2016-02-07 - What's in a Name?

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What's in a Name?

Summary: Apparently waaaay more thought than is needed.

Who: Kotal_Kahn, Minu, Rayne, Serenity, Silencia, Sunset
When: February 7th, 2016
Where: The Usual Restaurant

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Silencia walks into the Usual restaurant, immediately ordering some fries, a burger and iced tea before she even finds herself a seat. The girl is hungry! She drops herself into a booth and even lies her head down on her arms. She was working on her magic again, trying to learn new skills, but that was draining her. She doesn't even bother to look around to see if anyone she knows is around, right now, she just wants food.

Rayne steps out of the dance club with a laugh and a light twirl, the black dress swirling outward as she does so. "Okay, I think I've gotten my workout for today!" she says as she settles down to focus on the restaurant. She frowns as she doesn't spot anyone there she recognizes at first, but then shrugs and starts making her way to the bar. Luckily she passes right by the table that Silencia is face down at, because it's not until she's fairly close that she recognizes the other woman. Silently, she leans over to see if she can get a glimpse of Sil's face.

Serenity follows Rayne into the restaurant, peeling apart even the vague semblance of human shape after leaving the dance floor. Ren takes a last twirl as well, this one along a couple horizontal axes to combine a somersault and a roll. Ren shifts to a 'standing' posture after that. "Likewise," Ren agrees, moving with just gentle flutters. One of the advantages of external gills seems to be hiding when one is breathing hard. As Rayne approaches Silencia's table, Ren stays back just a bit and looks on curiously.

A low groan escapes the priestess before she looks up. She had noticed that someone had approached and hoped it was the fries she had ordered. Nope, just Rayne looking fabulous. Silencia raises a hand to wave tiredly and drops her forehead on her arm again. "Hey..." There is nothing about her appearance that might make one worry about her health, she simply looks exhausted. Luckily, the waitress comes by and gives Silencia her iced tea, allowing the girl to get at least some energy from the sugary drink. She does seem a slight bit better after that, even waving Rayne and Serenity over. "Come join me, I was about to have something to eat..."

Rayne stands up straight with a laugh and nods as she takes a seat. "Ingested nutrition sounds wonderful! I worked up an appetite, myself!" She's still got a bit of the adrenaline of the dance to keep her from collapsing in exhaustion just yet. "What's got you so dead right now?"

"Hello," Ren rasps. Ren looks a bit concerned despite Silencia's assurance, but flows quickly over to her table when invited. Ren takes an imaginary seat, 'kneeling' in a spot next to the table. Ren then extends a portion of fin from the water to offer her a pat on the shoulder. "Growing a forest and something like the magical version of 'conservation of energy'?" Serenity speculates.

Silencia chuckles tiredly and sips on her drink. "I've been trying to fuse the power of the sun with my own magic to try and see if I can get new ways to use my magic, but it drains me completely." She grins sheepishly as noises from her stomach call for the fries she had ordered. "And I might've skipped breakfast today..." The drink seems to be helping alot, Silencia can actually sit up and talk comfortable now. When the waitress finally brings her her food, Silencia immediately attacks the fries. After a few minutes, she has gobbled down quite a bit of those. She sighs and smiles. "Much better..." Only then can she properly pay attention to her friends. "So, I'm guessing you two have had quite the fun in there?" She motions toward the dance club.

Rayne quips, "We had quite the fun indeed! Sometimes you just need to cut loose and to hell with what other people think of how you dance! I've just been a slight bit jubilant lately, seeing as how things seem to be actually going well for the moment." She lets another grin show on her face before she stops a waitress to order a club sandwich for herself. "It looks like that side project of mine is going to work out, I just need to put together an office and a name and we'll be well on our way, I think."

Serenity nods and looks thoughtful as Silencia explains her practice, then smiles in return to the question and glances over to Rayne for confirmation. "I wouldn't say that I was quite 'cutting loose' today. I may save that for some moment where no one seems to have the faintest idea what to do and needs some invertebrate inspiration." Ren grins at Rayne and adds, "I'm glad to see Rayne so entranced, though." As Rayne mentions the project, Ren suggests, "I wonder if using the location of the DMC office might be worthwhile? Its position downtown is useful in that everyone can find it easily... Or, if it needs to continue as a public safety office, perhaps a spot next door?"

