2016-01-11 - OMG! Shoes.

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OMG! Shoes.

Summary: Rayne and Silencia continue the quest for new outfits for Rayne, and the mall trip ends at the Food Court. Continued from 2016-01-10 - Mall Raid!‎

Who: Flandre, Rayne, Serenity, Silencia
When: January 11th, 2016
Where: Neo-Edo: New Market Mall


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Silencia had been successful with her choices in outfits for Rayne. She couldn't help but smile as the proof of that had shown itself when Rayne posed with and bought the clothes she picked out. Now the girls were on their way to a shoe store for shoes to match with those new outfits. Silencia peeks at Rayne with a smile. "Now, what kind of shoes do you prefer? Do you like sandals and heels or do you prefer a more practical shoe?"

Rayne laughs. "Honestly? I'm a little partial to boots. I don't know if it's the extra support or what, but right now I don't actually own anything other than boots... Though my other pair does have heels. Perhaps we should step away from more boots? At least not a pair for each set." Three full outfits and shoes for each? Rayne's probably going to have to delay some other purchases she's been considering after this trip. "I'm okay with sandals and heels, yes, but I won't say no to practicality if you think it works."

Silencia hums thoughtfully and smiles "I need to look at what I can find, but combining practicality with cute shoes that aren't boots should not be impossible." Once in the store she looks around and nods. "I'll try to find shoes that would combine with all the outfits! And no boots!" She smiles and throws herself into the store, rather quickly going through the collection of shoes. She trots back over to Rayne after a little while and hands her a pair of strappy black sandals. The sandals have a slightly thicker sole to allow for a more comfortable fit while the straps wrap around the foot and halfway up the lower leg. "Try these on while I go find a good heel for you!"

Rayne blinks as Silencia nearly dives headlong into the shoe store. She herself walks in a bit more calmly, watching as Silencia ravages the store to find the right matches. When the sandals are presented, she takes a seat on a bench to try them on! It takes a bit of time for her to figure out just how to get them strapped on, but once she does, she stands up and walks off to find where Silencia is searching now. "An odd hybrid of sandal and boot. It'll take some getting used to, I think."

Silencia peeks up from the colorful shoes she had been eyeing and smiles at Rayne. "I thought it might be to your taste. I think they look great on you! Are they comfortable? And do you like them?" She then motions to the bags with clothes they just bought. "You'll be able to pair those sandals with all the outfits!" She then picks up another shoe with a smile. "Get ready for another one!" This time she had picked out a pair of mostly black heels. The heels of the shoe were actually painted a deep red and were rather thick and short to allow for better stability and comfort. "These will match all three outfits as well, but they would look best with the trousers and shirt."

Rayne nods and sits down again to remove the strappy sandals again. She's definitely interested in those, as much for how odd they feel as anything else... But a frown reaches her lips as she looks at her feet. "I am definitely going to need a pedicure before I wear sandals in public, though." She shrugs, the weather too cold to wear them much at the present time, anyway. The last pair off, she now slips on the new heels. She makes a few steps around, seemingly a little awkward. "Huh. I've never really gone for low heels much. Usually high or none. You're making me try new things here, Sil." She smirks ever so much as she wanders a bit to get a feel for them.

Silencia smirks while crossing her arms, nodding proudly. "Stepping out of your comfort zone was the goal today!" She seems happy with the choice she made. The little splash of color in the shoe would tie the ensemble together. She watches until she's sure Rayne wouldn't accidentally hurt herself, already having spotted a rather interesting pair of shoes. "They are comfortable to walk in, aren't they?" She comes back with the shoes she's spotted this time ankle boots with a sledged heel. The shoe was covered with a soft, velvety fabric, again in that deep red color. On the side, there is a silver zipper. Silencia smiles as she explains her choice to Rayne. "I stick with red as the accent color, because of the shirt, or else you wouldn't be able to wear the shoe with all the outfits." A chuckle escapes her as she peeks at the boots "I know I said I wouldn't pick out boots for you, but I had to make an exception..."

Rayne says, "Hrrrm." It took only a few moments, but she has gotten used to the low heels well enough just in the store, so she should be fine out in the real world with them. "Well, your goal is being met with decent results, I think." She smirks again and takes a seat to swap out shoes once more. Despite the higher heel on these, she definitely seems to feel more comfortable walking on these immediately. Perhaps this type was a favored style before she took to wearing those heavy boots intended more as protection than as fashion. "Honestly, I like the idea of the range of heel heights. Keep me on my toes... or not, so to speak."

