2016-01-20 - Let's Panic Rayne!

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Hey, Everyone! Let's Give Rayne a Panic Attack!

Summary: Silencia learns a new ability in the park!

Who: Mayumi, Rayne, Silencia, Sun
When: January 20th, 2016
Where: Twisted Street, Nowhereto Park


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After finishing off a small army's worth of chalupas and coffee Mayumi felt the need to head outside for a walk. Besides walking off that last half pot of coffee she wanted to go out and explore the town a bit. Her first few days were rather shocking and she did not take the time to truly see things. Leaving the TASK building it is a short walk to the main square, or at least what thinks of as the main square. Her only real points of reference are the park, the UR, and TASK. Popping into the UR she grabs a strawberry smoothie to-go and pauses to decide on a direction. On the one hand she could head towards Town Hall and see if she can better understand the politics of this crazy place. Then again perhaps she ought to make a circuit so that she can map the area in her head. Hmm... Choices, choices.

Silencia noticed Mayumi before the girl noticed her. A slight grin creeps on her features as she sneaks up on the girl. She even makes a small flower at Mayumi's feet grow to brush against her leg to distract her so that Silencia can quickly slip in front of her. "Hello!" Silencia had been on her way to the park, she wanted to explore her connection to nature and the abilities it granted her, but she always had time to play around, as long as no one told Kotal.

The door of the nearby apartment building opens, and through steps Rayne! Without her armor, even! She has her drawing pad slung under an arm as she breathes in the outdoor air. Ah, that relatively clean small town air... Better than across the bridge, at least. She glances around and spots Silencia and Mayumi just as Sil is practically jumping in front of Mayu. She laughs lightly, then quietly walks in their direction.

Just because she is in a thoughtful mood does not mean that Mayumi is not paying attention to the world around her. Motion at her feet draws her eyes downward and she glances at the flower in curiosity. Not the weirdest thing she's seen here, but beautiful at least. The a presence nearby catches her attention and it is a near thing to stop herself from taking an offense stance and drawing a weapon. Instead she only drops her smoothie and turns, moving closer to Silencia so that, in case of an attack, the priestess would be hard pressed to complete any motion she had been planning. Thankfully it is Silencia and Mayumi quickly steps back, blinking and slightly twitchy. "Oh, geez!" Still not used to having teammates it is weird to have someone walk up to her just to be friendly. Teeth sunk into her lower lip, Mayu looks down at her smoothie and sighs. Oh well. "Um, hi."

Silencia smiles amusedly at Mayumi as she watches the girl twitch around. This mischievous little priestess is gonna get herself hurt with shenanigans like this one day. She does seem apologetic about the spilled smoothie. "Ohh, sorry.. I didn't mean to make you drop your drink... Allow me to give you something else in return!" The girl cups her hands and slowly parts them, allowing a small flock of colorful butterflies to escape. The butterflies flutter around Mayumi before settling on her hair and shoulders. Silencia is in a silly mood. She doesn't seem to have noticed Rayne yet.

Rayne walks on up to be a bit more obviously there before she greets the two with a, "Hey, guys, what's up? You're looking twitchier than me today, Mayumi." She laughs slightly at the butterflies. "So are those edible, then?"

Mayumi seems rather stumped. Did the priestess not understand that she was very nearly attacked for sneaking upon a trained fighter? Perhaps she needs to have a conversation with the woman. And then Silencia laughs and suddenly lots of colorful winged insects are crawling over her. Mayumi narrows her eyes at the butterflies and their creator before raising a hand to shoo them away. Turning to Rayne she gives the their Second a look that begs for help. "Does Kotal believe in corporal punishment?"

The butterflies easily fly away at Mayumi's shooing. Silencia seems unimpressed with Mayumi's threats. "Even if he does, I do not." The priestess sometimes shows a rather fearless side and Mayumi just got a taste of it. Silenia peeks at Rayne and smiles. "You seem in a good mood, Rayne! And yay! You're wearing another one of the outfits!" She then pauses and hums thoughtfully "I don't think my summoning would call for candy butterflies, but I can always try!" Her grin is playful.

