2016-03-04 - Creeping Shadows

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Creeping Shadows

Summary: Silencia's training in the park is interrupted by an attack force of xenomorphs. Luckily help isn't too far behind.

Who: Silencia, Minu, Asato, Kotal Kahn
When: March 4, 2016
Where: Nowhereto Park

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Another day, another training session, this has become a routine for Silencia. The sky grows darker, the girl had spent quite a few hours training already. The fact that she's wearing her new armor and circlet while training was a nice little change for the fae. Today she seems to be focusing on her control, anyone who can sense magical energy would be able to feel that she concentrates her magic within her hands, only releasing it bit by bit while she touches the trees she passes. Every touch makes a certain part of the trees flourish while leaving the rest of it be, the girl commanding her magic not to spread through the entire tree. This little routine grasps all of Silencia's focus, the girl unaware that she is not the only one residing in the dark shadows of the trees.

A dark, inhuman figure stalks its prey, being careful not to reveal their presence before they get close enough. There are more hidden away in the shade of the trees, but they stand back, allowing only one to come close to the focused little fae. Silencia seems completely unaware of the danger that lurks, even humming to herself as she studies the path her magic has takes through a rather old tree.

Minu had time away today, all the paper work was done and so when Sil did her wander off into the forest, the little elf decided to follow in her owl form. Quiet and curious the little elf owl flits on silent wings from tree to tree, just enjoying the quiet and watching the fae. They haven't had a chance to talk much recently but its come to the little elfs attention that the fae girl isn't so different from the elfs own people. There are similarity in the native magics Minu's people use that Sil uses. Of course Minu has no training herself in such things, she was never indoctrinated in those arts but the closeness to nature and the working with plants and trees are no so different from the forest elves that minu descends from. So the little owl peacefully darts among the branches, fluffing her feathers and bouncing along branches.

It's one of the few times Asato isn't just popping up in front of Silencia. Why? Because there's something bad here, and it's zeroing in on her. Asato does not like this prospect. But he's just as much of a predator as the things that are stalking the girl.

He too is in the trees, but he's concealed his presence, and remains downwind from the dark figures, so they can't smell him. His ears are pinned back, tail bristling. He sniffs in the direction of the figures. His ears swivel forward at times to listen, but soon pin back.

There is indeed something amiss here. Dark presences lurking, several of them. Unnatural creatures that not even nature itself would dare love. Shadows move silently through the trees as these devils begin to circle around the area where Silencia is. Slithering their way through the bushes and the trees, long, sharp tails flicking in the darkness, soft hissing heard only vaguely as they communicate with each other. Whatever these things are they are not mindless beasts. Like true pack hunters they are surrounding Silencia so she has no means to escape.

At the very least, it looks like they are yet unaware of others here. They are none the wiser that the little owl in the branches is actually something else, and Asato is far too well concealed for them to be aware of his presence.

Leaving that as it may, they approach slowly but surely, tightening their noose.

Silencia smiles as she moves past the tree was studying, her control had gotten better! A light shiver runs down her spine as the nature around her seems to be screaming at her in soundless alarm. She is not attuned to the nature so that she would be able to communicate with the trees, but she can understand one thing. There was something out there, something she would not want to meet. Little does the fae know, she's already surrounded. Inexperienced as she is with danger, the first response the girl shows is fear. She freezes and her eyes dart around, trying to find that which causes that unsettling feeling. It was eerily quiet around, she hadn't noticed that before but now the silence is pressing down on the uncomfortable priestess. She then starts running into one direction, flickering in and out of sight as she tries to cloak herself. After a few tries, it finally works and the girl seems to disappear. All traces of her presence are gone, she doesn't even leave footprints. Silencia presses her back against a tree and covers her mouth with her hands. Sounds were the only thing that did not get covered by her cloak, so she would need to remain quiet. She was hoping that she overreacted, that there really was nothing out there, but somehow she knows that these instincts don't lie.

