2016-02-23 - Fully Armed and Operational Welcome Center

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Fully Armed and Operational Welcome Center

Summary: Rayne announces that the Welcome Center nearly has its office and is already considered operational!

Who: Kotal_Kahn, Minu, Rayne, Serenity, Sunset
When: February 23rd, 2016
Where: TASK HQ - Rayne's Office

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Once again, Rayne has called forth a meeting of those involved in the Welcome Center project! As the project involved is kind of her brainchild(sort of... well, the officialness of it is her brainchild, at least) she has called this meeting to her meager office, with the promise of good news! Thankfully this time, she isn't falling asleep while waiting for others to arrive. No, she's had a nice cup of coffee with her dinner this evening, and another one sits steaming on a coaster on her wooden desk. No, she's not had the time to redecorate since the last meeting, so it remains the fairly bland but normal looking office... with the exception of that two-handed greataxe on the wall behind her. She sits in her comfy chair, leaned forward with her elbows on the desk and her hands folded together in front of her mouth.

Having decent drinks on hand seems to be the thing, as Sunset has a smoothie in one of her own as she walks in. Smirks a little at seeing Rayne awake and waiting this time, though the coffee cup makes it pretty obvious how so. "Came as soon as I got the word, Rayne."

Minu strode into Rayne's office, clip board and note pad in one hand, pencil behind one pointed ear. She is dressed in a pretty green sweater with gold threads shot through it that brings out the gold in her eyes. Her hair is loose around her shoulders and softly waving to mid back. And low and behold the little lady is wearing a snug and stylish pair of trousers that are molded to her pert little back side and fall to a perfect length so that just the toes of her little flats show. The elf shoves her glasses up her nose and smiles as she catches sight of Rayne and Sunset "Hello ladies. Rayne, I have some spread sheets for you on the info you requested."

Serenity does not enter stylishly-dressed (unless one is a fan of green and yellow zebra stripes), bearing breakfast, or armed with statistics. Ren does, though, appear to be arriving fully alert, attentive, and energized. Ren and the fluid form of suspended water column flow into the office with a flutter of gill-feathers in the stirred currents. "Hello," Ren rasps cheerily while slipping to the side of the entrance (presumably waiting to see if anyone on this side of the desk will be taking center stage).

Its about time someone took the initiative about these things! Not to say that Kotal had any sort of legitimate aptitude for something like organizing a welcoming committee center. Quite frankly, if it wasn't about killing things - or oddly enough about cooking - Huitzilopotchli was like a fish out of water and probably knew less about such things than the Average Joe. That still didn't stop him from trying to fix things though, but mostly because no one else was willing to step up and do some heavy lifting around here.

This why he is very glad Rayne has taken this cup and he is fully prepared to support her in every way he can.

That includes putting his patrols on hold and returning to TASK HQ as soon as he heard that Rayne was going to have a meeting.



Kotal and his Krew were busy fighting off a swarm of Xenomorphs that were threatening to swarm the city of Twisted. That is until Kotal gets a message through his pager that there's a meeting going on. "Ah! Finally! Rayne is holding a meeting about here new organization. Hold the line for me, I will be returning shortly." Says Kotal and walks off from the battle leaving Erron Black screaming after him. "Wait! Kahn! Could you at least send some reinforcements?? Kahn!? KAHN!!" Then he and the rest of the Krew get dog piled by hundreds of Xenomorphs.

...They'll probably be fine.



There's a faint thud that rocks the building a little as Kotal lands on the rooftop, having reached the TASK HQ from the outskirts of the city in a single bound. A moment later he's bursting into the office behind everyone. "Greetings all! I came here as soon as I heard the grand news!" He smiles and dusts some acidic blood off his green skin, then he nods to everyone present. "Ah, Lady Shimmer, a pleasure to see you again." Then to Minu and Serenity. "Ladies, looking radiant as always." The Aztec then scoots around the office to find a place to sit and rubs his palms together, clearly eager to hear what exciting news Rayne has for everyone.

"Glad you all could be here!" says Rayne as the others have arrived. "The good news is we're well on the way to getting this operation off the ground!" She smiles rather broadly, feeling a bit giddy. "Not only has Minu located a room that should fit our needs, but the junk in there is well on its way to being moved to another location!"