Rayne can't help but smirk. "No, Kotal doesn't believe in corporal punishment. He believes in trial and punishment by kombat. You should have seen what he did to that girl that sneaked into TASK just to give him a gift." Okay, she's making it sound like Himet simply walked in rather than shooting out a spotlight and moving in like a trained commando. "And in Twisted, there may well be some candy butterflies nearby. But I think it'd be more likely that edible butterflies would be buttered crackers or something." She mentally notes the playful grin, and keeps to a little bit more distance than usual.

Mayumi isn't sure if they are messing with her or being literal. And frankly, she isn't sure she wants to know one way or another. Instead she looks at Rayne's outfit and arches her brow while smiling approvingly. "Nice. I am assuming Silencia picked it out for you."

Silencia seems to consider Rayne's suggestions about edible butterflies. She should make some candy butterflies sometime, it has been way too long since she had last made sweets. She snaps back to reality when Mayumi comments on Rayne's outfit. "Yup, I picked it out, doesn't it look great on her? Being easy to move around in while looking flawless way my goal with this one!" Silencia is starting to notice that she's being a bit too cheerful. She grins sheepishly while peeking at the park. "Sorry if I'm a bit odd right now... I'm just a bit restless because I haven't trained yet, it seems I need that to keep myself in balance..."

Rayne grins and nods to Mayumi, then spins around quickly to show off the outfit. "We went out because I wanted some clothes other than my usual armor, and Sil was so excited I just let her pick them out. I think she did well..." She then looks to Silencia. "The last one will have to wait until the weather turns warmer... and I get a pedicure. I'm not wanting to go out in public wearing sandals the way my feet look right now. If you want, we can do the... thing where you train and I keep an eye on you?" Apparently Rayne and Silencia had made some plans, but didn't decide on when.

Mayumi shakes her head smiles at Silencia. "It's fine. You just startled me and I got worried that I might have hurt you by mistake." She giggles a bit at Rayne's mention of pedicure. It's not something she would have pictured the rather serious warrior spending time doing. "Well maybe we can train together. I'd like to know more about what everyone can do since I haven't had a chance to join in battle with you yet." She gives Rayne a slow once over. "Then you can stay in your pretty outfit while I keep an eye on Silencia. If that's okay?" she asks the priestess.

Rayne waves a hand dismissively. "Eeeh, the cold doesn't bother me that much. I've learned how to raise my body temperature enough to not have to worry about it... though it does tend to make me really hungry afterwords." She then tilts her head, looking towards Mayumi. "Silencia's not really a warrior type. So I was planning on drawing something in the area-" She holds up her drawing pad. "-While Sil does her training while she's standing perfectly still. There was never any plan of worrying about messing up my pretty clothes... But even if I did, I know mending and cleaning spells for clothes. So long as they're not more or less completely destroyed, I'd be good." She then lifts her left leg behind her and taps the fairly high heel with her hand. "Though fighting in these might be a bit of a challange."

Mayumi chuckles at Silencia's distraction. "I don't mind joining you at all, but I did want to take a look around. How about I do that then join you in a bit? I'll bring a snack with me." She gives a little bow to each lady then slips away to hurry on her errand.

Silencia waves smilingly while Mayumi leaves, not wasting any of her time. She needs to get to those trees! She peeks over her shoulder at Rayne to see if the warrior follows her. She seems like a restless little puppy that's itching to go out and play. "Hurry up, Rayne!" One might wonder why Silencia is so excited to get to the park, but even the girl herself doesn't know. The sun's energy fueled her affinity to nature, but it also increased her need to be surrounded by nature as well. Being a Sun god's priestess had some interesting effects on the girl.

Rayne waves to Mayumi as well, then turns hurridly as Silencia nearly runs off without her. "I'm coming, I'm coming!"

The grass, the trees, those tiny little plants that pop up between tiles or cracks in concrete, they all seem to liven at Silencia's presence as she runs into the park. It felt like she was finally breathing after holding her breath for an eternity. She immediately makes her way to the trees, stopping only when she finds herself in their comforting shade . She then turns to Rayne and smiles. "Get yourself all set up before I begin! And really, thank you for this!"

