2016-02-25 - You know what? Forget Physics

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You know what? Forget Physics

Summary: Rayne goes to the park to assist Silencia practice her magic, and meets Asato while they're there.

Who: Asato, Rayne, Silencia
When: February 25th, 2016
Where: Nowhereto Park


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Ahh, such a wonderful day! It might be the blue skies, or the bright sun, or the gentle wind, but something made Silencia more motivated to get some training done! She decided against trying to fuse the two kinds of magic within her, at least for today, she had not been very successful with that. Instead she decided to drag Rayne along and practice her cloaking, a skill she knew she could do. Silencia seems more energetic than the last time Rayne had seen her, the paleness seems to be completely gone. Silencia grins at her friend. "Again, thank you for helping me out... This isn't something I can practice on my own, because I can still see myself while cloaking..."

Rayne steps along behind Silencia, arms behind her back holding her art pad. "Not a problem, Sil. I need to get my mind off work... I've just been too focused lately, and.... yeah. I need to do something else. And before you ask, no, I'm not going to attempt to draw you while you're vanishing from sight again." She smirks lightly as she looks around, internally debating what to draw today.

Silencia giggles lightheartedly and shakes her head. "How about a game of 'Find the girl'? I'll cloak myself and stand someplace, all you need to do is find me. You can move around all you want while I am not allowed to move once I've chosen my spot." She hums thoughtfully before speaking up again. "If you find me, you get a reward, but if you can't find me within a certain time limit, I get a reward!"

Rayne says, "Errrr....." She seems to actually ponder this. While it sounds like an interesting way to test Silencia's abilities, Rayne is a bit wary of Silencia's 'rewards', regardless who wins. Still, she does agree to the game with a somewhat reluctant sounding, "Sssssuuuuure. Why not?" This is of course accompanied by a bit of a suspicious look."

Silencia smiles innocently and makes her way over to the trees, glancing over her shoulder to see if Rayne's following. "Don't give me that look! You can choose your own reward, okay?" Once she's in the shade of the trees, she turns to Rayne and smiles. "Give me ten seconds to find a place while cloaked!" Then she disappears. The switch to her cloaked form comes easier to Silencia now, the girl no longer flickering when she tries to hide herself. She carefully picks out a tree far away from Rayne and presses her back to it. Her cloak should hide her presence and her tracks, but if Rayne were to come close, she would be able to see a faint, blurry figure leaning against a tree.

Rayne says, "Now hold on a second! What's the time limit!" as Silencia starts to vanish. With the other woman now gone from sight, Rayne sighs and counts to ten, setting her art supplies down in the meantime. As she finishes her countdown, she looks about the park, of course spotting nothing. With another sigh, Rayne starts wandering about, looking left and right, up and down, when she suddenly realizes something. "Oh... very clever, Silencia..." she mumbles as she holds out her arms at her sides. Of course. The most efficient way to find the invisible girl is to wander about with her arms wide, using her sense of touch... meaning a roundabout way of getting the rainbow haired girl to have to deal with her social anxiety. With another audible sigh, she begins wandering about again."

Silencia covers her mouth with her hands to stifle any laughter that could escape her when Rayne finally catches on to the Silencia's ulterior motive. She really did want to practice this skill, but why not kill two birds with one stone? She isn't allowed to move, so she keeps still, but she does notice the rainbow haired girl gradually getting closer.

Rayne continues wandering about, turning left, turning right, circling around trees. Really, if Silencia were up a tree, Rayne wouldn't know what she'd do to find her. Would the branch even bend under her weight with this spell? It's something to ask when this little game is over. She begins whistling an unidentifiable tune as she wanders, a moderately fast paced tune that sounds cheerful enough, but does have a fair number of minor key changes, expressing a bit of annoyance.

Silencia can't help but let out the tiniest of giggles at Rayne's annoyance. She quickly presses her hands to her mouth again though. Rayne was close enough to hear her, but Silencia wasn't sure. Her training so far had helped her keep up the cloak without flickering, but she was still visible when someone was close enough and focused. Silencia focuses on her breathing, just a little more and she would win!

Rayne's attention snaps to her left, hearing a slight giggle. Though her lips are still pursed to whistle, there's a slight smirk showing again at right corner of her mouth as she changes her direction of focus to that general direction. She's never attempted to hunt someone down by sound before, so she can't exactly zero in on Silencia, but she at least has a better chance now! Her tactic now is to hold her hand a few inches away from a tree while circling around, trying to get the most amount of coverage while putting a closer effort to the trees.

