2016-03-10 - The Science of Shopping

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The Scince of Shopping.

Summary: Minu and Urus catch up as he helps her with some shopping.

Who: Minu, Urus
When: March 12, 2016.
Where: Integra Arms Appartment, Neo-Edo.


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Its early in the morning and there is a rustling in the hall out side her apartment. The little elf had spent the night in the quiet peace of her own place, away from the noise and chaos of TASK. She shared time between her place and sleeping at HQ but sometimes she had to be away so she could study or think or just be, away from all the others. The noise continued out side her door and she wondered if maybe she was getting a new neighbor. Dressed in a short ruffled red skirt and a green sweater the little wood elf opened her door and peeked out into the hall.

Urus happens to be moving into the last vacant room on this floor. Hopefully the rest of the residents are heavy sleepers or away. He had some help acquiring the furniture and getting it up here, but he made it abundantly clear that he was going to position everything his way and do it himself, hence the ruckus. With a last grunt he seems to have everything in order how he wants it. Most of the sparse furnishings seem quite simple in nature, although drab and industrial in nature, to Urus, it looks like home. There are a few random items littering the shelves including a small tuber ware bowl with water in it resting on one of the shelves, whatever that's for. With a silent nod he leaves his room, shutting and locking the door behind him. With a twirl of the keyring, that only has one key and a carabiner; he slides it into a pants pocket and heads out towards the elevator, but stops to see a familiar face. "Minu? What are you doing here?" he asks. It is probably obvious but it stands to ask anyway.

Golden eyes blink behind wire rimmed glasses, as the little elf watches her new neighbor shove a rather industrial looking table into place in his dining space. Her head tilts as she catches sight of brown fur and a familiar scar. "Urus...yeah, its me. I..live here. Well, half the time. Its my quiet place. Are you just moving in then?? Your gona be my neighbor?" She giggles and smiles "how have you been? I heard you were working for the scary sea lady?"

"I guess so. I learned that there were a few rooms open and decided that I might as well get comfortable with life here." Urus replies. Silently he had been hoping that there was a way back or this was all a coma induced dream but, facts are facts, and it's time to live life to the fullest in the small patch of paradise we call Twisted. "Scary sea lady? Oh! Yes, I work for Morgana. It is currently the best offer for work as of late. That is to say the only offer of work." Knowing well that she and Kotal work together and so she would also probably notice the lack of hyena in TASK as well. He takes a second for quick thought before asking "So.. you want to come outside? Catch up? Do... something?" it seems that the second part was the only one he had thought through. It has been quite a while since they both had spoken, and he is quite interested in what his protege has been up to.

Minu lets the door open further as the hyena addresses her. She smiles softly and nods "Yeah, we could go talk. If you're off today, I have some time, we could go...shopping. I have been meaning to go to Neo- Edo and pick up somethings. I could use your help and, suggestions." She looks back into her apartment, reaches over, grabs a small clutch bag and key then steps into the hall and closes and locks her door.

Urus raises an eyebrow "Shopping? Seriously? We better not be doing girly shopping or anything like that are we?" He asks. He is not one for clothes shopping or any such. However this is Minu we are talking about. She could be hunting for 3 ring binders. He keeps a slightly open mind as he feels lighter than usual and recognizes what's missing. He reopens his door and pulls his gun from the umbrella stand just inside. His weapon hangs from the shoulder sling as usual now makes him feel ready. "Ok, now we can go."

The little elf smirks up at the tall hyena man "as if I would ask for you help cloths shopping. Your still wearing the same pants you converged in, I remember the bite tears from the zombie fight you got into." She shakes her head more and giggles. "No Urus, If I want "girly" shopping I will ask Sil or Rayne to go with me. What I need are books, and supplies. I am wanting to learn more about computers and programing and I want to get some science books, chemistry and such. I want to learn more about explosives. Face it, I am small and not strong. I will never be a front line fighter. I know I am not exactly warrior material. But if you can take the bad guys out from a distance, isn't that just as good ? I mean, look at what the Joker did..the whole DMC with one tiny box. I wana learn that."

Urus walks toward the elevator knowing quite well his limitations in the clothing area. "I have a style that I try to uphold" he says trying to defend his choice. He waits for her to get in the elevator as well before sending them both to the ground floor. The fact that they are alone in the metallic box when she brings up explosives only furthers the mood. "you are taking this farther than self-defense Minu..." he says attempting to sound berating towards her. His stump of a tail wiggles slightly as he is actually ecstatic. And smiles and gives her a soft ruffling of her hair. "And that is great! I am glad to see that you are taking your teachings in stride!" He could not be happier so far. Everything he has done to teach has fostered a love for blowing things up? He could not have asked for more.

