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Title    = Tea Doesn't Work That Way!
Title    = Tea Doesn't Work That Way!
|Summary = On the beach, Ren, Rayne, Morgana, and Silencia are joined by Urus and the Avatar!  Continued from [[2016-02-12 - Speaking of That Blue Bastard|Speaking of That Blue Bastard]]
|Summary = On the beach, Ren, Rayne, Morgana, and Silencia are joined by Urus and the Avatar!  Continued from [[2016-02-12 (PostU) Speaking of That Blue Bastard|Speaking of That Blue Bastard]]
|Who    = [[Doommuffin]], [[Korra]], [[Morgana]], [[Rayne]], [[Serenity]], [[Silencia]], [[Urus]]
|Who    = [[Doommuffin]], [[Korra]], [[Morgana]], [[Rayne]], [[Serenity]], [[Silencia]], [[Urus]]
|Date    = February 13th, 2016
|Date    = February 13th, 2016

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Tea Doesn't Work That Way!

Summary: On the beach, Ren, Rayne, Morgana, and Silencia are joined by Urus and the Avatar! Continued from Speaking of That Blue Bastard

Who: Doommuffin, Korra, Morgana, Rayne, Serenity, Silencia, Urus
When: February 13th, 2016
Where: Zeku-Kari Beach


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Sil's words garner an arch of one delicate brow and a further strange smile. "I speak only what I hold is so. I am not good at holding my tongue and I have said all of this to his face. However for your sake and for peace, seeing as I am working to create a good and safe place for my offspring I will endeavor to try to mind how you might feel about what is said." She blinks as Sil runs off mentioning plants. Looking to Rayne the siren makes a face that would appear comical to anyone who knew her. "I am not sure my chosen is ever finished digging Rayne. As to this tunnel, I believe it maybe be close. As to this, power that you need, I think Doommuffin knows how this works and would be the best to aid you in it. I know less then nothing about machines and wires and things. If it lives and bleeds I understand, these machines are something I find, troubling."

Rayne, from her place seated on the beach towel, nods to Morgana, though turns to watch as Silencia suddenly runs off. "Hrm. I've not met this... 'Doommuffin,' but it should be a simple matter to lay the cables once, er, your chosen has finished." She tilts her head towards the hole in the sand. "Though I hope he's reinforcing that as well, unless it's just temporary for getting the lines through."

Of course, at the mention of Doommuffin, a loud whining noise can be heard coming from the shack a few hundred meters away. Barely heard over the loud noise is a high pitched, creepily echoing voice shouting, "It's working! At last, I've found the proper torque-to-fuel ratio to stabilize the-" before a small jet engine shoots out through the doorway, flying out over the sea before exploding spectacularly. Now much quieter, the same voice might be heard saying, "Huh. Back to the drawing board, then."

Silencia quickly disappears as she finds a suitable place to grow the herbs that would aid Morgana's little one. It does take a couple of minutes before she's back, her arms full of various herbs. It seems she got a bit excited there and grew a couple too many. Nah, can't have too many herbs! She approaches the group with a smile and presents the herbs to Morgana. "I've brought them! If you brew tea from these herbs, they will help you greatly! Both the child's strength and your health will be protected!" The unexpected explosion catches Silencia by surprise and she yelps, almost dropping her bounty. She glances around to see if everyone's alright and chuckles. "Never a dull moment here, right?"

Serenity regards Morgana hopefully as she replies to Silencia, then peers briefly in the direction Silencia has gotten to. "The fact that he is still around suggests that he's at least taking some safety precautions," Ren remarks optimistically to Rayne. The mottled mollusc maintains a 'standing' posture near where Rayne has set up the arts supplies upon the towel... at least until the noise erupts from the shack far down the shore. Ren cringes slightly upon seeing the machinery take off and then again tenses up lengthwise as the sound of the explosion arrives a second or two later. Silencia's humor notwithstanding, Ren takes a few moments to relax again. Ren regards the herb collection while remarking, "I still think that an underground laboratory would be a good idea, but I'm reluctant to go visit to propose this idea."

