2016-02-24 - The Fae and the Foreign Native

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The Fae and the Foreign Native

Summary: Asato realizes he's not in Kira anymore...

Who: Asato, Silencia
When: February 24, 2016
Where: Nowhereto Park - Fountain


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Another day, another training session. Silencia spends most of her free time in the park, exploring her powers and trying to strengthen them. Lately she's been working on fusing the power from the sun she received from Kotal and her connection to nature, but that had proven to be a bit difficult. Silencia is seated on the ground, surrounded by various flowers she had grown with the intention to house a bit of the sun's energy in them, but that failed. Silencia sighs and drops herself back, lying on the grass. A frustrated groan escapes the fae. "Why can't I make it work?!"


It's a soft sound that from the trees above her. And as she flops back, she might catch sight of a strange thing in the tree above her. A shape, a shadow, crouched on the branch, seems to be watching her. At first glance not a lot could be made out about it. Only two things-- that it was vaguely humanoid, and possessed a swishing tail.

Perhaps it felt that it could be seen, as it drew back. It leaped to another branch. That was definitely a human shape. But the leap was graceful and effortless. Rayne? No, probably not; the shape is too large, and there's a tail.

As the being crouches on the branch, its tail swishes behind it. It twitches several times, like a cat that's found something that both intrigues and frightens it. Swish, swish... twitch, twitch-twitch... swish...

What was that? Silencia quickly sits up and gathers her legs underneath her, ready to jump up and run if need be. Her hands are touching the ground, not only balancing her, but assuring her of her abilities. She would be able to evade danger at the very least. "Hello? uhm... I can see you..." Silencia is unsure if she should be running or not. She then mentally scolds herself. She was not the kind of person that would judge before knowing anything and there was no reason to start now! She gives a tentative smile and rises slowly. "My name is Silencia, may I ask for your name?"


The voice comes from that figure. The tail swishes a bit, and the fear seems to leave the being's countenance. Or rather, 'his' countenance-- that was a male voice. The man hops to another branch, this one a little closer to the ground. And he's finally revealed.

It's a young man, probably in his late teens. Brown skin. Black, shaggy hair. Dressed mostly in blue. His neck looks like it might be a little longer than a human's neck, maybe by a vertebra or two. It and his right arm are wrapped with bandages. But before all that? There's something else that might get noticed.

Cat ears.

It's true, the young man has ears like a cat on the top of his head. Though his pupils are round.

"...I can see you too," he supplies, as if that was really in doubt. Fangs peek out when he speaks.

Being able to actually see the person she's talking to made Silencia quite a bit more comfortable. Her tentative smile turns bright and cheerful and she waves to the intriguing cat-boy. "Nice to meet you, Asato! Why don't you come down? It's a bit odd to talk to someone who's up in a tree like that..." Silencia holds back her first instinct of wanting to run over and coddle the man, that would not be very polite! But he had cat ears and a tail! They looked so soft! Silencia takes a deep breath and calms herself, no, she would be polite and not baby a person she just met.

When asked to come down, the cat-man tilts his head a little. He seems to be considering it. It probably hurts her neck. And she doesn't seem like she's able to come up to where he is. So he shifts a little, dropping down from the branch as if he'd merely stepped down from a slightly higher stair-step. He definitely moves like a cat.

As he lands, his ears swivel in Silencia's direction, and his tail twitches curiously. He leans his head forward slightly, and his nose twitches a bit--- is he... sniffing at her? For all his feline mannerisms, he is leaving a respectful distance between them.

Depending on how deep Silencia's magical senses go, she might sense something... odd about him. Something dark exists within this young man. It is buried deeply and sleeping, but it is there...

Silencia smiles again as Asato comes down, honoring her request. "Thank you, Asato!" She does tilt her head slightly as she watches him move, it was interesting how feline he was. Not just in appearance, he seemed to be a perfect mixture of cat and human in mannerisms as well. The sniffing earns a smile from Silencia and she steps closer, offering her hand in greeting. "What were you doing up there? I don't think I've seen you around here before!" Silencia's tireless training had allowed her to be a bit more sensitive to other's magical presence and thus she did notice that odd dark presence within Asato, she chooses to ignore it for the moment though, he seemed harmless enough.

Asato greets Silencia's hand... by sniffing at it. The thought of a handshake obviously doesn't even occur to him. Her question of what he's doing up there gets a blink. He seems to consider his words for a moment, as if deciding how best to respond, before answering. "...Hunting."

Pause. His ears swivel to the sides as he turns his head to look around. Then he looks back to Silencia, again seeming thoughtful. "...This isn't Kira," he notes, as if it really needed to be said. "Where is Kira?"

