2016-02-11 - Visiting Rayne

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Visiting Rayne

Summary: Silencia visits Rayne's apartment and the two have a conversation.

Who: Rayne, Silencia
When: February 11th. 2016
Where: Rayne's Apartment


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Rayne's apartment is currently a bit cleaner than it would normally be... The various sketches all over the place have been tidied up, placed in piles here and there, but still not organized. Her usual armor is set up on a tailor's mannequin that she's picked up; at home, she almost never has on her armor. The bed over the couch is even actually made for once! Speaking of the couch, that is where Rayne currently is seated, working on her laptop on the table set in front of it.

A light knock on the door signals the arrival of Silencia. The other day she had visited Serenity's apartment and of course she was curious about Rayne's home as well! This time she hasn't forgotten to bring along a little gift; she's holding a tiny little pot with a similarly small plant in it, a single white flower sprouts out in the middle, but the petals are closed. The knock is a little louder and Silencia speaks up. "Rayne, are you there? It's Silencia!"

Rayne hops off of the couch at the first knock, for a brief moment curious as to who is there... but that curiosity is almost immediately sated as Silencia identifies herself. "Coming!" she calls as she steps over to the door and opens it. "Hey, Sil... what's up?" She tilts her head to the side and raises an eyebrow. She actually doesn't get visitors very often.

Silencia smiles when the door opens to reveal Rayne. "Remember we talked about me visiting your apartment one day? I figured today might be a good day. Is that alright?" Silencia hadn't called ahead since that kind of thing wasn't really common back where she came from. What was common is giving people gifts when first visiting their homes. She presents the little pot with the closed flower to Rayne. "I also brought a little gift. The smell of this flower is supposed to calm the nerves." Of course her gift was a plant, better than a swarm of butterflies!

Rayne says, "Oohh... uhhh... I don't exactly get a lot of sunlight in here... Oh, I know where to put it... I hope it gets enough light in the cockpit." She takes the plant into her hands and glances towards the hallway to her left. "But, um, Yeah! Welcome to the Spectral Eagle, or at least a stationary recreation of it I've set up." Rayne steps to the side, removing herself from Silencia's view of the rest of her apartment. "Just a little reminder of the universe I left behind when I got punched into this one."

Silencia grins lightly and waves her hand dismissively. "Don't worry too much about the light! It doesn't need much." She pauses and chuckles lightly. "And if my training bears any fruit, then I can completely eliminate that issue..." Silencia peeks around curiously when Rayne invites her in. She grins as she walks further into the apartment, stopping in the middle of the room, between the flatscreen tv and the couch. She turns to Rayne and grins. "The decor of your home suits you a lot! Though it does remind me that we come from vastly different worlds!"

Rayne says, "Hrm. If it's supposed to calm nerves... maybe my office is a better place for it, now that I think about it. I'm usually fairly calm here." She steps over to the window next to the flatscreen and motions Silencia over. "Come over here... Last time I had someone over, this window was kinda the highlight. I've set it up to emulate being in orbit. It's not quite Cevernal down there, but it's pretty close to the orbit I left my actual ship in."

Silencia hums lightly as she walks over to Rayne, the girl curious about the window that was pointed out. "I thought something like this flower might be useful to you, since you do tend to overthink things sometimes..." She grins playfully at Rayne before turning her attention to the window. A soft gasp escapes her and she tries to look out more properly. "Whoa... I've never seen anything like this! Is that 'space'?" Though she had picked up quite a lot of information during her stay in Twisted, she did come from a more medieval time, so all this was still very new to her. Especially if she's able to see it through the window in an apartment. "How did you do this?" Silencia's reaction to all this is very similar to a child's; excited and curious.

Rayne shrugs to Silencia's question. "Honestly? I have no friggin' clue how these apartments work. I just know that they gave me the option, so I took it. Sure, I don't get to be able to open any of my windows, but, eh, you don't want to do that on an actual ship, either. Yeah, though. It's space... or at least a very good illusion of it. It's good enough for me. I get the comforting sounds of a ship in standby, I get a starfield to watch whenever I want it, and a planet to gaze at. Granted, the view's better in the front, but I've gotten to like this little window." She smiles a bit wistfully. "I do kinda miss her." She blinks, her expression switching to a bit of a slightly shocked expression as she realizes how that might sound. "I mean, the ship. I miss the Spectral Eagle. She was my freedom, my ability to go wherever I wanted. But I've not been to her in, oh, has to be close to a decade."

