2016-01-30 - Hug Attack!

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Hug Attack!

Summary: Rayne gets hugged.

Who: Deis, Rayne, Serenity, Silencia
When: January 30th, 2016
Where: Nowhereto Park


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It's the park! A lovely afternoon, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the giant, clothes iron shaped building across the lake is pumping out smoke... okay, that part's not so nice, but it's not that common, and it can't be smelled from this far out. But Rayne is here, which means, of course, she's up in a tree with her drawing pad leaned against her left leg, while her right dangles below the branch. This time she's not looking down so much as out, looking at a nearby tree and drawing that, its intricate branches providing her challenge of the day.

Silencia is practically skipping as she approaches the trees. Filled with energy that needs an outlet, she's ready to have some training! She glances over her shoulder at Serenity and smiles. "Thanks for helping me out with my training! I'm curious if I'll be successful in making a shelter this time..." It doesn't take her long to notice Rayne up in the trees, it's not easy to hide in nature from the priestess who's attuned to nature itself. She waves cheerfully at Rayne. "Hey there Rayne!"

Serenity moves alongside Silencia with a mainly vertical posture using slow undulations of the 'wings' within the shifting watery cloak of the environment suit. "Well, I'm still not entirely sure how I can help," Ren rasps amiably, "as I'm neither magically-inclined nor particularly good at playing a dangerous threat." Ren slides into moving backwards while facing Silencia for a moment, showing no apparent trouble with the shift in direction. "I am happy to help as I can, though." As Silencia waves to Rayne in the tree, Ren twists to look (No, spines should not move like that) and offers her a smile and a wave with a 'wing' and a suggestion of an imaginary arm.

Rayne waves down from her tree. "Hey, guys, what's going on?" No, she's of course not wearing one of her dresses when up in a tree. That said, she isn't in her usual armor, either. Being slightly higher in the tree than she typically is, she doesn't start climbing down, intent on keeping her current vantage point to continue drawing the tree across the pathway. "I dunno, Ren. I'm sure you could kill a man with your hugs," she says with a wink, a play at Ren's containment suit.

Silencia grins at Ren, violet eyes twinkling with mischief. "If I can manage to actually make a shelter, then I would like to see if it is effective and if I can form it around someone...But don't worry, I won't subject you to anything dangerous!" She then returns her attention to Rayne, grinning to the warrior. "Serenity's gonna help me with something new I've been trying to do!" Rayne's comment about Ren being able to kill a man with a hug earns a cheerful chuckle from the girl. "That is very true, Ren. You are more fearsome than you appear..."

Serenity looks a bit skeptical about Silencia's plan but not actually worried. Ren slides into a sideways motion before pausing by Silencia and the tree. "Fortunately," Ren cheerily retorts to Rayne, "hugs are not a customary greeting for many people in town. Otherwise, I might need to carry a snorkel and nose plugs about as a safety measure." Ren glances to Silencia with Rayne's question. "Well, yes, I suppose I can test your woven-wood barriers against the fearsome threat that boneless attackers pose to all water-soluble clothing dyes," Ren offers with amusement.

Rayne nods at the two's plan for testing Silencia's powers. "Well, I'm going to have to follow up with what we last talked about, though, Sil... How did that go?" Seeing as Silencia appears to be in a good mood, Rayne has a fair idea on how it went, but one never can be too sure. "I can see some people happily using those to hug you, Ren."

"Are we talking about hugs?" That is a familiar voice to Rayne, possibly to Serenity. It may soon be to Silencia, though she may soon wish it wasn't! It's Deis, for once in her human form. She has golden wraps around her lower legs, but her feet are bare. "Hugs should be encouraged in every way possible," she decrees. "Love makes the world go 'round, after all~! So who wants the first one?" She does indeed look like she's going to hug somebody, as she's looking around, possibly for her first victim?

Silencia just laughs at the image of Ren running around town with a snorkel and nose plugs at the ready. "Oh, I would be the first one to make use of them, believe me!" Rayne's little question earns a massive blush on Silencia's cheeks. "Uhm... well..." The arrival of the unfamiliar lady provides a great distraction from the topic. This person seems a bit odd though. Not that Silencia minds that at all. A wide grin appears on the frail girl's face. "I agree with you! And thanks for reminding me!" She peeks up at Rayne. "Prepare yourself, because today, I'm going to hug you! And you wont be allowed to pull away!" She giggles to herself before returning her attention to the newcomer. "I don't believe we've met... I'm Silencia, may I ask for your name?"

