2016-03-06 - Smoothies and Awkwardness

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Smoothies and Awkwardness

Summary: Sunset and Rayne have a slightly awkward conversation in the Usual.

Who: Rayne, Sunset
When: March 6th, 2016
Where: The Usual Restaurant


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Sunset is sitting at the usual booth in the corner, sipping a smoothie as that seems to be her go-to for refreshment. The other hand is idly flipping through messages on her smartphone. Comes to the news bulletin about xenomorphs and raises her brow a little. Of course the next thing she does is click a different app and web search Twisted's local internet.

And immediately wishes she hadn't been curious, slowly looking the other way as she stuffs the phone back in her pocket. "Ugh, and I thought the Mane-iac was a bizarre character design..."

The doors open and through walks Rayne... In a different set of armor than she's usually in. No, this one actually has plated metal. She glances around with a slight frown, but the frown lessens considerably when she spots Sunset. With a wave, a smile does reach her face. "Hey, Sunset! How are you doing tonight?" She walks on over to Sunset's booth, stopping a skutter on the way to order a strawberry-orange smoothie of her own.

Oh perfect timing for a distraction. "Hi Rayne!" Sunset shrugs a little after that and tries to act nonchalant about her little too much information moment, holding up her smoothie cup for a moment. "Was just getting some refreshment and checking news postings."

Rayne winces. "Oh, yeah..." She frowns again, knowing full well what is the top story right now in Twisted's local news cycle. In fact, she shudders as she pales ever so slightly. "Uhhh... mind if I have a seat?" she asks as she looks about for a hopefully returning skutter.

Sunset nods her head towards the open spots in the booth. "By all means... I assume that's what the fancier armor is for? Either that or Twisted has one heck of a Cosplay subculture I am not aware of."

Rayne shakes her head, taking a seat. "Eheh... no, this was something Muradin has been working on for a month or so. Sil also got a bit armored up, as well... more befitting a priestess of a wargod and whatnot. I'd been considering buying my own, but in the end TASK bartered for it. In return, we now have made it so people don't bang on the dock every time people want to talk to Morgana. Apparently this was an issue with Muradin." She laughs lightly again, and takes her own smoothie from the now returning skutter. "I'm kinda breaking it in now, getting used to it before I attempt any fighting."

Sunset aaaahs. "Well that's still good." Takes a slurp from her smoothie while Rayne is getting her own. "I'm kind of glad I haven't ended up doing much fighting. My ability to power up is still not entirely reliable without the Rainbooms here." She leans back in her seat idly. "Twisted's ambient magic makes it still possible, but it felt... I dunno. I can't really say weaker, but it's.. generic? compared to that specific buffering from 'the magic of friendship'."

Rayne tilts her head. "Hrm..." She then frown a bit more. "Maybe you need to make more and stronger friendships, then? I mean... We're friends, but I'm not sure if we'd be considered close enough friends for magic to activate, or...however that would work." She looks down at her smoothie. "I mean... We're mostly co-workers at this point." She looks back up again, shifting her head to tilt in the other direction. "Who would you consider your best friend here?" She frowns as she considers how she would answer the question herself, then shakes her head. "Maybe it needs the feedback of others from one of your universes to hit it's... realness."

Sunset considers it a moment. "You're probably right. I mean, don't get me wrong, you and Serenity and others are definately friends! But... maybe it's because we haven't been through the same events that form those sort of bonds as I have with others." Then Rayne asks a question that's like almost like getting punched in the gut, though Sunset manages to not react more than give the rainbow haired girl a bit of a flat expression. "I think we both know how that doesn't apply anymore anyways."

Rayne winces as she realizes her faux paux. "Uhhh... sorry. Y..Yeah. And I...I know what you mean, it was kinda my point, too... I can't say I've made any friends quite like that since I've come here... Or really even before. I tend to distance myself too much, I suppose." She looks down at her right hand, gripping it as if there were something in her hand. "...I don't think Casdy counts, that's got... extra baggage on it." She shakes her head. "Sorry. I don't think you've met Casdy, she tends to... keep to herself." She looks down at her smoothie again, face still reddened by her effectively sticking her foot in her mouth. "S...Sorry."

