2016-02-02 - Under New Management

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Under New Management

Summary: A fishing trip turns into contract for Urus as Morgana enlists his expertice.

Who: Urus, Morgana
When: February 2nd, 2016
Where: Zeku-Kari Beach.


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As the sun crests overhead, a mild warmth emanates from it. The sky seems cloudless and the water... well that doesn't seem to change that much. Urus is sitting on the pier, trying his hand at fishing, this being his first time. It's hard to fish in space, you don't catch much. The experience he was told was supposed to be relaxing. If by relaxing they meant mind numbingly boring because you have not received a bite in the two hours you have been working at it... they nailed it. As he waits he mindlessly raps his claws against the wooden dock. He has tried just about every avenue of work possible, but the people here just seem to take care of themselves... or TASK takes care of it. You would think that Twisted would have some minds that are well, twisted. That does not seem to be the case for the majority stake of the population.

The siren awoke down in her lair to the ever so soft vibrations that barely echo through waters. Uncurling herself she runs a lazy hand down along her belly and makes an appraising face. The strumming continues and though its light she decides to go explore what ever it is that is making the odd vibrations. Silent as the tomb the siren swims up from the depths, into the kelp forest then into the bay proper. Her dark form slithers through the water with out stirring a ripple until she is just below the pier. Seeing the fishing line in the water a smirk curls her lips and she gives it a little tug.

Urus is about to give up on the whole Idea until the line starts moving. "There we go!" he exclaims as he attempts to reel in his supposed catch. Using both hands for the rod now he peers into the water to try to see if he spots his catch. His proximity to the shore means the water is not quite still out here and he is unsure what he has... if he has anything at all.

As Urus starts to reel in the line the siren twines it about her hand and plays and tugs the line mischievously. Never before has she chosen to tease one of the landed this way but, she is in a pleasant sort of mood and well look how much fun he seems to be having.

Urus struggles for a few moments with the line, quickly getting fed up with whatever sea creature happens to be on the end. "Is that the way you want to play it? FINE!" He stands up taking a solid stance and yanks on the rod in an attempt to muscle his catch out of the water; unbeknownst to him his catch is no ordinary fish.

When the hyena rises and begins to really fight the siren pulls the line way down, making the rod bow nearly double, then simply releases the line and the rod jerks right up and of course the poor hyena is stuck pulling up on something with no resistance.

Urus strains against the pull of the line and puts his muscle into it... which is a bad thing when Morgana lets go. The pole snaps back quickly right into his snout. He lets go of the pole with one hand to hold on to his nose as he inhales deeply through it. The hook of the fishing pole now lays lazily on the dock beside him. He bares his teeth as he looks down to see what smug creature happens to be down there playing tricks on him. As for fishing being calming... it's not.

As the line flings up out of the water the siren rises to the surface and a soft musical laugh spills out over the water. Shadowed light dances between the pier boards and finds the dark hair and pale pearly flesh of the siren. Morgana had never really been on for pranks but she has been learning something of humor from her mate and well she is just in such a fine mood that she was feeling playful. When Urus looks over the edge of the pier she offers a wave of her hand "greetings to you warrior who sings"

"Oh... It's you." Urus remarks still peeved at the fact that he got tricked into smacking himself in the face with a fishing rod. "I am sorry, did I disturb your water too much?" he asks sarcastically. He kneels down to get closer to the water hoping that her jokes have come to an end for now. As for that singing thing, he did it one time, when is she going to drop this. Then again it's not like there is much of a reputation to ruin at this point.

Morgana smiles beguilingly up at the hyena. "it was not to much, no. I hope I did you no harm. I was..playing. It is a pleasure to see you again here. I think I would like to talk with you about something, delicate. Would you allow such? I would come to land to speak if you wish."

Urus sighs at Morgana's playing. The fact that she calls it a pleasure to have him in her presence is a new one for twisted. He raises an eyebrow for a second confused at the private matter at hand. "Yes. We can talk. As for you coming ashore, that would be appreciated. "He takes his pole and checks to make sure he is not missing anything before walking down the pier to get to the shoreline. He is, in fact, intrigued at the position he finds himself in. What personal matters could a Siren need him?