There is still much more that Silencia needs to learn, especially when it comes to discipline! That tiny little giggle had reached the rainbow-haired warrior and allowed her to get close enough to Silencia to touch her! Silencia feels her heartbeat speed up and her eyes widen as Rayne's hand moves closer and closer. She even leans away, trying to avoid it without stepping away, but it is no use. Silencia lets out a frightened little yelp when Rayne's hand finally makes contact with her arm. That actually scared her! The suspense was real! Silencia laughs and allows the cloak to disappear, appearing before Rayne with a smile. "You found me!" Damn! She had been so close to winning!

Thankfully, with this much concentration put into it already, it doesn't seem to bother Rayne much when she does come into contact with Silencia, though there is a quick retraction of her hand and a sudden stopping of the whistling when contact is made. While she would probably have had a startled reaction had she not known Sil was there, in this case she just smirks as Silencia uncloaks herself. "Well, then, I suppose your next batch of cookies is going to have to be white chocolate macadamia nut!"

Silencia laughs and nods "Alright then, your reward shall be the cookies of your choice! Don't complain that I'm making you fat though!" She grins and seems even more pumped up than before. "I still need to practice more!" She hums thoughtfully. "Okay, now I'll be turning invisible in front of you, I need you to focus on trying to see me. I want to see how visible I am, especially when the other person knows I'm there..." She cloaks herself again and waves. Because Silencia's standing right in front of Rayne she is a bit more visible. As long as the focus is there, Rayne will be able to see Silencia, though it might seem like she keeps blending in with the surrounding nature.

Rayne blinks as Silencia vanishes again.... or at least nearly vanishes. "Huh.... That's an... odd effect." She peers at the half-fairy girl and walks around her a bit, keeping her focus. "Yeah, I can still sort of see you... But it's like... I can't really describe it, Sil. It's like you're... kinda part of the tree, but not really? Or the grass... I dunno, it's just... weird."

Silencia nods thoughtfully and takes a few steps back, her movements slow so that Rayne can easily see her go. "And how about now? Does anything chance when I get rather away?" The farther she moves, the more difficult it is to distinguish her from the surrounding nature. Silencia just walks around Rayne for a bit, coming closer then moving away, trying to see if the girl will be able to follow her movements. Aside from the sound of her voice, there is no other indication of her presence. It doesn't take long for Silencia to get tired though, the cloaking did take quite a bit of focus, even more than the focus needed to see her.

Rayne keeps her focus on Sil, but doesn't say anything. Apparently it does take a lot of concentration, but she seems to be able to track Silencia's movements, at least until she is distracted for a split second, her eyes flickering away for that briefest of moments at a dog barking in the distance. After that moment, Rayne seems to have lost track entirely of where Silencia is. "Uhhh... Okay, I think I lost you now." She glances around, trying to relocate Silencia by the sounds, but unable to do so.

Of course Silencia would not waste an opportunity like that! She sneaks up behind Rayne and removes her cloak, the girl popping up right next to Rayne. Oh how fun! She giggles and sighs. "Here I am! Aaand now I need to sit down..." She drops herself onto the ground, sitting with her back against a tree. She smiles at Rayne, it was obvious that it did take quite a bit of energy from Silencia to keep her cloak on for longer periods. "So, how difficult was it to keep track of me?"

Rayne, this time, does jump ever so slightly at Silencia's reappearance. "Gyi!" It's not a huge reaction, though, and Rayne very quickly recomposes herself. "It takes a lot out of you, doesn't it?" She sits down on the ground a few feet away nearby. "Well, it took about all of my concentration to do it. I had some sort of reflexive look away at something and then I totally lost you after that. Just that... split second, and you were gone." She holds up a fist as she says this, and spreads the hand out on the word 'gone.'

Silencia grins happily at Rayne's words. "I'm glad! I was afraid I wouldn't be able to be completely invisible if you were close! I mean, you kept track of me for quite a while! And yeah, it does take its toll. I need to focus a lot for the cloak to stay on besides the fact that it drains my energy because I'm using magic..." She sighs and hugs her knees to her chest so she can rest her head on her knees. "I have a habit of training until I drop, so I'm being sensible and resting on time!"