Rayne follows Silencia into the park, not looking nearly so relieved. But really, that's not saying much, as to her, it's just stepping into a park. As Silencia strides off the paved walkway, Rayne looks down at the heels of her own shoes with a raised eyebrow. Clearly, she's forgotten a key problem with heels when not sticking to hard surfaces. With her lips scrunched to the side, she makes her way over to a tree that has a sturdy looking low branch that faces Silencia's general direction, making each step a bit more carefully than she normally would, and trying her darnedest to keep all her weight on her toes, as opposed to letting any fall on her heels. Arriving at the tree without incident, she places the drawing pad onto the branch before gripping the branch to pull herself up in a graceful, practiced motion. Really, pulling herself up onto a tree branch that's chest high is something that she has done so many times since coming here that she doesn't even need to think about it. Grabbing the drawing pad while still letting her legs dangle from the branch, she scoots over so that her back is now against the trunk. "Okay, I'm good. I'll attempt to draw you while you're doing it, since you'll presumably be sitting still... is that okay?"

Overhead, a big dragon flies by, screaming loudly.

Silencia watches Rayne approach before getting distracted by A FREAKING DRAGON FLYING BY! Obviously, Silencia's excited. "Oh my goodness, was that a dragon?!" The dragon seems to be gone already, leaving Silencia a bit disappointed. She had only heard of dragons in fairytales and it was so very exciting to be able to meet one. Maybe next time. She returns her attention to Rayne, already calming herself down so she can focus properly. "Sounds perfectly fine to me! Let me get settled as well!" She sits down on the ground, her legs crossed. She sighs and closes her eyes, resting the palms of her hands on her knees. It doesn't take long for the priestess to breathe out all the excitement and excess energy that kept her from concentrating. She seems in a very trance-like state. Silencia simply focuses on the feeling of Mother Nature's embrace enveloping her. She forgets the world and fills her senses with nature, as much as she can. Already some vines and roots seem to erect around her (though not covering her), as if the nature itself wishes to protect her as she dives into the root of her connection to nature.

Rayne looks up at the dragon as well. "Huh? Yeah... I wonder what she's screaming about..." She recognizes the coloration and assumes it to be the same dragon she saw before. "I think her name is Sun? I've seen her before. Once." She really doesn't seem remotely as excited about the existence of the dragon as Silencia. "Go right ahead," she says as she places the pad in her lap. She takes a pencil to hand and waits for Silencia to be fully settled before she begins her sketching.

The priestess is an image of silent contemplation, her eyes closed, her back straight and her chin held up high. She doesn't even seem bothered by the fact that the tips of her hair seem to brush against the soil. She is in the embrace of Mother Nature, where she should be. Even Silencia's breathing seems to sync with the gentle blow of the wind through the trees. To the outside observer, there doesn't seem to be much to look at, but on the inside, Silencia is diving deeper and deeper into her connection, seeking for the power and skills that are waiting for her. It takes two hours before something can be seen.

Or, not be seen, to be more precise. At first it started like a flicker, as if it was a hallucination caused by tired eyes. But then it gets increasingly more difficult to see Silencia. The girl still doesn't move a muscle, but it looks like she's starting to blend in perfectly with the nature surrounding her. She's still there, one can see her if they focus on where she is while knowing she's there, but just a blink would break that concentration enough for her to disappear again. Even her scent and magical presence seems to be sucked up by the nature, leaving nothing behind of her presence.

Rayne is by now on her third attempt at drawing Silencia. While her first one wasn't very good, she was actually pleased with her second attempt! this third one, Rayne's even more pleased with how it's looking, she's getting the hair just right. And then she looks back up from her sketch pad and Silencia's gone. A pity, this was looking to be an excellent drawing-WAIT! "Sil? Silencia!" She drops the pad before dropping herself from the branch, landing... poorly, her forgotten heels sinking into the soft pine needles surrounding the tree. She tumbles backwards, but luckily she's close enough to the tree that its not much of a fall before she's leaning against it. She scans the area, seeking any sign of the priestess. "Kotal is gonna kill me!"