Serenity grins at Rayne's comment, then turns eyes and rhinophores to Silencia inquisitively with Rayne's question. "Hh? I'm curious now," Ren says, motioning a pair of right fins toward Silencia. "But of course I won't press if it's private," Ren adds quickly as she blushes. With Deis speaking up, Ren glances back quickly to her. Ren doesn't seem to be volunteering in response to her demand, but neither does Ren seem upset by it, just a bit puzzled. Silencia's threat has Ren looking up briefly at Rayne, to see her reaction to the threat, before returning eyes to Deis to offer her a polite nod.

Suddenly, Rayne is very glad she's three meters up a tree, as this makes her a less likely target for Deis. That said, she smiles at Silencia's reaction to her question... She sees no sadness in the other woman's face, and that tells her all she needs to know. Assuming Sil managed to actually do what Rayne had last sent her off to do. Rayne's smile vanishes at Silencia's threat, though. "Yeah, well, how's your climbing?" she asks a bit nervously.

Deis smiles broadly in Sliencia's direction. "Hi there, Silencia! My name's Deis~!" Depending on just how sensitive Silencia is to magic, she might be able to sense quite a bit from Deis. However, this is not Deis's strongest form, and she is quite a bit less intimidating on a magical level when she's like this. Serenity's look gets a smile from Deis. "What? It's true. If people hugged more often they be happier!" As for Silencia's climbing? Deis pipes up, "I can always give her a boost up!"

Silencia gives Serenity a shy little smile. "Rayne helped me gather the courage to do something I've been thinking about for a while now... I'll tell you more about it some other time..." Of course, that is simply an excuse to not talk about it, it seems Silencia can actually be shy when it comes to certain things! Silencia directs her attention to Deis, the girl can feel that Deis is strong, but that's about it. "Nice to meet you, Deis!" Rayne's question only serves to motivate Silencia now, the girl's grin could be a bit ominous to the colorful warrior. "Did you seriously ask me that?" Deis' offer gets a friendly smile. "Oh, no need! I got this!" One step closer to the tree Rayne's in and the branches tremble. A soft hum, forming a wordless melody, makes the nature around her strain to reach Silencia. She does not yet do anything that could bring Rayne closer to her, but the intent is obvious. "You can't escape, Rayne..."

"Well, perhaps it would be more accurate to say," Ren replies to Deis with a glance up at Rayne, "that people would be happier if they shared more of their accustomed expressions of friendly care. One aspect of Twisted's diversity is a diverse range of cultural practices, such as the amount of personal space one feels comfortable with." Ren gives Silencia's explanation an inquisitive look but simply nods in reply. Ren frowns lightly at what she does next but for now avoids remark on this, too.

"Gah!" shouts Rayne as the tree starts to move around her. "Okay, okay, stop it!" She has reached down with one hand to get a firm graps on the branch she's sitting on, the dangling leg also bending up to try to get a little more stability. "And now you're teaming up on me? Great, just like last week. Everyone's always double-teaming me!" Rayne wishes she could use 'cultural practices' as an excuse for her personal space issue, but no, she's well aware that's her own quirk.

Silencia chuckles lightly and the tree immediately calms down. "I had already warned you, Rayne! I won't stop once I start and I have already started!" Serenity gets a quick glance, Silencia raising her hands in a sheepish gesture of innocence. "Please don't think I'm being mean! I'm helping Rayne with getting rid of her fear of physical contact..."

"Hh? Are we actually going through with this plan, then?" Ren inquires, looking skeptically from Silencia to Rayne. "I'm not sure that counteracting childhood experience is something to rush." Ren adds, "Mind you, I do think the notion of self-improvement a good one. I think a pat on the back now and then would be wonderful if you were so inclined."

"Yeah, Yeah!" agrees Rayne, a bit nervously. "A pat on the back here and there, no need to get glompy!" Why did I go with that as my answer for what I needed help with... "Can I please at the very least finish my tree drawing? I'm still trying to get these kinds of fine details done." Yes! Change the subject and maybe Sil will forget! ...Yeah, right.

A lone eyebrow raises and Silencia lets out a chuckle. "I'll be nice and offer you a choice, Rayne!" Silencia leans her back against the tree while she talks. "Either a hug that lasts 5 seconds or a pat on the back that includes a kiss on the cheek, your choice." Oh how evil Silencia is! Silencia stretches lazily before looking up at Rayne with a smile. "Even if I allow you to draw your drawing, I'll be waiting right here until you're done... Do you think you'll be able to focus?" Ren gets Silencia's attention. "Rayne has made progress though, she can hold onto my shoulder and not immediately retreat. She needs to get pushed to make progress."

"Hh?" Ren rasps curiously at the bit of information regarding Rayne. "That does sound good. We are all adults here, so hope that this pushing will be mainly of the self-motivated sort and pushing from others will remain friendly." Looking, then back to Silencia, Ren motions outward with a 'wing'. "Perhaps we can try this instant-shelter idea while Rayne is finishing up?"

