2016-02-02 - Denim for All!

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Denim for All!

Summary: Mayumi is in need of more clothes, and Minu is in need of new style. Rayne comes along just because.

Who: Mayumi, Minu, Rayne
When: February 2nd, 2016
Where: New Market Mall


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After a few weeks of living in Twisted it is beyond time for Mayumi to buy a few new pieces for her wardrobe. The jeans and top she arrived in are full of small tears and stains, gained mostly through training. While she can walk around in her warrior's outfit it requires energy to maintain the look and she has been doing it often enough to drain her resources. If she keeps going this way she'll eat the Krew out of TASK and tower. A few of the team members saw fit to gift her with workout clothes, which is all well and good, but real clothing is necessary. And it seemed that the mall was the way to go.

Having never ventured into Neo-Edo before the idea was rather intimidating. Unable to locate Silencia, probably for the best on this first trip, she pressed upon Rayne to be her guide. That and to provide a second opinion on fashion, because you always need a second opinion.

The doors to the bus open, and from it steps Rayne, who is all smiles. There's just something about the mall that makes the TASK second grin, and today is no exception to this. Perhaps it was spending ten years on a backwoods planet that didn't even have electricity... But she has taken to this particular sign of civilization in full. "Come on!" she shouts as she heads into the mall as fast as she can with heels while still maintaining an air of gracefulness. Barely maintaining that air of gracefulness. Once inside, she takes a deep breath, taking in the many smells of the mall, before heading over to the directory map. "So where do you want to get started?"

Practically dragged along behind the enthusiastic Rayne, Mayumi winces as the bus stops. Considering how fast Rayne flies out of the vehicle it is amazing she waited for it to stop first. Wincing slightly in anticipation of a collision Mayumi follows along at a slightly more sedate clip. "I'mma comin'!" She calls as she hurries to catch up. Nearly skidding to a stop in front of the directory she looks over all the stores. All the highly unfamiliar stores. "None of the names look particularly appealing. I guess we can just walk around and see what they..." Just then something catches her eye and she points to one store in particular. "Oh! What about that one?"

Well, Rayne certainly isn't literally dragging Mayumi along. "'Belt 21?' Well, only one way to find out how good it is, right? None of these chains exist in my universe, as far as I'm aware... assuming they're chains in any universe." She looks down at the map to locate it and plot her course, then looks up at the mall itself to get her bearings and start making her way. Her third time here, and only the second time she actually is here for shopping purposes, she's still far from familiar with the surroundings, and hasn't visited hardly any of the stores. She's doing her best to try to look like a normal, calm person, but she's just not quite able to shake that vibe of being a teenager who's being allowed to go to the mall as a rare occasion. "Oh, man. I really do need to save up so much so I can make another raid here... But I also really want to get a motorcycle, as well. It's hard having a budget again." The store they arrive at seems to be one where the outfits tend to have a lot of straps and excess belts, from the display windows. "What do you think?"

Mayumi bites her lip to keep from laughing as Rayne moves around with such enthusiasm. It occurs to her that maybe the other woman is a shopaholic, or maybe just really excited. Either way she walks a bit behind so that she can cover up her chuckles, careful not to dislodge the owl on her shoulder. "Think she's happy to come shopping?" she asks Minu as the reach the store she chose. "Belt 21. Not what I was expecting somehow. Could be interesting, but I get the feeling that Taichou would just use the belts as an excuse for training on how not to get snagged in a fight." A shudder runs through her at the memory of the last session and the bruise that she still has on her left hip from that throw. "We can go in if either of you want though."

The tiny owl watched the rainbow haired woman with those wide golden eyes. She rested easily on Mayumi's shoulder, small talons curled into the cloth of the girls top. Twisting her small head around and nearly upside down the little owl hooted and made a little clatter of her beak in something that sounded like amusement. Small wings flit against nutmeg and cream colored sides and another merry hoot comes from the little bird.

"Pff," replies Rayne to the concerns of getting snagged due to belts as she peers in the display window. "You can summon your battle... outfit, right? It'd be an invalid concern. What matters is if this whole belty-strappy look is what you want or not. It's not really mine, I think. Not anymore, at least." She looks around at the neighboring stores while waiting for the final verdict of this place: A more generalized clothing store, and a place that seems to sell ball gowns.

Rayne's comment about "not anymore" gets a look from Mayumi that includes raised eyebrows and lots of blinking. It isn't all that hard to imagine the rainbow-haired Rayne dressed in clothes that resembled those in the store window. Punk was a style from her universe that would certainly look good on Rayne, but it wasn't really her thing. After pursing her lips a bit Mayumi shakes her head lightly. "No, I don't think that it's really my thing either. Why don't we go over there?" Across the way is a store that looks to have denim, according to the window. If nothing else she could find a few pairs of jeans or a denim skirt.

The owlet twisted her head fully the other way and peered upside down at all those straps and belts then gave her own head a shake and made a little hop and hoot of negation. Even in her elven form Minu was one to still wear her long sleeved and very prim long hemmed gown she always had worn most of her adult life. She knew other ladies showed more skin but as of yet she had never had female friends to talk her into more, adventurous clothing.

