2016-02-01 - Working on a Day Off

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Working on a Day Off

Summary: Instead of planning things in TASK's office, things are planned in the Usual Restaurant. Why? It's Rayne's day off!

Who: Kotal_Kahn, Mayumi, Minu, Rayne, Serenity
When: February 1st, 2016
Where: The Usual Restaurant

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It's a day off for Rayne, and she's dressed for it! She's getting more used to going out and about without her armor, really. At the moment she's sat at a table by herself, her laptop out on the table in front of her as she idly munches on a plate of tortilla chips and salsa. She's definitely focused on her laptop, whatever is on there.



There are no such things for the god of war. When he's not out patrolling, he's making sure that his skills are as sharp as the blade of his macuahuitl. This means that his Krew are often in the receiving end of a lot of grueling Kombat exercises, such as the one tonight that involved everyone inside the gym for a very special practice.

After an hour or so of muffled pummeling and screaming, the entirety of the Krew flops out of the gym's door and into the restaurant all falling on top of each other face first. All groaning and all looking very bruised. Kotal Kahn walks over the pile of bodies and wipes some sweat off his chest with a towel as he approaches the bar and gets himself some pulque. "Take five."

Getting a quick drink, he approaches Rayne whilst sipping on his favorite drink. "Good evening, Rayne. Working on something important?"

Serenity slides in from outside in a smooth flow of fins and water, looking thoughtfully distant while making for the bar in no particular hurry. Ren still, of course, glances in the direction of the dance floor, whereupon the less-fortunate exercisers are spotted. Seeing superheroes subdued, Ren looks momentarily alarmed and then, after looking from open gym door to Kotal to connect the dots, merely concerned. Ren seems to stop and waver for a moment, as if deciding whether to offer aid and sympathy, before opting for the safer route by nodding a polite greeting and continuing toward Rayne's table.

Bruises are rising on top of bruises by the time the training session is over. Exercises that Mayumi had not done since childhood and some she's never heard of have been upon the her today. The dual-cultured young woman is dressed in a pair of ratty looking, mismatched sweat clothes with her thick hair in a long tail down her back. Along with the rest of the Krew she is sweaty and tired as she wanders out of the gym. Only her first stop is the ladies room to try and clean up a bit. As she passes the bar she calls out an order for coffee, chicken fingers, and french fries.

Rayne asks, "Mrrph?" as she looks up at Kotal, her mouth currently containing food. After a final bit of chewing and a swallow, she shrugs. "Trying to really solidify my ideas, but I really can't figure out details... And sometimes I wonder if it's worth trying before... this actually happens." She raises an eyebrow as the Krew seems completely wiped out, but Mayumi seems to have fared much better. "Training going well today, boss?" She then waves to the approaching mullusc with a smile. "Hey, Ren, how's it going?"

Kotal nods to Rayne and goes around the table to sit down. "Greetings newcomers to Twisted is no easy task." He says while having another sip of his drink. "It was once something that I debated doing. Setting up some kind of well regulated welcoming committee. But.. I soon realized I am not the best at diplomacy." Kotal's 'diplomacy' often involve his macuahuitl after all. The wonder of how the training went earns Rayne a chuckle as Kotal responds. "Oh yes, it went very well. Mayumi is quite skilled in the ways of both the Japanese and the Apache." Even if Mayumi is currently the only at all capable of walking. The rest of the krew seem to be entirely too comfortable laying on the floor for now. As Serenity approaches, Kotal raises a hand to her in greetings.

Serenity doesn't interrupt Mayumi's path to the shower, but does raise a 'wing' to wave to Kotal and Rayne, also joining her at the table. "Hello," Ren rasps. "I'm doing well," Ren motions toward Mayumi and the others, "though it looks as though everyone's day may not be going so pleasant." Ren glances curiously to the laptop without leaning over far enough to peek at the screen. "Should I call for some medical attention?" Ren inquires of Kotal.

