2016-01-16 - On Armor and a Lack Thereof

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On Armor and the Lack Thereof

Summary: Rayne finally walks out in public without armor! And to celebrate, she discusses getting new armor for herself and Silencia! Wait, what?

Who: Kotal_Kahn, Minu, Rayne, Serenity, Silencia, The_Trio
When: January 16th, 2016
Where: The Usual Restaurant

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Rayne strides into the Usual Restaurant. It's like a fresh start, in a way... She's finally gotten over her general anxiety of possible monster invasions in Twisted, and is out and about without any armor, and doesn't even seem to be carrying any weaponry! She's got a fairly large smile on her face, apparently relieved to be out in what she would call 'clothes that let me breathe,' and even takes a deep breath as she enters before looking around. Really, if it weren't for her hair, some people probably wouldn't even recognize her.

Silencia had been sleeping for quite a while. She had really exhausted herself when the demons from Dorian's realm had attacked. She seems refreshed now, having slept for quite a while. At the moment, she's sitting at a table, having a sandwich as breakfast. It takes her a little while to recognize Rayne when she walks in, but when she does, she can't help but squeal. She waves at Rayne with a big smile. "Oh my goodness, you look amazing!" There is no place for greetings in the face of Silencia's enthusiasm.

Serenity slips from the dance club in a neon-mottled flash and aquamarine ripple, the recent movement still sloshing the gill-feathers about in currents of the suspended water. The excited expression seems to drain rather quickly, though, after leaving the club. Ren takes a cautious peek at the area outside the door before wandering out fully. Looking around the Usual, however, is what eventually brings Ren's attention to Rayne. Ren half-'blinks' at the sight, inclining rhinophores toward her attentively before lifting a pair of fins to wave. Silencia, in turn, is spotted by her excited squeal and gets a smile. Ren starts in the direction of her table while motioning Rayne over.

Rayne can't help but laugh at Silencia's response to seeing her sans armor. She gives a quick pose before walking over, continuing to laugh as she waves to Ren. "So I guess I don't need to ask how I look, then? How are you two?"

Silencia claps her hands together, still smiling wide. Then she notices Ren and she waves at her as well, motioning excitedly toward Rayne. When the two arrive at her table, Silencia grins happily. "Fabulous, my darling, that is how you look!" She giggles softly. "And I'm very well, slept like a baby..."

Serenity slips over to the side of the table and properly returns eyes to Rayne's face. "I quite agree," Ren replies, nodding at Silencia's remark. "Well, I was just now trying to distract myself from worries about a threatening world. But apparently, those with much more cause than I to be worried," Ren motions a pair of fin edges to Rayne and Silencia, "seem to be doing fairly well." Ren adds to Rayne with a suggestion of amusement, "Is this the classy clothing of defiance, then?"

"So is this honest, or are you just complimenting yourself on this?" asks Rayne of Silencia with a fairly large grin. Silencia did pick these clothes out for Rayne to buy, after all. She then looks over to Ren and shrugs. "Why should we be any more worried than you? That we're more in the line of fire?" She waves a hand dismissively. "No, I'm less worried because of... well, it's lots of things. I admit the fact that I have access to TASK's teleporters plays a lot into it. In case of an emergency, I can teleport almost to the locker room... which is where my armor and swords are. I can get into my armor... fairly quickly. It's still not as optimal as finding some summon-and-swap method for my equipment, but I need to live and relax, I think." She takes a seat at Silencia's table in the meantime, stretching her arms out in front of her, fingers interlocked and palms outward, once she's settled.

Silencia chuckles at Rayne's comment. "Why? Can't it be both?" She then gestures towards Ren. "And Serenity agrees with me, so we settle on Fabulous!" Serenity's worries get a warm look from Silencia. "I understand your worries... but I only got more reassured of the safety of this place because of what happened... I mean, everyone just jumped in, ready to risk their lives for the protection of the city. That, and the way everyone worked together just reassured me..." She then grins playfully at Ren as she continues. "That being said, I was frozen to my spot when I saw those demons though..."