Silencia is still munching on her fries, smiling as Rayne excitedly tells her about how they had fun in the dance club. "Sweety, you should never think about what other people think of how you dance. But I'm glad to hear that your plans are going well! I told you that you'd be able to pull it off!" Her tone is still very tired, though she is a lot better than before. It's at least not holding her back from showing her excitement. "And Serenity, it's hard not to be entranced when you dance!" Silencia pauses to sip from her drink before peeking at Rayne. "How about jurisdiction? The council isn't established yet, right?"

As if summoned by the talk about councils and reformation, who would enter at that particular moment than Kotal Kahn?

The door to the UR opens abruptly and in comes the tall warrior god who looks supremely annoyed about something, almost as if he had a headache. Thankfully, his bad mood is cured instantly when he sees the girls over at the table and he approaches with a raised hand in greetings. "Good evening, everyone!" He says almost sounding cheery as he pulls up a chair next to Silencia. "How are we all doing today?"

Rayne says, "Ehhh, I don't think DMC is really where we want to put it. That place has a bit too much history, and I'd rather start something new. Being an office inside TASK might make it look like just a branch of TASK, but putting it in DMC might make people think it's something like the DMC... besides, isn't the old director still working out of that place?" She then shakes her head to Silencia. "I'm not worrying about jurisdiction on this. My current plan on it is to start out under TASK, then separate out as soon as we're able to get independent resources. The intent is to separate as soon as it's feasible." Her club sandwich arrives, and she hungrily takes a bite from it, chewing as Kotal greets and approaches the table. As soon as she's able to swallow, she responds, "Heya, boss, what's up?"

Serenity looks to Rayne curiously with Silencia's question on jurisdiction. The remark about the office suggestion gets a nod. "Well, yes, I think that Dante might have something to say about using his office," Ren admits. "That's a fair point about avoiding confusion between the agencies as well. I do think a downtown office in a convenient location would be a good eventual goal, after that separation." Ren raises a 'wing' from the water to wave to Kotal in return. Ren's eyes follow him to his seat and then shift to Silencia. Apparently the choice hasn't gone unnoticed. "I'm quite well," Ren replies cheerily, shifting from the 'kneeling' posture to stand vertically. "I hope that you don't think it impolite, but I'm afraid that I need to be going already." Ren looks around the table and motions toward the exit. "Please don't let Kotal choose the office decor, even if he is kind enough to provide the funding," Ren says to Rayne with an amused note.

Silencia is surprised to see Kotal entering. She did not miss that annoyed look and the curious little priestess is eager to find out. After she's finished her burger. She's still busy with her food and right now, she needs that more. She smiles tiredly as Kotal sits next to her. "I'm well, though a bit tired. How about you, Kotal? Everything alright?" Silencia peeks at Rayne and nods understandingly at the explanation. "That is a smart move. At least, under TASK you can properly form the organisation without having to worry about resources." She nods at Ren's suggestions. "I agree, an easy to find location would be critical for something like this. I would even go as far as to suggest that there'd be signs put up for the new arrivals, so they know that there's a place to go." Silencia pouts when Ren announces that she's leaving. Though that last little comment does earn a small giggle from the priestess as she peeks at Kotal. She then turns her attention to Rayne and smiles. "If you need help with the decor, I can always provide many plants and flowers to decorate with."

The Aztec warrior overhears most of the talk about founding a new organization, certainly enough to get the gist of what's going on by the time he sits down. He gives an exasperated huff when Rayne and Silencia ask him how he is and shakes his head. "Just finished an insufferably annoying meeting with Caliga and Lady Setsuna. Those always leave me feeling.. frustrated." The deity's eyes shift as he briefly pondered on how best to describe those meetings and decided that saying 'frustrated' was more polite than saying it left him 'absolutely livid and with the need to kill everything in sight.'. "Hm, that's a shame, Serenity. I will see you later." He offers the dancing slug as she announces her departure though frowns profusely when she tells Rayne not to let him choose the decoration of the new office. "I will have you know that nothing says you are in control better than the skulls of your defeated enemies." He shoots back at the colorful mollusc as she leaves followed by another huff. "Nothing wrong with some 'assertive' decoration." Right, that's what he's calling putting skulls all over the inside of his office. After settling in, Kotal leans over to Silencia and pulls her into a warm hug to greet her more properly.

