2016-01-11 - Beachside Gatherings

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Beachside Gatherings

Summary: It's just another day at the beach in Twisted. Casdy comes out and meets new people, Kotal and Twilight make up, and Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle meet a siren that's a bit more friendly. Usually. Sometimes. Maybe they got lucky?

Who: Casdy, Himet, Kotal_Kahn, Morgana, Sunset, Twilight
When: January 11th, 2016
Where: Zeku-Kari Beach

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Today, Princess Twilight has opted to leave her apartment and get back out into the open. So, right now, the lavender pegacorn is flying over the Zeku-Kari at a relaxed pace, looking down at the waves and sand below with a wide smile.

The warmth of the afternoon has found Casdy at the beach. Her glowing golden eyes look over the swells of the water as the crash against the sands, and then retreat back again. The girl's neko-ears twitch at the sudden sounds of the crash, but always return forward to further listen at the sounds of the water. She is, probably as expected, a small ways from the water... ...just enough that her paws will not get wet. She takes in a deep breath, smelling the salt-sea air, and the smile on her features only spread into a bigger smile. It is obvious she has something on her mind, as she is oblivious to others her surround her... But the feeling of the wind tussling her clothing and her fur is something that doesn't seem unnoticed, as she occasionally grabs her skirt to keep it down.

Twilight Sparkle, once she catches sight of someone on the beach below her, angles sharply to one side and goes into a controlled descent, before finally touching down at a steady forward trot.

Sunset Shimmer was just glad to finally get Twilight out of her slump. Alas she can't fly like the purple princess pony so she's just taken to getting out of the apartment herself for a bit. There's still a lot of strange new city to see, after all. So there's a good chance she may eventually wander in the same direction that Twilight has.

Late Afternoon usually means Kotal Kahn is finishing off his shift of patrolling Twisted City and is making his way back to TASK headquarters.

Thing is that, just like any other job, the end of the shift by no means says that work is dwindling down. Bad luck would have it that the Aztec warrior would run into a few problems making his way back to his adopted home and the winds of destiny would take him to the sandy shores of Zeku-Kari Beach.

As most things are in Twisted, Kotal's arrival to the beach is far from the ordinary. There's a great shadow that looms overhead as a large figure descends from the skies and falls back first into the beach, kicking up a large amount of sand.

It's one of the Pyramid Heads and Kotal Kahn is soon following right behind to, falling hard on top of the creature's stomach, stomping it down and pinning it with his foot. Keeping the creature down, he raises his giant macuahuitl and promptly splits the beast's head in two, helmet and all.

Defeated, the Pyramid Head disappears into thin gray mist, leaving the Aztec warrior breathing heavily as he looks around trying to figure out where the battle has led him.

Twilight Sparkle glances over with a raised eyebrow as she catches sight of the large plume of sand through her peripheral field of vision, before simply shaking her head and looking back towards the crashing waves. She does wave to the catgirl, though, with one foreleg.

The cat-girl blinks her eyes slowly, parting herself with her thoughts. She then lifts her hands to run then through her shoulder length raven hair. She gives a physical halt to her hands to hold onto the ends of her hair, and takes a single step forward... ... ...wet foot!! Bad idea!! She hisses at the water, and releases the ends of her hair and skitters back, only to hiss at the water again. Of course!! It is the water's fault!! How dare it touch her paw!! She lifts up her right paw and shake shake shakes it, trying, in vain, to get the water off!! What's this?? Something is amiss. Casdy turns her eyes from the watery scene, and watches as Kotal plummets down, giving Pyramid Head a major pain that Aspirin wont cure. Given how the creature vanished on death, Casdy assumes the better of Kotal, "You fight well, to defeat a void spirit." she calls towards Kotal as she approaches once the sand settles. She offers down a hand towards him to help him to his feet as her glowing golden eyes look over him. "I did not expect to see a voidsent here." she then states. "...the shadows, however, always hide creatures of The Dark... ...perhaps I did not see them, because, I had hoped not to..." she adds. Her eyes note the flying pony, and she offers a nod of greeting, so as not to look away from the scene for long.