Serenity reluctantly nods in reply to Rayne. "Yes, you made a convincing argument at the mall for the fact that wearing armor all the time doesn't carry any significant advantage for you over wearing ordinary clothes." Ren 'kneels' on the disc of the field generator for a seated height. "If it's no offense, then, let's just say that I am worried for all of you in the line of fire." Silencia's account gets a puzzled and then thoughtful look. "Hhh... That is certainly an optimistic perspective, and one that perhaps I ought to aim for." Ren motions toward Silencia. "I take it that such things can't be found where you are from?"

Rayne nods to Silencia. "That was another thing. I worried so much more when nothing was going on than whenever I was actually in a fight. I was never concerned for myself yesterday. I admit I was a bit worried about you, but that might have been because Kotal sounded like he was in a near panic that he didn't know where you were. And... yes. That more optimistic perspective is one I'm finally starting to take." She grins again, apparently feeling downright giddy about being out and about in a dress today rather than her armor.

Silencia sighs softly and leans her chin on her folded hands, her elbows resting on the table. Ren gets another warm smile from Silencia "Thank you for thinking about us... but don't worry, I'll be keeping everyone healed!" She then playfully raises her arms, pretending to flex. "My optimism lies in the absolute trust I have in the ones around me..." Silencia hesitates and looks down at her hands, looking a bit shy. "Especially Kotal..." Rayne's comment about worrying about Silencia makes the girl hum thoughtfully, snapping out of what made her act shy. "I tried to keep safe while trying to help though... I'm not so stupid as to run into battle while not being able to fight!" She grins playfully. "And I did a pretty good job on defense, if I might say so myself!"

Serenity listens thoughtfully to each companion before saying anything. "We are still here," Ren remarks upon Silencia's assessment, looking first to Rayne and then Silencia, "And TASK officers didn't overwhelm the health clinic." Ren then remarks, "So action is the way to fight fear? As is trust?" Ren continues, "I don't know that training a militia or some such would benefit public safety in the long run, but I wonder if training in safety and accurate reporting, with a certificate of completion, might do something to boost community spirit."

Rayne says, "Hrm. Speaking of defense, maybe some ornate armor would help you on on that front, as well? As a High Priestess of a war god, you'd think your official uniform would include armor, yeah? I've been considering having some armor made for me that looks better than my totally utilitarian duds do. I mean, I got that stuff for Cevernal... no one really cared much about appearance there outside of a few major settlements... which I rarely visited. But here, I kinda want another set... The same way I wanted more clothes, you know? Something that is more than raw protection." She then nods to Ren. "Exactly. Fighting fear through action and trust. Maybe that should be TASK's motto?"

Silencia nods slowly, mulling Ren's question about action and trust fighting fear. "I do think so... I mean, the people who are used to fighting would become restless when not being able to have some action, so yes, that could contribute to fear. Trust in the people who protect you will always help greatly with dealing with fear, so that's a given..." Ren's suggestion about training in safety makes Silencia nod with a smile. "That is a very good idea! It would help with people feeling safer and it might prevent some damage as well!" When Rayne suggests armor for Silencia, the girl blinks surprisedly. "I hadn't thought of that... But would it be possible to have armor that isn't heavy or restricting? Would that be even helpful?"

Speaking of people that get restless when not fighting, it seems that the war god's idea of relaxing after a horrendous battle is to have even MORE HORRENDOUS FIGHTS.

From the door of the Usual Restaurant leading to the gym, emerges Kotal Kahn who is also not sporting his regular Eagle Knight armor. Instead, he has a pair of sweat pants and sandals, with a towel resting on the back of his neck. Naturally he's also sans shirt, because its unlikely that Kotal even owns a shirt since he's always walking around bare chested. It looks like he just finished working out and judging by the smoking crater that was once the gym room of the UR, it was a work out session worthy of the god of war. Thank goodness for these nanobots that are quickly repairing the damage.

