2016-01-18 - New Universe? Eee! Cute!

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New Universe? Eee! Cute!

Summary: Another new arrival at Twisted!

Who: Rayne, Serenity, Sae
When: January 18th
Where: The Usual Restaurant


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The door to the dance club opens, letting out strains of music that seem to have Arabic lyrics despite the fact that the music itself is salsa. Also emerging from the room next door is a black disc near the floor, a large mass of water suspended mid-air, and one alarmingly fluorescent marine mollusc. Ren exits the club with a vertical-axis spin that has the gill-feathers fluttering in the current. Ren also unwraps two 'wings' consisting of four aquamarine fins from the safety orange and electric blue mottled body. Ren might have looked vaguely like a humanoid in a loose garment if one had particularly bad vision, but in the relaxed state, Ren is quite clearly not a vertebrate, much less a humanoid.

Serenity's flourish on leaving the dance floor is cut short as Ren comes to an abrupt halt to avoid dunking another patron on his way in. "Hh- Pardon," Ren rasps apologetically.

While it looks like Ren didn't notice her just yet, there was a new girl peeking at the strange creature over the back of one of the booths, her doe-eyes wide, mouth hanging open. Usually shy as can be, Sae nonetheless found her heart thumping in her chest at just how cute that girl(?) was! She'd never seen anything like her! Dressed in her school uniform, Sae bolted out of her booth and ran over to Ren, standing on her tiptoes as she leaned in towards her, keeping a respectable distance but still so clearly fascinated with her. "Wow..you're so, SO beautiful, Miss!", hands clasped together in front of her chest, a wide smile on her lips. "O-oh! I'm Sae...Sae Nakata..." she said, blushing softly, feeling tendrils of shyness starting to tease at the back of her mind, one part of her wanting to run away, the other wanting to meet and pet and befriend this adorable person.

Serenity slides past the fellow entering the club, both attempting to avoid an accidental dampening. Ren then starts over toward the exit with gentle undulations of the 'wings' but comes to a stop again as Sae appears. Ren flutters back a bit, apparently cautious or at least surprised at someone rushing up. "Hhh..." Ren responds, peering back uncertainly at the teen. Ren slides sideways, out of the way of the club door, and 'kneels' a bit on the tail end to make their heights match better. "Thank you," Ren eventually replies with a smile. "You can call me Serenity." Ren tentatively extends a 'wing' from the water towards Sae and extrudes a portion of the edges into 'fingers' while shaping lines in the muscular surface to suggest a human arm within a loose sleeve.

"Serenity.." Sae repeats to herself with a smile, shyness flaring up more and more with each passing second now that the burst of excitement upon seeing something so cute as the fishy is fading. "I'm Sae.." she says, only to yelp softly and practically whimper when she whispers "W-wait..already said that..", starting to regret being so forward with someone she doesn't know. But then that fin is extended, and it gives her something to focus on other than her crippling shyness, lips parting as she tentatively reaches out to run her fingertips over the edge of Ren's 'wing', more like a curious caress than a handshake, but it serves its purpose. "Wow...I really haven't seen anyone like you Serenity..are you an..alien?" she asks, tilting her head, eyes still wide as can be as she takes in all the pretty colors.

Serenity frowns slightly at Sae's initial discomfort but glances down curiously at the light touch. Ren's skin is only slightly damp after passing through the forcefield and warmer than the water it was in. The fins are something like a human tongue in being supported only by boneless muscle, but unlike the human tongue in being much more polite to greet someone with. Regarding Sae with an encouraging expression, then, Ren motions toward a table. "Perhaps you would like to sit down?" Ren suggests. "I'm certainly not human," Ren answers with a grin. "Aside from a few actually born here, I believe that most of us could be called aliens regardless of species."

Sae actually giggles at that. "I guess I'm an alien too then, huh..", a soft grin on her lips as she nods and walks towards the table, smoothing the back of her skirt down before sitting at a chair, hands politely in her lap. And though her cheeks are still slightly red, the girl's already warming to Serenity, thanks in large part to how adorable the sea-slug is and how nice she's being to her. Peeking at a menu, she looks up at Serenity and hmms, tilting her head again. "What do you eat anyway, Serenity?", shoulders scrunching upwards and lips pursing nervously. "Sorry if that's a weird question...", looking around the restaurant, then back at her.

