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Unwelcome Guests

Summary: The Welcome Center's official office is open! ...For five minutes.

Who: Deis, Morgana, Muradin, Rayne
When: March 1st, 2016
Where: TASK Building - Welcome Center


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With the shutting of the newly filled vending machine with her hip, Rayne has finally completed the final step, in her mind. She walks over towards the center of the reception area and looks around. Comfy chairs, a TV, tables... This final room to prepare is finally... prepared! "Alright." She nods to herself. "Alright. Sure, we have systems that still need to be figured out... But I think we can finally declared this place operational." ...Who is she even talking to? The only other people working here are Sunset and Serenity, and neither of them are to be found. She reaches out with her hands to stretch, her fingers interlocked between her hands and palms facing outward as she walks over to the reception desk and plops herself into the seat.

Words' gotten around that there's a brand new organization in Twisted! Of course, a grand opening deserves a grand party to properly celebrate a new arrival, particularly because a certain Dorf has been all about new arrivals lately. Rayne might be surprised that the very first visitors to her Welcome Center aren't newcomers to the city, but rather old faces that decided to come by to pay their respects to this brand new enterprise.

"'Ello there wee lasses!" That's the sound of a certain Muradin Bronzebeard as he opens the door to the Center carrying a big crate full of gifts! "Hope ye donna mind the missus and I dropped in to see wot's all tha racket 'bout!" He says and holds the door open for his siren wife walking behind him. "Got yer suit armor roit here too! Looks like I'm juss in time!"

The siren was more then just a follower to the event. She too had heard about it and with her pending mother hood she has been quite thoughtful about realm in which her offspring were being born into. The sea lady was dressed today in all her finery for the event. The silver beaded talbard dress the had been made to look as if fine scales graced her intimate places and yet still seemed sheer and light, banded at the waist with a gold chain of anent treasure and her long hair was braided into a thick rope that hung down her back, threaded with strands of multi colored pearls. As Mura held the door for her, the siren stepped inside and offered Rayne a quite nod of her head. "My Chosen and I have come to lend our good will to your endeavor."

A grand opening! Deis has been here long enough that she knows more or less what's up. But she's still curious as to what this place is going to look like. And since she figures others will be here, maybe even civilians, she's decided to to come here in her human form. No sense spooking the civilians, right? Of course, her sauntering walk is reminiscent enough of a snake that remaining in her human form is almost a futile gesture anyway. But yes. Deis has legs this time. She saunters into the opened welcome center, leaning on her staff almost as a gentleman might lean on a walking cane. "Hello, is there a party? Because the life has arrived~!" she declares, raising the hand she's not leaning on her staff into the air in a flourish. Of course she can't just enter QUIETLY, what are you talking about?

Rayne blinks at the arrivals, her hands paused halfway opening her laptop as she was planning on getting some E-paperwork done while manning the center. "Uhhhhhh," she intelligently responds to the arrivals. "Um.... Welcome?" she says, a clear look of confusion on her face. Clearly she was not expecting this kind of attention to the opening of the center. She makes an effort to regain her composure as she closes her laptop again, and only partially succeeds. "Uhhhh, so, to answer 'what it's all about,' the Welcome Center is intended to help people get accustomed to Twisted, help them find a place both metaphorically and literally. And to help them come to grips with possibly being stuck here, and the likely technological and magical differences." She looks around at those gathered. "This is... not something you guys need anymore, I'm guessing?" She offers a weak smile, hopefully signalling to the others that she's joking. "Um, yeah, I really wasn't planning on a... party or anything to open it."

Muradin makes sure that he holds the door open for both Morgan and Deis, only closing it once he is certain no one is following behind. He carries his crate inside and sets it on a nearby table where he can begin setting all the stuff he brought along. Two sets of armor are laid aside but there also drinks and food! "Offerings from the Kingdom of the Twisted Seas!" He laughs at the name he gave Morgana's domain and sets a barrel full of ginger ale. No alcoholic beverages for a change since even dorfs don't give that to pregnant women and Mura is very conscious of his wife currently bearing a child. He's listening to Rayne whilst he unpacks though and answers, "Nay! But we know someone that might in the future." He says and leans close to Morgana, rubbing her tummy lovingly. "Might as well our wee one gets acquainted with this place sooner than later." Then he's nodding to Deis and waving a dismissive wave to Rayne when she suggests that a party isn't necessary. "Nonsense! Grand openings always deserve grand ceremonies! Deis here can tell ye I'm sure!"

