2016-02-26 (PostU) The War God Meets the Kitteh

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the War God Meets the Kitteh

Summary: Rayne and Silencia want a peaceful evening in the park. The Krew doesn't seem to agree.

Who: Asato, Kotal_Kahn, Minu, Rayne, Silencia, Reptile, Ermac, Erron_Black, Ferra-Torr, D'vorah
When: February 26th, 2016
Where: Nowhereto Park

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You ever seen a group of people making a phalanx with no shields? It's a remarkably impossible task and yet Kotal and his Krew are somehow managing to pull it off.

Or rather, Kotal is just marching whilst his warriors are all pressing their backs on him covering each others' flanks, no one is going to caught them unawares in that position, that's for sure!

It also makes extremely difficult to walk normally, which Kotal is beginning to notice as everyone continues to push and shove him. "Is this really necessary?" Grumbles the god.

"Jussst sssome preventive measures in cassse we are to find those monsssters again." Reptile assures him, who has his scimitar out. In fact, everyone has their weapons drawn and look quite on alert

Kotal shakes his head as he finally comes to a stop in the park. "Come now, it wasn't that bad. Did you not emerge victorious?"

"Easy for you to say, Kahn. Not all of us are gods, ya know?" Argues Erron Black.

"Ya huh!" Ferra chips in as she's currently a top Torr whilst holding a little hunting bow. "We no like bitey monsters! We all stick together from now on!"

Let's just say that after the encounter with the Xenomorphs, the Krew is more than a little traumatized. Its gonna take a little bit before they can stop clinging to Kotal.

Up in a tree - not too far up, just about ten feet off the ground - sits Rayne. Though a slight challenge to keep her modesty in tact while wearing a sundress, she is managing to do so relatively easily. But Rayne is up there today to try to distance herself from her job... or jobs, as it may be for now. All work and no play make Rayne a dull girl, after all... And this evening, Rayne is working on her artwork. Notably, she's drawing the fountain in the play of the street lights, the far different image that the deeper shadows create across it. Of course, this also requires that she have her own light, and a small, battery operated lamp hangs from the branch above her, making her location fairly easy to spot. But even in this darker hour, she can't help but notice the almost comical image of the Krew walking alongside Kotal close enough that they're almost walking on each others' feet, eliciting a light laugh from the rainbow haired woman. For now, she's content to just watch what's happening.

Oh how crowded the park has become! Silencia has spent most of her day training her control over her magic and the nature. There even had been little children who had gathered and wanted to play with the butterflies she summoned and the plants she grew. But now the children are gone and Silencia has shifted her attention to the little project that has been annoying her to no end. She was working on containing some sun energy within the flowers she grew. So far, there hadn't been much succes, but Silencia felt like today might be the day! Her concentration and focus makes her blind and deaf to the world around her, the girl not even noticing the arrival of the comical Krew. She is vaguely aware of Rayne's presence, but pays not much attention. She's seated on the ground, her connection to nature also conveyed through physical means. Her hands are on the ground, surrounding a little piece of the ground. Silencia herself is humming lightly while trying her best to use her two kinds of magic at the same time. Even though she is concentrating, she seems completely calm, the complete opposite of Kotal's poor Krew!

Rustle. Rustle rustle.

That's the trees above Kotal's Krew. There's something up there. A black shadow is in those trees, leaping from branch to branch. It's vaguely humanoid, and has a lashing tail. A little like those xenomorphs... Oh no, have they come back for more?!

But it's not coming after them. No, it's Rayne who might notice her silence disturbed by a shaking of the tree. Something's landed in it just above her. That's the only warning she's going to get before a familiar face pops up-- well, actually, pops DOWN, from the branch above. It's Asato, and he's doing that thing again, where he's hanging upside down.

"There are lots of people here," he observes flatly. The almost pouty look insinuates that he doesn't think think is a good thing.

The trees! They are in trees!!

All of the Krew fighters have varying degrees of chi sensing. However, all of them have at least enough to recognize and deduce where power signatures are coming from.

All of them sense that Rayne is up on the trees, and all of them recognize that there's a power signature up there that they do not recognize.