"Greetings!" He waves over to the girls nearby and approaches their table. "How is everyone? Any injuries still lingering after the battle?" A commander has to take care of his troops after all.

"That sounds like a fine motto, Rayne. I think that most inhabitants could stand behind that without being discouraged by specifics in which they did not believe." Ren grins at Silencia's reaction to the armor suggestion. "I think Rayne deserves a turn at costuming, to be fair," Ren says. "If the outfit is to be purely ceremonial, that would provide quite a bit of freedom for practical considerations. Plastic, for instance, could be both ornate and lightweight." Kotal's revealing outfit and his greeting, unfortunately, both seems to be lost on Ren... The sudden sound from the gym has started Ren right under the table, and the field generator and watery cloak right along with the marine being.

The door to the Restaurant slowly opens and after a second or two the Three brothers pad into the building, the mechanism at the top of the door closing it behind them. None of them greet however. Jackson's ears twitch every now and then listening intently. Rex is looking back over his shoulder quite excessively. Buster however has his head down slightly seeming to be peeved a little. He is the first to actually say something. "Hey guys." His actual tone seems mostly like boredom than anything. As he glances around he sees Kotal. "Boss! Hows it going! You alright man? You Kick some serious butt?!" it seems at least something is piquing his interest.

From behind the pups the soft sound of a familiar clacking can be heard. As buster speaks up there is a distinct sound of an exasperated hoooot. Up from behind Jacksons head a tiny owl comes, climbing carefully, foot over beak until the small brown bird comes up on top of the center pups head. She hoots and beak clatters a fraction scoldingly toward Buster, then dips her head and gently beak scritches Jackson's head before turning toward Rex and giving a soft sweet cooing hoot. Looking up the small owl looks around and blinks those big golden eyes then flaps her wings and hoots a greeting to everyone in the room. Quickly she leaps off the pups head and flutters to the ground and instantly shifts. From the flash of that moment of magic a small elf stands and smiles. "Hello everyone" she intones then turns back to the pups "you guys did great. We almost have our non-verbal cues all worked out. Who's a good puppy?!" As she pulls a handful of treats from her pocket and gives one first to Rex, and then to Jackson. She gives each a scratch before turning her attention to Buster "and you Mr. Grumpy Pants, your a good puppy too. Some day this might be useful if we all need to work together when I am in owl form. Here take" as she hands the grumpy pup a treat as well.

Rayne waves her hand at all those entering. "Well, there's a lot of materials you could make armor from that are surprisingly both light and strong. Aluminum, titanium, durasteel, durantium, plasteel... But I really was thinking both functional and decorative at the same time... kind of what I'm thinking for my second set of armor." Then she finally addresses Kotal's kwestion with a bit of a grin... She's looking oddly giddy today. And unarmored. "I'm doin' just fine, boss! No injuries to report! What do you think of the phrase, 'Fighting Fear Through Trust and Action'? And you, boys, you doing good today? Looks like Minu's been training you guys, huh?"

Silencia laughs softly about Ren's comment about it being Rayne's turn to shop for Silencia. "Well, I suppose it is only fair..." Silencia seems a bit curious about the armor though, especially as Rayne starts to elaborate on potential materials and such. "Then allow me to ask you to help me out with that!" Silencia doesn't seem surprised to see Kotal enter, the girl had felt his presence nearby, but the need for breakfast had been strong enough to not go and find him. She smiles at the War Gad and shakes her head. "Everything seems to be fine! We were just discussing if I should get some kind of armor." She quickly gets distracted by the figures entering though. She seems really curious, especially about the three-headed dog.

Kotal Kahn gives Ren a puzzled expression when she goes to hide under the table. This isn't entirely strange behavior for the jumpy sea slug, though Kotal does wonder -why- she was afraid. She should know by now that Kotal would never dare to hurt her! Even by accident. Oh well, not exactly a whole lot the Aztec can do in this particular occasion.