The little elf steps easily into the elevator with the big hyena man. She smirks as he pushes the buttons and she catches sight of his tiny flicking tail. This of course gives lie to his attempts at being stern. She wrinkles up her little nose as her hair is ruffled and she takes a little half hearted swipe at the man's hand. "I learned that you don't have to be a giant warrior to do a lot of damage. I also have discovered that as much as Kotal is a god of war, his knowledge is not unlimited. And those he holds up as authority on some subjects are both faulty in their knowledge and questionable in their teaching methods. I don't want to be at the mercy of anyone's bad information. If I am going to work for TASK, I am going to need to be more then just a librarian. I have to have enough knowledge and skill to be respected in my own right and listened to. You're not the only one who has been trying to teach of late. Though at the moment you're the only one I really trust since you're not part of TASK and don't have a...dog in the fight as it were."

Urus listens patiently to Minu as she explains her end of the situation. Part of it though seems to rub him the wrong way. "Mercy of bad information? Please. Explain." The rest although just as concerning does make him feel better that she trusts him ahead of certain co-workers. He nods. "You are correct in all these things. I have seen many time where strength and power did not go hand in hand. You are already scary in your own right. That much I know. But yes, some require a more firm hand to learn. I have been on both sides of that myself." He confides. A ding from the elevator goes off as the doors open. He allows her to go first before going out himself. Trying to add a bit of decorum to his encounters with those he actually likes.

Stepping out of the elevator the elf waits for Urus to join her then continues to talk as she walks. "Kotal actually saw fit to allow live munitions practice with grenades. He had us all assemble in the court yard and had Erron Black offer the lesson on how to properly throw one." She pushes her glasses up her nose and makes a face. "He had poor Ren scared to death. The idiot actually told her that the grenade wouldn't work properly if wet?! Can you believe that. The poor girl was flat with fear, literally! I was so mad. When I called him on it he got all lippy and defensive of course. I am afraid he and I have been on bad terms since. I simply can not forgive that kind of thing. If you don't know...fine..but don't act like you do and scare someone already unfamiliar and uncomfortable with fighting. I am not a warrior to be certain but Ren, she's gentle and kind and thoughtful and well...it made me very mad!"

"Live munitions! That is fantastic! By what I have seen already there is nothing that could hide from you." Urus cheers. The name mentioned sounds familiar. Erron, wait. Its on the tip of... yes that's right, one of Kotal's little cronies that replaced him. Urus had to rescue him from a hole in the ground. And as the conversation continues, it sounds more like he should have stayed there. "You are kidding me? Underwater? And this is the guy that REPLACED me!" There is an obvious bit of anger in his voice as both the fact that he has been replaced by an inferior mercenary, and the fact that he took it upon himself to teach misinformation towards Minu... and Ren. Urus teeth are bared in his agreement that something is definitely wrong. "I am glad you knew beforehand. This man is going to make a mockery of the mercenary and TASK name. I can smell it from here..." he can't really but it's a figure of speech, something he has also been working on. "If you need information outside of books, come to me. You know where to find me."

Minu looks up just in time to catch Urus' baring of teeth. She smiles and offers the man a pat on the arm. "This is why I wanted you to come with me. We have a couple magic users now, and though I could learn, I am more comfortable with the science side of things. So I want to learn both how to use what is available and how to make my own. I want to learn the chemical processes and then how to manufacture safe and effective munitions. Stuff I can drop from flight, stuff I can plant and use remotely. I know there are all sorts of possibilities. So, we are gonna go find me some books and some supplies and I am gonna start studying and teaching myself how to do these things so I am not relying on others for the know how and maybe in the process I will be able to help more."

Urus takes a deep breath and calms himself. The amount of homemade weaponry he knows off the top of his head, is meager at best, however as minu pointed out books could be quite useful. "I am sure that you could easily make this work, as for certain materials, that may be more difficult to get." he keeps his pace slower than usual to allow for minu to be comfortable, his normal pace with his height would probably be a jog for her. "So," he continues "At the Christmas party... some sort of dog came through. I saw it leave with you, what happened to it might I ask, I have not seen it around since then." then he snickers naughtily. "Did Kotal eat it?"