Soon enough, all of Kotal's warriors start to become noticeably agitated as they come to the conclusion that whatever is up there with Rayne is a Xenomorph. Because what else could it possibly be around here, right!?

"Look out above!!" D'vorah cries out and extends her insect wings to fly up where Rayne is. Ermac, who also is capable of flight, ascends to the tree top and gathers bright green energy on one hand to charge up an attack. "Stand fast, Rayne. We shall aid you." Sure, all of them are terrified, but they are also warriors, and the way warriors deal with problems is to fight them!

Meanwhile, Kotal seems to be completely oblivious to what his warriors are doing. The moment he lays eyes on Silencia the rest of the world simply stops existing.

He walks away from his agitated phalanx and approaches Silencia quietly, kneeling next to her. He doesn't interrupt her though knowing that she's trying to concentrate.

Much like Kotal, Rayne did not want to interrupt Silencia's practice, hence her relatively remote location from the other woman. As her tree shakes from the impact of a human-sized body landing in it, she does look about a bit worried, reaching down towards the hem of her dress... But as Asato hangs down in front of her, she gives him a smile and returns her positioning to what it was before. Much better than her reaction yesterady. "It is a public park, Asato. There are always lots of people here, even at night. You just have to get used to it, I'm af-" And then the flying members of the Krew are all up in the air near her, warning her of danger. "Uuuuuhhh... Aid me with what, exactly?" She just looks from Ermac to D'vorah with a bit of a confused look. "I got up here on my own, I can get down just fine as well, you know." Clearly, she has no clue what has these two so on edge.

The disturbance back at the trees is something that does not even register with the focused Silencia. The arrival of her beloved does not get a reaction from her, it is unclear if she's unaware of Kotal's appearance or if she's simply not reacting. Either way, his arrival does seem to have some sort of effect on the flower she's trying to grow. Silencia's eyes widen slightly as she feels the flow of energies within her harmonise and react the way she wanted them to. Her humming increases in intensity and a beautiful golden rose sprouts from the ground. The golden color is caused by the sun energy that is trapped within it's petals, the rose managing to glow with a gentle light. Silencia laughs heartily and turns to hug Kotal. "I did it! I finally did it!!" Silencia seems to be ecstatic, this project had been annoying her so very much because it had shown no signs of improving, but now she had finally managed to grow a flower infused with the sun's light! Kotal's presence had helped her reach the balance she needed to succeed.

Asato isn't completely oblivious. In fact, since he's noticed the group on the ground, he's pretty well sure where they are. Suddenly people are flying ad glowing green! He doesn't wait for Rayne's answer, because he can sense movement and malice towards him. He quickly flips, landing on Rayne's branch, and crouching before her, as if to shield her. His ears are pinned back, but he doesn't make to attack yet.

Cats-- er, people-- don't just fly around on bug wings, or float and make green energy. Besides that, D'vorah in particular seems to have Asato's tail bristling. Much of her appearance reminds him a little of Froud, that Devil who took so much pleasure in killing, and tried to make Rai give in to his battle-insanity.

Sadly this means he misses Silencia's sun-infused flower. Asato will praise the sun more properly-- and greet her and Kotal-- when he doesn't fee like he's being set upon by Devils again!

On the bright side, he doesn't look at all like a xenomorph. He's just a cat-boy with dark skin, black hair and ears/tail, dressed in blue. But his claws are out, his ears are pinned back, and his tail his bristling. He's even got his back arched a little. If he had fur like a normal cat his back would probably be bristling too. He's clawing the branch, trying to make himself look bigger, etc. More what cats do when they're scared than anything else.

The good news; It's not a Xenomorph.

The bad news; something is definitely not right with this cat person.

Never mind that he's gotten into a clear defensive position and he's far too close to Rayne for comfort. Ermac, who is the best at sensing energies, even more so than Kotal, quickly identifies that there is something greater to this person than just the cat ears and the tail.

"A demon??" Ermac mumbles to himself and points that glowing hand at Asato's direction. "Stand back from the officer, creature! We command you!" It probably doesn't help at all that when Ermac talks there is an echo of people trailing behind his voice, like if there was a multitude of people speaking and not just one.

