2016-01-29 - The Butterfly and The Eagle

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The Butterfly and The Eagle

Summary: A fitting analogy for the romance that sparks between these two.

Who: Silencia, Kotal_Kahn
When: January 29, 2015
Where: TASK HQ

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Kotal seems to still be preparing for the upcoming ordeal of taking charge of Twisted. He's still in the rooftop basking in the sun's rays, though at the very least he's not screaming or laughing manically anymore. Apparently, he has taken Silencia's advice of doing quiet contemplation to channel energy from nature itself. Although, Kotal is still doing some kind of noise. It's quiet, a hum, a chant? Is he singing?

He keeps his gaze down, standing directly on the edge of the rooftop to stare at the city. His giant macuahuitl is gripped and resting point down while the clear lyrics can he heard in the air. It has a ghostly and almost melancholy tune to it.

/o~ Share my wounds. Share my wine. ~o/ /o~Share my soul. Earn the sun./o~ /o~This is only just for Rome. /o~

At the very least, his minions are nowhere to be seen this time. No blockade to go through if one wishes to approach the singing War God.

Whatever courage Silencia had mustered when she decided that she would confront Kotal disappeared as soon as she found him. Her bond to him, as his priestess, had aided her in finding him, or else she would have searched for a long while before checking the rooftop. She quietly steps onto the rooftop, holding a little paper bag. She's careful and quiet, not wanting to disturb Kotal while he sang. It was something different, she had never heard him sing before, chant perhaps, but she had never heard him sing. A soft smile dances on her lips as she listens, her eyes closing as well.

Without her knowledge, the little stone of her necklace starts to glow and Kotal can feel the nature respond to his song, allowing him to harvest energy from the nature if he chooses to.

Although the link goes both ways, Kotal seems monetarily unaware that his priestess is approaching him. The warlord's gaze continues to be cast downwards upon the city, a hand raised dramatically as if addressing a large public with his song. That said, the sun does begin to shine a little brighter upon the building, namely because Kotal is drawing strength from Silencia without realizing it. His power grows with the close proximity of his priestess and his singing begins to have a very real magical effect to those who would listen it.

Courage. Strength. All fears forgotten, all doubt lost. All who hear his words would have the determination of the god of war set upon them.

~/o No tomorrow is there to grieve you /o~ ~/o It is already deceased/o~ ~/o And no one will ever love you /o~ ~/o For the dead, they cannot feel. /o~

Inspiring.. even if its quite a grim song.

The grim lyrics of the song do not reach Silencia, because she seems immersed in the sound of the melody. She feels her courage return, the melody clinging onto her and refusing let her to escape. If Silencia had thought she would turn around and leave Kotal be, that was impossible now. Silencia takes a couple steps towards the War God, now just one step behind him. She didn't want to disturb him and she really didn't want this song to end. Yet that very same song seemed to push her to do just that. Silencia gives in and reaches out, gently placing her hand on Kotal's arm while she steps to stand next to him, gazing down at the city of Twisted as he was doing.

~/o Hear the calling of the Lions/o~ ~/o Hear the screaming of their prey/o~ ~/o Nothing remains to save you/o~ ~/o So let us relish in this day/o~

The song continues as Silencia begins to approach the War God with her new found courage. This only ends when just at the right time, when the priestess of war reaches her god and asks for his attention with a soft touch to his arm.

Kotal turns calmly to look down upon Silencia, not looking surprised of her presence. Perhaps he did realize she was nearby despite appearing to be fully concentrated in his singing.

He gives the girl a kind smile, and to those that might not know of Kotal Kahn it could be viewed as unfitting of a war god. Silencia on the other hand, would recognize it for the gentle smile it is, a side that Kotal seldom shows but does in fact exist within the warlord.

"Greetings, my priestess." He says as he pets her head, passing a hand across her silken raven locks.

