2016-01-11 - Sushi and Sake

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Sushi and Sake

Summary: Mayumi converges right into Muradin and Morgana's quiet evening.

Who: Mayumi, Morgana, Muradin
When: January 11,2016
Where: Beach


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Zeku-Kari Beach


It looks like every time they are trying to relax something happens to get in their way. If it ain't giant Orks wanting to fight, its stupid gods of war falling down time warping holes. But for once, Muradin Bronzebeard finally plans to relax with his lady and enjoy a normal evening for a change.

He's out on the beach with an open fire, with plenty of fresh fish out to snack along with a healthy tankard of strong dwarven ale to help it go down the gullet! His lady of the sea nearby to watch the stars and enjoy each other's company.

This is probably the perfect time for something to go wrong, isn't it?

The siren rests on a blanket spread on the sand. Legs curled under her in the same manner as she would were she in her native form. A simple linen shirt drapes her form and offers what little modesty might me needed should someone come upon them. Dark hair flutters against her shoulders as the night wind kisses the pair. Leaning back against Muradins chest she sighs, the breath pure music as the wind catches it. Out over the water, the moon hangs all glowing and silvery, its reflection dancing on the waves.

Darkness and light mingled into a swirl that made her dizzy and dangerously distracted. A sound alerted her and she twisted aside as the demon raked its ghostly claws across the spot she had just vacated. Crouching Mayumi reached for her blade and brought it up before her face in time to block another blow. The fiend howled in anger as the light burned its being, pulling away to make another pass. Dropping the hilt to the ground, its light fading as soon as she releases her concentration on it, she stretches out her right hand and brings up her left. Instantly her rifle forms and she aims along the barrel at the demon, pulling the trigger from long practice rather than taking time to properly calculate. The first shot grazes the creature's torso, the immediate second shot hitting solidly in the center of its mass. Enraged it releases a burst of energy that knocks her off her feet and sends her scrambling for her blade.

As she reaches for hilt she feels claws rake along her back, the sensation of bone deep cold fills her as the demon attempts to steal power. Grasping the hilt, half-blinded and choking, she feels the creature's dark force pressing around her, blocking the air from her lungs. Calling upon the light she pushes her own aura outward in a short burst, buying her some space to maneuver. The blade returns, blazing and slices the creature cleanly, releasing a burst of semi-fluid gas and foul stench. Panting, Mayumi pushes to her feet and shuffles back to give herself room before pressing the hilt back into its holster and calling up her bow. Knowing she needs to cut this fight short she borrows power from her beads and channels it into the weapon.

Chanting as she forms the shape of the arrow in her mind, Mayumi draws back on the golden string, holding it for a heartbeat before letting it fly. Her aim is true, the arrow sinking into the negative energy that forms the demon and blasting it apart. The force of the blast lights the space around her like a small firework, dazzling the eyes for a few moments before falling to the ground like embers. Cleansed of the demon's presence the immediate area takes on a lighter feeling, though it will fade as time passes. Finally able to take stock of the world around her, Mayumi walks a little ways off to look up at the sky, and knows it is not the one she slept before the night before. "Where exactly is this?"

You know, in theory, fireworks exploding randomly should come to no surprise to someone who's lived in Twisted for quite some time already. The place that has been called Wonderland in drugs, and where to Expect the Unexpected and Nothing is what it Appears are phrases to live by.

But, old habits die hard, and reflexes are arguably what keeps most of the people here alive to begin with. So, with that in mind, you'll have to excuse Muradin Bronzebeard when his first reaction to seeing an explosion of light happen before him is to summon his warhammer, particularly when he has his beloved wrapped on his arm.

"Wot tha' sod!!?" The dwarven warrior straigthens up and pulls Morgana close to him, gripping his warhammer tightly. It doesn't matter if he's only wearing his swimming trunks right now, he's as ready to go to battle as if he was wearing his full suit of armor.

Rather than demons though, he sets his eyes on a very confused young woman wearing distinctively familiar clothing that reminds him of the Taurens back home.

"Ye lost or somethin' lass?" Now what could be going on this time?

Morgana was for a change caught unawares. She had been utterly relaxed against her Chosen when the flash of light came. Before she could react she finds herself tugged up against an instantly standing Muradin who had summoned his hammer. She hangs in his embrace for a heartbeat then sets her feet to the sand and stands. Being a good bit taller then her mate, its looks a little silly at first but she soon has her dignity about her again and lifts her chin to take in the young woman. "Salutations" she murmurs, her musical voice spilling the words like notes upon the air. The siren watches and though Muradin has his hammer, she has her own weapons and she is now ready should she need them.

Bow in hand Mayumi turns towards the sound of a voice. Having no idea what to expect she grips the weapon in preparation, but makes no move to raise it. A tilt of her head and the furrowing of her brow show her surprise at the oddly paired couple, especially the short man with a very large hammer unlike anything she has seen outside of fiction. A fellow warrior? The woman's voice instantly draws her attention, sending a small shiver down her spine. "Hello. Sorry to startle you, but yes, I am lost... Or at least turned around." Annoyingly with the demon dead she cannot be sure how exactly she got here or she would leave the pair in peace. But just now she needs their help until she gets her bearings. "Can you please tell me where this is?"

There's little time for things as 'dignity' when survival's on the line. Besides, even if there /was/ time for dignity, there's little one can do with the implied social disparities of the male being shorter by about a foot than the female of the pair. It just funny no matter which way you look at it.

