2016-01-21 - The Light Grows

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The Light Grows

Summary: Silencia continues to grow in strength as she acquires new powers.

Who: Kotal_Kahn, Silencia
When: January 21,2016
Where: Kotal Kahn's Room

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Silencia had spent quite a while sleeping, the girl had exhausted herself training again. This time she had finally made a breakthrough, so her sleep was that much more sweet. When she finally wakes up, she realises she had slept more than she expected to, it was already late in the afternoon. She stretches lazily, her hair ruffled and her face puffy. She had rested quite well! She peeks around Kotal's room, getting up from her makeshift bed. She had stayed over at Kotal's place at first because she hadn't had a place of her own, but she stayed because she really didn't like being alone at night, whenever she tried to sleep alone, she always ended up going over to Kotal's because she couldn't sleep. It was completely innocent though, she had made her own little bed in the corner of the room. Silencia rubs her eyes and peeks around the room, wondering where Kotal might be.

Kotal Kahn is not the kind of deity that demands privacy at all times. Whereas other gods and goddess have entire sanctuaries built for themselves, Huitzilopotchli is a god of the people and has no problems living in a small room cramped with other people.

Its not strange that Silencia would take residence in Kotal's room since, frankly, his entire Krew crash on it as well too. The real reason why the fairy might want to scoot close to the sleeping war god might not be so much because she's lonely but because she might not want to get crushed by Torr rolling on his side and falling on top of her.

Either way, rather strangely, there's no one in the room today, not even Ermac who's usually floating in the corner meditating.

That doesn't last long though as the door to Kotal's room suddenly flings up and in comes the Aztec warrior covered in blood and looking more than a little exhausted. "Ugh.." He gives a grunt and sets his massive macuahuitl sword to the side before removing his helmet. "What a day." He mumbles to himself.

Silencia perks up surprisedly when the door flings open, her peacefully quiet moment gone. She rises to her feet when she notices it's Kotal who enters, the girl already smiling. "Welcome back! What happened?" She then pauses and looks around at the empty room. "And where is everyone?" Waking up all peaceful like this was nice every once in awhile, but when you're used to a bit of a crowd, it becomes a bit odd when one finds themselves alone.

"Greetings, my priestess." Says Kotal sounding awfully non-chalant for currently being covered nearly from head to toe in blood. "My warriors and I ran into some miscreants whom we had to kombat. Some of them were injured and are off nursing their injuries." So that's where his krew are apparently. Does TASK even have a medical bay though? Who knows, knowing Kotal he probably told them all to stop being babies and stitch their limbs back in place.

Silencia peeks worriedly at the door, playing with her necklace. "Oh my... I hope no one is hurt too bad.. Maybe I should go and help?" First thing's first though, the priestess soon finds herself gently pushing Kotal over to his throne and forcing him to sit. She quickly checks him for injuries, though she's pretty sure he would not have any wounds that would threaten him. "I should have expected that though... as expected from the War God..." She grins as she teases the god lightly. "You look way too exhausted to have faced just 'some miscreants' though!" She gently wipes a bit of blood off of Kotal's cheek as she finishes up her examination. "You should get yourself cleaned up!" She pets his uncovered head smilingly, her motherly nature peeking through.

"No need." Kotal waves off Silencia's concern about wanting to help the rest of his injured warriors. "Nothing but flesh wounds, and Erron Black is more than capable of putting his arm back in his own shoulder socket." So.. it looks like some of them really /did/ lose limbs over that fight. Then again this is Kotal and his warriors, they probably lose limbs all the time and consider them flesh wounds.

Before he can say anything else though, Silencia is ushering back to his throne and the war god grunts in annoyance as the girl continues to dote on him. Giving that they are in private though he just bears with it for now. "They were naught but miscreants to me at least." Clearly they posed more problems to the rest of his fighters since they are all probably in the medical bay.

"But I should clean all this blood off me." Not that he minds being covered in blood but the Director of TASK should look presentable. "Do you wish to join me in the bath?"