Sunset has been seen around the UR quite a bit lately and it would seem like today is no different. Other than instead of from the club or from the streets this time the young woman emerges from the kitchen swing doors, finishing up a conversation with one of the waitresses. "Thanks for the info on dealing with cuisines from different realms." The waitress smiles and nods before walking off to continue her job, and Sunset catchs sight of the group of familiar faces at the table. She waves in that direction, actually standing on her tiptoes a bit to make sure she can be seen over Kotal's exceptional size. "Hi guys!"

Rayne deadpans to Serenity, "Trust me, you didn't need to tell me that," before the dancer leaves, at which point she turns to Silencia. "Signs, yes, but I'm also hoping for word of mouth to help, as well. If the first person a new arrival sees mentions... whatever we call it, then that's even better than a sign." Turning to Kotal, she frowns. "Might these meetings concern me now as well, Kotal? But at any rate the new organization isn't going to be defeating enemies, so there will be no skulls to display. You don't want it to take from your skulls, do you?" She blinks at the uncharacteristic display of affection and shifts her gaze away from the two just in time to see the waving Sunset Shimmer. "Oh! Hey, Sunny! Come on over, we were just talking about what we were talking about yesterday!"

Silencia can't help but be amused at how annoyed Kotal can get from certain types of people. She pets his arm reassuringly as he talks about how he was left frustrated. When the deity mentions skulls, Silencia shakes her head smilingly. "Remember how I arrived, Kotal? Now imagine how I would've reacted if you'd dragged me to a room filled with skulls at that moment, without me knowing anything. Not very soothing." Silencia is caught off guard when Kotal hugs her, the girl's cheeks already bright red with her blush. Even though she was caught off guard, she still responds happily by returning the hug. She takes a sip from her drink to calm herself down. She's actually so distracted that she didn't notice Sunset at first. Only when Rayne greets Sunset does Silencia glance at the female, giving her a happy little wave and a smile. "Hey Sunset!" She returns her attention to Rayne and smiles. "At least make sure that it's easy to find, we wouldn't want people wandering around all lost in search of the welcoming committee..."

"I wish it did." Responds Kotal to Rayne when she wonders why she wasn't included in the meeting. "Your presence there would have been a welcome counter balance to Caliga's insufferable nature. Unfortunately, this had to do more with how he and Lady Setsuna are mobilizing to take on Diablo and finally set the council in order. Which, of course, will be done completely by themselves leaving the rest of us to sit here and twiddle our thumbs." Hence the reason why Kotal always leaves those meetings feeling frustrated. He doesn't get to do anything!!

"What?" The Aztec's eyes widen at Rayne as she threatens to take some of his skulls for herself. "Whoever said anything about you taking my trophies? You should get your own skulls." Naturally! This all seems to make perfect sense to Kotal.

As for Silencia reminding him that putting a newcomer in a room full of corpses isn't the best way to greet them into this universe, the deity ponders momentarily as he recalls the first he saw Silencia in Twisted. "But didn't I do that.. ah, no.. I didn't take you to my office." Surely things would have gone differently had that been the case.

Keeping an arm around Silencia's shoulders, Kotal turns to look at a figure he hasn't seen in a while and raises a hand over to Sunset. "Lady Shimmer! It is so good to see you once more. Please, come join us."

Sunset likewise stops for a moment, doing her best to not stare too much at Kotal being affectionate. City of Twisted, see something new every day. She quickly shakes it off and walks over to the table with a smile.

"Oh? That's cool. I've been working on that too." Gives her notebook a playful wave before tucking it away in her bag. "Decided a good place to start with asking questions was of the business that have to deal with all these different people from different worlds. Seeing as almost anyone that isn't a robot of some kind has to eat some time, the restaurant was an easy accessible starting point."

At the multiple offers to join she takes a chair at the table for herself. Tilts her head a little to the side at the way the conversation about Kotal's meeting shifts. "Sometimes it only takes a few powerful people. Celestia and Luna defeated Discord the first time just by themselves with the Elements of Harmony." She doesn't mention that it was practically a last ditch effort by that point, as she's trying to be reassuring. "Besides. If -everyone- goes to whatever realm it is to deal with the big man, who would be watching over the city?"

Rayne says, "Yeah... I was thinking about that, and all I can come up with is to slap some sort of tower on it so people can tell where it is from a distance. Probably not the best option, but it's really all I can come up with. It definitely should be on Twisted Street somewhere, though. And Kotal... there are only so many skulls out there in the world to get. The new organization won't be taking any of them." She smiles at Sunset as the former pony arrives at the table. "Good point, and it makes me think. Maybe a few well-placed posters, rather than tackily throwing them up everywhere around town. A few key places... Here, the park, the bridge, one on the dock?"