Following Ermac's lead, all members of the Krew jump up to the tree and surround Asato. Erron trains his revolvers on him, Reptile holds a floating ball of acid, D'vorah points with her stingers, and Ferra stands on the tallest branch pointing down with her bow. The only one who didn't jump up the tree is Torr and probably with good reason.

"You heard 'im, cat boy." Says Erron as he pulls back the hammer of his revolvers with his thumbs. "Step away from the lady."

Meanwhile, while all that commotion is happening, Kotal smiles and embraces Silencia happily after her experiment pays off. Yep, there is nothing going on in the world for the Aztec when Silencia is around. "Well done, my butterfly." He says pleasantly having no idea of what's happening behind him with his warriors, Asato and Rayne.

Rayne sighs and face palms. "Oh, for gods' sakes..." She takes a deep breath in, and attempts to channel her mother. She removes her hand from her face and looks up at the Krew, a look of seriousness that is a bit out of place on her. "Stand down! That is a direct order!" she shouts with an unusual air of authority. Rayne looks from one to the next, each in turn. "Mr. Asato is not a threat for you to intimidate, but another displaced person lost here just like the rest of us!"

As the tension on Asato, Rayne and the Krew's side grows, Silencia and Kotal seem to be completely closed off in their own happy little world for the moment. Silencia giggles happily and places a soft kiss on Kotal's forehead before returning her attention to the flower. "It's all because of you, Kotal! I've been struggling with this for so long, but when you arrived, I could finally grow this rose!" She carefully plucks the rose, holding it up for Kotal to see. "Can you feel the sun's energy within the petals of this rose?" Thats when Silencia finally notices something outside of her little bubble. Rayne's authoritative tone is something she had never heard before, so it makes her pause. She blinks and peeks at Kotal. "Uhm... I think something went wrong over there..."

Asato's ears only pin back more, and he hunkers down a little, when he realizes so many creatures are pointing means of attack at him. His claws sink deeper into the branch. Any of the assembled people might have seen precisely that same posture in a fluffy Russian cat with a very negative attitude-- 'no no no no no no no'...

Rayne's words actually seem to put Asato a little at ease, and he looks to the strange people surrounding him with weapons drawn. It gives him the strength to speak. "I'm not a demon. I'm a cat." Pause, another look around. "I was protecting Miss Rayne." From the Krew!

Rayne gets the credit that she deserves. When she speaks and tells all of them stand down, her words are commanding enough that it reminds them all of the chain of command. Realizing that when Kotal isn't present Rayne is the one who leads, the Krew reluctantly lower their weapons and look at each other. It appears that this 'cat' isn't a threat and even claims that he was protecting Rayne.

Well, at least he doesn't look like a Xenomorph, but that still doesn't explain why he reeks with a demonic aura. "Be warned, Second." Ermac floats closer to the two. "We can see foul energies emanating from this so called cat. We would not be so quick to trust him if we were you."

And almost as if to say 'HEY GUYS WHAT'S GOING ON OVER HERE?' That's when Torr decides to jump up to the tree top and cling to it. Needless to say that the entire tree starts to bend over in a very awkward angle.

Meanwhile, in the land of happy sunshine and butterflies, Kotal is busy hugging Silencia close and smiling as she dotes over him. "Indeed, I can sense its power. You have done very well. But you should not thank me, my butterfly. It is through your own perseverance that you have achieved this goal." The Aztec lifts Silencia and happily twirls her around having a grand time with his girl. So much in fact that he's now quite plainly ignoring whatever chaos is going on behind them. "I am certain they can handle it." He responds to Silencia in an attempt to shrink his responsibilities. Besides, Rayne's there, what could possibly go wrong??

Since it was evening and there was nothing else at the office that needed to be done, Minu decided it was a good night for a little flying. She had been inside working all day and a little freedom was called for. Through the night the tiny owl flew on silent wings. Upon reaching the park, voices caught her attention and drew her toward the happenings of the Krew and the others. As the tiny owl circles the clearing she takes in the scene and golden eyes catch movement of one of the big trees starting to bend to the side. A soft hoooooooo can be heard as she silently circles on wing , watching the ensuing chaos. She also has not missed the snugly happenings between Sil and Kotal either.

