2016-03-12 - Never Mind the Screaming Woman!

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Never Mind the Screaming Woman!

Summary: First a member of Team JNPR shows up, then a member of Team RWBY!

Who: Jaune, Kotal_Kahn, Sae, Serenity, Silencia, Yang
When: March 12th, 2016
Where: Nowhereto Park

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The day was bright and peaceful and Silencia felt a bit courageous, so she decided to go into the park to train her magic once again. She had rather enjoyed focusing on her physical strength, but she still felt restless. She needed to train her magic. As she stands in her usual spot in the park, the girl breathes in deeply. Even though fear lurked, her entire body relished in being in Mother Nature's embrace. It's not like she was completely cut off, but it felt more comfortable to be surrounded by nature.

The mottled mollusc meanders down a park path, past trees and toward the pond. Ren is likewise looking a little less than serene, but still moves with a smooth flow of the 'wings' through the suspended water. Serenity has the TASK badge fastened to the front of the storage bin. (It is a bit low to the ground there, but might show more contrast against black than against neon colors.) Ren glances about while wandering along, including down and up, but still doesn't manage yet to spot Silencia.

Silencia is out of direct sight for the most part, wandering along between the trees as usual. She hums and sings a soothing little tune, trying to restore the peace that had been lost that one night. She hadn't been the only one scarred by the appearance of the Xenomorphs. All the trees, the bushes and plants seem to strain against their roots to touch Silencia, though the movements are rather subtle. Silencia's voice carries far as she soothes even nature itself. As the song slowly ends, Silencia looks up and notices Ren, the friendly mollusc not very far from her. She steps out of the shade of the trees and waves smilingly, her demeanor calmer than before. "Hey there Serenity!"

Serenity, hearing the song, pauses on the path in a flutter of fin edges and peers into the trees. Ren raises a 'wing' to her as Silencia makes an appearance. "Hello," Ren calls cheerily to her, slipping over to offer her a damp clap on the shoulder. "I didn't know that you sang. How is it going here?"

Silencia grins lightly and grasps the damp fin on her shoulder momentarily, squeezing gently before letting go. "Usually just lullabies though, but yeah, I do sing. It also helps in distributing my magic!" Silencia pats the tree next to her, her touch making its leaves liven up. "I'm working on restoring the peace here. The nature around here also got startled when I got attacked, so I'm singing to soothe the nature." Silencia sighs softly. "It also helps with getting over my own fears.." Silencia then smiles and peeks at Ren. "How about you? You don't look like you're relaxed enough to be enjoying a nice stroll in the park... Everything alright?"

Sae purchased some bird seed on the way out of the store last night! Helping birdies get food and getting to watch them peck at the seeds all cutely? What more could a girl want? So the schoolgirl decided to head to the park today, carrying a Tupperware container she'd filled with birdseed, for the moment just closing her eyes as she walked, listening to all of those sweet tunes coming from the trees. That's when she heard a tune she didn't recognize, peeking out of one eye towards its direction. That's..not a bird, right? It's so pretty though! There's no way Sae could resist. She started jogging towards it, the seed bouncing around in the container, making a sound not unlike a rainstick! Running near the two of them, she burst out laughing! "Sil Sil! That was you?! I heard it aaaaaall the way over there! I thought you were a birdy for a second!"

Off in the distance, what sounds like a woman screaming in fear can be heard.

Serenity flows over for a closer look at the tree as Silencia touches it, inclining rhinophores toward it curiously. "Startled plants?" Ren repeats. "While I'm no expert in magic, it does make a kind of sense that it would come with costs." Ren smiles encouragingly at her question. "I certainly have less reason to be uneasy than you, and you seem to be soothing yourself well." Ren motions to the sides, "I thought that I might do a bit of security monitoring." Ren twists quickly to look as Sae and makeshift maraca run over and offers her a wave. With the scream, though, Ren 'blinks' eyes inward before looking to Silencia.

Silencia nods at Ren, her expression soft. "While I cannot really communicate with nature, there is a bond that allows me insight in some things. It were the trees that alerted me of the Xenomorph's presence, because they transmitted the feeling of something being terribly wrong." Silencia grins sheepishly. "It's a bit difficult to explain, but simply put: the nature looks after me and I look after it." Sae's appearance earns a warm smile on Silencia's face. She chuckles at the excited reaction and nods smilingly. "Be careful running, sweety! You'll fall if-" Then that scream makes Silencia freeze, her expression a mixture of alarm and uncertainty. Ren looking at her assures her of the fact that it wasn't her imagination. After a moment of being frozen to the spot, Silencia turns and runs toward the sound, her expression determined. Despite having her fears, Silencia is rather courageous when it involves the safety of others.