Serenity slips over to a spot across the table from Sae. Ren slides the chair out of the way and instead achieves a matching seated height by simply kneeling with a bit more of the tail end horizontal and a bit less of the length vertical. "I can think of stranger questions," Ren replies with an encouraging note to the rasp of the voice. "Well, I seem to be doing well enough with human food as ingredients," Ren explains, "but they generally don't agree with me as-is." Ren motions toward the kitchen with a pair of fin edges extended from the water. "The staff here are kind enough to save some leftovers for me, which I'll put in the electric pot at home to ferment a bit. I've also experimented with collecting cultures for that under the dock at the beach."

Sae can't help but giggle a bit that Serenity doesn't need a chair to 'sit' at the table. It makes sense, of course, but it's cute in its own sort of way too. "Awww, neat! I guess that makes sense. I'm guessing food's geared towards humans, here? I've seen some strange..." she shakes her head "...*different* species here already. So I was a little worried..". Her feet kick back and forth, giggling again, quite happy here. "Could I maybe um...feel inside your bubble?"

"Indeed it does seem to be geared toward human people and those with similar digestive systems," Ren agrees. "I can't say that those," Ren gestures toward the impressive collection of bottles, "are all safe, though." Ren grins at the latter question. "Certainly you may put your hand through the forcefield, though it's only perfectly ordinary water inside." Looking a bit more solemn, Ren continues with a gesture toward Sae, "Might you be a new arrival here? I would be happy to explain something about our situation, if so."

Sae nods with a smile to the last question. "Mhm! I've only been here for a couple of days! It's all so new and fascinating! I've seen more things here in the past 48 hours than I had in my entire lifetime at home..", peering at Ren in a way that makes it obvious she's included in that statement. "I'd love that, too. I really don't know *anything* about where I am yet! Other than that most people seem pretty nice!". Reaching over, she very gently sticks her hand inside the bubble of water, opening and closing her hand, giggling. "Mhm! Just normal water. But still! It's cool!", kicking her feet in a giddy sort of way beneath the table. "What's the umm...drinking age here? I've never had alcohol before, so maybe I might try a sip..."

Serenity dips the head in acknowledgement of her enthusiastic reply. "I'm glad that you have had such good experiences so far." Ren glances down with a smile as Sae reaches across the table to feel the water, which is slightly salty and warm for seawater (but not bathwater warm). The forcefield strips off drips but not dampness. Ren looks a bit confused by the last question. "Well... Twisted City is somewhat lacking in a legal system. However, I think that I had better find you a responsible person who can drink alcohol to answer that question." Ren continues, "Speaking of responsible persons, I don't suppose that a parent or guardian of yours is here?"

Serenity dips the head in acknowledgement of her enthusiastic reply. "I'm glad that you have had such good experiences so far." Ren glances down with a smile as Sae reaches across the table to feel the water, which is slightly salty and warm for seawater (but not bathwater warm). The forcefield strips off drips but not dampness. Ren looks a bit confused by the last question. "Well... Twisted City is somewhat lacking in a legal system. However, I think that I had better find you a responsible person who can drink alcohol to answer that question." Ren continues, "Speaking of responsible persons, I don't suppose that a parent or guardian of yours is here?"

"No legal system? Is it..safe here, then?" Sae asks, not sounding worried but rather curious. Given how all the people she'd met so far had be kind to her, something at odds with what sounds like a potentially lawless society. "And I don't think so! I haven't seen anyone from my homeland here yet! At least, no one I recognized.". She hmms, looking down into her lap for a moment, wondering if she'd ever see her family again. It's not too sad of a thought, given the friends she'd already made here, but it did nag at her a bit. With another shake of her head, she pushes those thoughts aside best as she can for now, smiling across the table. "Oh! What are you anyways Serenity? Like.." she tilts her head side to side, thinking how to word it. "I'm a human girl, and you're a..?"

The doors to the UR open, and through them walks Rayne! Almost as if to answer 'is it safe here,' this rainbow-haired girl has a pair of swords on the belts around her waist. She pauses just inside, takind a deep breath through her nose, smelling the foods that the various denizens of the place have ordered. With a light smirk, she looks around the place to spot anyone she might recognize. Serenity is, of course, a very obvious individual that fits that description, even if the girl she's with isn't. With a smile and a wave, Rayne approaches their table. "Hey Ren, what's up? New arrival?"

