2016-01-25 - Boogie Woogie

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Boogie Woogie

Summary: Ren, Sunset and Silencia decide to have some fun in the dance club.

Who: Serenity, Sunset, Silencia,
When: Januari 25, 2016
Where: UR: Dance Club


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Serenity slips into the dance club first, where the sound system is plunking out a lively boogie-woogie beat in percussive piano and rhythmic bass. The dance floor isn't full, but those present have generally converged on a swing dance, some solo and some with partners. Then there are a few who seem to like their own culture's dances better and are doing less easily identified moves with shoulders, backsides, and feet. Ren flutters out with fin undulations already beginning to take up the rhythm. Ren ripples backwards to look back to the other two and motion them in. "Well, this will be a challenge. Leg and footwork are rather difficult when one hasn't legs or feet," Ren remarks with a grin.

Sunset idly slips off her leather jacket as she walks in, setting it off to the side. She doesn't need the extra weight or warmth while they're going to be busting moves. Or trying to, at least. "I'm probably not much better off," she replies to Serenity with a smile. "I'm more accustomed to singing or guitar than actually dancing."

Silencia hasn't been in the dance club before. She seems a bit out of place, she only knew how to sing and folk dances, so this was a completely new experience for her. Well, the entirety of Twisted is, so that's nothing new. She grins playfully. "A challenge for us all then, may the gods of dance be by our side..." That last part was said in a dramatic tone. Silencia just jumps right in, for now simply copying the movements of the other people dancing.

"Perhaps I can offer a few lessons someday to accompany this singing and playing?" Ren offers, looking from Sunset to Silencia. "Today," Ren suggests, sweeping a 'wing' outward towards the floor, "let's just see what happens when you are enjoying yourselves."

Serenity nods toward Silencia. "There is how you begin," Ren remarks approvingly. Finding a convenient spot of floor, Ren puts the black disc of the field generator in 'park' with a gesture of the trailing edges, then tries to adopt a more humanoid shape. It's a bit stylized, but one might be able to see it with enough squinting. Ren expands the fins but folds them in close to form a columnar shape, then pinches inward at the appropriate heights to suggest a neck and waist. The trailing edges hang down a bit below the tail end.

Ren starts with a swaggering strut (in fact staying in place), keeping the imaginary shoulders back and straight. Flutters in the fin edges resolve into more angular forms to suggest swinging elbows and knees beneath blue fabric, despite the fact that those bones clearly aren't present when seen from the other side of the fins.

While Ren may not have exactly the short of body parts for dancing, they do manage to ripple and flex in a similar manner. At least Sunset has seen dancing enough times to know how it generall goes, and does her best to try and follow the style without tripping over her own feet.

Silencia's movements are awkward and careful at first. The movements of the people around were so complicated and she had feared someone would fall multiple times now. Slowly but surely, her movements become more smooth and sure. She's now copying Ren's strut, grinning like a fool. Her dress dances around her as she moves around, though not always making the same movements as the others. She's really enjoying this! While Silencia starts to lose herself in the music, she takes a wrong step and trips, threatening to fall right on her face. One of the solo dancers manages to save her from embarrassement by swooping her up and twirling the girl around before depositing her on the floor with a smile. Silencia laughs and thanks the dancer before rejoining her companions.

Serenity extends a middle portion of the right fins to hang vertically, folding bunched portions in the shape of of an arm. Ren holds the simulated arm relatively steady, out toward an imaginary partner, while quickly moving the lower body. The motions are obviously unnatural to the usual sinuous flow of the fins- all angles, bounces and kicks. Ren tries to keep up the illusion of legs throughout it all, flashing out lower fin edges for the pants-shaking of forward kicks and keeping the edges in place while quickly bending the tail backwards for flops of rearward kicks. Sideways seems to necessitate distracting any watchers from the missing leg. The harder part for the humans doesn't seem to be any trouble for Ren- keeping the flailing below waist level separate from the rhythmic shoulder twisting up above. Noticing Silencia's save, Ren grins and extends an 'arm' to her, extruding some 'fingers' from the edge to mimic an open-palmed shake of the arm and raising motion. Sunset gets an encouraging smile and an upward and outward sweep of the 'arms', matches with a rhytmic twist at the waist and in the lines emulating thighs that would be difficult but not quite impossible for a human.

It's a good thing that Sunset is wearing a dress and tights rather than more typical 'teenage' street clothes. This probably wouldn't be very comfortable to emulate in a stiffer material like jeans. She manages to not fall on her face at least, having some natural grace to her. She's not quite keeping a perfect pace with the rhythm, but she's trying to her best.

Cheerful laughter, barely audible over the music, escapes Silencia as she gets into the music, no longer caring about whether her movements are the 'right' movements. She's facing Sunset, grinning while she struts in place, even managing to move in a way that suggests she could fall, but she doesn't. Suddenly her hand is grabbed and she's whirled around until she's facing the dancer from before. She seems surprised and the dancer just smiles as he holds just one of her hands and dances in place, allowing her to copy his movements easily.