It's worth noting that his voice is low and quiet, almost raspy, like he doesn't use it very much. Though given how awkward he seems when he talks, maybe that's not completely out of the realm of possibility.

The sniffing of Silencia's hand earns an odd look. She instinctively reaches to gently caress between the man's cat ears, just as she would do when greeted by a cat. She quickly pulls her hand back as soon as she realises though. She was supposed to be polite! His answer gets another odd look. Silencia is quick to catch on as the man continues to speak. "Ohh...no.. this isn't Kira, this is Twisted... Come, you might want to sit down." Silencia gestures for the cat to sit down, not bothering to get to a bench or something, the grass was soft enough. She waits for him to sit before settling, the girl paying close attention to Asato as she speaks. "This place... is an odd place, as the name would suggest. Even if you were in Kira before, you are far away from it now. It is unclear why, but people wander into this place and can't get back." Silencia pauses, trying to find the right words that would explain the situation while being as gentle as possible. "This place exists outside of your world, Asato, and many people from many different worlds are gathered here in the same way as you came here." Silencia gives a sad little smile to the cat as she continues. "Sadly enough, there are no known ways to get back to where you came from..." Silencia's tone, her voice, her posture, everything about her instinctively seems to be softer and more soothing, as if she's trying to project a safe haven to her surroundings. She knows very well how frightening and confusing this could be for a person, so she wanted to do this as carefully as she could. "But many of us have made this place our new home. You won't need to hunt, because almost everything is readily available around here, so there's that!" She tries to make a little joke there, tries to get a little bit of the positive in the probably overwhelming news for the kitty.

Asato tilts his head when asked to sit. But he does, folding his legs beneath him tailor-style and leaning his elbows on his knees to listen to Silencia. People didn't ask him that unless they were going to say something that would take a really long time. And sure enough, Silencia has a biiig bomb to drop on him. He's not in Kira. He's not in Yuukoku Valley. He's not even in Sisa. He's in... Twisted?


He says the name like he's tasting it, testing the word on his tongue.

But something else she says catches his attention, and his ears twitch. "...I can't go back?" He frowns sadly, and his ears droop. Then he seems to remember something, and his ears perk again. "Konoe. Where is Konoe?"

Silencia's eyes widen slightly as she sees Asato frown and his ears droop. "I... don't think so, Asato... you can't go back..." The cat-man's sadness tugged on her heartstrings and her inner mother was screaming for her to comfort him. She was about to reach out to him when he asks about Konoe. "Konoe? I don't know anybody by that name... but I think that they're probably still back in your world..." She finally gives in to her instincts and reaches out, her movements slow and deliberate as to not scare the kitty. She first pets him between the ears, taking a moment to gently scratch behind the right ear. She tries to convey without words that everything'll be alright. She knows how it feels to leave people behind, she had the same problem! She tilts her head and gives a gentle smile to the cat. "Who is Konoe? Could you tell me about them?"

Silencia's words drop like stones in his heart--

Konoe isn't here.

That strikes him harder than any blow. And the ears droop again, his shoulders slumping and his head bowing. His whole countenance drops.

That's when Silencia's hand touches his head. Ordinarily he would probably pull away. But his mind is occupied with the concept that Konoe is not there... it's a concept that his mind can't seem to wrap itself around. A scritch... his ear twitches a bit, and he leans into the scritch slightly.

Then she asks him to tell her about Konoe. He's silent for a moment, and reaches a hand to the ground beside him, beginning to scratch his sharp claws through the dirt in an idle way. He shifts, looking around. There is a tree beside him, the same one he'd been climbing, in arm's length. He promptly begins to scratch at the trunk! It's very much like a cat on a scratching post.

While doing this, he begins to speak. "...Konoe is Konoe. He's special. He's a Sanga. And he has a beautiful tail, whether it's black or white."

Oh no, no, no. The sadness that Asato displays at her words almost breaks Silencia's heart. He looked so sad! Silencia notices he responds to her scritching, so she keeps doing that, alternating between ears as she listens to Asato talk. She tries her best to calm him. She flinches ever so slightly as he starts scratching the tree trunk, but she doesn't say a thing, simply continuing with her tentative pampering. "Your tail is beautiful too, Asato! But what do you mean, black or white? Does his tail have two colors?" This Konoe is probably a very important person to Asato, Silencia felt like it was cruel that Asato had been ripped away from this person.

Asato doesn't seem to mind the petting, even while he's clawing at the tree. He does, however, pause when Silencia compliments his tail. And he seems to be a bit embarrassed. But he still smiles a little, nonetheless.

