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Summary: Silencia konfronts the God of War.

Who: Silencia, Kotal_Kahn
When: January 11,2016
Where: Kotal Kahn's Room

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Confrontation with the war god used to be sooo more simple. If you had a problem with Kotal Kahn, it used to be that you just had to challenge him to Mortal Kombat and work out the differences in the arena. That usually involved Kotal 'resolving' those differences via vigorious chops of his macuahuitl.

Nowadays, its not so simple. Leaving the political intrigue with Diablo and Luna aside, there's this little issue of Silencia having pulled that prank on him. It was adorable, yes, but it leaves Kotal Kahn in the difficult position of not really knowing how to deal with that. He's not particularly angry at Silencia, though as a god, he can't really let it slide either.

Eh, he figures he'll figure something out when the girl approaches him.


It's been about two days since that incident and after not running into the priestess for some time, Kotal simply decides to summon her. His commanding voice travels to Silencia's ears wherever she may be in Twisted and the girl will know that the Kahn is demanding her presence in his room. There he sits in his throne of skulls and waits her arrival.

Silencia had been wandering around Twisted, as usual, trying to decide where she would have another attempt at training her affinity to nature. She had noticed the reactions getting stronger, so she must've been doing something right. Just as she contemplated going farther away than usual, which might put her in harm's way, a loud voice calling her made her freeze. It was Kotal. She glances around herself confusedly before sighing. She had been avoiding the War god a little. He seemed like he really didn't appreciate her little prank. She straightens and walks back to the TASK headquarters, thinking it would be wise not to let the man wait. It takes her little time to get back, she always made sure that she would remember the way back. She knocks lightly on the door before entering Kotal's room, her expression uncertain. "You called?"

Perhaps it was for the best that the Kahn called Silencia when he did. She is not yet ready to go further into the wilderness, much less the wastelands, or even Neo-Edo without supervision. There are other dangers out there besides fog monsters and at the very least, Kotal would send a cadre of his warriors with his priestess should she wish to explore the neighboring city. It would be a big shame to lose his first priestess in Twisted to a random homicidal maniac.. because there's at least one of them out here.

"Enter." Kotal calls upon her as she peeks inside his room, he's there in his skull throne looking imposing as usual. Though at the very least not any more angrier than how he usually looks. "Kneel." He says next as he bids Silencia to enter, chin hiding behind his interlocked fingers as he regards her pensively.

Silencia walks closer to Kotal before slipping onto one knee, peeking up at Kotal. She waits, not speaking, it was only natural that she would in such a situation. Kotal would be able to notice a slight change in the girl. The last couple of days her magic and the power granted to her had reacting to one another, strengthening each other as well. It helped that she spent so much time training herself.

The Aztec deity can sense this new power growing within Sielncia, it would be difficult for him not to considering that spiritual bond they both have now. This intrigues the warlord as he was originally angry that Silencia seemed to be neglecting her training, and yet he now senses that its actually getting powerful. Curious, could it be that she's just a natural at it?

Far from just jumping to conclusions even though he can sense her spirit, Kotal decides to ask her personally. Just because he can sense her chi doesn't mean he can read her mind. "How goes your training, Silencia?"

Silencia blinks surprisedly, peeking at the god again. She seems a bit suspicious. Who could blame her? He had suddenly summoned her with that booming voice of his and seemed rather tense to her. "It's been going as well as it could... I've been connecting with the nature more and more. You were witness to my strongest connection, until it got broken..." She insinctively touches her necklace as she remembers Mother nature's embrace. It had felt strangely familiar. "I believe I was on the verge of discovering something when you and Dorian arrived..." And that explained her annoyance back then. She had spent her days chasing that connection and just when she was close to finding the root to her connection to nature, she had been torn from her concentration.

Kotal's eyes widen suddenly, glowing embers of light illuminating the room momentarily. Is this what all that was about? Because he and Dorian just happened to wander into the secluded area where Silencia was training now she held some kind of grudge? "You cannot possibly blame us for that. It was as if not if we broke your concentration on purpose." Kotal huffs. "Perhaps instead of wasting your time on pointless pranks you could have made full use of Dorian's abilities by asking him to increase your powers. Dorian is a very accomplished mage, you should not have made light of his abilities by covering him in flowers." And it goes without saying that Kotal probably didn't enjoy it as much.

"I also sensed your chi in the city of Neo-Edo and it lead me to one of the stores there. Is this how you've been spending your time? Buying clothing?" The Aztec clenches his fist and something in the room catches on fire as he glows faintly. "You should take your training more seriously." He is really letting her have it today, isn't he?

Violet eyes widen as well and pale cheeks redden as Silencia can't help but feel insulted. "I was not blaming you... I never was!" This fairy girl might not be strong physically, that does not mean she allows herself to be trampled on. "Do you really think I simply dismissed Dorian and the help he can give me? Have you not given it any thought that I might want to try to figure this out by myself before begging someone stronger than me to figure it out for me?" Silencia is standing, in her rant she had scrambled up on her feet without even realising it. She glances at the little piece of furniture that had caught on fire because of Kotal, narrowing her eyes and willing the fire to calm down until it diminishes, showing the amount of control she has gained. That also helped calm the girl down, as she now calmly speaks, looking the god in the eye. "I do take my training seriously. Is it too much for me to do anything other than training, even if it is for just a day?" Her tone was delicate and laced with disappointment. "I've been working hard so I could be of use to you, but you seem to dismiss that so easily over a couple of flowers and a shopping trip..."

Kotal is considerably taken back when Silencia stands up without being ordered and she even puts down the fire that the Aztec had accidentally created in his anger. Glowing eyes are kept wide, but rather than fly into a frenzy as one might expect the god of war might do, he actually laughs heartily. "For all your apparent frailty, yours is the heart of a warrior." He smirks. "I knew I chose well in making you my priestess."

Despite his praising, Kotal is still not entirely convinced that Silencia has performed quite up there to his expectations. "Asking for assistance is not 'begging'. It is a strategic option. You have the best mages that Twisted has at its disposal and you choose to tickle them with flowers instead of seeing what you can learn from them. I am not against a bit of sport, but there is nothing stopping you from doing both." He scoffs. "I had no idea you could be so proud."

"And in the matter of pride." Continues the Aztec. "It is never acceptable to prank me when I am trying to help. I hope you understand how aggravated I was when I put time and effort into helping your abilities and you squandered such an opportunity by pulling a prank on me."

"Refusing the favor of a god can be a grave offense." The war god leans closer whilst still seated, ever glowing eyes staring down at the girl. "Do you understand that, my priestess?"

Kotal's sudden laughter and praise surprises Silencia. She really did not see that one coming. When he continues to explain his side of the story, Silencia bows her head down, yielding to the god. "I understand... I never meant to offend, but I seem to have done just that, I apologise..." She is sincere in her apology, she really had not meant to make Kotal angry, she simply wanted to have some fun. "I'm not... very used to having someone help me with these things... I should learn to properly accept help." She then swoops into a low bow, a gesture of respect and submission. "I am truly sorry to have offended you... I promise not to let my pride lead me away from opportunities to learn. I hope I can be forgiven..."

Kotal leans back and waves it off. "You are forgiven." It's no big deal really, simply a matter of very different personalities clashing a bit. Kotal really doesn't mind games and even engages on them quite frequently, however, Silencia is in a very high position and he expects only the best from her, which was cause for concern. Turns out he just had to hammer down the details and Silencia had once again proven him that she's more than worthy to hold the fire of the sun within her. He's more satisfied with her performance than ever before.

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