Sae wavewaves back at Ren, though with her container of seeds rather than hands, giggling at the noise it makes. "Ren Ren! You have the cutest waves! Fins are adorable.". She stops as Sil tells her to be careful, flashing her a giant smile. "Wont fall! I don't wanna spill the birdseed! Then it wont get to the birdies and stuff and that'd be no good-" she pauses, then looks over towards the scream, eyes going wide. Clutching the seed to her chest, Sae does the rather foolish thing of running after Sil! Foolish because one, she can't fight at all, and two ,because well..the slooshing of the seed with each step is going to alert who ever's there to their presence!

The scream gets closer, and through a patch of trees bursts... not a woman. No, the blonde haired individual actually looks more or less masculine. Oh, and he's being chased by a large black form... that is thankfully not a xenomorph. Thank goodness for small miracles, right? It is, however a very large bear that appears to be wearing a white mask, and it really doesn't look much friendlier than a xenomorph. As the screaming individual spots the two women running in his direction and the... thing in the floating pool of water, as well as the other inhabitants of the park, he grits his teeth and suddenly turns and plants his foot on the ground, halting his running as he reaches down to the sword at his side and draws it into his right hand. Then he actually pulls the sheath off his belt as well... and the sheath suddenly expands into a shield. Well, it looks like something has made him decide to stop running and instead stand and fight. "Stay behind me!" he calls out to the two.

Serenity, on the other hand, isn't showing any courage or impulsiveness at the moment and definitely does not move toward the sound. Rather, Ren reaches first for Sae and (being a bit late for that to do any good) stops and reaches for the computer worn on the rhinophore. "Wait, Sae!" Ren rasps to her. "This is Serenity at the park... hhh... stand by," Ren then says uncertainly. After a look at the bear, Ren makes a break for the trees.

Silencia doesn't notice Sae running after her for a moment, but as soon as she does, she shouts at the girl from over her shoulder. "Go back to Ren! Stay close to the trees!" She's so distracted by Sae that she almost bumps into the blonde. She barely avoids that and then sees the... bear? It kind of looks like a bear. It doesn't look friendly at all! Silencia directs her focus on the bear, the nature reacts as fast as she would like it to. Good, her senses hadn't dulled. Powerful roots shoot out of the ground at Silencia's call and wrap themselves around the legs of the beast. Silencia just keeps adding more and more roots and vines until she is certain that the beast cannot move.

Sae's courage only goes so far. And 'anything to do with an angry bear' certainly qualifies as too far in her book! So the moment she sees that thing charging, she slows down, then eagerly listens to Sil's order. "M-mhm! Please be careful Miss Sil..p-please please pleaseeeeEEEE!", voice raising pitch as she sprints towards the trees where Ren is, quickly climbing one of them, settling in by straddling one of the lower branches, legs dangling on either side. "Miss Ren Miss Ren! Do you need help up?!" she asks, one hand reaching into the Tupperware container, grabbing a handful of seed and holding it up, like she's going to toss it at the bear if it gets too close!

The bear roars and swipes down at the young man, but he barely gets the shield up in time to block the attack, though it pushes him back a few feet. Putting Silencia now in front of him. Well, so much for keeping the others behind him, but at least the giant bear now has its hind legs entangled by the vines! It roars and tries to swipe at the blonde again, but being pulled off balance by the vines causes it to fall to the ground. This should leave it open to a strike, but the blonde is just a bit too surprised by the vines to take advantage of this opening. "Woah! That was cool!" The moment past, the bear uprights itself again to tear at the vines holding it.

Serenity ushers Sae onward while looking quickly between her and the potential threat. After she climbs, Ren tries to use the tree for cover, sliding vertically against the trunk and tucking fins backwards over the gills. "If you have enough strength to lift me up, you should be protecting Silencia with it." Ren doesn't seem to be peeking around the tree at the moment or doing anything but looking at anything but trunk and presumably listening for crashing.

Not much time, the bear acts fast, but the priestess is faster. Silencia keeps regrowing her vines, to keep up with the destruction of the bounds on the bear. She tugs on his hind legs with her roots and even tries to grab his front legs with her vines, but that is a bit difficult. She shouts over her shoulder at the blonde, her demeanor right now very fitting of a priestess of war. Kotal would be proud. "Hurry up and attack! Sooner or later one of the two of us is gonna tire out and you don't want that to be me!" Though Silencia's stamina isn't bad, she does not want to take any chances.