The little owl was hopping along a branch when Sil suddenly took off running. The fear on the fae was evident to the little owl and so she took flight to check on Sil and find out what is going on. She sweeps through the forest, following the fae and there...she spots them, hiding in the shadows, the skulking predators. She hisses and hoots loudly in alarm as she flies fast toward Sil. When she disappears, the little owl looses her. The owl makes loops around where she expects the girl to be, hooting alarm to find her.

Asato's ears swivel forward sharply as Silencia suddenly disappears into the tree line. He emits a surprised sound, and leaps from his branch to another. Where did she go? He can't help her if he doesn't know where she is. But he's also not stupid enough to call out. He doesn't want her to reveal her presence and location to the dark things. With luck, if HE can't find her, neither can THEY.

He notes the owl, and pauses. Eyes narrow. That owl looks familiar... But he doesn't sense any malice out of it. In fact, it almost seems... friendly somehow? There's no time to consider it, though. Or if the owl would be good to eat. He does love fowl ever so much.

Anyway. Since Asato can't find Silencia, he begins to do the opposite-- rather than look for Silencia, he starts looking for whatever it is that's frightened her, that presence he could feel that didn't belong here AT ALL. He movements are fast through the trees, never staying in one place long enough for anything to pin down his location.

LOST!? How could she have eluded them so easily??

Though the creatures remain hidden for now, there is an undeniable evil presence felt heavily in the air. One does not need to be able to talk to trees to know that there is something very wrong here. It's almost in the air, it smells acidic, and almost coppery. The smell of blood.

The hooting owl flying overhead finally unnerves the predators enough to make their apperance.

From the shadows they come. At least a dozen horrifying creatures. Black in color and with metallic like skin, they look like an unholy breed of a lizard with a ferocious wolf. They have no eyes in their elongated faces, all they have is a mouth full of razor sharp teeth, claws and a stinger like tail.

The creatures hiss at each other, apparently angry. One blaming the other for having lost the girl. Could it be that they have some manner of language?

They seem at least smart to know that she couldn't have gone far. They had her surrounded and none of them felt her pass by. So unless she teleported somewhere the girl should still be here.


In the trees maybe!

The group of Xenomorphs all get the same idea at the same time and pounce upon the trees where they saw Silencia disappear into. They start clawing at them and whipping them with their long tails to flush the girl out. Certain that they'll find out where she is if they search long enough for her.

That little owl hooting and circling around the place she was hiding gets a panicked, half-whisper half shout to shut up. Silencia covers her mouth again when the creatures emerge from the shadows. Her entire body trembles as they hiss angrily, she could guess why they were angry. When they all direct their attention toward her direction, Silencia freezes, afraid that they had seen through her cloak. Luckily, her cloack was still intact, but what happened next brought out a loud shout from the small fae that could make even the most hardened warriors' blood run cold. They had pounced the trees close to her, just barely missing her. She turns and runs away, still in her cloak, but no longer bothering to hide the sounds of fear she makes. It's not like she would be able to anyway. There is no time, no chance to actually climb up in a tree, she can only run. The nature around does do its part, the shrubs and trees seem to thicken behind Silencia, making it more difficult to pass through. She doesn't seem to be making that happen, it's as if the nature actively tries to do whatever it can to aid Silencia in her escape. Silencia does manage to shoot some roots up out of the ground, aimed at tripping and catching the frontrunners. She has to get out of here!

The sound of Sil's voice brings the little owls tight attention below her. She can't see Sil but her owl ears are perfect at pin pointing positions of even small prey just by sound and so she finds the fae. When the dark creatures comes round , hissing angrily the little owl decides she can at least given one or two a good reason to be angry. As the xeno's leap for the trees the owl arrows through the trees and throws herself at the nearest one. Talons rake the shining black carapace and wings beat and confuse. She is small and fast and darts in and out quickly, angling and annoying the dark creature. Her hoots are loud and angry, screeching and hissing herself.

