2016-02-12 (PostU) Speaking of That Blue Bastard

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Speaking of That Blue Bastard

Summary: With Silencia meeting Morgana for the first time, of course the conversation turns to Kotal

Who: Morgana, Rayne, Serenity, Silencia
When: February 12th, 2016
Where: Zeku-Kari Beach


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The rising sun cast its bright white glow over Twisted and spilled long shadows of the city over the sea. The morning air was crisp and slightly chilled but offering the sense that it would be a bright and warm day. A soft breeze ruffles the gentle waves that lovingly lap at the sandy shore. Deep under the still dark water the siren lazily makes her way up from her grotto. Her mate sleeps soundly in their shared lair and she was feeling restless so she went hunting. She chased a few things but didn't even bother to capture them or feed. She couldn't place the feeling but she wanted...something...just couldn't decide what that something was.

Rayne, meanwhile, is making her way down to the beach from the street, art pad and beach towel slung under her arm as she trods down the sand. Pausing for a moment, she holds up her free hand over her eyes as she peers out to sea and scrunches her lips to the side, pondering if this time was indeed a good idea, or if she's just going to get blinded by the sunrise. "Well, I'm here now," she says to herself, and with a sigh she trundles onward again. Finding an area that seems to be well above the high tide line, she sets down the beach towel before taking a seat on it, though it takes her a moment to find a position that is both comfortable and doesn't offer a view up her sundress were someone to have a low vantage point.

Silencia wanders down the street, also headed toward the beach. She had gotten herself used to getting up early in the morning so she can use most of the day for training, but she noticed Rayne walking toward the beach, so she decided she would postpone her training to go and see what Rayne was doing. She took her time following the phoenix though, there was something about the cool morning air that made her want to take it easy. It doesn't take her long to reach Rayne, the priestess smiling curiously. "Hey there Rayne! I did not expect to see you around this early, what are you doing?"

The friendly, fluorescent, finned, and faux-feathered one hovers over the grassy hill, sliding sedately towards the sandy shore in time to catch the rays of the rising sun in the crystal-clear mass of suspended brine. Spotting Silencia walking and then Rayne setting up, the spotty slug lifts a pair of right fins from the water to flash a wave to them before approaching.

The siren slowly drifted through the kelp forest and out into the bay proper. She paused to scoop up a few oysters that had been latched onto a rock and carry them toward the beach. She was not feeling the frenzy level of hunger but she wanted..something. She had never been so particular before in her feeding, but clearly this was something new. As the water becomes more and more shallow she finally surfaces, the light of the sun just coming over the city building and starting to sparkle on the sea . She blinks her inner eyelid and her vision quickly darts to movement coming down to the beach. With a tilt of her head she watches the three folks slowly make their way toward the waves.

Rayne waves to the approaching woman, spotting Serenity behind her as she does and broadening her wave to make sure she can see it as well. "Oh! Hey... Sil, Ren. Yeah, well, I woke up early today for some reason and decided to make the most of it." She motions to her drawing pad before explaining further, "I've been working on still things for a while, so I figured I'd make an attempt at something a bit more challenging." With that, she turns towards the seas and motions out to it. "So I was going to attempt to draw the... Huh?" She tilts her head, spotting Morgana's surfaced face but not being able to identify what she's looking at due to the glare.

Silencia peeks over her shoulder when Rayne addresses Serenity and waves at her as well. "Hey there Ren! Good morning!" She then peeks at Rayne's drawing pad and chuckles softly. "So that's what you were going to do! I was going to get some training done when I noticed you, so I got curious and ditched training..." She grins playfully and glances at the sea as well, taking in the view of the waters sparkling with the sun's rays. "Well, it is a beautiful view indeed!" She also pauses when she notices something off about the sea. "Huh? that's odd. Is it just me or is something sticking out of the water?"

"Hello," Ren hisses cheerily. "If we are giving explanations, I may disappoint, having no reason at all," Ren admits. "Perhaps to see the sun?" Ren then adds. "A fine view, in any case," Ren agrees, nodding to Silencia. "An interesting aspect of waves is how similar their development is despite no two being exactly the same. I expect that will be good practice for sketching something you can imagine but can't see." With the glances over to the sea, Ren looks that way, too, with an inquisitive expression.

Morgana blinked those inner eyelids again as those on the beach looked her way. She could tell by colors and shapes that she knew two of the three but the dark haired one she knew not. Curiosity gets the better of the siren and so she dips below the water again and propels her toward land. When the water gets down to six feet or so deep she pauses and breaks the surface again.

Rayne nods to the friendly invertebrate. "Well, that's the idea, Ren. We'll... see how well this goes." From the sound of it, she doesn't have high hopes it will be a work of art. She lets out a sigh, looking back out to sea just in time to see the second breach of the surface. She squints slightly and once again shades her eyes as she looks out, but still can't quite figure out what she's looking at.