Let's face it, that eruption of sand would be hard to miss from even a distance! Even then Sunset couldn't have been too far away because she comes running onto the beach not long afterwards. Though upon seeing it being one of those monsters being beaten up by Kotal, and Twilight safely in the air, she lets out a sigh of relief and just keeps a fair distance from the fight itself. Looks like the big man has that well in hand. She does wave up at her equestrian friend and roommate though.

To those that do not know much of Kotal Kahn, it might come as a shock that even an indomitable deity of war like himself is greatly weakened when fighting fog monsters. This is because of his dependence of the sun, and because of the fog's alien nature it actively drains his energy the longer he fights within the demonic mist. Therefore, it's not entirely surprising that he ended up in one knee and breathing hard after fighting off a creature that would normally be far below his skill level.

Because of that, he appreciates a civilian walking up to him and offering a hand to get him help up. Kotal reaches for the hand without thinking too much about it and struggles back to his feet whilst pushing on his macuahuitl for support. "My thanks." He mumbles just as he manages to stand up right and glance down at the catgirl that assisted him.

Only then does the Aztec warlord realize that he has no idea what Casdy is talking about. "What?" He asks eloquently, more than a little perplexed by Casdy's choice of wording. The warrior tilts his head curiously down at her, glowing eyes narrowing in confusion as he tries to figure out if this is yet another madness of Twisted or if the girl is trying to make some sort of point.

"That was no void spirit. It was a fog demon, a minion of the foul Christabella." He says trying to explain. As he does, he looks around just in time to see a familiar pair of figures. The pony princess Twilight and her friend Sunset. Kotal curiously waves at them to see if they might be inclined to come assist him, figuring that ponies of Friendship will have an easier time at socializing than the god of war.

Twilight returns her friend's wave, trotting closer to Kotal once she's seen that the Pyramid Head is dispatched. "He does have a point. And I've dealt with those things on two separate occasions. Any time you see that fog rolling in... Well, just be ready for a tough fight. Hi there, by the way."

"Definitely not something you want to have to deal with alone." Sunset adds, then smirks a bit as she pats one of Kotal's broad shoulders with a hand. "Unless you're the big guy here." Though afterwards she walks around to the other side of the war god, looking him over. "That thing didn't hurt you any, did it?" Dark magic has its ways of overcoming divinity, so she's just making sure for the sake of covering all the bases. Everything looks okay with Kotal save being a little winded though... can gods even get exhausted?

Sometimes Twisted even makes less sense than the previous worlds she's seen.

Casdy offers a smile at The God of War once he is on his feet. "...void spirit is another word for 'demon'." she explains as she steps to his side. Her eyes again look at the air-born pony, and at the person approaching. Once again, she catches her skirt so the winds will not lift it. "Are you hurt?" she questions Kotal as her glowing golden eyes look up towards him briefly. As the pony speaks, Casdy takes a step back, and mews in confusion. .o O ( This...Twisted... It has interesting wonders. ) she ponders. Stepping forward once more, she places her right hand over her chest, and offers a bow to all gathered, "Casdy Rendari, Master Alterationist from the world of Theozia." she says softly. Yea...alterationist... ...better she tells them her secondary profession, rather than the main. She thinks that may yet scare the Skittles out of them, or make her public enemy #1. Once she has raised up from the polite bow, she again asks, "...a battle of any kind may yet leave injury... ...were you harmed??" Her eyes look at Sunset, and she offers a nod, "Indeed." she states softly as she agrees with the lady. The smile she had moments ago is now gone. Her features show only a neutral presence. One that is focused, and dedicated.

Kotal shakes his head as Casdy and Sunset both wonder if he was hurt during the battle. "No, I am merely drained of power. All I need is a moment to recover." It doesn't look like Kotal is visibly hurt, only pretty exhausted, which is likely to happen when you have the life drained slowly from you. Fortunately a few minutes out on the sun ought to get him back to full. "Thank you for your concern though." The war god nods in appreciation before setting his giant macuahuitl on his back.

Now that things have settled, Casdy is beginning to make a little more sense. "I see. I was unaware of this terminology." Kotal momentarily thinks that Casdy must be recently converged if she didn't know that Twisted had an official name for those fog demons, until she finally introduces herself.