Morgana wrinkles up her nose "My Chosen is a dwarf, I believe they are born knowing the earth as I know the sea. I do not believe you will have to worry about the strength of the diggings and the safety of the tunnels. He is creating further space for our family." When Sil runs up with her arms full of herbs the siren sniffs at them then drops into a crouch and hisses with narrow eyes as those rumbles and pops come from the gnomes shops. When the engine comes whooshing out over the sea the siren makes a distinctly disgruntled sound. "I am not sure I want her under ground where my offspring will also be if she insists on things erupting from that place." The siren rises , still staring daggers at the shop "It is a good thing Muradin sleeps..." She looks back to Sil. "I thank you for your desire to help me. I will attempt to make use of the herbs."

Urus seems quite relaxed and walks onto the beach nonchalantly. He is carrying a folding lawn chair under his arm not to mention his usual weapon hanging limply on its sling. In one hand he has a cooler and the other is small and metallic, what by standards would be an army surplus ammo container, a decent sized one at that. He had heard the explosion down here by the beach but calmly shouts towards the group ahead of him "Let me guess, Doom is working again? Not surprised." His Heavy Russian accent, as strong as the day he got here. "Hello ladies!" He says a bit quieter as he gets closer to them. "Checking in..." he says to Morgana waiting for her response.

Probably drawn by the explosion from the nearby shack a large dog is seen approaching the beach. A polar bear dog to be exact. The white furred animal has a rider astride its back, a dark skinned young girl dressed in a blue outfit made mostly of pelts, similar to an Inuit in appearance. The girl rides her large steed towards the waters though pauses when she sees such a large gathering of people. Her blue eyes are wide while she scans those present, although she furrows them in recognition when she sees a familiar rainbow haired woman. Looking more confident now, the Avatar clicks her heels on her steed's sides and the large polar bear dog trots over to the group. "Hello." The girl says in greetings once she's within ear shot distance. Its curious to note that the girl is injured. Her left arm is in a sling tightly wrapped over her shoulder and back.

Rayne holds up her hands defensively towards Morgana. "Sorry, sorry! I didn't mean to insult his work, I was just... thinking aloud. I've only met him once, after all." She laughs a bit nervously as Ren makes her reluctance to visit that workshop known. "Yeah, I think that's probably for the best, Ren." But then she hears a voice she's not heard in a while, one that's unmistakable to her. After all, not many have that strong of an accent around here. "Urus! How've you been, man, I've not seen you in ages!" Well, even if Kotal always seemed irritated by Urus' presence, at least Rayne seems to think he's okay. She does raise an eyebrow while tilting her head as Usus says he's 'checking in'. And then her attention is drawn yet again away from the group as she hears another voice, this one not identifiable to her. Well, can you blame her when she's only met Korra once? Her speech certainly isn't as memorable as Usus'. Her mount, on the other hand, is an identifying feature Rayne won't forget any time soon. "Oh! Hello... Korra, was it?" She frowns, seeing the bandages.

Silencia simply smiles at Morgana as the mermaid thanks her. It didn't take much to make this little priestess happy. "You're welcome! But the best way to thank me is to give birth to a healthy child!" Always a nurturer, Silencia's main concern was the baby after all. The arrival of two people she's never met before draws her attention away from Morgana though. Usually she would be more curious about the man, or beast, with the very odd accent, but the sight of an injured person was something that had priority in her mind. Though the injuries were already treated, Silencia cannot help but be worried. The girl walks over to the dark skinned female like the busybody she is and frowns slightly. "What happened? Did you get attacked?"

Serenity nods in reply to Morgana and Rayne, then smiles at Silencia's acknowledgement to the gratitude. As Urus arrives, Ren turns to look. (No, don't try twisting like that at home if you have a spine.) Ren lifts a 'wing', a double sheet of deep blue muscle, from the suspended mass of water to offer him a wave of greeting. But Ren's attention is then distracted from the fuzzy fellow and his arm sling by a still more hairy mount and a rider with another sling. "Hello..." Ren rasps in reply to the owner while regarding the animal a bit uncertainly.

Morgana's dark eyes lift past Sil as she hears the familiar voice. Her head rises and she straightens almost regally as the hyena speaks to her. With a nod to him she takes the armful of herbs from Sil and watches as the fae woman darts off to yet another new arrival. One brow arches and the siren still standing in the all together nude having coming from the water earlier. She looks at the beast on her beach and the girl riding it. Now this is something new and strange. Her eyes go back to Urus and she looks at her armful of plants "That one is Kotal's Chosen and she had given me herbs for, tea for the offspring." The words are in some ways a mimic of what Sil said because, well, the siren has never made tea.