Serenity frowns a bit at her question about safety, not answering immediately but watching her sympathetically as she goes quiet. Ren seems to be saved from actually delivering the answer right away as the girl speaks up with another question. "My species is called 'fsst'. I'm afraid that I haven't seen anyone from my homeland, or planet, yet." Ren glances up quickly at Rayne's greeting, gaining a more cheerful look while raising a pair of right fins to offer her a wave. "Hello, Rayne," Ren replies. "Indeed. Could you spare a moment? We were just about to have a talk about Twisted."

Sae does frown a little at the swords, assuming that carrying those around means this place is less than safe. But Serenity seems nice, and Rayne seems to be her friend, so she imagines sticking with them for now will keep her a-okay. "Hi! I'm Sae Nakata. Can just call me Sae though.." she says, for a moment feeling the shyness creep back into her mind. But Ren's just so cute with the fin waving, and Rayne's hair is a pretty rainbow! "Cuuuute!" she exclaims, giggling and forgetting all about her fear of talking to strangers. "Fsst? That's fun to say! FsssssSSSsSSt!", smiling wide. She's not making fun of Ren by any stretch of the imagination, mind. She just likes being silly. "Nice to meet you though, Rayne! You're a friend of Serenity?"

"Sure thing, Ren." Rayne takes that as an invitation to their table, and takes a seat as well. "The standard 'Welcome to Twisted' scenario, I take it?" She looks from Ren to Sae as the other girl nearly squees about Rayne's hair, her left eyebrow going up while the right lowers. "Uhhhh... Y...Yeah. Rayne Hurris, second in command of TASK, the local police force here." Second in command of the police? Rayne barely looks much older than Sae!

Serenity smirks at Sae's sound effects, and while glancing over to Rayne, Rayne's reaction to the greeting. "Yes, a friend and supervisor as well. I am responsible for paperwork, diplomacy, and as soon a I can find some members- choreography for the TASK amateur dance club." Ren agrees, grinning at the last. "It's not at all uncommon to arrive by oneself, and that is in fact what happened to Sae," Ren explains with a more solemn expression, looking back to her. "Now, there is more bad news to deliver before we attempt to provide some good," Ren continues. "This world seems to draw people in from various universes...and only to draw them in."

Sae's eyes go wide for not the first time today when she hears what Rayne is. "Whoa! You're second in command of the police?! You're super young though!", eyes sparkling, her tone one of clear admiration for the girl. Her eyes trail up and down that rainbow hair, taking in all the pretty colors, only able to be distracted by the thought of dance. "Dance..? That sounds like it'd be so, so much fun..do you think, maybe..I could learn sometime, Serenity?" she asks. "Always wanted to dance before, but I kind of have two left feet for things like that, so never really gave it a shot.", sticking her legs straight out and looking into her lap for a few seconds. What Ren says does make her tilt her head though, hmming? "Was that the bad news? It seems like the people it draws in are pretty nice, at least! So far I mean..I've met a couple of pretty kind people so far, but I guess if you need a police force not everyone is quite so nice?"

Rayne says, "Oh, that reminds me, I wanted to talk to you about your TASK duties sometime, Ren. Don't worry, you're not in trouble, but I've a couple of ideas..." She pauses a moment. "Ideas that I probably should run by Kotal first, to be honest." She frowns slightly, but then shrugs. "I wish I arrived by myself." As Sae reacts to Ren's bad news, Rayne laughs. "Well, if she's taking it that well, I'm sure she'll be fine here. No, not everyone is so nice here, Sae." Her expression suddenly turns very serious. "If you see fog rolling in, or a green crack in existence, hide. Just trust me on this, unless you're a lot more powerful than you look." Her expression lightens a bit as this worse news is done being passed on. "I'm flattered that you think I look that young!" She grins in a way that suggest she knows just how young she looks. "But I assure you, I'm a bit older than I look.""

Serenity nods at Sae's question about dance and smiles as enthusiastically as one can without teeth. Ren cants rhinophores inquisitively to Rayne with her mention of TASK duties. "Certainly, whenever you are ready," Ren agrees. As she continues advising Sae, Ren remains listening quietly. Even while not moving about, the fin edges ripple with slight station-keeping motions. "Now, we do have people working on understanding what keeps people here in this world," Ren assures. "There is also another city newly appeared across the strait, Neo-Edo, which may turn out to have some further information already." Ren motions a fin edge toward Sae, "In the meantime, we in TASK will do our best to ensure your safety. The apartment building across the street," Ren gestures to the front door, "provides free housing, and you can find ready employment here in the restaurant if you wish."

