2016-02-03 - Explosive News!

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Explosive News!

Summary: Morgana has big news for Muradin!

Who: Doommuffin, Morgana, Muradin
When: February 3rd, 2016
Where: Zeku-Kari Beach


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The sun was like a great orange ball as it slowly lowered into the sea, setting the sea ablaze in a myriad of shimmering hues of red, orange and gold. From that shimmering surface a pair of heads broke the water and moved with a smooth grace toward the land. The siren had her dwarf in tow of course and she had been exceptionally tight lipped of late, affectionate and in a particularly pleasant mood but she was not sharing why yet with her bronze haired beloved. As they reached the land the siren made sure the dwarfs feet were well on the sand before she rose from the water like Venus , luminescent and with a touch of mermaid magic dried herself in an instant and stepped onto shore with regal grace. A pleased smile curled her lips and she swayed as she walked up the beach toward the little make shift shop where DM liked to tinker. "Cousin of My Chosen, I would speak with you." She called out softly then looks back at and watches her mate make his way.

Doommuffin, working on Deathcake's battle 'armor,' looks up from one of the dorsal turbines that still won't operate properly(they tend to throw the blades everywhere when starting up. While quite amusing, it is not the intended function) and adjusts her goggles to get a better look at the approaching pair. "Salutations! And what brings you onto the mostly dry land this particular fine evening, Morgana?" Deathcake, meanwhile, appears to be sleeping on the roof of the makeshift workshop.

Muradin had noticed that his siren was acting a little weird lately. Not engaging in conversation was very odd for a being that thrived in singing. The Mountain King didn't expect her to go into machine gun speech ala the gnome they were about to visit, but Morgana giving him a little of the silent treatment was more than a little unnerving!! Is she mad at him? Muradin sure hopes not.

The dwarven warrior raises a hand in greetings as they approach DM's engineer bay. Fortunately he seems to be fully dry as well thanks to Morgana sharing her tricks with him, so there's no risk of his beard and hair getting everything wet. "'Ello there lassie."

The siren pauses just outside the small shop. She isn't overly fond of the machines there , not because such are bad per-se but because she has seen things go awry and thank you but no, she is taking no chances. A delicate hand stray briefly over her belly and then away again as she stands waiting for the others to join her. Dark hair falls like a cloak and surrounds her shoulders and bust. "I have news of import for our...family" she intones and her words slide into the world with just a hint of musicality, a little tinkling something that almost has the quality of bell chimes.

Really, it's just common sense to not enter a gnome's workshop. Oh, sure, they'll tell you it's perfectly safe. They might even tell you it's Ultrasafe(tm), but really, you never know what could happen in there. Really, Morgana's brave to get even that close. This particular gnome raises her goggles from her face, revealing her glowing blue eyes, as well as revealing that her face is rather dirty, as the skin underneath is clearly cleaner, leaving a sort of reverse-raccoon pattern. "Ooooh! I think I have a guess!" she exclaims, but she doesn't reveal her guess.

Seriously, what is going on here?? Morgana is suddenly saying she has important news for their family and just before Muradin can ask about them DM is giving them a cheeky, knowing grin like she knows what's Morgana talking about. At this point, he doesn't care if he stumbles head first into DM's engineer bay, the dorf warrior isn't the best investigator and he just wants to know what's going on at this point.

"Uh.. bloody oath, am I tha' only one who's confused here??"

Morgana dips her chin and offers the gnome a side ways glance and there is a softening of her features briefly and a slight, pinking to her cheeks, a true and honest to goodness blush from a siren. Muradin's words make her look back at him and his grumpy confusion bring out a laugh, long and merry. Her dark hair dances around her and those black eyes alight with a pleasure and mirth that few living have ever witnessed. "do not swear Muradin, I have heard it is not seemly to do so before ones offspring." And just like that she offers up the most incredibly glorious smile, and for a moment even those wicked sharp teeth are beautiful and her entire being shimmers.

Few living... and a few dead. "I knew it!" cries the gnome. The laughter seems to wake up the ghost cat on the roof as well, who yawns and appears to have no idea the significance of what was just said. You know. Because he's a cat. "You might want to keep your distance from the workshop, in that event. I have been experimenting with some exciting new adhesives, and I do not know what side effects they may or may not have on a delicate situation such as yours."