Rayne nods to the floating sorcerer. "Yes. I am aware, Ermac. He has been up front about his demonic heritage, just as I have been up front about my phoenix and draconic heritage." She makes a point of mentioning the side of her bloodline that isn't active. But as far as what could possibly go wrong? How about having a giant humanoid at the very top of the tree. That's pretty freaking wrong when the entire tree seems like it's about to snap in two. "Kyon dez vach!" shouts the rainbow-haired second as her perch is suddenly threatened with a violent, splintery end. She shoves her art supplies out of the way before swinging down from her branch to land on the ground and run a few yards from the threatened tree. "What is wrong with you?! You are not a bird, Torr!"

Silencia cannot help but be a bit worried because of how tense the situation with the others seemed to be, but Kotal did a very good job of distracting her. She giggles lightly as Kotal twirls her around. "You're being silly, Kotal!" Just as she's about to dote even more on Kotal, the priestess tenses and turns her attention over to the rowdy group once more. Just as they finally had the opportunity to spend some more time together, they get interrupted! Her connection to nature went both ways and she had felt an unsettling sensation in the pit of her stomach, that's why she needed to peek. When she saw Torr hanging from the top of the tree, bending the poor thing, Silencia gasps. "Oh no! Torr, get down from there!" Silencia slips out of Kotal's embrace, making the roots and vines grow to support the tree and pull it back into an upright position. She's still standing near Kotal, her back leaning against him even, but she needed to be on the ground to physically connect to mother nature to use her magic more comfortably. She frowns and speaks, unsure if the others could actually hear her. "The tree isn't very stable, they should get away!"

Asato's ears and tail don't relax, even when everyone stop pointing implements of destruction at him. He is however, no longer clawing the branch. Ermac's statement of 'foul energies' prompts the cat to wrinkle his nose. "That's my father," he says. He quiets as Rayne speaks up. It's true, he's been pretty up-front about his dad being a demon.

Suddenly the tree lurches with Torr's weight, and Asato vacates it as well. He does so by leaping down and to the side, hopefully putting himself out of the way if the tree should fall. As he does, he catches sight of the owl. But for the time being he maes his way over to Rayne, to see that she's all right.

The roots growing up around the tree again draws his attention, and Asato looks over. Silencia? His blue eyes are questioning. And he tilts his head at the large blue being near her. His ears swivel forward to catch sounds in that direction. He doesn't sense unease from Silencia regarding the blue one at her back, though...

"Perhaps." Ermac relents slightly as Rayne reveals that she knew beforehand of Asato's nature. It is unexpected but it doesn't keep the soul golem from prodding further. "Dragons and phoenixes are inherently different from demons, however. We will remain uncertain in this manner until proven he is trustworthy."

"In the meantime we will yield to your decision, Second. We will not harm him, for now." Ermac, like D'vorah, is viewed in high standing amongst the Krew and he thinks that they should listen to Rayne, then its a good idea to obey. Everyone stands down just in time to be thrown off balance by a massive ogre known as Torr trying to climb up a tree.

Even if he's constantly wearing that mask, Torr looks a little sheepish when Rayne scolds him and even attempts to 'chirp' when Rayne questions if he's a bird.

Alas, Kotal has to agree that it looks like their attention is needed and he releases Silencia before reluctantly walking back to where everyone's gathered. And he finally had a chance to be his butterfly too, dang it. He's even dragging his feet a little.

Fortunately for the tree, Silencia manages to wrap sturdy vines to make sure it won't snap in two under Torr's massive weight. However, if its not snapping in two now it means its going to try and straighten itself up as soon as Torr lets go of it.

Everyone jumps out the branches as Torr lands back on the ground.

Except for one cowboy who was just half a second too late.

"Hey wait-AAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..!!!"

That'd be Erron Black screaming as he's violently catapulted to the other side of the park.

The little owl blinked golden eyes as Rayne lept from the tree and yelled at Torr. When the great lumbering beast came down from the tree and sent Black flying the little owl nearly missed a wing beat. Ok she can't let the guy sail through the air with out going to check on where he lands. So the owlet does a wing over and flaps hard to go find out where the guy ends up...he is part of the team after all.

Rayne sighs and facepalms again at the chaotic goings on around her. She then turns to look at Asato with her one exposed eye. "I take it that it's reactions like this why you referred to it as a curse?"

