2016-03-04 - Vampirism, Hedonism, and Kawaiism.

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Vampirism, Hedonism, and Kawaiism.

Summary: A night of dancing in the UR turns into a discussion of how humans can't be pets. Or can they!!? DUN DUN DUNNN!!

Who: Sae, Flandre, Serenity, Steve the Bartender
When: March 4, 2016.
Where: UR

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"Sae claps her hands together and pushes up onto her tiptoes. "Mhm mhm! Bollywood people are soooooo silly! I've seen abunch of K-pop groups and stuff! They're soooo cute and pretty and happy and giggly.." she gushes, doing another twirl. "Okay! Down here!" she runs down to the end, eagerly tiptoeing over and over again, so excited to try this out. "But sides that I don't really know! I mean, I've seen people doing the tango, and..and other stuff?" not knowing the correct names. "But that's about it!"

"Point-dance to K-pop music?" Ren says, considering that for a moment. Ren flutters over to the end of the counter to join Sae. The black disk of the field generator slides along as Ren undulates the pairs of fins in the water, and the mane of gill-feathers continues to swish for a moment after Ren flows to a stop. "I will keep that in mind for a future lesson. For now, if you have seen them before, perhaps we can try a few Bollywood moves." Ren shrinks in length to 'stand' entirely vertical without being too tall and shrinks both 'wings' while folding them over the belly. Ren also pinches in at waist and neck level. One might imagine a human shape with a little creativity, but it isn't going to fool anyone with even limited vision or color perception. "First," Ren says, rippling over next to Sae and facing the same direction as her, "Stand with your hands on your hips and right leg out to the side a bit. Keep that heel off the ground and turn that knee partly outward."

Sae does her best to mimic Ren's directions, hands on her hips, one stocking'd leg out to the side, its heel up so she's balancing it on her toes. "Okay okay! I think I've got it! What next!" she say with a giggle, humming a happy tune to herself, unable to resist moving her hips side to side as she waits. It's hard to keep still when you're so darn excited!"

"Yes," Ren agrees with a smile, "something like that." Ren pulls the edge of the right fins toward their base to form a tube, but only below 'waist' level, and extrudes the trailing edge somewhat. Apparently this is supposed to be a leg. "Put your right hip out to the side, but not a far as it will go." Ren seems to have some idea how far that is (despite not having a spine) and curves outward to the side as described. "Next, you will pull your right foot in to point it behind your left heel. But only bend at the knee slightly-- most of the movement should come from twisting your right leg." Ren shifts the tube of fins, rolling them behind the body, and makes a hip-like projection on the opposite side, ending with a sharper movement. "Rock onto your left leg at the same time, bumping your left hip outward fully."

The doors to the UR open and in comes Flandre. She's in her human form for a change rather than flying in as a bat. She's also apparently wearing a sailor fuku school uniform, no doubt just having finished her night classes over at the local high school. She skips along the bar and moves towards where she sees Ren and Sae. "Hi there! What are you two doing??"

Sae giggles, following the directions with a smile as she cocks her hip out to the side while she moves her leg, hands still on them. "This is fun Miss Ren!". She repeats the motion in an opposite way, then again, hips bumping left and right as she gets in a rythm, giggling the whole time. "We're dancing Flan-flan!", smiling at her vampiric friend. "And uuuu! You're enrolled toooo? I'm gonna be having my first classes tomorrow! It'll be SO MUCH FUN! Almost as much fun as dancing! Maybe even more! But yeah! Ren's teaching me how to-" she bumps her hip to the side "-dance!"

"Yes, that's it," Ren says with a nod, smiling. "Left hip out partway, twist the left leg from out to in, and project the right hip fully." Ren demonstrates the pair of motions similar to what Sae does, but with a smoother motion that begins slowly and ends in a bumping motion. As Flandre appears, Ren loses both the smile and the imaginary hips. "Hhh..." Ren hisses uncertainly, looking to possible exits. "Hello. You'll be attending the same school, then?" Ren asks.

"Oooh!" Flandre says in surprise at the explanation and watches the two monetarily before giving a nod. "Ahuh! I go to school here too! Its great, I even have a part time job in the mornings." Looks like Flandre is well on her way to becoming a productive member of society rather than the violent shut in that she's been for nearly five centuries. "I hope I see you there too, but I have night classes so maybe I won't." She says with a pout, vampires and all, its easier for her to concentrate during the night.. and boy she needs all the help she can get concentrating. "I love dancing! Will you dance for me too??" She smiles and peeks at Serenity, grinning toothily. Being a predator, Flandre is more than capable of smelling the sea slug's fear. "There's no need to be afraid~." Flandre chirps. "I won't drink you.. Sae already offered to satisfy me."