Silencia nods smilingly at Ren's words. "Ahh, seeing the sun is as good a reason as any..." Spoken like a true priestess of the sun! Silencia can't help but remain curious about the mysterious figure in the water. She holds back the instinct to go and check it out for now, tilting her head as she watches the sea. "Hey, I think there's something out there, it moved closer..." She doesn't sound scared or anything, the girl was simply curious. The curiosity was stronger than her cautiousness though and she walks a bit closer to the shore. She squints as she tries to see. The sun was annoying Silencia a bit at the moment, something she probably shouldn't say out loud.

"You did mention that you'd like to get in the water when it's warmer," Ren says to Rayne with a note of amusement. "Perhaps then we can outfit you with a breathing tube so that you can study the idealized shape of a wave from other angles." As Silencia steps toward the water, Ren flows over to stand on that side of the towel.

The voices carry easily to the sirens ears and so do the questions. The dark haired lady of the sea, keeps her head above the water and uses her tail to propel her toward land. As those others come closer to the water, the siren lifts her voice and lets one perfect crystalline note spill into the morning air. One joins a second and soon the dawn is filled with the haunting melodic song. As she slips into a spot of sun kisses sea she rises up till her shoulders and chest are out of the water and that song grows louder and becomes filled with a mix of restlessness and desire.

Rayne shakes her head at Ren. "Yeah, I don't think an underwater view will help me understand what the waves look like above water... And I don't necessarily want an idealized wave so much as a normal one." At the sound of the sung note, Rayne's attention snaps back to the sea to see Morgana, finally recognizing what she's been seeing. With a light smile, she waves to the siren, then averts her gaze as Morgana rises further from the water.

As that haunting melody fills the air, Silencia can't help but smile. It was a beautiful song and it only made her more curious about the person singing it. Now that she was closer, Silencia can see that the figure had been a person. Her violet eyes widen slightly and her cheeks flush a bright pink as she notices that this person wasn't wearing anything. The song changes, it grows restless and so does Silencia. She doesn't want the song to end, but she is also a bit worried. She steps a bit closer, the sand beneath her feet damp. "Uhm... are you alright?"

Serenity looks away from Rayne to the sea again as Morgana begins to sing. Ren lifts a portion of 'wing' in greeting to her and also, like Rayne, doesn't let the gaze linger too long after Morgana surfaces more fully. Ren rubs a corner of fin at the gills as the siren sings and remains quiet while looking to Rayne and Silencia.

The siren was not actively trying to ensnare anyone with her song but the song its self can be moving for those who are sensitive. As the water gets to shallow to keep her afloat she rises and shifts herself to legs. Dark hair spills over her shoulders and breasts, water sluicing down her body as she rises from the waves and walks toward shore. As Sil comes toward the water, the siren tilts her head and looks over the woman. Lifting her head she sniffs the air like a hound and the song spills away. There is a scent very familiar to the siren that hangs around the woman like a shawl and the siren lifts a brow and a genuine smile curls her lips. "You.belong.to..the blue bastard."

Rayne almost, almost manages to hold in a laugh at Morgana's wording. Still avoiding looking at the siren, Rayne now properly greets her. "Good morning, Morgana. How's the sea today?" She smiles at Silencia, assuring her that everything's fine with, "Silencia, meet Morgana, the wife of the guy that's going to make your armor. Morgana, this is Silencia, the blue bastard's high priestess and girlfriend."

Silencia blinks surprisedly at Morgana's words. That really shut her up for a moment there. Rayne's laughter allows the girl to return to her senses and she peeks over at the phoenix with a puzzled look. The name Morgana is something she recognizes though. Kotal had told her about the mermaid and she had been utterly curious about her ever since. Her lips part to talk about that, but she gets distracted by Rayne's introduction of her. She blushes brightly, she still needed to get used to being the 'girlfriend'. "Uhm... y..yeah... that's me..." She turns to Morgana, her eyes showing her curiosity. The comfortable way Rayne talked to Morgana made her a bit more comfortable around the lady. "Kotal did tell me about you.. briefly." She reaches out and offers her hand to the mermaid in a friendly gesture. "I've been wanting to meet you, Morgana..." She even has a little smile on her face, even though this person just called her beloved a blue bastard.

Serenity frowns slightly at Morgana's observation. "Hello..." Ren ventures in reply. Ren looks between Silencia and Morgana with Rayne's introduction. "I do hope that we can all speak respectfully." Ren ripples to the side a bit so as to free up a spot between the beach towel and Morgana. "Morgana is the one who maintains the security of the town from below," Ren explains to Silencia.

Morgana looks from Sil to Rayne and back. Her dark head falls back and she laughs. The laugh spills from her as something living and warm, like soft fur stroking the skin. The siren moves even on two legs as if she were in water, a smooth undulation of her sleek form has her moving around Sil and looking her over. That offered hand is glanced at and ignored as she looks the other woman over from top to bottom and back again. The sirens body and hair is suddenly dry and there is sense of magic in the air. Ren's words bring Morgana's inky black eyes to her "I do not pretend to things I do not hold Serenity. Kotal has earned the title Bastard." She returns her eyes to Sil "told you of me did he, and what did he say, that he called me into Twisted from Nox? That his blood paved the path? Or that he locked me in a collar so that he could control me and keep me from feeding from the landed, that I existed in a pool in his room like fish in a bowl? Kotal is high handed and demanding and even when he is helpful he is infuriating and like as not to make one strike him as kiss him...hence.Bastard. He is aware of my opinion."