Silencia hums understandingly when Kotal explains about the meeting he had. This made more sense, of course he would get frustrated if he wasn't able to take part in the battle. He had been so very excited about the possibility of battle. As the conversation turns to the conditions of her first arrival here, Silencia gives Kotal an amused look. "Believe me, if you had brought me to a room filled with skulls that day, I would have jumped out the window." Kotal's arm around her is very comforting, but Silencia can't help but be a bit embarrassed. She does not move away though. Sunset's efforts to convince Kotal that staying behind instead of fighting Diablo would be a good idea earns a smile from Silencia. She peeks at Kotal and nods softly. "I know you're disappointed but Sunset is right. You have the task of protecting the city and us all..."

Kotal just sighs as everyone tries to explain to him that its for the best if he doesn't participate in this battle. "You don't understand. I am the God of War. Battle is not simple thrill for me, it is literally my existence, it is what fuels me. Without conflict I will simply.. cease to exist. Not unlike a person starving to death would." He grumbles. "Lady Setsuna and Caliga are powerful, but Caliga is no warrior and Lady Setsuna is a guardian not a conqueror. If anyone should stay here and protected Twisted it should be them. I am far better suited for attacks than defense."

Despite his clear bloodlust, Silencia mentioning that jumping out the window makes Kotal hug her a little tighter and presses his forehead on the side of her head, which is a little uncomfortable since he's still wearing his helmet. "Don't ever say that."

Straightening up, though still keeping an arm around Silencia's shoulders, Kotal decides to remove his helmet with his left hand as he ponders something. "Have you thought of a name for your organization yet, Rayne?"

Sunset Shimmer wonders to herself if that means that the duo is planning something other than a straightforward 'attack' if they wish to proceed without the divine's assistance. But for the sake of not stirring a potential hornet's nest doesn't actually voice that thought. Last thing they need is to tweak Kotal the wrong way inadvertently.

"Also if there's any part of town were arrivals happen at a regular interval, to increase the chances of being seen by who needs to see them." Sunset rubs her chin thoughtfully. "Do you think we should place some posters over in Edo, too? Or is that half of the cities out of our jurisdiction?"

Minu finished up with her duties at TASK for the day and decided it was time to step out and get some air. Especially since Mr. Black was lounging around the habitation being a disagreeable putz. It was better to step out then engage the jerk further. The evening was comfortable enough that the little elf stepped out in a new outfit. Her pretty new ruffled off the shoulder white blouse and the flouncy little red skirt that was made of all those thin layers but offered modest covering for all its delicateness. Her sleek shoulders and legs were bare to the air and she wore a simple pare of brown flats. The elf's hair was loose and flowing in a smooth nutmeg brown spill down over her shoulders to her middle back. She pushes her glasses up onto her nose further as she tugs the door open and steps into the UR.

Rayne sighs and hangs her head. "No, no I've not gotten a name in mind yet. Nothing's come to me, so if anyone's got any ideas, let us know." She tilts her head for a moment as Sunset brings up common locations for people to arrive, but shakes her head in the end. "I don't know of any particularly strong tendencies. The park a few times, I've seen someone at the high school, mostly from what I've seen people wander into an establishment... typically here." As Minu arrives through the doorway, Rayne... doesn't seem to recognize her.

Silencia arches a brow at Kotal's explanation of his bloodlust. "As far as I know, you are not -just- a god of war, right? The sun also powers you and I try to provide as much assistance as I can with that as well. Don't try and tell me that you're withering away without battle. With a place like Twisted, you'll have plenty of opportunities to fight, don't sulk because you're missing out on one battle." Again with her motherly tone, as if she's talking to a sulking child! She's quickly pulled out of that though when Kotal hugs her closer and distracts her with that. She blushes brightly and squirms embarrassedly underneath his arm, not even noticing that the helmet had been poking her. "It's the truth though..." It takes a moment before Silencia finally has her attention back to the conversation at hand. She hums thoughtfully at the mention of a name for the welcoming committee. "The name should be something non-threatening, so people can be comfortable to come and ask for help. Maybe the Sanctuary?" Again with the distractions, Silencia does actually recognize Minu when the elf walks in. Her violet eyes sparkle and a large grin appears on her face. "Oh my goodness, Minu! You look amazing!" She waves enthusiastically. "Oh my, it all suits you so perfectly!" Silencia really loves adorable things!