Silencia smiles brightly and nods proudly. "Ohh, these look so good on you! I knew I made the right choice!" She claps her hands together and puts the other shoes back in their boxes, tidying up. "Do you want more shoes, or is this enough? I don't think it would be as easy to carry if we buy too many shoes..." Silencia peeks at the sandals she had picked out earlier. She would have to get herself a pair as well someday, she rather liked sandals.

Rayne says, "I think at this point, I'm going to go broke if we go for any more pairs... I'd forgotten how expensive it can be to be stylish... As it stands, I'm still not going to have a large variety. I'll have to get some more casual clothes, as well... later." She raises an eyebrow as Silencia eyes the sandals. "If they fit you, you're welcome to borrow them from time to time." Once she puts her regular boots back on, she picks up the three boxes with a grin and carries them to the checkout. "You know, I'm feeling almost giddy today. I'm glad we're doing this... And when you get the money, we'll have to do the same for you, yeah?" She frowns as she pays for the shoes. "...Does being a high priestess pay well?"

What perfect timing! Who better to perturb this serene scene of placid shoe shopping than the embodiment of destruction herself? Flandre Scarlet!

To her credit though, the little vampire girl seems to be just as interested in shopping for shoes as Silencia and Rayne. She cheerfully comes in skipping through, marveling at all the fashionable sights when she just so happens to run into the two women, just when they were on their way to check out.

"Oh! Hello!" Flandre doesn't know Silencia, but she'd be able to recognize that colorful mane of head anywhere! And thus she waves up at Rayne. "Fancy seeing you here!" She smirks showing her sharp vampire fangs.

Silencia smiles sheepishly as Rayne had caught her eyeing the sandals. "Thanks! To be honest, I don't know, never talked about that with Kotal...I should ask him next time..." She peeks down at her simple dress and giggles. "When we go shopping for me, remind me to step out of my comfort zone as well! I should go for pants..." She blinks when a rather adorable looking girl walks up and greets Rayne. Silencia peeks at Rayne before offering the unfamiliar girl a friendly smile and a wave. She holds off on introducing herself, waiting for Rayne to answer the greeting first.

Rayne picks up her previous bags as well, getting ready to leave the store now that everything has been purchased. "I hope he's actually thought of that... I have the feeling he might not..." She trails off as Flandre arrives. Rayne doesn't look nearly as cheerful at the arrival of the younger looking girl as the other two do... Of course, when someone has attempted to kill you every time you run into them(even if one time they were possessed), you tend not to be so cheerful when they show up again. "Hello... Flandre... How are you?" she asks with a bit of a strained voice.

For her part, Flandre looks perfectly cheerful! She even returns Silencia's smile and wave, grinning cutely at her. "I'm good, thanks!" Grins the girl up at Rayne, acting like she had totally not tried to kill her before. Or maybe Flandre just forgot, its hard to tell with someone as deranged as the blond vampire. One moment she's all smiles and hugs and then then next she's ripping heads off and feasting on blood and flesh. "Who's your friend? I've never seen her before." Flandre asks in regards to Silencia and strangely leans in to sniff at her. "Oh wow! She smells so tasty! Are you gonna eat her?" Might be a good time for Silencia to learn just how crazy some of the people in Twisted can be.

Silencia seems a bit confused by Rayne's reaction to the girl. She looked adorable, even her odd wings seemed to suit her! When Flandre leans in to sniff, the blonde earns herself an odd look, the talk about smelling tasty and eating just making the girl even more confused. She shrugs off her confusion and smiles again. "The name's Silencia, nice to meet you! And I don't think I'm on the menu today!" Silencia was true to her words from before; she accepted the strangeness of this place instead of questioning it.

Rayne facepalms. "I knew this day was going far too well... No, Flandre. I am not going to eat her. That is not something that I do. And no, you cannot eat her, either. And before you ask the next question, she is not my pet, nor can you have her as a pet." Rayne sounds distinctly annoyed already, talking to Flandre as if she were a gradeschooler rather than a high school student.