Meanwhile, down on the bottom floor, two TASK officers are busy lugging boxes around. "Dammit, Tim, you just HAD to try on Kotal's apron."

"At least I didn't put on his chef's had, you moron!"

But back in Rayne's office, Rayne is much happier than Tim and Tom. "And as of last night, Serenity and I succeeded in helping someone come to grips with being here in Twisted! Our first operation came off to a.....very rocky start, but I think we did well for it being our first official go at this. I dare say we are able to operate on a limited capacity already! So I'm officially declaring the Welcome Center to be operational!"

"Good to see you again too, Kotal. Hello girls," Sunset replies, even as she scoots a bit more to the side to make room for the very big sun god to get into the not quite so big office. She straw sips a bit as Rayne goes over finding a room they can use, and then gets to the real news, which is what gets her to smile. "That's great! Pity I couldn't be there. But I'd definitely say that counts as proof of concept that we're on a good track with this!"

Serenity glances up a bit worriedly at the thud and bursting in, but offer a wave of one 'wing' upon noticing that it is Kotal. "And looking energetic as always," Ren replies. Looking to Rayne, Ren 'kneels' in front of the desk at a seated sort of height to listen. "'Official'?" Ren repeats, then nods thoughtfully. "I didn't even think of it as such at the time, but performance anxiety would explain..." Ren trails off there before continuing. "I'm very glad that we now have an office space here as well. Will we billing this to the public as 'the' office, or will we be emphasizing its temporary nature for a bit of conceptual distance from TASK?"

Minu had stepped over and laid several pieces of paper on Rayne's desk then stepped back and primly clasped her clip board before her. She smiles at Ren when she arrives then nods politely to Kotal but the little elf is all business and focus so there's no blushing or hiding. She listens close and nods "yes, the room was an easy find, and as it wasn't really in use it won't be missed. For the time being seeing as the Welcome Team is a subsidiary of TASK I don't see it as a problem for you all to have folks referred there until the split is complete, if it becomes complete. Also I think there are a few unused desks and chairs if you ladies need more office style furnishing in there for more then one person."

Somehow the turquoise giant manages to find some space to sit in the office. Indeed, he suspects that this organization will be needing some better installations as soon as possible. This will simply not do, particularly because the welcoming center will be like the face of Twisted. Kotal wishes that newcomers are greeted with the very best of this realm, be it Rayne's welcoming center or the blades of his macuahuitl if they happen to be hostile.

After nodding to everyone he gives a resounding clap once Rayne announces their successful trial run. "Fantastic news. I had no doubt in everyone's ability to perform this endeavor." He glances to all; Rayne, Serenity and Sunset. "Truly, we could find no one that was better qualified."

Kotals hmms pensively when Serenity raises the question of whether this office is permanent or they'll be branching out soon, and thankfully, Minu is there to punctuate the details that Kotal would have otherwise missed. "I concur." He nods. "Whilst this office may function as a temporary facility, you will be needing a place that you can call your own." Aah, to think that it feels just like yesterday that Kotal was taking in Rayne and now she's going to have a whole organization of her own. They grow up so fast.

Rayne does look a bit warily at the papers that Minu placed on her desk. "Our primary concern I think right now might actually be manpower. As things currently are, we're relying on TASK for more than just a base of operations. We have a staff total of three, including myself. We have no one with any real skill at managing personnel from the paperwork side of things, no one that can effectively keep an eye on the books. We need a proper link with the school system so that we can sign newcomers up for school from the office, and I don't know the optimal manner for doing that particularly well. Heck, one of our staff is arguably better at fighting than doing this kind of welcoming work." She places a hand on her chest armor, indicating herself. "There's still a lot of work to do, but I definitely wanted us to be up and running as soon as possible, even if it is under limited capacity." She then laughs a bit lightly. "Sorry that wasn't clear, Ren, but if you didn't realize I was doing that because of the Welcome Center, then that just proves even more that you're perfect for the job."

"That there's still a lot to do is in some regard a good thing," Sunset remarks once Rayne has finished with the list. "This isn't the sort of project that can just be slapped together quickly. We need to make sure we're taking the proper steps to do them right. That said." She pauses a moment to slurp up the end of her smoothie, and toss the cup in the trash can. "I can look into matters with the school. I do have some familiarity in that regard, after all... and the sort of strange things a place like Twisted can make crop up there too, considering."

