2016-03-05 - Convergence From Above!

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The name of the scene

Summary: On the way home from the Xenomorph attack on the Welcome Center, Morgana and Muradin are witness to another convergence.

Who: Doommuffin, Gaius, Morgana, Muradin, Urus
When: March 5th, 2016
Where: Zeku-Kari Beach


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"Well! That was a sodding bust I tells ye!" The gruff voice of a certain dwarven warrior is heard approaching the beach. Muradin Bronzebeard is seen returning to the waters walking hand on hand with his wife. Both seem a little worse for wear, with their fancy clothing shredded and torn in several spots as if they had both just finished fighting something with a lot of claws and teeth. "Why is it that we can't ever get a nice night out, me luv?" He asks Morgana. "First it was those bloody greenskins starting that brawl at the tavern, and now some sodding beasties pounce us at the Welcome Center?"

"Ugh.." He rubs the back of his neck. "Urus is really gonna lay it on me, isn't he?" After all, it had been Muradin's suggestion to not bring along their body guard. It was just a party after all, how was he supposed to know there were going to be Xenomorphs there??

Muradin thinks he had a bad night? The little shack down the beach looks a bit worse for wear. As in, it appears to currently be on fire. In front of it is a rather sullen looking Doommuffin, with Deathcake in his robot body next to her. It is a rather odd scene, as the large robotic cat appears to be attempting to groom itself. It appears that Doommuffin might have finally gotten her turbines working satisfactorily, as the robot cat body now has a pair of cylinders grafted to it halfway down its back. That or they worked very poorly indeed and that was the cause of the fire. Really, let's face it, the latter is more likely the case.

Morgana moves toward the beach beside her beloved dwarf and chosen mate. Her beaded dress a ruin of acid burns and tears and there are pinkish looking streaks of healing flesh up along one of her dainty hands. "Things do seem to happen when we leave the sea My Chosen. As to Uruswhat..." She blinks and pulls Muradin to a halt and points "Doommuffin's work shop!" The siren lurches forward pulling her spouse with her. Only when she spies the gnome and Deathcat on the beach and away from the shop does she slow to a walk again. "What has happened DM? Are you safe?" She calls, her eyes dart over the area to taken in the full scene.

The great flash...

The alarms...

The orders for directions...

The darkness...

Gaius Van Baelsar, Legatus of the XIV Legion of the Garlean Empire on that day thought he would die with Eorzea as Nael Van Darnus' dark plan to unleash Bahamut came to a close and powers that be ripped the very continent to sunder. His own Dreadnought Airship should have been far enough way, but that was not the case, so when the darkness came, he figured his life over; Only fate had something different planned for the leader of a several thousand men army.

With a strange feeling coming to his senses, he could hear the alarms of his own Magitek armor alerting him to power failure. His body heavy as the very armor was starting to fail to give the extra strength to maneuver the power armor around his body. His eyes slowly started to open to see clouds pass by him... He was falling.

He could see the ocean below and using what power he had left, he converted over to one of the orbs in his gauntlets. With a flash of blue a shield formed around him and with a heavy impact, he collided into the water below. Now, he faced another problem... the Ocean. With the systems failing, he had little time and with power failing, movement was becoming harder with the added weight of water; Worse, he could already see the lens starting to crack.

So, this is how he should die? Being claimed not in the air, but by the sea? How... interesting.

Urus is laying on his deck chair, snoring. He had planned on greeting the couple as they came back, however the white noise of Doom's work helped him go to sleep in the evening air, that is, until Gaius makes a massive splash. He snaps awake catching the falling spray of splash. Morgana is not THAT heavy, that much is obvious. He takes a second to look around, and to his astonishment things have gone to hell in his absence. The Dwarf and Siren are in rags and Doom's workshop is on fire. This is the last time he lets Muradin talk him out of his job. Urus stands up and dashes to the water to see what it is that just fell in. Calling back to Ivan, his rubber duck on the arm rest, he shouts "I will be right back." and dives in after. Much to his surprise, a metallic figure is drifting down. This may take a while.

Never a dull moment around here.

Or rather, it's long periods of dull moments followed by brief instances of horror and action. Its a good thing that Muradin is used to the soldering life as it appears that it is a requirement to live in Twisted.

"Oh wot tha sod is going on now!?" Exclaims the dwarven warrior as he rushes to the beach along with his siren wife, running towards DM's shack that is currently on fire. To be fair, explosions and fire are not all unexpected for a gnome engineer shop, so even though Muradin still runs to see what's going on he is not too overly concerned about DM's well being. He knows she's a tough lass.