Rayne says, "Yyyyeah, I'd much rather you were able to make it back to the tower under your own power, rather than me having to help you walk. So I'm glad you're knowing when to stop..." She tilts her head slightly, pondering how this works. "How do you.... recharge, so to speak? I mean, when I use a lot of spellwork, like, when repairing clothes, it for the most part just makes me hungry... and eating usually gets me feeling fine. Do you need to sleep to get yourself back?"

Silencia shrugs lightly and seems to ponder on the same subject. "I usually just get very tired and sleeping helps with that, but sometimes, especially when I use lots of magic, I get so very hungry as well." Silencia giggles softly. "There was this one time where it got so bad that I ate like an animal and then passed out... luckily I had been sensible enough to eat in the room instead of in the Usual restaurant or something!" She then pauses. "I don't know if it is because I'm his priestess, but being around Kotal also seems to help alot..."

Rayne crosses her arms and leans back slightly. "Ehhhh, I'm going to assume it's the whole priestess thing. I'm not exactly signing on to believing that love can boost magic. Not that I've ever been in a relationship since I've learned spellcasting, mind you, but that just seems a bit silly to me."

Silencia laughs and shrugs again. "I don't think it's because of love, but I don't know, it feels just a bit different from the connection as his priestess." She sighs and buries her face in her knees. "It's really frustrating not knowing what is going on... I mean, I know I'm probably some sort of fairy, but that's about it. I'm just fooling around with this and hoping it turns out right!" She raises her head to look at Rayne. "You know what I've been trying to do lately? I've been trying to fuse the sun powers I got from Kotal with my own nature magic. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, I haven't been able to make any progress and I don't know why!" It seems like Silencia has been struggling with this for a while now, because the girl is actually showing her frustration for the first time.

Rayne says, "Huh.... well, I'm lucky in that my parents explained my heritage. If I were an orphan... I possibly would have awakened as a phoenix eventually, given my shellfish allergy.... and really, you never know if you might meet an untimely end... But I'd have no clue what was going on, I'd be scared... But if someone else saw it, they're probably say 'Hey, a flaming bird! Must be a phoenix!' so I guess I'd know... But I couldn't begin to tell you about combining magics like that. Being a phoenix just... makes fire spells easier. Just that. I mean, I use a kind of generalist type of magic overall, not really limited in type so much as power... but I need to know the exact spells, unless it's basically dumping out fire."

Silencia listens to Rayne's explanation of her own powers, the girl really interested. "It's so very different from me! I mean, I figured out what I can by myself and I seem to be very limited in what kinds of magic I can do." Silencia chuckles and shrugs. "But at least I can do something, right? Maybe I'll be able to find out more about what I am and what I can do eventually." She raises her arms in a joking attempt at flexing. "Who knows what my potential is! I might even end up scaring Kotal!" She giggles and shakes her head. "Probably not though..." She sighs and stretches. "Ahh, almost better, before it felt like I really needed a nap, now I just feel like resting." Not completely done resting yet, but close!

Suddenly there's a head hanging from the branch above. Not a disembodied one, that would be gruesome. No, it's a young man with brown skin, short and scruffy black hair, and cobalt blue eyes. He has an almost pouty look on his face. He's just hanging there from the branch by his legs and his tail, upside down. He's just... THERE.

"...I found Silencia."

The statement is offered in a hesitant way, as if he's not accustomed to words coming out of his mouth. The boy is dressed in mostly blue with silver accents. It looks very rustic and old-fashioned, even so far as to call it anachronistic.

Oh right. He has a pair of pointed, black cat's ears on top of his head. They swivel and move in a way that can't be fake.

Rayne holds up an index finger. "That is one point. No one knows just what your full potential is! With me, I know exactly all what being a phoenix can do for me, and I even have a vague idea what it would be like were I to awaken as a dragon. But with you? Maybe you could be more powerful than any of us were you to fully understand what you are." She then sets her hand back down onto the grass next to her. "But really, I'm sure you could scare Kotal if you tried right now. I'd say ketchup would do it, but something tells me he'd see riyyyyeeeeAAAAAIIIE!" Yes, this would be the point that the cat-boy makes his appearance known. When Rayne regains her composure, she asks, "Friend of yours, Sil?"

