2016-01-13 - Interview Over Coffee

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Interview Over Coffee

Summary: Mayumi gets food and caffeine, and we see a number of people passing through the UR.

Who: Mayumi, Minu, Rayne, Silencia, Twilight
When: January 13th, 2016
Where: The Usual Restaurant


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From Park Road comes a rather distressed looking young woman, her long black hair ruffled and in need of a good brushing. Running her palms over her pant legs Mayumi continues to glance over her shoulder at intervals as if something might be following her. After entering the intersection she pauses and looks around, leaning to see further down each street.

A soft hum dances down the street as Silencia wanders around. The polar opposite of the distressed woman, she actually seems rather calm and content. She had been on her way to the park so she could train some more. It doesn't take her long to notice the distressed woman. "Are you alright?" Silencia walks a bit quicker to get closer, so she wouldn't have to shout to speak to the woman. Silencia can't help but feel worried, maybe something happened? "Did something happen? You look rather frightened..."

Rayne steps out of the apartment building with a yawn. A late night at work means waking up late as well, and as she turns towards the Usual Restaurant for a take-out breakfast, she spots Silencia approaching the woman she saw in the park last night. She tilts her head, shrugs, and approaches the two. "'Morning," she greets, despite the fact that it clearly isn't morning anymore.

Mayumi never did manage to find coffee, her mind far too preoccupied with all the odd things she saw. The previous evening was spend wandering about and somehow she came to be back near the park. It was tempting to go in and see what else was there, but she couldn't bring herself to do it and retreated in fear back towards the main intersection. There was a restaurant there. Maybe she could get something to eat and have a rest. Hearing a friendly voice she looks up and sways a bit. "Um, nothing breakfast and sleep won't cure." Hopefully.

Silencia's brow furrows as she quickly grabs the unfamiliar girl's arm, fearing she might stumble. "Sweety, you look as pale as a ghost. Lets first get you some breakfast then." Her tone was soothing, almost babying the frazzled girl. She couldn't help it, she had spent too much of her life taking care of children, so her instincts take over when she sees someone that needs some care. Silencia blinks and looks up when Rayne greets her, smiling. "Greetings! Are you on duty or should I assume you're having second thoughts about the outfits I picked out for you?" Her smile and tone show that she's merely joking. She then peeks at Mayumi before speaking to Rayne again. "I was about to go to the Usual Restaurant, would you like to join us?"

Rayne blinks as Silencia greets her and asks about the outfits. She actually pauses and looks down at the leather armor she's wearing... Yeah, she's not fully awake yet. "Uhhh... Would you believe I forgot about them this morning?" She looks back up towards the Restaurant. "Yeah, actually, I was just headed there myself."

Mayumi blushes at the need to have people take care of her. Straightening herself with an effort she nods her head slowly. "Hi again," she greets Rayne before she turns to the newest stranger and smiles, "Thank you, I would greatly appreciate it. I was trying to find the coffee shop and got lost."

Silencia does not let go of Mayumi's arm, her grip wasn't tight or anything, she just didn't want to risk anything. She smiles at Rayne. "What a nice coincidence!" She then chuckles softly. "Seriously Rayne, don't let my efforts go to waste!" She walks Mayumi to the restaurant, her grip on her light enough for the girl to pull herself free if she chooses to.

Rayne says, "Yeah, yeah... I know, I know, I really just woke up and kind of threw my normal clothes on by habit." Yes, the leather armor is what Rayne calls her 'normal clothes'. She follows the other two into the Usual Restaurant and looks around with another yawn. "You guys want a table, or to sit at the bar?"

Mayumi looks around the restaurant as she allows herself to be led inside. Placing a hand on her new friend's back to gently points her towards a tables. "If you don't mind." She moves towards one of the tables then pauses to see if the others decide to follow. "I'd love a cup of coffee if they serve it, but I don't have any money yet."

Silencia chuckles softly at Rayne's explanation. "I had a feeling that was the case..." She follows Mayumi to the tables and helps her sit down. "They don't seem to make that too much of a problem in this restaurant..." She was just about to ask Rayne what she would like for breakfast when she pauses. "Oh, I seem to have completely forgotten to introduce myself!" She smiles sheepishly at Mayumi. "My name is Silencia, may I ask for yours?"