Silencia hums thoughtfully as she gazes out the window again. "It is a beautiful view indeed... I can understand why you chose for this!" As Rayne explains about how she misses her ship, Silencia turns her attention back to Rayne, her eyes sparkling as she listens. "I can actually hear how much you miss your ship. It is understandable though. Nothing would compare to the freedom a ship that can transport you through 'space' can give you..." Her expression is thoughtful, the girl stepping back to explore the rest of the decor leisurely. "Is your ship the only thing you miss from your world?"

Rayne tilts her head again. "Thing?" She ponders this for a moment before nodding. "Even not counting the fact that pretty much all of my possessions were on her... As far as objects go, everything else was pretty much replaceable. I tended to travel light. Sure, I had a decent wardrobe, but they were just clothes. Honestly, what you picked out is better than most of what I had on board. A few exceptions, but for the most part." She offers Silencia a grin. "My most cherished things are memories. I don't keep pictures of past friends or lovers, not even the ones I married. I keep all of that up here." She taps her temple with a finger. "Even if it's not perfect, it's all I need. Of course, if I did, I'd not have them anymore anyway." She frowns a bit at that.

Silencia nods understandingly, a little impressed by Rayne's way of thinking. "That's rather impressive, Rayne. That you prefer to hold your loved ones in your memories than in pictures and what not, I mean." Silencia grabs her necklace again, twirling it around her fingers as she speaks. "The one thing I struggle the most with around here is that I really miss the children I took care of... I..I mean, they were family to me... and now I can never see them again..." Her expression turns sad before she pulls herself together and smiles again. "How do you do it, Rayne? How do you deal with knowing that you wont see your past friends and lovers again?

Rayne laughs a bit sadly. Her expression grows a bit mournful as she stares out the window, her voice low and quiet. "How do I deal with it? Experience, I guess. I'm over four hundred years old, Sil. Do you know how many friends I've watched grow old and die? I married Harold when he was thirty and watched him die when he was ninety. I watched Levantia grow bitter at her own aging, while I remained as youthful as I've always been. Dozens of other friends... Fallen apart, watched them grow old and die... It's an inevitability I've come to accept, Sil. The same will eventually happen with you, Serenity, Dorian, Sunset... Mayumi." Kotal, being a god, she doesn't include in this list. The phoenix shakes her head again sadly before looking over to Silencia once more. "I'm sorry, but I don't have any advice."

Silencia frowns and sighs as Rayne explains her experience in the matter. She wasn't surprised at what Rayne had to say, she had expected such an answer. "I can't imagine how much that would've hurt..." There are no gentle words to use, no way to soothe, so she does not even try. She tugs on her necklace, the girl holding herself back. Every instinct inside of her was screaming to go and hug Rayne, but Silencia knows that would be a mistake. She grins helplessly and crosses her arms. "I should warn you, Rayne. I'm holding myself back from hugging you right now..."

Rayne's eyes widen and she takes a step back. "And you're doing a very good job of it, thank you! Really, I'm fine!" Well, that got her out of that little bit of melancholyness. "Uhhhh, so yeah. You just... gotta learn to deal with it your own way, I guess. Sorry, but I just kinda learned to deal with it in an unexplainable way."

Silencia smiles warmly, already having recovered from her own little bout of sadness. She can't help but giggle at Rayne's obvious fear of the hug she mentioned. "Don't worry, I'll find my own way to deal with it." Silencia giggles and walks closer to Rayne. "I think this is a good a time as any to demonstrate how to use this flower... I think you need it a bit right now..." She gently touches the petals of the small white flower and the flower blooms, revealing a little black center. It also releases a sweet smell that allows the one who smells it to calm down. Before long, the petals close up again and the scent disappears.