Silencia perks up at Rayne's panicked voice. She opens her eyes and glances confusedly at the phoenix. "Woa, calm down Rayne, what's wrong?" Her voice is completely normal and audible, as if she was still sitting in her regular spot. If Rayne would focus on the spot where she knew Silencia was sitting, then she would be able to see her again, though it would need her concentration. "Why would Kotal kill you? Nothing happened..." Silencia doesn't seem to be aware of the change in her... presence

Rayne very intelligently says, "Uhhhhhhhh." She looks around trying to pinpoint the location of the voice. She looks at the area that Silencia was seated, but clearly isn't looking directly at her, at least not for a few seconds, when she is finally able to make her out again. "That... was a neat trick," she says, clearly a little bewildered.

Silencia gets up from the ground and walks over to Rayne, the closer she gets, the more visible she becomes. She has a worried expression on. "Rayne.. are you alright? Why were you so surprised? I didn't do anything..." She did notice that the embrace of mother nature had enveloped her completely, but she hadn't thought any of it. Surely that wasn't what made Rayne act all surprised?

"You... You went invisible!" blurts out Rayne. "I was drawing you, I looked down to make a few lines, and I looked up and you were gone!" She's definitely still running a little high on adrenaline, and is breathing quite heavily.

Rayne's words make Silencia's eyes widen slightly in disbelief. Invisible? "No way... you're joking..." She takes one step back, it seems like the more distance she has, the more invisible she becomes, already flickering in and out of visibility in front of Rayne with that one step she took. "I'm not able to do that!"

Rayne says, "Um... Yes. Yes you are able to do that. That or I'm hallucinating. Seriously, I was in the middle of what was probably my best drawing of a person and I just stopped because you vanished to me. And you're... flickering now." She can't keep eye contact with Silencia, of course, her eye twitching left and right as she tries to keep Silencia in focus."

Of course, the first thing Silencia does at Rayne's comments is stare down at her own hands. Her invisibility does not affect her though, so she doesn't see any flickering. She then glances back up at Rayne. Maybe that feeling of Mother Nature embracing her held this as a skill to her? She closes her eyes again and lets Mother Nature's presence slip away from her, the flickering stopping and the girl once again in full view. She opens her eyes at peeks at Rayne. "Is this better?" Silencia seems excited, of course, she has found another skill and a useful one at that!

Rayne's gaze is now more solidly on Silencia, and she looks a bit more relieved. "Yes! You are now solid again." She lets out a deep breath; she really was in quite a panic for a moment there. She reaches up to the branch she was just on and leans a bit heavily on it. "Okay..."

Twisted is a large place. Far larger than first imagined. Despite the desire to return quickly to the park and her teammates, Mayumi found herself gone far longer. Once it became clear she was not going to see everything she had planned to without far more time at hand she decided to cut her exploration short. In order to make her circuit faster Mayumi decided to jog and so when she returns she is slightly damp around the edges and has the glow that comes with healthy exercise. Panting slighting she moves through the park towards that certain magical pull that surrounds Rayne and Silencia. It is easy enough to find when no one else is about and right now the area around Sil may as well be a Roman candle.

Slowing to a brisk walk she grins at the triumphant looking priestess then turns to Rayne and... "Are you okay!?" Mayumi's pace picks up as she hurries over to the unsteady looking Second. According to her memory Silencia is supposed to be training and Ray sketching, so why does Rayne look so close to panic? Slipping close and on guard Mayu checks her thigh for her knife hilt and places a protective hand on her Second while leaving her primary hand free. "What happened?" This is directed at both women, her concern evident.

Silencia smiles softly and lets Rayne calm down before grinning widely. "If what you're saying is true, then that's fantastic! I mean, I'm sorry that I startled you, but I'm really happy right now!" Mayumi's arrival makes Silencia pause in her excited babbling. She grins when her mind immediately moves on over to mischief. She wonders if she could actually pull this off..."This happened!" Silencia takes a couple of steps back, closing her eyes and focusing on Mother Nature once more.