A heavy object falling in the water however also catches his attention, and he looks to the horizon when he spots Urus also running to the water. "Was it just me or someone juss fell into the water from the sky?" Around here that can only mean one thing.

Someone just converged.

Or maybe someone got thrown out of the city and into the water. Because that's a plausible explanation too.

Or maybe some debris from an explosion in Doommuffin's shop is only now landing in the ocean.

The gnome continues staring at the workshop for a few moments before finally turning to the others. "I have fortuitus news! I have successfully completed Deathcake's new robotic body!" She pause a moment, her smile leaving her face. "I also have unfortunate news, in that as soon as he inhabited the new form, he proceeded to cut into the acetylene tank with a side blade. He is unfortunately not quite used to having that particular appendage on his body, and thus was unfamiliar with how to safely operate it." She looks over at the splash, and then back to Muradin. She says, "That one wasn't my fault," which suggests that in previous times... something like that was her fault.

The siren frowns hard as something streaks from the sky and hits the water hard. She gets a rear view of hyena as Urus bounds for the water. As efficient as the merc is on land, he is not a native swimmer and the siren is aware of this. She doesn't even give it a second thought. Some one or something has had a hard landing in HER sea and she needs to know what or who it is. Its only a heart beat before the siren has her golden chain belt off and her beaded dress hits the sand. Pale skin shows in the moonlight as the siren bolts toward the sea. It is but a few strides once she touches the water before she leaps in head first and before her head touches the water her body changes and where there were sleek bare legs, a long and powerfully muscled , finned tail resides. Arrowing into the water, the siren dives down and hard undulations power her toward the sinking armor clad being. The siren passes the hyena quickly , leaving him with a flash of pearl black scales.

As the armored figure that was Gaius continues to sink. He knows he only has an option available to him, even as he spots the movement of someone or something heading his way. Air was running out, the water was starting to find away in and with a deep inhale... he did what he knew had to be done.

He forced his hands to move up to unlatch the helm and with it the emergency release on the armor. The heavy parts of the armor broke away, with flicker of blue as the Ceruleum power started to die. With the lack of weight of the armor, including the gauntlets leaving his arms, along with the armor of his boots. The only thing he dared to not leave behind was his Gunblade.

Gaius Van Baelsar, was never a man to surrender or to give up.

He tried to swim up to the surface, but the ocean was never a good or safe place to swim. The tides move and one can not open their eyes, unless they want the salt water to burn away any sight one would have for a short, painful time. Even with now a greater chance to maybe make it to the surface, without some help... that could be difficult; At least he would have his sword if something tried to eat him... Though air... air was still a problem...

Urus is decent at swimming, but his form could still use some work, while not as fast as morgana, he is still able to reach the man. The thankful thing is the man was kind enough to strip himself of his armor. Swimming up behind him he puts his head under the man's armpit and holds him around the midsection. For Urus' sake he hopes that the man is not a one of the fighters that come through. Or if he is, he is disoriented enough not to throw a punch... or... whatever he does. You never know in twisted. Urus attempts to bring both of them to the surface. Whether or not Morgana wants to help, is her prerogative.

Muradin narrows his eyes slightly as DM begins to prattle on. There she goes again, going into lengthy detail about things and assuming people can actually understand any of her jargen. "Layman terms, DM. Layman terms." The dwarven king tries to remind her as she tries to explain how her shack caught fire. "Deathcake hit a barrel of fuel, is that wot yer sayin'?"

No point trying to argue schematics right now. Especially since it looks like whoever fell from the sky is in trouble of drowning! Now its not only Urus who's running into the water but Morgana as well! Muradin is understanding that its important to not let people drown. However, one can't ever be too certain around here. In Twisted, the thing you are trying to save may try to kill or eat you in thanks.

"Wotever! Get in tha' boat quick, go go go!!" Muradin tells DM as the dorf rushes to the docks to comandeer one of the fishing boats so he can join in with Urus and Morgana. He'd dive into the water himself but, let's be honest, Muradin swims with all the grace of an anvil. That's dwarves for ya.

Doommuffin seems completely unconcerned with everyone jumping out to sea, and gives Muradin a somewhat annoyed look. "Big metal cat have new extra arms. Not know how use. Cut fuel tank, set fire to shop." But then the dwarf runs off and asks her to come along with. With a bit of an echoey sigh and a shrug, she motions for Deathcake to follow her to the boat. She makes some motions after climbing into the large rowboat, and Deathcake's movements change to be a slight less catlike than usual, as he climbs under the boat and then grabs hold of it from beneith. Meanwhile, the gnome is grabbing a fishing pole and a fish from the poor fisherman's cooler. She hooks the fish back onto the line and dangles it over the front of the boat, while making motions again with her spare hand. The dead fish suddenly lurches to life and swims a head of the boat... And suddenly the boat lurches forward as the two new turbines installed on Deathcake's robot body come to life.