There! Not only Silencia, but the things that are after her. Now Asato has something to follow; the sounds of their attacking. Quickly he catches up to where the sounds are coming from, and gets his first glimpse of the beasts. He's never seen anything like these creatures before.

Asato draws his sword-- a wide, double-edged, two-handed affair. All traces of emotion disappear from his face. He is a warrior, they are his targets. There is no hesitation. Only the battle. He cannot hesitate. Hesitation means death for him.

Asato wastes no time announcing his presence or calling out to stop the beasts. He merely leaps down from the tree above, sword held high above him. He's aiming to try to separate one of the creatures' heads from their bodies.

Found her!!

Emotionless and cruel as these things may appear to be, they are predators to their core and relish the thrill of the hunt. All of them raise their elongated smooth heads upwards and then quickly turn towards they heard the scream of the girl. There she is indeed.

A dozen fierce hisses are directed towards Silencia. It's almost as if these creatures were sharing the same mind. They move in unison, all faceless heads turning towards their prey. As they all look at the same time, they all charge after her with blurring speed. No hesitation or surprise, they just want their prey.

The unexpected intrusion of an owl draws pause from one of them, the one leading the charge and closest to Silencia. Small owl talons do very little against tough, smooth skin that might as well be a metal carapace, like armor. It does, however, distract the leading Xenomorph for what is the real attack.

A bursting cat man emerging from the trees and bringing an overhead swing of his sword upon the alien.

The creature tries to put its arms in the way to block which only causes Asato's sword to cleave right through those limbs and behead the creature.

An explosion of acidic blood bursts everywhere as the Xenomorph is bisected, releasing its horrible defense mechanism dying in a fountain of acid liquid that burns and touches everything it touches. Seeing as Asato likes to get up close and personal, he might be subject to burning wounds as the acid splashes all over him.

One way or another, the cat person has half of the Xenos' attentions now. In a split second the pack make their decision.

Subdue the warrior whilst the others chase after the girl.

A grand total of nine Xenomorphs surround Asato whilst two give chase to Silencia, leaping over the obstacles that nature itself sets before them with daunting dexterity.



Kotal Kahn is investigating the spot where these creatures where first seen trying to figure out where their hive is.

Suddenly, a sharp sensation pierces his heart and worries flashes across his face. He can feel it, even from here. His priestess is in danger.

"Silencia." He says to himself and straightens up. Speaking through his radio.

[TASK] Kotal says, "Silencia, I feel a panic within you. What is wrong?"

The help coming from the catboy and the owlette is something that Silencia does not notice, the girl too busy with running away to look back. The shrieks behind her tell her that they are close, way closer than she would like. The sound coming from her radio startles the girl for a moment before she hastily grabs it, almost dropping it while running. She does have the sense not to run in a straight line, her path weaving through the trees in an attempt to shake the beasts off her tail, the girl was still cloaked. At this point it's impossible for the girl to remain completely silent, her breath more like whimpering pants. Kotal's voice does allow her to grasp onto a sliver of sanity, the girl managing not to drop the device while she runs and shouts into it, not even able to make complete sentences, her voice trembling with fear.

[TASK] Silencia says, "K-Kotal! Xenomorphs.. Park... H-HELP!"

The little owl catches the same radio call sent to Sil. As Asato comes out of no where and attacks the xeno that she had been distracting, she hoots and makes an answer to Kotal on the radio as well. When the xeno's split their attention the owlet is torn, more are going after Asato but Sil is not able to fight and so the owl wings after the fae woman and her followers. She hoots loud and angrily and arrows toward the lean xeno after Sil. She spies a good size rock, oddly shaped with a narrow side and a fat side and looks about five pounds of granite. She drops latches onto the large stone then lifts. Even though she is no bigger then a mans fist she is gifted with the ability to carry incredible weight for her size. She hoists the big rock high and makes a tight circle around that moving target. She does a quick mental calculation of rate of fall versus the creatures speed and drops the rock. She is high enough up that it should reach terminal velocity before it hits the beast dead in the head.