It takes her longer than she would like (but no two hours, that's for sure), but she starts flickering in and out of sight again before disappearing completely. The whole process took about five minutes from being completely visible to being invisible. She's still standing where she was, just a couple of feet away from Mayumi and Rayne, she's just not visible. She seems to have blended into nature perfectly, even her scent and magical presence seem to be swallowed up by the nature around them. It's as if she was never there. The only indication of Silencia still being there is a soft giggle that escaped her.

Rayne looks like she's finally almost back to normal before Mayumi puts her hand on Rayne. Unfortunately for the Second, Rayne wasn't really paying that much attention to Mayumi at the time, and wasn't really prepared for the touch. As a result, Rayne nearly jumps straight up onto the branch she was just leaning again. She might have, too, except for the fact that she's wearing heels. The end result of this is a startled yelp and Rayne loosing her footing again, this time with a remarkably ungraceful crumpling to the ground. "...Yeah.... that happened," she replies as Silencia starts to fade out.

In her desire to defend Mayumi has completely forgotten that Rayne doesn't like to be touched. Of course she's only known her for a short time and hasn't had much reason to remember not to touch. When Ray jumps away like a cat escaping water Mayu retracts her arm and brings her hands up before her chest, palms facing out. "Sorry, sorry! It's okay." And now she can't help her up either. Sighing she turns to look at what the still hyper seeming Silencia wishes to show her and blinks rapidly as the girl fades from sight. "What the...?" Right, a new skill Sil wanted to try out. "That's awesome." And freaky. She can see why Rayne might have looked a bit... unsettled. Mayumi gets a tad pale herself.

Silencia is like a little kid that found a new toy to play with, except that the toy is a new skill. Finally her many days of training had helped her make progress! In her excitement, the girl lets go of her connection to nature, leaving her completely visible once more. Her smile is bright, her eyes are sparkling and the priestess is almost glowing. "I can't wait to show Kotal!" She does push back her excitement to walk over to Rayne and crouch down, glancing into similarly violet eyes. "You okay, Rayne? Need some help getting up?" She presents her hands, not touching the girl, but offering them. She has made the phoenix panic enough already, so she held herself back from touching Rayne.

Rayne holds up a hand straight up, index finger extended towards the sky. "I'm fine." She does manage to get herself back up to her feet. "You mean you can't wait to not show Kotal?" Yeah, she still looks a little high strung, but she's attempting to make jokes, at least. "Sorry, Mayumi, I'm just a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitle bit high strung right now. When Sil first vanished, it was when I was looking at my page for a moment. I kinda panicked a bit."

Mayumi double facepalms. Slowly her hands slide up into her hair and tug at the roots. Usually she isn't inclined towards violence towards innocents, but Sil is becoming an exception. This is the second time in the day that she has wanted to give out a spanking to the same person. "Oh no, let her show him," she replies to Rayne while trying not to glare at Silencia. It wouldn't be fair since she wasn't trying to scare them; at least Mayu didn't think that was her purpose. "It's fine Rayne. I'm sorry I forgot you don't like to be touched." Leaning back against the trees trunk she forces a smile on her face and the tension from her shoulders. "So, Silencia, what exactly did you just do?"

Silencia rises with Rayne, watching her cautiously, ready to grab her if she would lose her footing again. Rayne's little joke does get a soft chuckle from Silencia. "Yeah... something like that! And sorry again for scaring you, I really didn't know that I was doing something like that...Or else I would've warned you!" Because she's so busy with Rayne, she doesn't notice Mayumi's frustration. Her question makes Silencia pause though, peeking at Mayumi thoughtfully. "To be honest, I'm not exactly sure myself... The only thing I know is that I explored my connection with mother nature and felt her embrace... before I knew it, Rayne was yelling out in panic. Just now, I simply recalled that feeling from before and it happened again..." It's not clear if Silencia is pretending not to notice the strained way Mayumi's smile presents itself or if she's actually too preoccupied to see, but she doesn't seem to react to Mayumi's annoyance.

Rayne says, "It's... okay, Mayumi. Don't worry about it. I'm trying to get better, I just need to... prepare." She grimaces and blushes a bit in embarrassment, but at least her footing is fine now. "Jeeze, would the both of you stop apologizing already?" she says in response to Silencia's own repeated apology. "It's good that you improved yourself, and... I'm the one with the social anxiety, I don't expect everyone always to remember it."