He has indeed noticed that Rayne is off armor. He really can't blame her either considering that even the warlord is walking around with a far more civilian attire. Its nevertheless nice to see her in a good mood, battle can do wonders to improve someone's mood, particularly when you emerge victorious. "I am glad to hear it." He smiles and arches an eyebrow at TASK's new official like it. "Hm, not exactly the motto I used back when I ruled Outworld. Back then it was something along the lines of 'Order through Blood'." A pause. "D'vorah came up with it." Yeah right. "But I see how this motto is far more suitable for us and our specific situation. I approve of it."

The Cerberus appearance along with Minus is unexpected but very welcomed. Kotal this time actually grins and leans down to specifically pet Buster, likely his favorite of the brothers and for obvious reasons. "Hah! Indeed I did. Might I say that butts where thoroughly kicked." Kotal's still figuring out the details on modern lingo. "Though all of our warriors performed spectacularly. Particularly Rayne, Silencia and Dorian who successfully closed the rift by themselves. It was most impressive."

Kotal simply chuckles and shakes his head a little when he notices that Minu is training the Trio on silent commands and giving them treats. He guesses Minu is far better at this subtle command things than he is, Kotal is after all far more direct in his way of establishing order.

"Armor you say?" The warlord asks in wonder. "It would be fitting for one such as you my priestess. Perhaps something light are ornate like chainmail." Then there's a look of realization in Kotal's face. He glances at Minu and the puppies then back at Silencia.

"I do not believe you all have met yet have you?"

Serenity, somehow having avoided dunking Silencia's shoes and Rayne's new heels during the startled dive, emerges after the crowd of coworkers has entered. Ren returns to a kneeling posture above the disc of the field generator (matching the seated height of the other two at the table.) Ren attempts to look suitably composed, as if that were not a reaction to the sound of destruction in the gym but just casually leaning over to retrieve a dropped fork. (Of course, no such fork is in evidence.) Ren nods politely to Kotal and raises a pair of right fins from the water to greet the crew. "Hello, everyone," Ren rasps cheerily. Ren slides to the side with a ripple of aquamarine fins to make room at the table. "Indeed the town is safe and many TASK officers saved because of the quick response and teamwork."

Rex and Jackson gladly take the treats and nibble as they can. Buster is unimpressed by the little elf's attempts at rationalizing why they need to know this. Boring is Boring, all though the treats are much appreciated. As Buster finishes up his Jackson, already finished answers. "Yes Minu is attempting to use Classic Pavlovian training techniques on us to help us learn a few new things" he says licking his chops. "And personally I don't mind" Rex looks at buster slightly confused at what Jackson just said but then again that tends to happen often enough. Buster is glad to hear of Kotal and companies success. "Man I wish I was there with you! Instead I was relegated to guarding the tiny owl..."

The little elf rubs Rex's ears even as Kotal greets Buster. She smiles at Jackson's words "well its a classic technique for a reason. It is said that nearly any mammalian creature and many others can be trained using such methods, including people. Any way. You boys did good. I just want us all to work well together if we ever have to go into a situation where I can't talk to you directly." She peers around Rex's head to Silencia and tilts her head. "Hi there. I don't think we have met before. I'm Minu. And this is Rex, middle pup is Jackson, and the one drooling on Kotal, is Buster."

Rayne says, "Hey now, Buster, Minu is one of the most valued members of TASK. There's no one else on staff that can organize things remotely as well. We'd all be completely lost in our paperwork if she'd gotten hurt!" She nods sagely, barely holding onto a serious expression. She then tilts her head as she looks towards Kotal and Silencia. "Actually, I was thinking some leather with plate accents... Maybe gold plated titanium, white dyed leather? Evoke the sun!" She pumps a fist in emphasis. "Right? Though honestly I'd been thinking similarly for coloration in my own next set of armor, so maybe I'm a bit white and gold obsessed right now."