Muradin frowns up at Morgana when she chastises him for swearing. What? Since when has that ever been a thing with the two of them? Muradin swears up a storm all the time and his siren has never made any mention of it ever bothering her. The dorf is seriously confused now, twisting his face as he struggles to comprehend the subtle intricacies of women. "Wait, wot?" Offsprings?? But there's no children here. He guesses DM could count but-- wait. Slowly, very slowly, the gears inside Muradin's head begin to turn and suddenly comes the point when he, yep.

He gets it.

"AAAAAH!" Muradin goes completely pale and his eyes roll to the top of his head before he collapses backwards. Looks like the surprise was so enormous that it managed to knock him out!

Morgana looks to the laughing gnome and nods her head and smiles "I will stay away then. I am nearly a thousand years old and I have no remembrance of the manner of dealing with the growing of offspring. I wish this one to be perfect and protected though. I must...protect her." The siren blinks as Muradin grumps and then cries out in shock and falls over. With a gasp of her own the siren moves to kneel beside the dwarf and gathers his bronze head into her lap. "Muradin...what ails you?" She lifts her eyes in concern to DM "do your males always react so to such things?"

Doommuffin narrows her eyes and scrunches her lips to the side before saying, "I must admit, I am most curious as to how this precisely worked on a genetic level. I would not have thought that a being descended from earth would be able to procreate with one so intrinsically tied with the sea." No, she doesn't express any concern for the fallen prince. "My males? No, gnomish males tend to run into walls when given a panicking statement of this caliber. Or use a world enlargement device in an attempt to hide from their situation."

The fallen prince doesn't stay fallen for long. Not a moment after Morgana had knelt next to him to put his head on her lap, Muradin's eyes are blinking open. "Who cares about genetics!?" Apparently he was conscious enough to hear the whole conversation. Dwarven resilience lets him do that despite having blacked out from the looks of it. "I'm going to be a bloody father!!" He cries with joy standing up immediately, lifting Morgana off her feet and spinning around with her. "Woop, pardon me language." Its true though, now he's gonna have to keep the swearing to a minimum. "This is the best sodding day of me life!" Yeah.. its gonna be hard to keep Muradin Bronzebeard from swearing.

At DM's quizzical musings the siren says in her musical voice "Magic, and the perhaps the power of Twisted itself. I believe it has offered new beginnings. Offered a chance to make a family. I know that you and my Chosen are landed but I believe it is as one family we bel..ong.gah!" as the dwarf jumps up and wraps his arms around her and hoists her up and spins her around. The siren blinks and then simply dissolves into a joyful laughter as she basks in her mates glee.

Doommuffin says, "Well, I feel that I must inform you that I do not deal with diapers, so if you are desiring of a babysitter, you will need to wait until she has been properly trained in that particular area to ask me." She lowers her goggles again onto her face as the two spin around... that much joy is almost painful for a death knight."

Ah, yes. Muradin can imagine that joy of life of this magnitude causes nothing but discomfort to the death knight present. However, that still doesn't stop him from spinning around with his wife in arms and kissing her passionately once he sets her feet on the sandy ground. It takes a moment until Muradin breaks out from the sheer joy of the news. "Hah! Donna worry, mate." He addresses DM "I'll be taking care of all that me wee lass needs!" At the very least Muradin seems certain of the baby's gender already for some reason, though he doesn't explain why. "Hm, though I donna think I know wot ta do to change diaper fish tails." Perhaps a visit to the Naga is in order? Oh, well, this is Twisted, so he's certain the S-Mart would carry diapers of all kinds.

"Ah, come 'ere ye!" Suddenly he's pulling DM into a big hug. "Yer gonna be an aunt!"

Morgana clings to the dwarf as he spins her around. When his mouth finds hers, she shares a long and loving kiss and then laughs softly again as Muradin reaches for the gnome. "I have chosen another who will in time come to belong to us. He will be my go between for landed things and when Muradin can not go with me to land when I am ungainly he will stay at my side and offer his strength." The pronouncement is made as if by a queen, no doubt in her mind that what she says will be.

"Ack! Unhand me at once!" shouts the gnome before extricating herself from the dwarf's grip. Gnomes are natural born escape artists, after all. She grabs a wrench from a nearby shelf and brandishes it like a weapon to defend herself against another such attack.

