2016-02-07 - Groundhog Day

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Groundhog Day

Summary: Some personnel from TASK celebrate Groundhog Day by eating pizza and groundhogs. Wait, what?

Who: The_Trio, Minu, Kotal_Kahn, Dorian, Erron_Black, Ferra-Torr
When: February 7, 2016
Where: TASK

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So the training session went well. The troops got to handle grenades and after that do a little target practice if they so chose with a variety of ranged weapons. Once done though more then of the team mentioned being hungry. True to form the mighty war god and kitchen warlord Kotal decided it would be the perfect time to bring his troops together around the table, break some bread and make sure they were all playing nice again, especially after so much tension between Erron Black and some of the other team members. Of course some of the team needed or wanted to go else where , where it wasn't quite so noisy after all the action at the range. Some of the lower ranking folks were sent off to clean and store the weapons and the Krew and minu and Kotal all wandered back to the kitchen to grab some eats. The little elf carried in her basket of jello cups as well a box of her very own , counted and signed out frags. Yes...they are HERS now thank you and she will keep them where she can get to them in an emergency.

Absolutely! No better way to spend time after blowing things apart than eating!

Kotal Kahan was more than satisfied with the results of the training and prepared a feast for his warriors as he usually does. In no time at all he had prepared two large Mexican style pizzas that covered each one the entirety of the habitation's table. "Ah, I haven't done any of these since I worked at the Devil May Cry agency." Those were the days, when he still utterly and completely lost in Twisted like most others.

Whilst he sits next to Minu he is also accompanied by the Krew that were also present at the grenade practice. Namely, Ferra/Torr and of course, Erron Black, all three of the munching on pizza happily. No, they don't really care that Minu has a bunch of grenades in her basket along with jello shots. They are all hardened Kombatants, they could take a few explosives to the face. That said, each one keeps giving Minu some warily glances and her basket.. except for Torr who doesn't seem to be aware of anything around him but the pizza.

The_Trio walk in, Jackson has his head down seeming exasperated by something, Rex is unsure, ears back, looking worriedly. Buster however has his head up and seems proud of himself. He seems to have something furry in his mouth. They pad up to Kotal and Buster drops the furry thing beside him, it lays limply on the floor. "Happy Groundhog day!" he chimes. Jackson shakes his head, "I told him that an actual woodchuck was not tradition but he wouldn't listen to me." He explains "credit where credits due however, those things are crafty". They sit next to Kotal, Rex's ears perk up as he sees his favorite person. "MINU!"

The little elf was feeling quite pleased with herself. Not only had she done well at grenade practice but she also did decently well for her first handling of a fire arm. Of course she is very small and not overly strong so she had to go for the smallest weapon available but she didn't cringe and she at least hit the silhouettes with her shots. Of course she isn't likely to be in need of the skill since when danger comes she usually just shifts and flies away. With Kotal sitting close she can't help but smile up at him, even though she has been diligent about keeping things professional she can't not be who she is. Her basket is on the floor beside her chair and she makes a soft pleased sound as she tilts her head sideways to take a bite from her piece of pizza. The cheese stringing and all the flavors just right. Ok, so maybe she has a new favorite food. When the puppies come in, she swallows her bite of pizza and smiles "Rex, Jackson, Buster..ummm" Her smile slides away and she frowns a little, trying to see what Buster has in his mouth. "ground hog?.you.oh no." She mutters and stretches to look past Kotal but can't cause..well he is rather wide at the shoulder.

Kotal catches that smile Minu gives him and he gives her a pet on her head. Though it may look patronizing, Kotal still treats Minu as if she were his pet sometimes, even if she doesn't happen to be in owl form. Perhaps awkward yes, though it is a way to reinforce the chain of command around here. He doesn't pet Ferra or Torr or Erron for a reason, and its not because it'd look strange, but because they are no longer his favorites.

