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Dragon's Landing

Summary: Mayumi wanders into Nowhereto Park and gets a very blunt introduction to the variety of non-humanoids in Twisted... Including a dragon!

Who: Mayumi, Rayne, Serenity, Sun, Twilight
When: January 12th, 2016
Where: Nowhereto Park


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Rayne is as she usually is while in the park... sitting on a low, thick tree branch, sketching things. Today she's in a vantage point overlooking the fountain, but she's not facing it. No, she's looking at another tree and trying to draw that.

Twilight isn't, today, flying around, though it might be because she enjoys walking from place to place here far more than using her magic or wings. As she enters the park, she's lifting one foreleg to wave at Rayne, looking quite chipper.

Entering the park Mayumi stays near the edges, skirting the trees as she takes in her surroundings with a curious gaze. Glancing up into the trees she catches sight of the sketcher and smiles, wishing she had her camera. Maybe there are cameras here... Is there even electricity?

Rayne blinks and waves back at Twilight as her concentration is broken by the shock of violet entering her field of vision. She then sees the unrecognized woman approaching her tree and watches as the other woman looks up at her. Rayne returns the smile and says, "Hello down there. Haven't seen you around before. You from Neo-Edo, or... someplace else." In the past she's been able to assume a new face is a new arrival, but with an entire city over the bridge... there's no way she can learn every face from there.

Twilight Sparkle extends her wings, giving them a few flaps as she smiles amiably at her friend before turning to regard the unfamiliar arrival curiously, complete with a slight tilt of her head. "Evening, Rayne. Drawing again, I see. And who's this...?"

Mayumi does a double take as she spies a flash of color and takes in the being to which it belongs. It is not hard to read the shock on her face though she tries not to stare; fails, but tries. Taking a second look at the person in the tree she stumbles back and bumps into another trunk. Deep breaths... "M-mayumi," she manages to mumble.

The neon-mottled marine mollusc meanders into the park with slow undulations of aquamarine fins in the irregular mass of suspended water. Ren starts over in the direction of the fountain, occasionally glancing over to trees and benches but doesn't seem particularly concerned by failing to find the person sought. Ren doesn't fail to spot the purple quadruped, though, and lifts a pair of fins through the forcefield to wave a greeting before shifting direction toward her.

Rayne nods to Mayumi as she identifies herself. "Well... That response makes me think you're a new arrival, then... Twilight Sparkle here is far from the strangest looking individual in this town, and I've seen far stranger than her walking Neo-Edo's streets, too..." She sighs before placing her pencil in her mouth and swinging down from the tree's branch with a move so smooth that it looks like she's well practiced in it. "Oh, speaking of stranger looking individuals than Twilight... Heya, Ren!" She waves back to the mollusk.

Twilight trots over, though she's smiling in friendly reassurance and using one of her wings to return Ren's wave, stopping about three feet from Mayumi and extending her right foreleg in greeting. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Mayumi. As Rayne said my name, I don't think introducing myself is needed now..."

A slight tic appears below Mayumi's right eye and her breathing comes a bit rapidly. Sensing no mal-intent from anyone she gathers her wits and not little of her courage to keep her knees from buckling. Reaching out a slightly trembling had she places her over the... hoof and gives it a gentle squeeze as she bows slightly. "The pleasure is mine. Forgive me for..." Freaking out? "Staring." They already know she's knew, no need to add that part. She is valiantly trying to ignore the giant sea-creature for now.

Serenity glances up only as Rayne descends. Apparently Ren isn't terribly observant sometimes. In any case, Rayne gets a smile as Ren ripples over to the tree and offers Mayumi a polite nod of greeting. Serenity seems a little less certain upon noting her expression. "Hello," Ren rasps in a tentative tone. "I hope that I am not interrupting anything?"

Rayne says, "Nah, nah. It's one of those odd 'everyone shows up at once' moments that seem to happen from time to time." She shrugs to Ren as Twilight and Mayumi appear to be... attempting to talk to each other, with limited results."

Today is a day, apparently, for strange happenings. Or perhaps just scary happenings. Or perhaps just rare happenings. One never knows in the world of Twisted. It starts off small, as if the air itself is vibrating around the general area. Like a buzzing, but there's no sound. Slowly, it begins to amplify, a soundless rumble that fills the air and sets the nerves on edge. It comes to a nerve-wracking crescendo...then abruptly stops.

However, the stop of the vibration brings with it something much more ominous. An enormous winged shadow is cast over the park, as a dragon with scales like the starry sky lets out a loud shrieking roar, landing upon a clear section of the ground, her tail lashing high above the trees.

Well, that just happened.

Upon seeing the much larger shadow covering her own, and the others', Princess Twilight Sparkle raises an eyebrow before looking up. In short order, her pupils are shrinking to little more than pinpricks as her jaw just sort of falls open the moment she catches sight of the dragon towering over them. She quickly recovers her wits, though, and just moves closer to Mayumi to try and help calm her.

Aaand there go her knees. Mayumi hits the ground with a thud, her eyes wide and pupils blown. There is only so much that a person can handle in one day, even one used to chasing demons and seeing things no one else can. Purple alicorns, giant mollusks, and dragons all in the same area... She is fairly close to hyperventilating and is oddly grateful for Twilight's closeness.

"I see," Ren remarks to Rayne, looking a bit puzzled by Mayumi's degree of focus. Ren pauses by Rayne, keeping enough distance to avoid dunking her and maintaining it with gentle station-keeping swishes of the fins. "It's not entirely random, as I thought that..." Serenity trails off at the interruption of a sound-like perception and glances around. To look up requires that attention-arresting roar. Ren 'blinks' eyes inward and shrinks in length while scooting in rapidly towards the tree trunk.