Well! Rayne pretty much hits all the nails square in the head and takes care of all of Flandre's possible questions in one go. Its pretty clear that Flandre was pretty overjoyed when she heard that Rayne wasn't going to make a meal out of Silencia and was perking up precisely to ask if she could eat her if Rayne wasn't-- right before the rainbow haired woman shot her down before she could ask any of her question.

"But-- then--" Flandre stutters a few more times, likely about to ask just what Rayne feared, and then pouts sadly at the lack of possibilities. "Aww.. that's too bad."

The girl seems to be in a nice mood though and quickly smiles again. "It's good to meet you nonetheless, Silencia! I am Flandre Scarlet! Pleased to make your acquaintance."

"I work at Ray's Occult Books back in Twisted city. You should come visit me when you have a chance! I promise not to eat you or enslave you.~" What a nice little girl.

Silencia can't help but feel amused at Flandre's many moodswings. She hold back a giggle and smiles at the blonde. "Thank you for that promise, how about I make you some cookies instead? They should be tastier!" Even though the blonde had been talking of eating her, Silencia couldn't really take that seriously. The young girl also woke her motherly instincts, because she reminded her of the children she used to take care of.

Rayne gives Silencia a tired looking sidelong glance. "You have a lot more patience for this than I do..." She looks back to Flandre, trying to smile, but succeeding only in a fake looking one. Flandre really makes the phoenix woman nervous. "We were just about to leave this store, Flandre." She's trying to remember the map of the mall to locate where the candy store is in relation to where they are now... just in case.

Silencia's winsome personality works wonders with Flandre. The vampire girl giggles cheerfully and jumps up and down in delight at the offer. "Yay! Cookies! I love sweets!!" And she's not kidding either. "If you do, I can give you a discount at the bookstore! We have a lot of magical things that are very pretty."

She smiled up at Silencia but turned to look at the ever concerned Rayne. It looks like Flandre has no idea why the rainbow haired woman always acts so nervously around her. Again, like if she couldn't remember what happened the first time they met. "Oh, okay. Mind if I tag along?" She even stretches out her hand in an attempt to try to walk hand in hand with Silencia. It looks like this girl in particular is very used to being babied around despite looking like a teenager.

Silencia smiles at Rayne, resisting the urge to ruffle Flandre's hair. "She reminds me of my little siblings back home..." The blonde's reaction to her offer of cookies earns a giggle from Silencia. "I thought you might like that! If you promise me to behave, I'll keep making delicious sweets for you." Silencia hums thoughtfully. "Things like chocolate cookies and cupcakes, everything for a good little girl!" This was the work of Silencia's instincts, telling her that this little girl would react positively to this kind of reward for good behavior. She accepts Flandre's hand in hers, smiling at the cute girl. She peeks at Rayne, having noticed how reluctant the rainbow-haired female was around the blonde.

Rayne visibly winces when Flandre offers to come along, and then winces again as the offer is accepted. "Well, at least you've picked up the way to pacify her already." She might not be happy about the situation with the new tag-along, but she's going to try to be anyway. "Uhhhhh, where to now? I think I've expended my entire clothing budget for... the next several months..." She's fully loaded up with bags filled with boxes dangling from each hand now: three full new outfits to wear, complete with shoes!

Silencia smiles apologetically at Rayne's expression. "To be honest, I don't know where to go either... is there anything to do here that wouldn't involve spending too much?" The girl moves to take over a couple of bags from Rayne, sharing the load. "We could also head back, to drop off these and then get something to eat. We've been here for awhile..." She hums thoughtfully. "Or maybe we could explore a bit... I haven't had the chance to properly explore because I was afraid to run into anything dangerous..."

Rayne at first seems reluctant to let Silencia take half the load, but it doesn't take much to convince her to share it. "There's always the food court. I have food budget left, of course, and I'll treat you to a meal, as payment for fashion advice! But if we're going to explore beyond the mall, I'd prefer to offload first." She bounces her share of the load for emphasis. "And if it does come down to it, I'll do what I can to keep you from harm." She glances back, realizing that Flandre has run off again... The younger-looking girl probably smelled candy and forgot she was tagging along. Rayne lets out a relieved sigh at the lack of presence of the vampire, and takes the chance to explain why she was so nervous. "Yeah, that girl? This was the first time I've run into her where she's not tried to kill me... though the second time she was possessed."

