2016-02-15 - Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day

Summary: What better way to celebrate than with SKULLS!? ..Made of chocolate.

Who: Ferra-Torr, Kotal_Kahn, Silencia, Rayne
When: February 15, 2016
Where: TASK Kitchen

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The kitchen is filled with the sweet scent of cupcakes. Silencia has been keeping herself busy! She sighs as she opens the oven and starts taking out the trays filled with freshly baked cupcakes. Her conversation with Minu left her conflicted. She was happy the elf could open up, but she was still worried about her. And she even left before she could taste the cupcakes! She closes the oven and peeks at the three trays filled with cupcakes. She would have to wait for them to cool down before she does anything with them. Silencia's hair is tied up in a messy bun and she was wearing Kotal's apron, but she has taken it off to move around better.

It was inevitable that the sweet smell coming from the kitchen would drawn in the guard dogs of TASK. And no, we're not talking about the Cerberus here, the OTHER guard dogs. Floor shaking steps draw near as they herald the arrival of a hulking brute and his tiny clawed rider bursting into the kitchen. "We smell yum yums!" Announces a jubilant Ferra as she bounces up and down on Torr's massively broad shoulders. "Ferra Torr be good! Butterfly girl give yum yums to we! Yay!" The tiny girl pumps her clawed hands up whilst Torr does the same, lifting his almost grotesquely muscled arms and nearly hitting the ceiling of the kitchen.

Well, that didn't take long! Silencia giggles as she sees the two warriors arrive. Minu had predicted this! "Well, if you two have been good, then you do deserve the yum yums! But you do need to wait a little bit, okay? I just took them out of the oven and they're really hot right now." It looks like she would have to make another batch of cupcakes if she wanted the others to try it. Silencia gestures for the two to sit down. "Now sit down and be good a little bit more and you can have all the yumyums, okay?"

"Yay! Yumyums! Woo!" Cheers Ferra pumping her fists a bit more. "Butterfly girl the best!" Torr then makes a little happy dance which more than likely would make everything in kitchen rumble due to his enormous weight. "Okay! We no mind hot but we wait because we good Ferra Torr!" The tiny terror exclaims. Torr goes to sit on the floor since no chair in the kitchen can probably handle his weight whilst Ferra sits on a nearby counter. "Why butterfly make yumyums? It be for heart day?" Ferra is probably referring to Valentine's day.

Silencia can't help but smile at the adorable antics of the two warriors. She giggles softly and nods lightly. "Yes, even though it is a bit late, I wanted to give everyone something sweet for Valentines day." That would explain why all the cupcakes were chocolate ones. Silencia walks over to Torr and pets him softly and then walks over to Ferra to gently pinch her cheek. "You two are adorable, did you know that? Because you're so good, I'll always make yumyums for you two!" Silencia walks back to the trays with cupcakes and carefully taps the tray to see if it cooled down. Yep, they're ready to be taken out! Silencia skillfully plates all three trays of the cupcakes and puts the plates all over the kitchen island. "Well, dig in! Don't make a mess though!"

Of all the Krew, Ferra/Torr are decidedly the more grabby. Torr appreciates the petting and returns it, placing a massively large hand on the top of Silencia's head and petting her careful, a gentle giant for sure. Ferra has a lot more leeway thanks to her size and grins cheekily right before jumping on Silencia and latching on to her, rubbing cheeks with her. "Butterfly girl is cute! Cute!!" Ferra declares before releasing the girl so she can get the cupcakes. "Woo! Yumyums!" Dig in they do, and they try their best at not making a mess, but its hard to control these two. They begin stuffing their faces with cupcakes and manage to smear a good chunk of it all over their faces.

The smells of baking have naturally begun to waft through the halls of TASK, and have apparently made it to the office of the current Second. As such, the doors soon open to a curious Rayne, head already tilted as she enters the room. More used to the meaty and corn based smells of Kotal's kooking, the smell of chocolate cupcakes is something that has caught the phoenix's attention and of course brought her here. "Aaah, Sil, I should have..." her voice trails off a bit as she watches Ferra and Torr attack the cupcakes. "...guessed?" She shakes her head with a light sigh. Really, she should be used to those two by now.