Sae nodnods with a big smile to Rayne. "Mhm! I'm just a normal girl, really. All I want is cuteness and friends and love in life, you know? Not fighting! So I'll totally make sure to avoid any green cracks or fog or all that stuff!". She does playfully stick out her tongue at Rayne though, teasing her about the flattery. Sae seems to tilt her head this way and that as she looks towards Ren again, still entranced by the sea-slugs various motions. "I'd love to be a waitress, maybe! That'd be soooo much fun! Meeting all kinds of neat people and talking to them and stuffs as a job? That'd be the best!", giggling happily as she so loves the prospect. "And I'll make sure to peek my head over there for a place to stay! From the looks of things it's probably not the safest to sleep outside, too, so I'm glad nothing happened last night.". Looking back to Rayne, she smiles. "Did you dye your hair yourself Rayne? Or is it..naturally like that?", not ruling out the possibility. After seeing Ren, it wouldn't surprise her in the least if Rayne's hair just came in like that.

Rayne says, "Well, the basics of it is that I'd like you to head an official welcoming department... Though that might be stepping outside TASK's jurisdiction... Again, I'd have to talk to Kotal about it. I don't exactly have free reign to do what I want." She seems to ponder Sae's life goals, then laughs lightly. "Ah, to be young again... I myself did whatever I could to avoid waitressing again, but some people enjoy it." Rayne smiles back to Sae as she asks about dye. "Ah, you're catching on to Twisted's weirdness quickly. It actually is my natural hair color." She points a finger up to her brow... even the eyebrows are colored that way. "I've not bothered to dye my hair in decades."

"Interesting," Ren remarks upon Rayne's idea with a nod and a thoughtful look. Ren smiles and listens quietly to Sae as she remarks upon aspirations and the job opportunity. "I should note that although I consider myself an adult, with twenty-four years of age, I have a considerably shorter work history than Rayne," Ren adds with a grin. "And I don't have any artificial colorings either, outside my outfit." For the latter, Ren motions a lower portion of fin edge inward toward the oval patch on the abdomen. (This one is leopard-spotted in black and white.) Ren then adds curiously to Rayne, "I wonder if Sae has any relation to the people in Neo-Edo? The downside of the automatic understanding is that I have a terrible time distinguishing languages when it does matter."

Sae leans in a little towards Rayne,hands clasped together with fingers intertwined like she's praying, eyes wide. "Whoa..! So I was right?! Were you born like that! Or magic? It's gotta be magic right? Or maybe everyone where you're from has super really pretty hair?!". She quickly tears her head to Ren, finally catching on to something. "Edo? That's an old name for a town in the country I was from! So maybe I do know someone there! Is it hard to get there?" she asks, though her attention is focused on Ren's fins, very tentatively reaching into the bubble to try and touch one, though she stops just short of contact in case Ren doesn't wish for her to be touched again. The girl really can't help herself! She's curious about such things.

Rayne stops one of the skutters and asks for a platter of chicken strips, then looks back up to Serenity. "You say that like there's just one people of Neo-Edo. They're just as varied and mixed up as this side of the bridge, Ren." When Sae leans in closer to Rayne, the rainbow-haired girl recoils a bit, looking slightly freaked out for a second. "Eee, uh, um, yeah, I was born this way, and no, my hair's kinda freakish in my own universe, too." She sighs, remembering all the ordeals she's had over it. "People assumed I was gene-modded... Which is illegal in most systems." She shakes her head. "But it's because I'm a phoenix, we all have weird hair color, and most of us have odd eye color as well." She points at her left eye, which is a normally unnatural purple color, just like her right. She raises an eyebrow at the mention of Edo being an old name for a city. "Oh? Interesting. It's across the bridge... so be prepared for a bit of a walk."

Serenity smiles at the enthusiasm that Sae shows to Rayne. Ren notices, too, when she reaches across the table again. Ren doesn't seem to feel the same way about being touched as Rayne, and so forms a few 'fingers' from the fin edges to poke back at Sae's fingers. "Yes, I had a taste of that diversity on our trip, Rayne," Ren agrees. "Perhaps I was just imagining more unity than is actually there. Twisted City notwithstanding, seeing a fair-sized city makes me imagine a certain level of societal organization behind it." Ren then adds, motioning toward Sae, "The protective barrier around Twisted City only extends out to halfway across the bridge. I suspect that you'd find a more comfortable seat on the bus than I did."