The question, though, needs answering. At the very least, he's no longer scratching the tree. He turns to face Silencia again. "...Konoe's tail was white. Then he was cursed. Then he broke it. Then it came back. We killed the cat responsible and it went away again."

Silencia answers that shy little smile with a bright happy one of her own. She was very happy she could get him to smile. The answer to her question puzzles Silencia, her petting pausing as she contemplates his words. "So the curse turned his tail black... hmmm..." She glances at Asato's face, her expression still a bit worried. "Are you okay, Asato? I know this all is a lot to take in, so don't hesitate to ask anything you want... Let me help you, okay?" If Asato pays attention to the nature surrounding them, he will notice that the atmosphere of the plant life around them seems to have softened, as if the nature mirrored Silencia's want to comfort Asato.

Asato's noticed, all right. He looks around, his ears swiveling when he looks in a direction. Everything's so gentle.

The words of him having questions brings his gaze to her. He tilts his head to look at her. Then he tilts his head the other way. "...Silencia doesn't have ears or tail." He pauses. Well, she's got ears. But they're in the wrong place. And they're pointed.

Suddenly Asato's ears lay back flat, his tail bristles uncomfortably, and his pupils change into narrow slits. And then he asks her a question that might seem very odd without some context.

"...Are you a devil?"

That earns another odd look. She had been a bit amused when Asato finally noticed that she didn't have the same ears as him or a tail. Of course he had been too distracted to notice that! But when he reacts so oddly and asks her if she is a devil, Silencia pauses with an odd look on her face before bursting out in laughter. Her laughter is light and again it seems like the nature around the two reacts to her, the nearby flowers blooming in front of them. She shakes her head while stopping her laughter. "I'm not sure yet what exactly I am, but I can tell you that I'm no devil..." She reaches out and touches a flower that had bloomed rather close to her, the petals seemingly straining to reach her. "According to some, I'm probably what people call a fairy..." She hums thoughtfully, how could she prove something like that? Oh, wait, that's how! "Look carefully, okay?" She shows her two hands, they are absolutely empty. She then cups them for a moment before opening them back up, allowing a small flock of colorful butterflies to escape and flutter around them. She giggles lightly and offers her hand to Asato so he can confirm that she's harmless. "You don't need to be afraid, sweety, I couldn't hurt you even if I wanted to..."

The laughter makes Asato pin his ears back even more, and he ducks his head in that particular way that cats do when preparing to be pounced. Clearly he's expecting an attack of some kind. When she says she's not a devil, he relaxes a little. Moreso when he sees the flower trying to reach for her hand. "...Nature wouldn't want you near it if you were a devil."

That seems to be all the convincing he needs. His ears swivel forward again, his pupils go round again, and his tail stops bristling. He reaches back for the furry appendage, bringing it forward, and beginning to lick the formerly fluffed-out fur. The gesture is very cat-like.

He pauses though, as Silencia cups her fingers in in front of her. His tongue is still out, even as he turns his head to look at Silencia. Yes, he did that thing. It's worth noting that his tongue is visibly rough, like a cat's.

He pulls his tongue back in as the butterflies spring out, letting go of his tail. Ears swiveling forward, he watched the butterflies fly away. His blue gaze is trained on them, his tail swishing as if he wanted to chase them.

But he returns his gaze to Silencia. And leans forward to sniff at her hand again.

The cat-man (or man-cat) was very intriguing for Silencia. He really was just like a cat! So adorable! Especially when he switches so quickly from threatened to comfortable. This time, when her hand is sniffed, Silencia scratches underneath his chin. His cat-like mannerisms made Silencia forget about his human side and she was simply curious about his reactions to her touch. It's been awhile since she last saw someone who was this comfortable with her petting and coddling them, so she wanted to enjoy it while it lasted! "There is a certain... connection between Nature and me... See?" She demonstrates her connection to nature by making a flower sprout up and bloom between them, a light touch to the ground was enough for that. Silencia smiles at Asato and pets him once more. "Most people I've seen here are very nice, even if they look a bit scary sometimes, so don't judge too quickly, okay Asato?"

Really it isn't that he's comfortable with it. He's just... not uncomfortable with it. Asato is very much a part of nature, living in harmony with nature. He trusts the trees to support his village, to hide him from prey, and to support his way of life. So it's only natural he would trust someone so close to nature. He tilts his head a little, letting his eyes close when Silencia starts scritching his chin.

See... Asato is a small-type cat. Within the small-types, there's a much stronger need for closeness, since they were closer to the cats that obeyed the Two Canes. And really... he's grown up like a stray. So really he's just enjoying the closeness. He doesn't have a concept of 'awkward' or 'weird' where this sort of thing is concerned. It's just closeness.