[TASK] Minu says, "Hooot hooot! HOOOOOT!"

Indeed, Asato is unprepared for the splash of acidic blood. The blood sizzles on his sword. And worse, the blood seems to be purposely seeking out the thing that drew it, and a splash of blood sprays him. He emits a surprised sound at the impact. Then he realizes... it's burning him. His ears pin back angrily, and he swipes at the blood on his face with a choked sound. Yeah, that's going to be a mess later.

It's also dissolving his tunic, the cloth giving up at the mere thought of the acid on it. But that's a secondary concern at the moment. Right now he has nine of these things trained on him. But that's nine of them that aren't messing with Silencia. No time to waste-- not only is the metal of his sword being eaten away, but so is his skin. And he needs to keep these things busy for as long as he can.

With a 'tch' in the back of his throat, Asato charges a second creature, not giving them a chance to squeeze him into a position where he can't move. His aim this time is to stab into the creature with that sword and fling it into its fellows.

Asato's tactic is working alright. The nine Xenomorphs have no other thoughts in their devious elongated heads right now other than to bring this cat person down. Totally ignoring Silencia and letting the two runners catch her if they can, the group of aliens tries to do as before and surround the cat man so they can flank him from all sides.

No dice on that. Asato is a trained warrior and it shows! He immediately negates them that advantage by charging the first one and running him through with his sword. The beast flails in agony, acidic blood spraying out as it sends vicious, desperate claw swipes at the cat man's face before its thrown aside, falling on top a pile of its fellow aliens.

That's when another Xeno jumps behind Asato and tries to rend the cat man's back apart with the claws of its hind legs.

The runners following Silencia were not picked just by pure coincidence. They are the fastest of the pack. Smaller and sleeker, they would have caught up to the girl in no time where she not hidden. The creatures pass by the girl several times but are sure that she's there somewhere and begin swiping where they think Silencia might be. They might have gotten a swipe in too where it not for a five pound granite rock suddenly hitting one of them on top of its skull by a certain owlette.

Despite being so tough, its hard to ignore that kind of impact on such a vulnerable part of the body. The Xenomorph goes upright as its hit and almost looks stupefied for a moment. As if it was going 'Duuuh' from the sheer pain. Its smaller head inside its mouth hangs out as if it were a tongue and it stumbles a few time before falling on its hands and knees, acid blood pouring down its head. That look like it hurt!

That's when the sun suddenly grows brighter and there's a heavy feeling in the air of pure blistering power.

And Anger.


Kotal didn't even bother answering in the radio. As soon as he heard Silencia say the word 'Xenomorphs' he was clearing the distance from the Wastelands to the Park in a single leap with enough accuracy that he actually fell on top the Xenomorph chasing after his priestess.

Kotal falls upon the creatures with the fury of an angry god. A very literal angry god in this case.


It's safe to say that Kotal may have never been angrier in all of his existence. It almost feels like the entire city trembles by his shouting.

The Aztec warrior god stomps the creature's head flat under his feet, caring little if a fountain of acid blood bursts all over him.

After annihilating the first Xeno, Kotal walks towards the wounder one and punches clears through its stomach, punching another hole right through its skull with his other fist. All before lifting the creature over his head and splitting it in three parts. Kotal is positively /covered/ in acid blood but he doesn't seem to care at all even though its sizzling his skin off. All he cares is for the safety of his people.

"Silencia, Minu, are you alright??" He can sense that they are here though he can't really see where they are exactly, what with his face covered in acid blood and all.