Kotal leans back on his chair whilst Silencia chides him. He looks surprisingly comfortable with a girl that is maybe half his size talking down to him, or perhaps more like he's treating this as completely normal. Kotal gets talked down a lot by girls around here. "The nature behind my divinity is somewhat complicated, Silencia." He tries to explain. "My powers originate from the sun, yes, but I have transcended my original nature and became the god of war. Petty skirmishes are insufficient to me, to miss a battle against Diablo is equivalent of missing out on a very.. nutritious dish."

He hmms thoughtfully when Rayne confesses not having a name for the organization yet. "Perhaps, the Meat Grinder." Oh wait, Silencia said to make it sound non-threatening. "Or perhaps, Bastion, Aegis, Something that instill security in newcomers."

As people start looking to the entrance, Kotal looks over his shoulder and his glowing golden eyes widen at the sight he sees. "By the Eldergods. Is that really you, Minu??" She looks very different than usual.

Sunset narrows her gaze just a bit at Kotal's first suggest, having a hard time telling if that was suppose to be some attempt at a joke. "Any of those -other- than the grinder one would be good, secure sounding suggestions..."

And then everyone is looking surprise at someone else. Sunset leans back in her chair a bit to see what everyone else is looking at. Somebody certainly got fancied up it seems.

Minu hadn't been expecting to find folks at the restaurant tonight so being called to is a pleasant surprise. When Sil's voice rings out she lifts her head and smiles warmly, lifting one little hand to wave her fingers at the lady. The little elf tosses her hair back over her bare shoulder and she turns toward where Sil and the others are sitting. Kotals surprised words bring a pretty blush to the little elf's cheeks and she dips her chin briefly before looking up again. "its me." she says softly and her hands flutter before her as if they don't know what to do with out her usual note pad and pencil to keep them busy.

Rayne ponders on some of the ideas thrown out. "Hrm... Sanctuary... Aegis... I like the sound of them, but they still feel more protective... and I'd want it to sound more..." Her hands grasp at the air as she grasps for the right word. "Welcoming." She sighs and shakes her head, but that's interrupted as Minu's presence is made known. "Dang, girl. I seriously didn't recognize you... which is kinda sad since you're more identifiable by your height, ears, and glasses than by your clothes..."

Silencia sighs as Kotal tries to explain how much he needs that battle. She simply yields, taking a sip from her drink to hide her pouting. "I understand, I simply don't like how dependent you are on it..." She cringes at Kotal's first suggestion for a name. The others do sound promising, but Rayne raises a good point of the names being too protective and not welcoming enough. "Hmm, picking a name might be a bit difficult, but with this many people thinking about it, we're sure to find a proper one!" As Silencia's attention returns to Minu, the priestess actually has to restrain herself from running over to Minu. That adorable blushing and her small voice, announcing that it is indeed her, make it all the more difficult for Silencia. Of course she notices the blush and she has a hunch what the reason for it might be. This makes Kotal's arm around her feel even more uncomfortable, so she finally caves to her instincts and gets up to walk over to Minu. She grasps the elf's hands and smiles at her. "Truly beautiful! How are you feeling about the clothes? Are they comfortable? Easy to use? If there are any problems with the fit, I can help with that, if you want!"

"I'm not dependent. I can stop doing it whenever I want to." Answers Kotal with what is a classic response of someone who really is addicted to something. "Actually no, I do really need it otherwise I'll die." At least he's very honest about his addictions.

The woman of the hour right now is Minu, who looks impressive in her newest attire. Kotal of course releases Silencia as his priestess rightly decides to greet her dear friend warmly. The Aztec smiles at the exchange but remains silent for now, preferring to order himself some pulque for now.

The sun god of war's response just gets another flat look at him from Sunset, who again opts to not mention how that sounds like the very thing someone who is addicted to something would say. Even if it wouldn't be entirely out of line for her after her own close brushes with being high on power, she'd rather not pry at the personal affairs of the guy that could easily snap her in half. Finally she just shakes her head a bit, letting the others have their moment at gushing over the newcomer's appearance. "It is a very nice outfit."

As for the matter of names. "Sanctuary suggests more a safe place to be than strictly 'protection'." She uses two fingers on each hand to make a quote-mark gesture. It's just one of the small expression gestures she'd picked up from the world of human high school. "But on it's own, not particularly welcoming. Maybe another, more comforting term, to go with it."