Thankfully, even with said social norms in play, the male companion of the sleek, tall female doesn't look weak in comparison despite the height. He's a burly, bearded fellow, thick with muscle, a chest and shoulders almost twice as thick as a human. To say nothing of the glowing blue hammer he holds on his hand. He looks like a shorter version of the Norse god Thor in fact.

Appearances aside, Muradin gets that unmistakable sensation of someone being lost in Twisted. And not just being normally lost, as in, they just converged. "Oh boy." The dwarven warrior looks up to his lover with a knowing look. It appears this girl meant them no harm, but now they get stuck with the ever tedious duty of breaking the sad news to newcomers that they are now stuck here. "Do ye wanna tell her or should I, me luv?" Asks the dorf of the siren.

The siren is indeed sleek, long limbed and graceful. She appears perhaps delicate next to the dwarf and yet she has her own strength. When she realizes the girl is indeed lost due to convergence there is musical sigh from her colored with sorrow. Her voice spills across the sand and she looks down briefly and catches Muradins eyes. "I will." She murmurs softly. Turning her attention to the girl she modulates her voice so that it comes as a gentle sing song, the words like crystal notes filled with reassurance and peace . "First let me say that you are safe, whatever occurred to bring you here, it is done. You are now in a place called Twisted. It is a realm of comings but not goings. It is likely that this will be your new permanent realm as I know none who have escaped it once they arrive." Her words dance forth and soon follow by a soft and soothing song, something to hopefully help the new comer with the shock of being somewhere wholly new.

The young woman's gaze turns inward as she listens and the curious words are met with obvious skepticism as the newcomer processes what is being said. While she understands the words, their content seems hardly believable. If she can be accidentally be pulled into this landscape then there must surely be a way out. After a long moment of quiet the girl nods her head slowly in understanding. Perhaps they do not know of anyone who has left, but it does not mean such a thing is impossible. If it is true at all. There is no sense of demon taint surrounding them at least. Finally she smiles gently and bows, never removing her eyes from their forms. "Thank you for that, but if I was brought here then there must be a reason." And when it is time to leave the Gods will find a way. They always do.

Muradin nods along with the siren and at the very least decides that keeping weapons out isn't the best of ideas at the moment. The girl looked like she meant them no harm and thus the dorf dismissed his warhammer which disappeared into thin air. "Aye, there's here say of ways of getting out, all of them dangerous and not even gods themselves risk using them for fear of being torn asunder." He shrugs helplessly, grinning for the first time. "Not very reassuring words, I know. And yet ye may be right about what ye say of having a reason ta be here." He glances at Morgana with a smile. "Many of us were lost in our home worlds and we have found happy new beginnings here."

A glance back at the girl. "It ain't so bad once ye get used to tha craziness, trust me. Eh! For the time being, welcome! Me name's Muradin Bronzebeard and this is me wife, Morgana." An odd couple for sure. "Wot's yer name?"

As Mura dismisses his hammer she leans into him again with a soft sigh. The lady nods her head "Salutations." Her mate has finished what she meant to say herself and so she stands with him and awaits the girl introducing herself. "from where to you come? What is it you do in your realm?"

New beginnings, huh? Well that does sound like a good thing, and the couple seemed happy enough in their lives here. The soft smile on her face does not so much as twitch, the dire warnings falling to the wayside. At least for the time being. With a small twist of her hand the bow vanishes with a tiny shower of sparks that themselves fade before they can touch the ground. "My name is Mayumi. Mayumi Shaw. I am from Earth," she replies with a hint of a question at the end. Until now she had only known of three realms: the mortal, the celestial, and that inhabited by demons. Another slight motion and Mayumi's clothing changes, falling away to be replaced by a black shirt and blue, demin pants. She runs a hand through her now loose hair and dares to take a few steps closer.

"Earth, aye?" Muradin hms thoughtfully, "I believe there may be a few blokes from that place 'round here." Mayumi might know soon to just what extent the number of realms really go to. Judging by the multiverse where Twisted pulls its hapless inhabitants from, its safe to say that there's a fair bit more realms than just three.

The dorf likewise leans back on his mermaid lover and yearns for her touch, though he feels that he has a moral obligation to help this newcomer out. Its what a decent fellow would do. In the end, he decides to cut it to the middle, since nothing says he can't enjoy of his lover's company while helping a new gal out right?

"That's some trick!" Exclaims the dorf as Mayumi magically changes attire. "Why don't ye sit and join us? Ye look like ye just got out of a brawl!" He chuckles deeply and sits back down on the towel along with Morgana. "We got fish, and ale.. and more fish! And more ale!!" Hopefully, Mayumi likes sea food and strong liquor because it looks like that's the only thing these two eat.

Morgana lets Muradin draw her back down onto the blanket. Her brow furrows as she leans back into the dwarf. "earth, I have heard many others speak of this place. As you are new to Twisted, there is a group who are the realms guardians. TASK is the name. I think you might find others of your Earth there." She tilts her head and arches a brow oh that is a rather handy trick as the girl switches her clothing so easily.

Exclamations over her transformation are taken with a slight grin and a half shrug. If the man, Muradin, could make his weapon vanish then altered clothing shouldn't phase them over much. "Task," she murmurs softly to herself. With a slight bow she speaks more clearly. "Thank you very much for the invitation, but you two were obviously enjoying the time together and I wouldn't want to interrupt. You have been more than kind already." No, she should find this Task person or group and see if they are indeed from the same place. Assuming there is some sort of path she would happily see herself off. "Perhaps we will see one another in the near Future." And with that she leaves the pair to their sushi and sake.

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