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The News Continue

Summary: Word continues to spread that Muradin and Morgana will be having a child. This time is Serenity's turn to find out!

Who: Muradin, Morgana, Serenity, Doommuffin
When: February 09, 2016
Where: Zeku-Kari Beach


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Muradin has been a busy bee lately. Not that he usually isn't kind of a workaholic that spends most of his time busy doing something, but recently he has really press the pedal to the metal so to speak in his projects. Not only has he been gathering materials for the two sets of armor that have been commissioned by TASK, he's also been making vast tunnels underground that are starting to run beneath the beach itself. Almost as if to expect to make his very own dwarven underkingdom here, or at least, as if he was expecting another family member to arrive soon.

Acting as a one man work crew, Muradin can be seen even this late in the day digging and tunneling in order to have easy access to the beach from Morgana's grotto.

The siren lounges in the shallows of the bay. She has a rock that Mura drug up for her and planted so she could rest comfortably and have a flat surface to tinker with her pearls and shells while he dug. Everyone knows the dwarf sings while he digs and as his song drift up, she lifts her voice to join his song. The notes higher and more crystalline pure then any dwarf ever sang. Before her on her rock there is a hand full of multi colored pearls that she is using a thin spiral of metal to gently drill each so she can thread them onto a string.

Serenity wanders down the hill, heading toward the dock with leisurely undulations of the 'wings'. There's a jar of kitchen scraps tucked in the storage bin. This one isn't wrapped- apparently out in the open air, any leaking odors aren't an issue. Ren is already partway across the beach before spotting the pile of excavated material, but turns course toward it for a look.

And then, from the makeshift workshop nearby, a high pitched whining noise, like a turbine firing up at high speeds. This is immediately followed by a high pitched and thoroughly unpleasant scraping sound. Both sounds suddenly end with a loud popping noise and lots of clattering as whatever device was being tested fails utterly. Oh, and let's not forget the few flying fan blades that don't get caught by the shack's walls. A few seconds later, Doommuffin can be heard saying, "Test No. 347 failed to meet operational stability standards. Hrm. I really thought the jellified conch slime would be the solution to this particular predicament."

Oh of course the dwarven prince is singing the song of 'his people' as he works. It is a strange melody this time though. A dwarven song is usually strong and rhythmic, sounding far more like a marching band than an actual song. Tonight, with the chorus of Morgana's melodic voice behind it, there is an almost hypnotic feel to it, as stone and water meet to form something else far more.. precious in nature.

Of course, all this comes to an abrupt end -as most beautiful things do when there are gnomes around- when loud, weird, and very distracting noises occur in DM's shack.

Normally, Muradin would dismiss all that as the work of the crazy gnome, but knowing that his wife is out there in the beach he is not taking any chances. "Oi! Anything alright over 'ere!?" Asks the dorf as he pokes his head out of one of the holes and sees Serenity approaching.

As those pops and bangs come from DM's work shop the sirens song also comes to a halt and she tilts her head. Dark eyes rake the beach and then spot Mura's head peeking out of the hole and Ren coming up the beach "All is well My Chosen. The destruction did not leave the shack this time. I am far enough into the water even Doommuffins chaos should not touch me." Setting her pearls on the rock she turns herself around to face the shore and offers a pleasant smile "Salutations Serenity."

Serenity flows over to peer down the hole. (While Ren also spares the shack a few glances, self-preservation has apparently won out over curiosity in that particular case.) With the sounds of machinery powering up, however, Ren glances up quickly. Ren tenses only after the structural failure, too late even try to duck. "Hhh... Hello," Ren rasps as Muradin appears, responding to Morgana as she calls out with a lifted pair of fins. Ren looks from one to the other and then over to shack. "Is this normal?" Ren ventures.

Doommuffin calls ouf from the shack, "Everything is nominal!" There continue to be some loud banging noises, but these presumably are due to Doommuffin's tools rather than malfunctioning equipment.

"Phew! Thank goodness." Muradin hops out of his hole armed with his pick axe. After Morgana assured him that everything was fine he'd just go back to work. However, lately he's felt more attached to his Siren than usual and decides to stay up in the surface just to make 100 percent certain everything is fine.

As he does he waves back to Serenity and laughs heartily at her question. "As normal as these Twisted waters can get, aye!" What is normal is a topic of much debate in a land like Twisted.

He also peers quizzically at the DM's shack whilst she continues to work but yells at her regardless. "Alright, but tell us if ye need some bloody help, lass! I dinnae want ye blowing up on us like that last dozen times!" Even though telling gnome not to blow up is like trying to keep the sun from rising, Muradin is still going to try.

The siren's tail serpentine in the water and she offers the slug a gentle smile "when ones family is as mine is, this is very normal. I believe it is safe now if you wish to come into the water Serenity. I trust you have been well. I am glad to see you here. I wish to discuss those, tablets, that you and Rayne were using." Her wide tail fluke rises from the water and waves side to side. She lifts her voice "My Own, we should perhaps try to find some way to bring water to the work shop, I do not want DM catching fire and running into walls. She is not male after all and there is no need for that ritual now that the family is aware of our offspring."