If Mayumi hears the complement paid her by her commander there is no sign of it as she exits the restroom. Still damp, though from water this time, she at least looks a tad less like she is dying. Now used to her caffeine addiction the coffee is waiting as she passes by the bar. Grabbing it up doesn't pause to drink it. Instead she goes straight for the table by which the war god stands near his second-in-command and takes the first seat she can get into. Folding her hands on the tabletop she drops her head onto them and groans. The mollusk gets a belated wave.

Rayne nods, looking back down to her laptop. "Yeah... I think that's for the best. Even before all this was going to happen, I was seriously considering setting something along these lines up... With Ren at the head, was my plan." She scrolls her document down on her laptop, looking over what she's written up. "But now I think I might want to coordinate with Sunset Shimmer. Last week she said she was looking into forming her own consultation service for new arrivals, so if I'm going to be in a position of general authority, rather than just as a part of law enforcement as I am now, I think it's more appropriate to work with her." She looks back over to Ren again with a light smirk. "Though I'd still definitely like Ren on that, if you think TASK can spare her." She tilts her head as Mayumi collapses into a seat at the table and asks, "You look better than the other guys, at least. You okay, Mayumi?"

"No, leave them be, Serenity." Kotal first responds to the dancing sea slug as she begins to show concern for the injured warriors. "Overcoming their own injuries is part of their training." Otherwise Kotal could very easily just heal them all and they'd be good as new.

The Aztec leans on his chair and listens to Rayne carefully. "You've definitely put some thought into this. Far more than I for that matter." Of course, Kotal is mostly focused on splitting skulls to worry about welcoming new arrivals into the city. "Of course, if Serenity wishes to assist you she is welcome to do so. I could think of no better.. except maybe Minu." He gives the rainbow haired woman a look. "Just be wary of associating with Sunset Shimmer. I still do not know if she might harbor TASK any ill."

Serenity nods reluctantly to Kotal's admonition, then shifts to make way for Mayumi, 'kneeling' at the appropriate height rather than taking a chair. Ren offers a sympathetic look and waves to her with portion extruded from the right fins. 'With Ren at the head' gets Ren's attention and a not-entirely-pleased expression. "Some of us have had rather less experiences in general, not just leadership experience," Ren mentions, motioning toward Rayne. "That said, if you think of more ways that I can be of some help in promoting well-being and integration, I am pleased to do so." Ren glances to Kotal briefly with his remark on Sunset. "I haven't heard of this plan, nor any reason to mistrust Sunset. If I did, though, an emotionally intense public service job seems an excellent way to keep someone occupied and out of trouble."

The conversation going on around her is listened to, but mainly Mayumi focuses on recovering. Slowly she raises her head and begins to add the necessary cream and sugar to her coffee. A few quick stirs and she is drinking the still steaming liquid while making happy sounds. Since none of the conversation has to do with her really she is ignoring it. Having already made her willingness to help with such a project clear to Rayne she feels no need to add anything at this time. Instead she casts an eye to her fellow trainees, unsure of whether she is sorry for them or disappointed. The scent of food cooking catches her attention and turns it towards the kitchen. She swallows heavily.

Rayne leans forward, resting her chin into her left palm while her elbow is planted on the table. "But that's just it, this is no longer about just TASK. While I certainly would like to see cooperation between the two, and wouldn't even be against cross-staffing, I'm no longer thinking of this as being a branch of TASK, but a separate entity. From what I've seen, Sunset doesn't harbor me any ill will. She seemed pretty friendly towards me, and actually helped me come to grips with what's coming. So no, I don't think I have anything to worry about with her."

She grabs a chip from the bowl and points towards Kotal. "That said, I think Minu's more suited to TASK than this concept. I'd say law enforcement would need her organizational skills more than a welcoming committee." She shakes her head at Ren, though. "At this point, it sounded like Sunset might have had some plans already, so I was leaning more towards her at the head. Really, it might end up just us giving her official support and resources to get what she'd already planned underway. Still, I think you'd be a good asset to that, Ren. I attribute your friendship to what made me able to deal with just about all the weirdness here." She finally dips the chip in her hand into the salsa and takes a bite, glancing at again at Mayumi with a slightly worried look.