Urus places down the box and the cooler and leans the folding chair against the two. "Rayne, good to see you too, glad not everyone at TASK is replaceable..." a bit of anger not at Rayne but at the organization lays in his voice. With a quick breath he looks toward the new kid on the block. "Hello." He says not sure what the dog bear thing is nor about the rider. He looks back at Rayne as she seems to know the person. The name... like countless times before since Urus has been here, rings no bells. He returns his gaze to Morgana for the explanation of Rayne's partner. "Kotal's chosen one?" Urus says shocked. "As in you and Mur Chosen?" there is a slight bit of shock on his face. "That is massive surprise. I did not know his love for people went beyond the burning of the face stage... oh she seems to have skipped that portion. Good for you." He says both peeved and making light of a previous situation for a joke.

The Avatar nods to Rayne although she looks somewhat miffed that the rainbow haired girl could only vaguely remember who she is. Its difficult for her getting used to no one recognizing her. Back in her world she was almost like a celebrity. Its a momentary indignant moment and it passes quickly. "Yes, it's me." She says curtly blinking curiously at Rayne. "You're not wearing your armor today, officer. Are you off duty?" Korra has only known Rayne as a police officer and her impression of them thus far has been very intense. She assumed that Rayne also shared their leader's zealotry. Serenity and Urus' appearance don't surprise her as much as one might think. She's still not entirely convinced she's not in the spirit realm after all. Seeing odd things like a floating colorful jellyfish and a half dog half man talking is not something completely out of the ordinary for her. Naga on the other hand reaches forward and sniffs at Serenity curiously. Korra does look a bit taken back at the naked woman talking to everyone. She visibly blushes and averts her gaze lightly before answering everyone's greetings. "Uh.. h-hello." Korra winces as she's asked if she was attacked and she shakes her head slowly. "No, I had a.. discussion with Kotal Kahn. It did not go well." The girl sighs. She frowns after she hears people commenting that the cute girl worrying about her arm is in a relationship with the man that broke her arm. "Really? You're dating that guy?" Korra sounds concerned. "He's insane!"

Rayne lets out a bit of an exasperated sigh at Urus's expression of anger. "Well, maybe had you actually signed on instead of just taking contract by contract..." She shakes her head, letting that go. When Korra makes her observation of Rayne not being in armor, Rayne laughs. "Oh, no, I'm not on duty until tonight. Got the whole day ahead of me..." She then frowns, looking back towards Morgana(only briefly before averting her gaze again. Really, what's wrong with wearing a shirt?). "Though somehow, work related conversation always seems to come up." Her attention snaps back to Korra as she explains her injury being due to a discussion with Kotal that didn't go well. "Really? It went poorly enough for an injury, and that's all you got?" She whistles, actually impressed. She does not, however, argue her boss isn't insane.

All this talk about Kotal made Silencia blush in embarrassment. She glances at the beastman as he comments so surprisedly about her relation to Kotal. It's like she's a magnet for people who seem to dislike her beloved today! She doesn't seem angry, or annoyed though. She could understand how people might find Kotal difficult to get along with. She simply gives the beastman a smile and a polite nod. "The name is Silencia, nice to meet you! I hope I haven't given you too much of a shock?" When that beardog reaches to sniff Serenity, Silencia gently pats it on the head to try and keep it from coming too close to her friend. She loved animals, but it was no secret that they could act a bit unpredictable at times. When Silencia hears the explanation for the injured arm, Silencia frowns and moves even closer to the female. "Get down, let me look at that." Her tone allows no discussion or refusal, much like a mother that tells her child to behave. When the girl comments on Silencia's relationship with Kotal, she simply nods and smiles, a blush still on her cheeks. "I am dating him, yes. And don't worry, I would not associate myself with him if it actually was dangerous to be around him..."

Serenity grins at Urus' reaction to the introduction of Silencia. "Rayne stopped by here to sketch," Ren mentions to him, motioning towards Rayne's towel, "I went for a stroll in the sun, while Silencia, I believe, was looking for an excuse to take a break from training." Ren gestures toward the containers guesses, "You are planning a picnic?" Ren 'blinks' as Naga sniffs the mass of water, then quickly twists to look. Ren slides away from it slightly, moving backwards and sideways in a smooth ripple. Ren looks up at the outburst from Korra, afterward glancing to Silencia and Rayne's expressions.