Minu blushes brighter as Rayne mentions not recognizing her. She giggles and wrinkles up her nose. Those golden eyes glitter behind her wire rimmed glasses. "the only person I have met yet shorter then me is Doommuffin and she is distinctly more scary then I am so, yeah Rayne, that was sorta silly. I thank you though." When Sil rushes to her she looks up at the lady then dips her chin again in that slightly shy way. "they fit well Sil, thank you. I already messed up the planed outfits but I wanted to wear this top with the frilled skirt, it goes alright together?" She has no idea of proper fashion after all then murmurs "I think I will need your help hemming the pants though, they are still a little bit long." The little elf catches her lower lip in her teeth and then tilts her head "am I interrupting something? I didn't realize you folks would be here this evening."

Rayne nods slowly as Sunset makes her case for Sanctuary being a part of it, though doesn't look from Minu to her until she has finished making the point. "Yeah... Newfound Sanctuary? Or something that evokes a new home... home and comfort... Sanctuary Hearth?" It doesn't sound like Rayne particularly likes that one, but she's throwing out ideas. "Nah, you're not really interrupting, Minu. We could use more voices in the current conversation, which is to get a decent name for the branch Sunset, Serenity, and I are working on. Well, mostly Sunny."

Silencia can't help but worry about Kotal and his absolute need for battle. He even admits it! She decides that now is not the time to address that, she would have to keep this conversation for when they were alone. She does give him a look that indicates that she is not done with the matter though. Gotta keep the god on his toes! Obviously, she is not afraid of him snapping her in half at all. The conversation about the name for the welcoming committee catches Silencia's attention again, the girl peeking at Rayne and Sunset. "I do think a simple name would be better. People would remember it easier if it's simple, or, if you want a more elaborate name, it should be really memorable." Her attention returns to Minu and the priestess smiles warmly. "You have combined them beautifully. That blouse is simple and feminine enough to pair with most clothes, so don't worry! As long as you look in the mirror and like what you see, it's perfect!" The mention of the pants makes Silencia smack her own forehead. "I should have done that back in the store! Then you could've used it already! Bring it along sometime and I'll hem it for you." Silencia gestures toward the table, her hand resting on the small of Minu's back. "Take a seat and help us figure out a name for Rayne's welcoming committee!" Silencia sighs and quickly gives Minu a hug, releasing the girl quickly because she is trying to be mindful of other people. "Sorry, I needed that. You are way too adorable!"

Oh brother. Kotal recognized the look that Silencia was giving him alright! That spelled doom for the war god later when they were alone. Looks like its gonna be an extra shift of patrolling for him!

In fact, Kotal is noticing that Sunset is giving him a look as well. What? Did these girls not know that he is the god of war and needs battle in order to exist? He practically announces it everywhere he goes! Oh well, its really not the time right now anyways since Rayne's new organization's name and Minu's attire takes precedence to Kotal's instabilities.

He chugs his pulque and stands so he can pull a chair for Minu to sit, doing the gentlemanly thing. "Who better to think of a name than Minu?" He adds, "Surely she will save us from this dilemma in short order." Just as she always saves him from that dreaded paperwork.

Sunset leans on the table on crossed arms, musing to herself. Silencia has a point, it shouldn't be too complicated of a name. But it needs that balance between comfortable and familiar, and standing out enough to be memorable. Who knew thinking of a name would be the hard part.

She does give another sidelong glance at the priestess and Kotal. Seeing the big burly god being personable with her kind of reminds her of how Celestia was always looking out for others, even when she had to be the stern teacher, or seemed intimidating because of royalty.

Even to people like Sunset when they were being too much of a stubborn arrogant youth to appreciate it.

Then snaps back from her little daydream, blinking a few times, then smiling softly at Minu. "Oh, yes, any more imput on the matter would be great."

Minu smiled up at Sil and blushes a little more as she is praised. "thank you. I will bring them around and we can get them hemmed up." When Sil hugs her, the little elf giggles softly and returns the hug with a touch of shyness. Sil has been quite helpful and friendly and its nearly impossible not to respond positively to the lady. Its no wonder Kotal is clearly smitten with her. Moving to the table the little elf looks up at Kotal as he offers her a chair and she delicately slips into it, brushing her skirt down to assure she is being lady like. "thank you" she murmurs then tilts her head listening to both Rayne and Sunset. She is aware of Kotal and his need for war, he is war personified after all so it doesn't surprise her all that much that he has some battle or the other he wants to fight. She does get a glimmer when the ladies mention the new Sanctuary for the newly converged. " Ummm, how about "Welcome Home"? " She asks softly. "after all this has become all of our new home."