He watches her grow the flower and smiles a bit. The sadness from before hasn't completely departed, but it seems to have lessened. Her words of the denizens here looking scary gets a tilt of his head. "...I'm a monster child. So I won't judge others for being abnormal."

The fae girl had lived her life cramped in a small orphanage that had way too many children to take care of and they all had looked to her to give them the comfort a mother could give, so she was used to a lot of physical affection. Ever since she came to Twisted, she didn't have much chances to give out the same amount of gentle affection, except for when she's with certain people. So being able to pamper someone with gentle touches was something she had missed. Silencia doesn't miss that tiny smile on Asato's face and smiles as well, happy that she could help comfort the man. His words make the girl's eyes narrow slightly and she taps him on the nose, not hard enough to hurt, but enough to get his attention. "You're not a monster child, but a kitty cat. Do not let yourself be defined by the hurtful words from others..." She gestures to the flower she just bloomed. "Back in my world, I was chased away from my home because they thought I was a witch, so I know how destructive a label like that can get." Her hands leave Asato as the girl covers her mouth to yawn. She had spent quite some energy trying to learn a new skill, and she was starting to feel that wearing her down.

Asato ducks his head a little, ears flattening to the sides as his nose is booped. Her explanation gets a tilted head. "...You have magic, too?" he asks. A long pause, and he looks to the flower. And then shifts to his knees, reaching out sloooooowly to touch the flower. His hand is hesitant, much like a cat warily extending its paw to touch something it's no quite sure about, fingers drawing back several times before actually touching the petals of the flower.

They remain there a moment, before he draws his hand back, looking at it. "...It doesn't cut," he says. Then he reaches out for the flower, more confidently this time, and strokes over one of the petals with a finger. "It doesn't reject me."

The yawn gets his attention, and his ears perk. "Are you tired?" he asks.

Silencia smiles warmly at the cat, her expression a bit amused. "Of course it doesn't cut, it's a flower! Why would it reject you?" Silencia rubs her eyes, struggling to keep them open, it was odd how quickly this exhaustion grabbed her. "I've shown you a bit of my magic with the flower and the butterflies..." She nods lazily at the question, peeking in the direction of the TASK building. "I've been using my magic a lot today... I should rest a bit..." She then returns her eyes to Asato, feeling a bit responsible for the cat. "Come... I'll show you where you can get some food... then I'll go sleep..." She didn't even care what time of day it was, heck, she could curl up and fall asleep right here if she wanted to! She slowly rises to her feet and stretches lazily. She peeks at Asato and smiles. "They have anything you might want and it doesn't cost a thing, easy, right?"

"...The Void made the land reject us," Asato answered. "It made the world bright and green, like a new world, but it rejected us. The new world didn't want us in it. So we ran from it. A sorcerer was the one who started it, because he wanted us all to die." It might be disturbing how easily he says this.

As she gets to her feet, Asato stands as well. Cost... he'd learned about that. "...Konoe showed me about money," he confirms. "We only traded in Kira. I had never seen money used until I went to Ransen." These are probably places in his world. But, since she's been so nice, he returns the favor, by showing her that he appreciates it how?

He takes a few steps over to her. He bends a little, and nudges his nose at her shoulder gently. "...Thank you."

Silencia can't help but coo at the adorable gesture. She wraps her arms around the cat with an adoring smile, giving him a gentle hug. "You're welcome sweety..." The ease with which he revealed such a horrible matter made Silencia want to hug and protect this sweety from anything that could be considered sad. Silencia releases the cat and leads him to the usual restaurant. "This is where you can get some food, no need for hunting!" Silencia yawns again, struggling to keep her eyes open. "After I've rested, I'll come and find you, so don't wander off too far, okay?"

Asato follows her, though he pauses when he sees the city proper. "...It looks like Ransen." A look at one of the taller buildings. "...Except it's not broken."

There's going to be some issues. Namely? Cars. They're loud and stinky. His ears flatten back at the sound and smell, and he bares his fangs at it. HSSS! It won't take much for him to quit that, though. Still. Hsss!

By the time they get to the Usual, Asato's ears are flattened out, because he feels so tiny. He follows Silencia meekly. He nods at her words. "...The trees," he says suddenly.

Silencia reaches out to pet Asato again, hoping to ease the stress from encountering cars. The girl smiles and nods understandingly. "I'll find you over at the trees then... See you later, sweetie... Don't get yourself in trouble, alright?" She waits for him to enter the restaurant before getting herself back to Kotal's room. She needed some sleep and she needed it bad.

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