The ruste of leaves was enough to draw Silencia's attention. When Asato pops up in view, Silencia had already tipped her head back to peek up. She smiles warmly at the male. "Yep, you found me, Asato! Did you manage to get something to eat at the restaurant I showed you?" Rayne's reaction earns a giggle and the girl nods. "Asato arrived here yesterday when I was busy training. He's very friendly!" Silencia gestures to the kitty, smiling wide at him. "Come on down now! I'll pet you again, if you like!" She really liked this boy, he was the first one from around here that matched her when it came to showing affection. "I've only told him about the fact that we're basically stuck here. I haven't gotten around to telling him more because I was on the verge of collapsing then. Maybe this is a good opportunity for you to practice for your Welcome Committee, Rayne?"

Rayne's cry makes the appearing catboy's ears go back in confusion. They aren't pinned back in anger, no. He just doesn't know why Rayne yelled. Still hanging upside down, he turns his head to look around, a confused look on his face. Silencia speaks up then, and he smiles a little.

The request to come down is obeyed-- Asato just sort of lets go of the branch with his legs and tail. But instead of falling on his head, he turns in the air, landing in a crouch. Then he shifts back and sits down on his rear.

He answers Silencia's question with a nod. "They didn't ask for money." Which is good, because he didn't have any. The question of a welcome committee gets a tilt of his head, and he looks to Rayne in question. Though he doesn't actually say anything just yet.

Rayne says, "Oh, uh, that's uh, Good?" She blinks a couple of times. "Okay, I'm getting a very Casdy vibe, and it's more than the ears and tail. Um, sure! Uhhh..... Dangit, we don't have a standard opener or... stuff. Um, hello, welcome to Twisted... My name is Rayne Hurris." Really, its always the opening that catches her up. She's looking nervous again, and definitely looks a little lost in what she should do or say."

Silencia smiles at Asato when he seems to be a bit more expressive than before. "Yep, there are quite a few places that don't ask for money, you can even get a place to live for free!" Silencia tilts her head slightly at Rayne "Who's Casdy? Ahh, never mind, maybe you could explain to Asato here how he could get an apartment?" Silencia obviously sees how lost Rayne looks, so that's why she offered that little bit of guidance. She doesn't seem to be set on explaining it herself though, she wanted Rayne to do it. Just another step in overcoming that social anxiety of hers! Silencia absentmindedly starts petting Asato between the ears, he was so very much like a kitty that she just could not resist!

Asato's steady, unblinking gaze probably isn't making Rayne feel any less nervous. He's an odd one-- his gaze manages to be both vacant and intensely focused, as if he's looking past one's eyes, at something just behind those eyes. As if others' eyes are the surface, and he seeks beyond it. When Rayne offers her name, the young cat offers, "...Asato."

His ears lower a bit, his head ducking a little, as Silencia starts petting him. He pauses to look at Silencia, to make sure that's what's going on. Once he figures that out, his head tilts, ears moving out to the sides so as not to interfere with Silencia's petting. He also closes his eyes briefly, a slow blink. So that's getting Asato's weird 'looking-through-you' gaze off of Rayne temporarily, too!

Rayne says, "I...uhhh... not the talkative type, are you... Um, okay. Less Casdy than initially thought... Um, I'll attempt to explain Casdy later, Sil." She takes a deep breath before beginning. "If you are in need of a place to live, I would suggest visiting Integra Arms apartments. They offer fully customizable apartments, free of charge. Similar to the food at the Usual Restaurant! I live in that building myself, so I can assure you it's.... nice."

Silencia starts scritching the ear closest to her while listening to Rayne. Maybe she would get more comfortable explaining the more she did it? She peeks at Asato. "If you have any questions, ask her, okay Asato? She can help you." Her demeanor toward Asato is exactly the same as it would be towards a stray cat that happened to be able to talk. She absolutely adored the little stray. She then peeks at Rayne and smiles. "I haven't told him about TASK or anything either, would you like to, Rayne?"

'Integra Arms'? Asato tilts his head a little. "I saw that building," he comments. As for getting a place to live? A look to the city proper. "It's noisy. The trees are nice." He nods at Silencia's instruction to ask Rayne if he has questions. "I will," he promises. But he also tilts his head towards the ear-scritches.

It's odd. It feels like another cat licking his ears, a little. But with the hands. His hands are different, he has cat-claws in human fingers. He couldn't scritch another cat like that, not without hurting them. But what's odder is the feeling that he's felt this before. Primordial comfort. Is that even a thing?

