2016-03-02 - (Re)Opening the Welcome Center!

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(Re)Opening the Welcome Center!

Summary: The Welcome Center is ready to open! Again! Thankfully, nothing more exciting than hanging pictures on the walls happens.

Who: Rayne, Sunset
When: March 2nd, 2016
Where: TASK Building - Welcome Center


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With the shutting of the newly filled vending machine with her hip, Rayne has finally completed the final step, in her mind. She walks over towards the center of the reception area and looks around. Comfy chairs, a TV, tables, carpet... Everything in the reception room has been replaced or fixed. She lets out a tired sounding sigh and makes another walk through the room, trying to see if there is any more acid damage she hadn't noticed yet. "Alright... I think we're ready to be operational... again. Hopefully with better results today."

"It's a good thing I hadn't brought these over yet," Sunset comments as she steps into the room. Takes one of the framed scenery pictures from under her arm and hands it to Rayne. "They're nothing too elaborate. I found a couple sitting around a knickknack shop. Or if there's not room we can save them for when we get a bigger building."

Rayne says, "Oh, yeah." She lets out another exasperated sigh. "Thank you. It was not a good opening evening for the Welcome Center yesterday. I'm lucky my laptop was knocked off the desk before Muradin threw it at the big one." She takes a look at the picture before setting it on one of the tables, then looks around the room, seemingly to determine where to hang it."

Sunset rests her hand back on her hip afterward. "And I wasn't even here... that feels kind of weird, really. Back at Canterlot High it was getting to be I couldn't be two feet away from something weird happening."

Rayne shudders slightly. "Be glad you weren't here. That was a.... very unpleasant experience." She brings a hand up to cover her lower face momentarily. "But a part of being in Twisted, unfortunately." Looking to the wall behind the receptionist desk, she picks up the painting from the table again and walks back there to hold it up to the wall. "How's this look?"

Sunset sets the other picture down on the desk and takes a few steps back. Holds up two sets of fingers in Ls together to do that lying up thing you always see people do in the movies when they're sizing up a position. "That gives a nice backdrop to when you're sitting at the desk. Adds a nice welcoming touch. People who aren't comfortable with making eye contact will have something else to look at."

Rayne nods, putting the painting down again. "Good point. I'd not thought about shy people like that. Where did I put that hammer and the nails..." She looks around the room and then spots what she's looking for on one of the couches. She quickly makes her way over to retrieve the items.

Sunset takes a step back out of the way. "Yeah. This way at least they can still pay attention in your direction, even if not looking directly at you." Shrugs her shoulders a bit. "It helps with the being comfortable."

Rayne once again nods as she returns with the hammer and nails. After setting them down on the desk, she picks up the painting again and flips it over to see how high a nail will be when it's at rest. "It's something I'm not so good with on planning... The whole... emotional comfort thing. I can sort of do it on the fly? But if I even think about it, I usually start locking up. It's much easier for me to plan the physical comfort." She sets the painting down once again and motions out to the couches and lounge chairs. "Like... the plush furniture."

Sunset chuckles a bit as she crosses her arms. "But that's why you have the rest of us to help, isn't it?"

Rayne says, "Help? I was trying to get you guys to just do all the work for me." She offers Sunset a somewhat weak looking smile before turning to the wall with the hammer and a couple of nails. She pauses, though, seemingly unsure of where to set the nail into the wall. "...Damnit, I always forget how you're supposed to find the strong part of a wall..."

"Like now?" Sunset teases as she walks around the desk. "You want to find the studs, or other support inside the wall. Since the struts are solid and there's less rigid material like insulation between them, hitting on a stud will have a different sound that the rest of the wall." The red-blonde curls a fist so she can rap on the wall with her knuckles.

After a couple of times she gets a duller, heavier thump. "Hear that?"

Rayne nods somewhat grimly. "Ah, right. Sorry, the past few remotely permanent places I've decorated haven't exactly been traditional construction. Unless you cound bulkheads as traditional." She moves along further to find a few places to hang the picture from so that it's not going to list horribly when centered. She taps the first nail in, then gets to the next stud over. "Make sure I'm level here?"

"Oh. One moment." Sunset fumbles in a pocket of her bookbag for a moment before producing a small level. "I grabbed one of those too since we'd probably need it for the remodeling." She reaches over to set it on top of the picture's frame. Without getting too uncomfortably into Rayne's personal bubble.

Rayne steps back, nearly bumping into the desk, to get a better look. After a few seconds, she nods. "Alright, first picture is up." She takes a breath in, then lets it out again in a bit of a nervous huff. "I'm liking tonight a lot more than yesterday."

Sunset hehs. "I bet." Turns back to the rest of the room while Rayne finishes with the first picture. "Wish I had found one more picture so we could have one on each wall. Then again, we might need room eventually for a bookshelf or something to keep pamphlets and such handy."

Rayne raps her forehead with the base of her palm. "Oh, that's what I forgot! A pamphlet rack!" She laughs lightly. "Eh, not like there'd be anything on it just yet. I suppose that's probably the next thing we need to work on... some basic pamphlets. Did we ever decide on what we needed in pamphlet form?"

Sunset walks over to pick up the other picture from the desk. "Weren't Ren and Minu working on that? Stuff about the basics about what you can or can't do around Twisted. That sort of thing... So which wall should we put this one on?"

Rayne looks around the room. "Hrrrm. Ah!" She points out the wall next to the doors to the counseling rooms. There's a sizable space between one of the doors and the wall with the entrance on it. "How about there? Hopefully they'll get those ready soon... but I'll have to find some sort of rack for them tomorrow. Hrm. Probably should pick up some ordinary magazines, too."

Sunset nods her head. "Magazines for the waiting room would be good too." Sunset walks over to hold the picture up between the two doors. "Yeah, it'll fit there. Bring the hammer and nails over."

Rayne nods and moves over with the hammer and nails. "I'm a little less concerned with centering this one as I was behind the desk." She taps on the wall until she can find the stud that's closest to the center, where she starts hammering in one of the nails. "I never really put much thought into just how much decorations we'll need to make this place look... homey?" She takes a step back to let Sunset hang the picture. "The classroom can be more or less plain, but we're definitely going to need to fill out the... counselling chambers? What do we call them? Just offices?"

Sunset holds the picture while Rayne nails. "Just counselling rooms would be fine. Chambers can have an... ominous? sound to it."

Rayne laughs again. "I guess Chamber kinda just rolled off the tongue for some reason. We probably should consult with Silencia on some good plants for in here, too." She walks over to the nearer of the doors and opens it, peeking into the furnished but undecorated room. She seems a bit overly cautious as she opens the door, looking around carefully with a hand on her right sword, but eventually she seems to relax.

Sunset doesn't seem to notice, even if its because she turned to look back at the office again, rubbing her chin with one hand thoughtfully. "Yeah, a plant or two wouldn't hurt. Ask her for something that's not strong on pollen though, wouldn't want to inadvertently upset someone's allergies."

Rayne says, "Yeah... we might want to go for artificial plants, then. We should probably come up with very different themes for the two rooms. Ask around for what people find soothing, pick the top two answers or something and theme around that."

Sunset nods her head. "That's probably a good idea. Not everyone is going to have the same concept of comfortable." Pauses. Makes a bit of a face. "Can we leave Kotal out of the survey? We already know his answers would be 'needs more skulls'." She's joking. Partially.

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