Silencia frowns worriedly as Kotal mentions the wounds of the others. "That does not sound like nothing..." She would have to visit the rest of the warriors to make sure they're okay and provide healing. Even though Kotal does not seem to think much of it, Silencia is very protective about everyone already and she doesn't like the thought of them walking around with wounds. Silencia was caught by surprise when Kotal asks if Silencia would like to join him in the bath. Her eyes widen, cheeks flush a bright red and the usually cheery priestess turns into a stuttering mess. "Wh..what?! O..of c..course n...n..not!" She takes a step back and presses the backs of her hands to her cheeks to try to cool them down. She then peeks at the door. "I.. sh..shall help the o..other w..warriors w..with the injuries... enjoy your b..bath..." Silencia curses herself for stuttering this much. She peeks at Kotal. How could he be that nonchalant about something like that? She needed to escape and calm herself down, her embarrassment caused her to stutter noticeably and she hated her stutter, it made it too obvious that she was embarrassed!

Either Kotal is completely oblivious to the social implications or nudity is completely normal to him. Then again, he does walk around wearing nothing but a helmet, a loincloth and sandals, so the latter is more likely the case.

"Hm? Suit yourself." He says with a shrug, apparently not even noticing just how extremely embarrassed Silencia is. By the time she's making for the door, Kotal is already opening a pool in the middle of his room and taking his sandals off.

Silencia quickly steps out of the room, closing the door behind her, her cheeks still blushing brightly. She leans against the door and breathes slowly, trying to calm herself down. She wouldn't want people to see her like this, they would want an explanation. It takes her a couple of minutes, but she manages to calm herself down and she sets off to find the rest of the warriors to heal them. That would take her mind off of things!

The warriors had quite the injuries, just as Silencia thought. She spends her time with healing and babying the warriors, scolding them on being reckless even! After half an hour, Silencia was done healing and babying them, allowing them to disperse to run around, doing whatever they like. She soon finds herself back at the door of Kotal's room, hesitant to come back in. She knocks on the door, something she hasn't done in awhile. "Uhm... Kotal? A..are you done?" Damn that stutter!

Give Kotal a little credit here, he's not going to take 30 minutes to shower! When Silencia returns from her trip to the medical bay and knocks the god's door, she'll see the door magically opening itself as Kotal bids her to enter. "Yes, I am finished."

There the Aztec deity sits in his throne, chin resting on his knuckles and elbow on the skull that makes his arm rest. He has all his gear back on too and he's slowly drumming his fingers, pondering something.

Silencia seems relieved to see Kotal dressed, well, as dressed as he gets. The priestess steps into the room and quickly moves to clean up the mess she had made of her makeshift bed while sleeping. She hadn't had time to tidy up before and so, she took this opportunity to, while Kotal seems lost in thought. When done, she turns to Kotal and hums curiously, making her way over to him. "What's wrong? You seem lost in thought, Kotal..." She had been planning to drag Kotal out and show him the new skill she had acquired, but her curiosity would always win a battle like that.

"It is nothing, Silencia." At the very least Kotal seems capable of snapping out it easily enough and straightening up. Whatever it was he was thinking about wouldn't let him keep his attention away from his priestess for long.

He leans forward and rests his elbow on his knee now, glowing golden eyes focusing on the fairy girl. "Tell me, how goes your training?"

Silencia can't seem to hide her excitement, the priestess feeling giddy again as she remembers the events of the day before. "My control and speed has been improving and the more I practise, the less energy I seem to use!" She grins playfully, in a very good mood. "There's also something else I've been working on... though showing you would be better than telling you about it! We would need to relocate to a more nature-filled area though..."

Now that /does/ sound intriguing. Kotal had noticed that Silencia's power had grown exponentially ever since he shared with her the power of the sun and he was eager to see just how much she had improved over the days. "Easily enough." Responds the Aztec warrior who arises from his throne and makes a commanding gesture to the ceiling.

In the blink of an eye, Kotal's room twists and vanishes, and both of them are instantly transported to the park! "Show me what you can do."

Silencia blinks surprisedly, the sudden transportation had left her a bit desorientated. "Woa... that's going to be a bit difficult to get used to..." She takes a moment to collect her bearings before she wanders off towards the trees, glancing over her shoulder at Kotal. As the shade of the trees covers her, she closes her eyes and focuses, her necklace giving off a soft glow for a moment before she starts to flicker in and out of sight, standing still between the trees. Though Kotal had the advantage of their connection as priestess and god and would easily be able to locate her through that, there is no other indication of her presence. She seems to blend in with the nature around her, her scent, her magical presence and her appearance all seem to have been sucked up by the nature, leaving behind nothing. Even with the connection, Kotal would only be able to see the general location of Silencia and not the girl herself. After a minute, Silencia's voice dances around, an excited and pure sound in the seemingly empty space. "Isn't it great? This is the most useful skill I've learnt so far!" A soft giggle is heard. "Poor Rayne got rather startled by this though..."