Oblivious as ever to Flandre's darker side, Ren's fear and posture changes go completely unnoticed by Sae, simply focusing on emulating the sea-slug's movements as best she can! Though, given she's got bones and hasn't danced before, it's a good deal harder to be as good as her! She still tries though, practicing her hip bumps and leg turnings a couple more times before pausing. "Mhm mhm! I think so! Unless there's another school around? But awwwwww! Night classes? That makes sense I guesssssss! Maybe I'll try and get a late night one a couple of times a week Flan-Flan! So we can have one together!". Running over to give the small vampiress a hug, Sae then runs back over to Ren. "Of course I'll dance with you Flan! It's soooooo fun! I've never done it 'fore, but Ren's teaching!"

Serenity regards Flandre and Sae skeptically as the former mentions a prior agreement. Ren doesn't, though, remark upon it just now. "A regular schedule for work and school sounds like a good way to build discipline," Ren offers, "and the school itself, the value of fellow residents to the town." As Sae returns to Ren's side, Ren motions to the opposite side from the girl. "Yes, you are welcome to join us if you like. Sae can explain the legwork of first move, I believe?"

A deal with a devil is what it is. A Scarlet devil to be precise. But as usual, Sae seems to be none the wiser to what she's agreeing to. Flandre is not at all as naive as she appears, she's quite clearly taking advantage of Sae's trust on her, that much can be seen by the devious little look she gets when Sae rushes to hug her. Flandre hugs her back happily but rubs her nose against her neck as if to sniff her. Oh yes, she's almost savoring that taste right now. "Don't worry." She whispers. "We'll have our fun soon.~" A dark promise if there was ever any.

But not yet! First they dance! After all, she's gotta work an appetite.

"Okay!" Chirps Flandre and falls in line right next to Sae, hands on her hips. "Lead the way!"

Sae bends one leg at the knee as Flandre does all that adorable sniffing and silly-ness, playing right into the devious little vampire's hands. She so, so loves cute things, and (un?)fortunatly for her, Flan's got them in abundance! She doesn't even realize Flandre's taking stock of her taste with the sniff, assuming rather that she's being all silly to get giggles from Sae, which she is! Back over by Ren, she puts hands on her hips and looks to the smaller girl. "Awww, hope so Flan! It sounds kinda nice! And okay okay! First! Hands on hips! Theeeeen-" she sticks her left foot out, then cocks her hips to the left side, rocking onto her left foot at the same time, repeating the action to the right with her right leg as well. "It's fun! What's next Ren-Ren?"

Serenity frowns at Flandre's sniffing. "Sae is a person," Ren reminds, "and people have value beyond usefulness or enjoyment; they have intrinsic value." Ren then offers Sae a weak smile while attempting to slide in behind the gap betwteen the two. "Now the hands on the hips was a placeholder for the actual hand movement," Ren continues in a brighter tone. Ren folds down the tops of one pair of fins horizontally. "Hold your left arm horizontally across your chest, palm down, and place your right elbow on the backs of your left fingers. Place your right elbow diagonally across your chest with the index finger under your chin and backs of your other fingers near your chin."

"Intr-Intr-Intu-Intru.. what??" Flandre tries and fails spectacularly to try and keep up with Serenity's fancy language. Even the meaning of it is clearly lost on the selfish little vampire as she can do naught but nod her head and agree, however incorrectly that; "Ya huh, Sae is pretty interesting!" Because that's what Serenity meant, right?

"Like this?" The girl awkwardly tries to follow along with Ren's movements, but this is a perfect opportunity for the sea slug to realize that, just as her teachers at the school have realized, Flandre is an outstandingly slow learner.

She holds the position as best she can though somewhat crudely. However, she does take advantage of the moment to bump her hips with Sae playfully, giggling cutely at her own mischief.

