2016-02-11 - The Avatar vs The War God

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The Avatar vs the War God

Summary: Korra and Kotal Kahn finally meet and Kombat ensues.

Who: Korra, Kotal_Kahn
When: February 11, 2016
Where: Arena

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Korra had followed the instructions given to her by Rayne and Ikuto. She went to the tallest building of this city in search for portals that lead to other worlds, and hopefully hers to. The building that everyone called Task headquarters.

Such a monumental structure left the Avatar with trepidation. She was getting bad vibes of tyranny and she couldn't help but compare it to similar dictatorships she had seen and heard of in the past, such as the maniacal power hungry fire lords of the 100 year war or more recently for her the queen of the earth kingdom. It seems that history has a tendency to repeat itself even across worlds.

This only happens to be the least of her problems. None of those portals lead to her world of origin. Knowing that portal hoping would only lead her to get her even more lost, the Avatar decided that for the moment it was better to stay in Twisted. She knows the basic rule of getting lost, move around and you'll get more lost, stay in one place and you have higher chances of people finding you.

Realizing that this means that she's essentially stuck here for the unforeseeable time, Korra decides to pay the Task building a visit and talk to this enigmatic character named Kotal Kahn. A so proclaimed god of war.

Leaving Naga outside of the building, the Avatar pushes the front doors of the building like she owns the place and talks to the first person that she sees. “I'm here to talk to Kotal Kahn.”

Things are as they usually are inside the TASK building.


Officers, employees and civilians of various forms, duties, and indeed, shapes, meander about the building doing their daily jobs. The TASK building is often the subject of unexpected and very unwelcome surprises, demonic fog monsters, aliens from beyond another plane of existence, and once even angry magical ponies!! .. its a long story. Suffice to say however, that a young girl pushing the door open and demanding to see the TASK Director is gonna draw some looks. Civilians and employees immediately flee the scene and all officers on duty glance at Korra, hands resting on their guns.

Fortunately for the Avatar, the person manning the front desk today is Lieutenant Bob, who is a little more easy going that the rest. He looks up, glances at Korra before looking around the room and motions for the girl further down the hall. “There he is.”

Kotal Kahn was actually present in that room when Korra entered and on his way to the elevator. He had just returned from his meeting with Setsuna and Caliga and let's just say he was not having a good day. When he hears that someone is requesting his presence and Bob does the daft thing of telling the Avatar where he is, Kotal bangs his head on the elevator door lightly before giving another exasepared sigh.

He should have taken the stairs.

That said, appearances are important in this job. He gathers his wits about him and walks towards the girl who requests his presence, glowing golden eyes staring down at her. “Yes?? What is it, citizen?”

The guards staring at her don't go unnoticed. It gives Korra feelings of her first day in Republic City and how she immediately got on the wrong side of the law. She's starting to think that perhaps she is judging these people too harshly. These are all obviously people doing their job to keep this crazy place safe. Maybe she shouldn't antagonize them after all.

All those feelings go right out the window when she see sets her eyes on this Kotal Kahn everyone's talking about. What is this.. thing!? A giant blue man that is barely dressed? He looks every bit like how Korra would imagine a blood thirsty warlord would look like. Blue eyes narrow in a judgmental fashion and she crosses her well toned arms. “I am the Avatar Korra!” She announces and though she fully knows that the title means nothing here, she still uses it as it gives her a comforting feeling. “I'm here to ensure you aren't mistreating your people!”

Well.. this is certainly.. new..

Kotal Kahn is not used to be in the receiving end of a would be revolutionary. It's usually him crying out against an unjust ruler and overthrowing cruel governments, not the other way around. The Aztec is naturally taken back when this impetuous girl immediately starts throwing accusations under the pretext that she's someone's avatar. Honestly? Kotal doesn't even care who's avatar she is. She could be Raiden's incarnation for all he cares, no one talks to him like that and gets away with it.

“You have some nerve entering my domain and disrespecting me, mortal.” Kotal's eyes glow a furious golden color and for a fraction of a second he considers attacking this newcomer. However, although annoying, her concerns are somewhat legitimate, and he is forced to respond the concerns of a citizen questioning his methods.

“Firstly, I am not the governor here, I am merely the director of the police force.”

“As for mistreating my people, you will have to be more specific. What is that concerns you exactly?”

Korra stared, this guy looked and sounded like he came straight out of one of Bolin's movers. Walking out into the lobby and calling her a mortal as if it was a derogatory term. The girl's blue eyes narrowed, firmly looking up at those strange eyes of his. “I'll get straight to the point. I've dealt with oppressing governments before and super strict laws are a sure fire way of knowing when someone's repressing their people. How do you deal with criminals around here? Do you even have jails?”

“We do have jails, actually.” Answers the Aztec warrior with slight amusement. This girl was very blunt and rather than annoy Kotal he thought it was very amusement. He's had more than his fill when it came to intrigue and politics, he wanted to deal with cold hard facts for once.