Sunset stops herself just before she reaches over to pat Rayne on the shoulder. Let's not make a misstep worse with another misstep. Instead she gives herself something to hold onto by gripping her smoothie in both hands, and gives Rayne a softer smile. "It's okay. It's hard not to come up in conversation on occasion. For all we know she managed to get back to Equestria but can't return to Twisted down. She... has a habit of being able to do absurd things like that." Shrug, moving on! Best to just be positive about it.

Rayne frowns into her smoothie another few seconds before lifting it up to take a swig out of it like a normal glass of a drink. "Um, yeah. Hopefully. Sorry." She lets out a frustrated sounding sigh, frustrated at herself, before forcing herself to look up again with a weak smile. "Um, so, yeah. Looks like that might need to be a goal, then? Or just some outside combat training to learn to defend yourself in more mundane manners... We... Uh... can't guarantee that... bad things won't happen in... the Welcome Center." Well, that time it seems she effectively said the wrong thing for herself, as she looks down at her smoothie again. "...Better friends would be the more lofty goal, I suppose."

Sunset hehs. "To be honest, it probably wouldn't hurt to get a little training in. Just to be on the safe side. That's what self-defense was invented for, right? It's not like this project isn't going to involve needing to go into the field for first contacts."

Rayne nods. "Oh, of course." She looks up again, attempting to smile, but she just looks slightly haunted instead. "Just don't ask me to teach it. I've not had a good track record on that." She does manage to crack a bit of a smile after that, though it's brief. "A-anyway, yeah. It's probably best that you have some self defense, because we never know if someone might freak out in the Welcome Center, having a hard time coping with it." She pauses a moment. "I'm going to see about getting you a stun gun for that purpose in the meantime. Like I told Kotal, any officers posted at the Welcome Center for security need to be armed with non-lethal measures."

Sunset raises a brow slightly. "Does Twisted have tasers guns that are more than single use? Because that would be pretty useful."

Rayne reaches down below the table, down to her thigh, and pulls her hand up, a gun in hand. "This is a blaster pistol." She is careful to keep the barrel pointed at the nearby wall, but shows Sunset the side. "While it was designed with lethal force in mind, it also has another setting here." She points to a lever, which has been welded into place. Looks like Rayne really doesn't want this thing used in its lethal mode. "They can be set to stun, which is kind of like a several use taser. It's a lot less accurate than if it were fired in lethal mode, though." She looks down at the gun again with a frown. "This one's actually pretty lousy, but it was the best I found when I was looking. Its aim is bad even in lethal, and it gets painfully hot to hold after just a few shots, but I found this at the S-Mart." She turns the weapon over once, then brings it back down below the table to holster again, then shrugs. "Maybe we could find better ones in Neo-Edo."

Sunset nods her head. "Reminds me of something I saw in a sci-fi movie once." Hmms softly as she sits back and sips more of her smoothie. Frowns a little as it makes that sound such drinks do when they get close to empty. "Even if they are cheap, probably wouldn't hurt to stock up on a few to keep handy in the office."

Rayne nods. "We don't need that much accuracy in a room as small as any in the Welcome Center. If they're standard issue for the Welcome Center, though, I'm going to weld the stun lever into place on all of them." She frowns, looking down at her smoothie with a shudder. "Somehow, I doubt the stun setting would work on a xenomorph, though."

Sunset adds "Or get ones without the lethal setting... And no, it probably wouldn't. Just seeing that one picture is enough to figure that out... not exactly the sort of thing I'd want to just leave lying around unconscious, either." As much as she's with Rayne on the sentiment of not using extreme force if not necessary.

Rayne shakes her head. "Absolutely not. They aren't going to negotiate, they aren't going to talk, I actually tried... but it was just a distraction, I think, for..." She shudders again. "The little ones. I say burn them all."

Sunset mmmhmms. "I think it's time for a better topic." She waves one of the waitresses over. "And a refill!" Hands over her empty cup. "You want another one, Rayne?"