Serenity nods acknowledgment and smiles at Kotal's exclamation. "In fact, Rayne, Sunset, and I were speculating recently on the best sort of furnishings for the office," Ren then mentions, gesturing with an upturned fin edge toward Minu. Ren ripples a little closer to the wall and farther from Sunset to avoid dampening her. "As for the nature of the office, I was wondering more about the advertising spin we'll place on it. I do understand the practical necessity of setting up in the TASK building." Ren listens thoughtfully as Rayne summarizes the situation before grinning at her last remark. "A connection with the school seems an excellent idea. We need to capitalize on whatever bits of civilization Twisted has to offer," Ren adds, looking from Rayne to Sunset. "Would it be premature," Ren afterward asks thoughtfully of Rayne, "to contact the press about advertising before we find someone qualified to manage our public relations message? Or is getting out a message at all more important at this point?"

Minu looks quite thoughtful "I understand the desire to have the Welcome Center be somewhere that isn't militarized and scary. I am concerned though about making sure you have enough military back up. At the very least even when there is a full split there should be continued contact between the Welcoming personnel and TASK so that we can offer back up should things become problematic. As far as who can organize and keep the books. Ren has been the secretary for TASK when it was in the DMC, I am sure she could organize the basics and I can offer suggestions and help until she has it all under control or you find someone else to fill the position."

Kotal gets a large dose of deja vu when Rayne complains about their lack of personnel. In her frustration, he sees himself back when Dante had disappeared leaving a broken and very undermanned TASK for him to manage. Thankfully, it is because of Kotal's own experience that he knows exactly what to say to Rayne. "Fear not, my friends. This is a great opportunity to give the Twisted of public new opportunities for employment. There are many still within the city that crave purpose. A purpose that TASK has not been able to offer for we deal almost exclusively in warriors. The Welcoming Center will provide the perfect opportunity to cater to those citizens that deal in more social settings." In fact, Kotal briefly considers 'loaning' Rayne some of his personal Krew. Though he knows for a fact none of them are qualified to deal with that sort of thing. Incidentally, he wonders how are they doing right now.


A top hundreds of Xenomorph corpses lay the six Kombatants. Bloodied and horribly injured they twitch a little just barely still alive. "This one... thinks.." D'vorah raises a finger weakly from her prone position. "She needs.. a day off.."


Kotal nods to Minu and her suggestion about maintaining a close link with the Center. "Indeed, perhaps we can provide some of our officers to rotate and hold guard there whenever it is needed." Huh, maybe he will need to loan some of his Krew after all. That is an excellent idea. We can make an advertisement in the Twisted Gazette The Aztec warrior likes the idea of contacting the school, but its Serenity's idea of advertising that really piques his interest. "Serenity, you are a genius!" He exclaims. "We can contact the newspaper and advertise the Welcoming Center in the Twisted Gazette. That is sure to attract new employees and interest."

Rayne smirks lightly. "Oh, sure, just try to keep me out of this place. Don't worry, there will be continued relations between the Welcome Center and TASK." She nods to Kotal as he mentions TASK officers holding guard at the new operation. "I'd not say no to there being an officer stationed at the Center for basic security purposes. You never know when someone might freak out in a violent way... But I'm going to insist that officers stationed there will need non-lethal takedown methods." She then tilts her head slightly at Ren's questioning of the timing for advertising. "Hrm. We might want to wait until we have the temporary room set up to be workable. But as soon as we've got a couple of desks in there and the junk in there out of the way, I think that will be good enough. We need to get word out that it's starting. We need the people out there to know where they can send new arrivals."

"Speaking about stuff for the 'office'." Sunset drops her bookbag off her shoulder and holds it by the straps with one hand so she can get it open. Then takes out a couple of books, setting them on Rayne's desk. "I found a couple of books about social perspectives and general culturalism. They're pretty basic level, but it's still some potential reference. No need to leave them sitting around my apartment for... other projects that won't happen now." She shrugs a little, and just leaves the matter at that.

"I will take all the advice I can get," Ren agrees with Minu, "to handle personnel and accounting as well as I'm able. And I do hope that the people and setting will prove to alleviate fears, even though the office is under the roof of well-armed people." Ren doesn't look quite as enthusiastic as Kotal about the service to the local job market, but nods a thoughtful acknowledgment. "Now Rayne did make the point that we should be fairly cautious about vetting new people, but that is an interesting point about the new opportunity for the town." After hearing Rayne's stipulation about security, Ren nods approvingly and glances to Kotal. When Sunset then passes along the book, Ren looks on curiously with rhinophores perked forward.