As the last of the War God's song and it's melody dies away, Silencia can't help but sigh. She really liked it. She peeks up at Kotal ant returns his smile with her own, though the priestess' smile seems to lack the usual brightness. His hand on her head helps her relax that much more, the girl happily accepting his touch. "Greetings, Kotal..." She hesitates for a moment before presenting the paper bag in her hands to Kotal. "Uhm... I thought, you might like a snack? I made cookies..." Inside the bag, Kotal can find three different kinds of cookies: chocolate chip, peanut butter and pecan. Of course Silencia could not tell him just yet, she needed just a bit more time, just a moment more to prepare her heart. On the outside, Silencia is simply smiling, not showing her inner turmoil. "Rayne and Mayumi seemed quite fond of them..."

Kotal looks down at the bag and his eyes widen in delight. Though they are usually shinning, this time it's quite clear they are glowing for a reason that is not at all due to his godly essence. "Hmm! Cookies!" He exclaims in a way far too childish for the god of war, though then again Silencia would know Kotal has quite a lot of quirks when it comes to food.

"I accept your tribute." That deity like arrogance returns to the Aztec soon enough and he adopts a more imperious stance. As if Silencia was giving him a grand offering to upon his biggest shrine. He may be exaggerating on purpose, or he may be completely serious. One can never be too sure with Kotal.

Regardless, he picks a cookie at random and gives it a bite, chewing it slowly to savor the flavor. "Hmm.. not bad at all. Chocolate is my favorite." He says trying to be careful to not eat with his mouth full. "A little too sweet for my tastes however. Have you ever tried adding cayenne to the mix? Nothing like spicy Mexica cookies to really start the day." It seems that Kotal really is obsessed with Mexican food.

A cheerful laugh escapes Silencia as Kotal reacts so very adorably to her cookies. She just shakes her head with a smile as he speaks of a tribute. She had learned to just accept the arrogance of the deity with a smile. It was rather amusing to her. She seemed to be back to her usual self, able to laugh cheerfully and all. His reaction to the taste of the cookie gets an odd look. "Cayenne? Wow... uhm... I'll try that next time..." If that turned out terrible, she would force Kotal to eat all of them! Silencia giggles softly at her own thoughts. "I'm glad you like them." She glances down at the city of Twisted again, awed at the view. The last time hse'd been on the rooftop, she was a bit distracted, so she hadn't had the chance to look properly. She just keeps staring at the view as she talks, avoiding eye contact with Kotal. "Have you been gathering strength here all this time now? Aren't you getting tired? Or lonely?"

"Have you not tried them before?" Kotal sounds surprised as he eats the rest of his cookie. "It is the perfect blend of flavors. Sweet and spicy for whatever might ail you." The Aztec grabs himself another cookie. "Unless someone can't handle anything remotely spicy, in which case they are beyond redemption upon my eyes." Seriously, for Kotal, someone has to be out of their mind to not like spicy food. "Hm, pecan." He says as he tastes the next cookie.

Kotal returns this gaze to the city below them whilst he listens to the concerns of his priestess. If he has noticed that she's acting a bit standoffish today, he's not saying it. "Yes, I have." He answers her question about gathering strength. "As for tired, not really. I've gone a full season collecting strength before. Never moving from my spot."

"But I suppose I am a bit lonely.. and bored." Confesses the Aztec. "I had to send my warriors off to errands." Hence why none of them are there to play bodyguard duty for the deity.

"Why?" He smiles knowingly at the girl. "Have you come to give me company, my butterfly?"

Silencia's eyebrow raises at Kotal when he explains that he had collected strength an entire season without moving. "A full season? Really? Goodness, Kotal..." She is genuinely surprised but shakes it off, she really should just accept that this blue sun god was capable of anything. His question earns a smile and a hint of a blush on Silencia's cheeks. The girl even reaches up to pet Kotal on the arm, she would've pet him on the head if he had been sitting. "Always, Kotal, always! I thought you might need a break." She peeks at him and steals the paper bag before he can grab another cookie. "Now sit down and take off your helmet. It is not polite to be standing while eating." She waves the paper bag temptingly.