Sae couldn't be any more perplexed at what Ren's saying, but she goes along with it with a giggle as usual. "Mhmmmm! I'm toally a person!", sticking her tongue out at Ren, thinking she's just being a silly head. "You're funny Ren! That makes you even more cutsey if you ask me!". Turning to flash her smile at Flan, she nods! "Mhmmm! And you're extra- interesting Flan! You're a vampy person! Meeting all sorts of cool peoples here! It's like, no one here's /normal/, but in a good way! I even met a princess yesterday!", Sae still managing to think Sil's a princess rather than a priestess, even if Sil denies it. She just looks too princess to convince the idealistic schoolgirl otherwise!

Bumping her hips back into Flan's, she laughs, enjoying the playfulness. Sae even goes to do the same to Ren, just baaarely touching her skirt to the water, not wanting to get it too damp. "Silly! But gotcha! Arms..fingers..elbows.." she does it as best she can, wiggling her fingers against her chin and makin and 'L' shape with her arms.

Serenity glances down as Sae risks a dunking, then evidently gives up on both the ethics lesson and the attempt to act as a barrier between the girls. Ren continues facing forward while rippling backwards, sideways, and then forward, taking up a spot on the other side of Flandre. Ren puts the field generator back in 'park' with a gesture of the trailing edges. "The hand movements are meant to suggest classical Indian dance and an air of elegance." Ren continues, unwrapping leading edges to touch the sides of the head. "But the next hand movements are imitating the throwing away of earrings." Obviously one needs a bit of imagination to see human ears on Ren, particularly if one is already seeing the rhinophores as rabbit ears. "Pinch with your fingers and then throw your palms downward."

"The accompanying leg movement," Ren adds, mimicking a bouncing by shrinking lengthwise, "is bouncing from the ball of one foot to the other, touching the heel of the unmoving foot to the ground on the beats in-between."

Oh, its quite clear that Flandre is going out of her way to stand next to Sae, despite Ren's best efforts to separate them. That much is evident. Flandre has a little devious plan in that not so innocent mind of her for sure. "Oh yes, Silencia is like a princess isn't she?" Agrees the vampire whilst she tries to follow along with the dance routine. Despite her ulterior motives, Flandre is at least still trying to dance, though she's very poor at anything that involves a lot of coordination. In her case, that's not necessarily a bad thing, if Flandre ever learns martial arts or something of the likely there would be no one that could stop her.

"Umm.. let's see." The girl watches Ren and Sae as she mimics their movements as best she can. "Like this?" She makes a fancy L shape with her arms and then pretends to rip off her earings. "Yay! Stupid earings! Whee!" Some previous prejudice against the things apparently.

Then she starts bouncing as told, but again, she kind of sucks at it. The girl looks like she's just jumping in place.

"Awwww, why would anyone wanna throw away earings! They're usually suuuuper pretty!" Sae says with a giggle, though she goes along with all the movements, syncing them up with Flan's and Ren's once they've got the rythme down. Every so often she'll get off beat though, a little to entranced with the motions of Ren's exotic form, still mesmerized by the strangeness of it all. But in a good way!

Though Flan might now being doing the best, Sae encourages the girl "You've almost got it Flan-Flan! You can do it! Just a lil more spring-" she hops from the ball of one foot to the other "-in your step!", flashing a smile. The vampire seems so innocent and silly and kind to Sae, so any scheming that someone more cautious just goes right over her head.

"Bounce, down, bounce, down," Ren repeats, even suggesting the heel-lowering with slight changes in height. Ren glances floorward at Flandre's take on it and chooses to reinterpret that rather than complain. "Hh... yes, the next step is a two-footed jump just after throwing your hands down, but only one of those jumps." Ren explains to Sae, "The throwing away represents freeing oneself up for the jump and more vigorous moves later. After the jump, there is one more bit of preparation- peeking out of a veil." Ren holds leading edges over the face, which obviously do a better job of covering it than just hands. "Put your palms edge-to-edge on your face, and then open them like two doors until they face outward on the sides of your face. Do this twice while returning your feet to bouncing from one ball of the foot to the other."

"You think so??" Flandre smiles happily at Sae's encouraging words. She's quite used to not getting anything right in the first go, so Sae actually praising her does wonders to motivate her. Though Flandre's evil and devious nature is very real, she might genuinely think of Sae as a friend rather than just a bag of blood for her to feast on. But, only time will tell what happens, Flandre is erratic at best and Sae is much too trusting for her own good.