The Aztec warrior turns to see the Trio approaching and he greets them with a big smile, particularly Buster who has brought a gift for him! "Well done, Buster! This is a worthy tribute indeed." Honestly? Kotal Kahn has no idea what Groundhog day even is. He just sees the dead animal as a sacrifice given to a god such as himself.

The warrior god grabs the dead groundhog and bites its head off, swallowing it whole and drinking its blood. Hey, Kotal eats human hearts regularly, this is pretty much quite normal for him.

He gives the rest of the groundhog to Torr who eats the rest, wipes his mouth from the blood with a napkin, and then pets Busters' head. "Boys, where were you when we were practicing with explosives? You missed quite the spectacle!" Because if Serenity managed to throw a hand grenade-even though it was a flashbag-Kotal thinks there's no reason why his Cereberus can't manage to do the same.

The ground hog once grabbed continues to play dead, that is until death is imminent, it springs to life for half a second before Kotal finishes his plans for it. As Kotal gives it to Torr, the body gives a few weak twitches. "I'm sorry I'm late with it boss, you would not know how long it took me to track that down." Buster apologizes. Jackson raises his head as they are not scolded, but in fact thanked. "That went better than I anticipated. When I tried to clarify to Buster that the animal itself is not to be apprehended for the celebration, he discounted my advice and did it anyway." Rex is glad to see Minu. Their tail wags back and forth behind them. "How are you? What's in the basket?"

As Kotal picks up the pups offering and bites the head off the big rodent Minu scrunches up her nose. Ok as an owl she has eaten a mouse..or six...especially if she was far from the Archive and food was hard to come by , but this just seemed more...gratuitous and then Tors finishing the little beast off with some loud crunching noises makes the elf shudder just a little. When Rex speaks to her she opens her eyes and smiles "that is my ammunition basket. Its got jello cups and now, grenades. So I can help the team with demons or what ever comes should it be needed." She looks at the trio and tilts her head "you pups been hunting that wood chuck since day before yesterday when you asked to be let out?"

"I have no idea what Groundhog day is." Kotal answers truthfully and cleans his mouth a bit more from some errant drops of rodent blood. "But I will never turn down a blood sacrifice. It pleases me just as it pleased me when my Aztecs offered the hearts of their defeated foes to me." So now the Trio knows how to get on Kotal's good side if they ever have need of doing so. Just bring him something he can kill!

Whilst Kotal eats another slice of pizza, Erron pipes up as Minu explains to Rex the contents of her basket. "Just don't get the two confused." He chuckles. "Wouldn't wanna bite into a 'nade because you thought it was a cup of jello."

"Maybe" Buster says guiltily. He had been dragging his brothers over hell and creation to catch that little bit of vermin. Jackson having been doing research on modern holidays attempts explanation. "There was a day in which people used to determine the seasons by gazing at a ground hog and that would tell them when the seasons would change. Does not make much sense to me but I am sure that it did to them." Rex sniffs the air as he listens. He can smell the change in scent coming from Minu and can tell that she is slightly angered. In a fashion that is very much unlike him he growls towards Erron. The other two look at him slightly confused.

The little elf blinked briefly behind her gold rimmed glasses as Erron pipes up. Taking a breath and then letting it out the little lady tilts her head and narrows those golden eyes catching the cowboys, "lets hope I also don't mistake your ammunition requisitions for targets, and turn them into confetti." She offers a sugar sweet little smile then picks up her piece of pizza and goes to take a bite. When Rex growls she pauses and looks at her pup "its all right Rex, Mr. Black isn't worth your grumbles. Come here, I have treats for you ." As she digs into her pocket and produces little bone shaped dog cookies.

Kotal hmms thoughtfully as Jackson explains the history behind Groundhog day. "Sounds like a Chichimeca celebration." Chichimecas being what Kotal Kahn views as uncivilized people from the north of Mesoamerica. "We Aztecs had calendars for such things. Very useful inventions." There's a bit of haughtiness to his tone, clearly proud of what his adopted civilization accomplished.