The priestess' demands earn a laugh from Kotal particularly because she suddenly decides to hold the cookies as hostage. "Aah! Curse you, girl. How did you know I would anything for cookies??" Again, its difficult to tell if Kotal is /really/ joking, since his tone seems to be perfectly serious. Either way, a break sounds like a good idea and he complies.

He sets his macauhuitl to the side which just stands up right balancing itself, then he takes off his helmet and sits next to Silencia, legs hanging from the edge of the rooftop. "There, I have met your demands. Now I believe a reward is in order."

Silencia laughs cheerfully at Kotal's curses, her violet eyes twinkling with her usual mischief. Joking around really helped her. "Merely a guess, my liege..." When he sits down next to her, the priestess still standing, and demands his reward, Silencia giggles merrily. "Alright, alright, you've been good, so here's your reward." She takes a peanut butter cookie and presents it to Kotal with a smile. "Here you go!"

There sure is a lot of coddling involved, but Kotal does not mind it at all when they are both by themselves. There was something about Silencia's cheerful disposition that made even the war god go along with her cheeky antics. It felt like he could actually lower his guard for once and not posture dramatically and go at great lengths to be intimidating. He could just.. relax.. and be a kid again.

Chuckling still, the Aztec looks down at the offered cookie and snatches it away from Silencia's hand with his mouth. As he's chewing on it he gives the priestess a playful headbutt on her forehead. He's like a little kid when not inspiring courage in his troops or slaughtering demons by the dozens.

The cookie disappears from Silencia's hand and the girl laughs as Kotal acts so very adorably. He was entrancing in that way. One moment he was a grand War God whose mere voice could make grown men tremble, but then he gives her the most boyish of smiles and that just makes her heart melt. She giggles softly when his head taps her forehead. She reaches out at pets his hair gently, her fingertips playing with the soft curls. The girl has let her guard down as well, because the next words escaped her without her meaning to. "Ahh, I really do like you...." Silencia gasps and stiffens, peeking at Kotal's face to see how exactly he understood those words.

Unfortunately for Silencia, Kotal's boyish disposition is not fake at all. When he's out of it he's legitimately almost naively childish, and like most boys, he is as thick as a lead brick. Therefore, what may be a heartfelt confession for Silencia ends up going completely over the Aztec's head, who just gives the half fairy a strange look.

"I certainly would hope so." He answers sounding completely unfazed. "As my priestess, I would be be concerned if you were not to like the god you worship." Yeah, he didn't get that at all obviously.

To make matters even worse, he even wraps an arm around the girl and holds her close to him. "Of course I like you a lot as well, my precious butterfly."

Silencia's eyes widen slightly at Kotal's reaction. She wasn't sure if she should be happy he didn't catch on or if she should be utterly annoyed by his thick-headedness. His arm around her makes the girl blush in response, especially after he proclaims he likes her as well. She's staring at her hands as she fiddles with the paper bag. "N..not like that..." Oh my! Did Silencia just admit something? The priestess peeks up at Kotal, her violet eyes holding a rather determined look, paired with her blushing cheeks, an adorable sight. Her eyes soften slightly as her eyes meet his. "For a god... you're so very dense..."

With the last of her courage, Silencia pushes herself up while tugging Kotal closer, her lips touching his for a moment before she retreats. The touch had been so soft, so light, that one could question if there was any contact at all. The bright blush on Silencia's cheeks and the way she sucks in her lips are a clear indication that the kiss did in fact happen. Silencia quickly looks away, already thinking about leaving before this situation turns into one too awkward to bear.

Of course, even when Silencia calls him out on it Kotal still doesn't seem to have any idea of what's going on. "What do you mean dense?" He frowns looking concerned and more than a little confused.