"The Casdy?" The Aztec wonders out loud. "We meet at last." Oh? Looks like this guy knows the catgirl?

"I am Kotal Kahn, Director of TASK. Your Master, Rayne, works for me. I assume she's made mention of me before."

He then gives a nod to Twilight and Sunset letting them do their own introductions.

"Pleased to meet you, Casdy." Though she's lacking her regalia and royal dress, the lavender pegacorn nonetheless bows, before straightening back up and sharing an easygoing smile with the catgirl. "I'm Twilight Sparkle. I would say Princess, but... That means little here."

Once she's certain that Kotal is okay Sunset mainly keeps to the background, still not being the best at being the first one to step up and start the whole friend making process for herself. She does raise a brow a bit at the terminology Casdy uses, and the mention of Rayne being her master, but doesn't speak up on it just yet. Instead waiting for her turn as the introductions go around, and making a short somewhat playful bow to the catwoman. "And I'm Sunset Shimmer. We've met Rayne before, too."

Casdy turns her eyes towards the God of War once more. Her ears flick once more, and then she nods. "She has mentioned TASK before." she comments. The cat-girl then looks over her shoulder, and lifts her hand, palm open, towards...the beach?? The sound of the sand shifting is heard quite clearly... Four circles appear in the near-by sand, as it pushes upwards and the sand forms into three chairs of sand and one pony sized bench...that are, almost instantly, hardened into stone. "Chair?" Cas' offers. The cat-girl lowers her hand, and then looks at the gathered three as a whole, and then at Kotal. Casdy can't help but wonder what has been said about her... ...she's never had a master mention her to anyone, unless it was to say why she was present... As Twilight speaks, Casdy turns her eyes upon her, "Once royalty, always so." she tells her. "It is a title you should wear with pride, and honor. It is a manner in which offer succor to your people... In time, the honor you show with it, gives them strength." She then looks at Sunset, and offers a nod of her head, "Rayne is a likeable soul. One whom carries the love of many in just one heart. She is a great friend, and a good master." Her eyes then close, and she mews softly as she makes her way towards the created chairs. "...this world has shown me a lot since I arrived. I am still getting used to certain...ideas." she states then.

Kotal holds his tongue in regards to titles having any meaning and such. Back in his world, the Aztec used to be an Emperor, that's what Kahn means after all, but he hardly ever throws that weight around. He watches silently as Casdy assures Twilight being a princess is still important, and figures that the pony does need that cheering up, she looks uncharacteristically sad today.

Leaving that be, the warlord looks around as the cat-girl summons seats for everyone and graciously accepts the offer. "That is very useful. Thank you." Says the Aztec and he walks over to the chairs, planning on getting comfortable. It's good to sit down after an arduous battle. "Rayne is indeed an outstanding person." He adds as they walk. "You are very lucky to have her as your Master."

"Protect her and honor her as best you can, Casdy. Her safety is very important to me."

Twilight's expression does change, as she lowers her ears while looking at Kotal. "I should apologize for what I said... I just... Miss my other friends from back home..."

Sunset lets out a low whistle when Casdy makes chairs out of sand, looking clearly impressed. "Oh, you're another magic user?! That's a useful trick, thank you." She sets herself in a sandstone (hahaha so witty) seat and looks back to Casdy. "You haven't had any off problems with making your magic work here, have you?"

She's not ignoring Twilight and Kotal but she's letting them have their moment to settle things between them uninterrupted.

Casdy lifts her hand in attempt to run her fingers along the mane of the pony, "As they miss you, Princess." Casdy comments as she offers her a warm smile. "They are always with you, tho." she says then as she tilts her head to her right side a small ways, "They are in your heart...as is your home." It is then that she hears the God of War speak. She turns to face him, and slowly removes her hand from the main of the pony. Her eyes narrow down, as a red flicker rushes over her eyes, as dark pulse of magic pulses over her clenched hand, "...anyone who tries to hurt her answers to me. ...and I have reserved a special place for them in the bowels of the shadow realm..." Maybe....maybe that one hit a chord with her. She then relaxes, and turns to face Twilight again, and if allowed, will resume petting the mane. After a second to relax, the kitty-girl stares, "You will see your friends again, one day... ...I believe that. Someone who cares so much... ..." She smiles and nods. As Sunset speaks, she looks towards her and shakes her head. "My magic is taken not from The Weave..." She doesn't say where it comes from...just leaves it at that, unless pushed.

