2016-02-28 - Cabbage Patch Kids.

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Cabbage Patch Kids

Summary: Urus continues his job as body guard for morgana while answering her questions about the things she has been told. meanwhile a pushy merchant gets what he deserves.

Who: Morgana, Rayne, The Cabbage Guy, Urus
When: February 27, 2016.
Where: Zeku-Kari Beach,The Twisted Street

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As the waves calmly lap at the shore and the sun begins to set for the day Urus stands from his lawn chair that he has been laying on, soaking in some rays and being at the beck and call of the siren if she needs him. Having your boss live in the ocean has its perks. Speaking of which it is about time for a check in. He stands by the edge of the water, but makes sure not to stir it. He knows she will be there soon. No need to rush her. He is however going to have to make a small explination of how a certain beverage works.

The siren had been resting with in the quiet of her grotto. It had only been a day since the conversation with the fae woman who belonged to Kotal. It was pleasant that others wished to be helpful but it held a certain amount of confusion for the siren as well. Things said and expectations had that she had no basis of knowledge for. Even at the advanced age of nearly a thousand years she didn't know everything, especially about modern landed life. It was for this reason that she decided that having a landed one in her employee would be wise. Yes she could ask Muradin or DM about these things but her chosen was busy often making new under ground rooms for the family to dwell in and DM was usually busy working on her inventions. The taint still in her blood let her know when the sun was setting and so she languidly uncurled herself and swam to the surface to find the hyena. It takes no time at all really before the siren broke the surface of the water and flung her hair back. Her strong tail propelled her toward land and soon she is rising from the waives on two sleek legs, water spilling from her naked flesh.

Urus comments immediately, but unimpressed by this point. "Making entrance... as always." He turns to her not bothering to mention the lack of clothing because it's become so commonplace at this point for her. His first bout of business is simple. "So, I do not think I made myself clear when I attempted to explain the Tea thing. It is herbs, Steeped in hot water." And here's the kicker... "That you drink." It almost sounds like he is talking down to her, however it must be made clear considering what she attempted to do with it before. At that point he is back to business. "So, have you need of my services this evening?"

The sirens nudity is not gratuitous or done for effect. It is simply that she is a natural creature at one with her native state and she doesn't think about such things until she comes in contact with the landed and their odd hang ups about nudity. "perhaps it would be wise for you to procure a garment and keep it at hand in case I forget and leave mine with in my grotto. I know how sensitive the landed are about nakedness." She offers a shrug of shoulders and with a bit of mermaid magic she is instantly dry and she shakes her long dark hair around her body to offer at least some modesty to the poor hyena. When he mentions the tea she makes a face "drinkhot water.with weeds in it? Why ever for? That can not be right or good for the offspring."

Urus is not great with fashion. He walks around half dressed and a guy none the less. Sending him to get clothing is like telling Paula Dean to cook anything without butter. Its going to happen, but the results are going to be less than satisfactory. "Why don't we go out and get something for you. I think a little time with the ... landed" he says in attempt to make things abundantly clear by using her lingo. "Would not hurt." Upon further thought for a second. "Well... not hurt you that is." Others are a different story. As for the argument over Tea... this would not have happened over Vodka. "You see. We landed need water too, not all can swim however. I did not create this thing however. Do not blame me..." he is already tired of this. Silencia might want to research on who she is talking to before giving health advice next time.

Morgana frowns and shakes her head "you landed...drink..water with weeds. I know my chosen drinks many spirits but I have never seen him partake of water with weeds." She shakes her head again yet another thing I do not understand about the landed. As for the garment, perhaps this is a good idea. "I wish to discuss other things I do not understand as well. Things that the landed keep asking me about my offspring...such as...what is a midwife?" As she makes her way further up the beach, leading the male toward the city. "do you perhaps have a shirt Urus, I would not wish to cause others discomfort until we can procure another garment."