Silencia eyes the three-headed dog curiously as one of his heads talks to Kotal, she can't help but smile at how compatible to two were. When Kotal talks about her armor, she perks up. "Uhm... I would like to request that it would be something that allows me to move freely, anything that limits my movements might be unhelpful..." When Kotal turns his attention to the unfamiliarity between Silencia, the puppies and Minu, Silencia nods with a smile. "I do not think so, allow me to introduce myself then!" She bows her head in greeting toward Minu and the puppies after Minu had taken the initiative. "My name is Silencia, it is very nice to meet you all!" Silencia seems like she's holding herself back. Part of her connection to nature is her love for animals, so it does take a bit of restraint to not rush over and cuddle the three-headed dog.

"It is true!" The Aztec deity clenches his fist dramatically as Rayne explains to Buster what is Minu's crucial role in TASK. "There is no greater foe out there than paperwork and Minu has vanquished it countless of times. The threats we face in the field are nothing in comparison." Nothing gets under Kotal's skin more than paperwork, and its no surprise what he has come to rely on the tiny elf so much. "By the way, Minu. I commend you for your initiative on having Mayumi's paperwork ready, that was truly outstanding work."

With commendations handed out, Kotal goes to sit next to Serenity as the sea slug scoots sideways to give new arrivals some room and nods to her. "Indeed, TASK is safe once more through our combined efforts." The Kahn can't help but smile at Buster's enthusiasm. "Soon, Buster. Once you have received more training, you and your brothers will be able to join us in the glory that is the field of battle." He gives Minu a worried look. "But as I said.. more training is needed." What is it about Kotal Kahn and being controlled by small women? It seems like he's terrified of both Minu and Silencia sometimes.

Speaking of the tiny butterfly girl, as both she and Rayne start getting excited more and more about potential armor options, Kotal sighs and crosses his arms in thought, trying to ensure this doesn't turn into another shopping trip! Its not like he disapproves of those things, its just that.. well.. he knows Silencia, Rayne and Serenity just end up getting a lot of jewelry and shoes and girly things when that happens instead of the thing they were supposed to be getting from the store. There's a reason why Kotal never asks any of them to go get him cooking ingredients.

"There is an armorer that lives by the sea by the name of Muradin Bronzebeard." He suggest. "Perhaps he could be of some assistance.. though I find his wife to be disagreeable most of the time."

Naturally, Kotal is very aware that Silencia is very eager to pet the pups and he aims to fix that. "Rex." He addresses the friendliest of the pups. "Come say hello to Silencia."

Serenity doesn't add anything to the costuming discussion between Rayne and Silencia, dividing attention between this and Minu's conversation with the cerberus. After Kotal takes his seat, Ren remains more or less in place with small station-keeping ripples of the fin edges. "If we are speaking of training, though," Ren adds to Kotal's remark, motioning to Rex, Jackson, and Buster, "I should point out that Minu is not practicing only what she already excelled at, but began training in other areas as well."

At the mention of their names Buster becomes aware of his slight drool problem and licks it back to keep it from dripping on the floor. He listens intently about Kotal's saying they need more training and nods understanding. Jackson decides to throw himself into the armor conversation since he is here. "Splint, the combination of usually steel strips attached to leather armor is a great choice for those who are eager to have light yet sturdy protection. As for flourishes of creativity and uniqueness it may not be the best idea." Kotals beckoning of Rex Goes immediately heeded. Walking towards Silencia and getting within arms distance sitting right side on to her so that Rex can look over and allow the other two to be left alone if they see fit.