Minu response actually causes Erron Black to draw his revolver, and in true cowboy fashion he's blindingly fast on the quick-draw. Kotal and Torr don't react to it though, they know what Erron is trying to do. "My six-shooters are magical, I don't really need to reload." Indeed, as he flicks open the chamber of his golden revolver, he'll show they are empty.

The cowboy twirls his gun and sheathes it just as quickly to continue munching on his pizza. "You wanna bite into a 'nade by accident? You can be my guest."

Kotal grumbles and glances as the elf and his merc. "Whenever you two wish to stop acting like children, I would really appreciate it." He doesn't sound like he's pleased.

As Minu offers treats Rex Stops growling to come over. The other two still slightly confused as they have not taken the time to sniff out what Rex has already found. They pad over to her just in time for Black to threaten... this absolutely sets the sensitive guy off the deep end. As he pulls his revolver Rex puts their front paws up on the table, staring with an unusual viciousness. "You hurt my girl I will end you!" Jackson guffaws in astonishment in the sudden change to his brother unable to suppress his sudden confusion and concern. Buster however gets over the shock quite easily. "It's about time you got some sense into you. Yeah!" as Erron holsters his revolver Rex takes them back down to sit beside Minu putting his head in her lap, looking up at her with his soft Blue eyes. "Aaaaannnnnd he's back" Buster says remorsefully

Suddenly there is a voice from the door. It has a posh accent that's almost British but isn't somehow, and a teasing quality to it. And might be familiar of one knows its owner. "Such interesting things I walk in on here. Should I dive for cover now or wait until you two start shooting at each other?"

Sure enough, there at the door, leaning casually against the doorframe, is Dorian, a teasing smirk on the mustachio'd mage's face. He's in casual clothing today, a white shirt with 'I DO BELIEVE I MAGIC' emblazoned on the front in dark blue, black jeans, and black-and-white sneakers.

When Black quick draws his revolver, the little elf doesn't even flinch. This is Kotals house and though she may not be his lover, she is his Personal Assistant and...friend? And she trusts that if he would save her from being blow to bits by the Jokers bomb, then he wouldn't let Black harm her either. How ever when Rex rises, and sets his paws on the table and snarls in that very unusual way for him the elf blinks and her mouth opens in shock. The elf did not expect the pup to react that way. Kotals own expression of displeasure didn't effect her this much. When the pup steps down she reaches for him and draws that head into lap and pets him. "shhhhhh Rex, Kotal wont let anything happen, I am safe here." She assures the pup and slips him a treat. "Mr. Black, I do believe that as co-workers our personal feelings about one another should be couched. I find you boorish and offensive, your antediluvian behavior rivals Kotals, and his people were far older the yours, however we do work together and it would be beneath me to continue this when it clearly affects our entire collective here. My Apologies for calling you on your lacking on the practice field. I realize that perhaps it was not well done of me, I am rather particular with technical knowledge about subjects being taught and it leads me to being impatient with inaccuracy." Dorians entrance brings her to a pause and she turns to look at the mage. A small flush stains her cheeks and she nods her head "I doubt there will be shooting Dorian...but I could be wrong."

Rex's sudden takes everyone by surprise, and really, /everyone/ is taken back. Even the lumbering Torr who is usually too busy shoveling food in his mouth to notice anything around him can't help but freeze and stare. Where no one reacted to Erron pulling a gun on Minu, this time, it looks like Kotal is almost about ready to jump and tackle the Cerberus.

There's a moment of complete astonished silence as Rex sits next to Minu and then-- laughter. Kotal, Torr, Ferra and even Erron begin to cackle. "Impressive!" Says Kotal and pets Rex. "Now we know what we to do to spark Rex's kombat spirit! This is very good to know!"