Rayne says, "Um....Okay. I guess some people prefer living outdoors..." She can't really fault him. She slept in trees for her first week in Twisted, after all. "Um, so... I... guess you don't have any questions, then? Uhhh..." She glances at Silencia, then looks down, then back up to Asato. "Um, well, here in Twisted, we have a local police force by the name of TASK. While admittedly they're a bit militaristic, they aren't a bad group of people if you get to know them." She really seems at a loss for what to say here... Asato having nothing much to say back is leaving her stumped on where to go from here."

Silencia nods appreciatively at the cat's promise and rewards him by scritching a fold of the ear she hadn't touched before. Yup, she loved pampering others like this, especially when they seemed to like it too. She decides to let Rayne off the hook for now, the socially awkward warrior had practiced enough for now. "I think that covers all the most important stuff, right?" Silencia gives Rayne a reassuring smile. "And now Asato also knows that he can come to you if he has any questions, so, for now, you have done your job! Well done, Rayne!" Silencia seems to be quite a bit more energetic than before, as if simply petting this catboy was something that recharged her. She peeks at Asato and grins. "Do you like that?"

Asato pauses when Rayne asks him if he has any questions. It's a long moment of silence, long enough for Rayne to explain about TASK. He's listening, not to worry. But then he does think of a question. "...Silencia said I can't go back. Can the cats from Sisa come here?"

And then Silencia does that thing to his ear. He abruptly relaxes, his eyes half-closing. Silencia's words to catch his attention, though, and he looks up again, his ears perking. He nods to the question. And then, perhaps surprisingly, offers, "Cats back home don't touch me."

Rayne gives Silencia a look as if she weren't quite sure how to take her praise. "You know... I'm not a child, Sil," she settles on. With a light sigh, she looks back to Asato again. "It is possible. I've been told that once one person from a universe arrives, it becomes more likely that more will come from that same universe. I...assume Sisa is where you come from? Would it be good or bad if more arrived?"

The instant relaxation of Asato is something that makes Silencia smile. She almost regrets pulling him from that happy little trance. His words make her frown slightly and she just showers him with affection through her petting and scritching. "Well, then it's their loss, I mean, the fur on your ears is wonderfully soft!" She sounds a bit angry though, not at Asato, but at the other cats that did not give Asato the attention he obviously needed. She simply listens to the exchange about cats coming from Sisa. Rayne's look gets a giggle and the girl shakes her head. "I know you're not a child! Can I not give you a compliment, Rayne?"

Asato's ears perk, and he looks at Rayne with wide blue eyes as she confirms that it's possible for more cats from his world to come here. And he nods when Rayne asks about Sisa. At the question? "Good. We killed all the really bad cats." He says this easily, as if he were talking about the weather. "Konoe or Kagari... that's who I'd like to come here. I don't like Rai, he's horrible to Konoe. And Bardo still smells like something bad's going to happen."

Silencia's words get a blink. "I'm cursed. They don't want to be cursed too." There's no real sadness in the voice. Just acceptance. As if he had accepted that he was cursed as a fundamental fact of life. The sky is blue, the grass is green, everyone dies, and Asato is cursed. That's what it sounds like.

Then something else occurs to him. "Daytime looks different here." ...Well, that was a little uninformative.

Rayne lets out a sigh. "Sil, I swear, you couldn't turn off the whole 'motherly' thing even if you tried, could you?" She then tilts her head at Asato. "Well, let's hope your friends come, then... but do I even want to know what's up with your curse? And..." She looks up at the sky. "Uhhh... what's different about daytime?"

A light yawn escapes Silencia and the girl reluctantly gets up. "I think I do need a nap after all... it was nice seeing you again, Asato! I'll come visit you more! The matter whether you are cursed or not is something we'll talk about next time!" HEr voice is somewhat stern and angry for that last part. She also waves at Rayne before leaving, the girl having just enough energy not to bump into things.

Asato looks to Rayne with a tilt of his head. He doesn't really know if she wants to ask. But he figures she wouldn't have asked if she didn't want to know. Though Silencia's tone causes him to lower his ears and hunker down a little bit. He watches her leave, though, his ears going forward again. It's not until she's a distance away that Asato answers Rayne's not-quite question. "My father's a devil." He's amazingly frank and calm about it.