Rayne sighs as the dragon lands nearby. As far as she's concerned, the worst thing the dragon has done is maybe break a few noise ordinances... if those even exist in Twisted. As such, she's currently viewing it as a non-issue. "Huh. Haven't seen a full-on dragon in..." She pauses, considering just how long it HAS been since she'd seen one. "Well, over a century, if you don't count when they're looking like a normal race. Huh. I wonder if it works that way for that one." She shrugs and turns to Mayumi. "Oh, don't worry. Look, it's just cleaning itself... If it was going to ransack the village it'd have attacked by now." That's Rayne for ya. Always assuming anyone is just a normal person, even when they're a bloody great dragon.

Twilight remains close to Mayumi, casting a concerned glance at Serenity upon catching sight of her reaction. She, herself, doesn't seem as worried, owing to her own past run-ins with dragons back in her home. "Not the first time I've seen dragons, and this one seems more approachable than the ones back in Equestria..."

Grooming, right. Okay. That's a good thing. And yes, generally if a predator is going to attack it would not pause to clean its self. Swallowing a sound that would be less than dignified Mayumi rubs her palms over her thighs and swallows loudly before clearing her throat. She doesn't bother trying to speak.

Serenity relaxes slightly at Rayne's conversational tone. Slightly. Ren rotates in place to regard the dragon again. "Hhh... That one is patterned rather like Sun, who I haven't seen in some time." Remaining close to the tree trunk, Ren loosens the 'wings' and body length somewhat. "However Sun was generally more considerate of others, not to mention looking like a human most of the time."

Rayne nods towards Serenity. "Well, it's good to know I'm not the only one with any experience with dragons." She laughs for some reason, then turns to Twilight with a less jovial but more confused expression. "They're problematic back in your home? I thought you said you had one as an assistant."

Twilight turns to Rayne, flexing her wings again before firmly tucking them against her sides. "Spike is no problem and an exception, but generally... Dragons tend to be very hostile towards us ponies, and also very greedy."

Mayumi sits quietly and listens to the conversation going on around her while trying to recover her breath. Licking her lips first to moisten then she opens her mouth and only releases a squeak. Never mind.

The mention of her name prompts the dragon to lift her head, tendrils of something smoke-like trailing from her nostrils. A glance of white eyes is cast toward Twilight, then to Ren. Then, after a moment, she lets out a soft, rattling noise, raising her wings to cover herself slightly. That wing coverage shrinks, slowly, until it resembles something much more human-sized. Once the wings open, a heavily tattooed red-headed woman is revealed, with wings and tail not unlike those of the dragon that was there previously. "Consideration goes out the window when you spend as much time out of time as I have." The dragon-woman slinks quietly toward the group, pulling her long hair back into a loose braid as she moves.

Serenity regards Rayne and then Sun with a skeptical expression. "I wonder if perhaps experience with large and dangerous-looking people would be the more relevant experience," Ren remarks to the former while giving Mayumi a concerned look. Then, at the sound, Ren looks up quickly. "Hello..." Ren eventually ventures as Sun nears.

Rayne nods to Twilight as she explains Spike, but her lowered eyebrow suggests she is a bit less accepting of that as a normal thing than she is when the dragon takes a human form. She did just mention them looking like a 'normal race' before. "Oh, hello. I didn't know there were many dragons here. So you're the 'Sun' Ren knows? I'm Rayne Hurris." There's no reverence, no fear, but no direct disrespect, either.

Twilight Sparkle, needless to say, is quite surprised when the dragon above them is suddenly changing into a hybrid form much like her own. "...well, that's something new."

There is a moment of concern when the dragon turns its gaze towards the group. But still Mayumi senses no evil or ill intent. Though a predator isn't evil when it eats you, jut hungry. The young woman takes a deep breath and releases slowly. Pushing herself up from the ground and back to her feet she moves away from the tree enough to have a bit of space where she bows to the group at large. "Sore wa anata o mitasu tame ni koeidesu," she manages to say without her voice cracking. After straightening up she moves a step closer to Twilight, her stance slightly protective.

The dragon-woman comes to a stop close to Serenity, tossing her freshly braided hair over her shoulder. "Serenity. It is good to see you." She nods slowly, before blue eyes trail over each other member of the small group. Mayumi in particular gets a slightly tilted head. "Japanese. I've not heard that in this incarnation." She shrugs quietly, and promptly crouches down near Serenity. "It seems I've missed much in my time away from time."

"To be fair, the Sun I came to know well was not precisely a living person," Ren explains to Rayne before looking to Sun. "So I was getting reacquainted with someone with a rather different perspective on the world..." Ren offers Sun a slightly uncertain smile as she stops close by. "It's good to see you as well." Ren offers with a more amiable note, "If you're concerned about being away from social niceties for too long," Ren turns a pair of fin edges toward her, "perhaps you could find a refresher on them in Coffee of Doom, where they're routinely subverted?"

Rayne raises an eyebrow at what Mayumi says, not understanding a word of it. It seems she's about to say something in response to Ren when her watch starts beeping at her. Looking down at her left hand with a frown, she lets out an annoyed sound. "I'm sorry guys, but I've got to get back on duty." She nods to Mayuri and Sun in turn as she crouches down to pick up her drawing pad. "Nice to have met you both, brief though it may have been for today." She takes a step back away from the group and waves to them before mumbling into her watch and vanishing into a flash of light as TASK's teleporters take her away.

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