As Mura unloads his crate , the siren smiles at the dwarf affectionately. There is nothing more endearing for her then her chosen's infectious humor. That he makes her laugh is the greatest reasons she fell in love with him. His generous spirit also brings her much happiness. When his arm goes round her and his hand falls to press against her belly, the sirens head dips and yes, perhaps dark and deadly mermaids can blush, for the softest color stains her cheeks. "Our offspring will have more then her share of welcome and belonging, My Chosen, however it pleases me that those drawn to this realm will have guidance that is more gentle and helpful."

Deis pouts at the mention of no party. "Aww... why not?" It looks comical, knowing her age and seeing her pouting like a child. However, Muradin's advertisement of Morgana's current state gets a widening of Deis's eyes. "Oooh! There's a wee one on the way?!" It's a surprise she didn't use a cruder terminology-- bun in the oven, some reference to 'baby batter'... something of the sort. But she didn't. Nor did she try to crowd Morgana and touch belleh. "Congratulations!" she offers to the both of them. And she also notes Muradin's words of a grand celebration. "There you go! The dwarf has the right of it! Grand openings call for grand celebrations~!" She turns in a circle happily.

Rayne cannot keep the look of surprised confusion off her face as she looks to her left and right. "O....okay, maybe we should have had some sort of ceremony, but really, shouldn't that have included, I don't know, the other two thirds of our staff?" She sighs, deflated and defeated, and finally stands up and walks around the desk to join the others, finally. "I don't think your child should need our assistance. They'll be growing up here, right? They'll learn this place like any child learns their home, with the two of you being much better guides than we could hope to be." She offers the couple a smile.

Those are very good points and Muradin rubs his beard in thought as he considers that his child will have a natural upbringing. So natural in fact that they won't consider Twisted an alien and foreign place, it will be their home! "Aye, yer right." He nods thoughtfully. "Sometimes I forget, ye know? I donna think I've ever heard of a Twisted native. Could it be that ours will be tha' first one?" Of course, he doesn't have much time to wonder the logistics and is soon doing a spin that mimics Deis' along with Morgana. "Aye! Let's have ourselves a party!"

But parties sometimes have unwanted guests. There door to the welcome center opens slowly and in peeks an elongated face with no eyes and a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. It scans the room slowly in a predatory fashion, like a wolf smelling prey. It doesn't look very friendly.

Hadn't there been reports in TASK about an infestation of beasts lately?

Morgana lets her head fall back and she laughs as Mura spins her about. She lifts her head and those dark eyes fall on Dies "thank you, for your well wishes. We are more then pleased that our offspring will bring a treasured new life to Twisted. It has become a home in truth now." Her attention are on those around her but, with the opening of the door a scent wafts into the room and the siren goes utterly still. Her head lifts and she sniffs the air like a hound.

Deis is about to comment further when suddenly there are uninvited guests. "Oops. Did someone call for a trained dog act?" she inquires, turning to meet the possible threat. It's completely possible they're just people, though. Twisted has all kinds. She does step back, behind the others, though. She's a mage, after all. While she probably could take some pretty good hits, she'd rather not if possible. It hurts to get hit.

Rayne blinks as the door is opened and the eyeless face steps in. "Uhhh... Welcome to the... Welcome Center..." She then frowns, looking slightly downward. "We need a better standard greeting..." She then looks up at the thing again, getting a better look at it. "Oh, wait. This is one of those xenomorph things that the Krew has been fighting out in the wastes lately, isn't it?" Looks like she recognizes it from the description in the reports she had to sift through. She then sighs, putting her her hand to her face. "Damnit, I just finished getting this room set up." With another sigh, she waits for an actual aggressive action by the thing... who knows? Maybe this is an intelligent one that just wants to find out where it is?