As for Erron he only shrugs at Minu's long spill about burying the hatchet. "No harm done." He says simply and keeps eating his pizza. Hey, Erron doesn't care about feelings or bruised egos. All he cares is about getting paid!! Its a little amusing to him that Minu considers him a rival at all since he couldn't care less about a position of leadership. D'vorah is the one who's actively gunning for her but of course, Erron isn't saying any of that.

"Ah! Dorian!" Kotal recognizes that very posh voice and waves the mage over. "Come join us! We are having pizza and discussing the finer arts of explosives."

"Ya huh!" Nods Ferra. "Wez celebrating Groundhog Day!"

"I don't think that is part of the celebration--" Kotal tries to clarify only to get interrupted by Ferra again.

"Groundhog Day! Woohoo!"

Rex, now back to his old self again is more than happy to see a new face. "Hello." The tail begins to wag freely again. Jackson gets a hold of himself and slowly turns his head away from Rex seeming to be mouthing "O-Kay...". Buster is more than happy to laugh with the group however once they figure out what Rex believes is worth fighting for. Buster shares a smirk with Kotal as he relaxes himself. Jackson finaly comes to become part of the conversation after a while. Agreeing with Kotal he says "yeah, its not as far as I know but let them have their fun. If there is one thing I have learned dealing with these two is to let them do as they wish... most of the time. "he then turns towards the new man to greet. "Hello, Dorian, is it? My name is Jackson. My brother on my left here Is Buster. The one on my Right Is Rex. Please excuse the possible behavior you might have seen. He is usually much better than that."

"I sincerely hope not," Dorian replies in return to Minu. "I don't get on well with the 'meat shield' role. Tends to do horrible things to my hair." He smirks. It is entirely possible he's kidding, but it's always so hard to tell with him. Kotal's greeting gets a nod, and when waves over to the table Dorian heads in that direction and takes a seat. He looks between Kotal and Ferra as the two 'discuss' Groundhog Day. "I'd rather see it celebrated with explosives than seeing the same day repeated over and over." Why yes, he has recently seen that movie. And then he's greeted by the Trio! "Greetings," he offers. The specific introduction gets a nod. "That's correct," to the mention of his name. "Pleased to meet the three of you." As for the behavior? "That's quite all right, I can understand it's something he's passionate about." He smirks.

Minu curls her fingers into the ruff of fur around Rex's neck and gently kneads it. She slips the pup treats one by one as the others react to his outburst. When Black speaks she simply chooses to ignore the man. It clear he is clueless so why bother with him, it will only serve to annoy her further. Dorians words though bring a little arch to her brow and she tilts her head, meat shield ehh, she has heard that phrase used buy Urus before. Would the mage actually put himself in the way of a bullet? She doesn't know the fellow well but it does make a girl curious. When the pups greet the mage she releases Rex and pats him letting him know its ok if they want to go get closer to say hi to Dorian.

Kotal purses his lips at Dorian's comment. "I'm not certain, it seems here there is at least one explosion going off every day here." Maybe the Aztec hadn't actually seen this movie. "And I am not certain about your inability to be a meat shield, Dorian. You seemed quite capable that day when we fought the Pyramid Heads outside the TASK building. I am certain Sunset appreciated you getting in the way of that blow."

The Aztec leans to the side so that everyone else can hear. "Can you believe it? A Pyramid Head tried to strangle Dorian, and instead of trying to break its grip Dorian started to electrocute it." He chuckles heartily. "It was amazing." It seems Kotal is quite willing to let everyone to let everyone know that Dorian is in fact the selfless type, much to the mage's chagrin no doubt.