Sae giggles and pulls her hand back the first time Ren reaches out to touch it, then slowly extends it back into the bubble, wiggling her fingers to tickle against the offered 'fingers'. "Awww, well even if you were gene modded you're still awesome Rayne! Those people're silly to be mad about that.." she says, not even knowing what that is, but she doesn't terribly care. Rayne seems much too nice for such things to matter. She does hmmm though, thinking, feet kicking while she does. "If the barrier doesn't extend that far, does that mean I'd probably need to bring someone with my when I go to Neo-Edo? I'd rather not get hurt..", mouth twisting a little. She doesn't like fighting! But it's hard to ignore the fact that she might just meet someone she knows, or find a place she recognizes if nothing else.

Rayne frowns. "From what I've seen, only barely does it have more organization. Kotal was pretty clear that our priorities are to protect this side of the bridge over the other." She sighs. "Sometimes I wonder if we're here as some giant cosmic experiment of the gods. Everything just seems to... run. Here and there. I've never had a water or electricity bill. Or gravity, for that matter." She sounded less than half joking on that one. "Ehhh, I don't see the harm in a hair color gene-mod, but I'd still rather not be thought of as a criminal." She ponders Sae's consideration of bringing someone to Neo-Edo with her. "Well... I've not run into any problems over there. People for the most part seem content to just go along with their normal, everyday lives. That said, I might not have been messed with on account of the fact that I had these on me." She taps the pommel of her left sword. "Not to mention my sidearm and arrows. And I was armored, even if it is just leather."

"Something like that thought had crossed my mind," Ren remarks to Rayne's speculation, "though I only imagined beings slightly more advanced than us as the responsible parties. Admittedly, I have no idea how to go about testing such explanations. Perhaps Dorian would have some ideas on this." Ren nods to Sae after Rayne's observations upon safety. "I didn't happen to notice any seriously antisocial activities while on the short trip that I took to Neo-Edo with Rayne. I did, however, notice that she was not the only armed person about and happened by a bladed weapon shop in the mall." Ren glances to Rayne as if for an opinion on the remark. "So, while Twisted is far from suffering from complete anarchy, I think that I might avoid wandering into any dark alleys without a friend."

Sae listens to what both of them say, then gives a very firm nod and a 'mhm!'. "That's it, then! I'll make a super strong, cute friend and bring them with me to peek around!", giggling, but looking very determined. "Maybe I'll even start waitressing here, then meet someone as a customer! I bet there's lots of nice customers!". The thing about a 'gravity' bill goes right over her head, as does all the talk of bladed weapon shops and arms, something she has no knowledge of at all. "I think I need to take a nap though! It's been kinda tiring exploring this place! But it was so nice meeting you two!". The schoolgirl stands, then goes to hug Ren, only to stop halfway. "Hmm..can I hug you if I hold my breath, you know?". She doesn't make to hug Rayne, given how she reacted earlier to her getting close, but does flash the rainbow haired girl a huge smile.

Rayne says, "Oh, yeah, I stopped by there as well and looked around. I even spotted a pair of blades I think will hide well under the skirt of my sundress." She's perhaps a bit too obsessed with blades. Rayne gives Serenity a sidelong glance at the mention of avoiding dark alleyways. "Well, even in the best of cities in my home universe that would be a bad idea, Ren. That's just asking for trouble." She nods to Sae. "There are plenty of strong people out there... But I'll have to warn you, some of the 'cute' ones are surprisingly dangerous. On the other hand, I can't deny waitressing as a good way to meet people." She then waves as Sae announces her departure. "All right, then, see you around, okay?""

Serenity frowns at Rayne's assessment of urban safety but nods in reply to her further warning. "Conversely," Ren adds, "there are likely some non-cute people who would make good friends." Ren replies with a shake of the head to Sae's question. "I certainly don't mind hugs, but tend to avoid dunking anyone who isn't dressed for it. A half-hug?" Ren suggests, 'standing' and extending a 'wing' from the water. "I suggest that you go speak to Leena and Debbie in the Integra Arms about a place for that nap."

Sae hugs Ren's fin as best she can without getting wet, helped a bit by the fact she's wearing a short sleeved uniform today. "Mhmm, thanks! And yeah! I like to think even people who don't /look/ cute are cute deep down, you know? Maybe I just need to get to know them, or they just need to see a friendly face like me to let their cute side out! So I bet all meet all sorts of great people here! And I'll go check them out! See you ll later!"

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