She hops forward as Sae suggests and then looks towards Ren for more guidance. "Ooh, veils! I like veils!" Flandre says giddily and does as told, peeking through an imaginary veil. "I like putting them on my pets rather than myself though."

Sae pauses her dancing to clapclap at what Ren's doing, especially given how much her actions mimic a human's! It's impressive. "Woooow! You know Miss Ren, I bet there's not a single kind of dance you can't do! Like..like, with your body being all cool and wiggly and adorable like that I mean! Can probs bend and stretch and wiggle any way you want! Is awesome!". Resuming the dancing, each time Sae opesn the 'doors' she laughs anew, finding the silly-ness of bollywood esque dances right up her ally.

"Awwww, you do Flan? That's cute! I used to play dress up with my kitty every halloween! Made sure the costume's were all comfy though! One time I made her up like a sunflower! Then another time a lobster!", laughing at the memories. "But yush! I do think so! You're getting it down!"

Serenity regards Flandre with a puzzled look at her remark upon veils, but nods at her motions (or at least her hand motions) all the same. "The /difficulty/ for me when I dance human dances is exactly as you said," Ren says to Sae. "I have to remember which way a human body will bend and which way gravity and momentum would move it." Ren adds with a grin, "I've also had poor luck with tap-dancing." After Sae finishes sharing the Halloween story, Serenity continues, "And now, beginning the more energetic moves: Hands on the hips, swing your right leg all the way over the left, and pivot a half-turn on the left foot. Then right-over-left again to pivot back to the original direction." Ren makes a spin, flipping just the fin edges to disguise the swimming needed to make that happen. "Try it simply at first, then put a bit of upper-body bounce into it the second time."

Flandre giggles cheekily as Sae describes all the fancy combinations she used to dress her cat in. "That's adorable!" Squees the little girl whilst she continues to try and dance, with mixed results. "I didn't dress my pets like that, but I did give them pretty dresses so they could be happy. Sometimes they came dressed in rags, so I would shower them, comb their hair and give them nice doll dresses."

It may be worth noting that it looks like the kind of pets Flandre used to have were not animals, but people.

Moving right along though, Flandre gets ready for the more vigorous movements by putting her hands on her hip and extending her leg out. She tries to swing her way to the left only to find that she really doesn't know how to pivot on her heel and ends up dragging her whole foot across the ground making her movement slugging and awkward.

After a few frustrating tries, Flandre suddenly gets an idea and levitates a little. She's clearly cheating now but at least she's making the right movement!

With a tilt her head, Sae wonders how such a graceful thing as Ren could have trouble with any kind of dance! Then it clicks. "OH MY GOSH! You don't have feets! That's why!" she bursts out laughing. "Oh oh! What do they even call your kinda fishy Ren? I bet you've gotta super cute name for your species! Are they all as adorable and colorful as you?". Following the directions, Sae puts a bit more upper body 'omph' into it, making her chest bounce a bit, so she decides to forego that part after a few tries.

"Awwwwww! Pretty dresses? That's nice! Happy pets are the bestet..pets.." she trails off, blinking. Wait. They're talking about animals right. Sae ventures a question, blushing softly "Are your pets..kitties Flan? Or doggies? I can't tell what kinda person you are!" Would people really keep people as pets? Flan said they're happy, but..

"The name for our species in my language," Ren replies to Sae after grinning at her expression, "is 'fsst'." The sound is obviously suited better to a radula than a human tongue, though a piece of sandpaper might do in a pinch. "'Adorable' is up for debate, but most everyone does have multicolored skin patterns of one sort or another." Ren doesn't seem particularly concerned with Flandre using magic because Ren is rather more concerned by the bit of biographical information. With suspicions already raised, the phrasing isn't lost on Ren. "Here, Flandre..." Ren says with a frown, then seems to take a few moments to work out the phrasing. "you can't use barriers or threats to keep someone around you. You can try to encourage someone to return by convincing them that you often change your wishes to match theirs, but you can't force them to return."

Flandre giggles at Sae's assumptions. "Heehee! No silly, my pets weren't kitties or puppies. They were human!" Her expression and tone might imply that this should be obvious. "Although I think I did dress them as puppies and kitties a few times, hmm." She taps her dainty chin with her index finger thoughtfully whilst she floats in the air.