Silencia smiles gratefully at Rayne's offer of treating her. "Then do allow me to take you up on that. I'm a bit hungry..." She nods softly at the promise of protection. "And I will do what I can to avoid said harm!" She peeks at the direction the blonde girl had left in when Rayne mentions her. She nods understandingly. "I noticed your hesitance. But to be honest, I couldn't ignore my instincts, it seemed like she really needed some kindness." A soft sigh escapes her. "Let's hope that the promise of sweets will keep her, and us, out of trouble..." Silencia swings the bags over her shoulder with surprising ease, the girl stronger than she looks. "Oh well, lets go and eat!"

Rayne blinks at the surprise show of strength, then shakes her head as she moves on towards the food court. "Sweets are the key, by the way. It took one... admittedly fake... candy to give me the chance to get to sunlight to avoid her. Honestly, I'm still surprised I got that illusion spell off in those circumstances. If it was real, she might not have resumed chasing me after... not sure." And thus they arrive at the food court. Such a huge array of food here that even Rayne looks slightly overwhelmed. "Uhhhh... what kind of food are you thinking?"

Silencia pauses to openly stare at the huge variety in food items. "This is a bit overwhelming..." She then shrugs and points at the first thing she sees, being a colorful noodle dish filled generously with vegetables and some seafood. "How about that? It seems interesting!" She grins. "Might as well try something I've never had before."

Rayne follows Silencia's gaze to a food vendor declaring itself 'Wok This Way' and shrugs. "Sounds like as good a place as any." She leads onward again, getting into line as she looks over the menu items herself. "So how is the whole... High Priestess thing going for you? I mean, Kotal's a decent guy and all, but I have a hard time thinking of him as... worshipable... Uh, no offense."

Silencia hums thoughtfully and can't help but smile at Rayne's question. "None taken, sweety. It's been... interesting, to say the least. It's not like I spend days praying ceremoniously to him though." Silencia smirks playfully, the title of high priestess did have that kind of notions bound to it. "It's more like... I support Kotal in his endeavors, mainly through the use of magic..." She smiles sheepishly. "Though I haven't done anything yet, I still need to learn alot before I can even begin being helpful..." Silencia then perks up with a question of her own. "Could I bother you sometime to help me in my training? It's nothing difficult, I would just need you to watch over me."

Rayne nods. "So it's less evangelizing and proselytizing and more a... support role? Huh. Very different from priests I've run into before in the past." They move forward in line a place as Silencia asks her question. "Ehhh? Sure, sure, but... what exactly would this entail?" They arrive at the front of the line and Rayne makes her order... A #4 combo: Mongolian beef noodles. Has she tried it before? Nope, but the name sounded interesting.

Silencia orders the dish she saw before, the shrimp noodles. "Well, when I train myself, I need to focus completely on the nature around me, the more nature the better." She smiles at the vendor as he hands her her order, surprisingly fast! "The problem is that it might become dangerous if any of those beasts I heard of decide to drop by, so I need someone to pay attention... And it helps if that someone is strong..."

Rayne nods, paying for the meals. "So, in all likelihood, it will just entail the both of us sitting there. I dunno, I'm not sure I can shut up long enough for you to concentrate." Leading Silencia towards the seating area with her share of the bags in one hand and her food in the other, she tilts her head as she thinks of something. "Though if you're standing still through all that, I could also practice my drawing while we're at it."

Silencia sits in a booth and puts the bags in her hands beside her, eyeing her noodles hungrily. The smell had made her realize just how hungry she had been. She takes a bite and smiles appreciatively before returning her attention to Rayne. "I would be standing still, yes." A light smile appears. "The nature around me might now though... if you're okay with that, then please do practice your drawing." She then takes a couple more bites, especially enjoying the shrimp. "Today, I've been very good at picking stuff out, if I may say so myself... Delicious!"

Rayne nods and smiles back as she sits across from Silencia, seemingly keeping a bit more of a distance than usual. "Ah, shrimp. I've had it a few times. It's very tasty, but the afterexperience is not so pleasant for me." She nods to Silencia. "Well, I'll have to see if it works or not. If not, I'll have to bring mylaptop along as well, because it sounds like I won't even have a still life to draw, either."