The ground trembles underneath Silencia's feet as Kotal makes his entrance, even more when he shouts, making the poor girl stumble and fall. Luckily, the reason why she was running is quickly dealt with by the angry god. Her cloak vanishes, the girl surprisingly close by, as she watches Kotal easily destroy the two beasts that were chasing her. She blinks and remembers to speak when Kotal asks her if she's alright. "I...I'm fine..." Her voice is as breakable as she looks, the girl's demeanor the same as it was when Kotal first found her that night she arrived in Twisted. It takes her a moment to register that she wasn't the only one he adressed though. She straightens and peeks around. "Minu?" As her breathing returns to normal, so does her attention to her surroundings, the girl frowning as she sees the effects the acidic blood has on Kotal. "K...Kotal! Your skin!" Her first instinct is to wipe it off of him, but she manages to stop herself. Not a good idea. First thing's first, there were more. Silencia tenses and she glances around. "There were more, much more..."

Minu watches as the forest seems to explode with action. On of the xeno's fall from her fallen rock and then the war god lands with an earth rattling crash and tears into the other. When he finishes her fallen one she makes sure the area is clear and then lands and shifts. When Sil looks around and calls her name she answers "I am here, but that cat fellow, he was back there and there are more of these things. Come quick I think he's in a lot of trouble!" She shifts again and takes to wing, back the way they came toward where Asato battles.

More acidic blood, and another choked sound of pain from Asato as the stuff sprays his arms. He holds on just long enough to throw the creature into its brethren before he has to stop a moment. He's only stopping long enough to shake as much of the acidic stuff off of his arms as he can. He can't get it all. But every drop that's shaken off is a drop that's not burning through his skin.

Unfortunately, this distracts him long enough for one of them to get behind him. And the back claws bite deeply into his back, drawing a cry of surprise and pain from Asato. It bowls him over forwards, and it's only through his training and the fact that he has the agility of a cat (of course) that he's able to take the fall in a roll, and land semi-sorta on his feet.

He lands in a crouch, clawed hands still gripping the handle of that sword, fangs bared as his breathing becomes increasingly ragged.

It's not just from pain. It's something else. Something dark.

It may not even be sensed in all this chaos. But the darkness inside Asato is increasing, gaining in strength. His skin flushes abnormally. And his eyes change. More than just his pupil contracting into a slitted one. His entire iris seems to contract, leaving much of the whites visible, the surface of his eyes glassy and shining abnorally. The rich royal blue color of his irises begins to lighten, until it is a sharp, ice-blue.

This is not normal.

Asato suddenly SNARLS at the xenomorphs around him. He straightens, but his back stays hunched over, like a beast. And as he turns to regard the one who wounded him, he emits what can only be described as a roar as he strikes again. There's almost another voice under his, the roar from that second voice deeper, throatier. And his strike, while no less fierce or quick, is not as precise as his others have been; this is a wide swing aimed in the rough vicinity of the chest of the xenomorph that wounded his back.

Asato is indeed in trouble. From within as well as without.

Dripping from head to toe in acid, it looks like Kotal won't be of much help right now. In fact, it's a wonder why he hasn't turned into a pool of liquified flesh and bone right now.

The reason for that is simple. A war god can't be stopped by such measly things.

The Aztec straightens up and clenches his fists as he bursts the sun energy he stores within himself. Instantly, all of his wounds are healed and the acid is removed from his body as if it was never there, even his clothes and armor are back to normal.

"I am fine, Silencia." Kotal assures his priestess when he sees her worried face. A look that nearly parts the mighty god's heart but it would have hurt him even more so if even a single hair of Silencia's head had been hurt by these creatures.

"You mean Asato?" Kotal turns as Minu shifts into her elf form and motions for them to follow and aid the bravely foolish cat person. "Come Silencia, I fear we may be in need of your healing!" Of course they would, Kotal used almost all of it on himself right now. He takes into a run towards where he can sense dark energy stirring, his macuahuitl already drawn.

Meanwhile with Asato.

Though they know something has changed in their foe, the Xenomorphs are utterly fearless. The one that injured Asato lunges at him rather than back away, earning it a sword right across the torso that slices him in half. This of course means that Asato gets another burst of acid blood all over his face and body. It looks like these creatures are at least quite willing to die if they can get their blood all over someone.