Sae decides to shuffle over beside Ren, trying her best to hide behind the sea-slug, though unlike her she's constantly peeking over. "I think Miss Sil's got it..? The bear thingy's all tied up!", updating Ren on what's going on. "Sil's really cool like that! Never really seen people use real magic I don't think..who's that blonde person anyways? He's kinda cute!"

The giant bear of course continues to try to free itself from the vines, and even manages to swat the new incoming vines out of the way as they try to entangle its forepaws. The blonde does manage to snap out of if at Silencia's shouting at him, however. "Oh! Right, the ursa." He sets himself again and charges at the giant bear with a yell, getting the thing's attention. It leans over again to swipe at him, but the claw is again deflected by the shield, and the swordsman gets in close to slice through the beast's neck with one last shout of effort. Though it's been decapitated, there is no blood, just... thin smoke as the black beast starts to disintegrate.

Serenity frowns as Sae gets out of the tree. Ren twists upper body to look at Sae while keeping lower body facing the tree. "Hhh... I suppose that's a good thing," Ren says, leaning sideways just a bit to have a look as well, "...as long as the 'bear thingie' wasn't also in need of protection." Ren suggests, "Perhaps we can take our time going to greet the person rather than rushing over to hug him right away." Taking care not to pur Sae underwater, Ren pours out from behind the tree trunk.

Silencia blinks as the bear starts to disintegrate. She relaxes as the immediate danger is gone. "Whoa... that definitely wasn't the weirdest thing I've seen today..." Silencia's hands are shaking, the girl slowly coming down from the adrenaline rush. She then tenses up again and looks around. "Where is she? I heard a woman scream..." She peeks at the unfamiliar blonde and smiles. "Are you alright? Are you wounded anywhere?" She waves at Ren and Sae and shouts smilingly. "The bear is gone, you can come out now!"

Sae looks at Ren in a kind of serious way, nodding with an 'mhm'! She can do this. No running at cute people. No yelling..no gushing..she can do it! Right? Taking a deeeeep breath that pushes her chest up, Sae calms down, then walks over to the two of them, trying not to look at the slowly disintegrating bear. "Great job Sil! You're an awesome priest-incess!", clapping happily, then giving her a soft hug! "And hi!", looking at the blonde haired man. "I'm Sae!", curtsying and well, fidgeting. Must not hug..must not hug..Fidget. Fidget.

The blonde guy blinks for a second at Silencia's question to him. "Woman, what- Oh, uh yeah, she, uh, got away just fine. Don't worry about her!" He then waves off Silencia's concern for him. "Oh, it takes more than one little Ursa to hurt me!" Or one giant ursa. He frowns for a split second as he glances over at where the last remains of the monstrous bear are finally evaporating away. As the younger(than him, anyway) girl runs up and introduces herself, he runs a hand through his hair before collapsing his shield into a scabbard and using it to stow his sword back onto his belt. "The name's Jaune Arc." It sounds like he's... trying to be smooth, trying to be cool. It's... not really convincing. "And don't worry, fighting off Grimm is what we train for as students at Beacon." He says that like it should be something impressive, posing with thrusting his chest a bit forward and his hands on his hips... but then he deflates just a little. "Um... speaking of which, can you tell me how to get back there? I'm uh, a little lost."

Serenity circles to Sae's side and drifts along, keeping pace with her. Ren nods to Silencia as they near her and then regards Jaune closely while she's being more enthusiastically congratulated. Ren doesn't look especially enlightened by the pronouncement as Jaune puts away his weapons, but does slip in closer to him with a fluid ripple of aquamarine muscle. (Ren attempts to avoid covering up the badge, but it is down there near the ground.) "Hello," Ren rasps encouragingly, offering a pair of fins with extruded 'fingers'. "You can call me Serenity. "We can answer your questions. But would you prefer to go indoors or remain here?"

Silencia smiles warmly at Sae as the girl mispronounces 'priestess' so adorably. She ruffles the girl's hair before returning her attention to Jaune. She moves closer to the man and checks him for wounds herself, since he's being a bit too nonchalant about it. After she has convinced herself that he is indeed uninjured does she remember to introduce herself. "Nice to meet you, Jaune Arc, my name is Silencia." As he boasts about fighting off Grimm, Silencia smirks lightly. She doesn't comment though. She decides to let the professional Ren handle breaking the news to poor Jaune. She pulls Sae close and allows the girl to hug her. She fears the adorable waitress would otherwise explode from lack of hugs.