Minu falls easily into step with the taller hyena man. "well chemicals are all around us. Its just finding them. It might not be easy at first but once I learn about the base components I should be able to figure it out." The two step out of the apartment complex and into the street. Turning toward the road that leads to the bridge to Neo-Edo. A small laugh spills from the little elf "the puppies? They are fine. No Kotal did not eat them!" she giggles behind her hand "he wouldnt hurt them. I think he is very fond of Buster. The pups are special, a very rare magical animal. They have sorta become mine mostly but the whole of TASK holds them in affection. Ferra and Tor like to play with them and rough house in the court yard. Jackson likes to read with me and of course Rex enjoys being cuddled. He scared everyone the night we did the munitions testing. Black was being a jerk, as usual and pulled his gun to show it didn't need reloading ever cause its magic or something but Rex thought he was gonna hurt me and got very protective. Rex is the sweet and gentle pup, he's the cuddle pup, no one expected him to get angry and protective."

Urus nods understandingly "Try to not get yourself blown up, I know you are smarter than that. However I care about you ok." As they cross the bridge and Minu tells her story Urus seems to be making mental notes of something. The sort of staring off into space, still listening but intense thought being put into something. Which is not too common for him however, what could he be up to. "It seems I would like this Rex. He seems to know good character." A quick reminder of something that may be useful to her. "Oh, almost forgot. Some warrior type converged the other day. Expect another person to start filling out paperwork. " you can always tell the ones who are probably going to take TASK to heart. Scarcely do the two know it than they arrive at the Neo-Edo mall, time sure flies when in good company. With a quick realization Urus stops and turns almost about to walk past the entrance.

Minu smiles up at Urus "I will be careful Urus, I promise. I just need to be more then a librarian, you know. As much as Kotal says he appreciates what I do...I know, no one sees or respects me as a warrior. I get that and they are not wrong but, I work for TASK, I am supposedly third in charge after Rayne, if they don't respect me and my knowledge and what I can do, how can I lead effectively if such is needed. Not that I want to mind you. I don't revel in getting into fights, but...well...I won't shy from battle if I am needed though. Like when those xeno things were chasing Sil through the park. I was right there, I did everything I could to help even though I had no weapons with me, I at least distracted the darn things so she could escape. I am just not sure anyone sees that kind of thing. I might not be big and strong but I am loyal and I try very hard to be brave." She blinks as they arrive at the mall "wow that was fast, here Urus...this is the entrance. Now. I want to go to the book store first and then, umm maybe a kitchen supply store if they have one. I doubt they have a Chem-labs-R-Us or somewhere that just has all the science supplies hanging around easy..." She walks through the sliding doors and into the mall proper and is instantly assailed by the scents from the food court, the smells of perfumes from the department stores, and the sounds and bright sights of rampant commercialism. Pausing to get her baring she looks up at Urus "new guy? Ummmmm Legatus.something? I saw some notes on a new fellow converging in. Evidently he showed up to the arena the other night when Kotal was showing off the xeno in kombat. You are likely right, once the fellow settles in, he will likely come looking for work. Yet another warrior type to have to kick into good manners and respect of the little paper pusher." She sighs as she looks over the mall directory and leads the way to the book store.

Urus Follows Minu in and after the smells waft in comments. "A few years ago this would be great." The downside to having genetic experimentation, Overwhelming scents and the fact that the cinnamon rolls on level 2 have become inedible. But back to the situation at hand. "Usually Kitchen supplies and chemistry supplies are about the same. It is not as professional looking but it gets the job done." Urus also takes a look at the directory, finding little of interest himself. "Yeah, put him into line, I know it should be pretty easy for you. Look at how well we get along... now." At that he wrinkles his nose a little remembering the first time they met. He follows her as they continue. "so these... Xenos. Becoming a big problem as of late? You said you took one on yourself. They can't be that tough then."

Minu steps into the book store then pauses and looks up at the hyena as he says xeno's can't be so dangerous if SHE took one on. The little elf huffs and quite promptly kicks him in the shin. "they are only as tall as Kotal, faster then a human running flat out and armored from head to long whippy tail. They have double mouths with very nasty teeth and acid for blood. No..they are absolutely nothing at all to worry about. As for taking them on. I distracted them...small owl in the face is enough evidently to at least be surprising now and then..though clearly not overly impressive." She snorts and walks past Urus and up and down a few aisle till she finds what she is looking for. There are books of every kind here in this store from ceiling to floor. Its like being home for the little elf and soon enough she is pulling books from shelves and makes stacks of what she wants to purchase. There are titles like "Chemistry for Dummies" and "DIY Chemistry Experaments" as well as other volumes that look heavy and quite challenging. As she shops the little elf turns and hands books off to Urus as well as keeping others tucked up under her own arm. "ok...this should do it to start" she says looking at her near 15 book stack. "let's go check out and look for that supply store."