Despite the fact that Kotal can indeed still sense Silencia's location due to their unbreakable bond of god and priestess, disappearing like that is still quite the amazing skill. The Aztec is certain that even Reptile will envy Silencia's ability to vanish in such a way. "Amazing." He says in surprise, wide golden eyes following Silencia's movements as she remains invisible. He can track where she's going but can't see what she's doing and thus her voice echoing all around him is still quite unnerving.

"You are as if a fey in the forest. Dancing in the woodland around mortals." He says pensively. "Yet another reason to believe that you descend from a fairy lineage."

Kotal's words just encourage Silencia's excitement, for it was her lineage that was the biggest mystery of her life. That excitement allows her focus to slip though, revealing the could-be fairy once more, her invisiblity gone. "Do you really think so?" She grasps her necklace, the tiny violet stone hanging from it has always been her comfort. "It would be great if I were... at least I'd finally know... what I am..." She smiles, the girl calming down. "I did notice that this cloacking only seems to work around nature itself. Right now, I turn visible as soon as I step out of the shade of the trees, but maybe I'll be able to stay invisible with less cover if I train it..."

Kotal's gaze falls upon Silencia when she turns visible once more and he regards her necklace curiously. It is enigmatic enough that even he can't discern the true nature behind it, even though he's still fairly convinced that it fey in nature. Fairies are very mysterious creatures neither mortal nor gods, they are beyond the reach of even the Eldergods as they seem to reside beyond reality itself. As such, it is difficult for even Kotal to be sure.

Nevertheless, he senses that they are close to discover Silencia's true identity and he places a comforting hand on her head, caressing her hair. "In time, you will be able to turn invisible in any environment."

"Just as I went beyond my dependency of the sun, so will you better defend nature by not having to rely solely on it."

Silencia smiles softly as Kotal caresses her hair, the girl clearly liking the gentle contact. "I hope I can fulfill those expectations..." After little moment's peace, simply enjoying being petted, Silencia peeks up at Kotal. "I did notice that my magic seems to have gotten quite a bit stronger after I became your priestess, Kotal... it feels like the power of the sun you've granted me is nourishing the nature's magic that already resided in me..." Her smile widens. "It's almost as if these two powers were meant to be combined!"

The Aztec smiles too though his is more restrained. He breathes in deeply and looks to the side when Silencia mentions that her power has grown ever since Kotal blessed her with the sun. "It should be." He explains. "I've always had a close relationship with the Goddess Gaia, the Earth Mother." The Aztec says as if he was remembering fond memories.

"She and I have never seen completely eye to eye, of course. She loaths war and I thrive in it, but we both encourage the growth of humanity."

He looks again down to Silencia. "I would like to think that you becoming my priestess as a quiet blessing from her. Telling me that she and I are finally settling our differences."

Violet eyes meet gold ones as Silencia looks up at Kotal as he looks at her. The mention of the Earth Mother catches Silencia's attention. "As long as I can remember, there was a presence in the nature around me, a gentle, motherly presence... I would just refer to them as 'Mother Nature' but maybe it actually was the presence of Goddess Gaia..." This revelation might not seem large in other people's eyes, but to Silencia, this was huge. The girl grew up an orphan, with no one she could call 'her family' by her side. The thought that the Earth Mother had been watching over her for her whole life almost brought tears to the priestess' eyes. "M..maybe this was a blessing for the both of us..." Silencia suddenly becomes a bit self-conscious, covering her lips with her fingertips while gazing at the trees. "L..lets go back, Kotal... uhm... I was going to bake some cookies... yeah... cookies.." She was happy she could think of that so quickly. At the moment, all she wanted was to distract herself so she wouldn't burst out in tears. This had brought back memories that made her feel a bit homesick, especially because she never had the chance to properly say goodbye to the children at the orphanage.

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