She pouts when Ren seems chastise her, drawing a perplexed tilt of her head as she stares at the colorful sea slug with bright red eyes. "But they were quite willing." She answers. "I fed them and clothe them and let them live in my house. Naturally, the best way to repay me was with their blood." Again, her tone is very relaxed as if all this were perfectly natural to her. As a vampire, she just doesn't see what's wrong for her to keep humans as pets so she can drink them. It's as if someone was telling a farmer not to keep chickens for their eggs or cows for their milk.

"OH MY GOSH! Is that /really/ how it sounds?!" Sae exclaims, bouncing up and down. "That is the /cutest/ name ever! FssssSSSSSsssSSsSSsSssssssst!" she mimics, giggling at how fun it is to say. "Fssst! Thhat's perfect! It fits you perfectly Ren!".

Then Flan goes into her talk of pets, and Sae hardly knows what to say, just standing there dumbfounded for a moment. "I mean..I meannnnn..if they were happy it's okay? And..and being dressed up like a kitty does sound /really/ cute..", chewing on her bottom lip, more than a little confused. "Speaking of which, umm..when did you want to feed Flan? I dunno if you're hungry right now?"

"Let's speak about Twisted," Ren amends, still regarding Flandre with a frown after she explains. "Using the risk of starvation to persuade someone still counts as forcing. As does making deals that depend on the other person not finding out what you want." Ren glances worriedly to Sae. "Perhaps we need the dessert menu," Ren suggests.

"I'm sure they were happy!" Flandre smiles reassuringly to Sae, ever her winsome self. "They must have been, otherwise they would have tried to escape all the time." As she continues, Flandre once again gives a thoughtful look towards Serenity who continues to try to convince her that it is wrong to 'trick' someone into giving her their blood. "But its true though!" She will starve if she doesn't drink blood. Those candies that she eats constantly are merely a placebo, she doesn't need them to survive, she only eats them because she has a very sweet tooth.. or in this case fang. "And I did tell them what is that I really want. What else do you suggest I do?"

At the mention of the dessert menu and Sae wondering when Flandre needs to feed, the girl licks her lips a little. "Well, I am a little hungry right now, but I didn't want to interrupt our dancing lesson."

"Yes, desserts!" Sae says with a bunch of nods, running over to get the menu and bring it back to Flan, knowing Ren probably doesn't want anything besides the gelatin she's yet to make. "B-but yeah! I mean..being happy is what matters, right..right? Right!", not sounding terribly confident about that herself. Pets! Human pets! Vampire's are a strange bunch..

"It's okay! I think um, the listens over ish? It's dessert time and stuff! Here! I made some more pie earlier since everyone nommed it up last night. Is cheesecake this time!"

"Keeping people from starving does not count as a freely-chosen deal," Ren says, disengaging the field generator's parking. Ren ripples a bit farther from Flandre while looking between her and Sae. "I suggest animal blood. Or if not animal, blood sold by people who don't feel pressured to sell." Ren glances to Sae, but looks less than convinced by her ethical theory. Ren does, however, looks a bit relieved by her pie proposal.

Flandre makes a face, eyes closed tightly whilst her tongue sticks out as if she had tasted something very bitter. "Bleeh! Animal blood tastes so bad!" And it also really doesn't feed her, but that's not something Flandre knows, all she knows is that its no the same.

But like before, Flandre is giggling it away and pulling Sae close to her, drawing her in by wrapping an arm around the girl's waist. "You should listen to Sae! She knows she'll be happy as my pet." Already it seems that Flandre is making decisions about the fate of people without even asking their opinion about it. But, that's the selfish nature of the vampire.

"Ooh! Yes! I would very much like some cheesecake, please!"

"Y-yeah! That brings up a good point! Human blood tastes..different? That's kinda neat, I guess.." Sae murmurs, not quite sure how to feel about all this just yet. She's trying hard not to judge! And frankly, when someone's as cute as Flan is, it's much easier to, even with all these strange things she's doing and saying. "Is..is there anyway I can make your compost pie flavored Miss Ren? I don't want you to feel left out.."

Thoughts of dessert is thrown to the wayside by one special remark Flan makes. "W-w-w-w-wait! Who said I'm your pet.." Sae whimpers, then scrunches her shoulders up, very embarrassed.

Serenity flutters indecisively without moving one way or another, but reaches up to rub at the gills as Flandre attempts to grab Sae. Ren doesn't reply to Sae. "Let's worry about happiness after establishing that people cannot be pets."