Oh, this thing is intelligent alright, though perhaps not in the way Rayne might hope. There's only predatory ruthlessness and cunning that makes this thing and its species so great at hunting, and killing.

Because yes, it matches the reports perfectly. It is a Xenomorph!

The savage beast responds to Rayne's greeting by slamming the door open and giving a mighty hiss. A smaller head showing inside its mouth that also snarls angrily. Its not alone, behind it are several more of those beasts and they all make a huge racket.

The reason? They want to keep everyone's attention focused on them as several face huggers storm out of the air ducts and try to pounce people. One flies straight for Rayne's head and another one to Deis. As they leap, they make their horrendous and signature 'SKREEEEEEEEEEE!!' sound.

"Wot tha' bloody hell!?" Muradin spits his drink and immediately body checks a Xenomorph that was charging for Morgana. There's at least four more piling on top of the dwarf trying to overpower him to get to his wife.

Looks like the party has officially begun!

As Dies steps back and the Xeno shoves the door open, the siren turns toward the onslaught only to be born back as the dark creatures pile in on HER chosen! Fury rises in the siren, the sleeping frenzy awakens at the sight of those shining beasts piled on her mate. The siren sound her fury in a loud discordant shriek. The sound rings though the room in waves that slam into flesh and rattle the windows. Fingers flex and the sirens talons curve free of her finger tips. Shoving forward she reaches for the first slick black hide and dives those talons into the metallic carapace.

Rayne's statement pretty much confirms that this isn't just a regular old person peeking in. So when the door is slammed open, Deis is already changing to her true form, her form lengthening, surrounded by golden lightning. It's fortunate she was so quick, since at least one seems to think her face is a tasty treat! Or is fascinated with her face for some OTHER reason. Which it has not asked permission to use her face for. So instead of landing on a face, the xenomorph will find a strong, snakelike tail lashing out at it. "Ah-ah~," Deis scolds. "First date, keep your hands to yourself~."

Rayne sighs as the hostilities are begun. "No... no, of course you're not the oddball nice one..." She draws both swords, which she immediately calls fire to. She was going to hit an alarm... But really, with Morgana here, that's not necessary. Her voice is the shrill that will pierce the heavens. While Rayne winces at the screeches(both the alien's and siren's), she's still able to react fast enough to slice through the small one that had launched itself at her head. "I'll try to keep the small ones at bay!" she calls. She sheathes her right sword away and makes a few motions with the hand, sending a spray of fire into one of the vents.

Rayne makes a good call with shooting torrents of fire into the air vents. Who knows just how many of those things are in there! To give an estimate; as soon as Rayne shoots her fire into them, about a dozen of them come skittering out like cockroaches. They run around in circles for a few moments and promptly curl on their back and die as they are roasted alive. Looks like that took care of any potential reinforcements but there's the one that couldn't get to Rayne's face. It goes about face on Rayne's desk and makes another attempt to try to latch on to the rainbow haired woman's head.

Deis successfully snatches the face hugger trying to grab her. It wiggles viciously and tries to bite and claw at her hand, though they are surprisingly weak at this stage in their life, it may just barely be able to break Deis' skin if its really lucky. Fortunately for it, there's an older fully mature Xenomorph rushing behind the snake goddess and it tries to latch on to her back and bite her shoulder.

The Xenomorphs piling on Muradin are all victims of the lady of the sea's fury. The recoil in pain as the sound wave visibly hurts them, even making spider web like cracks on the face carapaces.

Morgana then rips into the leading alien and drives her talons into its hardened body. The creature screeches horribly as acidic blood erupts from its wound, burning and melting anything that it touches. It sprays everywhere, threatening to hit anyone close to it, including Muradin and Morgana. "Sod me! Wot are these buggers!!?" Cries out the dorf and flicks off the acid blood that is burning his beard as best he can. At least Morgana bought him some time to summon his magical weapons.

Rayne is right though. No need to sound the alarm since nearly the entire city heard that siren shriek.