Rayne blinks, surprised at the sudden turn-around in Silencia's awakedness. "Huh... uhhhh, well, I..." Her attention snaps back to Asato as he mentions that his father is a devil. "Oh... well, that's not a curse! That's just your parentage. Am I cursed because my mother is a dragon? Or my father is a phoenix? No. You're just... devilish?"

Asato doesn't seem to recognize the term. Or maybe there's something that makes him give Rayne a confused look. The proof comes in a question:

"Fee...nicks? What's that?"

Rayne says, "Uhhhh, a kind of... semi-immortal flaming... bird... thing... Like, I don't age, and if killed, my body burns to ash and I kind of... fly out of the ashes in the form of a bird." She shrugs. "That's... more or less what a phoenix is, really."

Asato blinks a little at the explanation. He tilts his head back, looking up at the sky for a moment. It doesn't look like he's going to reply. But then he suddenly asks, "It doesn't hurt?"

Rayne says, "Oh, I feel every little thing that kills me, if that's what you mean. When I'm a bird, fire doesn't hurt, though. I kinda... am fire when I'm a bird." She looks up to the sky as well, since he's looking up there. After a moment, she asks, "What's your sky like?"

"...The moon," Asato replies. A long pause. "There's two. A moon in the day and a moon at night. The sun must have been too heavy." A lot of what he says probably raises more questions than it answers, but the young cat-boy doesn't seem to realize that.

Rayne says, "One in day and one in..." She ponders this. "They would have to be in the Lagrange points... would that even be visible?" She then shakes her head, remembering that not every universe has the same laws of physics as the one she came from. She goes for a more generalistic approach next. "Different worlds have different systems of moons. I've been to planets with four moons, other that have never had a moon. If your world had a red sky, I'd wonder if you were from the same world as a friend of mine."

"There was no sun," Asato replied. "Ribika couldn't hold it up. So it fell into the sea. That's why the water's golden." He's probably talking about his own world. He looks to Rayne at the mention of a red sky, and shakes his head. "Blue," he confirms.

Rayne says, "There's.... no.... sun?" This seems to make her brain hurt. "Uuuugh. Yeah, like the whole Equestria thing all over again. The laws of Physics don't seem to work the same in your home as what I'm used to."

Asato shakes his head. "The Moon of Light and the Moon of Shadow. But the day is bright, like here." Yeah that definitely doesn't work that way. How could a moon reflect enough light to make it bright as day? If there was a star close enough to reflect off the moon, how isn't there a sun? It's enough to make a scientist cry, isn't it?

Rayne says, "Okay... you have two moons, but know of the sun as a separate entity in the past?" That would mean they don't just use moon as a word for sun... "And it... fell? The warmth all comes from your... oceans?" She's definitely having trouble wrapping her mind around this. "Wouldn't the light all come from... Urrrrrrrrg.... This is giving me a headache." Actions match words as she closes her eyes and puts a hand on her forehead."

Asato shakes his head again. "No, the earth is still warm. When it's not cold." Apparently they still use 'earth' for their world, at least. He pauses though. "...Maybe. It doesn't get so cold." When Rayne puts a hand on her forehead Asato tilts his head to regard her. The concern is there in his eyes, even if he doesn't speak.

Rayne looks up again, slapping her hands onto her knees (she is still seated, after all). "You know what? It's just different from what I'm used to. I'll take it as that and leave it as that. A warm sea sounds nice, like a giant hot springs! A lot nicer to swim in than a cold one, that's for sure!"

Here Asato nods. But he has a thoughtful look on his face. Maybe that's why the rivers never froze? Or maybe that's why the winter was never really cold. He'd heard that in the days of the Two-Canes, the world got really cold. Snow was all but unheard-of in Sisa. It got cold, but never cold enough to snow. Maybe the sun really WAS in the sea!

"I never got to." A fragmented statement. Kira was far away from the sea."

Rayne says, "Well, I'd avoid swimming in the sea here right now. It's a bit seasonably cold at the moment." She finally stands up and brushes dirt and plant matter from the seat of her dress. "Well, it was nice to meet you, Asato, but I'm afraid I must be off. I should be at work soon, and really should be dressed more appropriately for it."

Asato nods, offering an affirmative grunt. As Rayne stands, he does too. He hops up onto the branch again, jumping from the ground and landing as if he'd done it a million times. Though he pauses before he leaves. "...Take... care. Is that right?"

Rayne nods back to Asato. "Yup! That's right. Take care, Asato."

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