Sae's doe-wide eyes sparkle as Jaune shows off, peering at the warrior, heart thumping as those golden locks of his shift. It might not convince anyone else, but given Sae's (complete) lack of experience with anything combative, it certainly works for her! Only Sil's hug manages to break her out of the reverie, blinking a few times, then turning her head to the hugging girl. She squeezes back, then stage-whispers "Sil..! Sil..! He's..oh my gosh..look at him! Looklook!", glancing back and forth between Jaune and Sil. Pulling back a few inches, Sae sort of 'glomps' the priestess in her own kind of way, squeezing tight. "You're okay too though, right Sil? I don't want my favorite princetess getting hurt and stuff! I would be SO MAD at whoever did if you did!", pouting for a moment. "What're you the priestess of anyways? Something cute I bet! Nature stuffs maybe?". She got it right! She said priestess!

Jaune responds as any reasonable person would to being greeted by Serenity. That is to say, he goes a bit slack jawed and says something along the lines of, "Uhhhhhhh." No, he doesn't notice Ren's badge. He then looks back to Silencia. "On second thought, maybe I did get hit in the head. Or do you also see the talking blue and orange... blob thingie?" Yeah, all pretenses of being the coolest thing ever have kinda gone out the window now.

Serenity lets Silencia to handle the characterization of her own job position. Ren smiles in reply to Jaune's reaction, as much as one can without teeth. Ren doesn't attempt to take his hand again just yet. Rather, Ren continues 'standing' with just slight station-keeping ripples. "The talking blob thingie is quite real, hence the suggestion that you might like to relax first. But this should be a reasonably safe spot here, too, with Silencia present and your own apparent fighting skill."

Silencia giggles at the adorable Sae and squeezes her a bit. "I'm okay, sweety, don't worry. We don't want you getting mad." Silencia has a feeling that would be scarier than expected. The question gets an amused look. "Not exactly... I am connected to nature by birth, but I was made into Kotal's priestess... and he's a God of War and the Sun, soo..." She hugs the girl again, she was way too adorable! "And you finally said it right! Good job Sae!" She giggles at Jaune's reaction to Serenity. "You're fine, that's Serenity, you should be nice, she knows more about this place than all of us... And believe me, you're going to see lots more things you're never seen before..."

Sae let's a long held breath when Sil lets her know she's okay. "Good! You're lots too cute to be getting hurt!" she reasons, though the waitress does wrap both her arms around one of the priestess's, and doesn't seem to want to let go. She's feeling protective of such a cutie thing! Not that it'd help, given her complete lack of combat experience or even desire to fight, but still! "Awww, you're a sun priestess? That's awesome! The sun makes all the plants grow!", pushing up onto her tiptoes whenever she says grow! She does that a lot! "..and the plants make seeds for the birdies! So you help the birds too!", looking around for her tupperware container of birdseed. "Where'd I drop that..". Looking at the blonde haired man, she nods! "Miss Ren's real! Though she's gotta be the least-real looking real thing I've ever seen!", smiling so wide that there's no way it could be taken as anything but a complment!

Jaune, for now, looks back and forth between Serenity and Silencia. "I, wha..." He then peers closer at Serenity. "What are you?" There is absolutely no registering of the conversation between Sae and Silencia at the moment. Not with the Fsst right in front of him! When he's addressed by Sae directly, though, it's another matter, and he nods at what she says. "Uhhhh... so... where, exactly, am I, then?"

Serenity nods at Silencia's introduction and grins at Sae's. "I am certainly short of being an expert on this world, Twisted," Ren adds, "but I do hope to be as encouraging and empowering as possible." Ren tries again on the handshake. "My species if fsst, and Silencia and I happen to be members of the local security force, TASK." Ren motions downward with an extruded edge of a free fin. Ren glances down toward the former location of the ursine being. "You said that you were in training. Was that against wrong-doers or against animals?"

Silencia smiles helplessly at the adorable little waitress clinging on her arm all protectively. "Look who's talking about cute..." She smiles as Jaune finally realizes that he is someplace else. She still leaves the explanation part to Ren, she felt like Ren was perfectly suited to this job.

Sae blushes bright red when Sil compliments her like that, squeezing that arm tighter! She even bends down a little and hides her face against it, or tries to at least. "Y-you're cuter than me! And so is Miss Ren! And Mister Blondie too!"

Jaune seems a little confused by Ren's question. "I-yuh... uhhh, I'm a huntsman in training. So the primary thing we're expected to fight is Grimm." He points with his thumb over his shoulder at where the ursa fell, as if that completely answered the question, indeed, as if the answer was obvious. Maybe he hasn't quite realized he's not on Remnant anymore. "Wait, TASK? I don't think I've heard that before... Or of Fsst..." He once again looks around him, looking around the park in general... wait, it looks like maybe he is starting to realize something is more wrong than he thought.