Rayne scrunches her mouth to the side as she ponders further. "It gets the idea across, but as it's already a phrase in use... And I think it might upset some people. If I'm suddenly in a strange place and the greeters tell me 'welcome home,' I think I might slightly flip out. That kinda needs to be handled a bit more delicately." She shakes her head. "The Welcome Hearth?" she suggests. "Maybe refer to whatever is used as the base of operations as the Sanctuary." She takes another bite of her club sandwich as she continues to think on this.

Silencia has always loved adorable people and things and Minu definitely belonged in the realm of the adorable. Also the shy way in which the elf reacts sometimes just tugged on her motherly side. She couldn't help but want to coddle the girl! She was mindful enough to hold most of it back though. As Minu sits down, Silencia returns to her seat as well. She suddenly missed the weight of Kotal's arm around her, but she ignored that feeling. The conversation about the name is a welcome distraction for the priestess. "Hmm... if the base of operations would be called the Sanctuary, then I don't think you need a special name anymore. The organisation itself could just be called the Welcome Committee, with the people working there being the greeters. This really shouldn't be this difficult..." She chuckles and grabs her drink once more. She grins as a little thought pops up. "I do think Minu has a point, by the way, it might be a good idea to put the focus on the fact that most people end up making this place their new home. But that does not necessarily need to be in the name of the organisation. Maybe in a slogan of some sort?" Silencia peeks at Kotal for a moment, she had done the exact same thing. This place had become her home and she felt that even if she had the opportunity to return to her old world, she wouldn't want to anymore.

"Exactly." Adds Kotal as more names are thrown about. "At this juncture, calling something as simple as the Welcome Committee or the Welcoming Center would suffice. After all, we may be called TASK but most citizens still just refer to us as the police. There is no need to unnecessarily complicate things. Most people would prefer nice and simple after the harrowing even of being sucked into Twisted."

Strangely, its at this point that he feels Silencia's gaze on him. Almost as if reading her thoughts, he puts his arm around her shoulders again and pulls her close protectively, as if to ensure her he's still there for her.

"That is essentially the purpose of the organization, yes. But Rayne's right. Not that it wasn't a good suggestion miss, but we're out to help people make this a home they're comfortable with but not sound like we're forcing it upon them. We're here to help them do it for their own." Sunset sits back up to look to Rayne. "In the end I think they're right. Maybe we should just stick to the simple, straightforward names like that. Sanctuary is certainly a good name for our base of operations, as that's what it is going to essentially be."

The little elf nods "well, Welcome Center, would be sensible to have on the front of your place. It would make it clear that it was a friendly and safe place to go for new folks. As to not pushing on folks to make this home, um no offense intended but, what choice do they have. Its scary and unpleasant but once your in Twisted, your rather stuck here. And either you make the most of it or you fight it and go crazy."

Rayne takes the last bite of her club sandwich, and taps her finger on her chin as she ponders all that has been said. "Okay... Okay. I think we have this, then... The Welcoming Center, I think. It'd not really be a committee, after all. I definitely like the idea of calling the first stand alone building the Welcome Sanctuary or something like that, but for now we might want to have it operate out of TASK headquarters. Right now, a lot of people send new arrivals to us anyways, so it would work best that way... assuming we have the room." She looks around at the others, but focuses more on Sunset, the one to be most involved in this venture. "What do you all think?"

Sunset smiles a bit at Minu, clearly not offended by the response. "That's kind of it. If the push is too forward, there are going to be people that resist it just because of that." Then ahuhs softly as she rubs the back of her head with one hand, glancing off to one side for a moment. "I use to kind of be one such person." But enough on that. "We want to be able to guide newcomers in adjusting to Twisted without them feeling pressured into thinking they have to just give up everything they previously knew. They may not have much choice, but they will hopefully adjust better if they can feel like they're in control of their situation. We can give them that comfort zone so they can get comfortable on their terms."

Then nods to Rayne and smiles. "That definitely works. We need a name for the group more than we do a building we don't have yet anyways, heh." Then pulls her phone out of her jacket pocket. "It's later than I thought it was. I think I'm going to get something to eat, and then go home to record the notes I've gathered today."

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