Urus walks with her toward the city. As she attempts to understand Tea, she nails it. He does not understand why people do it either. I guess it's for antioxidants or some such. They walk along one way merely chatting. Urus attempts to explain the human way of doing things. Meanwhile he takes his cooler with him. When he opens it up he roots to the bottom to pull out a simple black hoodie. He had been using this to look inconspicuous while being on the beat for Kotal, now... he's not too sure why he keeps it with him. He hands it over to morgana to help her cover up for now. "A midwife is a person who helps with the... relieving the mother of their offspring when the time is right. Usually it is woman who is trained in such. Landed have had complications to producing offspring. That is why midwife is needed" After the Tea debacle he is not leaving her comprehension of a subject to chance.

Down the road just a little bit is a wooden cart, Two wheels and a built in roof over it. On it is carefully stacked cabbages. There is a thin oriental gentleman behind it advertising his product to the passersby. As the two are in the area the man comes out from behind his cart quite quickly appearing in front of them, a leafy and perfect looking cabbage in hand. "Cabbage for the fine lady? Best cabbages this side of Ba Sing Se!" he smiles and seems quite proud of his current situation.

Morgana takes the offered hoody and looks at it, then shrugs and pulls it on over her head. She pushes the hood back and fluffs her long dark hair over her shoulders and rolls the sleeves up to her forearms. Seeing as Urus is the size he is, the hoody is an effective mini dress of sorts on the siren and at least covers her enough for the sake of others comforts. As she and the hyena walk toward town proper she gives him a sideways look "so the landed do not easily birth their offspring. Huh. I do not recall the mer-folk having such troubles. I can see though why the landed would be so concerned, though I do not know if I should be so concerned." When the merchant steps before her with his cabbage, she blinks and frowns. The siren arches one brow, looking slightly affronted at being approached.

Urus shrugs. "We landed tend to worry too much about a lot of things." he mentions in the hope she will feel better about her situation. "Besides, I am trained in the medical field. If anything goes wrong I have it under control." Which is a partial lie. Medically trained. Yes. In anything even related to the conceiving of a child. Not even close. Urus gives the merchant a serious look as he suddenly comes up to them. "Buddy," he starts "If the lady wanted your sorry cabbages, she would have asked." he then plucks up the cabbage out of the man's hand and underhand tosses it at one of the legs holding the cart level, breaking the leg and tipping the cart one way causing a miniature avalanche of Cruciferous vegetation. At this the man looks shocked and worried. "AHHH MY CABBAGES!" and running over to pick them all up, piling them up in his arms. Meanwhile Urus takes the time to whistle and move along. Beckoning Morgana to do the same.

The siren tilts her head to the side as Urus steps forward and address the merchant. She does not protest or correct the hyena, simply lets him deal with the merchant. When she is motioned forward she moves easily , keeping pace and only when they are out of ear shot of the cabbage man , she pauses and lays a hand upon Urus' arm "Urus,...I do not believe the merchant meant me harm, though I do appreciate your eagerness to protect.me."

There are several stalls in the area. One of the nearby stalls is a quaint little ramen shop, complete with a small seating area with small, easily portable walls set up to block wind on windy days. And from behind one of these walls pokes a very, very identifiable head. Really, there's no mistaking that it's Rayne from that head of hair. "Uhhhh," she says as she looks over at the shout, seeing the damaged cart and the nonchalant manner that Urus is whistling and walking away from said destruction. "Uuuuuuuuuuurus? What happened here?"

The man quickly puts the leg back under the cart and places all the cabbages back quite quickly. world record cabbage stacking... if there was such a thing. As he places the last cabbage, the one that was thrown, one couldn't notice a single blemish or imperfection on it... he runs out a few feet shouting back at Urus "I have a permit! I am going to get you for destruction of property!" He says seeming to be mourning his...perfectly... intact... cabbages. "Are you kidding?" he says to morgana, "He has had the same 2 dozen cabbages for the last 3 months and not a single one seems to have any decay... there is something up with his produce... I know it." He turns to Rayne quickly not thinking he would have seen her today. "Oh. Hello. What do you mean? Nothing happened. A mere disagreement that's all." he fibs. The merchant recognizes the face too. "You. You're a TASK officer right? Do something!" he says to her unaware that she may not have seen what happened and/or not being on duty.