Minu smiles at Ren "I have created a few things on the computer. Simple task managers that help organize our scheduling and supply line for requisitions and such. I think they might be useful for the new Welcome Center too. It can be easily used for no military items, just switch grenades for pamphlets and you can just go from there. Also I have been checking supplies and setting things aside to aid in the set up of your new work space. There is a spare computer work station and office supplies and such."

"As you wish." Kotal agrees to Rayne's terms of having whatever officer that happens to be stationed in the Center to use non-lethal weapons. It is her operation after all. The Aztec glances down at the books that Sunset offers and listens as to how Minu seems to have grasped enough knowledge of computers to already set up programs that can be used for the Center. That only leaves the matter of advertisement. "When you are ready, Rayne, I can call the Gazette and have a reporter come interview you. They have worked for me very well for me in my past campaign."

Minu holds up finger "In fact I just had a thought. I have those two fellows moving furnishings. They can bring the supplies in to. I am just gonna go down and wrangle them and get that computer set up so Ren can get started." As she offers up a little wave and turns to hustle out of the room like a little whirl wind.

Rayne gets a bit of a mixed expression on her face. She wants to be thankful for the books, but... "Oh... Thanks! More study materials..." With a light sigh, she sets the books off to the side for later study. "I'm glad we've got that side of things handled then... That software will be invaluable, Minu..." Her voice trails off as the small elf runs out of her office in a rush. "Huh. Okay." She shrugs that away. "It shouldn't be long, Kotal. Possibly as early as tomorrow." She then slaps a hand down on the desk, summoning another smile to her face. "Well! I think we've actually made good progress today, yeah! Glad you could come, Kotal... I thought you were on a mission in the wastes, so I wasn't sure you could actually be here, but I'm glad for your insight and approval." Looks like she's trying to wrap the meeting up again.

Sunset's crimson and blonde locks bob a bit as she nods her head and smiles. "We keep making steady progress, and that's great, putting our ideas together like this instead of each trying to do our own thing."

Serenity looks interested, too, by Minu's allusion to greater computer skills. Ren offers her a lifted fin edge in farewell as she takes off. Ren looks on attentively without adding to the exchange between Kotal and Rayne. Ren smiles at the encouraging words from Rayne, then nods at Sunset's characterization of the progress. "Indeed I'm glad that we had the opportunity to speak together and keep everyone up to date." Ren grins and motions to the sides, "However hectic it might actually be around here, even appearing to have a coherent goal will surely comfort some new arrivals."

Kotal Kahn smiles once Rayne seems on board with the idea of setting up an interview, he does enjoy when everyone is using all the resources available to them after all. "Excellent. I'll call her and tell her to be ready." It's about time Rayne meets Hatate anyway.

However, when Rayne mentions that she's surprised he's here, the Aztec gives a very strange, almost sheepish, grin. "It is strange you mention that since I was on that mission in the wastes when this meeting was called." He stands suddenly once the meeting is adjourned and seems to be in a great hurry to leave. "If you'll excuse me I have to go make sure my warriors haven't gotten themselves killed." And he's off! Almost as quickly as Minu.

Rayne blinks. "Haven't gotten themselves...." She then covers her face with a hand as she sighs. "Well, unless you two have anything else to add, I guess we're done here for tonight?"

Sunset just kind of.. stares when the full meaning of Kotal's parting words sinks in. ".. If he left his fighters I'm sure they're okay and he's just being.. dramatic. Hopefully. He wouldn't of come if he didn't trust them, right?" She looks to Rayne. "Right?"

Serenity waves cheerily to Kotal, apparently not thinking anything of his comment at first, but frowns after the others question it. "Hhh... Yes, I can't think of any remaining concerns about the welcome center just yet," Ren answers uncertainly.

Rayne says, "Ehhhhh.... trust and overconfidence can be two different things... alright, I'm going to close up my office for the night, then. I'll see you two around tomorrow." She stands up, then looks down at the spreadsheets and books on her desk. No, tomorrow will not be the most fun of days for her."

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