Cheerful laughter fills the kitchen as Ferra and Torr show their affection. Silencia just shakes her head with a smile as the two attack the cupcakes with more enthusiasm than when they attack monsters. As Rayne enters, Silencia waves with a smile before quickly grabbing one of the plates that the two haven't gotten to. "Hey there Rayne! You're right on time! Come get a cupcake before they're gone!" Silencia can't help but be amused by Ferra and Torr, especially when they seem to enjoy her cupcakes so much!

Although very rowdy, Ferra and Torr do know how to share. They were a part of a big family even before joining TASK and know that finishing the cupcakes by themselves would be rude. "Have some Rainbow it!" Chirps Ferra and hands one of the trays to Silencia so she can pass it over to Rayne. "They be chocolate yumyums!" Ferra felt that an explanation was needed.

Rayne gently takes a single cupcake from the offered tray, but being referred to as 'Rainbow it' elicits a twitch of her right eye. "Uhhh... Thanks," she manages to politely get out. She takes the wrapping off the bottom of the cupcake before taking a possibly unexpectedly large bite out of the cupcake, her left hand held below her mouth to catch any crumbs that might fall. A sound of appreciation of the flavor can be heard from her as she savors it for a few moments before swallowing the bite. "Sil, you are going to make me fat if you keep this up."

Silencia smiles warmly and pets Ferra when she offers to share with Rayne. "You are very, very good! You can finish all of them if you want to, I'll make more for the others!" Silencia watches as Rayne seems to enjoy the cupcake. A happy grin is on her face and the priestess winks playfully. "I thought that was no problem with you? Can't you BURN away the calories?" Silencia giggles and takes a cupcake as well, tasting it. She hums smilingly. "They came out perfectly!" Silencia pauses and peeks worriedly at Ferra and Torr. "Uhm... I forgot that I made a special one for Kotal in there..." She is right to be worried, because she had added cayenne into that special one, because she knew Kotal would like that. She wasn't sure the warrior duo would be happy to get that one though. Silencia groans softly, there was no way of finding out which one was which now!

Even though they are polite, Ferra is still a very cheeky rascal that enjoys antagonizing people. She giggles mischievously when she notices Rayne's twitching when she calls her by that preferred nickname. "What wrong, Rainbow it?" She sticks her tongue out playfully and prods Rayne's leg a little. The tiny girl perks up when Silencia mentions making a special cupcake for Kotal. That is an important bit of news for the duo, Ferra looks at Torr quizzically and the giant ogre begins to sniff the cupcakes before pointing to one. "That one? Torr says it smells spicy! Big Boss likes spicy!" Ferra begins running in circles excitedly and then exists the kitchen in a flash. "I go tell Big Boss to come get yumyum!" The tiny terror is gone in a flash moving exceedingly fast for her size, she's almost like a blur of speed.

Meanwhile, Torr is left with the rest of the girls and he pats Silencia on the head again. A way for the silent giant to express his gratitude.

Rayne says, "Well, yeah, I've been told magic tends to keep your metabolism high, so I at least don't need to diet anymore. But-" And then she's poked. "YeeeAAAAH!" she shouts, stumbling away from where Ferra was when the small warrior poked her. She manages to catch herself on the countertop, at least, and doesn't end up prone. "Don't do that!" she yells at Ferra as the small one exits the kitchen. There's not a lick of playfulness in Rayne at that, just a splash of rage."

Silencia pretends not to have seen how Ferra teased Rayne. She figured a bit of playing around wouldn't need her intervening. She giggles and smiles at Rayne. "Keep breathing, Rayne, keep breathing!" As Ferra runs around announcing that she's going to get Kotal, Silencia protests. "Wait, you don't need to-" but she's alreday gone. Silencia sighs and shakes her head. "He's probably busy though..." She blinks surprisedly as Torr pets her again. She smiles at the giant and pets his arm. "I'm glad you like them!"

Torr nods happily at Silencia and gives her a big hug. The giant can't talk at all so he often needs to find other ways to convey his emotions when Ferra isn't around to do the talking for him.

It turns out that Kotal isn't busy enough to dismiss cupcakes. Ferra comes running back in a flash and instantly jump on top of Torr's shoulders. Behind comes Kotal Kahn, walking at a leisurely pace when he enters the kitchen. He breathes in deeply. "Something smells delicious." Says he before glancing at the two girls. "Greetings all."