That is until Silencia does the actual deed and leans up to kiss him. Even the mighty war god has to freeze momentarily to process that action from his priestess. He's not /that/ dumb, he knows what it implies, and for a moment, it looks like he's at a loss of what to do. At the very least he's not blushing or anything. The Aztec simply looks.. perplexed.

"Oh.." He says now, FINALLY understanding what's going on. His reaction might be slightly discouraging for the poor priestess though, as he releases her and looks down at the city pensively. There are no signs of him either accepting or rejecting her advances. He's just not doing anything.

That reaction does not help Silencia's nerves. Her left hand reaches up to grasp her necklace, slender fingers wrapping around the small violet stone. She deposits the paper bag next to Kotal and rises to her feet, the heat of her own blush almost making her dizzy. She quickly puts on a smile, though it looked rather weak. "I..I got ya th..there! J..just a joke! hahaha..." Clearly she was lying and she was not doing a good job covering that up. "Uhm... g..go ahead and eat the r..rest of the cookies and g..get some rest... I..I'll leave you alone now!" Oh how Silencia hated her stutter! She usually didn't suffer from it, but it show's itself as soon as she gets nervous or frazzled. Silencia turns to leave, biting down on her lower lip to keep her cool.

Kotal will have none of it. This time its his turn to be the mature one and in control of the flow. No more games being played now as it seems all of Kotal's imposing presence returns instantly.

He says nothing when Silencia stands to leave after pretending it was joke. He does not need to. As his priestess stands, he grasps her hand and pulls her down, scooping her legs and firmly sitting her on his lap.

Once this is done, he wraps his muscled arms around her waist. Its a gentle process, soft, protective, and yet, it will be clear to Silencia that she can't do anything about it. She's effectively a prisoner in Kotal's hug.

Poor Silencia can't get a break now, can she? She can't even blink before she finds herself trapped in Kotal's lap. Her blush is actually so bright now that one could actually feel the heat radiating from her cheeks without touching her. Silencia struggles weakly against Kotal's hold, desperate to escape, however futile that might be. "L..let me go..." Silencia can't ignore how safe she feels in Kotal's embrace, but at the moment, her mind is filled with the need to escape. She knew it was a bad idea to confess! She should've kept it a secret!

Kotal doesn't seem to care about the struggles. Not that they would matter any as little Silencia simply has no hope of breaking the hold, no matter how gentle it may be.

It does, however, prevent Silencia from listening carefully, which is not something Kotal wishes. "Calm yourself." Says the war god which is more than just a simple command. His hand glows as he touches Silencia's back and he controls her spiritual energy flow with that link that he has to her soul. He forces her senses to relax and the fear of embarrassment and rejection to flee from her body.

"Silencia." Kotal speaks once he has made sure that has managed to get Silencia's emotions under control. "Do you really wish to be my woman?"

That calm command is enough to catch Silencia's attention, the girl already ceasing her struggling, even if she's still more embarrassed than she has ever been. Kotal's touch makes Silencia gasp, the girl tensing slightly as the link between them forces the distracting emotions to a small corner of her mind. The girl feels quite a bit calmer now. She understood that she should be embarrassed, that she should be afraid, but she simply didn't feel like that anymore. This puzzled her. Silencia's gaze snaps to Kotal as he adresses her. His question makes her eyes widen ever so slightly. There's something about this state of mind Silencia's in, the odd calmness that resonates from the depths of her soul, that made her that much more truthful without being held back by shame. "Yes, I do. I want you to belong to me, just as much as I belong to you." The girl does not seem to be done though, for she catches Kotal's eyes with a determined stare. "What about you? What do you want?"

The Aztec warrior has learned that nothing brings greater peace of self than to be truthful. It is why when he removes Silencia's fear and her nervousness, there is no longer any reason to doubt her words. She needed not to feel selfish or even inadequate, with her fear gone, this was Silencia in her purest, her true desires bared to the light.

Kotal does not break eye contact but he does stare at her hard, passing a hand through her hair in a gentle caress. "Relationships between mortals and gods are never easy, Silencia. It has been long since I've claimed any sort of lover, thousands of years even. For fear that it might once again end in tragedy."