Silencia slowly steps closer to the tree, her roots and vines still supporting it. Torr's weight had damaged the tree enough that it wasn't able to stand without support anymore. Silencia places her hands on the tree. She tries her best to make the tree regrow what has been broken and it seems like she has done a good job. She sighs and turns her attention to the people around, her expression a bit tired. "I know that meeting new people can be exciting, but don't hurt the nature. I can feel that, you know?" She couldn't really be angry at Torr, mainly because she understood that all this probably wasn't something he had wanted to do, he simply didn't think it through! She peeks at Kotal, her violet eyes trying to convey the sentiment. She doesn't seem to have noticed Black flying off, or she would've run after him as well. For now her attention to turned toward Rayne and Asato, her expression concerned. "Are you both alright? If you're injured or hurting, tell me." She doesn't retract her roots, keeping them wrapped around the tree for now. The golden rose is still in her hand, the girl very careful in the way she holds it.

Asato stands straight once the tree is straightened. And then he blinks and follows Erron's trajectory when the cowboy goes flying. Rayne's words catch his attention then, and he turns his head in her direction, his ears swiveling towards her. He nods. "I was born a monster. Other cats stayed away from me. Before I left they chased me out. And then they kept sending assassins." He speaks these words like it's a thing he's accepted.

Silencia speaks then, and Asato lowers his ears a bit, ducking his head. "I'm sorry. I scratched the tree." As for his state of health? Asato shakes his head. He's not hurt. He does give a sidelong glance to Kotal's Krew. D'vorah especially. Buuuuuuug-demon-thing! He eyes her warily.

The rest of the Krew also look up when they see their cowboy member go flying through the air via tree catapult. "Bang bang go bye bye." Ferra even remarks intelligently as she settles back on Torr's shoulders.

It is when Asato reveals that his demonic nature is not by choice that all the kombatants look slightly crestfallen. They all know how it feels to be persecuted for things that are beyond their control, and they feel more than a little hypocritical for jumping to conclusions so quickly. This becomes even more evident when Silencia comes to scold them all as if they were little kids. It always felt bad in general when Silencia scolded them, namely because she was alright had good reason to.

It is at this point that Kotal approaches the group. Though he had been busy with his priestess he heard all that transpired. He looks to Silencia first as she watches him and then back to the group.

Namely, he approaches Asato and looks down upon him with those glowing eyes of his.

"Forgive my warriors." Kotal says, "They are protective of their own as best they can."

"I overheard that you are new to Twisted. I bid you welcome traveler. Know that I am Kotal Kahn, Director of TASK and guardian of this realm. You will not be persecuted here for your nature, of that I can assure you. As long as you abide by the rules of this city you have nothing to fear."



Erron is hanging upside a tree and his eyes are spinning. The typical @_@ face.. except upside down.

Minu followed the cowboy in flight till he crashed into the tree and was caught fast, upside down. She wings carefully closer then lands on a reed thin branch and tilts her head all the way around till its nearly upside down and hoots at the cowboy. When he just looks dazed, she hops onto the branch that holds him fast and hops on it, making the branch bob slightly. "Hoooot, Hooot hoot.Hooot!" she chatters at him to get his attention, if that fails the nearest flesh is forfeit for a sharp beaking. He needs to come to and pay attention.

Rayne lets out yet another annoyed sigh. "I'm fine, Sil. It takes more than dismounting a branch that low to hurt me." She then finally removes her hand from her face as Kotal introduces himself to Asato. After this, she adds to his speech with a, "Like I said, a bit militaristic, but nod bad once you get to know them..." She then looks around, just now realizing something. "Wasn't Erron here just a minute ago?"

The look in Silencia's eyes softens as Asato seems to be so very sorry for scratching the tree. She makes her way over to him and pets him reassuringly. "It's alright, sweety, a little scratching is no problem. Ripping or breaking entire trees is a different matter..." And now for the warriors. They seemed to be sorry enough, so Silencia nods acceptingly. "I can see that you all are sorry for your actions, so I will forgive you this time..." She peeks as Kotal introduces himself to Asato and she smiles friendlily before joining Kotal's side. "They all are way nicer than you think, Asato! I hope you'll be able to make friends with them..." When Rayne mentions Erron Black, Silencia peeks around and frowns. "I'm not sure... was he?"