Relentless as ever, the rest try to do a pincer move on the cat person, with one on the left pouncing Asato's arm to try and bite his bicep while another flanks Asato on his right and tries to bat his sword out of the way with its tail.

Cat fellow? Silencia has no time to be scared or frail. "Asato was there?!" This surprises Silencia. She had not expected anyone to be there. She doesn't need much nudging to follow, the girl worried about her feline friend. She breathes in and allows her influence to spread out, reaching to where she's headed. She doesn't need to see to manipulate her plants. While running toward where Asato's fighting by himself, she lets various roots sprout and grab hold of the creatures, slowing their movements. As soon as they get ripped away, new roots sprout to take their place. Silencia will not let anything hurt her friends! The priestess is surprisingly brave when it comes to protecting others.

The little owl is fast on the wing, even in dense forest and so she arrives to see the xeno's moving in to flank the cat man. She makes a loud hooting screech and arrows down toward one of the beasts at Asato's back. With wings spread wide , talons rake the general face area of the beast. Her noise and quick movements meant to give Asato warning as well as make time for Kotal to reach the cat and help him!

It's a dire sight that awaits the trio upon returning to where the cat-man has remained. He's cut the foes down by three, but there's still a lot more remaining, and he looks quite worse for the wear. His tunic's lying on the ground as dissolving pieces of fabric. The front of his body is covered with still-sizzling wounds made by the acidic blood, some even carving into his face. There's a series of clawmarks on his back that bleed profusely. In fact, there's a lot of blood on the ground.

But perhaps the most disturbing of all is Asato's face. It is pale from blood loss under the dusky color. Not only that, but the expression there is one of sheer bloodlust. His ears are pinned back enough to all but disappear into his thick, shaggy hair. His eyes are glazed and empty, their color pale and icy. His fangs are bared, and each breath holds a bestial growl.

The darkness inside him feels as though it's straining against something holding it back. Wriggling and writhing in his soul, seeking escape. It doesn't even take magical senses to be able to feel something 'off' about him...

This time the spray of acidic blood earns little more than a soft, short growl. Pain doesn't seem to reach him now. Because of this, his senses sharp in their bestial state, he senses the pincer attack coming. He leaps up and back, just enough to avoid the pair's combined attack. Though without Minu's intervention, even in his sharply instinctual state, he probably wouldn't have been able to avoid it anyway.

But WITH her intervention, and hopefully a little bit of luck, the two xenomorphs will bite and smack each other. With MORE luck, the strike that he aims at the pair as he lands will connect. It'll mean another spray of acid blood, but it'll almost mean death to the xenomorphs, so it's a fair tradeoff.

He doesn't visually acknowledge Minu, Kotal, or Silencia. He can't, not like this. His awareness has been reduced to a sense-driven, instinctual state. All his concentration is on the fight around him. At this moment he can only distinguish 'things that are hurting me' from 'things that are not hurting me', the latter of which does not gain his attention.

Kotal can't really blame Asato for succumbing into his battle fury. The expression of pure rage that marks Asato's face right now is probably the same mask that Kotal had a few moments ago when he thought that his priestess was in danger. Darkness within him or not, the god of war cannot fault someone for fighting to their best of their ability, particularly when survival is involved.

The owl landing behind the creatures is enough to distract them so that more of them don't try to join the fray. A few begin to swipe at Minu with their claws and tail being distracted from what's going on underneath them and too late do they see that their legs have been wrapped around with vines.

Slowed by nature itself turning against them, the Xenomorphs trying to do a pincer attack on Asato end up attacking each other, with one accidentally biting the tail of the other. This also puts them in the perfect position to be cut in two by the counter attack of the cat person, which of course ends up with both of them exploding into fountains of acid, but at least they are now dead.