“The best you will find in any dimension. Much like this realm they are inescapable.” He adds with a smile that falters quickly enough. “Not all have the 'luxury' to experience our facilities however. Depending on the crime we sometimes merely enforce a monetary compensation. If the crime is severe enough, and there are many out there who do indulge in such illicit activities, the punishment can be execution.”

Fantastic, and it was really just as she was expecting. These guys encourage the death penalty. Korra visibly scowls and points her finger up at the tall figure of Kotal Kahn. “You'll people here to death without so much a trial?? What gives you the right?? And don't tell me its because you're a god!”

Kotal exhales in annoyance. This one had a real temperament, but more than that, she was also very self-righteous which vexed the Aztec in many different ways. “We do not have trials because no legislation for it exists here. I've had to scrap the police force you see here from nothing but volunteers and ex-vigilantes. Though we may seem formidable we are very little more than militia and we must do what we can with our limited resources. If you wish to complain about the actual laws of this place then you should talk to Diablo.. though he will probably not be in power for much longer. Exactly because of his negligence.”

“Besides, we do have one way of evening the odds. The guilty party an always try to prove their innocence through trial of Kombat. In fact, this is how we solve most of our more controversial disagreements.”

Unbelievable, Korra always enjoyed a good brawl, but she knew that was no substitute for a legal system. It only encouraged bullies that would never be punished because nobody could beat them. The girl scowls. She's visibly angry, almost as if she were to lash out immediately and partake in this cycle of violence.

Partake in the violence.

That's it! Korra's eyes shine with determination and she grins fearlessly up at the war deity. “Fine! You want to be primitive about this? Then let's do it your way!”

“Kotal Kahn! I challenge you to a fight!”


Is this..

Is this really happening?

Is this some kind of early birthday present that the officers are secretly giving him?

Kotal doesn't waste even a fraction of a millisecond to question it. His eyes shine brightly as do the entirety of his golden tattoos running across his body. It was time for MORTAL KOMBAT!

“I accept your challenge!!” Declared he with gesture of his extended arms. “Let us take this to the Arena!”


Korra isn't much of a politician. Put her in a position of power that entails a lot of deliberation and she'll shamelessly fall asleep. That's not what being the Avatar is about though. She doesn't know much about ruling, but she knows that bad guys always understand violence, and she intends to do just that with this haughty Kotal guy. She hasn't thought at all what will happen if she beats him though. Does that mean she becomes the police chief? She'll probably end up appointing someone else if that's the case, although that's not something she's even considering at this point.

Right now, she's focused on stretching her legs before taking a fighting stance to then stare at her opponent standing on the other side of the arena.

What an amazing occasion this is! The first time someone challenges him to Mortal Kombat instead of the other way around. Truly this is not something that Kotal, or Twisted for that matter, see everyday, and this can be seen when all the TASK officers that were in the lobby flooded the Arena. Nay, they are doing more than that right now, they are actively forming a circle around the kombatants to make ring that much smaller. Obviously, they are all cheering and hollering, eager for some blood sport.

Kotal stands at the other side of the circle raising his fist to bask in the cheers of his officers, truly, the very image of an arrogant and overconfident war god. After some brief boasting, he cracks his neck to limber up and takes a relaxed fighting stance, also staring back at his opponent. “Begin whenever you are ready, Korra.”

“Letting me take the first shot?” Asks an amused Korra who decides to take it in stride. “That's your first mistake!” The Avatar had relaxed into a water stance at first, only to quickly change it to a sturdier earth stance once she saw how overconfident her opponent was going to be. Throwing a fist upwards, Korra pushed a large boulder out of the Arena floor and sent it hurling at Kotal's face with a kick!

Geomancy? An intriguing technique. Though it is of no consequence as it is not something that Kotal is unfamiliar with. One of the best mercenaries from the Black Dragon was also a master geomancer and he too failed when he dared to usurp the might of Kotal Kahn.

The Aztec moves, though not sideways in order to dodge as on might think. He moves directly forwards and /into/ the attack to punch the boulder in mid air and shatter it completely. After the dust disperses, the warrior god begins to advance towards the Avatar with a slow but deliberate step. His arms are still down to his sides looking relaxed.

The big guy destroying the boulder with his fist wasn't entirely unexpected. He's a big, buff, bad guy after all, and that's what they do, bust things up with punches. It's a good way to gauge his strengths and Korra takes further advantage that he's taking his own sweet time to close the distance by firing another attack at him. This time, its actual fire. She changes to a fire bender stance and blasts a huge fireball at Kotal with both open palms.

Pyromancy as well!? This is quite unprecedented. Usually, the kombatants of Kotal Kahn's realm are only proficient in one element. To see that this girl is capable of controlling earth and fire as well momentarily surprises the Kahn.

But its only for a moment, as the warrior is still quite well versed with fiery projectiles. He extends his own hand at the incoming fireball and his palm glows gold, absorbing the fire and neutralizing it completely. Afterward, he simply continues to walk towards Korra getting ever closer.

