he looks at Dorian as he compliments how well he looks with all those flowers on him, causing the god of war to shake his head and sigh. "Oh shut up..." Another day in Twisted for Kotal Kahn it seems.

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