Sunset is not left alone though! The dancer's friend, a cheerful looking blonde with a fedora, offers his hand to Sunset. If she chose to hold it, he would immediately pull her closer to twirl her around before settling in a simple strut, allowing her to adjust.

Having gotten into the moment Sunset didn't even notice Serenity had slipped away to tend to other matters. She returns Silencia's laughter with her own smile, then does a little twirl to get clear of the path as the priestess has a dance partner step in.

Only to find one offering her similar assistance as well. She takes the offered hand with one of her own, while grabbing the ruffle of her skirt with the other and making a short courtsey in return. Then gets twirled and swept back into the dance. The simple step gives her a chance to adjust, and to some degree, it's actually a bit easier to dance with someone than it is to watch and follow individually.

Silencia's dancer seems to mirror Silencia's excitement, his face quickly twisting into a goofy grin as he dances with the priestess. He twirls and throws her around as if she weighs nothing, making the skirt of her dress dance around her as well. Silencia has a hard time keeping up, but she's having too much fun to care.

Sunset's dancer seems to have a completely different style. His moves are laid-back and smooth, allowing Sunset to follow along easily. He smiles before swooping her off her feet, holding her by her waist. "Keep yourself stiff as a board now!" His voice is barely audible over the music, but because she's close, Sunset would be able to hear him clearly. He twirls her around his own body with a grin, a move that would make her fall out of his arms if she went limp. He then lets her land on her feet before grasping her hand once more, his lips always smiling.

Sunset lets out a quick squeak of surprise as she's quite literally swept off her feet, but catchs on quickly and tenses up as she's told. Around she goes, then gets slung back to the ground. She staggers a step from the change in positions, but is quick to grab his hand and get pulled back into the dance once more. The other hand makes a quick swipe to brush some now dislodged hair out of her face, but she's smiling back to him. "You're really good at this."

Silencia's dancer does not let the priestess rest for even a moment, leading her to do more and more complicated movements. Silencia obviously has troubles with keeping up, even stepping on him a couple of times, but he does not seem to care.

Sunset's dancer grins and tugs the girl's hand, making her twirl around infront of him until her back lands on his chest. He grins down at her, leaning over her slightly to look her in the face while she has her back to him. "I'm only as good as the flower I dance with!" And again he swoops her off her feet, this time throwing her into the air before catching her, holding her by the waist. He lowers her slowly, his hands still around her waist. The music is dying down, signaling that it's coming to an end.

Silencia makes a wrong step and trips, the other dancer falling along with her, since he's holding on to her. They crumble unceremoniously to the ground, the two of them laughing out loud, mainly because of adrenaline. Silencia's cheeks are bright red, having worked up quite a sweat with that dance. Sunset's dancer smiles down at Sunset, not yet letting her go. "I've enjoyed our dance..."

Sunset's eyes widen as she's tossed in the air, that was even less expected than the twirling and spinning around his body was! But she's not in the air long enough to actually panic, and fortunately she's got a good partner to catch her apparently. She does let out a soft "whew" once she's back on the ground, briefly leaning against her improvised partner as the music is dying down. "Dancing isn't my strongest suite, so thank you. I was just following your lead though."

Sunset's partner chuckles and twirls her around one last time, making her face him, holding her right hand. He places a soft kiss on the back of that hand before bowing smoothly. "Always a pleasure to dance with a lady!" He notices Silencia and his friend on the floor, the two of them not making any movements to get up. He laughs while he directs Sunset's attention to them. "Seems like they had a more passionate time though... I'm afraid your poor friend can't even get up from exhaustion!"

Silencia and her dancer are lying on the floor, next to each other, both of them smiling like idiots. They're panting and not even trying to get up, obviously very tired.

Sunset glances in the intended direction, and then laughs softly. "That just means they had a good time I'd hope!" She walks over and crouchs down next to the two, resting hands on her knees to brace herself. "You two going to be okay or do I need to call a fire department for the heat you lit up the dance floor with?"

Silencia laughs weakly and pushes herself up. She hadn't noticed how tired she got! She grins at her dance partner and he grins back, also sitting up. The two give each other a high five and they get up. Silencia offers her hand to Sunset to help her get up from her crouch. "This guy over here," She indicates the dancer that had been throwing her across the dance floor. "doesn't really know the term 'tone it down'..." The dancer just grins and steals her hand to place a kiss on the back of it, much like Sunset's dancer had. "But your body was screaming for me to go crazy, how could I refuse?" He then releases the hand and bows. "My name is Aiden by the way, it was a pleasure to dance with you!"

Sunset's dancer chuckles as he joins Sunset, not interrupting the conversation. When Aiden introduces himself, he also bows and introduces himself. "And I am Kayne."

Sunset accepts the support getting back to her feet, only for the other dancer to take her hand in a similar greeting as his friend had. "I'd dare say the pleasure was ours for having such good leads. My name is Sunset Shimmer." Idly she brushes some of the dislodged hair back out of her face again. "That was definitely quite the ride."

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