"I'm afraid I'm not familiar with Grimm or whether they are moral agents," Ren admits, giving up on the handshake. "No, it's not very likely that anyone from your world is here," Ren replies, "though the chance is better than you might expect, given the fact that the inhabitants are apparently pulled from all possible worlds of people. I can provide a bit of reassurance about living here, though." Ren glances over to Sae hiding her face in Silencia's arm. Ren motions to the teens, and adds curiously, "By the way, how old are you two?"

Something is amiss today in Twisted.

Something that stirs the god of war from his lair.

As the group happily chats away to welcome the new arrival into this Twisted realm, some of them might notice that the light of the sun begins to shine a little brighter. A presence begins to be felt as well as the park brightens, a presence that most might recognize, Silencia in particular who will sense a very familiar presence arriving.

Suddenly, the light focuses down onto a single spot and a hard SLAM causes the ground the tremble as a statuesque figure lands from the sky.

It is Kotal Kahn, who raises to his full height of nearly seven feet and glances at the group with glowing golden eyes. His tattoos glowing brightly across his chest and arms.

"What goes on here??" Asks he as he approaches the group, frowning at the signs of apparent battle.

Silencia coos at the blushing little Sae, the girl awoke all kinds of motherly feelings in the priestess. "Acting like that just makes you look cuter sweety..." Silencia peeks at the confused man and tries to smile reassuringly. She was about to say something, but Ren's question surprises her. "Uhm... I'm about twenty two... probably..." She wasn't exactly sure of how old she was, given the circumstances of her past. "Why do you ask, Ren?" Silencia pauses and smiles happily as she feels that familiar presence. As Kotal appears, Silencia moves to join his side, probably dragging Sae along, if the girl does not let go. "Everything's alright, Kotal... We have a new arrival and he was accompanied by a rather unfriendly animal, so we dealt with that first..."

Sae indeed doesn't let go! She absoutely refuses to! Honestly, she hadn't realized how scared that beast made her, and being close to someone as kind and kick-butt as Sil makes her feel better. It's not just about hiding her blushing face! "Umm..16.", tilting her head. "How come you ask?" she repeats Sil's question, curious. Looking at Kotal with all sorts of sparkles in her wide eyes, Sae murmurs "Are you umm..some kinda super-man?", looking up at the sky, then down at the spot he landed.

Jaune blinks at what Ren says. "Moral wha-who-wha? World?" He looks around again, perhaps starting to panic slightly, though the question to his age does somehow make it through. "Seventeen?" he states, almost like he's not quite sure of even that right now... And then Kotal lands. With a bit of a yell that sounds suspiciously like the woman everyone heard screaming before, he dives for cover behind a tree.

"I wondered if you might be needing a school," Ren replies, then mentions to Silencia, "I was also curious if Jaune and Sae were the same age." Ren is saved from further speculation there by the appearance of Kotal. Ren 'blinks' and shrinks lengthwise as Kotal hits the ground but then frowns upon realizing his identity. "Hhh... I didn't cancel the 'stand by' request, did I?" Ren admits, flowing over close to Kotal and between him and the direction Jaune went. Ren twists to look in that direction and frowns on realizing just how far he'd gotten.

Naturally, the first thing that Kotal Kahn does is greet his priestess and lover. The mighty Aztec warrior leans down and kisses Silencia fondly on her cheek and lips. "Hello, my Butterfly." This is even before he realizes that someone tagged along for the ride! The warrior god straightens up and glances down at the young girl clinging to his priestess' arm. "What is this? An admirer of my priestess?" Asks the deity before she questions his identity. "I am indeed no mere mortal."

"I am Huitzilopotchli. The god of war! Guardian of this realm and its people!"

"Though you may address me as Kotal, citizen." He then says in a far less severe tone.

Kotal then blinks in pleasant surprise as Silencia gives him the news. "A new arrival you say? How exciting!" But then she gives him the bad news that he missed an epic fight versus a giant bear. "Blast it all! I missed the Kombat??" He sounds so very disappointed, like a very big child being cruelly denied a toy.

He'll have to get over it though since Serenity approaches him and prods him about not following his own protcol. "There was a stand-by order?" Asks the Aztec in confusion and checks the back log of his radio. "Did you use the proper channels?" Looks like TASK in general is still having some issues communicating.

While Kotal is fiddling with his radio he notices the young man running away and frowns in concern. He wasn't expecting that kind of reaction, it's been a long long time since anyone has been scared of him.

