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New Pants Are Required!

Summary: Silencia, Rayne, and Mayumi assist Minu in acquiring new clothes. Continued from Denim for All!

Who: Mayumi, Minu, Rayne, Silencia
When: February 4th, 2016
Where: New Market Mall


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Really, it's not that far a distance from Jeans of Arc to On The Edge, as the intrepid trio are discovering from the map directory. "Alright!" says Rayne enthusiastically. "Better start thinking on what you might want to look like Minu, 'cause we're on our way there!" Of course, a trip to the mall initially intended for Mayumi turns into one more for Minu(and Rayne is already carrying a bag, as well). And also of course, Minu is a slight difficult to shop for, given her diminutive frame. Thus the next stop of a store catering more to teens than grown adults, and Rayne is already leading the way!

Silencia groans as she stretches lazily while stepping into the mall. She would never get used to using buses! Today, the girl has a mission! The last time she visited this mall, with Rayne and Serenity, Silencia had found some sandals that she liked and now she finally had some funds, she was determined to get them, and maybe also some other clothes. She had looked around for Rayne and the others, but quickly established that they were probably off doing something, because she couldn't find them. Imagine Silencia's surprise when she runs into the gang while she's on her way to the shoe store she went on her last shopping spree! "Oh my, looks like i'm not the only one wanting a change today... I was looking for you guys!"

Minu chewed her lip and scampered along after Rayne and Mayumi. She flushed and shook her head "I don't know what I want to look like Rayne, I really haven't a frame of reference as to what is appropriate. I guess, I want to look like a modern desirable woman?" The little elf of course, at the moment looks like anything but, with her archaic medieval style floor length dress.

Mayumi swings her bag back and forth as she walks along happily. Having found several pieces she is please with the trip thus far. And now they are off to fit Minu with some more modern items. Having tried on several pieces in the previous store and realizing that they are not going to fit, it was her suggestion to try a store for teens. Similar items in smaller sizes, that's her goal. "You are desireable already Minu. It's just the modern part we need to work on." All of a sudden she hears a familiar voice call out and looks up to see Silencia moving towards them. Grinning, she lifts her free hand to wave. "Well this is a fortuitous surprise."

Rayne says, "Well, I guess we'll just have to throw clothes at the wall and see what sticks then, eh?" She nods to Mayumi as she comments that it's just the modern part that needs work. "Exac- Oh, hey Sil! What's up? We're about to hit up On The Edge to see what we can put Minu into. You getting some of the things you wanted last trip?"

Silencia waves with a smile as she approaches the group of women. Rayne gets a happy little nod. "Yep! Those sandals have been calling my name! And this little dress is almost falling apart!" Silencia's violet eyes twinkle cheerfully as she peeks at Minu. "Oh, but if we're dressing Minu, then my shopping can wait! There are so many things that would look so adorable on her! I would love to help!"

As the little elf sets eyes on Silencia she dips her chin and offers the other woman a small smile. "its good to see you." she chews her lip again and pushes her glasses up onto her nose. "ummm when did I become everyone project?? Oh goodness" she murmurs and looks like she is having a moment of serious shyness.

Mayumi chuckles and reaches out to rest a hand on Minu's shoulder blade. They are all making their way towards the store, only a few more yards away. From here she can see the displays in the window and what she sees is exciting. Sure some of it is no where near Minu's style, but there are jeans and shirts that look like they should fit. "We all want you to be happy. That's all," she replies. "And since you don't know much about modern fashion, we can help with that."

Rayne says, "Hrrrrrrrmmm. Let's see... I say we each find her an outfit and have her try them on!" She looks down to the elf with a grin. "You of course get to veto if we go too far on ya." She looks back at the window of the store again and nods. "Alright, then. Let's do this!" She pumps a fist before making her way into the store."

Silencia can't help but feel like Minu is simply way too adorable, being all shy. "I simply want to help because I like dressing adorable girls!" Silencia lightly pats Minu's shoulder with a smile before glancing at the shop. She seems like she's already planning some outfits while having just a glance. Rayne's suggestion gets a grin and a nod. "That sounds like a great idea!" She matches Rayne's enthusiasm while entering the shop, her violet eyes already scanning the contents of the shop.

The assurances from the other women brings a shy smile to the little elfs lips and looking at them all she feels a little like a weed surrounded by flowers. "ummm ok.." she agrees as Rayne says she has the ability to Veto anything too outlandish. "alright Ladies...lets do it" She lifts her little chin and pushes her glasses up on her nose, squaring her sleek little shoulders. The elf steps into the store and looks around. So many colors and items surround her and its easy to get a little over whelmed.

Mayumi cheers along with Rayne's fist pumping. "Whoo!" It is gratifying to see Minu become more enthusiastic as they all enter the store. The little elf still appears lost, but at least she seems to be willing to go with it. That shows a lot of trust in her teammates, which is as it should be. Beaming she herds the elf in front of her and into a section of the store with shirts. "Touch the fabrics and see if you like the way they feel. Pick colors you like and don't worry about the size because we can figure that out later. Okay?" With a bright smile she moves off to an area nearby with all sorts of tops, some that look like they would show more than they might cover. Not picking any of those. Yet.

