2016-01-22 - Much Gravity in the Situation

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Much Gravity in the Situation

Summary: Rayne finishes a slightly odd workout session, and it sparks conversation.

Who: Rayne, Serenity, Silencia
When: January 22nd, 2016
Where: UR: Gym


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At the moment, Rayne is off on one of the secondary fighting pads... apparently fighting against herself. The holographic opponent generator has scanned her and produced a slightly off-color version of her to fight! At the moment, their movements seem odd... There's definitely more strain going on than typical, but it's likely the movement of her hair that would clue an observer into the fact that, on that pad, the gravity has been doubled. Rayne's fighting is, of course, definitely a lot less graceful than it typically is as a result.

Upon exiting the dance club, Ren fluffs fins from mimicking human-like movements to a more relaxed ripple of aquamarine muscle after completing a final twist of the body. On the way out, Ren diverts course toward the door of the gym, flattening forcefield and the end of the snout against the glass to peer inside. Ren looks a bit puzzled by the scene there, so peels off the window to open the door.

Silencia was a bit bored. She could go out and train and she was planning on doing just that, but for now, she just wanted to explore a bit more. The gym was one of the places she never checked out so she decided to do that today. When she notices Rayne training, Silencia smiles and makes her way over to the warrior. While walking, she notices something odd about Rayne, but she can't quite put her finger on it. She doesn't seem to realise that gravity has been tampered with. "Greetings, Rayne!" The holograph catches Silencia's attention and the girl seems intrigued as she watches the fight. She is aware that the holographic Rayne isn't an actual person, but she obviously does not know what it is. "Amazing!"

The off-color Rayne comes in fast... not as fast as Rayne usually is, but still fast. She swings downward with an overhead slice, using gravity's assistance to increase the power, but it's no good. The real Rayne moves in just a hair faster and gets inside her false self's guard, slamming her shoulder into the other's chest. The resulting collision, sideways so as to not be made more difficult by the increased gravity, knocks the false Rayne off of the pad. The system is apparently set up to treat this as a victory for the real Rayne, as the hologram vanishes as soon as it hits the ground outside the pad.

Breathing deeply, Rayne turns to look towards Silencia as she's greeting. "Heya... *pant* Sil... *pant* What's up?" She remains on the pad, moving slightly left to right. It doesn't look like she's about to fall over so much as she wants to keep moving. She then waves as she sees Ren through the window.

Serenity pours inside and waves a 'wing' to Rayne and Silencia before slipping over for a closer look. The disappearing hologran gets a puzzled frown as Ren wanders to Silencia's side. "Hello," Ren rasps, adding with an inquisitive note, "It looks as though you are getting quite the workout too, Rayne."

Silencia stares at the spot the fake Rayne had been before turning her attention back the the real one. "What was that?!" She peeks back at Serenity and smiles. "Oh, hey Serenity!" She then turns back to Rayne, the girl getting really curious. "That thing... that disappeared, it looked exactly like you!"

"Yup! Sure was!" the rainbow-haired woman exclaims to Ren. She still remains within the boundaries of the fighting pad, however, and still won't keep still. "That, Sil, was a holographic opponent. I wanted to try something out, but no one else seemed to want to, so I just used the HOG to fight myself. It scanned me, copied me into this pad, and I fought myself. And won!"

"That's an interesting technology," Ren remarks thoughtfully while regarding the fighting mat and Rayne. "It didn't occur to me that the sort of technology used for building and repairing might manage to copy the forms of people as well." Ren motions toward Silencia and says "I wonder if someone fitting armor could use it." Ren adds with a grin, "Or someone drafting choreography, for that matter."

Silencia glances between Rayne and Serenity, a big grin on her face. "That is amazing!" She chuckles softly. "I really should get used to coming across things I couldn't even think of before, but this is just... amazing!" She couldn't find any other word to describe it with. Ren's comment about using such technology for things like fitting armor gets a gasp. "Would something like that even be possible? How convenient!" Silencia then pauses and grins at Rayne. "Oh and before I forget, congrats with winning!"

Rayne says, "Of course it can be used for stuff like that! This is much better than it is in my home universe, what with the tactile part being so strong. It could probably be done in my universe, but the power usage for the way I can think would be through the roof. But it can be and is used for fashion design and general entertainment purposes pretty regularly back home. Not so sure about choreography, but I don't see why not." She nods to Silencia, still not standing still, "Thanks!"