Used by now to Rayne's very conversational nature, Kotal recognizes when his Second is going into a long spill and just leans back to listen whilst listening to Rayne thoughtfully. She brings some very valid points and he sees no need to disagree with any of them. Except.. just for one.

"Separate from TASK entirely?" Kotal says with concern. "You mean say, you wish to make another organization exclusively for welcoming new arrivals?"

Almost as if the little elf knew she was being discussed, she slips into the restaurant via the gym. She pushes her glasses up her nose and takes a look around then lifts a small hand and waves at her coworkers.

With a smirk Mayumi watches the commander be suspicious. It is comforting in an odd way. She flashes a tired smile at Rayne at the worried expression on the other woman's face. "Just hungry," comes her attempt at reassurance. Thankfully her food arrives soon thereafter and she is able to shove a few fries into her mouth. Without making a pig of herself Mayumi somehow still manages to make her plate of food vanish at a rapid pace. Mouth full of food she manages to wave to the elf in greeting from their table.

Rayne says, "Really? Think about it... How in the galaxy can anyone really consider a welcoming committee as part of law enforcement? I was really stretching it before when I was considering it as a part of TASK. It really was only because TASK was where I had any real pull. But that's not going to be the case, right? I mean, if we think we can get this into play faster, we can start it under TASK, but in the end, it really just doesn't belong there." She frowns, looking down at her laptop again. "At least, not by my thinking." She looks up and nods in agreement at Ren before turning to Mayumi with a smile. "Good," she says before turning once again, this time to the entering gym. "Hey, Minu."

"I am not saying I am against the idea of creating another institution." Kotal answers to both Serenity and Rayne. "What am I asking is this; do you two think you have the resources and the will to head such an organization?"

He sips his pulque. "Because let me confess that running TASK has not been easy, and considering my previous positions of leadership were the Aztec empire and Outworld, I can say I have some experience in the matter."

"Twisted has a way of... wearing an individual. I simply do not wish for you to burn out undertaking this challenge."

He nods to Rayne, "Though you are right, you are welcome to start at first using TASK resources. Really, whatever it is you two need to start this project, I am quite willing to provide." And then comes Minu who is not a moment too soon. "Minu." Kotal seems quite relieved of seeing here. "Come, you will want to hear what we are discussing." His face says, please come save me from this paperwork pretty much.

Serenity waves part of a pair of fins to Minu as Ren notices her appearance. Mayumi's dining, too, gets a curious look before Ren looks back to Kotal and Rayne. "That is a fair point, that excessive turnover in a job position makes the organization less efficient," Ren acknowledges. "I think properly documenting everything that works well and that doesn't work well, though, would go a long way towards mitigating that sort of problem for the new person. As for what causes despair in the first place," Ren adds, "bureaucracy is hardly going to do any damage to a leader that friendship can't repair."

The little elf makes her way over to where the group sits. She smiles at Rayne and Ren and wiggles her fingers at Mayumi. Kotal gets a very polite nod and a softly spoken "Mr. Kahn." She gestures to a skutter and orders some fries and a smoothie then tilts her head "what is it I should be hearing?"

Back and forth Mayumi's gaze shifts as she listens to each person speaking in their turn. Ideas are passed back and forth while she absorbs what is being said. It is a massive undertaking to plan a new venture that could, in its way, lay a foundation for the future of Twisted. Should any group have too much or too little power it could be difficult for all involved. And thus why she avoids politics.

A bite of chicken is swallowed and washed down by a large gulp of coffee. Pausing to wipe her hands and mouth on a napkin Mayumi offers a spot next to her for Minu to sit, waving to the elf to join her. At the same time she waves a hand for more coffee. It was a long, brutal workout.