Rayne nods to Mayumi. "Jeans of Arc it is!" she exclaims as she begins making her way over. She's managed to calm herself down a bit again, but she still seems to be carrying herself more like a teenager than someone that's second in command of a police force. She deftly avoids running into various people along the way, again marveling at just how much more populated this side of the bridge is. "Hrm. I wonder if they have anything in your size here, Minu? Or are we going to have to go to a children's store for you?" She frowns, not meaning to be insulting... But Minu is only four feet tall, after all. Well, right now it's only a few inches, but you get the idea.

Mayumi hmms as they walk towards the shop. Minu is rather more petite than general, but depending on the clothing style they might find something to suit her. "They may have smaller sizes, or we could get them tailored to fit her better. Have you ever worn pants, Minu?" she asks the little owl as they enter the store. The first rack they come to has plaid shirts hanging from it, but right beside the shirts are a rack of shirts that are printed with something she could only describe in her world as psychedelic. Plaid plus poka-dots meets floral in some sort of textured metallic fabric that made her eyes hurt to look at it. Turning away quickly she heads straight for the piles of denim pants. "Oh, those look promising. And there are a few skirts that look as if they may fit you, Minu. Of course you'd have to change shapes to try it on first." A gentle finger fluffs the owlette's chest feathers.

The little owl fluffs her feathers as she is rubbed then gently hops from May's shoulder and into the air. She does a little flutter of her wings then simply shifts and in a little blink of the eye, an elf stands where the owl once hovered. Minu looks at the cloths around her and offers a little shake of the head "umm no, I have never worn pants and I don't know what my size would be in store bought clothes. My dresses have always been made to fit by hand."

Rayne says, "Well, we'll just have to get your measurements then, Minu. Ooooor, we could eyeball it, get a few that are close in size, and you go and try them on." She smirks slightly. "Of course, trying to decide what your style could be, that might be the challenge, if you've only ever worn stuff like that." Rayne shrugs before looking into the racks for a few moments. "Ooh, I probably should get myself a pair of jeans... I don't have anything quite this casual right now. And then I'll need a few T-shirts, and then some running shoes..." She is a-plannin'.

Mayumi grins and picks out the smallest size she can find in a dark wash jean, then another few pairs in the same size but different styles. "Let's just start with these, okay Minu." The clothes are shoved at the tiny elf before Mayumi begins to choose clothes for herself. As she wanders about she finds a pair that look oddly like what her people would call bell-bottoms. Laughing she finds her size, or what she assumes is her size, to add to the pile in her arms. "Oh hey Rayne, these would look great on you." She holds up a pair of skinny style denims for approval. Who needs a motorcycle when you can look hot?

The little elf blushes to her ear tips and shifts a little "I don't know if I have a style. I have always just worn what I was used to seeing my mother wear when I was little. It seemed appropriate for a keeper of the Grand Archives." She blinks and gasps as May starts handing her various items of clothing. She hugs the girls choices against her and nods "umm ok..if you think they are appropriate for me to wear. I don't wish to be scandalous."

"Ooh," says Rayne as she comes over to take a better look at what Mayumi has picked out for her. What is it with Rayne going to the mall and other people picking out her clothes? She's not one to complain, however, as she looks over the label and nods. She then smiles at Minu, saying, "Jeans have got to be about the least scandalous of all clothing, I'd say. Well, at least relaxed fit styles are. If you go with the tight or super short, they can get slightly scandalous. Well, the super short can be very scandalous. I'm not even willing to go there, myself. You might want to try out a shirt at the same time, though." She picks out a few slight variations in size for the skinny jeans Mayumi picked out and, with a quick "excuse me," makes her way over to the changing rooms to try the jeans out.

Mayumi winks at Minu while nodding in agreement with Rayne. "Jeans are not scandalous, but they will make you look desirable. Well, more desirable," she smiles as she looks the little elf over. "You have a really cute figure. A t-shirt would probably be best to start with though." Setting her own selections down for a moment she sorts through the shirts available and picks out a few that are of simple cut, with round necks in a material that isn't thin enough to show Minu's bra underneath. "Here you go. Into that room and try things on. I'll wait out here in case you need help." Placing the shirts top the pile in Minu's arms she places her hands on the elf's shoulders and turns her towards a dressing room and pulls the door closed behind her. "Let me see what you look like, too, Rayne."

Minu looks distinctly unsure as more things are piled into her arms and she is bodily turned and propelled toward a dressing room. "umm desirable?" She squeaks and wrinkles her nose cause she can't free her hand to push the glasses up higher on her nose. Doing as she was told the little elf goes into the dressing room and shuts the door . Setting the pile onto a low bench she heaves a great shaky sigh and pulls a pair of the jeans and one of the tee shirts out and lays them on top then proceeds to skin out of her dress. The little elf shivers in her underthings briefly then pulls on the jeans. The legs are way too long for her and a little big in the seat and waist even as she buttons and zips them. Tugging on the tee shirt it too fits just a trifle large for her delicate frame. The little doll like elf looks rather silly in the too large things but she pushes her glasses up and steps out into the store and makes a piteous little face.