Minu relinquishes her scratching on Rex and pats his neck, letting him go visit Silencia and smiles "oh its a pleasure to finally meet you. I simply hadn't had a chance to connect name and face. Kotal should have already had your intake paper work but if you and he haven't had a chance to see to it, well I will get right on that when we get to the office." She turns her attention to Ren's words and smiles, looking slightly shy wondering if Ren is referring to her bombardment practice off the edge of the 4th floor of the Task building or if she is referring to the little elf's attempts to master the computer and learn how to crack the codes that hold all the myriad information that was stored in the TASK system. , or maybe its her efforts to create some manner of biography library for all those she has a chance to interview as they converge into Twisted. She smiles at Ren "I am trying very hard to expand my usefulness. Someday Mr. Kotal might trust me with explosives, so I can properly offer support to out side battles, And maybe, someday, I will be able to organize that library we were talking about. Twisted needs more informational access."

Rayne taps a finger to her chin. "Splint..." she ponders, trying to evoke an image in her mind. In the end, she shrugs, unable to place the name with anything she's encountered. "There's always room for customization, so long as the crafter is good enough. My armor wasn't customized beyond fitting me because I didn't really have the money at the time. If there's metal strips, they can be electrolytically plated, including with patterns if the person doing the plating knows what he's doing. Leather can be dyed, riveted, artistically shaved. And no matter what, small embellishments can always be added on the outside that are purely decorative. And that's not going into the general shape of the armor at all!" Looks like the armoring discussion has gotten her full attention, though she does blink as the introductions are passed around. "You guys haven't met yet?" she asks disbelievingly.

Silencia nods curiously when Kotal mentions the armorer that lives by the sea. She peeks at Rayne and smiles. "Well, I'm leaving this matter in Rayne's capable hands..." She looks over at Rayne with a grin. "I'm pretty sure she's way more knowledgeable about this matter than I." She smiles amusedly at Rayne's confusion. "Nope, we hadn't met yet. That might be my fault though, since I spent quite a bit of my time out training..." Then the puppies got closer to her and Silencia can't help but be distracted. She immediately reaches out to pet Rex softly. Her touch is warm and gentle as her fingertips move to rub behind Rex's ear as she smiles. "Well, aren't you a cutie? Nice to meet you, Rex!" She does seem curious about the other two pups as well. She doesn't stop petting Rex as she addresses the other two pups, a light smile dancing on her lips. "How about you two? Would you like to be petted as well?" Silencia peeks at Minu as she speaks to her, smiling at the friendly girl. "I haven't seen any paperwork, so I do think I'll need your help with that." Silencia pauses, her head tilting slightly as she keeps looking at Minu. Something was a bit, familiar about her. Not that she felt like she knew the girl, but more like she had a familiar air around her. Silencia shrugs off that feeling, still a bit confused.

"Perhaps." Kotal responds to Serenity. "Though I would argue Minu always had.. hidden talents." The Aztec isn't sure how exactly he'd categorize slime throwing in terms but skill, but it seems Minu has become quite proficient in it. "Soon, the pups aren't the only ones that need training in Kombat, Minu. Once I am certain on everyone's abilities of surviving I'll be more likely to let you take the field. The foes we have faced lately have been no push over." Demons everywhere isn't Kotal's idea of field practice, in particular with his very eager but very inexperienced group. Out of all the lot here only Rayne is a trained fighter after all.

Unfortunately for Kotal, it seems that once again he's eagerness to focus entirely on battle is going to cost him as his eyes boggle a little when Minu mentions Silencia's official paperwork. "Ah, Silencia's paperwork.. right." Blink, blink. "Wasn't Reptile in charge of delivering that?" Has anyone ever mentioned that Kotal is kind of terrible at lying?

Quick! Change the subject! Oh hey, everyone's still talking about armor! That'll do. "Back when I ruled over Tenochtitlan, my Aztec warriors were notorious for using Ichcahuipilli, quilted cotton armor. If it was done tightly enough it could even stop knives, not to mention it was very comfortable." Because cotton.