"Of course~." Flandre grins toothily and smiles softly at Sae, treading the girl's lips with the red finger nail of her index finger. "Don't you want to be my pet? I'll treat you very well." The vampire girl stares deeply into the eyes of the other girl, drawing her in with that legendary vampire charm.

Until Serenity distracts Flandre.

"What?" The girl blinks in confusion. "People can't be pets?" This seems to be news to her!

Sae shivers as that nail teases her lip, not at all used to anyone being so forward with her. It's enough that she's too caught off guard to really form a reply either way. "I..I..I..I don't know..I'm confused..is cute 'cause kitty dress up but..but..pets? People..? They can't..I can't.." she shakes her head, trying to focus. "I'm..I'm going to go get you that pie! K-kay?"

Serenity looks around nervously, but the people on hand in restaurant seem to be either oblivious, cautious, or not-quite-hero-material. Ren looks surprised that Flandre was actually still listening. "People have duties that they cannot give up. Animals do not. So one can be completely responsible for an animal but not for a person. Thus- no human pets." Ren then decides the logos in the argument needs to be supplemented with some pathos. "Sae going to the kitchen for some pie sounds like a very good idea."

Nope, Steve is certainly not getting involved on this one. He's seen too much weird shit in Twisted anyway to get freaked out by a little girl talking about making pets out of people. He even looks the other way and focuses on cleaning some mugs with a cloth.

In the meantime, Flandre is regarding Sae and her reaction curiously until she ultimately nods as she sees she's going to get some pie. "Okay! You do that~." The vampire girl is smiles as always and doesn't seem mad at Serenity, she just honestly can't understand her point of view.

"Oh! But that's an easy fix. As my pets the only duty they need to be responsible for is making me happy!~" Again, its perfectly plausible logic for her.

Given that the pie's already been made earlier, Sae takes an awful long time getting it! She paces around the kitchen a little, trying to sort through all these weird events. People-pets! It's horrible! But so cute at the same time! Not to mention Flandre's the absolute epitome of adorable too. "What should I do what should I do...", continuing to pace until..pie! That's what she came back here for. So she takes care of it, getting the cheesecake, sprinkling some strawberries over it, then bringing a slice out, one for her and Flandre and even Ren, in case she wants one! "H-here! I um..hope you like it?"

Serenity relaxes a little as Sae is released. "But people have many duties," Ren explains with a frown to Flandre. "Taking appropriate action to stay alive, for example. And people don't have the authority to give up all those duties of their own, or to take away all the duties of someone else."

Serenity accepts the plate of cheesecake from Sae as she returns, despite the serious case of indigestion it represents. Perhaps the plate looks like a good shield, or Ren wants to learn if strawberries repel vampires? In any case, Ren holds it out of the water with both pairs of fins. "Thank you..." Ren offers uncertainly to Sae.

Sae sure is taking her own sweet time, which unfortunately means that Flandre gets lots of time to spend with the chastising sea slug. Looks like there's no way of changing Ren's mind! She really doesn't want Flandre to keep human pets at all.

"Hm!" The little vampire girl finally stops floating and sets her dainty mary jane clad shoes feet on the ground. A long time ago, Flandre might try to argue her case by throwing a hissy fit and rolling on the ground crying, or worse, start blowing things up.

Not tonight.

She's matured enough that she knows how to work these sort of things out. "People always have a choice." The girl grins strangely. "So it should be their choice who they pledge their life to."

As Sae returns, Flandre graciously accepts the pie but regards the two with an amused expression on her. "So it should be Sae's choice if she wants to be my pet or not." And just like that she's throwing the gauntlet.

With that said she takes the pie and begins to float away. "Er! Unfortunately I can't wait for too long tonight. I have homework to finish!" This pie is taken to go. "But I'll be waiting for your response!~" And then she's flying out of the bar.

Sae is well..a bit overwhelmed, to say the very least! "O-okay..will..will get back to you on that and stuffs Miss Flan?", gulping softly, then eating some of her cheesecake to distract herself. With Flan flying off, she uses a different fork to lift some cheesecake to Ren's mouth, not minding her hand's getting wet. "That..that was super weird..I dunno how to feel about that! Flan's mega cute, but..but pets? Vampires? So.." she shakes her head. "I think I'm gonna take the night off Miss Ren! Thanks for stopping by!", running out the door without bothering to leave a bill for the sea-slug, or a collect any tips!

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