Has anyone spent any amount of time in the water, seriously swimming with clothing on, talk about drag. So no the siren rarely thinks of clothing unless she is intending to come to land, which had not been on her agenda before she saw all the folks coming to the beach. She is still holding that armful of plants though and looking a bit unsure how to put them aside with out offending the fae woman. A miracle unto itself as Morgana rarely cares what others think. The siren sniffs the air taking in the scent of the dog and its rider. When Korra comments on Kotals insanity the siren simply lets her head fall back in a laugh. That mirthful sound fills the air, it dances over all those present like a warm living furred thing. "Kotal is sane, he has no madness to excuse his actions. He is a god and believes his is always right. Those of great power are often thus." She pauses and licks her mouth thoughtfully as she shifts those plants and slides one hand to her belly.

Urus agrees with this new girl. In multiple ways. "yes, absolute crazy in a can." Then morgana gives her end of it, to which one never argues with an employer unless life is on the line. "I guess that is true too..." he would rather go with option one if he had to pick though. "He get you too hunh? Don't take personal, happens to all but the most obedient of us..." he has had his fair share of fun with the blue guy. However, back to the plan for the day. "Actually Ren, yes... you could call it a picnic of sorts." He pulls his folding lawn chair from his pile and walks over a few steps so that he can easily be in the conversation but be out of the way. He then takes his two containers over to said chair and places the two beside it, one on each side. Returning after all of it he asks. "Any plans Morgana or am I free for the time being?"

Few would ever admit that their boss is insane even though they clearly are. Korra won't hold that against Rayne. Korra actually chuckles lightheartedly when the off-duty officer is surprised she only ended up with a broken arm after a discussion with Kotal Kahn. She flexes her non injured arm somewhat smugly. "I'd like to think I made an impression on him too. Fighting is the only thing I'm good at anyway." The girl exhales through her mouth and relaxes on the back of her steed. "Even though I defended myself pretty well I don't think he even broke a sweat. It's true then? He really is a god?" Everyone around here seems to believe it even though many think very poorly of him, or at least have very contradiction opinions about him. The Avatar stares at Morgana momentarily before she remembers she's naked and focuses on something else. Then Urus says he got the same treatment from him and that gets Korra to frown. "Did he now? Does this Kotal guy just, like, beat up anyone who doesn't agree with him?" Naga enjoys the pets and is distracted away from Serenity to lick Silencia's palm. Korra doesn't have any reason to distrust Silencia, or at least, she's ignoring that the short motherly girl is apparently dating a crazed god of war. The irony of all that isn't lost on her and she complies with Silencia's request. She steps off the saddle and presents her injured arm at the other girl. "I did the best I could but I'm not a healer." She looks at the others now realizing she hasn't introduced herself. "I'm Korra, the Avatar." Hopefully, maybe, someone will recognize her or have heard of her! That is her hope at least.

Rayne sighs again. "Yeah... I came down to sketch, and I've not even had the chance to open my drawing pad yet." She once again takes a seat on her beach towel, taking care to find a comfortable position that preserves her sundress's modesty before nodding in agreement with Morgana. "He can be a bit difficult to deal with... But we should soon have a better situation in place overall that might hopefully help keep him in check... By having a group more or less over him that he actually respects." She frowns again, amending, "Well, hopefully soon. Neither Kotal nor I have any real control over the pace of it, as much as he'd prefer it's sooner rather than later." A shrug is offered to Korra. "He's the closest thing to a god I've ever met. I've seen him stop the sun in the sky once to hold an attacking force of demons at bay, but that seemed to take all of his effort. But no, he doesn't beat up people who respectfully disagree with him. Hell, I've disagreed with him plenty of times, and the only time he's ever beaten me up was with a training session." She rubs the top of her head remembering the last blow of that particular session. "Actually, I kinda head butted his macuahuitl on accident. It wasn't my best showing."