Serenity wanders though the food court, keeping some distance from the lines of people rather than going for a store. It appears that Ren hasn't located any vending machine carrying quality carrion, but did locate some individually-wrapped cheese sticks. These are tucked into the storage box along with a trash bag containing a few cloth items. Ren searches the area while rippling along at a slow pace, occasionally stopping short to keep a phone and its distracted user out of the forcefield. Eventually, Ren spots Rayne's hair and raises a 'wing' to wave.

Silencia nods back to Rayne, still smiling. "Don't worry though, the movement would be more like a strong wind is moving through. Nothing too drastic." She chuckles softly as she remembers. "The other day, I was close to a breakthrough when Kotal and Dorian interrupted me... Long story short, it ended in a very interesting sight..." She smiles playfully. "The only hint I'll give is that I can make flowers bloom..."

Rayne gives Ren a wave back as she notices the floating tube of water with fluorescent body inside, and motions her over. "Well, that might be a problem as it's those details like hair and leaves that I'm currently having trouble with." She tilts her head at the mention of the interruption and blooming flowers. "Is that where that flower you handed me came from?"

Serenity weaves around the pedestrian traffic to rejoin the shopping companions, slipping to the table in no particular hurry with a vertical posture and gentle ripples of the fins. "Hello," Ren hisses cheerily, drifting in to 'kneel' at the end of the booth's table. Ren listens curiously to the others before attempting to join in.

Silencia nods with a playful smile. "Yep, I was in a rather mischievous mood and wanted to use the flower to remind Kotal of what happened... but I changed my mind. You can do as you please with the flower, you don't have to hold on to it for me anymore." She smiles as she notices Serenity and waves friendlily "Hello to you, Serenity! How was the accessory hunting?"

Rayne says, "Hey, Ren. Was your expedition as successful as ours? I'm near broke after those two stores, I think." She sounds cheerful enough, though, and turns back to Silencia on the subject of the flower. "Ah, well it's currently sitting on my table, since I wasn't sure what to do with it after you ran off to meditate."

"I took Silencia's scarf suggestion and went looking for a few." Ren replies, motioning toward to the bag. "I eventually settled on a pure black and a pure white for maximum versatility, as well as one for special occasions. My finances seem to be intact, but I was delayed a bit when a sales associate was mistaken about the durability of some cloth pigment." Ren motions to Rayne and offers with an encouraging note, "I'm glad the shoe store went well- and hope that the outfits you chose will prove to be a good value."

Silencia waves her hand dismissively "Like I said, do as you like with it!" With that the girl finishes up her noodles. She smiles, completely satisfied. "And thank you for the food, it was delightful!" When Serenity talks about her shopping, Silencia smiles widely. "Ohh, you have to show me your picks sometime! I'm sure those scarves would look beautifully elegant floating around you!" She peeks out a window, frowns when she can't see the time of day because of the constantly changing position of the sun and moon, and return her attention to Rayne and Serenity. "I have a feeling that it's getting late, should we take our leave?"

Rayne slurps up the last of her noodles and nods, looking down to the watch on her left wrist with a frown. She taps it once. "I think it is. And I think we should. I certainly don't have any more to spend here to... day? night? I hope it's not tomorrow already. I almost feel like I've been here two days, in a way." She then smiles and nods to Serenity. "We absolutely will have to show off our complete outfits sometime. Ooh, maybe once Sil is able to get a new dress we can have a girls' night out on the town in Neo-Edo. I've not done something like that in decades!"

Serenity replies to Silencia's wish with a smile and a nod. Then, as Rayne checks the time, Ren looks over curiously. "Despite its abrupt appearance, I suspect that the city will still be there when we've recovered our money and our energy," Ren remarks optimistically, motioning out to the sides. Rayne's suggestion gets a grin. "For certain definitions of 'girls', 'night', and 'out on the town'," Ren amends playfully. "I look forward to finding out how the two of you cut loose with friends, as I suspect we're not all the same in that way."

Silencia gets up out of her seat, grabbing the bags she was carrying before. "Then that is a plan! Now, lets head back before it gets too late, we all need our rest..." The idea of a girls' night out was appealing to Silencia, the girl especially excited about seeing her new friends all dolled up. At Ren's comment about cutting loose, Silencia grins playfully at her "I do hope you're not planning on holding back. I must insist you also 'cut loose', dear Serenity!"

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