2016-02-20 - Rubber Ducks and Rhinofores

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Rubber Ducks and Rhinofores

Summary: A newly clean Urus has a chat with serenity about housing options.

Who: Urus, Serenity
When: February 2, 2016.
Where: The Usual Restaurant


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The colorfully-mottled marine mollusk moves from the dance floor, still flashing aquamarine undulatory fins in one more quick spin. Ren settles the flare of 'wings' into a more sedate slide, though rhinophores continue to flop and gill-feathers flutter in the water a while longer.

Urus walks out of the UR Restroom towel around his waist and shampoo bottle under his arm. Most of the fur slicked down and damp, but not dripping. His clothes and gear lay on an empty table in the corner of the restaurant. It seems to be because it is out of the way of others rather than he is hiding it. He moves his fur back and out of his eyes as he stumbles across Ren. "Oh, ummm Hi." He says slightly startled at what he sees. Usually there are not many people around this time of the morning, however apparently dance class started early today. he fails to care at this point that he is minimally dressed, he is covered where it is important and that's good enough for now.

Serenity ripples out of Urus' way, making a half-circle, then pausing to 'stand' close by with a posture that enables Ren to match his height. "Hello," Ren rasps cheerily. Ren glances down briefly and gestures with a pair of fin edges before returning eyes to his. "Is this a new look for you?" Ren inquires.

Urus pauses for a second for pleasantries before continuing to walk along to the table with his stuff. "ehhh no, actually. Just for cleaning up. Decided considering water here is not too rare I might as well take a shower or something." The color pattern now a bit less muddled, the tan and black fur shines a small bit under the incandescent lighting. He rustles through his things making a mild clatter. "Where did I leave my... where is it?"

Serenity follows Urus and peers past him to see what the item might be. "Clean water is rare and valuable where you come from?" Ren surmises. "It certainly isn't, here." Ren then adds curiously, "Did you avoid requesting a shower in your own apartment because of your culture's notions about cleaning?"

Urus continues to search through his things, fruitlessly at that. "Damn it where is... ohhh wait." He says thinking he has an Idea. He walks toward the bathroom with apparent motive. "yes. Back where I was from it was cheaper to drink vodka than it was to drink water. I am talking about good stuff too. " he says reminiscing. As he is about to go into the bathroom again Ren brings up apartments. "I do not have apartment of my own. Just got to point where I was thinking of getting a place of my own. " he finishes before opening the door and walking through.

"Vodka, the alcoholic drink? I was under the impression that water was important to all life, if in differing amounts," Ren responds somewhat skeptically. As he returns to the restroom, Ren follows along behind. "I do know a few people here who have opted for roommates, but it hardly seems worth the trouble when apartments are available for free. Were you having trouble getting along with someone recently?"

Urus is inside for a few seconds before coming back out again, cute little rubber duck in hand. "Yes water is necessary; however getting it hundreds of light-years from the nearest planet costs a pretty penny. most people opt for the next best thing, yes the drink." he walks over to the table and places the duck down and crouches down to look at it eye to eye. "You scared me Ivan, stay close next time." He stands back up and curiously asks Ren "there are FREE apartments? And no, I have not had trouble, why do you ask?"

Serenity seems to draw the line at following him into the shower, instead glancing about the restroom while he retrieves the item. Ren regards the rubber duck with a puzzled look as Urus passes. "Interstellar ships are also quite expensive where I come from. For just that reason, I wouldn't even board a ship that didn't have proper food and environmental control." Ren looks a bit confused by the conversation with the faux fowl but simply 'stands' by the table without remarking on that. "Indeed, the apartments across the street are free," Ren agrees with a frown, motioning with a pair of fins toward the exit. "I thought that you might be looking into an apartment because you and your current roommate were not getting along. But I must apologize for not mentioning the Integra Arms arrangement sooner. I assumed that someone else had done so while describing Twisted."