Rayne says, "I'm hoping Sunset has the will to head it, not myself. Between the Council and TASK, I doubt I'll have the time to head something else." She then frowns, tilting her head as she reconsiders something. "If we're both on the council and equals there... will I almost have to resign from TASK? I mean, there might be a lot of distrust that I'm operating as more than just a second vote for you if I'm still working under you elsewhere." Then with a bit of tiredness in her expression and vocal mannerisms, Rayne responds to Ren with, "I'll have to find someone else to figure the bureaucratic and secretarial details of that level." She then facepalms with both hands, her elbows still on the table. "Uuuuugh... By the gods, I'm starting to sound like my mother." She doesn't sound like she considers that to be a good thing."

"I'm afraid this goes far beyond our friendship, Serenity." Kotal crosses his arms and looks thoughtful. "You are right, Rayne. I have considered that it is bad form for you to be in Council whilst still being my second. Naturally, I doubt that Caliga ever thinks about the consequences of his actions, because as far as he is not the one responsible for things everything is fine in the world for him."

The Aztec gives a sigh. "I will not encourage you to resign TASK or to stop being my Second. But if this is going to work we will either need to find a suitable replacement for either you being in TASK or this new hopeful organization."

He then gives a pause and almost looks sadly at this drink momentarily before looking back up. "At any rate, it does not need to be decided right now. The Council is not even set in place yet, and Diablo still holds the throne." He then glances at Minu as she approaches them. "Matters of the new Council, Rayne and I have been appointed positions of government in Twisted."

Serenity nods an acknowledgment to Rayne and then to Kotal before continuing to listen in. Rayne's latter complaint gets a grin. Afterward, Ren adds, motioning toward Kotal, "An important point. While Caliga was certainly not making a polite request, neither can he achieve his desired effect of diluting power by forcing anyone into a position." Ren looks to Rayne. "That may mean that we have some small margin for bargaining, such as helping you by eliminating the more tedious details of the job positions."

Minu slid into the seat beside Mayumi and smiles at those assembled. "hmm yes the Council. A good idea to be sure but there seems to be a little balancing that is going to have to be done. I agree that two folk of TASK being on it could be seen as the council being simply a front for greater ambition."

"So, you need administrators and officers. Admins to do the paperwork and answer general questions. Officers to go out and do the greeting and sort people in case their dangerous. Those would be people from TASK, or at least trained by TASK." Mayumi shrugs her shoulders and holds out her hand for more coffee. "The admins can be chosen by whoever is appointed to lead." A smile is flashed at Minu and her logic while she adds more cream and sugar to the dark liquid. The mug fills both her hands while she lets the heat seep into her.

Rayne frowns, leaning back with a sigh. She tilts her head back to look at the ceiling and says, "I don't want to leave TASK. I've gotten used to it... to the patrols, to the fighting, oddly... but mostly to the camaraderie. But I feel like... for the sake of more, I shouldn't be there." She looks back down from the ceiling again towards Kotal. "But I guess I don't need to finalize a decision until it happens, do I?" She listens to the points of Ren, Minu, and Mayumi before nodding. "Yeah, I'm more envisioning this as being a place that people send newcomers to. So that first encounter might be from TASK... or might be just a random citizen. But this becomes where newcomers are told to go to. I think perhaps 'counselors' might be a better term for the workers newcomers interact with?" She leans forward again, covering her lower face in her hands while her elbows once again make contact with the table.

Serenity frowns at the first of Mayumi's suggests and nods at the second. "Hhh... yes. There is an argument to be made for some safety training at the least. Not all arrivals have been peaceful, even ones who later turned out as well." Ren nods at Rayne's suggestion of terminology, then gives her a bit of a concerned look, motioning a portion of fin towards her. "I don't know if you were part of the physical workout earlier, but it looks as though you might be in need of a rest as well."

Rayne blinks rather slowly, then nods to Serenity. "Yeah, you're probably right, Ren." With a light sigh, she closes her laptop and stands up from the table. Holding the computer to her chest, she bows lightly and says, "Goodnight everyone," before heading for the door. She can't help but yawn on her way, trying to hide it behind a hand.

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