He frowns still, following his own advice and being truthful with himself. "With you, I feel.. as if I can truly keep you this time."

It is then that his emotions are laid bare as well and he returns Silencia's stare with that same determination. "I want you to be mine. I want to own you in body, heart and soul. I want to be your Lord and your Owner."

"I want you to be my one and only, precious butterfly."

Silencia leans into Kotal's touch as he caresses her hair, listening to his words with an unreadable expression. When his words turn wonderfully truthful, she reaches up to gently caress the blue God's cheek. A gentle smile appears, softening her features as she gazes at the man she loves. "Took you long enough..." She leans back and turns her face to kiss the palm of the hand that's caressing her hair in an intimate gesture of affection. "My heart, my soul, my everything was already yours..." Those violet eyes return to the gold, the girl resting her cheek in the palm of that hand now. "I am not going anywhere and I will not allow you to leave. You can let go of that fear of yours..."

Silencia's words and her intimate kiss to Kotal's palm incites the warlord. Eyes glow a little brighter and he hugs the half fairy girl closer to him, his hands grasping her chin so that their eyes lock. He brings his face close to Silencia's, their lips almost touching again as Kotal's lips hover above hers, letting her feel his hot breath upon her skin.

"Then tell me.." He whispers. "Who do you belong to, girl?"

Those lips, just a breath away, yet still those questions! Silencia smirks lightly before answering. "I belong to a dense War God named Kotal Kahn." She straightens and slips her arms around the man's neck, her expression uncharacteristically serious. Her lips brush against Kotal's in the lightest of touches before she speaks. "And who do you belong to, Milord?"

Hah! And to think that people have told Kotal in the past that he's a master of ruining a moment. The war god chuckles at Silencia's jest but he seems to be far too amused to raise a complaint, particularly when she brushes her lips on his and hugs him tightly.

His grip tightens slightly more as he grasps her back, leaning her backwards now so that he's dipping her. "I belong to a very cheeky fairy girl named Silencia." He jokes back before fully pulling the girl into a deep kiss and a firm loving embrace.

Finally those lips touch her properly! Silencia feels herself melt into Kotal's firm embrace as she returns his kiss with a deep affection. Her eyes flutter closed and the world around them simply fades into oblivion because right now, there is only Kotal and Silencia. Silencia's hands reach up, her fingers entangling in Kotal's soft curls while she gives in to her more primal needs. The kiss tastes of cookies. Of course. A giggle escapes Silencia as she realises this though. She bites Kotal's lower lip gently while looking him in the eyes, violet eyes twinkling with amusement. She does not retreat, simply talking with her lips just barely touching his. "You taste like cookies..."

At long last indeed. It seems that Kotal too had perhaps unconsiously waited for this moment as well. He may not appear to be a very loving man thanks to his title of god of war, but that all changes when he is with Silencia. He leans deeply into the caresses and kisses her lovingly, exploring her body with his hands as he treads her dress.

That last bite to his lower lip causes him to blink though and he narrows his eyes at the mention he tastes like cookies, well no duh! "That is your fault for making such delicious cookies." He bonks her forehead playfully with another gentle headbutt before burying his face on her neck.

"So.." He adds with a whisper. "Feel like having that bath now?"

Silencia giggles softly as Kotal narrows his eyes and blames her for his cookie-taste. His gentle little headbutt only serves to make her giggle even more cheerfully. A gentle shiver runs down her spine when Kotal's face buries into her neck. That was a rather sensitive spot. That last little question brings a blush to Silencia's cheeks and she leans over to bite Kotal on his right ear. She reluctantly pulls back and peeks up at Kotal with a smile. "That will have to wait... I still need to get some training done before it gets too late..." She wiggles her eyebrows at Kotal with a mischievous smile. "Because of a certain someone, I lacked the concentration to fully focus on my training..."

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