Mayumi listens quietly to what Silencia tells her, using the time to calm her nerves. Demons never upset her this much. As the priestess turns her attention to Rayne she straightens up and lets go of the last of the strong emotion. Having a team around is nice so far, but at the same time she isn't used to being around others who have power. It's really hard to get used to not worrying about being the only who can see danger or defend against it. This new role is going to take some getting used to. More so than the all the weirdness that Twisted can produce. "If you don't like being touched, you don't like it. As your teammate I will respect that unless the situation specifically warrants it," Mayu replies with a shrug.

Silencia smiles relievedly when she sees that Rayne is alright and steady on her feet. She seems to relax a bit, which allows her to feel the exhaustion settle in. Using new skills, especially ones she hasn't used before, always drains the priestess of her energy, so this was no exception. She rubs her eyes and cracks her neck, smiling tiredly. "Well then, if you're alright, then I should go ahead and get some rest now... I'm stiff all over..." The excitement has faded as well as the worry, leaving behind a tired little Silencia. "Please excuse me..." She waves before leaving, really craving some sleep now. She's the complete opposite of the Silencia before, who had been giddy with energy.

Rayne says, "Well, I won't complain about you not touching... Look, it's something I want to try to fix. It's actually a relatively recent... tic. I've gone three and a half centuries just fine, then I screw up my..." She pauses, now blushing a bit more fiercely as she looks to the ground. "...It's recent." She then blinks and looks up as Silencia announces that she's suddenly quite tired. "Adrenaline's worn off, eh? Alright, you take care, Sil."

Mayumi nods as Rayne speaks, wondering what she stopped herself from saying. They aren't close enough for her to ask just yet, but she can't help her curiosity. "Just let me know if I can do anything to help." Mayu notices the priestess suddenly begin to droop as the excitement wears off. "Be careful heading back to TASK. We'll see you later."

Rayne says, "Yeah, I just...." She frowns. "Give me time for now. Now is not good. I'm too high strung now." She sighs, crouching down to pick up the drawing pad again. "I've promised another friend, Casdy, that I'd try to get better at it. She has a self professed love of hugs, which is... Not something I deal with well right now. But we made an agreement, so I'm going to try to get better." She looks through the three most recent sketches, all of Silencia, all from the same angle. These were apparently done while Silencia was 'training,' and there is clear improvement between the first and second. The third looks like it would have been excellent had Rayne time to finish it. "I'm probably not going to be able to finish that one. If I tried from memory, I'd probably ruin what I already have."

"The mind and body are not always at peace with one another. But patience can sometimes see them com to an agreement," Mayumi replies as if quoting someone or something. She peers over Rayne's shoulder to see the sketches, her eyes alight at the talent demonstrated there. "Those are really good. Maybe you can ask Silencia to pose for you?" Remembering the package she had brought with her, Mayumi looks around until she finds it just a short ways away where she had set it down in her haste. Grabbing it up she opens it carefully and sighs in relief to find the contents undamaged. "I brought snacks with me, some steamed buns I found in a little shop. Hungry?"

Rayne smiles to Mayumi, and it's apparent that she's starting to relax again. "Thanks! Presumably these overall circumstances will be repeated... though hopefully without the panic attack. So it's probably going to happen, yeah. I'm still pretty reluctant to ask people to model, on account of how... painful it can be to stand still for excessive amounts of time. These circumstances just lined up well enough that it was kind of a win-win for the both of us. She gets someone watching over her to make sure nothing goes wrong, I get a subject that's sitting still for two hours before vanishing into thin air." As the snacks are brought out, her eyes widen slightly. "Well, I wasn't until you brought those out!"