Rayne drifts through the racks upon entry into the store, looking through, looking around, looking to her friends and back. Let's see. Mayumi's probably going to go for a casual type look. Silencia seems to gravitate towards dresses. What should I aim for for Minu? she ponders to herself.

So many colors and clothes! Silencia first takes her time to browse through the selection. This store was not really her cup of tea. Mayumi mentioning that they shouldn't worry about size catches Silencia's attention and she grins. "If a piece doesn't fit right, I can help with that! I have quite the experience in tailoring clothing so they fit properly!" She then slips back into the store, peeking around with a slight frown. After a little while of searching, Silencia finally manages to find the kind of outfit she had envisioned for Minu. She returns with a white blouse, the neckline wide to show the shoulders while still being modest. The blouse holds a minimal amount of frills, the beauty of the piece coming from it's feminine simplicity. She has paired the blouse with a black trouser that would cling to the leg while being a slight bit looser around the lower legs. "Don't worry about the length of the trousers. Shortening a trouser is a simple alteration. Also, if you feel like you want something a bit more adventurous, I can bring you a colored trouser, Minu. What do you think?" It seems Silencia has stepped away from dresses this time!

Minu takes a big breath as May pushes her toward the tops. She does as she is told and wanders around the racks and fingers the fabrics. She finds some soft knit fabrics, something like a slightly heavy tee shirt fabric. She is drawn to shades of green and some soft dark yellow gold too. And one that she keeps coming back to which is a surprise is a deep emerald that has flecks of gold glitter scattered over it in some splash like design. When Sil calls to her and shows her the white top and black slacks she smiles "those look nice, the top is pretty."

Mayumi watches Minu from the corner of her eye as she pulls some basic wardrobe items. T-shirts, leggings, a few loose tops, etc. Comfort clothing seems to be the focus here. That is, until she finds one particularly cute skirt that she really loves. The material is sheer, but there are several layers making it dense and almost frilly. It is short, relatively, but would still show leg on Minu without causing her to feel like she might flash her undies. The color is a deep red and has shots of a brighter red running through it. She grabs it quickly and bounces over to the little elf, snagging the green top in passing. "I love it Sil. Look at this skirt. Son't you think the color would look amazing against all that pale skin?"

Rayne hits her right fist into her left palm. "Got it!" She starts picking out pieces, now that she has an idea in her mind! She first finds a nice button down collared white shirt, which she quickly pairs with a dark green sweater-vest. Grinning slightly, she makes her way over to the skirts. Looking back and forth between Minu and the selection before her, she makes her guess for the appropriate length on this skirt: It's a green and red tartan design pleated skirt that she's hoping will come to above Minu's knees, the green in the skirt matching that of the vest. When she arrives over to the rest, she laughs. "Wow, I totally missed the call on what you guys would pick out. Okay, Minu, time for you to start modeling this stuff!"

Silencia smiles at Minu's reaction, handing her the clothes. "It's cute and modest, I thought that would suit you." She then watches amusedly as Mayumi darts around while picking her choice of outfit for Minu. "Oooh, the color of that skirt really is beautiful!" When Rayne approaches, Silencia grins. "The moment you think you can predict us is the moment we change!" A soft giggle escapes her before she shoos Minu into the dressing rooms. "We're anxiously waiting for you to show us how they look, sweetie!"

Minu looks from one woman to the next as each hands over her chosen outfit. The little elf makes a face, half excited half nervous and turns toward the dressing room. Once inside with the door shut, she strips down to her undies and starts with Sil's chosen garments. She slips into the ruffled top with its pretty slightly off the shoulder neckline, then tugs on the pants. The little elf makes a small squeak as the fabric clings to her tush and thighs. She is dainty but finally there is something that fits her softly curved hips and the sleek lines of her upper body. Her small peach perfect bust framed by a few ruffles. The little lady turns this way and that before the mirror and her small hand touches the curve of her rump with a blink. "ummm I don't know...my bottom..." she murmurs as she steps out of the room to show off the outfit.

Mayumi adds her selections to pile in Minu's arms then watches as the elf disappears into the changing room. Without going too far she mills around and peers at various items. A few of the things she finds are amazing and some are best left on their hangers. As Minu exits the room she turns excitedly and gasps. "Oh Minu! You look amazing." Everything fits her nice, though the pants are a tad long. But Silencia has already said she can fix that, so there is no concern in that department. Mayumi clasps her hands in excitement and bounces lightly in place.

Rayne smirks lightly as Minu goes off to get changed into her first outfit. As the elf exits the stall and makes a comment about her bottom, what is Rayne's response? To immediately go around Minu to look at the mentioned area. "Hrm. Is it really a problem? Or are you just not used to pants?" She's attempting to tell by look just which of those two possibilities is actually the case. "Style wise, everything looks good though! Sil's a natural at this." Yes, Rayne is actually taking this relatively seriously, doing her best to not go all giddy. We'll see how long that lasts.