Rayne takes a seat at the table as well. "Yeah, yeah, don't worry about it. This place is like the apartment complex... For some reason, you don't have to pay for the food. But tipping is still highly encouraged, since that's the only money the waitstaff gets, as I understand." Speaking of said waitstaff, a young woman in a seifuku approaches to offer menus and ask what drinks they want.

Once she sits Mayumi finds her limbs are far more relieved than she would like. After eating she is going to have to get herself together. Just then her tummy rumbles rather loudly and she coughs to cover it. Smiling brightly she smiles she gives a little bow of her head. "My name is Mayumi. It is a pleasure to meet you, Silencia, and thank you for the invitation to eat." A restaurant that doesn't worry about money? Weirder things have happened to her today. Mayumi orders coffee, steak, and french fries though she isn't particularly picky at the moment.

Silencia orders just a glass of water. She sits down as well and gives a warm smile to Mayumi. "The pleasure is mine, Mayumi." The waitress brings Silencia her water and the girl thanks her before sipping. "And you don't have to thank me, since I'm not doing anything..." She grins lightly before glancing at Rayne. "I was planning on getting some training done, would you like to accompany me later?"

Rayne, for her part, orders a latte and a breakfast burrito. "Of course. I think. Well, depends on when exactly, I do still have to work some today." Poor Rayne, always getting lured back to the office or out on patrol. "But yeah, that's what we already agreed upon, right?" The then looks over to Mayumi. "Sorry I had to bail on you so fast last night, but work was calling. I'm assuming Sun more or less behaved herself, considering I didn't see any reports on a rampaging dragon last night. I'm assuming you're pretty new to Twisted, then, from your reactions and from your..." She tries to be polite about this, but she can't seem to come up with a better way of saying it than, "Disheveled appearance?" She slept outside for a week when she first arrived, herself.

Mayumi shrugs lightly. There really isn't any better way of describing how she looks right now and she knows it. Usually there is someplace for her to go after she's been out dealing with bad guys so she can clean up and grab a bite to eat. But, judging by Rayne's tone this isn't anything unusual for this place. "No one was in danger so it's fine. Duty first." She barely stops herself from saying traumatic instead, but honestly she's seen worse things than a group of people chatting in the park. Once you get past the unusual appearances that was all it was. Okay, maybe not the dragon part. "I only just arrived a few days ago. Yesterday was rather... dramatic."

Silencia seems to be a bit slow to catch on as she listens. "Ohh, so you're a new arrival!" She blushes, her voice had been just a tad bit too loud. "Now it makes more sense..." A soft chuckle escapes her as she leans over to pet Mayumi's arm. "The best thing you can do around here is to just accept everything as it comes, it makes things easier to digest." She then smiles at Rayne. "I just thought I should ask in case you're busy, are you sure you have time to accompany me? Maybe I should ask for your help some other day?"

Rayne says, "Dramatic... Yeah, I'd go with that. I'd not actually seen a full-on dragon around here before. But really, after meeting and befriending Serenity, nothing really weirds me out anymore. I think I want to use her in an official capacity in the regard, somehow. Maybe a 'Welcome to Twisted' branch office for TASK, or something, that I could see if I could get her as head for." She sips her newly arrived latte. "Okay, I'm a little more awake now... You might be right, actually, Sil. Now that I think about it, I do have to head back into the office in a few hours... I'm guessing that won't be enough time to fit?"

Twilight Sparkle makes her way to the Usual from her apartment, not too eager to cook anything. The moment she enters, the pegacorn mare is lifting one foreleg to wave to any other patrons on her way to a table.

Mayumi smiles at the friendly gesture from Silencia then eagerly accepts the coffee handed to her. The first sip passes her lips, completely immune to the heat, and she makes noises of immense pleasure. She perks up at the mention of Task and turns her attention to Rayne with an intensity she had been lacking till then. "You work for Task? I was told to look for them when I first got here, but I haven't had the chance." A flash of purple catches her eye from the side and she turns to wave at the alicorn before turning back to Rayne.