Serenity nods in reply to Minu. "Indeed the town does need proper access to information. Perhaps now that we have access to the resources of Neo-Edo, we can jumpstart the process and will not need to create the library and such here out of nothing. Ren seems to have little enough to add to the conversation about armor, but instead looks on with a smile while Silencia is petting the puppies.

The Cerberus' right back leg pats the ground uncontrollably as Silencia scratches behind Rex's ear. He says nothing but then again his face says it all, simply a look of complete happiness. As for Jackson he angles them so that he can get in on the action considering she if offering. He continues his conversation but disagrees with her view. "I would highly suggest that do not send someone else make armoring decisions for you. You need to be there with the Crafter, whoever they may be to make it correctly, making sure that it fits well. Some of the best works have come from allowing your crafter to be the artist they are." He gives Kotal a look for a second when the god talks about her paperwork... its right on his desk... laying there right now. Buster looks at the other two and simply rolls his eyes. Affection from strange people... what are they thinking.

Minu arches one dainty brow and simply eyes Kotal for a moment. Oh yes, the paper work is on his desk in plain sight but she was almost used to his lack of focus on such things by now. She nods her head and smiles at Silencia "don't you worry, we will have you all signed in and on the road to all the benefits that befit a full task member. You will have medical of course and pay as well as a proper and fitting handling of your personal remains should something catastrophic happen, as per your personal wishes of course." She glances over a Rayne briefly and blushes a little cause she remembers Rayne's reaction to those words the last time she uttered something like them. "as for the library , I am glad Neo-Edo has arrived so I can go collecting on my off time."

Rayne says, "Cotten? I'm pretty sure that's one of the things my father changed when he updated their army, Kotal." She smiles a bit too smugly at that one. "We have access to much, much better materials than that, and probably less likely to cause Sil to overheat in the summer, too." She then nods to Jackson. "He's right, Sil. With armor, the fit is everything. It needs to be built specifically for you or it's not gonna work right. I made the mistake of off-the shelf armor at first when I went to Cevernal. I managed to trip, get pinched, had trouble breathing in it because the chest was too tight... Really, it was just a disaster all around." At Minu's mention of benefits, Rayne can't help but ask, "Has Sil even gotten paid at all yet?"

Silencia smiles brightly as she sees Rex' reaction to her touch, it only motivated her to keep showering the cutie with affection. Her other hand reaches out to Jackson as he seems to be willing to get some attention as well. She gently scratches him underneath his chin before rubbing her fingertips behind his ear like she did with Rex. She smiles at Jackson as he speaks to her, it seems he had misunderstood her."I was fully intending on coming with her though. I'm leaving the decisions considering the materials and style to Rayne because I trust that she would know what would suit me and still be effective. But the final decision would of course be mine." When Minu addresses her, Silencia smiles at the girl. "That sounds very nice, thank you for your help and lets hope that I will not need that last part..." She peeks at Buster, the only one of the puppies that she hadn't given affection to yet. She reaches out the hand that had been petting Rex, palm up, to Buster, not yet touching him. "Hey sweetie, do you mind if I give you some attention as well? I promise I'll stop as soon as you say you want me to.." The distinct personalities of the puppies reminded her of a certain group of little boys she used to look after and her motherly instincts were going wild. She peeks at Rayne when she agrees with Jackson, chuckling softly. "I meant that you could pick out the type of armor, of course I would come with!" The girl grins at Rayne "I really don't know anything about armor, that's why I'm trusting you to help me pick!"

Kotal gives Rayne an annoyed look as she starts to get smug about European armors. "Cotton is a material that breaths, that's why we used it in the searing heat of our homeland. If you want a good example of overheating in the summer you can go ask the Conquistadores and their metal chest plates that cooked them alive as my warriors chopped them to pieces." Don't try to argue with a war god about, well, war. It also can be a rather dangerous endeavor.

After giving Rayne that look of warning Kotal starts to get some worryingly looks himself. Seriously, he thinks that paperwork will one day be the death of him.