"In my personal experience ships are a dime a dozen, that is unless they are yours. At least that is what I kept being told." Urus replys. He turns the Rubber duck around as to not be looking at him. He drops his towel back to Ren, leaving him stark naked save for his own fur, which is short enough to actually not help that much in disguising the form. Taking his pants from the table he talks to ren as he puts them on, obviously not caring about who saw him. "No, my neighbors have been just peachy. " he continues. "I must have missed part of travel brochure about free apartment. Might go check it out."

Serenity'blinks' at Urus as he drops the towel. Ren also quickly turns to face the opposite direction, though not so quickly as to completely avoid looking. "Hhh... yes. I can accompany you if you like," Ren remarks. "Leena and Debbie can help you to choose a home plan and furnishings that are to your taste." Ren adds, "By the way, Sunset and Rayne are in fact now working on an organization capable of producing just such a travel brochure. I hope to be able to assist myself when the project is farther along. Among other things, the welcome office should be able to teach newcomers about such things as the free housing... and the fact that many residents have a taboo about adults exposing their genitals around those other than lovers."

Urus finished the task at hand and zips up his pants. Apparently he goes commando in multiple ways. "Sounds great, I think I can find my way across a street by myself." He jokes. He turns Ivan back around as to look at Serenity as Urus sits un an empty chair checking over the rest of his stuff. " The pamphlet would be very useful, especially when dealing with Kotal. Tell him to give a pamphlet and walk away. He seems to have a ... confrontational way of greeting new people." He sorts a few things, med kit to this corner of the table, ammunition goes over here... "My back was to you do not freak out. It is not like I am personally enticing you or anything... am I?" he wonders.

"Indeed, I'm sure that you can decide for yourself what would make for a comfortable apartment now that you have seen what Twisted has available," Ren agrees. As he begins sorting through his possessions, Ren ventures to turn back around. Ren shifts to a seated height to match Urus. "It's also true that Kotal is not likely to be a counselor for the new organization- or at least not one for most sorts of people. Everyone has different skills." Ren then addresses the latter remark from Urus. "No, not personally," Ren allows. "And I have my Johann, in any case. Now, I notice that Morgana, for instance, doesn't seem to have a nudity taboo, while I do have one." Ren motions a fin edge inward to the oval garment with a primary-color confetti pattern. "When people are aware that cultures can different from each other in many ways, they can be more understanding toward each other."

"I understand that. There are certain things in each culture that are right and wrong, believe me. I understand."Urus doesn't just wear pants to carry things around. He understands why clothing is important. He was human once. He starts to stow everything away, the small pile on the table disappearing into several separate pockets. "Johann... I have heard the name but never met the... man, right? I can appreciate a man of medical science. Needless to say a few have saved my skin a few times." Leaning back in his chair he tips back putting his paws up on the table. "Do you have an apartment or do you use TASK?" he asks inquisitively.

Serenity nods at his acknowledgment. Ren remains by the table to watch Urus put away his things, rhinophores perked forward and staying in one spot with just a slight ripple of the fin edges. "Yes, he is a human man. I appreciate his caring personality in addition to his medical science. But I do hope that your skin will already be staying intact on its own." With Urus' latter question, Ren looks up and replies, "I have been using the Integra Arms apartment. I suppose that TASK could arrange for something suitable, but I like having work and home separate in this way. I've also become accustomed to what I have."

It is quite obvious to Urus that Ren does not understand certain figures of speech, then again she is not alone in this. "Work and home being separate is a commodity I was ill able to afford before I came here. Since then I have grown to appreciate most everything I have seen. " he reflects. It is good to him that she uses the apartments too. Always better if when someone suggests something that they too have knowledge from experience. With a small grunt he gets up from his chair and pushes it in. Thinking to the possibility of an actual building instead of sleeping in the branches of the tree near the 24/7 he says "I think I will go right now. See what is available; be nice to move away from Mr. and Mrs. Squirrel. "

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