Urus takes the kick unflinchingly. "What? You said yourself. You are no warrior." He takes note of the description and thinks that they could definitely be a problem. The fact that something like that exists makes him feel inferior. Do genetic experimentation they said. Be the most powerful being in the universe they said... obviously they never heard of half the stuff now roaming Twisted. As Minu picks up a stack of books and tries to hand him at least half of them, he protests. "You are the librarian here, you carry your own books." It doesn't sound like much but when all the books she picks out are no less than an inch thick... that's a lot of book. Besides, he came here to be a conversational companion, not a Sherpa.

The little elf makes a face at the big fellow beside her and carefully stacks the books up. She looks at the stack carefully and take three out and returns them to the shelf. She takes a few steps to another shelf and selects three different books. These are all on computers, programming and coding. She adds these three books to her stack then sighs and looks up at the hyena and blinks those big golden eyes. "You know Urus, you so much bigger and stronger then I am" as she lifts a good two thirds of the book stack and simply holds it as she gives him those big eyes.

Urus looks at the increasing pile of books and shakes his head slowly. She is going to have a tough time carrying those... but its good exercise for her. But his bravado get ahead of his brain and replies "Damn straight." And with little effort picks up the stack, which to say has grown to about half her size at this point, and smiles as he proves what she already knew. And then it occurs to him what she had just done. and he just bought into it. "Ah... Damn it." With an exasperated sigh, he mutters "Alright... what is next."

Minu smiles brightly up at the hyena man and with a little giggle she turns and makes her way to the register. Once there she sets the books on the counter. The lady behind it blinks at the stack and the pile Urus is carrying. "Oh my, someone is stocking up. You know you could have ordered most of this on-line and had it delivered directly to your home." Minu arches her brow "Ummm I doubt that would work. We came over the bridge, from Twisted." The girl behind the counter laughs and slides a little flier over the counter to the elf. "Next time just go to Rainforest.com. We are your one stop shop for your on-line shopping needs, books and all sorts of things, and we deliver to Twisted." The lady rings up everything and the little elf pays for it. Minu and Urus take the stacks of books and the little elf looks up at the hyena "I want to find a kitchen supply store so I can get some equipment, I need a scale and some other things." as she leads Urus out into the mall once more.

Urus lets Minu take care of business, it is her books after all. "Delivery... that would have been good to know beforehand." He mutters to himself. Still peeved that the little owl tricked him he takes the books back and peers around it to look her in the eye. "Fine, but you are carrying this batch." Following behind he looks like Minu's assistant or something. This was not what the man had in mind when he said they could catch up or something. Then again he should be happy. He has succeeded as a teacher; this is just helping her with self-learning. "So, Do you have a place for these when we get back?" he wonders. Not everyone has 2 feet of shelf space lying around, but of all the people she probably does.

Minu turns to look up and back at Urus "Oh yes, I have plenty of space for them. Its one reason I got the apartment. I mean I could live at TASK but, sometimes a girl needs a quiet place to study and such." She pauses before a directory and finds what she is looking for then heads off in the direction of the kitchen supply store. As the two of them make their way, the little elf spies a toy store and there in the window is a rather large and complex science set for kids, complete with small samples of elements and a whole rack of test tubes and other things that would be needed for simple experiments. She makes a pleased little sound and darts into the shop and soon the elf and hyena are emerging with yet another purchase. A large box marked "My little science lab". With this purchase the little elf heads to the kitchen supply store and makes a few more purchases, a scale and a mortar and pestle and a few more things and soon both the hyena and elf are loaded down with bags and boxes and books and Minu is looking quite pleased with herself. "looks like I got it all Urus. Let my buy you lunch and we can head home."

Urus pauses as he sees her dart off. And stops, trying to continue balancing the book stack. As she comes back out he comments, "That will do, at least until you upgrade. Something tells me you will be long at work in your new hobby." The two end up packed by the time they are done. "Alright," he nods as she marks off the last thing on her mental list. "Can we try that one just down the hall, I hear that they tend to undercook everything."

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