The way the clothes she picked look on Minu makes Silencia smile warmly. "Just perfect!" She walks over to the elf and smiles at her through the reflection, tugging on the clothing as she examines the way the fabrics fall over Minu's body. She even kneels down and folds the ends of the trousers inward, allowing Minu to see how the trouser would look if she altered the length. "You shouldn't worry about your bottom. These trousers allow you to show that you have a nice figure without the need for needlessly showing your skin. Try to look at yourself as a whole instead of a sum of the things you're worried about. What do you see, Minu?" Silencia's voice is calm and soothing, it appears she slipped back into her habit of babying people, however subtle she's trying to keep it. Rayne's compliment gets a happy grin. "Thank you! Now help me get Minu into some dark red trousers, wouldn't that look nice underneath that blouse?" Mayumi's excitement seems infectious, because Silencia soon finds herself mirroring the warrior, bouncing as well. "This really is fun, isn't it Mayumi?"

As Rayne and Sil circle her and Sil adjust the trouser length the little elf does as she is told and looks at her whole self. "umm I think I am just not used to wearing pants. I am not used to seeing so much.me. My shape. I guess its a good shape...not so lush but not bad." she tries to looks at herself with a less pointed look and more open. She turns a little and with an experimental hand she reaches up and pulls the stick from her hair, letting the bun fall and her nut brown hair uncoils and falls straight down in a warm fall to the center of her back. The look is better with her hair down. "I like the top, I would I think like something other then black on the bottom, it seems...stark?"

Mayumi walks over to look at said bottom as well and promptly blushes. It is a shapely rear for such a tiny frame. Pulling back she quickly covers her redness by nodding in rapid agreement. "Since you've never worn this style of clothing it isn't surprising that you would be unsure how you look in it. Um, maybe the red pants that Silencia suggested? Or one of the skirts we picked out."

Rayne says, "Uhh, right! Well, try out one of the other outfits first, and Sil will hunt down the next pair of pants!" She almost looks like she wants to physically shove Minu back into the changing room, but this urge is extremely easy for her to hold in check, her hands briefly balling into fists. She stands up fully again and steps back with her face a bit red, finally realizing how much she might have been the one to get too far into Minu's personal space. She holds up her right hand to her mouth as she clears her throat. "A-anyways! Sil! What are you standing around for! New pants are required!"

Silencia straightens and salutes Rayne as she demands more pants. "On it, boss!" And then she disappears between racks of clothing. It takes her a couple of minutes, but she returns with a couple of trousers in various colors though all of them the same kind of pants as the black ones. One is a deep emerald color while another is a dark burgundy. The last of her selection is a rich chocolate brown trouser. "I even prepared options! After Minu has shown us the rest of the outfits, we can pick the trouser to pair with the blouse!"

Mayumi sees Rayne back away as well and wonders if they are both coloring for the same reason. Clearing her throat she gently shoos Minu back into the changing room with instructions to undress. Pants would be passed to her over the top of the door. "There are several tops in there with her. Mostly tshirts, but also a sweater she was eyeing." Taking the selections from Silencia May carefully tosses them so that they drape over the top of the door and then watches as they are pulled in by the little elf. "If you want you can keep the same top on. Otherwise just pick whichever colored top you think works with the pair of pants."

Rayne leans back against a conveniently placed wall as Silencia runs off for new pants and Minu gets ushered back into the changing room. "Eheh. We intended to get clothes for you today, didn't we, Mayumi? And then things just escalated into this." She then blinks a few times before laughing when Silencia returns with all the new options. "I certainly hope Minu has the budget for all this!"

Silencia smiles at Rayne's laughing and shrugs lightheartedly. "She can always just pick one option out of my selection, I never intended for everything to be bought. She also needs to see how different colors look on her!" She blinks and peeks at Mayumi. "Why aren't you getting yourself some clothes then, Mayumi?! If you want, I'll even help you!" Of course, Silencia will never stop with her antics!

The little elf spent the next half hour in and out of the dressing room. She tried on and modeled every outfit and several new pieces as the Ladies chose new things that they thought would suit her better with each wardrobe change. She was learning slowly that somethings went well with her coloring and shape and others didn't. By the end though she ended up with some new and lovely things. She agreed to that ruffled white top, a pair of deep burgundy pants, the soft flouncy skirt that May had chosen but in a pretty saffron gold that paired nicely with a deep green sweater shot through with fine gold threats, the last outfit was Rayne's choice, the red and green plaid skirt and a pretty button down white blouse. It was commented that the outfit looked vaguely like a school girl uniform but Minu liked the look with her hair up and glasses so the ladies let her get it as well. In the end the little elf purchased all of it as well as a few accessories, fun and colorful hair clips and ponytail holders. Thank goodness the little elf had not had anything to really spend her pay on until now. When all the purchases were made, Minu thanked the ladies and hugged each of them, even the shy Rayne cause she had never before had..."girl friends" that would do this kind of thing for her. Rayne, of course, promptly freaked out when hugged, and ran off to the food court.

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