Rayne holds her right hand vertically in front of her face, palm facing to her left as she calms her breathing. Finally calmed, she frowns as she realizes that the cupcake she'd started is now a splotch on the floor. Of course she didn't keep hold of it through that. She sighs and goes in for another cupcake. There's the bright side, at least... she gets an excuse to get an entire other cupcake, rather than just finishing the one she started. "Hey, boss," she greets Kotal a bit dejectedly.

Silencia happily accepts the hug from the giant and hugs him back as far as she can reach. Torr was such a gentle giant when he wasn't mowing down monsters! When Ferra comes running back with Kotal right behind her, Silencia smiles and waves to Kotal. "Hey Kotal! Come and get some cupcakes!" She picks up the cupcake Torr had pointed out before walking over to the blue giant. She offers the cupcake to him with a smile. "A belated valentines, I hope you like it!" Silencia peeks worriedly at Rayne. That reaction was a bit strong, even for Rayne. "Everything alright there, Rayne?"

Kotal smiles brightly when he sees Silencia, a somewhat uncharacteristic trait of the usual grim and solemn war god. Whenever he's around the girl he always seems to be.. brighter, and it may not be entirely because the priestess actively empowers him. "Of course, happy Valentines day." The warrior approaches Silencia and leans down to hug her and kiss her first, as she takes priority over a cupcake. "I have brought presents as well." Indeed, Kotal is carrying a bag with him today. "Normally, the highest praise I can give is to bestow the head of an enemy to one whom I hold in such high regard." He reaches into the bag-- does he really have a head in there!? "But.. I don't think you have any enemies so I made this instead." Kotal pulls out a human skull out of his bag, but it seems to be entirely made out of chocolate.

He notices Rayne's dejected look and frowns in concern. "Is something the matter, my Second? I made one for you as well." Sure, enough, Kotal pulls out another chocolate made skull.

Rayne grumbles, "I'll be fine, I'll be fine..." She munches on her new cupcake, this going a long way towards bringing her back from that breif spike of anger as she once again makes appreciative noises... But this is cut short as she nearly chokes on it when the chocolate skulls come out. She coughs a bit to clear her thoat before saying, "I suppose I shouldn't be surprised... wait, no, I should be. Why skulls instead of hearts?" She taps her chest when she says this, trying to make it clear that she means the actual organ, not the lovey-dovey form most often associated with Valentine's Day. Still, she takes the offered skull, but unable to quite remove the bewildered expression from her face.

Kotal's smile only makes Silencia's smile brighter. As he hugs and kisses her, she can't help but be distracted by a little nagging thought in the back of her head. She now was relieved that Minu had quickly left. She quickly recovers though and returns his kiss with one of her own. As he explains that he has a present, Silencia can't help but be a bit nervous, especially since he mentions the head of an enemy. She leans back a bit as he reaches into the bag, she really, really did not want a severed head. When a chocolate skull appears instead of a severed head, Silencia laughs relievedly. "N..no, I don't have enemies, luckily... Thank you, Kotal!" She tiptoes to place a soft kiss on Kotal's cheek. She was happy with anything, as long as it wasn't a part of someone's body. She accepts the skull and peeks at the god, holding up her index finger in a warning. "Also, for future reference, don't give me severed heads. Ever." As Rayne asks Kotal about the skulls, Silencia peeks up at him with a curious look. Skulls did fit Kotal, but Rayne's question did make sense.

"Honestly, they were too difficult to make." Kotal admits begrudgingly as Rayne questions why not the far betting cardiac organ for a gift. "Skulls on the other hand. I have plenty of molds for that!" Why yes he does, a room chuck full of them for that matter. "Additionally, I have experience making them due to the Day of the Dead celebration.. so.. I decided, why not?"

Silencia's warning actually makes the war god pout sadly. He looks so disappointed. "Really? Not even Diablo's head?" He'd think that would be a huge honor for anyone! Still, he doesn't question it too much and leans down to pepper Silencia's face with kisses.

Rayne glances away at the displays of affection between the two, attempting to continue the conversation. "Ehhh, t-too bad, you could have... filled them with a cherry...filling."

The disappointed look on Kotal's face would make Silencia give in if they weren't talking about him giving her a severed head. "Really. I don't need parts of anybody." A shiver runs down Silencia's spine at the thought. Silencia blushes embarrassedly as Kotal keeps kissing her. "K..Kotal... eat your cupcake!" She presents her cupcake to him as a means to distract him. She loved getting affection from Kotal, but it was getting a bit embarrassing, especially in front of the obviously uncomfortable Rayne.