Tangled as they are, the ones at the back line fall easy prey for Kotal Kahn's dreaded macuahuitl and he cleaves in half two more of them in one swing.

With only one remaining, it wiggles out from the roots and attempts to make a run for it, crawling on all fours back into the bushes with great speed.

Into the bushes or into Silencia's grasp? The priestess has an angry expression as she watches that last little bastard attempt to escape. "Oh no you don't!" As soon as it slips into the bushes, vines slither around it and tighten, gripping the beast from all sides, even wrapping the head, preventing it from chewing its way out. Silencia is panting, probably because she was running for her life just a couple of minutes ago. She gasps as she notices the state Asato's in, she had been too preoocupied by the Xenomorphs to even look at him properly. "Asato! Oh my goodness!" She runs over to the kitty, taking care not to step into any of the acidic blood staining the ground. She reaches out to the kitty, trying to find a place not covered with the burning blood of those beasts, so she can heal him. "They're gone now, Asato... calm down..."

As the xeno's are dealt with, two by Asato and two by Kotal. The little owl hoots and hisses when the last tries to make a dash for it. When Sil snares it with roots and vines the little owl settles into a slow circling around the area to keep watch as Sil then goes to the cat man and tries to calm and aid him. Tired herself she drifts down toward Kotal with a small hoot and back wings to land carefully on the war god. The little owl shudders and ruffles her feathers, panting a little and blinking herself. Ok, now that its mostly over...that was fricken scary, what the hell are those nasty things?!

Asato takes note of two more falling to Kotal's swing, and pauses. 'Thing that isn't hurting me' becomes 'thing that can hurt me', and he regards Kotal warily. But then there's also one more 'thing that is hurting me'... and it's trying to escape.

The Kiran cat roars at the beast, and tries to leap after it. But he's too weak. The blood loss has been too great. He makes the leap. But as he lands, he wobbles, and then pitches forward, landing on the ground with a thump. One hand still grips the sword, the other reaching out in the direction the remaining creature had fled in, claws digging into the ground. He's fighting the weakness in his own body.

But there's only so long he can keep it up. With the rate he's losing blood, he soon relaxes, his head turning to the side so he can breathe. His breaths are still ragged and a growl laces each one. The darkness inside him seems to pause, but not to retreat. Not yet.

So Silencia has little need to worry he's going to turn on her. He's in no shape to hurt anyone. Only those quiet growls and the claws of his free hand still dug into the ground betray that there's anything wrong. His ears are still pinned back, though, and he's shaking.

Kotal recognizes that look Asato gives him. A warrior recognizing another in the battlefield. A challenge even! A 'I dare you to strike me' look if there was ever any.

However, the Aztec does not bother to meet it. Not when Silencia is wrapping her vines around the fleeing Xenomorph. The priestess can be such a vicious little thing sometimes and Kotal loved every second of it.

"Hah! Well done, Silencia!" Exclaims Kotal as he pounces on the wrapped up Xenomorph.

Aztecs are experts at capturing enemies alive, they had to so they could drag them back to their temples for sacrifice. Kotal demonstrates that expertise now by wrapping the wiggling Xenomorph with its own tail and tying the vines around its mouth and legs. This thing isn't going anywhere.

Kotal tosses the tied up Xeno into the clearing where it writhes helplessly and approaches Silencia whilst she assists Asato. Then, the Aztec looks up to the owl perched on his helmet. "You did well too, Minu. A pity you did not have those grenades with you."