Silencia smiles gratefully at Morgana when the mermaid explains that Kotal is, in fact, not insane. "Thank you, Morgana." She peeks at Urus and gives him an odd look as he comments that the same that happened to Korra happens to all who are disobedient to Kotal. "If that were true, I would've been beaten quite a while ago..." The lick to her palm distracts her though and she smiles warmly as she scratches behind Naga's ear. She sighs softly as Korra gets an increasingly wrong view of Kotal. "Kotal really loves combat and will take any chance to fight. This does not mean that he randomly attacks people though. I don't know what kind of discussion you two had for it to escalate into a fight, but please believe me when I say that there is more to him than just the god of war." Silencia just barely holds herself back from telling them that Kotal was actually more like a little boy who wants action all the time. As Korra obediently gets down and presents her arm to Silencia, the girl smiles and gets to work. She gently grasps the arm and lightly places her right hand on the injured limb. "You've treated your arm well, it'll heal easily." A soft golden light spills from her fingertips, spreading a warm sensation though the entire arm as it heals Korra's injuries. An observant eye would see that the little violet stone in her necklace also starts to glow lightly. When the healing is done and Korra introduces herself, Silencia smiles and pats Korra's arm softly. "It's nice to meet you, Korra. I'm Silencia, priestess of Kotal Kahn."

Serenity also avoids remark on the employer just now, either complaint or description. Ren flows over for an inquisitive look as Urus sets up his chair, cooler, and metal box, then gives him and Morgana a puzzled look at he consults her. Ren looks back to Korra as she dismounts and introduces herself. "I am Serenity," Ren adds with a bow to Korra after Silencia's introduction. (Ren does bend in approximately the right place for a waist, despite clearly not having one.)

As Urus consults her, Morgana lifts her eyes and motions to the pile of plants in her arms. "this is for, ...tea...for the offspring. I am not familiar with this. You will gather what I will need and instruct me in how this tea, is made." The siren was not well versed in living on land or being very, civilized perhaps, seeing as she had spent so long alone just trying to survive and eating everything in sight and drinking its blood. That said, for her offspring she will trying a great many new things. The talk of Kotal does have her thoughtful and perhaps contemplating a good blood meal. Gods blood is exceptionally strong after all and she has been quite restless and wanting of..something. When Korra introduces herself the siren turns those black eyes on the girl and lifts her head "My name is Morgana"

"Kotal is a god all right. There are many things around here that may surprise you. I am Urus by the way" Urus says to Korra as he extends a hand to shake, taking note of which one will actually work. "The Avatar... is that a family name or a title?" Rayne's attempts at justification would work.. had she not told us about hitting her head on the sword, which turned the serious mood to one of humor. He snickers a bit before turning to Morgana's needs. The task is simple, but he jokes around with it first. "Rayne, you wouldn't be able to just burst into flames to heat tea would you?" he asks humorously. Knowing the answer its going to end up being another trek up the hill to S-mart. By this point he could traverse the place with his eyes closed.

Korra extends her uninjured hand at Urus to grasp his claw like hand and give it a firm shake, the girl has quite a grip even though she may be injured. "I don't know about that, I come from a pretty weird place myself." She smiles at Urus before giving a polite bow of her own since Serenity gave her the idea. Normally she would put her palms together as if praying as it is traditional in her land, but, injured arm and all. "It's a pleasure to meet you all." She stands straight and answers Urus first. "It's a title. I am the Avatar of Rava. The spirit of all that its good." Its why she was in such a hurry to meet Kotal Kahn, he sounded extremely evil. The girl falters now that his employees stand defending him and pointing out he might not be all that bad. "I guess it was mostly my fault, I'm the one who challenged him to fight." She confesses rather sheepishly and grins helplessly. "He said that's how people solve their differences here." And obviously she had to take him up on the option. "Wow! Thanks!" She smiles at Silencia when she feels the light sooth her wounds. "That feels a lot better, I can almost move it now." The Avatar peers curiously at the necklace the priestess wears although she doesn't say anything about it. "I guess he can't be that bad if he has a cutie like you as his girlfriend." Korra grins and openly calls Silencia cute. She couldn't help but overhear all the talk about offspring and she assumes that its Morgana who may be the one carrying child. "Oh! Are you having a baby? Congratulations!"

Rayne gives Korra a sidelong glance as she mentions combat being how people solve differences. "Well, my hope is that with the planned council, we can actually get something resembling a judicial system here." She then looks up at Urus with her lips scrunched to the side, and holds up her hand. A ball of flame erupts over her open palm, and she asks the hyena-man, "You have the teapot?"