Rayne calls out from inside the changing room, "Of course! That's the point of going in a group, isn't it?" She determines which of the three pairs is indeed the proper size and gets herself changed before stepping out again. "It's been a while since I've worn pants quite this tight. I've forgotten how it feels." She spins around once, then looks over Minu with a bit of an exasperated sigh. "Yeah... I think I was right. We're going to have to raid the children's section for you, even if it might be a bit tight in the chest for ya."

Mayumi grins as Minu slips out of the dressing room. The elf is too adorable for words in the oversized clothes. Laughter is bubbling up, but she dares not release it and cause embarrassment where none is intended. "Given the way everything fits I would say she needs the teen department, not kids. The fit is fine overall. It's just too big." Walking over to Minu she gives her a little side hug and then shoos her back into the dressing room. "Go ahead and change then we'll find a different store." Turning to look over at Rayne she waggles her brows. "Very nice. You should get them." She retrieves her pile of stuff and waddles into a room to try on her own things.

Minu sighs and blushes as Rayne gives that exasperated sigh. She listens to the two other women discuss her size issue and nods a little. When May offers the hug she leans a little into her then turns and scuttles back into the dressing room to strip out of the to big things and pull on her dress again. The elf looks at herself in the mirror then pushes her glasses up on her nose with one small finger and steps out of the room again.

Rayne flashes a grin at Mayumi as she approves the pants. "I think I will!" She returns to the changing room as well to change back into her own clothes. Once back out, she makes her way to the checkout to purchase the jeans, asking the elf, "So, you've never put any thought into any style at all other than your normal dress, Minu? Have you looked at what others wear and considered those styles for yourself? I'm not as good at picking out clothes for others like Sil and apparently Mayumi are." She lifts the bag with her new pair of pants in it.

Minu tilts her head thoughtfully at Rayne's question "no, not really. I just always wore something serviceable and proper. Since being in Twisted I have been a little busy with work to think about shopping and, well...no one ever invited me before. Which, I should thank you and May for by the way. I never really had..."girl time" before. I have noticed not many wear such...long dresses any more or at least here."

Rayne says, "Hey, there's nothing wrong with those dresses. I still wear my armor sometimes when I'm not working, too. It's just all about how you feel each day, that should dictate what you wear... and it's nice to have that wide array of choices to match the many moods you can have from day to day." She leans against a wall, looking upward at nothing in particular. "I think... I think I messed myself up, wearing nothing but that armor for so long. Because as soon as I had that array, I really felt more free, you know? No, I guess not, but you will, hopefully."

Mayumi finally exits the dressing room, clothing piled high in her arms. More than half the pile is dumped in the designated spot for discards that don't fit or are simply unwanted. Another few items go into a separate pile, probably things she plans to purchase. Once the pile is gone she is left wearing a dark blue skirt that rests a few inches about her knees. Doing a little twirl to show it off, she smiles at the other girls with pleasure. "What do you think?" Only the way she chews at her inner lip shows the slight lack of confidence she has in her choice. It isn't her usual style, only because fighting tends to be rough on clothes and short skirts aren't great if you get jumped by demons. Of course, she doesn't have to hide her powers or her fighting skills in this world, so maybe things can be different. They did pass a store that had some killer boots...

Rayne gives Mayumi a broad smile. "It looks great! So it looks like we'll get you in a skirt and Minu in pants. Last trip got me in a couple of dresses already, not to mention all of my money at the time, so I'm not sure what new thing you'll get me into." She lifts her bag once again. "These don't count. They're not quite different enough to be a surprise to see me in."

As May comes out of the dressing room the little elf smiled "ohhhh yes, that's lovely! See..shorter dresses are much more the thing here." as she looks to Rayne and then back to May. She giggles a little and blushes as its pronounced that by the end of the trip she will have pants.

Mayumi blushes faintly and then joins in the laughter. "Okay, I'll get it. Just give me a few to go change then I can purchase my items and we'll go find Minu some pants." Hurrying into the changing room she puts her clothes back on. Gathering up the skirt and the two pairs of jeans she makes her way to the counter and pays for her items. While she is there is asks after a store for teens. The clerk suggests something called On the Edge.

Rayne says, "On the Edge, eh? I'm gonna have to warn you, Minu, teenagers tend to have the weirdest fashions... and with a name like that, most of their wares might be a slight on the scandalous side." She offers the elf a grin. "Well, let's be off, then!" she announces before striding for the door. Outside, she seeks another directory so as to locate the next target store!"

Minu captures her lower lip in her teeth at Rayne's explanation of teen fashion. "really.eek" as she quickly darts after the two taller women. "I don't wanna be scandalous but I think I wanna try something modern or, more modern"

Mayumi shrugs as she follows Rayne out of the store and towards a directory. "We are just going there for jeans and maybe tshirts, not the outrageous stuff. We can try a different store if this one doesn't work out." She smiles at Minu reassuringly. "I won't try to put you into anything to outlandish. Teens sizes should fit you better in height and can still have the same basic shape. Colors might be different though." Leaning over to look at the directory she points to the store. "There it is. Not too far from here."

Continued in New Pants Are Required!

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