Rayne nods. "y..Y-yeah." She very quickly gulps down the rest of her smoothie, again drinking it like a regular drink, before sliding it over towards the approaching waitress. "Um... We had actual clients in the office yesterday. A... she called herself a pixie, and an older guy, military by the way he acted."

Sunset turns back to Rayne once the waitress takes the cups and heads to refill them. "Come to think of it, there was an odd girl coming in as I left the other day... but I was kind of in a hurry and didn't think much about it at the time."

Rayne nods a slight too enthusiastically. "Oh! Yeah! That was her. She actually does have wings... sort of. It was pretty odd. Like... they weren't... actually there? You might need to ask Ren about it. Her name was..." She pauses, recalling the name. "Chloe? We might need to check up on her again, I'm not entirely sure she took it well... She got very quiet when I think she realized how stuck she might be here. The guy... um... Legatus?" Well, she got that name wrong. "...I got a feeling he's not going to take being stuck here." She frowns at that. "He seemed pretty determined, so I'm... kind of afraid he's going to take it very poorly if... when he realizes he can't do anything."

Sunset nods a bit, taking it all in. "Or hopefully once he realizes it he calms down. Sometimes to stubborn have to hit the wall a few times before they accept that it's there. But it sounds like we've got plenty to keep ourselves busy with already! Just goes to show this was a good idea I'd say.

Rayne nods again, then ponders for a moment as the smoothie refills arrive. "I honestly can't remember whose idea this really was. Yours or mine? Or was it we both came up with it? I suppose this is a case of great minds think alike if that was the case." She offers her fellow multihue haired girl a smile.

Sunset chuckles a bit as she takes her refill and thanks the waitress. "As I remember it we both had similar ideas and just kind of put them together to make a better whole. More than the sum of its parts and all that."

Rayne nods, "Ah, that's right..." She finally starts drinking her smoothie like a normal person, with a straw. "But what are you doing with your free time now? I mean, I am almost always working now, but I still find some time to draw every once in a while. What have you been up to?"

Sunset nods her head towards the other end of the building. "I've spent a good deal of time over in the club, experiencing the different kinds of music that come through her from the different worlds. Even gotten up to sing myself a time or two... though it's not quite the same without the rest of the band, but I try to not let that slow me down."

Rayne offers a bit of a grin. "Band, huh? I used to play.... various instruments." She then frowns. "Of course I don't have the time to pick anything up again, let alone really get a band going." She groans and drops her head down to the table. "How in the galaxy did I ever get into this type of position?! I go four hundred years avoiding being anything remotely resembling being in authority, I step into here and I'm suddenly stuck with so much work that I can barely breathe!"

Sunset sips her smoothie thoughtfully for a few moments. Then comes up with a reply. "Maybe you're taking it too seriously and not -making- enough time for yourself? No wonder you're either tired or stressed out. You can't neglect your own piece of mind, Rayne." She smirks a little. "Princess Celestia ran a kingdom by herself for a thousand years and she still found time to be a mischief maker on occasion. Even if it sometimes had a lesson behind it. Twilight said she even once invited her and her friends to a big high society event just so they -would- inadvertently upset the status quo and make it less boring!"

Rayne laughs a couple of times before lifting her head. "I suppose I am. I just feel like I've got so much... like I'm responsible for Twisted now." She sighs again. "I think I'm going to have to resign from TASK proper, though... I hate to... I loved being in TASK... but I just... This is getting to be too much stress on me." She groans and drops her head to the table again. "Sometimes I just want one of those mindless jobs again, work your eight hours and don't worry about it for the rest of the day again." She shakes her head. "But for now... I've got to get back to work." She quickly slurps down the last of her smoothie before clutching at the bridge of her nose. "Aaarrrrg.... Damnit, you never will remember that every time no matter how long you live." She groans lightly before standing up again. "It... It was nice talking to you Sunset."

Oh the brain freeze. Always comes up when you forget to think about it. Sunset shakes her head a little. "That's an option, but I think you should try just organizing your time better before you do anything that severe. But I won't keep you from the work you do have, even if it is nice to talk to you without it being about work." Nevermind work came up a few times anyways. It wasn't the only thing at least

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