Mayu laughs and opens the bag wide in offering. "Help yourself, I got plenty of them. Most are spicy pork, but a couple are vegetable. I can tell you that they are all delicious." After letting Rayne take her pick Mayumi takes one as well and is happy to feel that they are still warm. "I don't have a phobia, but I can understand about not wanting to be touched. My first, and only attempt, at dating ended with a broken wrist and lots of quick explanations to the police." She winces at the memory before biting into the bun and quickly forgetting as the spicy meat and soft delicious dough take over her senses. In short order that bun is gone and another is in her hands. "I didn't realize I'd burned so much energy." Nom, nom, nom!

Rayne appears to be sticking with the spicy stuff. "My last attempt at dating screwed up a planned arranged marriage and ended with me running away from society and the paparazzi to a backwater planet whose upper atmosphere tends to fry electronics on the way down. But at least no bones were broken!" She then commences with her own nomming.

Mayumi pauses mid-bite to stare at Rayne. "You win. No one pulled out video cameras for me." Thankfully no one had actually seen her break the jerks wrist when he tried to feel her up. And no one would have known either if the whiny coward hadn't started sniffling and sobbing in the middle of the restaurant. Ugh, that had been a horrible night. "So did the other person want to marry you instead?" Curiosity may have killed the cat, but that's why they have nine lives. Mayu polishes off her bun and picks up a veggie one while she waits to see if Rayne will answer her or not.

"Uggggh," Rayne sighs as she face palms. "Well, I'm the one that brought it up, so I might as well not leave you hanging." She removes her hand from her face - only to stuff it with more spicy pork bun. Once that has been dealt with, she starts talking again. "Okay, so, I'm... sort of from a noble family. I say 'sort of' because my mother was adopted into it and I was born out of wedlock. So fast forward a couple hundred years and House Hurris decides their star Admiral needs an actual husband, and tries to hook her up with the heir to House Gales. Who was my childhood best friend's older brother, who I had a crush on when I was a kid. Do you see where this is going?"

Mayumi chews and swallows, pausing in her face stuffing. There is no comment about the 'couple hundred years' thing. Right now the safest policy she can think of is to smile and nod and go with it. "Are arrangement like that common where you are from?" She tilts her head to peer at Rayne and grins. "Did you try to save him from a loveless marriage?"

Rayne says, "Ehhhhh, I wish I could say it was noble like that, but no. I just went all stupid around him and... got caught by the media doing so. Arranged marriages aren't that common, but the nobles are expected to get married and to do so with someone of high station. And neither of them had, so the higher ups on both ends decided to take things into their own hands. My mother may have been adopted in, but, like I said, star admiral and all that. Workaholic, never really got around to the whole 'continuing the honor of the family line' thing." She finishes off her pork bun and grabs another. "These are really good, where did you get them from again?"

Mayumi frowns as she swallows the last of the bun. "But why would that cause anyone to get upset with you? So you had a crush on him. No big deal as long as he went through with it, or decided to marry someone else." To the second part she tilts her head back to think and comes up with nothing. "You know, I really don't remember where I got them. It was a little stand, rather than a proper shop. They just smelled so much like home I had to have them. My mother would be amazed." A touch of wistfulness seeps into her voice at the thought of her mother. The woman always knew that her daughter was doing dangerous work and that she could vanish at any time. Still, it had to be hard not to know. "The next time I head that way I'll pay a bit more attention." Not that it would be hard to find. Nothing else smelled quite like perfectly seasoned steamed buns.

Rayne says, "Like I said. The last time I tried dating." She leaves it at that, but it's clear something more went on than just her crushing on the guy again. "Hrm. Well, I suppose I need to visit the food stands more often, then. I suppose I have too much of a tendency to go to the Usual and order, uh, the usual stuff. And of course Kotal's cooking whenever it becomes available, but really, who wouldn't?" Other than people who don't like spicy food, that is."

Mayumi starts to suggest that Ray try dating again, but seeing as she never did either. Well, pot meet kettle. Putting the kabosh on that idea she instead grabs another bun, taking her time with this one. Sampling the dough she notices that while it is very similar to ones from Earth, it has a few noticeable differences. Nothing that would stop her from consuming them en masse, but enough to let her know they are a different breed. "Mmm, Taichou really does well in the kitchen. Now we just need a bigger coffee pot." Mayu winks at Rayne. "Do you do regular patrols around the area, or usually just tackle things when they get really bad? I thinking that assigning teams to specific sectors might be most effective. Everyone would have backup and get to know different parts of the area."