Serenity frowns despite the reassurances. "Last dozen times?" Ren remarks. "Perhaps some better facilities are in order. I'm fairly sure that at least something simple could be arranged, for public safety reasons, if not out of respect for scientific research." Ren leans over to look around Muradin. "Maybe even a spot underground?" In reply to Morgana's request, Ren nods thoughtfully. "Of course. While I can't promise the use of equipment from TASK stores, I can't imagine that Kotal would oppose a public communications booth." Ren listens quietly to Morgana calling to Muradin, but it seems that the last bit of information takes a few moments to sink in. "Offspring?" Ren asks with a puzzled look to Muradin.

"That's an excellent idea, me luv!" Agrees Muradin as he sets his pickaxe down on the sand, the blade digging down so the handle is still upwards and easy to grab at a moment's notice. "Although I dinnae 'bout the that. Imagining DM on fire and runnin' around is funny to me fer some reason." Although to be fair, Muradin fully knows being caught on fire won't kill a Death Knight, so he can find a lot of comedy in it.

"Eh, that's DM's call ta be honest." The dwarven warrior responds Ren when she suggests building a better shack for the eccentric gnomish engineer, or maybe even move it underground. "If ye can convince her to take any of me help I'll glad assist her. Gnomes are an independent sort though and donna take kindly to being offered help."

But then a broad smile shows on his face when the slug wonders about Morgana's wonders and he bounds over to the siren. Its odd to see the stocky and buff Muradin moving about so happily but it's obvious he's very excited about something. "Aye!" He wraps an arm around Morgana's waist pulling her close to him whilst announcing to Serenity proudly. "We're gonna have a wee one soon!"

The siren had been sitting in shallow water so when Muradin darts into the water to gather to himself she laughs softly. The dwarf splashes and bounds and then comes to her and she lifts herself in the water to allow him to draw her up against his side. She smiles softly and her eyes lower briefly before rising and she nods "Muradin and I have been gifted with a growing new life." Her hand drifts low to where her luminescent skin joins the scales of her tail. The siren still looks lean and sleek, no hint of a bump visible yet.

Serenity doesn't look amused by the image of accidental incineration, but nods thoughtfully in reply as Muradin then explains the cultural aspects of offering help. When Muradin exits the excavation to run into the shallows, Ren ripples backwards. After a moment, Ren follows, driving the disc of the field generator into the water with ripples of the undulatory fins. Ren pauses close in front of the couple and glances from one to the other, still looking rather confused in spite of the clarification. "Hhh... Congratulations?" Ren offers uncertainly. "That was rather unexpected- for me, at least." Ren remains silent for a moment, as if discarding several inopportune questions before coming up with, "Have you found some good midwife options yet?"

Morgana should know by now! Nothing keeps this dwarf from his siren! Muradin more than happily braves the shallows to go carry his wife and hug her lovingly, rubbing his temple against her side whilst keeping that protective arm around her still slender waist. "Thanks, mate!" The dorf continues to grin, overflowing with pride at his growing family. "I never had a doubt 'bout it!" Looks like Muradin was also quite sure this was gonna happen eventually.

Although, he's not sure about /everything/ mind you. More specifically, Ren's concern about a midwife, which draws some pause from the Mountain King. "Uh.. we're still getting that sorted out. Any ideas luv?" He asks of Morgana.

Morgana slowly swept her tail through the water even as Muradin held her against his side. She had not bothered to shift to legs, knowing her mate could easily hold her weight. She smiled again at Serenity. "it has been a pleasant happening." Her head tilts "I do not know what this is, Midwife? Why should we need choose one My Own?"

Serenity nods at Muradin's reassurance. "I'm glad to hear that you were able to overcome the... challenges," Ren says. "The limits of magic continue to surprise me." Ren continues 'standing' with just a slight station-keeping ripple. Morgana's abdomen gets a brief glance before Ren raises eyes again. "I'm not sure why the word doesn't translate," Ren remarks with a puzzled note in reply to Morgana. "A specialist in prenatal medical care and family psychological counseling? Perhaps in your culture it's subsumed by the role of some traditional spiritual expert or by ordinary doctors?" Ren supposes. "I've seen in video that human people tend to go to hospitals for birth more often than my culture." Ren 'winces' slightly and adds, "To be fair, I think that may be for anatomical reasons."

Or more like the power of love!! At least, that's what Muradin would say if he was a total sap, but in this case he's going with magic being the main enabler for a dwarf and a mermaid to have a child. The dwarven warrior continues to hold his siren close, though he blinks in confusion when she asks of him what's a midwife. He wasn't expecting that!! "Really? Ye donna know?" Thankfully, Serenity is there to explain in /great detail/ what a midwife is, but just in case Morgana didn't understand any of that -which is a possibility- Muradin tries to narrow it down. "Basically, its a person that helps ye give birth to tha' child. Like a coach!" Man, this was going to be more complicated than he thought. "We got lots of wee details we got to discuss me thinks."

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