With all the problems seeming to have been solved, at least for the time being, Asato's tail ears relax, and his tail stops bristling. He swings the tail forward, taking hold of it, and starts to lick the fur towards the end, trying to get it to lay down properly. Kotal's arrival prompts him to stop his grooming, his ears perking forward. Except for a few moments he's still got his tongue hanging out. That thing cats do sometimes. Weird things. Yes, his tongue has cat-spikes on it. When he realizes he's still got his tongue hanging out, he pulls his tongue back in. Nods to Kotal. He gave his name, so the cat offers in return, "...Asato."

Rayne's question of Erron gets Asato to look in the vague direction the cowboy flew. He's unaware that the owl is anything but a bird. Mmm, bird. Come to think of it, he hasn't been hunting this evening. Even if there's nothing but tiny birds in these trees. That owl was a bit bigger than most of them, though... maybe there's more meat on it?

Silencia's petting seems to draw Asato's mind away from thoughts of hunting owls, though. His ears twitch a little, and then swivel out to point toward the sides. His eyes close a bit. Yes, he likes that. Given the isolation he seemed to indicate in his statement of his past, that's probably no surprise. He still regards Kotal's Krew a bit warily, but when Silencia chimes in that they're not bad people, he seems to relax. It's only then, when Silencia seems to not notice where Erron went, that Asato points in the direction the owl flew. "The tree threw him that way." Point.

It does look like things are as calm as they can possibly get around here. The calm that usually follows the storm that is Twisted is at best.. a weird one. What with Asato licking his tail and then sticking his tongue out whilst still staring at Kotal.

That is not -by far- the strangest thing Kotal has ever seen. But its still odd enough that draws him pause. Huh. Yeah, that was kind of weird.

As things settle down momentarily, Kotal wraps an arm around Silencia when she settles next to him and looks around. Indeed, where did Erron go?

"Yeah, yeah!" Ferra chirps in after Asato points in the direction where Erron flew away. "Bang bang go bye bye!" That's Ferranese for 'Erron Black went flying that way'.


Erron's wake! Honest! Minu doesn't need to bite him with her beak. Though she might probably do that anyway. The cowboy shakes his head and adjusts his hat which is only still on his head because he's strapped to his neck. "Ugh.." He grumbles and adjusts his eyes on the owl perched close to him. "That you, Minu?"

He asks and backflips off the branch to land on his back, dusting his poncho. "Came here to gloat?"

Minu hoots as the cowboy speaks. The little owl hopping off the branch and taking flight as the man jerks free with that back flip and lands on his back on the ground. The tiny owl rolls her eyes and quite visibly huffs as she wings her way down then shifts to her native elven form and looks down at the prone man "If I wanted to gloat I would have come up with a way to drop you on your head while you were still dazed. Not that you would have noticed a difference in your mental state. However, I was, actually making sure you were alright. You are part of our team and there for, what kind of third would I be if I didn't look after the team?. Can you stand? Are you hurt? I can bring the Khan if you are wounded."

Rayne looks back in the direction indicated where Erron had flown. "...The tree... threw him?" Alas, in the dark, it's difficult for someone with average human nightvision to really determine well where he is now. Well, the sheer distance doesn't help, either. Actually, it's probably more the distance than anything else. Okay, it's entirely the distance. "Uhhhh... maybe someone should check on him?" Apparently she hadn't seen Minu, either.

Silencia leans her head against Kotal as he wraps his arm around her. Only now does she feel the exhaustion tug at her senses. She had been able to grow her golden rose but, as always, it had taken quite the toll on her. Luckily she had her beloved to lean on! When Asato tells her that Erron got thrown away by the tree, Silencia gasps softly. "Oh no... we should go find him! He could be hurt!" The girl had not noticed Minu's arrival, nor her pursuit of the flying cowboy.

Asato nods to Rayne's question. "When it straightened." He makes a motion with his arm like the arm of a trebuchet. Silencia's words get a nod. And he heads off in that direction. If no one follows, that's all right. Asato's pretty fast, being a cat and all. So it won't take long before he's there. And he'll be back soon! But yes. Erron might see him appearing!