Silencia smiles at Rayne and waves her hand dismissively. "I'll have some training on my own today then, I have the tendency to forget time when I'm training... Ohh and a welcoming committee would be a good addition!" She seems relieved to see Mayumi perk up after drinking her beverage. She seems to immediately gain energy as proven by her intensity. She too notices the purple movement and when she sees Twilight Sparkle, Silencia seems to sparkle a bit herself. "Well, hello! I don't think we've met yet!" Silencia found the purple pegacorn very adorable and she loved adorable things!

Rayne is caught mid-sip again when Mayumi mentions her familiarity with TASK... well, at least with the fact that something called TASK exists. She seems slightly caught off-guard by the intense look and quickly swallows the steaming beverage. "Mmm, yeah. I'm in there, second, actually. Silencia here is too, with an... odd position." She shrugs. Silencia can explain that one if she wants to. "I suppose it's good that you were told to come to us, but really, I don't know what to do with new arrivals, myself... Kind of why I want to have that official welcome committee... or at least an official welcome procedure, so I really know how to handle it. Maybe just a welcome packet." She shrugs again, as Twilight makes her entrance, then returns the wave. "Good morning, Twilight." She then shakes her head and corrects herself. "I mean good afternoon."

Twilight makes her way up to the table they're sitting at, climbing up onto the bench and picking her menu up with her magic while sharing a friendly smile with the others. She extends a forehoof to Silencia in greeting, wings twitching slightly against her sides. "Good afternoon, everyone. And we haven't, to my knowledge."

Mayumi finishes off her coffee quickly and asks the waitress for a refill as she brings her steak and fries to the table. "Well I am from Earth and I think that's why I was sent to you... or to TASK rather. If you can point me in the right direction of how this place works I think I'll be fine from there." She begins very neatly, but very quickly, shoveling food into her mouth with relish. It feels like forever since she'd eaten last. Mouth full, she nods to Twilight as she joins them and continues chewing.

Silencia grins at Rayne's explanation before turning to Mayumi. "I'll explain some other time, I'm still in training anyway." She hums thoughtfully at the notion of a welcome committee. "I'd be happy to help out with that welcome committee, as much as I can." She finishes up her water and then smiles at Twilight. "My name is Silencia, may I ask for yours?" She seems to be holding herself back a little, the girl fighting her urges to pet and cuddle Twilight.

Rayne blinks at Mayumi's question, sitting fully back in her chair. "'How this place works.' Heh. You have no idea what you just asked. 'How this place works' indeed. I assure you... We have no friggin' clue." She sighs and shakes her head. "Well, I'm sure there are some who do know... Luna claimed to know. But really, I've accepted just rolling with the flow of this crazy place." She then tilts her head and asks, "Or do you mean more in the day to day, making a living thing and social norms thing?" She then glances towards Silencia again. "I might ask, but I think I'll have to run the idea by Ren and Kotal, first."

While waiting for one of the waitstaff, the lavender pegacorn tilts her head slightly. "I'm Princess Twilight Sparkle, of Equestria. It's a pleasure to meet you, Silencia."

Mayumi swallows a bite a food and washes it down with the last of her second cup of coffee. "Both really," she replies to Rayne. "But any information you can share would be welcome." She picks up her cup to take a sip and frowns to find it empty. Another wave of her hand brings the waitress over once more to fill the cup for a third time. "Mmm, this place can't be all bad. Not if they have coffee."

Silencia smiles warmly at Twilight. "The pleasure is mine. I would love to hear more about Equestria and your kind sometime." She sighs and gets up out of her seat. "Please do excuse me, I need to start training if I want to be done before sundown.." She had made her own routine for when she was training by herself and experience taught her that it could take quite a few hours. She peeks at Rayne before she goes. "I'll hear from you about that then!" She waves friendlily at the group before stepping away. "Hopefully we'll meet again soon!"

Rayne says, "Eheh... sorry, Twi, Silencia has a tendency to bolt like that." She lightly scratches at above her temple. "Um, anyway, the basics of life here, uhhh." She pauses to ponder the question. "While lodging at Integra Arms and food at the Usual Restaurant are generally free, for anything else you'll still want money, so you'd need a job. TASK is... more or less always hiring, but it's not for everybody. Our... Director can be a bit grating at times to a lot of people, but he means well. Usually. That's where my job is, so that's why that comes to mind first."