"Hm, I think this one could present a problem. Where is Rayne when you need her?" Speaking of, he uses his radio to express that particular concern of his.

Silencia hums thoughtfully at Ren's suggestion. "I would be interested in going to school... I mean, there is so much I don't know that seems to be common here, so if it is possible, I would like to be able to learn..." Sae's adorable reaction to Kotal earns a warm smile and the priestess pets the girl. "This is Kotal, I'm his priestess, Sae..." Silencia blushes happily as Kotal greets her with kisses, standing on her tiptoes to plant a soft kiss on his cheek. "This is Sae, she's working at the usual as a waitress and she's my adorable little companion, aren't you Sae?" It's then that she notices Jaune's reaction and that familiar scream. Ahh, so that's where that scream came from earlier... "Please excuse me for a moment... and don't bother Rayne, Kotal! Not everyone is immediately able to get used to you..." She carefully detaches Sae from her arm and makes her way over to the scared warrior. "Hey Jaune? There's nothing to be scared of, come on out..." Her voice is gentle and soothing and the girl quickly reaches the blonde. She smiles at him and offers a hand. "Come now, let me introduce you!"

Sae says, "Mhm mhm! I totally need school! I still haven't gotten a chance to go to class yet, but I think I'm enrolled?". Looking to Kotal her eyes manage to go even wider when she's treated to a front row view of the two of them kissing, squeezing Sil's arm even tighter. "M-mhm! I'm you're adorable little companion! And Sil's my..my adorable less little companion?" she questions, being the shorter of the two."

Jaune steps out from around the tree again as everyone pretty calmly greets the guy that just dropped from the sky. "Uhhhh, hello?" he asks as Silencia comes over to reassure him of Kotal not being a threat. Okay, maybe it was just an initial reaction to the whole falling from the sky thing. Maybe it was just the slamming down and the fact that he's huge and blue that freaked him out at first. He glances at Silencia's hand, but doesn't take it, instead walking up to Kotal on his own. "I wasn't frightened, I was just... caught off guard."

Serenity smiles at the greetings between Silencia and Kotal. "I believe I used the proper channels. I was somewhat distracted after reporting a possible problem and failed to follow up with a report that all was well. I apologize for that," Ren explains to Kotal, then remains close by while he has an exchange with Rayne on the radio. Afterwards, Ren starts to head in Jaune's direction but pauses as Silencia takes on that responsibility. Rather, Ren ripples back to partly block his view of Kotal. "Perhaps you and Jaune will even end up in class together," Serenity suggests to Sae. Ren offers Jaune a smile as he comesover to meet Kotal and slides out of his way with a sideways ripple. "Actually, I am curious how the teachers manage to work with so many different levels of experience in the subjects."

"A companion?" Looking somewhat puzzled. "What kind of companion exactly?" He quirks an eyebrow since he's overly protective of his priestess, though at the very least it doesn't look like he's about to fling Sae aside like when Asato was leaning his head on Silencia's lap. Either way, he's probably just not understanding, or at least he thinks he isn't.

He rubs his chin as he realizes that his overly dramatic entrance has scared the new arrival, and hmms in concerns. "Clearly.." He mutters as Silencia goes fetch the boy and peers at Serenity when she purposely blocks Jaune's view from him. A smart move for sure, though it leaves Kotal feeling a tad silly, he really ought to know better and not jump down from the sky like that. That's why TASK has teleporters after all.

"It is no consequence, Serenity. Simply endeavor to use the radio next time, that way I can look back on any messages I may have missed at the moment." He says with crossed arms and waits for Silencia to bring Jaune back into view.

Silencia blinks as Jaune ignores her hand and walks over to Kotal on his own. Then she remembers he didn't shake Ren's hand either, maybe he just didn't shake hands? As she walks back, at first behind Jaune, but quickly passing him to get to Kotal's side. It is then that she remembers to answer Kotal's question. "A friend, someone to cuddle because she's adorable..." As if to prove her point, Silencia pulls Sae close and hugs the cutie with a happy little smile.

Sae eeeee's as she's hugged! "Mhm mhm! Just a cuddle buddy! A snuggle pal?" giggling at all the different words she can come up with. Even though Kotal's pretty darn intimidating after the whole 'falling from the sky' business, Sae runs over and gives him a hug too, smiling up at the much taller man! "We can totally be cuddle buddies too if you want! Sil seems to like you, and you seem to like Sil, so I bet that means you love cuddles, right?", looking to the priestess to help confirm it, then carefully going in for a cuddly hug, slowly, just in case she's wrong!