"Hmm.. but I am eating my cupcake." Kotal whispers to Silencia's ear and dips her back ever so lightly, kissing her a bit more. He's already trailing kisses along her neck when its actually Torr that coughs to get Kotal's attention and make him realize what he's doing.

Kotal clears his throat and straightens up, releasing Silencia. He passes a hand over his feathers like if he was combing his hair and accepts the now offered cupcake. "Hm, that is a possibility." He carries on like if nothing happened whilst pondering Rayne's suggestion. "I just really need to find a good mold. Making them all individually would be far too time consuming."

Rayne stuffs the last of her cupcake into her mouth and downs that a slight too quickly in the meantime as Kotal forgets just how many people are in the room currently. "Well, I, um, uh, yeah. I'm sure we could find... some way of an anatomical... dummy thing? And use that as a way of getting a mold? I'd ask Johann, maybe, except I'm not sure how he'd take wanting to make edible human hearts." She's still looking away from the couple, however.

Silencia shivers lightly as Kotal whispers into her ear. When Torr manages to pull Kotal back into reality and he releases her, Silencia sinks onto her knees, blushing brightly. She smiles gratefully at Torr. She should make him a cake to thank him. That got dangerously close to veeery inappropriate. She takes a moment to calm down before she moves to get up. She's hugging that chocolate skull to her chest and she's still blushing. "M...making a mold isn't that difficult... if you can't get a dummy..."

Naturally, the first thing Kotal does is glance down as Silencia goes to her knees and lean to help her up. He laughs a little. "Come now, it wasn't that bad." After all, Kotal is the god of war, not the god of love, he's not going to be taking any credit for making women's knees weak. Either way, he's quickly pondering the possibilities of making heart treats for Valentine. "Actually.." He begins rubbing his chin. "A mold for bread would be far easier to make.. put cheery filling, a chocolate coating.. yes, yes!" Woop, now he's gotten into one of his cooking moods. "I am going to make that right now! Where is my apron?"

Rayne blinks as Kotal's newly inspired cooking idea takes hold of him. "Uhhh." She points to the wall where the apron is hanging. People have learned to not touch the 'kiss the cook' apron around here, and it is left exactly where Kotal has left it, his poofy chef's hat hanging on the same hook as the apron. "But, uh, do we have the filling?" She has her own apartment with her own fridge and pantry... she's not familiar with the selection of ingredients here. Except for the coffee bar. She's very familiar with that.

The apron does seem to have been moved, as Silencia had used it earlier while making her cupcakes. There are no stains on it though, as the fae was very neat while baking. Silencia pouts at Kotal as he laughs at her. She mutters, just loud enough for Kotal to hear. "Dense war god..." As the topic turns to making treats with bread and a cherry filling, Silencia perks up and nods softly. "All the ingredients needed should be present." She places the chocolate skull on the counter and smiles at Kotal. "Ready to help!"

Kotal does hear Silencia calling him a dense war god. However, true to form, he really doesn't know what she means by that and chooses to ignore it. He has treats to prepare after all! He puts on his apron that Silencia was using and his hat in a somewhat dramatic flurr, and yes, the hat is going on top of the helmet as usual. "Excellent." He claps as Silencia both tells him that they have all ingredients necessary and that she'll be helping him out. The TASK's kitchen is very opulent after all so Kotal is not surprised about. "Let us start with the dough." He brings out a huge sack of corn flour and sets it on a counter, because of course, it has to be made out of corn. "Ferra Torr. Go play somewhere else, the kitchen is not for you."

"Yaay! Playtime!!" Ferra seems thrilled at the idea of leaving and rides Torr out of the kitchen. "Let's go play with doggie!" Poor Trio..

Rayne slinks out of the way as the two begin the baking process, feeling a bit like an extra wheel at the moment. That said, she still takes a bite out of her chocolate skull before setting it on a plate and heading for the coffee bar.

Silencia lets out an amused snort as Kotal puts that chefs hat on top of his helmet again. This sight will never stop being funny to her. She just shakes her head with a smile and peeks around in the pantry. "I'll leave the dough to you. I'll work on the filling." It doesn't take her long to find the ingredients she needs. "Lets see how this turns out!"

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