Silencia's expression is a very worried, a very motherly expression now, contrasting the anger it held before. Her voice is low and soothing as she carefully knees next to Asato, her touch ever so gentle. Her fingertips find untainted skin and golden light shines from them. Asato can feel a gentle warmth flood his senses as his skin knits itself closed and the acid evaporates. Silencia gently pets the kitty between the ears, scratching behind his ears even. "Good kitty... everything's going to be okay... I will not let anything hurt you anymore..." Silencia carefully pulls Asato up, allowing the cat to rest his head on her lap as she showers the distressed kitty with careful and soothing affection. She does peek at Kotal and Minu, making sure the two are unharmed. A light shiver runs down her spine again when she remembers how close those monsters got to her and what they would've done to her. "Th..the captured one... Anne-Marie might be able to scan it, or dissect it..." The girl looks like this ordeal has drained her, the fright was probably enough to shave a couple of year off of her lifespan. "M..Minu... come closer so I can check you for wounds..." Her voice, though weak, does not allow any arguing. She will check the owlette for wounds, whether she likes it or not.

Minu beak clacks as Kotal mentions her grenades. Yeah she thought of that when she discovered the nasty beasties at the onset but she wasn't gona leave Sil alone and go back and get them. She flutters her wings and fluffs her feathers. Small talons scrape against Kotal's helm and she hoots softly as she clings to her perch. She's done for a bit. She might not have done heavy fighting but all that up close and personal with the critters and quick flight has worn the little bird out.

Eventually, with the danger seemingly passed-- even in this state Asato can recognize a helpless enemy. The tied-up xenomorph moves to 'thing that cannot hurt me' status as he regards it. A part of him is a little disappointed he didn't get to kill it, though. Then again, they're probably not that good to eat, being bugs filled with poisonous, acidic blood and nasty, bitter splurty stuff.

And then Silencia's power-- and voice-- reaches him. The darkness inside him doesn't even struggle. It just sort of disappears, receding like low tide. His ears relax then, swiveling out to the sides. His eyes return to normal, the icy blue of his irises returning to their normal indigo. He emits a surprised sound, and shifts, to look up at Silencia. He seems to be looking her over, as if looking for injuries on her too.

Once he feels like he can, he sits up. "...Thank you," he says quietly. This for the healing. Asato leans over to her, and bumps his nose against her shoulder lightly. Then he looks up again, to Kotal and and then to the strange owl. He recognizes it. It helped him this time. So no, he's not going to eat it.

It might also be worthy to note that, even before his back was wounded by the xenomorph, there was already a scar there. A long, jagged scar ran from just under his right shoulder blade, diagonally across his back, ending just over his left hip. It's still there, the old scar.

Ooh, is that a flash of jealousy that passes through Kotal's face when he sees Asato get all affectionate with Silencia?

Of course, the war god isn't petty enough that he would reproach the cat person for thanking his priestess for comforting him and letting him use her legs as a pillow. Simply said, the Aztec only wishes he was in Asato's position right now.

Alas, being a god means he doesn't get injured very easily and thus less opportunity for Silencia to heal him. Looks like next time he'll have to plunge head first into a mob of these creatures to receive Silencia's care.

But back to business at had, Kotal nods to his priestess and turns to look at the captured thing with a look of disgust. "Indeed, we will place it in the cells first before being examined." Then he pauses pensively, not recognizing a name Silencia mentioned. He doesn't know who this Anne Marie is but he's sure he'll find out eventually. Perhaps an associate of Johann.

Silencia visibly relaxes when Asato returns to his normal self. The darkness within him had grown so strong that she had been afraid she would not be able to calm it. His quiet thank you and the little gesture of affection earns a warm smile from Silencia and a light hug with only one arm as he bumps his nose against her shoulder. "I should thank you, sweety... Don't you dare do that again though!" Her voice suddenly becomes stern with that last part. "Next time you see something happening, go get help, don't jump into it!" Of course Silencia finds the energy to scold after all that! Silencia slowly gets up, legs trembling weakly. That's going to hurt in the morning... She walks over to Kotal and Minu. First she takes a closer look at the little owl before nodding when she sees there are no injuries that need her attention. She then shifts her attention to the most important one. She doesn't say a thing, but simply wraps her hands around Kotal in an embrace, the girl finally allowing herself to succumb to that fear that had been grappling her for all this time. She was safe now.

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