"Fine! I forgot all about the paperwork!" Pays to be honest. He stands up with a huff and heads over to the teleporter. "I'll go get it." He says and mumbles something about 'getting no respect'.

Serenity glances between Minu, Jackson, and Kotal as they mention the paperwork but avoids remarking upon this. Ren looks up at him quickly with his admission and leavetaking, offering a wave with extruded portions of a pair of fins. Ren then returns to watching the interaction between Silencia and two of the puppies. "Perhaps I, too, should come along on the trip for fitting Silencia's armor," Ren adds to Rayne with a grin. "You can test the armorer's balance between creativity and good sense by asking about armor for me."

Scratching behind Jackson's ear does not illicit a similar response to that of Rex. In fact when Silencia stops petting rex the back foot stops tapping. Rex looks to the others in the group happily, "I like her, is she staying with us?" and Jackson respectfully disagrees with kotal. "then again if you ask the cotton I do not think it reacts sturdily with the fire they were taking if you want to bring it up sir." Buster looks at Silencia straight faced. "If it is all the same to you, I'd rather not, Thanks." Attempting not to be too snarky about it. There is a reason why he and Kotal get along so well, both of them are to the point and are not exactly the emotionally prone sort, that's Rex's job.

Minu watches Kotal head off to fetch the paper work for Silencia with a nod then turns her attention to Rayne. "No one gets paid with out a contract of some sort. Even Urus has a contract that says he's a private contractor. Those who are brought in and put to work before the paper work is done, I make sure their pay is made retroactive to their hire date." Minu slips over closer to Silencia and sneakily slips a few dog treats into her hand and then motions toward Buster, knowing the best way to that particular pups heart is food, unless your Kotal and letting him chew on your enemies.

Rayne says, "Hrm. If it does breathe so well... Some sort of combination? I suppose cotton would be better than leather from a movement standpoint. And with metal plates added in, it's certainly going to be better protection. And look better, if you ask me. I still think gold plating is called for, it really evokes the sun... But you know what? Maybe we should ask that armor expert more. I'm sure he could school even Kotal when it comes to something that specific. He said something about someone by the beach? Was it where that robot thing was being made?" She seems to be asking herself this more than anyone else... She's not sure anyone here had even seen that. She then sighs and shakes her head at what Minu said. "Yeah, I had that feeling that Kotal didn't think about her pay."

Silencia watches amusedly as Kotal walks away. When Ren adds that maybe she should join Rayne and Silencia when they go armor-hunting, Silencia grins. "That sounds like a good plan, it would be interesting to see the reaction!" When Rex finally speaks, Silencia giggles and pets him again, the girl very much compatible with the friendly little pup. "I'm not planning on leaving, cutie!" When Buster refuses her offer, he earns a slight pout from the girl. She perks up when Minu slips her the treats, peeking at the girl for a moment and then smiling. She understood. She reaches out her free hand, the other petting Rex now, and offers it to Buster once more. "How about a treat? Is that something you might like?" If Buster would lean in to get the treats, Silencia would quickly give him a light pet between the ears before pulling away.

Serenity peers curiously at Minu's surreptitious delivery to Silencia. "I believe that I've met the Muradin who Kotal was referring to," Ren supplies in reply to Rayne, "though I don't happen to know where exactly he lives. He didn't seem to go far from Morgana's sight, the last few times I encountered him."

Buster looks closely wondering what Minu is doing with those treats. Oh boy... he looks at minu with a look of "how could you" before straining himself for a second before succumbing to the power of food. And takes a deep breath, "Fine... knock yourself out" he says as he leans in to get petted in return for the treat. Rex goes back to his usual happy look as the back right leg starts up again, claws clacking against the hard floor. Jackson knows they have a lot of training to do and cannot be there for their armor run. "I hope you have a good time with your shopping." Lets hope that ladies attempts with new armor go better than Jackson's attempts with new magic.

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