Morgana's powerful tail speeds her toward the sinking armored figure. When Urus slips under the form and tries to bare it to the surface, she is right there to help. Now when most folks start sinking and are unable to breath, they tend to panic , regardless of how masterful they are in battle. Being helpless underwater often unmans even the strongest warriors. The siren is aware how deadly panic can be and so she starts to sing. First one crystalline note spills into the waters and then another and another until a song weaves around the swimmers. The song is sweet and intoxicating, full of gentle peace with touches of bright summer days and gentle breezes. The sea itself seems to answer that song and gentle waves buoy the two males up. Morgana is incredibly strong in her element and so she curls her arms around the males and her tail undulates and pushes the threesome toward the surface. It is only moments before the sirens dark head breaks the waters surface and the men with her.

With the help of the Hyena humanoid and the Siren, they get the unknown man to the surface and it is Morgana's voice that does keep Gaius from maybe taking any action; Or perhaps he never was going to, but it does keep him calm. After all, survive first, get strength back, strike after. His gold eyes, look at Morgana with some confusion on his face, his peper brown hair soaked, along with his entire body, as he asks a very simple question once to the surface. "... who... what... are you...? A Primal...? A kobold?" Perhaps asked in Urus direction, but he closes his eyes once more from the mild exhaustion starting to kick in. At least with the boat coming they will be able to pull him out without to much hassle.

Urus helps the man along to get into the boat that Muradin is floating on. As he does so he does answer the man's question, rough and heavy Russian accent having no sign of going away any time soon. "Ehhh, not exactly my friend." Primal? Maybe his eating habits, but that's about it. Then he greets the Siren, "Hello morgana, I didn't miss anything did I?" asking with an air of already knowing that he did in fact miss quite a bit. Urus then swims back to shore and slicks the fur out of his eyes as he gets out. water dripping off of all of his fur as well as what little clothing he wore with him.

"I said layman terms, not fer ye to start talking in orc." Muradin grumbles in complaint when DM tries to get smart with him. He's not in any mood to argue with the gnome though. In fact, he's never in a mood to argue with gnomes in general because that's exactly what they want! Dwarves are people of action and Muradin is no exception as he jumps into the fishing boat and is already grabbing one of the paddles. "Och, did ye juss tell Deathcake to get under tha' boat??" Muradin is having a bad feeling about this.

Yyeeeeep! He only manages to grab hold to the edge of the boat to avoid falling off. However, the dorf is quick on the uptake and he steers the boat in the direction where he can see Morgana and Urus surfacing out of the water. "Hold on, mates! We're coming!" Says the Mountain King as he tries to bring the boat to a stop near them. So, it looks like it really was someone that got thrown into the water.

"Give 'im 'ere!" The dwarf walks to the edge of the boat and lowers his muscled arms down to pull Gaius into the relative safety of the boat. "We're bloody lucky there ain't no nagas around anymore. That coulda gotten messy."

Doommuffin, thankfully, pulled the wiggling fish out of the water as they got to the waterlogged man. Well, long enough for Urus and Muradin to get him aboard. She dips the fish back in, once again getting DC's attention, and the turbines start spinning again! Better get back on that steering, Muradin! "Kobold?! Who are you calling a kobold!" In her world of origin, kobolds have the rough size of, well, her. So of course she assumes the man is talking about the gnome. "I assure you, I am much more intelligent than one of those candle-wearing baffoons!" She sounds quite insulted.

The siren offers a few more gentle notes of song as the man is lifted from the water and into the boat. When Mura and DM have him, she turns toward Urus and nods to him "Salutations to you Urus, you missed the usual chaos that seems to infest Twisted at every turn. Acid blood beasts attacked us at the new Welcome Center." She turns and languidly flips her fins, moving with ease beside the swimming hyena man. When he steps from the water , she draws herself up into the shallows and curls her tail around under herself, her bare shoulders and chest rising above the gentle lapping of the waves. Casually the siren starts to unbind the pearls from her braid then works the thick strands of her braid open till her long hair falls loose and free around her upper body.

Urus shakes himself off as best he can, he did not plan on going for a swim today. He seems peeved though that he missed out on the opportunity to bash some heads in when morgana tells him about their time away. "Is everyone okay?" he asks her referring to those who were in the welcome center. Looks like it is going to be needed again. what is it though with people thinking that they know what he is. He is going to get used to it after a while... then again he would be surprised at this point if someone got it right.

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