Rayne blinks as Morgana talks, looking up at her again finally as she explains what Kotal had done to her. The expression on the rainbow haired woman sobers a bit, as this is not something that Rayne was aware of, but she does take note of the 'feeding from the landed' as well. Her memory of those first few moments she was in Twisted are a bit clouded from the circumstances of her arrival, but she does still recall that Morgana chose to bring Rayne to Kotal first. Still, she says nothing at the moment.

She could be angry, or confused or even scared, but Silencia's expression shows none of that. Her ignored hand drops to her side as she quietly listens to the woman. Only after the mermaid is done talking does she sigh and tilt her head, violet eyes meeting inky black head on. "First of all, he simply told me that your soul and your magic is similar to mine and that it was an indication that I might be some sort of fairy. I don't have much information about my bloodline, you see." Again she smiles as she speaks, seemingly unaffected by the mermaids words and actions. "Second, what happened between you and Kotal is not really something that you should complain to me about, right?" Her voice holds a subtle hint of annoyance there, though it is unclear if that annoyance is toward Morgana or Kotal or both. Again that smile appears and holds up three fingers as she speaks. "And thirdly, there are some herbs that you might want to eat, they'll help keep the baby healthy." Silencia winks, a mischievous look appearing in her violet eyes. "I haven't done anything to you to deserve your dislike. I hope we'll be able to get along?"

Serenity frowns at Morgana's words but seems neither surprised at them nor ready to contradict her. Ren continues 'standing' by Rayne's spot, remaining in place with just slight ripples of the fin edges. Ren does, however, seem a bit surprised when it's Silencia with the strong response; Ren remains quiet for this. "Hhh... If I may," Ren adds afterwards uncertainly to Morgana while motioning to Rayne, "I believe that you had an equipment request?"

As Sil faces her with all those statements as if she were ticking them off in her mind, one by one, the siren arches a brow and tilts her dark head. There is nothing said for a long moment and then the siren leans in and sniffs Sil again sharply. "He may be correct, in so much as there is something familiar about your scent other then the smell of him over laying you. When I was young and of the Merfolk, it was known that there were those of similar blood that held the land of all of those on Nox were lost when the taint came to the land and the blood waters flowed. As to my complaints, Kotal is bossy and tries to hard to contain things that should not be contained. Not all souls are meant to be bound, some must be free, some can not survive and thrive with in confines. I would not say that I dislike the man, He goads me and annoys, but his blood has served me and were I not here I would not have my chosen or...indeed...my offspring. As to you,...we will see if I like you or not. So far you are a curiosity and I find your way not to unlike my own." She looks at Sil for a moment as if she wonders what the fae girl would taste like then wrinkles her nose and makes a face "I know not of herbs and such, this is to be my first offspring and It has been to long that I held the taint that I don't remember the manner of which offspring were managed from here forward." her hand drifts to her belly briefly and then her eyes move to Ren as she speaks. Morgana backs up a step and looks at Rayne "yes, the tablet things, I want to have some way that the landed can call to me in my lair with out having to bang the pier."

Rayne raises an eyebrow at the mention of baby and offspring - this is news to her, after all - but when she's addressed directly, she seems taken off guard. "Oh, uh, er, yeah! Is the, uh, tunnel ready? They won't be, uh, effective until we get that hard line down through there. I mean, you'll need power to keep them charged? And that would probably be more reliable than the wireless option. But, uh, yeah, if Muradin's done..." She trails off slightly as she looks at where the dwarf has been digging. "...then I'll get that set up as soon as this afternoon? Hopefully?"

That sniffing was something Silencia would need to get used to. She blinks and almost takes a step back when Morgana sniffs her, but she does manage to stay in her spot. When Morgana confirms what Kotal had told her Silencia smiles brightly. She looks as happy as a child getting candy at that moment. The talk of what happened to the lands of Nox makes her frown slightly though. "That sounds terrible..." She does not ask further about how the lands had tainted, mainly because she does not feel the need to right now. Her smile returns as the conversation moves toward Kotal. "I understand that, I don't always share his view on things. It's actually safe to say that he and I are more different than alike. But he still is dear to me, so I would like to ask you to stop speaking ill of him while I'm around. I hope that is no trouble..." Silencia then peeks at the street she came in from earlier and hums thoughtfully. "Well, I do know that these herbs would help, wait, let me get some!" Silencia quickly turns to leave. She would go find a good place and grow the herbs with her magic. Ain't nothing fresher than that!

Serenity looks on attentively at the exchange between Silencia and Morgana. As Rayne mentions the excavation, Ren glances over that way briefly before returning eyes to Silencia. Her leavetaking gets a puzzled look, but Ren nonetheless suggests, "I wonder if Silencia might know something about choosing a specialist for prenatal care."

Continued in Tea Doesn't Work That Way!

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