A worried voice of a TASK officer calls through the intercom. "Lieutenant Hurris! What is going on!?"

Rayne might also notice that everyone is pinging her like crazy on her radio; namely Kotal and the others.

As the sirens talons rip into the shiny black shell, the spill of acid singes the sirens fingers. She flicks the acid free and it is thanks to the taint that though burnt she isn't ruined. The pain though of that burn brings another sonic blast of siren fury. Dark eyes flash and a mouth of wicked sharp teeth are bared. She draws a breath deep and aims that voice, not generally but directly, the siren reaches for one black domed head and screams for all she is worth directly toward that sleek dome. The sound slams into the shining helm like head and those piercing waves drill into the beast.

Deis does not notice the one behind her. She merely tosses the smaller one away from her, hoping to smash it against a wall. However, as Rayne retorts with fire, Deis retorts with ice. The temperature around her drops ABRUPTLY-- and this might discourage the one behind her-- water in the air around her beginning to fall as snow. Magic surges from inside her. And then an almost slurred statement bursts from her mouth--


A large area of ice seems to spring up from nowhere, large icicles springing up in the area where the xenomorphs are, each one making a sound almost like a knife, before melting away as if they'd never been there.

As for that xenomorph? If it tried to bite her while she was casting? It probably got an unpleasant shock! Not an electric one, but the sheer amount of magic Deis channels is enough to make its teeth hurt!

Rayne says, "I hope that thing's two way, because I need to get help down ASAP! We got those Xenomorph things in here! Lock down all vents, pour literal fire into them if you can! There's little ones in the-" She's suddenly cut off as the the face hugger takes advantage of her distraction from shouting commands. It looks like this one finally found its mark, latching directly onto the rainbow haired woman's face. She stumbles backwards in surprise, dropping her other sword to the ground as she tries to pry the thing off, setting fire to it in the process."

Yeah, the intercom is two way and the TASK officer hears her. "The Xenomorphs!? Oh shit! I'll send reinforcements right away!! Hang tight Lieutenant!" Answers the officer right before Rayne is rudely interrupted by a face hugger. "Lieutenant!? Lieutenant!!"

While physically weak the face huggers are tremendously good at latching on when they find their mark. This one wraps all of its tentacle like appendages around Rayne's head and inserts its tail down her mouth to try to lay eggs in her.

Deis has better luck dealing with her own Xenomorphs. Both the face hugger and the mature one trying to flank her get a face full of blades of ice erupting from the ground and impaling them through their bodies in several places. They writhe in agonizing pain for about a full second before hanging limply as they expire, their bodies falling onto the ground when the ice shards disappears.

But that's okay! There's plenty more where those came from! The group of Xenomorphs trying to swarm Morgana and Muradin start to spread out as they meet fierce resistance.

One of them leaps to the ceiling and starts to quickly crawl upside down and position itself overhead Deis. As it finds a good angle, it tries to impale the snake goddess through her chest with its spear like tail.

That's about the only one that makes it past the entrance though. The other ones make the mistake of trying to go through Morgana and Muradin and pay the price. One tries to make an other go at the dwarf and gets chop in half through the waist by a Khaz Modan axe, acid blood spraying upwards like a fountain.

The other one is launched backwards by the siren's scream and slams against a wall. Its pinned there as long as the siren holds her scream until finally its head explodes into a burst of acid blood that melts the walls and furniture.

Heavy steps are heard as something big approaches and a MASSIVE creature burst through what's left of the door. Its another Xenomorph but this one is a lot bigger and with spikes all across its carapace. It also looks like it has four arms. It opens its massive mouth and emits a horrid 'SKREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!' roar almost as if to match Morgana's own sonic yell. Needless to say, all the windows and screens made of glass have been utterly shattered at this point.