The Three brothers get up from their spot to walk over to Dorian. Rex being who he is puts himself closer to Dorian considering Buster's constant aversion from strange people's pets. Buster listens to Kotal's compliments of Dorian and subsequently believes every word of it. "Wow, taking a shot for a damsel in distress. Good job there. Did she... thank you afterward?" the last few words having a slightly more devious connotation. Jackson however quick to tell off his brothers usually does not disappoint this time. "Really, Brother, Sometimes I wonder how we were raised by the same man..." he sighs. Rex decides to get things started whether the new guy wants to or not and ducks his head under Dorian's hand hoping that he gets the memo that rubs and pets are always appreciated.

Dorian gives a mischievous look in Minu's direction at the arching of her brow. Look, he's so evil and self-serving. Except in the next breath Kotal's telling everyone about his oh-so-brave stand against the Pyramid Head for Sunset. Dorian shoots Kotal a look. "It was less than I didn't want to break its grip and more that I couldn't," he insists. "It was like being gripped around the throat by a Qunari Karasaad. I thought, 'well if he's going to choke me to death I'm going to take him down with me'. Only viable thing to think in that situation, I'd say."

As for Sunset 'thanking' him? "Oh, I would never accept someone sleeping with me out of obligation or pity. I'm not that desperate." A smirk. Fortunately Dorian does indeed get the memo, and scritches Rex behind the ears. Yes, he knows a little about dogs. His family kept Mabaris, after all.

When Dorian gives her that look the little elf dips her chin and her cheeks pink as she looks at the man through her lashes. A shy little smile curves her lips as she listens to Kotals words on the subject as well. Nothing wrong with a dashing heroic type, and he's quite urban and gentlemanly too. Her expression softens more as Rex's request for attention is also honored. The little elf nibbles at her pizza then darts her tongue over her mouth to gather a few crumbs off her lips.

Things will just start going downhill for Dorian after that because Kotal and his Krew seem to be accidentally revealing all of his secrets. Namely, when Buster asks Dorian if Sunset had a 'special' reward for him after saving, Kotal and the others start snickering very suspiciously. In their defense, they can't be blamed for revealing things they didn't know they were supposed to be a secret.

"Mhm, I am certain." Kotal gives Dorian a knowing smirk in return when the mage shoots the Aztec a glare. "At any rate, you do seem quite knowledgeable of what to do when it comes to choking matches, Dorian. Almost as if you had a lot of experience getting in the way of strikes for your comrades."

To make matters even worse, as thick headed as Kotal Kahn can be sometimes, he notices that look Minu is giving Dorian. He covers his mouth and tries as hard as he can to keep himself from snickering. Oh, Erron and Ferra are snickering too. Wonder what's that all about?

The Trio relaxes as the party seems to have calmed. They lay down as Buster puts his head down disappointed by Dorian's response. Rex has his head up so that Dorian does not have to move down too far to continue. Jackson is the only one to continue the conversation. "Nothing to be ashamed about. It's not whether or not you have options; it's if what you try works. Considering your standing here it obviously did."

Dorian can't help but smile when Minu ducks her head and blushes so. Seems he hasn't lost his charm~. Kotal however, is testing his patience. So he does what ha always does when someone gets too close to his secrets. He says something completely unexpected, and frequently shocking. In this case? He leans back in his chair, props one ankle on the opposite knee, and steeples his fingers together. And then? "Not necessarily." And then his voice drops to that very quiet voice he uses when he's trying to convince people that he's evil as he says the next. "I might just have experience with asphyxia gone too far."

Yyyyyyeah, he might be trying a bit too hard there.

But hey. Rex is still getting his scritches! And he nods to JAckson's words, the evil look clearing off his face as he notes, "Precisely. Survival is paramount, after all."

All the snickering brings a hot flush rising bright from her neck all the way up to the tips of her pointed ears. Minu blinks a little and looks around and then back to Dorian who is smiling at her. She pushes her chair back with a scrape and looking a trifle flustered she scoops up her basket and clears here throat. "Its been a long day and after all that dust on the range, I need a shower and some rest. If you will all excuse me." She doesn't bother to wait for the others to speak only darts from the room as quick as her little feet with carry her.

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