"But there are plenty of more mundane jobs out there! Um, assuming people are hiring... We have a book store, a convenience store, a coffee shop, a superstore... Really, a lot of the usual fare for retail... though don't ask me how the manufacturing end works." She shrugs. "But then if you cross the bridge, there's Neo-Edo. We're really just a town here compared to that place, which is a full-fledged city." Rayne pauses again, looking more directly at Mayumi. "Um, you said you're from Earth... Mind if I ask when? That can kind of vary here. Not to mention which universe's Earth you're talking about..."

Twilight shakes her head, quickly eating her meal once it's been brought by one of the waiters. "Given how Pinkie tends to do that on a regular basis... It's nothing new. And I can back both of those comments. Feel free to visit me at the apartment I share with Sunset Shimmer and Rarity - I think I'll be heading back there shortly, to be ready for when either one of them wakes up."

"Thank you again, Silencia," Mayumi calls out as the woman gets up to leave. The steak and fries never stood a chance and her plate sits empty in front of her. Now on her third cup of coffee she lean back in her seat and sips it more slowly than the other two. "I'm from 2018." So tempted to ask more about time, but then again she doesn't want to get into that right now. "As for what universe, I have no idea how to determine that. But I'll be happy to answer any questions you have." Turning to Twilight she smiles. "Thanks, I guess I need a job and place to live. Could you tell me a bit more about TASK?" she asks Rayne.

Rayne shakes her head. "Every time you mention Pinkie Pie I get a little more frightened of actually meeting her some day. So you're just out right now so as to not wake them up?" And Rayne thought she was sleeping late today. She looks back to Mayumi again. "Wow, okay. I wasn't even born yet, then. And no, I've no real idea on how to determine... who knows what key historical difference are between universes, right? What seems normal to you might be freakishly off to another universe. Like..." She pauses, unsure of what comparison to make.

"Um, sorry, I'm not really up on my Earth history. Like Rome never existing or something? But TASK! Yeah. Well, basically, we're the police. For the most part our job is to keep the populace safe. A lot of people are capable of protecting themselves-" Rayne nods to Twilight. "-But a lot more aren't. So it's TASK's job to make sure that, say, an invasion of fog monsters doesn't slaughter people indiscriminately. Buuut, of course we have a lot of support positions, as well. Serenity, for instance, works for us, but she has absolutely no fighting ability whatsoever. I think she prefers it that way."

Twilight Sparkle nods, horn lighting up as she prepares for a teleportation spell back to her apartment. "I'll see you both later. And I know what she means, as I used to be involved with TASK. It's a story for later, though. Take care, you two."

Mayumi waves to Twilight as she takes her leave. Third cup of coffee finished she sets the cup down and contemplates ordering dessert. "Police, huh. I've been part of an organization of any sort. My skills are unique as far as know. According to my grandmother there used to be others like me a long time ago, but never many born at the same time." A twinge passes through her as she thinks of her family left behind. "I'd be happy to continue defending innocents, but I don't know about group work or where I might fit in with you. Your boss that much of a pain?"

Rayne deadpans. "Kotal Kahn is literally an Aztec god of War." She sighs, her hand coming to her face as her own meal finally arrives. "He... Is extremely quirky. If you enjoy Mexican food, he's a very good cook of that, but he also... kind of encourages fights to the death. Aaaand his office chair happens to be made of skulls. Yeah, I know, it sounds really evil, but I'd say he's more just... well, brutal when it comes to anything involving a fight. He's absolutely dedicated to the safety of the average person in Twisted, it's just that he... kind of can be a bit overly punitive at times." Clearly Rayne has some issues with her boss, but she still sounds loyal to him. "Not everyone can work under him." She motions to where Twilight was last standing. "I'm pretty sure it was a friction of personalities that led Twilight to quit, for instance."