Kotal figured that sooner or later someone was going to bring up the incident between the two. He figures it is best this way, as it is resolved in a far more efficient manner.

The war god sighs at first and crosses his leg while tapping his fingers together as he hears Twilight's apology. Honestly, he's not very good at these things, a god of war is at a significant disadvantage when dealing with matters of friendship and understanding. Still, he tries. "No apologies necessary, Twilight. I understand that these are hard times and you also act in Twisted's best interest. That fact alone tells me that yours is a good heart." He looks as if he wants to say a few more things, but the Aztec wisely decides to leave it that for now. They both want to protect Twisted and that should be enough.

Strangely, he grins viciously at Casdy when she proclaims to severely hurt those who might try to hurt Rayne. Though he seems unperturbed by the cat-girl's sudden red gaze and dark pulse of black magic. It's completely possible that Kotal already figured out that the girl is a necromancer and yet he's made no comment of it. "Good. A good servant must protect their master at all costs."

"Rayne is a far better warrior than she realizes, and she has little to fear when she is close to me and my chosen warriors. However, in those times that I cannot come to her aid, I feel safe knowing that you will not let anyone harm her, Casdy."

Then he nods in agreement. Continuing along with Casdy's soothing words to calm the princess pony. "As I've said before, I have no doubt all your friends will eventually find their way to you here, Twilight. Such a bond is not easily broken, not even by dimensional travel."

Twilight Sparkle closes her eyes, letting out a relieved sigh before heading over to the conjured bench and climbing up onto it so she can listen to the sounds of the ocean. "Thanks for understanding, and yeah..."

Sunset leans just a little to the opposite side of her chair when Casdy does that. Just... well... it's not the cat girl, it's her own crossings with what could be considered dark magic that turned out very very not pleasant. That's probably why she doesn't pose more questions about Casdy's magic, this is clearly not the time for it. "With a stare like that I don't think you'd have much trouble warding off trouble." Ahehehe. Just a little bit awkward at the moment...

Casdy looks at Sunset, and offers a small smile. When she does, you can see the sharp pointed teeth that she has. She now walks towards one of the conjured seats, and claims one as her own. She slips her hands behind her head, and looks once more at the ocean... She is quiet for a second or two, and then she comments, "...this world has much beauty to it..." softly. The warm smile of happiness resettles upon her as she draws in a deep breath of the salt sea air. "Theozia has nothing as sweet smelling as this... ...nor as warm and calm. Being here, I have already seen the brightness that can shine in the hearts of many to create something wonderful, and to protect that which they love and care for... ...not destroy it..." Her eyes look at the impacted area of the battle, and then she slides her hands down along her skirt, smoothing it and holding it as the winds blow once again. "..."

Twilight Sparkle opens one eye, looking over and clearly enjoying the ocean breeze as it tousles her mane. "That's one thing I've come to appreciate fully... And I've fought against those seeking to destroy it back home. Because of that... I'll do everything in my power to ensure this world doesn't see more of it."

Sunset combs her fingers through her hair to tuck some loose locks back behind her ear. The breeze is nice but it helps to not have your own hair blowing in your face. "Yeah, this is a pretty nice place. It's good that it's got plenty of people wanting to protect it. Regardless of what they've done in the past." That last comment actually seems to be aimed more at herself.

Casdy purrs for a moment, and then she states, "...what we have done is nothing compared to what we will do." she says softly, her words directed at the statement formed by Sunset. She then giggles as she realizes she is quoting someone. "Linka always said that her lessons would come in handy... 'You will sound like me some day'." Casdy giggles again for a second, after quoting her eldest sister. When her laughter stops, she looks at the pony, and then tells her, "It is good that people have such good hearts..." Her eyes look at Sunset, and too, offers her a kindly smile in kind. "Ta'rani always says, 'The only way some evil punk can get away with something...is if good people sit on the tails, and wait for someone else to do something'" Her smile holds as she looks forward, and draws in another deep breath, .o O ( ...wise words from my sisters has kept me out of the shadows... ) she ponders.