Okay, this might be harder than Korra expected. Guess that fighting a literal god would be somewhat more challenging than the average thug. How unexpected! If this guy can simply shrug off her more damaging techniques without breaking a sweat then she might need a bit more time to rethink her strategy. Korra decides buy herself some time, instead of charging directly at him out of desperation, she begins to circle him to stay away from his reach.

Kotal Kahn did expect Korra to charge him after her second attack was negated. Therefore, he pauses momentarily when she instead opts to start shuffle around him. That's the mark of a very experienced fighter as she's not letting her emotions get the better of her and do attacks out of desperation. He follows her with his eyes and begins to inch his way towards her. However, this makeshift human arena isn't the best for such shuffling tactics. If Korra gets too near one of those cheering TASK officers, she might find that they'll be pushing her back into the ring.

The cronies! Korra forgot about the cronies! Every villain has henchmen that can be annoying when they go ignored. Such is the case now as Korra shuffles too close to one of those cheering police men and one of them pushes her at Kotal Kahn. The girl grunts and stumbles forward trying to brace herself for an attack.

Normally, Kotal Kahn would look down upon someone interfering in sacred one on one MORTAL KOMBAT. In fact, the deity might have words with the officer who pushed Korra after all this is said and done. However, he cannot deny that his warriors are just that, fierce fighters who crave a good fight despite their strong code of ethics. Knowing this, Kotal would be remiss to disappoint them and he simply capitalizes on Korra being out of position.

He does this by shifting forwards to close the distance. Then, he quickly raises his right arm and swings it down in a cutting motion to slam his forearm into the Avatar's collarbone.

Korra's blue eyes widen when she's suddenly face to face with the seven feet tall, muscle bound god of all war. Considering that the guy managed to destroy a boulder with a simple punch, Korra is thinking that letting him strike her collarbone would mean he'll shatter it, or worse. Deciding to cut her loses, she raises her own arm up going for the overhead block and gets her forearm shattered instead. The pain is unbearable, and Korra winces painfully feeling the bone of her arm breaking under her skin. With clenched teeth, she uses the pain to fuel her forward and delivers a fierce tornado kick at Kotal's face, taking advantage of the close proximity.

Although Kotal's reflexes are, well, god like. Fighting this close means that he's not able to do anything about such an unexpected attack. Really, when he breaks someone's arm he expects them to at least recoil in pain and hold the broken limb, not kick him immediately in the face. “Hrg!” The strike collides hard on the side of Kotal's helmet covered head. However, Korra isn't the only one that is able to simply tough out blows. The Aztec quickly readjusts himself and swings a roundhouse kick of his own, sending it the knee of Korra's standing leg.

Having one broken arm is bad enough for Korra she doesn't want to get a broken knee on top of that too. Korra returns to a neutral stance as soon as she can from her tornado kick. It doesn't give her enough time to dodge, it just gives her enough time to curl her leg up and take Kotal's kick in the thigh rather than the knee. The force sends her skidding sideways and at the very least this puts some distance from her and Kotal Kahn. She switches to an air stance and kicks a gust of wind to continue to push him backwards.

This girl's skill and resilience is formidable. It is only a pity that the elements do very little against the likes of Kotal Kahn. The warrior god swings his arm to the side and creates a gust of wind of his own that neutralizes Korra's blast of air. Fueled now by the fires of battle, he doesn't simply stand and wait for Korra to recover as he did before, this time, he closes the distance immediately.

As soon as he negates Korra's wind current, he's flash stepping in front of her and swinging a piston like punch at her midsection, aiming to crash his fist right into her solar plexus.

Brawns and brains. This was a lot more difficult than Korra had originally thought. She had pegged Kotal Kahn as some muscle bound bruiser type that did all the talking with his fists. It turns out he's capable of some pretty sophisticated strategies, and he's also a very proficient bruiser to boot. Korra flinches as he's suddenly on top of her and puts her arms in between to block. She successfully manages to stop the punch into her midsection, something that would have surely either knocked her out or even kill her. What she doesn't manage to do is not damage her already broken arm even more. This time the pain is truly unbearable and Korra cries out it pain stumbling backwards. She can't go on like this, not with a broken arm. “Stop, stop.” The Avatar raises her non-broken hand at the war god.

Kotal does have his code of honor. He never strikes opponents that are signaling to pause. The Aztec freezes in his steps and regards Korra carefully. This looks more than just a brief intermission though, it doesn't look like Korra is capable to continue. “Do you yield?”

Korra nods, “Yes.” How humiliating. The girl winces and holds her injured arm. “I yield, okay?”

The TASK officers don't have any mercy of Korra. They start cheering and chanting Kotal's name as he emerges victorious. Fortunately, the Aztec god is in truth not a bad sport, and he can recognize a formidable opponent when he sees one. Why, with the right tutelage this girl might even become his best enforcer. “You fought well, Avatar.” Kotal walks towards her. “Allow me heal your wounds.”

The cheers from the crowd don't ear Kotal any favors. Korra scowls when she hears the guards and backs away from Kotal as he walks towards her. “I don't want your help!” She says and takes off running, jumping clear over the guards and out of the Arena. “This isn't over!”

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