Mayumi nods her head slowly. She can understand how that could happen. "The few times I tried working with others in the past it didn't end very well at all. They wanted to go charging off to attack human beings. Innocent people who happened to be in the wrong place or get caught up something demon related." A frown appears on her face and she peers at her coffee cup. Should've ordered a pot. "Well, I guess it can't hurt to talk to him about it. Though I've never met a God before. If I think I can work for him, I will and if not then there's other options."

Rayne nods to Mayumi. "Some people love him, others get grated by him. I say we're police, but we really are just as much army around here, but always deploying in defense. I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but I'm actually the second in command." Really? She looks like she's not even broken twenty years old yet! "I like to think that I'm a mellowing presence in command, but sometimes I wonder how effective I am at that. It can... be a challenge. But the people you worked with before wanted to attack humans? Your past coworkers sound a bit... bad, for lack of a better term." She finally bites into her breakfast burrito, knowing full well that Kotal would likely consider it a corruption of true Mexica cuisine. But she likes it.

Mayumi tilts her head and smirks. "Should I interview with you then and save my introduction to him for later? Because I'd be all for that, too." Giving in to the urge she indicates her empty cup the waitress and licks her lips. Once the cup is refilled she leans closer and gives Rayne a serious expression. "Although I love Mexican food. Real Mexican food. And yeah... They were good fighters, but their hearts were not in the right place for the goals they said they wanted. It wasn't pretty in the end. I..." The sentence ends in a low grunt and she takes a long swallow of her coffee. "Anyway, that was the first and last time I joined up with anyone. But this is a totally new place and I'd be curious to see the measure of its defenders."

Rayne nods. "If you're really interested, I do have the authority to recruit. I'm guessing from what you said that you're in fact a fighter of some sort?" A slightly pensive look makes it to Rayne's face... This is the first time she's exercised this particular part of being second in command, and she's not quite sure of herself in the position of interviewer.

Reaching towards her thigh and pulls out a knife hilt formed of animal bone. Holding it lightly over the table and away from Rayne she forms the blade with her powers. About eight inches in length, the blade appears to be formed of pure light and energy with a warm sort of glow. "Since I was 16 I have been hunting and fighting demons and other dark forces. This is one of my weapons, but not one that I use often. Most of my fighting is done from a distance if I have a choice." She sets the hilt on the table and the blade fades away. "I'd be happy to give a demonstration some time. Maybe when you train with Silencia?"

Rayne says, "Nice... Summoned weaponry? You've got a bit of jealousy from me on that one. But, um, no, the training Silencia is doing isn't like that. She's doing more... meditative training, I think? I'm actually helping her out by making sure nothing happens to her while she's meditating, more or less." She sighs, dragging herself back onto topic. "But experience fighting demons and whatnot is a good pip on my mental chart of you for this. We fairly regularly have invasions of... undead demony things when the fog rolls in. Have you regularly dealt with hordes? Or is it typically more of a one-on-one thing?"

The hilt is replaced on Mayumi's thigh in a small leather holster where it can be easily reached. "All of my weaponry depends on my own spiritual energy. They are part of me and I can call them when I need to." Picking up her coffee she sips on the liquid while it's still hot and gives a shrug. "The idea of long distance is to avoid hordes. It's usually just me, so being surrounded isn't a good idea. Picking them off from far enough away allows me to whittle them down so they don't swarm. And if I can get them when they are weak enough they don't have time to grow." Glancing around she frowns. "Later I'll carve a token for you. Those I leave in places where dark energies are prone to gather. Helps disperse them before they can take form."

With a whooosh the door to the UR opens and a small brown flash, darts through it. The small being does a quick loop around the room and a soft hoooooot sounds in the air. If one focuses on the small blur one can see that its a tiny owl that soon alights on a wall sconce.

Rayne leans forward, an elbow on the table and her chin on her hand as she furrows her eyebrows. "Hrm. I'm afraid with our typical fog threats, you won't get the chance to 'avoid hordes'. They show up all at once, unfortunately. I'm sorry to say this, but your techniques that are specialized against the demons of your world might not work so well here. I myself thought of myself as an archer first and a swordswoman second, as far as fighting techniques are concerned, before I got here. Here... It's usually come down to blades more than arrows for me." Her attention snaps to the door as it wooshes open, alert for trouble... But no, it's just a tiny owl. A tiny owl! "Minu! Oh, thank the gods, I could use your help here, I think. I am so far out of my element here!"