It was quit satisfying to the siren to watch that shining black head explode in a shower of acid and bits. The sounds of heavy steps brings the siren around just as that new xeno enters the room and shrieks. The siren bares her teeth and crouches a snarl spills from her in challenge. She breathes deep and a new blast of sonic hell is unleashed from the siren. She screams with all the fury of her thousand years. She is protecting her mate and offspring to be and she will not have these vile acid bleeding things do further harm. She aims that voice again, directly at this fresh enemy and as the sonic waves crash into the beast the siren creeps closer and closer so they are more and more concentrated.

Deis is rather against that little tiny beastly thing doing whatever it is that its trying to do to Rayne. So as the big creature comes in, trying to intimidate them all, Deis instead slithers quickly over to where Rayne is. "Hold still!" she calls to Rayne. Then Deis reaches down and tries to grip the creature with all her strength and assist in prying it off Rayne's face, if the other woman seems to be having trouble doing it herself. Mind, Deis's hands the hands who literally knocked a massive humanoid gargoyle flat on his ass-- in her WEAKENED form. This is very much not her weakened form.

Rayne is, naturally, in a panic at this point. While the reports that came across her desk didn't discuss this particular behavior... She doesn't need to know anything about the creatures to know that something is going horribly wrong. The flames around her hands, and thus on the creature, grow more and more intense, changing from the normal orange-red flames to a much hotter blue flame. Still, when Deis calls for her to hold still, she does so, letting the snake-woman do whatever it is she's planning.

Through Deis and Rayne's combined efforts they manage to remove the little writhing thing from the woman's face before it does any real permanent damage. Or at least as permanent as it could possibly do on a phoenix. Let's just say that these creatures don't like fire at all and the face hugger releases Rayne's head when she burns its limbs before being pried off by Deis' monstrous strength. It wiggles and screeches in Deis' hands as it tries to escape.

The Warrior Xenomorph continues its lumbering walk towards the group. Thanks to its bulky frame it is at least far slower than its smaller kin and doesn't slam into everyone in a flash as the other ones have done. It is however far more resilient than its tiny brothers and it actually begins to tough its way through Morgana's sonic boom.

The creature roars angrily as it begins to skid backwards thanks to the sonic blast, but slowly and surely it begins to gain momentum and close the distance to the siren.

Even as Muradin bursts forward and hurls a magical sledgehammer at the creature's head, it only stumbles backwards some more before it redoubles its efforts to grab the siren and shred her to pieces.

It's not going to be writhing and screeching for long. Once Deis has hold of the beastie, her eyes glow, and she sets fire to the facehugger, from the inside. That should help with Rayne's flames, too, since Deis's are pure magic.

And with THAT out of the way, Deis turns to the beast again. Despite their best efforts it seems to want to kill Morgana first. We can't have that, can we? Again magic around her spikes. But this time a wind kicks up from nowhere, fluttering her hair and clothing, and the temperature around her skyrockets, leaving her form seeming to shimmer as a heat mirage. She waits, until Morgana gets out of range. And then another near-slurred cry. This time, "Dome-GA!"

At her cry, about eight small yellow 'seeds' drop to the ground, interspersed around the beast. As each one hits, a dome of fire and wind explodes in its area. It's actually not very damaging to the environment somehow. Though if anyone's near it they're likely to get hot air belched at them.

Rayne collapses to the ground, shaking and retching from the encounter. It doesn't seem that she's going to be able to help any more for this fight, as the unusual attack has left her quite shaken.

With the face hugger that was harassing Rayne turned into the cinders the Warrior Xenomorph is now the target of everyone's attention.

This means that even though it can fully charge Morgana now since she stopped screaming, it gets a face full of chair that staggers it momentarily before a rain of flame follows it. As stated before, the Xenomorphs really don't like fire and all the Warrior can do is bring all four arms across its face and body to minimize the damage for the snake goddess' fire spell. After the onslaught, it looks incredibly burnt and it is only because of its hardened carapace that it survives at all. Infuriated, it tries to resume its charge only to get tossed clean out of the Center when Muradin hurls Rayne's entire desk at it. Looks like the dorf liked the idea of throwing furniture at the thing.. hopefully Rayne won't mind.

The creature roars as it weakly gets back up but rather than charge again it makes a quick exit as a dozen TASK officers show up late to the party and scare it away.

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