Silencia's focus lies in properly healing Korra's arm, the girl even unraveling the bandages to allow the limb to move properly. "You should be able to move your arm painlessly now. It can be a bit stiff though." That focus was the reason she almost missed the little comment that Korra challenged Kotal. She sighs and shakes her head at Korra. "That is how Kotal solves his differences..." When Korra thanks her for the healing, Silencia smiles and winks. "You should thank Kotal, he gave me this power!" Korra calling her a cutie is a compliment she did not expect though and the little priestess ends up blushing. "Th..thank you!" She had a happy smile on her face, she was able to defend her beloved's honor! Now that she's finally done with the healing, Silencia has more attention to her surroundings. She absentmindedly pets Naga again while she peeks at Serenity. She winks at the mollusc and waves her over, motioning to the beardog. She had noticed that Serenity had been uncomfortable around Naga and she wanted to see if that could be fixed.

Serenity nods at Rayne's mention of a potential judicial system, though seems momentarily distracted by her use of the built-in lighter. "Buildings and streets can give the first impression of civilization, but a cluster of tents in the wilderness would be doing a better job it if they only had a book of law and a panel of judges," Ren offers Korra a smile and motions out to the sides. "Mind you, I'm rather attached to my modern comforts, even if we still have some work to do before achieving public arts funding, democracy, and a legal system..." Silencia's gesture gets a puzzled look, but Ren flutters over to 'stand' on the side of her opposite the mount.

The siren looks at a loss for a moment then simply carries the plants to Urus and gives them to him. There, she will do the tea thing, what ever it is, but she is tired of holding land plants. The siren dusts herself and looks around the assembly and then out to sea. So many about can make a usually semi solitary siren less then truly comfortable, especially with this edgy restlessness that keeps pulling at her. She has developed control over her frenzy and the Hunger has not been more persistent then anyone else's need to feed and yet..this is new..more.

Urus walks over to his spot where he opens the ammo box and takes out the contents, he takes out a few rolled up magazines and a book as well as a box of ammo at the bottom. He takes a bottle of water out of his cooler and rinses out the box before filling it with the herbs and the rest of the bottle. He then places it on Raynes hand to heat. "Thank you, didn't know you could do that." he has to shake his head at Korra though. "There is one thing that is an unspoken rule around here. You never fight with a war god... that is unless he is on your side." The danger that the world possesses is on average with Kotal. He would have thought that Kotal was going a bit far but considering she asked for it... no defense on that one.

"That is something that Kotal mentioned. He said there's no legislation or judicial system here?" She blinks at Serenity. "How do you guys get anything done? I hope this council you have planned comes around fast. You can't solve all your problems through fighting, trust me, I've tried!" Korra then winces when full control of her arm is established through Silencia's powers and she undoes the bandages, pulling her arm free from the sling. "Incredible! I'm cured!" She grins and flexes her once more healthy arm. "Thanks a bunch! I really owe you one." Although she specifically says she owes one to Silencia, not to the god of an Osh'tekk. She frees her arm just in time to see Rayne summon a plume of flame on her hand and stares at it in amazement. "Hey, you're a fire bender too?" Korra asks and also summons fire on her palm as if she were mincing Rayne. She can't help but scoff over at Urus when he warns her about picking fights with war gods. "You worry about your own hide, man." Korra doesn't learn lessons too quickly.

Rayne nods to Serenity, then Korra. "Right. Currently Twisted has a single ruler... and it's not Kotal. The current ruler takes an extremely hands off approach, from what I've seen. He's the one that had an arena built and called it the town hall." She has let the fire on her hand go out, but eyes Urus curiously. When he plops the ammo canister in her hands, she sighs and shakes her head. Well, she asked for it. She restarts the flame in her other hand and holds it nearby the box. Will this actually work? She sure as heck doesn't know, but she'll give it a shot. She blinks and looks up as Korra forms her own flame, and shrugs. "I'm not familiar with the term 'fire bender,' but I know a few spells, and am particularly strong in fire ones, if that's what you mean. The whole fire affinity thing comes with being a phoenix, I assume."