Mayumi nods her head as she rethinks her fighting strategies and how they will need to change. "Learning new skills is always a good thing and I'm fine with taking up training. Maybe you can help me learn to wield a sword until I can create one of my own?" She blinks as the door opens and something zips inside, ducking automatically but taking her cues from Rayne on whether or not there is danger. The joyful greeting suggests all is well. "Hello," she says to the owl.

The tiny owl fluffs her feathers and hoots again as she is greeted. Turning her head nearly upside down, the little owl looks from Rayne to the new person. hoooooo. The owlett takes to flight again and buzzes the table then lands on the floor. In a blink the owl is gone and in its place is a very dainty little elf, no more then four foot tall at the very top of her head. Big golden eyes peer out from behind gold rimmed glasses. "Hello Rayne. What is out of your depth? Your our second in command, you are never out of your depth. Who's the new face??"

Rayne visibly winces at the suggestion of teaching Mayumi to fight with a sword. "Uhhh... Teaching combat is... a proven field I'm not good at." She smiles as Minu transforms, but frowns at her words. "Really? Never out of my depth?" she deadpans to the diminutive elf. "Minu, I'm always barely scraping by in a command capacity." she shakes her head. "This is Mayumi. She's expressed an interest in joining TASK, and I'm... attempting to conduct an interview? Kotal said I had the authority to recruit, but I've no clue what I'm doing in this without things like employment records and whatnot." Rayne looks just... a little desperate for help.

Mayumi just gives herself a little shake at the transformation. Enough weirdness in such a short amount of time is quickly enuring her to shock or surprise. "Hello, Minu. Nice to meet you." To Rayne she says, "I think you're doing great with the interview stuff. And if you can find me a trainer for swordsmanship, that would be great. My grandmother tried getting me into kendo, but I hated it." Trying to stop herself from laughing at the second's discomfort. "Maybe you need a recruitment specialist along with greeters?"

The little elf smiles "oh now Rayne, you might feel as if you are, but you do very well. It's very nice to meet you Mayumi. I am Mr. Kotal's Personal Assistant and I usually see to paper work and contracts, not recruiting but I will do what I can to help. So, what are your qualifications? Have you done peace keeping work before? What are your martial skills and have you ever seen military service? How do you feel about dogs and spicy food?" She giggles a little and pushes her glasses up onto her nose, golden eyes dancing with mischief. As a skutter wanders by she stops it by tapping it "I need a large apple blueberry smoothy and an order of french fries."

Rayne says, "I'm sure we can find a decent weapons trainer for your swordsmanship... Perhaps a different style than Kendo? I myself have a style cobbled together from three or four martial arts I used to see as hobbies..." She laughs at herself for some reason, then turns to give Minu a thankful look. This level of organized level headedness was exactly why she was grateful to see Minu fly in. "I'm okay in tactical situations and in actual combat, Minu, but being a... personnel manager is not where I excel without, well, a plan. And I've been so scattered about in my focus that I've not even considered a plan for this situation."

Rayne frowns, but just as quickly shakes her head to clear that frown away. "I appreciate the vote of confidence from the both of you, though." She then turns back to Mayumi again. "Another question I feel I should ask after seeing your reactions yesterday... Do you think you can adapt well enough to not be freaked out by things like, say, a dragon landing nearby, and to see that as a threat or just another citizen, as appropriate?"

Mayumi offers a respectful bow of her head to the small woman as she introduces herself. "Mayumi Shaw at your service. And I have been fighting darkness for nearly 8 years now on my own. Rayne and I had this talk already, but I haven't had much luck with teammates. They're idea of good and evil was not the same as mine. No military service, and I studied judo mainly to compensate for my size." She pauses to look at Rayne, nodding her head. "Since I didn't freak over Minu's transformation I'd say I'm adapting well enough. Honestly yesterday was a lot of overwhelming at once and I was caffeine deprived. Oh, do you guys have a coffee machine at HQ?" Her eyes widen in hope as she clutches her now empty mug.