Ducking back into the water the siren heads for shore. Its just a few moments until she is rising from the water on two sleek legs. Tossing her long dark hair she does a little mermaid magic and goes from dripping wet to dry in an instant. The afternoon sun glows on her bare pearly skin. Her head tilts and her dark eyes follow the hyena as he makes his way to the shore.

Urus puts down the fishing gear on the beach and walks toward the Siren. He attempts to be professional about it and tries desperately to look her in the face the entire walk. "So, What seems to be the problem?" he asks. She has his undivided attention, if it were not for the conversation it would be for other things.

Morgana is not intentionally trying to be distracting with her nudity, she simply is. She gestures to the sand "do you wish to sit?" She settles herself down and folds her legs beneath herself. "When I went to see Kotal, I noticed you had been marked by him but, you did not...belong ..to...him. You do not seem to be pleased with him for many of the same reasons I myself am not."

"I will stand thanks." Urus declines. He stands there plainfaced, that is until she brings ownership in. "Yes, I am marked, I have tried many ways of getting rid of it but it seems to be lost cause. So yes. I have quite a few problems with him, why do you bring this up?" He relaxes himself again and shifts his weight as he wonders what Morgana is up to.

Those dark eyes raise and she takes in the hyena as he stays standing above her. She does not look concerned though that she is in a lower physical position then he is. She simply sits almost regally there. "Several times you have fought beside my Chosen and myself. You are a warrior of good skill and you do not belong to Kotal and his TASK. I believe that I may soon be of need of a landed one who walks among those others and can bring me word of what transpires. I will also need another trusted warrior to offer aid should I become to...ungainly on land to protect myself. Muradin can not always be at my side."

Urus Nods as he listens. There is a smile as she compliments him on his combat. "So, you want me to find information to bring back to you? That is simple." He doesn't have anything right now but now that he happens to be the eyes and ears for a siren makes that a higher priority. As for her other request he takes a second to think about what she just said. "Bodyguard duty? You seemed to take care of self when we last fought." Then a single thought comes to mind and that changes a few things. "So, you need protection for when you come up here. There are several different levels to my services... I can be just a pretty face, I can say a few words towards people..."

Morgana inclines her head "I just wish to know what is happening on land, the...what is the term...dirt? Yes. The Dirt. I think you are one that could get such for me. As to being able to fight for myself, I am Superior in the water but on land I am limited and, I believe it will not be long before I am even more limited, if I am with offspring I believe my ability to fight may be hampered. As to what I wish of you..a moment if you will" She rises and moves to the water and soon disappears into the water. Not more then 10 mins pass and she rises again from the water with a oiled leather bag in hand. She walks to Urus and hands him the bag. If the hyena opens it he will find a heavy gold chain, and more then a hand full of faceted assorted gem stones and many large pearls.

Urus is quite pleased with his catch right now... not bad for first time fishing. Getting information about Twisted's latest... he has small friends in high places. As she explains he looks more and more perplexed until she says offspring. His thought had come to life, despite this thought it still shocks him slightly. It isn't until she goes in the water again that he comes back to being able to speak. He waits, unsure if the conversation is done or not, then she returns. He carefully takes the bag and opens it slowly. His eyes go wide and mouth falls agape slightly. He shakes his head a little bit to clear it. He closes the bag quickly and says "Up front, Extra, and pleasant...I guess the gods do not hate me after all. wait." He pockets the bag and pulls out a small booklet from the same pocket. He licks and index finger and flips through a few blank pages before closing it and says "yeah, I think I have this next week open." Then under his breath "and all subsequent weeks."