Rayne takes another step back as Silencia approaches, apparently not quite trusting there's not an incoming glomp. But no, she just touches the plant, releasing the soothing smell. Rayne takes a deep breath while it lasts, her eyes closed. "It's nice..." she says a bit absently before opening her eyes again. "I hope you don't have to be there to activate it? Because in general, I'm more stressed out in times when you're not around." She sets the plant down on her table before turning to Silencia again, her eyes now narrowed. "So long as you're not threatening me." Of course she's referring to the threat of a hug.

Silencia grins and giggles, it is unclear if she deliberately approached Rayne without telling her of her intentions. "No, you don't need me to activate it. You just need to touch it lightly and it'll release the scent. I do not recommend keeping the petals open for a prolonged time, because if you get used to the smell, then it can lose it's effect on you. Simply put, if you smell it so much that you don't smell the scent anymore, it wont help you." She giggles at the mention of the threat. "What? I properly held myself back and even warned you! Don't be mean,Rayne!" Silencia is pouting, but the way the corners of her mouth are twitching and the twinkle in her eyes shows that she's merely kidding.

Rayne lets out a sigh and flops down onto her couch again. "Well, you can be stressful, too, just so you know." She still smirks at the half-fae, though. "Still, welcome to my humble abode! I'm considering putting in a workshop across the hallway, and I'll have to see if I can hook that up to outside somehow. I'd like to have it as a garage for my motorcycle... when I get it, that is."

Silencia chuckles and seats herself on the couch as well. "I am working on that. Thank you for welcoming me into your home, Rayne, it is very lovely!" She blinks as Rayne mentions she plans on getting a garage for her motorcycle, which she's also going to get. "Oh my, that would be very convenient indeed." She peeks at Rayne. "And I assume the fact that it connects to the outside while this is an apartment is something of the same category as that window of yours? Something you can get, but not explain?"

Rayne scoots over a couple of inches away from Silencia as she sits. "Well, I don't know for certain I can get it, to be honest. There might be some rule against it somewhere, but it's worth asking, right? And I'm sure I'd not be able to explain it if I can get it. There are some things that Rayne can simply never understand... and quantum mechanics is but one of those things." At least she assumes it has something to do with quantum mechanics.

Silencia nods understandingly and peeks around the apartment again. She simply ignores how Rayne scoots away from her, finding no need in addressing that. "Lets hope you'll be able to get it!" Silencia suddenly turns to glance at Rayne and smiles. "Rayne... could you pat me on the shoulder? You and I both know that you can do that relatively well, so it shouldn't be that daunting to you, right?"

Rayne lets out a sigh before reaching out with a sandaled foot to tap the plant. She then takes a deep breath, closing her eyes and reaching out to pat Silencia on the... face. Okay, maybe closing her eyes wasn't the best of ideas. With an "eep!" she withdraws her hand quickly and tries again, this time with eyes open, and successfully reaches for the shoulder with the trembling hand.

Silencia watches with an amused expression as Rayne makes use of her little present. When that hand touches her face instead of her shoulder, Silencia can't help but laugh. "That isn't my shoulder, sweety!" Aside from talking and smiling, Silencia doesn't move a muscle, allowing Rayne to have the control over the situation. "Don't be scared, sweety, I'm not doing anything, you're in control." When the hand finally reaches to her shoulder, Silencia grins happily. "See? It isn't that scary, right? Now pat me on the shoulder!"

Rayne, fairly stiffly, manages to pat Silencia on the shoulder a few times. It's a fairly unnatural motion, with most of the joints on her arm unmoving: the motion is completed using only her own shoulder joint. She's starting to get flushed at the overall situation, and turns her face away from the other woman as she retracts her hand. "Okay, it's done," she says with a still unsteady voice. A pity it doesn't look like much progress was made today.

Silencia chuckles lightly and nods acceptingly. "You're still rather tense, but I'll accept it because you did it on your own." She smoothly gets up and stretches lazily. "I would like to stay longer, but I really should go back to my training. I've been working on something and even though I haven't had much progress yet, I have to get this to work!" She sounds very determined! She smiles to Rayne and waves before letting herself out. "See you around, Rayne! Calm yourself down!"

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