Ferra nods in agreement to Asato as he explains just how is that the tree managed to 'throw' Erron Black. "Ahuh! Just like that! He went FWOOSH!" A very excitable little girl she is.

Kotal hmms pensively and concentrates in the direction where Erron flew. "I sense.. that Minu is with him." He says and picks Silencia up, sensing her exhaustion. "Let us all make sure he is okay." Reasons the Aztec, who is by now aware that his warriors are still trying to stick together.

"Agreed. There could be beasts out there!" Says D'vorah, who is still more than a little traumatized by that encounter with the Xenomorphs.


"Well, that's mighty kind of ya I say so myself, Minu." Answers Erron in his current supine position. "Gotta say I'm kinna surprised. Figured you hated my guts for some reason, didn't think you'd be the one to come check up on me." As he says that, he tries to stand only to wince and fall again on his back. "Nggh.. hold on." He says when Minu asks him if he's hurt and he shifts lifts his leg, only for his foot to hang limply sideways. "Yeah, definitely broke my ankle." Dang, that always sucks. Erron then just kind of lays there looking at the sky. "This is horsecrap."

Minu wrinkles her pert nose and sighs "I don't like some of the things you do Mr. Black. I don't care for some of the ways you speak to me, especially when I mention you might be wrong about things. How ever you belong to this team and as such it is my duty to look after you. Now, that ankle doesn't look remotely good, you will need a healing. You should be safe here for the moment, don't try to rise again. I will retrieve the Kahn." She turns and shifts then takes wing. The little owl is like a tawny arrow as she flies a bee line to Kotal , hooting up a storm.

Silencia can't help but giggle at the excited way in which Ferra announces what happened. When Kotal picks her up, she feels a wave of comfort wash over her, which made it all the more difficult for Silencia to stay awake. She drifts in and out of consciousness while in the safety of her lover's arms. It does not take long for the girl to completely fall asleep, even clutching the golden rose while sleeping. That rose seems to be important to Slencia! It seems as if she's afraid that it'll disappear if she didn't hold on to it.

Rayne sighs yet again. This is becoming a trend tonight. "You guys are completely overreacting to everything tonight, what's with you all?" Everything except Erron getting launched like a catapult. That part they're kinda underreacting to. She seeks out her art supplies, then looks around for her... Yeah, her lamp is probably somewhere in the vicinity of Erron now, if not farther. And likely destroyed, as well. Que yet another sigh. At least this time she notices Minu... as what other owl would fly up to Kotal's face and start hooting. She tilts her head and shrugs, following along with the others.

Asato will probably show up just as Erron is falling over again. Asato's still a bit wary, but Erron actually looks like he's hurt, so he heads over to where the cowboy's laying on the ground. Fact, Minu will probably pass him. But he doesn't notice her this time either, because she's an owl again. Except to wonder again if owl is good to eat.

As for Erron? Surprise! Asato will poke his head into Erron's viewpoint, looking at him with inquisitive and concerned, but still wary, blue eyes. Blink. Blinkblink. He's silent, though. And unless Erron shoos him away or something, he'll wait for the others to show up.

As Silencia slumbers Kotal leans down on her sleeping form on his arms and rubs his nose to hers. He's still kind of oblivious to what is happening around him, preferring to keep most of his attention focused on the fairy girl.

"Overreacting is highly subjective here." Says Ermac as he floats next to Rayne. "One could argue we are acting exactly as we normally do when presented with situations like these." Which is to say, they always overreact with minor stuff and underreact with major stuff.

"Is that Minu?" D'vorah perks up as she sees an owl approach which causes Kotal to look up as well. "That is her! Minu! Did you see Erron Black land somewhere around here?"


"Fair enough, I reckon." Erron manages to answer Minu before she flies off right before Asato appears right over him and stares at him creepily. "What the-" The cowboy glares and resist the urge to draw his pistols and shoot the cat person. "Hey pardner, could you at least help me stand up?" Its a fair request he thinks!