The siren had not bothered making with the mermaid magic this time and so water drips from her dark hair and spills in rivulets down over her pearlescent skin. Those nearly black eyes raise to the hyena and she watches him inscrutably. Its rather clear from her blank expression that she doesn't get the joke. After a moment she takes a rather long breath and the inner membrane of her third eyelid blinks over her eyes briefly. "There are those who would say I am unaware of what happens around me, that I am unknowing and not subtle and yet those do not know me well at all. I watch, I know. I have been granted some measure of peace here in Twisted, I have been allowed to love again and become more then I was. I believe this is why we have been brought to this place. Perhaps you have been brought as well to be more then what you were. I know you work for profit and I will not hold such back from you for it means little to me other then it is shiny and I like to watch the light dance upon it. My hope though, warrior is that like the song you sing, you might become one with my family, the land is your place but so too is it the place of my Chosen and his gnome cousin, and yet they belong. If you so chose, I believe you too could, belong."

Urus Is slightly phased by her inaction at first. The Siren's lack of sarcasm comprehension definitely makes for miniature problems. We can smooth that out later. Then again she also brings up the points of finding a new self which confuses him quite a bit. Of all the people to give these philosophical questions, Morgana was the last person he expected to do it. It is all too clear he is trying to wrap his brain around what she is saying. "Ummm... Yes. Sure. I am...Honored?" Her, family? The sheer fact that someone could move beyond their place of origin and beyond the absolute madness and danger involved with daily life here, to start the semblance of a family, is beyond him Right now. At this point he is just glad he has found something to do after being unofficially laid off.

As she watches Urus stumble around his own mental difficulties the siren lets her head fall back and she laughs. The sound is like warm living fur brushing over ones skin and it wraps around the area as if seeking a place to nestle. What is it the siren finds humorous, its hard to say but clearly her lighter mood has not left her. "You will think on theses things, warrior. For now, we will be content that you are under my...what is the word the landed use...employee? You will be the one that goes between, the one that aids me in understanding the landed better and my right hand when I am to great with offspring to protect myself adequately." This is not a question, it is stated as simple fact, as something that will be.

Urus can definitely agree with her new statement however. Employee, that's a concept he readily accepts. "Right, That is what we have agreed. " there only seems to be one problem, but that is his to figure out. If he is supposed to run bodyguard against possible demigods and powerful beings in general, he is going to need some heavier firepower. All of a sudden an Idea comes to mind. "Say, Next time you see the small crazy woman with her cat, tell her I need to talk to her." If the gnomes can build massive mechanical cats, a decent sized weapon should be a walk in the park for them. "I will need some time to prepare; I did not think I was going to have this conversation today. However this tasks is something I can easily do for you." He says partially lying. Again Twisted is filled with things much more powerful than him, but never underestimate the cunning of a hyena.

Morgana's hand drifts down to brush over her lower belly and her eyes follow. A small smile curves her lips "You have some time to prepare but I do not know how much. I am nearly a thousand years old and I do not recall the length of time it takes to make offspring for my people." She comes back to the here and now though and lifts her eyes again to the hyena "I will speak to Doommuffin and ask her to meet with you for this discussion. Also, My Chosen is working on armors, if you have need, you should speak with him as well. I will leave you to your thoughts and preparations. I ask of you this though, you will come to the waters edge for one hour at sunrise, noon, and sunset. So that if I have need of you I can easily find you. We have yet to find a way to make communications with the land from my grotto." Again she is straight forward and simple in her expectations of the hyena.

Urus Thinks on her request for a second. "Yes, This I can do." She expects less from him than most of his previous employers, this is looking to be something he can easily grab on to with both hands and work with it. "I will need a day at most. Minor things that need to be seen to, otherwise I will be here for you." He says giving himself ample time to round up some ammunition, a deck chair, and maybe a book or two. Yes he is not taking it too seriously, at least while she is going to be underwater. When she comes up it is going to be all business, until then though. He can be on the clock and not need to do much. Save turning away the occasional person.

The siren nods her head regally, something that is becoming an odd habit for her then turns and moves toward the water with out a further word. The sea seems to rise up to meet her and welcome her home. Soon she is gone, not even a ripple to show she was there, even her footprints in the sand washed away by a wave.

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