Rayne's left eye twitches. Damnit. "Well, I could have, before you said that, Sil." With an irritated sigh, Rayne starts making her way down the tree. It's not quite as graceful as it typically is, due to this being much higher and requiring more steps than usual, but she still makes it down fairly quickly and without any issue, even with her heels. "The, uh... hug." She's not able to look Silencia in the eyes as she says this, looking to the side as she sets down her drawing equipment. "No, no, Ren... best get this over with now."

Silencia smiles at Ren, cheerful as always. "It's really wonderful to see her progress! She does, however, keep trying to get out of it, so I usually need to have an active approach like this to allow her to progress further." Silencia's attention returns to Rayne as the warrior is on the ground and ready to receive a hug. Silencia smiles warmly and moves closer. "You're being way too adorable, Rayne!" With that, Silencia's arms alip around Rayne in a gentle hug. Her grip is light enough that Rayne can pull away if it gets too much. Her voice holds a soothing melody as she speaks. "Focus on your breathing, Rayne, try to calm yourself..." After the five seconds end, Silencia simply lets Rayne go and takes a step back. "See? That wasn't too bad, right?"

Serenity nods hesitantly in reply to Silencia's explanation. As Rayne descends, Ren slips over to her side with a ripple of aquamarine muscle, pausing with more distance than is necessary to keep everyone else dry. Ren looks on attentively and with a bit of concern, fluttering there quietly while observing.

Rayne, of course, completely tenses up at the hug, and pretty much everything about her body language during those five seconds suggests she'd rather be fighting a dozen monsters than be in the situation she's in right now. She's quivering in Silencia's grip... Not the quivering of someone about to cry or otherwise overcome with emotion, no, it's the quivering of someone whose every muscle is tensed up and fighting against each other; her fingers are bent to resemble claws, her elbows bent at ninety degrees her face a grimace. Her breathing isn't exactly stable for those five seconds either, and once she's let go, she breaths a bit too quickly, like she was out of breath. And of course, her face is flushed the entire time through. Once she catches her breath and calms down, she looks back up to Silencia, her mouth a thin, straight line and says, "Okay, now you can't dodge my question anymore. What did he say?" It doesn't quite look like any real progress was made today, she still looks rather stressed out.

Silencia seems a bit worried about Rayne when the girl seemed to be very stressed. This is going to take quite a while. Rayne catches Silencia by surprise with her question, making the priestess blush and look away instead. It seems like she worried for nothing, if she was able to attack her so sneakily! Ohh how the tables have turned! "Uhm... well... he... was incredibly dense and I had to go as far as to k..kiss him to show him my intentions..." It looks like Silencia wants to run away now! She takes a deep breath and continues her explanation of the events. "A..and.. well... he kissed me back..." That last sentence was spoken so softly that if one did not pay attention, they wouldn't have heard her.

Upon seeing Rayne's reaction, Ren begins to lean in and extend a 'wing', but quickly returns to the original posture upon realizing that that would be exactly the wrong response. "Hhhh... Perhaps a bit less aggressive next time," Ren suggests. Ren looks from one to the other, frowning until Silencia begins to recount her story. That seems to distract Ren's attention from Rayne a bit. "What's this about intentions and kissing?" Ren inquires curiously, inclining rhinophores toward Silencia and glancing to Rayne and back. "Who?"

Rayne says, "Aha! Well..." She looks away, her own blush still there as Silencia's results are shared. As Ren asks who they're talking about. Rayne finally grins again at her and says, "Kotal, of course! Who else would Sil have fallen for like a brick in water?"

Silencia covers her cheeks with her hands, trying to cool them down. Before Silencia can react to Ren's question, Rayne answers for her, making the priestess embarrassed again. "W..well... thank you for encouraging me... I..I don't think I would've been able to do this without your pushing..." Silencia pauses and giggles softly. "And you were right, when he ate the cookies, he liked them, but suggested I put some cayenne in them!" Ren gets a shy little smile. "The matter of me confronting Kotal with this was what Rayne helped me with..."

Serenity 'blinks' at Rayne's confirmation. "I see..." Ren says, extending a pair of fins from the water to offer her a pat on the shoulder. "I'm glad that your meeting with Kotal went so well." Ren then looks to Rayne while gesturing toward Silencia. "Well, I did perhaps notice a few looks," Ren admits, "but wondered if I might be misinterpreting body language, or if that was just a normal reaction to seeing an acquaintance with a good figure showing a bit more skin than usual." To Silencia, Ren adds, "And, if you'll forgive my saying so, your personalities seem a bit... different."

Rayne says, "Hey, don't worry about it, Sil! Always happy to help a friend, right? But really... he actually did think they needed to be spicy? I was joking when I said that..." She shakes her head in bewilderment. "Don't forget the old adage, Ren... Opposites attract."

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