Morgana arches a brow at Urus' explanation then turns a frowning look on the merchant as he yells and causes an even greater ruckus. " I do not know the use of those , cabbages , but they do seem rather hard." As Rayne calls the siren turns her dark eyes to the rainbow haired woman. "Salutations Rayne."

Rayne sighs and pinches the bridge of her nose with closed eyes. She leans back out of sight again to ease the process of actually standing up, slapping down money to pay for her ramen bowl as she gets to her feet. She walks over to the cabbage cart and takes a look at the situation. While she didn't see what happened, she certainly heard the commotion from the start. And she at least saw that everything was on the ground. She looks around and... of course, there don't seem to be any other witnesses... Everyone else that might have seen what happened has already wandered off, not wanting to get involved. As has been the trend with her these past few days, Rayne sighs yet again as she examines the damage to the cart. Which... doesn't seem to have any. "Uhhhh... where is the damage, sir?" She holds up a hand at Urus, signalling that he'd better not leave just yet.

"Not even worth time. Surprised I gave him that much." Urus says. "Cabbages... or at least the ones I know are a leafy vegetable that we landed eat. What he calls cabbages... that is different story." He looks back at the man with squinted eyes. At that the merchant stands in front of his cart hugging his vegetables to protect them. Urus continues walking despite the fact that Rayne wants him to stay. He has a job to do. If she wants to talk, she better catch up. At least, that's his theory.

The Merchant replies to Rayne accusatorily. "That Thing threw one of my precious cabbages and broke my cart. LEADING to the damaging of the rest of my cabbages! Just look at it!" he begins petting a cabbage on the top of the pile, then stops for a second ducking down into his cart and pulling out an official looking document. "Right here. My right to keep and sell my cabbages. My produce is not to be disturbed like this!" The document reads out in perfect legalese everything he just told her. Said document is signed off by an official Task member. Minu.

The siren watches the happenings with those implacable dark eyes. Her expression is blank and hard to read for any emotion at all. One hand drifts to her belly and only then does a frown crease her brow. "Urus, another thing I wish to know more of. It has been mentioned that many do not change...diapers. When offspring are mentioned. I wish to understand why this is significant to the landed? I do not know the term or why its significant."

Rayne's left eye twitches at paperwork being shoved in her face. She politely pushes the paperwork back to the cabbage guy. "....Sir, no one is claiming you can't be here." She then turns to the Siren. "Morgana, what did Urus do?"

Urus rubs his forehead with an index finger and a thumb. What has everyone been telling her? Either that or the obvious. People assume humans and sirens reproduce similarly and that has confused both parties. "I do not think that is necessary. If offspring is going to be spending majority of time in water. It is not a worry. The landed species. " he continues unaware that he technically has started talking in the third person. "have many different ways of dealing with things that someone like you need not worry about. As I said. They worry and overcomplicate things."

The merchant puts the paper back quickly, and seeing a way to multitask, picks up a still perfect cabbage from the pile and whispers to Rayne "Officers get a two for one discount...." he says attempting to entice her. But considering she has been torn away from her dinner, this probably is not the best time.

Morgana nod her head at Urus' answer thoughtfully "I believe you are correct, it is a forgetting in their part that my offspring will be of the sea." Her attention is grabbed when Rayne says her name and she turns dark eyes back to the rainbow haired woman. "Urus now belongs to me, I have given him shiny objects of value for his knowledge and assistance when I am on land. The merchant was over eager to show me his hard vegetables and Urus removed the offending vegetable from my presence and threw it back toward the cart. The Merchant came to no harm Rayne, he was not bespelled or threatened, and though he may be adequate to feed from , I am not suffering the hunger at this time and I do not eat landed vegetables."

Rayne facepalms once more. "It doesn't matter who he belongs to. He can't go about using strongarm crap like that and expect people to just let him get away with it." She removes her hand from her face and picks up her walking pace to catch up to the mercenary. "I'm letting you off with a warning. THIS time, and only because I couldn't see any actual damage to his cart or merchendise. Do not antagonize the vendors. Do not dissapoint me again." With yet another sigh, she turns to walk away, but pauses before she takes her first step. "And I no longer owe you any drinks."

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