Serenity smiles at Silencia's enthusiasm. "Now, we don't have anything of the sort where I am from, save perhaps robots virtually painted by augmented reality," Ren adds. "And I can't easily get used to what I have never even thought of before. That sounds rather dull, accept novelty without excitement or protest." Ren attempts to mimic Rayne's motion, not in a very precise way, but with ripples that shift between two positions and accelerate to shorten the time in between. "You're still doing an endurance exercise, Rayne?" Ren asks, motioning a pair of right fins toward her.

Silencia seems to be staring at Rayne, noticing that the simple movements she makes seem to be rather straining on the warrior. "That's another thing, you move like it's more difficult to do so... how come?" Coming from a medieval time, Silencia had never learned of gravity whatsoever, so she found this rather intriguing as well, especially since she got a good look and was sure she wasn't imagining this.

Rayne nods to Ren. "Exactly. I've the gravity cranked up a bit here. It's actually kind of a challenge to keep standing, let alone keep moving." She motions for Silencia to come to her. "It's easiest to explain if you're over here, really."

"Controlling the gravity in a single spot?" Ren repeats uncertainly. "That sounds rather extreme for exercise equipment, but I suppose it does save one from needing so many different sets of weights." As Rayne invites Silencia over, Ren approaches too, but only with a pair of extended fins and a 'finger' of them extended.

Silencia moves closer to Rayne, placing a foot on the pad. Wait. What? She glances down at her foot, it felt really heavy! She peeks at Rayne and cautiously takes another step, getting on the fighting pad. Now, because she noticed how heavy her foot became, she can keep herself from collapsing from the sudden change in gravity, but that does not make it easier to bear. It is obvious that the girl has a harder time with the gravity than Rayne, but she's also stubborn, wanting to experience this. "Everything feels so much heavier! Amazing! How were you able to fight like this?!"

Rayne motions over to a wall full of free weights at what Ren says. "Well, they have all the weights, too... and some of them I can't even budge." She laughs at Silencia's reaction to stepping onto the higher gravity area. "Well, it helped that my opponent was effected just the same. But still, I think the best way to answer your question is with 'not easily.' But that's the point of training, right? I'm just not sure if trying to increase my muscle strength is really worth the effort for me, seeing as my body could get reset. Still, it's an interesting experience, and I wanted to try it out. And now I want out of it." With that, she makes her way off the pad, and nearly loses her footing as she does so. It's difficult to adjust both ways, it seems. "You don't want to be in high gravity for too long, Sil. It can actually be really rough on your heart, and can make you light headed after a bit." Now in normal gravity, she lets out a breath. "Oh, man. It can be a workout just to stand in that."

Serenity seems satisfied testing the gravity with just a small portion of fin but also watches Silencia's attempt curiously. "Might this sort of training also increase your experience with adapting to encumbrance?" Ren asks. As Rayne stumbles, Ren doesn't attempt to catch her, but does frown and flutter slightly back and to the side. "That is something you can hold onto, yes?"

Silencia slowly moves her arms up, struggling against gravity. It doesn't take long for her to give up and let them fall to her side once more. She doesn't stay on the pad for long though, even if Rayne hadn't warned her of the dangers. She is careful stepping out, but still stumbles, just barely catching herself. "Wow... that was quite the experience!" Silencia grins excitedly.

Rayne says, "It can, Ren... but I'd just wear a heavy backpack for that. High Gs just plain make lifting everything, including yourself, more difficult." She once again grins at Silencia's reaction. "Invigoratin', isn't it? Few things get your blood pumping like high Gs. Because it has to, or ya pass out."

Serenity slides out of Silencia's way too before pausing to 'stand' near the two. "I see," Ren acknowledges, nodding thoughtfully to Rayne. Ren regards Silencia with a flicker of concern at Rayne's latter bit of information. "Well, perhaps the simulated opponent without the gravity change would provide more lasting benefit. I'm sure that Kotal could do a better job, but the town does only have one of him too." Ren motions to Silencia with a flourish of 'wing' and adds with a smile, "Now, some of us are happy with other sorts of exercise. I, for one, am quite happy staying in neutral buoyancy."

Silencia laughs and nods smilingly at Rayne. "It really is! Imagine how difficult it would be to get up if you fall down in there!" Silencia notices Ren's concerned look and smiles. "I'm okay, Serenity, don't worry!" This little exploration has taken away all her boredom indeed!

Rayne says, "Well, yeah, that would be what most people do, Ren, and I've done before plenty of times. But I wanted to try something different today! And I'm sure Kotal could take the higher settings on the gravity... Which I think would turn me to paste. But yeah, having a skeleton really helps with handling gravity." She pats her cheeks, feeling the rush of blood up to her head as her body recovers from the doubled gravity. The result is of course a flushing of her face."