Silencia is having fun pampering the beardog. As Serenity approaches, Silencia smiles at the mollusc. "Look how adorable, Serenity!" The fact that Naga seemed to be very friendly and receptive when it came to petting and affection like that made Silencia just want to pamper him more! Silencia groans softly before releasing the beardog. She really should start her training soon, before it got too late. Korra's reaction to her arm is something that makes Silencia smile. "You owe me nothing." As the conversation turns to magical powers, Silencia sighs and peeks at the streets. She then waves lightly to the group. "I think I should get going now, if I want to get any training done today... It was very lovely meeting you, Morgana, Korra and Urus! And Morgana, I hope you'll enjoy your tea!" She then smiles at Serenity and Rayne. "And I'll see you guys later!" She quickly disappears into the streets, on her way to the park.

Serenity frowns at the mention of the ironically-named public building. "In addition to the ruler with inherent power," Ren adds to Rayne's explanation for Korra, "we have generous supplies of magic and of information and manufacturing technology. We also establish more modest definitions of 'getting anything done'." Ren doesn't seem to be following Silencia's example for showering the animal with affection but does peer curiously at the tea-brewing arrangement. Ren waves a portion of fin edge to Silencia as she takes her leave.

Morgana had wandered a little from the group, and was looking out to sea when Sil called her good byes. The siren turned and offered a small wave. "my,..thanks." she calls in return. The sun has risen higher now and is shining fully on the beach and water. Though the siren can be in the sun, she is not oblivious to its drying heat. She paces to the waters edge then back again.

Urus "thanks Rayne"... Urus' smart assed comment actually saved him a trip out. He takes the tea off the phoenix by the edges of the container and places it down in front of Morgana. "Heated water and herbs... this is tea" such a simple thing that Morgana has not experienced. "Would you like to sit down and stay for a while?" he asks Korra. Just from the small conversation they had she seems like a good person. "Later Silencia" he calls back to her as he settles in for the day on his chair... now where was that sci-fi novel, well to him it seems more like a modern sort of deal but that's what happens when you have so many alternate timelines meeting.

Naga whines a little as Silencia leaves suddenly, she was enjoying the petting! This prompts the Avatar to extinguish her flame and lean on her beardog to cuddle her. "Don't worry Naga, we'll see her soon." Korra assures hers before returning her attention to Rayne. "That's right, you did say you are phoenix." This girl seems to be a little on the thick headed side and memory doesn't come naturally to her. "I'm not familiar with magic. My powers, I guess you could call them that, come from the spiritual flow called chi." Apparently, chi and magic are very different, though she's not going into detail about the why. Korra laughs a little as Serenity claims that getting anything done here is a more modest endeavor. This makes her jump on top of Naga's back and look very determined about something, more so now that her arm is completely healed. "Well, seeing that it looks like I'm going to be stuck with you guys for an indefinite amount of time, I'll see if I can do anything about getting anything done around here!" She smiles at Urus and his offer for tea. "I'd love to, but I can't. There's a lot of this place that I better get to know if I'm going to be living here. As the Avatar I feel its my obligation to help out where I can." She leads Naga so she's facing away and waves to everyone. "Some other time though. Congrats again on the baby, Morgana! I wish you the best!" And she's off!

Rayne nods to Serenity. "Yeah... we're kind of waiting for a certain something to happen... then we can get things off the ground and hopefully running. I'm finding myself... hopeful." She frowns at this. "I need to be careful not to be disappointed." As Korra jumps back onto Naga, Rayne start calling after her, "We can help you get adjusted to..." but it's too late, the Avatar's mount has already bounded away. "Well... The Welcome Center will have to wait for a first client, I suppose." She sighs, then shrugs. "Eh, not like they're really ready, anyway... Or am I wrong on that, Ren?" She peers at the makeshift teapot, tilting her head. "I've not made tea under conditions as primitive as this before. Uhhh, how do we know when it's done?"

Morgana looks at the ammo box that is sat down before and pronounced as tea. She looks at the weeds in hot water and frowns in uncertainty. Ok, so this is tea, what exactly is she supposed to do with it? "Urus, your efforts are appreciated but that box of yours is too small to bathe in. Though I do not know how that is meant to help the offspring." She shrugs and leans down, taking the box up by the handles and carries it over and spills it into the sea. "There, a little sea water should not harm the bath" She sets the box aside and waves a hand I am going to do this tea and then go see if Mura is awake. I bid you all a good day. as she bounds into the water and disappears beneath the waves.

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