Minu nods as she goes all business, her small rose bud mouth pursing thoughtfully. "if you join TASK you will HAVE to do well with others. TASK is a team. There are no loose cannons. Mr. Kotal would not like any of us just running off with out back up. You didn't answer about dogs and spicy food and yes we have a coffee machine. Also, has Rayne told you that our boss is seven feet tall and Blue? That we have a three headed dog for a pet and one of Kotals Krew is a bug lady? You able to handle that? And Can you see a stir crazy teen vampire and know weather she is dangerous that moment or if you can just let her go her way?" The little elf eyes the lady firmly, far more intensely then perhaps Rayne has. Minu isn't a warrior,...she's a librarian.and a bureaucrat now...in someways...that's way more scary.

Rayne says, "Oh, yes. We have coffee and tea machines, and she's already mentioned liking Mexican food, Minu." She then twitches slightly at the mention of the stir crazy teen vampire. It's pretty clear Rayne has a history with that one. "Aaaah, but yes. Teamwork will be key. Like I said before, we have a tendency to encounter entire hordes of malevolent creatures, and it's usually by working as a team that we are able to overcome them." Well, that and letting the god of war do his thing, but to say that would diminish her point."

Mayumi's eyes go wide as she listens to the rapid flow of words from Minu's lips. A grin curves her lips and takes a deep breath and matches gazes with the elfin-owl. "I work fine with others when they are not attempting to force their on form of law on innocents. Loose cannons have no place in a defensive team. I grew up in Nevada where chilies go into everything not made by my mother. I love animals no matter how many heads." Slight pause for breath. "Blue is no different that any other color. Height and weight make no difference about anything. I don't like bugs, but I'll get over it. One of my gifts is to see the evil intent in people so I can stop it before it spreads. You have a coffee machine and that gives you guys a big bonus in my book. And yes, I can handle that." She glances at Rayne and nods. "A new type of training. That's fine."

Minu arches a brow as Mayumi matches her tone and speed of speech and those little cupids bow lips quirk into a smile. "I would say test her out martially Rayne and then sign her. I can have the contract drawn up by morning. Usual pay rate and terms. Oh my frys are here!" as she turns to gather her order from the skutters tray. She sits the plate on the table and takes a long loud slurp from the smoothy. "oh that's good." She sighs "oh I need a full rack of beef ribs, no bbq sauce and raw please. Boxed to go." She instructs the skutter. "I gota bring the puppies something back." She chirps.

Rayne nods to Minu. "I have to say I'm in agreement." She then smiles to Mayumi. "Your motives sound solid to me, and the ability to see evil intent is a nice asset." She then wolfs down the last of her breakfast burrito. "So yeah, I just need to see how well you fight, then." She drops a few bills onto the table for the waitress that had initially served them, and stands up. "Are you free now?"

Mayumi grins, not wanting to seem smug about it. Instead she stares at Minu's food and chews her lower lip for a moment. "Mmm, smoothies... Can I have a large strawberry smoothie please? Thank you. High metabolism," she adds to Rayne who's seen her eat quite well so far. "Sure, I'm good to go after my smoothie."

Minu turns her attention to her frys and attacks them the way Kotal goes through fog monsters. She pauses now and then to draw deep drinks of her smoothy. With a lick to her lip she smiles "I will head back to the office and draw up the contracts. Oh I will need to know what you wish done with your remains should you expire on the job?"

Rayne facepalms at Minu's bluntness as to the remains question. "Oi... Go over that in the paperwork phase, Minu, not in the post interview, prepping for a combat test phase." Hand lowered, she gives Mayumi an apologetic smile. "We'll be at the Arena shortly, then. Welcome to Twisted."

Mayumi picks up her smoothie and begins sucking it down. Minu waits until she has a perfect mouthful to ask her question and it is a close call to keep the smoothie from erupting onto the table. After coughing a bit Mayumi laughs and shakes her head as she take Rayne's hand. "Thanks, but I got to used to the idea that I might die long ago." Turning to Minu she replies, "Fire usually works and will stop anything from trying to use the remains for evil purposes." She quickly finishes her smoothie and pushes away from the table. "I'll just follow you Rayne, if that's okay. Otherwise I might get lost."

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