Serenity nods in reply to Silencia. Ren seems to listen thoughtfully to Rayne's explanation but frowns at 'paste'. "If TASK is shopping for armor," Ren inquires, looking from on to the other, "is a robotic skeleton a practical option, or is that too involved for something mainly intended to be decorative?"

Silencia hums thoughtfully at Ren's suggestion, trying to imagine a robotic skeleton as armor. "I think that would be a bit much... and perhaps even difficult to move around in." She peeks at Rayne, smiling at the flushed female. "What do you think?

Rayne says, "Well, I've done a bit of work similar, working on some robotics... But I've not thought about exoskeletons for non-humanoids." She seems to ponder this for another moment. "I feel like controls would be the most difficult part, assuming we base it all around some sort of tank, or a field like you have now. Unless it mimics your movements somehow?"

Serenity nods in reply to Silencia's thought, following her eyes to Rayne to listen to hers. Ren looks puzzled as she mentions non-humanoids, apparently taking a few moments to catch the drift. "Hhh..." Ren hisses, motioning out to the sides. "I trust your experience with such technologies, but I was not at all asking about something for myself," Ren quickly corrects. "I was thinking of the arrangements for Silencia. No, I have no idea what I would even do with a robotic skeleton..." Ren does look up, though, perhaps starting to wonder.

Rayne says, "Oh! For Sil?" She laughs. "Sorry, with the talk of adding a skeleton, I assumed... Sorry." She laughs again. "I really don't see powered armor as being in Silencia's style. She's just too... natury for it. Heck, I'm afraid that Muradin's gonna put her in full plate as is, and that would just be..." She looks at Silencia. "...Weird for her. It'd be weird for me, too, but not as much so."

Serenity returns a smile to Rayne. "Well, robots and nature are certainly different, but we are all having to deal with contradictions, no?" Ren glances for a moment to Silencia, then continues thoughtfully to Rayne, "I never thought about armor being opposed to nature, though, except in the sense of being a technology."

Rayne's words only fuel Silencia's imagination and the image of her in full plate just makes her chuckle. "That does sound weird...I think simple leather suits me more than robotics..." Ren's words to make her pause and hum thoughtfully. "I can't argue with that... but I'm still afraid it would make moving around more difficult." She then sighs and peeks at the door. "Talking about nature, I probably should get myself outside... haven't trained much today..." She smiles and gives a little wave to the two. "I'm looking forward to armor shopping though, all this talk has gotten me curious!"

Rayne says, "I think it's the metal not feeling naturey. Metal has to be refined, right? Except in some rare situations, like impacted meteors." She nods to Silencia. "Exactly, leather armor feels more like it. I'll see you later, then. We'll have to see how Muradin thinks, yeah?"

Serenity nods in reply to Silencia, then ripples out of the way as she takes her leave. "Copper, silver, and gold can be found natively in rare situations, too," Ren agrees with Rayne. "Dorian seems to do well with leather armor. Personally, I would prefer some high-tech composite of different materials, and perhaps paste on a bit of styling after the fact."

Rayne says, "Serenity! You, of all people, going for function over form?" She grins teasingly. "That's so unlike you! I can't speak for Sil, but with me, I'm not so fond of those high-tech composites because they tend to be either too rigid or so flexible that they only keep things from piercing, not bludgeoning. Which can end up bruising you bad enough to injure internal organs, still. Either a carapace intended to block everything but hindering movement, or something as soft as cloth that's more intended for the average joe that uses sharp tools. At least, that's what I've run across... Then again, I've not had the desire and money at the same time to get a set of properly fitted, fully articulated armor like I'm getting the feeling Muradin is capable of making."

Serenity grins, too, at the teasing. "You misunderstand. I like my form quite well, thank you, and thus would gladly employ the most functional tool for keeping it from being eaten." Ren then looks attentively to Rayne as she explains. "I defer to your experience on fights," Ren says, motioning toward her. "It sounds as though one needs to know before the fight what sort of dangers might be the most serious."

Rayne says, "Protection isn't always about fights, Ren. A butcher needs protection as well, and so do construction workers. That's where I'm drawing a lot of that from, mind you."

"Of course," Ren agrees. "I'm more familiar with that sort of protection myself, despite not being in the business of operating dangerous tools. Now, I did go through a brief period in early primary school were I wanted to be a construction worker, right between wanting to become a midwife on account of my sibling's birth and wanting to be a rescue worker, for reasons I can't recall..." Ren smiles, then continues more solemnly, "It seems I have been thinking too much of violence."

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