Muradin just laughs as DM slips from his grip in gnomish fashion and threatens to hit him with a wrench. "Oi! Relax will ye!? I know yer supposed to be a boorish death knight but this is me heir we're talking about!" Another belly laugh. "I'm going to ta throw tha's biggest party this side of Azeroth has ever seen!" Pause. "I mean, Twisted! Bah, considering tha' standards of these place tha' bar might be set mighty low fer that." Considering the last party Muradin went to turned into a brawl with Orks, the dorf has reason to believe parties tend to suck around here. Morgana's proclamation of a go between draws Muradin's curiosity though, and he looks at her. "Aye? Who be this bloke yer talking about, me luv?"

The siren smirks as DM wards Muradin off with a wrench. One dainty hand briefly flutters over her lower belly and she simply sighs, looking for a moment as if she were not truly there but else where in thought. Muradin's question brings her attention back to him and she musically murmurs "one who has been marked by a god but not truly claimed as he should have been. One who is as lost I as was and will find himself when offered something larger then himself to cling to. I have claimed the warrior that sings the song of your people My Own and that has fought beside us with strength and ferocity. For now he believes himself to be my...the landed word escapes me...an...employee?

Doommuffin says, "Huh." She shrugs at the description, not knowing who Morgana is talking about.

Muradin on the other hand seems to know -for once- who is Morgana talking about. "Ooh! Ye mean Urus??" That's the only guy who knows 'the song of his people' and has fought alongside them. "Heh! That's some good initiative, luv! If we're gonna be raising a wee one in a place as dangerous as Twisted, she's gonna be needing a body guard."

And then, the realization hits Muradin like a ton of bricks. "Sod me.. we're gonna have a kid in Twisted!! Has that ever happen before??" Is there such a thing as Twisted native?

Morgana nods and smiles "yes that is the one, Urus. I have gifted him with some the shining stones and ropes of golden chain from the wrecks. He will be at the shore dawn, noon, and dusk for one hour each in case I have need of him. DM, I wish for you to meet with him if you please. I would see him armed well enough to be of good protection for my offspring and myself. My Own, we will need more space in the Grotto, I believe you should do more digging."

Doommuffin tilts her head, the name being familiar. "Oh! The gnoll with good posture. Yeah, I remember him asking if I could build him armor similar to Deathcake's." She laugh darkly at this. "I told him it would have a hefty price."

Back to the digging it is! "Oi, donna worry 'bout it, luv. If its for our wee one I can have us an underground palace the size of Iron Forge in no time!" There is a fire in Muradin's eyes that he hadn't felt before. Fighting and doing stuff for his family is nothing strange to him, though it feels much different for when its for your wife and your unborn child.

The siren tilted her head and gave the gnome a rather pointed look "I do not want the warrior dead DM, he will come to belong in time and dead would prevent that. My offspring may need his strength so you will not harm him, even to help." She turns her attention to her mate and smiles "I have no fears My Own. I worry a small bit though, I am a thousand years old and know nothing of offspring. How long it will take to bring forth or what to expect. And I do not recall any merfolk needing...diapers?"

Doommuffin says, "Oh, I know. Don't worry, I can't actually hold onto more than one for an extended period of time, and I'd rather not lose Deathcake. I just found it greatly amusing that he had no clue what he actually was requesting from me." She look over to Muradin. "Hopefully your daughter will turn out better than your niece did."

Muradin didn't seem to be fully aware that Urus was essentially asking DM to kill him and trap his spirit in a suit of armor. Or actually, maybe he did and realized that DM was kidding about it. Death Knights have a weird sense of humor and when you combine it with gnome sense of humor, well, Muradin knows not to touch a recipe for disaster when he sees one.

And speaking of bad sense of humor, DM goes and does the daft thing of reminding Muradin of the current Dark Iron representative. "Oi, I dinnae care 'bout Moira's life choices. She could marry whoever she bloody wanted as far as I'm concerned." He sneaks to Morgana's side and wraps a gentle arm around her waist. "Believe me, I know for a fact love shows up where ye least expect it."

Oh, but then comes the talk about mermaid diapers which gives Muradin a fair amount of pause. "Me luv, I think we might need to consult Lady Vashj and her Naga about this. Or maybe.. what's her name? Serenity."

As Muradins arm comes about her the siren frowns "I am suddenly worried My Own. We are not so similar, Dwarf, Siren, our child could be very different. Naga, breed naga, and I am sure Serenity would breed her own if she had one to breed with. If our child is as I have envisioned we may have a hard time with her tentacles, do these..diapers...cover that?"

The light in Doommuffin's goggles goes out for a moment as the gnome blinks. "Tentacles? Do I even want to know?"

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