Jaune blinks as all the women around here seem to be all over Kotal. Just like another blue-colored individual he knows... but of course Neptune is only blue in hair color. "Um.... in her class? what... What is going on here? Where is this?! Who are all you people?" Okay, looks like he's starting to act like your typical new convergence now.

Serenity looks a little puzzled, too, by the sudden show of affection and looks from Silencia to Kotal as if for explanation. Ren then slides closer to Jaune but not so close as to dampen him. "I did mention some encouraging news earlier. I hope it will be such," Ren says, motioning an upturned fin edge toward him. "Most importantly, the apartment building downtown will offer you a free room to any reasonable specifications for as long as you need it. Furthermore, the restaurant across the street is an excellent place to find some temporary employment," Ren motions toward Sae, "while trying to find your place in this world." Ren adds, "I also have some less-encouraging news."

A very strange day indeed, and that is saying a lot considering the Twisted realm they all happen to be in now.

Let us just say that while Kotal Kahn doesn't quite have the social anxiety issues that his Second has, he still isn't the best at dealing with random shows of affection.

Sure, he does that all the time with Silencia, but he's never really considered himself the snugly type.


Either way, at least he doesn't freak out as Rayne might have, and when Sae runs over to hug him, Kotal Kahn blinks at her in surprise and then glances to the sides as if wonder what to do. "Um.." What exactly is he supposed to do when a random girl hugs his waist anyway?

"I see.. uh, I don't particularly mind hugs I suppose." Says the Aztec as Silencia confirms that she and Sae are apparently just cuddle buddies and wish to have him join in their cuddle parties or something. A very strange and almost alien concept to the god of war, for sure.

Of course that happens to be the perfect time for Jaune to arrive in fully and stare at the tall blue skinned warrior being hugged by little girls. Kotal tries to appear as imposing as one can whilst being hugged by women and attempts to greet Jaune properly.

"Greetings and welcome." He says while lifting one muscled arm up whilst the other is still around Sae's shoulders, hugging her warmly. "I am Kotal Kahn." He pauses, still struggling to maintain some shred of dignity while everyone's hugging. "And you now find yourself in a world known as Twisted."

Another pause as he blinks still looking confused, still a prisoner of Sae's hug.

"As you can see, it is a very strange place." Maybe those are the 'less encouraging news' Serenity is talking about.

Sae says, "Mhmhmhmhmhmm! I'm a waitress at the UR, so you should totally stop by Mr. Blond-y!", flashing Jaune a big smile! Turning back to Kotal, she's pretty fascinated with the big guy! Taking one of his hands, she wraps her own around a finger, marveling at his sheer size, then hugging his arm again, like she did with Sil! She flashes her a big goofy grin too! "Awwww, you're welcome silly Sil! I like you bunches too!". Just to cement that, she runs over and gives Sil a hug, then runs around behind Kotal. Thankfully she's no longer attempting to cuddle the imposing figure, but instead is standing on her tiptoes behind him, trying to get a good view of all the giant(to her!) has to offer. "Kotal Kotal! Is it fun being so tall? I bet you don't need ladders to each any shelves! That's awesome!". Coming from anyone else one might consider such comments poking fun at someone's height, but Sae sounds completely sincere!

Jaune turns his head to look at Serenity again. "Apartment building? Employment? 'Find my place'?" His speach stumbles and he lets out half a laugh. "Y-You're talking like I'm stuck here or something!" His attention then returns to Kotal. "World of Twisted?!" He raises his hands to about face height, but a bit ahead and shoulder length apart, grasping as if he were grasping for the words to say, his mouth working much the same, as if he's about to start saying something, but not quite getting there.

Serenity's attention, meanwhile, remains mostly on the newcomer. Ren raises both pairs of fins, as if to pat Jaune's upraised hands, then evidently thinks the better of it. "Indeed, that is part of the bad news. Other unpleasant facts include the occasional appearance of dangerous beings around a populated area and a severe shortage of arts and government." Ren motions out to the sides and continues more optimistically, "However, we do have the Welcome Center, which I would be happy to show you, to help answer your questions."

"RUBY!....WEISS!....BLAKE?....Anybodyyyy?" 45 minutes of aimless wandering has turned up nothing and Yang's patience has begun to wear a little thin. Her lilac eyes take in her surroundings with absolutely no recognition. "What -is- this place," she mutters to herself, furrowing her brows as she slows her pace a bit. Okay. So....you wake up in a grubby shelter....have no idea how you got there...have only a vague recollection of the events that transpired prior to said awakening annnnd you are utterly alone in a completely unfamiliar environment. All in all, not her worst Saturday night - yeah right. Turning the corner, she finds herself dead in the center of the park where this little crowd has gathered. It'd be hard not to notice them. One look at Kotal, Serenity and the?scene playing out and she can't help but stop dead in her tracks, brows raised incredulously. "Whoa.....You don't see that everyday or.....ever."