Twilight opens her other eye, turning to stare out at the ocean as, simultaneously, the wind blows through her mane and tail, prompting her to extend both wings to take flight.

Sunset watches Twilight take off with a smile, just happy to see her friend feeling better. "Isn't that the truth," she replies to Casdy.

Himet finds herself walking down from the street towards the beach, a frown now on her face. Those that know her would find this most odd indeed. Her face is tilted downward as she does, not looking out towards the ocean, but down at the sand in front of her feet. Is she in thought? Depressed? Not familiar with walking on loose sand? Who knows?! Himet has never been one to volunteer information about herself. Not paying much that much attention to what is ahead, the often-bartender of the UR manages to walk in the general direction of voices that she hears.

Casdy stands and watches as the pony flies upwards. She looks at Sunset, and offers the girl a nod of her head. "I should go... I have work to finish." she states softly. She then looks between the two, as she calls, "Be safe." She starts walking down the beach, headed back roadside... ...but, the direction was random... Once near a tree closer to the side of the road, she steps into its shadow, and vanishes from sight. No trace of her is left behind...

Twilight Sparkle wheels about through the air, expression bright as she moves freely through the ocean air without any care. At one point, she drops down to skim the water with her left wingtip, eyes twinkling merrily as she laughs. "How wonderful it is to be out here..."

Sunset blinks a couple of times. Did she just... "Must be some sort of teleportation," she murmurs under her breath at Casdy's departure. She shrugs it off as she gets back on her feet and glances up at Twilight. "I bet it is." Right then, she looks out at the water, not realizing someone else has wandered onto the beach as well. "Kinda wish I'd brought a swimsuit."

Himet overhears the remark about bringing a swimsuit and lifts her head to look towards Sunset, her typical almost smug smile back on her face again. "You must have a high cold tolerance to want to go swimming in the winter." Likely unfortunately for her, she has managed to walk past Kotal when her attention was on the ground, and thus she has somehow missed the giant blue man.

Far in the distance of the bays water something dark breaks the surface, leaps from the water only to dive under again. At the distance it could be any number of sea creatures, seal, or dolphin perhaps. It's many moments and the figure breaks the water and leaps again, slightly closer to shore this time but still some distance out.

Twilight Sparkle comes to a stop just above the surface of the water, wings beating to keep her aloft - as such, the tips of all four legs are just barely making contact as the wind keeps blowing her mane and tail around.

Sunset starts a little at the new voice, having not realized someone else was walking around. Despite the awkward moment she manages a weak smile and a shrug. "That's probably why I said kinda?" It's not really an explanation, but it's the best she's got at the moment. "It's a nice day, regardless. Pretty relaxing."

Himet says, "Oh, ha! Sorry, didn't mean to startle you. I guess I can be pretty sneaky when I don't want to be." She waves the situation off, somewhat literally. "Don't mind me, I just can't turn off my snark at times." She looks out to sea, raising an eyebrow on spotting Twilight Sparkle. "Yes, it is a nice day... It draws people out and about, me as it did you."

That dark shape in the distance comes closer and closer, till it surfaces just a few dozen feet from where Twilight hovers over the sea. A dark head beaks the water and long dark tresses are swept back off a delicately angular face. Inky black eyes lift and take in the flying filly. Under water a strong tail sweeps to and fro, lifting her some from the water so that pale arms and shoulders are exposed. "Salutations." The sirens voice spills over the water musically, the tone pure and crystalline.

Needless to say, Twilight's caught off-guard by the voice in relatively close proximity to her. And it shows as she's looking back through her hair after falling into the water with a startled yelp. Thankfully it's not that deep, but... She still ends up quite soaked, with her now-waterlogged mane falling into her field of vision.

What the ... Sunset turns her head towards the water in what could almost be one of those slow turns in the movies at the musical voice, and eyes widen a bit. Is that... it couldn't be, could it?! That Twilight looks like she got half drowned or something doesn't help the matter much. "LOOK OUT TWILIGHT IT'S A SIREN!"

Forgive her, she's not had great experiences with siren type beings in the past.