Rayne says, "Oh, gods, do we have to talk about work? It's my day off." She sighs, and responds anyway. "Yeah, I do regular patrols. Twisted itself is fairly small, so teams to sectors isn't... that important. Neo-Edo's outside our jurisdiction, Kotal said someone else is handling the defense of that side of the bridge." She shrugs. "And Morgana handles the waters. She's pretty damn protective of the sea, and doesn't really get along well with Kotal. So with the amount of officers we have, we have enough to just have people out and about on patrol and we're fine. I'm more thinking we need teams for tasks... we really do need someone that knows what they're doing with investigation. And an actual judiciary system."

Mayumi considers continuing to talk about 'work' because it's interesting and because that is one of the few things she has here that's something close to normal. But, as Rayne said, it's her day off and it wouldn't be fair to take that rest period away. "Okay," she replies. "So, what do you usually do on your day off? I'm still not familiar with the area really, but I imagine that there have to be entertainments." Part of her wants to propose shopping, but she isn't sure she's up to that sort of stress.

Rayne says, "Weeelll, I've been trying out drawing lately, in case you hadn't noticed." She winks quickly before continuing onward. "But I'm also a decent angler, so I frequent the Zeku-Kari docks. If I've got a whole day off, I like to explore Neo-Edo... A week or so ago Sil, Ren, and I made a shopping trip to the mall there, but I kinda blew most of my money on Sil's picks for me, so not much of a point to heading there again soon." She frowns at that, then shrugs. "Sometimes I just go to the park and sit in a tree."

"Well I do enjoy fishing, though I haven't done so in ages. Not since the last time I was able to visit my Grandfather for a week. He makes his own lures and tries them out in the small river near his home." A look into the bag shows two last buns which she offers to Rayne. "Vegetable or pork?" She takes whichever one is left and crumples the bag to dispose of later. "Since I only just started working I don't have any money to spend on shopping anyway. My drawing skills are limited to stick figures, but I can pose for you if you want. Holding positions is not really an issue for me."

Rayne says, "You know, I'll go for a vegetable one this time." She nods to Mayumi in thanks as she takes it and munches down. Once that bite has been properly dealt with, she nods again. "Well, when we've both saved up enough, perhaps we can go together, and I'm sure Sil will insist on coming along as well... though I was thinking of saving up enough for a motorcycle." When Mayumi offers to model, Rayne takes her appearance in as a whole, and smiles. "Yeah, I'd appreciate that. I think I need to keep things varied up, that way I get better at everything rather than sticking to the same subject... I can't tell you how many sketches of the fountain I have." She points over her shoulder with a thumb towards the park's fountain while shoving the last of the vegetable bun into her mouth with her other hand. "Have you modeled before? I found that the standing still part was surprisingly difficult and painful, unless you're basically in a position you can fall asleep in."

Mayumi nombles her pork bun and nods her head. "I'm sure she will too. By then I'm sure I will need several new pairs of everything." Traveling through interdimensional portals does not leave time for packing a bag. The motorcycle comment gets raised brows and a smile. Later she and Rayne can compare notes on the most awesome of vehicles. "Well considering that I do yoga, tai-chi, and martial arts I've learned to hold really odd poses for fairly long periods. My teachers didn't stand for imperfections. Especially the judo sensei." A combination smile and grimace takes over her face as she turns towards the fountain. "Just let me know where and how. If I need to adjust to make sure I can hold it I will let you know."

Rayne says, "Well, maybe I should have gone into those things before I attempted modeling, then, it would have made it a lot more enjoyable." She rotates her shoulder and winces slightly as she recalls some of the specific physical pains. "But for now, I think I'd like to get out of the park before it gets dark today, yeah?" She stands as she says this, then bows lightly. "Thank you for the buns, they were delicious."

Mayumi returns the bow a little deeper. "You are very welcome and it was my pleasure." Making her way to the fountain she settles into the lotus position, something she can hold for hours on end. "Is this okay, or do you want something different?"

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