Minu hoots several times then simply shifts to elf form, making a little bounced hop right in front of Kotal. "Yes, I did and he is wounded from the hard landing. His leg looks like it might be broken. I have him laying quietly till we return to help. He is to big for me to bring back. This way please." As she turns around and leads the group back toward where Black rests. Of course he's trying to get help up after she specificity told him not to.damn the man.

Rayne shrugs as she follows along. "Honestly, a broken leg from a flight that long? I think he did pretty well, myself. I'd probably be a paste, or at least have a concussion. I dunno how you guys can take that much of a pounding and keep moving at all." She peers at Kotal and the sleeping Silencia and can't help but smile slightly at the scene.

Asato nods to Erron's request, not having heard Minu ask him to stay still, and offers a hand out to the cowboy. Erron will get to see the cat-fellow's hand then. It's a weird mix of human hand and cat claw, the fingers having retractable claws where the fingernails ought to be. He has a hesitant look on his face, his ears sort of lowered slightly. And then he sees Erron's ankle. "...Should you stand up?" But if Erron stands up anyway, he might find a catboy wedged under his arm on the side of the broken ankle.

"Such things are common occurrences where we are from." Kotal answers Rayne as he overhears her surprise at their endurance. "We are quite used to it."

The Aztec then looks at Minu and listens to her report, nodding. "Well done, Minu. I thank you for looking after my warrior. I know you and him have had.. clashes in the past." He's happy to see that it looks like they've put their differences aside to work for the greater good. Kotal really doesn't like in fighting in his group at all. Soon enough they'll be approaching the clearing where Asato and Erron are.


"Probably not." Erron grunts at Asato as he takes the offered hand and stands up, not minding at all leaning on the cat person for support. "But I rather be standing up with all those darn monsters running around. I shoot better when I'm straightened up anyway." Oh good here comes everyone now.

Minu nods her head at Kotal and turns to lead the group to the fallen cowboy. When they reach him and she see's him up right and standing, the tiny elf scowls and marches over to the man and pokes him in the chest with one small finger "Mr.what part of don't try to rise did you not understand? Are you deaf as well as thick headed? And THIS is a prime example of why you annoy me so." She shakes her head and looks over her shoulder to Kotal "He's all yours. I did tell him not to rise for fear he was worse hurt but clearly my words fell on deaf ears." The little elf just shakes her head and stalks several feet away to clear room for Kotal to tend his warrior. How was she to be third if the Krew didn't listen to her or respect her when she told them something.

Rayne says, "See, guys? We made it to the opposite end of the park and the only thing that's attacked us so far are mosquitoes. Oh, wait, no, they haven't. It's winter." There's yet another sigh, this time accompanied by a rolling of the eyes. Her evening off is turning out to be fairly lousy today, and she's kinda making that known via a sarcasm."

Given how people from Kotal's world, particularly the men, tend to tower over the average human being of other worlds, it's very likely that Asato is a bit shorter than Erron. Just makes it easier for Asato to act as a crutch without getting in the gunslinger's way too much. Minu's reaction, though, gets Asato lowering his ears again. "Sorry," he offers as she walks away. Another look to Erron. "You didn't say she said not to get up." It's a slightly accusatory look, but most it's a puppy-eyed look. Ironically enough. He notes Rayne's upset and frowns a little, his ears swiveling to the sides as if confused. Though they do stay lowered. "...I haven't seen monsters here," he supplies helpfully.

The only ones that really laugh at Rayne's sarcasm are Ferra and Torr, and mostly because they like the word mosquito. "Heeh! Mozzies!" Giggles Ferra as they continue on.

The two parties finally meet and Erron glares daggers at Minu momentarily when she starts poking his chest. "Will you relax, woman? I know what I'm doing!" He grumbles.

Kotal sighs and nods to Minu when she goes to complain. He gives Silencia's sleeping body for Torr to carry and approaches the injured gunslinger, shinning healing sunlight upon him with his open palm.

"That's much better." Sighs the cowboy and manages to stand on his two feet now. "Appreciate that, folks." He tips his hat to Kotal and Asato. Then he chuckles as Asato tells him that he should have warned him about Minu's advice. "Hey, I said I 'probably' shouldn't, didn't I?"

Kotal stares at him.





Erron finally sighs "Oh, alright, I'll go apologize." His shoulders slack and he runs over to catch up with Minu.

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