Himet blinks and backs away as the person she was talking to suddenly yells out at the flying pony. She's choosing this moment to be quiet and letting the situation resolve itself, hopefully without her needing to contribute to or against trouble.

As the startled pony ends up in the water, the siren blinks a bit comically at first. "I think you were not meant to be in the sea, with these wings and all. Fear not, I am not hunting now and you will not be harmed. Turn yourself toward the land and I will propel you so you are able to get to the beach more easily." The sound of the yell brings a genuine laugh from the siren and it's indeed a musical thing, almost like something alive with fur sliding along ones skin. "yes, I am indeed a siren, fear not." as she sets her hands to the pony's rump and sweeps her tail hard in the water, moving Twilight quickly toward shore.

Twilight Sparkle, to her credit, turns in Sunset's direction as she hears that warning shout, remaining quite calm as she's pushed towards the shore by the siren behind her. "Somehow, I suspected this one wasn't the same as Adagio or the others at Canterlot High, primarily because of the friendly greeting..." Once her hooves find purchase on solid ground, the pegacorn mare trots through the shallows at a slow gait with a bit of a shiver as the cool air reminds her of her current state. "...I hope I don't get sick. Cold..."

Sunset lets out a sigh of relief when it turns out the siren is just helping her out, and rubs the back of her head for a moment in embarrassment. "Sorry, I probably overreacted a little. Just hearing the singing voice ... yeah... my bad." She slips her jacket off and tosses it over Twilight once she's back on the beach. "Though technically you don't get a cold from the cold. Better safe than sorry though."

Himet waits a moment to make sure that there isn't actually any trouble before recovering her steps backward. "All's well that ends well, then?" She tilts her head at the odd people and interactions between them. But then she shrugs, because this is Twisted, after all. At least no one got attacked in the end. She still keeps herself mostly in the background, however.

Once the pony is on land, the siren shifts her form and rises from the water. Long dark hair spills over pale skin and a sleek and agile female form steps from the waters. With a bit of mermaid magic the siren dries herself and those long locks flutter against her skin. "you are safe now. Do be careful, the sea is not always a safe place. There are creatures within who hunger greatly and you would seem edible."

Twilight casts a grateful smile up at Sunset as she's covered with the jacket, before turning to give one to the siren. "Thanks, both of you... And I know how true that is, from having fought one of them off in the past during a fishing competition with one of my friends here..."

Sunset smiles back at Twilight, just glad that she's okay. "Thanks to you too," she says to the siren. "I should really know better than to make such assumptions, but you kind of caught us by surprise."

Himet, seeing that she's more or less out of the conversation, nods and starts to walk onward. At least this time the smile doesn't leave her face, and she's looking ahead rather than at the sand in front of her, as silently as she arrived.

Morgana nods her head solemnly "as I said, do take care with the sea. My name is Morgana and I patrol and protect as I can. If you have need, simply knock hard on the pier, the sound carries to my lair and I will come."

After taking a bit to shake her mane and tail dry, the lavender pegacorn extends one foreleg, though she glances off to one side as she sneezes. "I'm- ah-choo! ...excuse me. Princess Twilight Sparkle. It's a pleasure to meet you, Morgana."

Sunset takes a step back as Twilight sneezes. "I think I'll make you some soup or something for dinner when we get home," she muses, then offers a hand for a similar introduction once the pony has gone. "And my name is Sunset Shimmer."

The siren looks at the offered hoof and hand and tilts her head to the side then simply nods. "my greetings to you both I am pleased to meet you. It seems as if the cold does not do good for you and you should retire to some where safer for your kind. I will depart. Again, if you ever have need...call on me." As she turns and makes her way back to the sea.

Twilight Sparkle nods to both Sunset and Morgana, before turning to head back for the apartment and sneezing again. She makes sure to keep her wings fully-extended to allow them both to dry thoroughly on the way home. "I'll be sure to. Take care - and let's head back to the apartment, Sunset."

Sunset nods her head. "We'll be sure to keep it in mind, thanks again!" She waves even as she turns to follow Twilight. "I'd say you could just teleport us, but I don't think I trust it with you sneezing," she jokes. Then folds her hands behind her head. "That's okay, it's a nice time for a walk still."

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