Once Sae finally -mercifully- releases Kotal, the god of war manages enough composure to brings his palm to his own face in exasperation as Silencia bursts into mad giggling. Kotal is by no means a komical character.

But it always seems like komical things happen to him all the time.

Nevertheless, whilst Ren goes at length to explain the pros and cons of what is essentially being kidnapped by another dimension. Kotal goes to confirm that by nodding his head and adding, "Essentially, yes."

"People are dragged into this world, but they do not come back out."

The Aztec is also very aware that he's sounding creepy by putting it like that and perhaps purposely scaring the already confused kid. But, whatever, technically its no longer his job to introduce people to the realm of Twisted, that's the Welcome Center job so he might as well have his fun with it.

In the meantime, it seems that Sae is having quite a lot of fun feeling up Kotal's well sculpted and half naked body. The Aztec warrior barely notices while she's tugging his finger and clinging on his arm, at least until she starts running in circles around him and asking very silly questions.

"It helps when in battle, yes." He says sounding exhausted by Sae's boundless energy.

However, as Yang approaches Kotal visibly tenses up and glances to the side. As the god of war, he is well attuned to the energies of all warriors, and while Jaune felt like naught but a spec barely worth of his notice, the presence of Yang draws in some of his curiosity.

Suddenly, he's grabbing Sae by the waist, lifting her up like she weighted nothing, and then giving her back to Silencia's protective arms. He then steps in front the two girls as if to shield them with his body from the approach of the blond girl. Kotal is very protective of his own.

"Hello there." He greets the new arrival. "I take it from the look on your face that you have also just recently converged."

Silencia is calm now, no longer laughing out loud at the sight of Kotal being dragged around by Sae's pace. In her calm state, she can't help but sympathize with poor Jaune. This really was an odd way to learn of this. She offers a couple of words, trying to sound reassuring in a way. "All of us were just like you, ripped from our homes without prior notice. While most of us were just as surprised as you are right now, we still managed to make this place our home and hopefully you'll be able to as well, Jaune..." The arrival of the other blonde surprises Silencia. There were many newcomers lately! Silencia wants to go greet the girl, but Kotal suddenly deposits Sae in her arms and stands in front of her in his protective stance. "Kotal?" She shifts and allows Sae to stand on the ground, still holding on to her though. She leans out to peek from Kotal's side at the pretty girl. She gives a friendly little wave and smiles. "Hello!"

Sae eeeeeee's happily as Kotal picks her up! Her legs kick back and forth and she sticks her arms straight up in the air, more like a young child being picked up than the high schooler she was, but still! She loves it, and for the brief moment she's in Sil's arm,s she loves that, too! "Thanks for picking me up Kotal! You're fun!", oblivious to the fact that the big guy's protecting them right now from the new arrival. Leaning into Sil, she nods in agreement to what she says to Jaune. "Mhm mhm mhm! I bet you'll even find a snuggle-buddy or two Jaune! There's lots of cute people around here! I even met a real life vampire the other day! And a girl with rainbow hair!", grinning wide.

Jaune looks at Serenity with a bit of a look of horror on his face. "But I... My team... Nora... Ren... Pyrrha..." No, he's not looking at Serenity anymore, he's looking right through her, his own mental images dominating his attention. The mention of the Welcome Center doesn't seem to register with him at all. He then blinks and looks up at the familiar voice. "Yang?" he asks questioningly. He then straightens up, leaning to the side to look around Kotal at the other blonde. "Yang, I think I can say with absolute confidence that I have never been so confused in all of my life. With the possible exception of Dr. Oobleck's last quiz." There's then an odd luck at Sae. "Snuggle... buddy?"

Serenity frowns at Kotal's introduction to the world but turns eyes back to Jaune after that. "I'll go ensure that the Welcome Center is available for visitors," Ren remarks sympathetically, offering him a light pat on the shoulder with a slightly damp pair of fin edges. Ren waves to Yang as he calls attention to her. The mollusc makes a few folds in the sheet of aquamarine muscle to vaguely suggest an arm within a sleeve, though in fact there is nothing of the sort. "Perhaps you and your friend could stop by for a visit before retiring to the apartment."

Yang's eyes dart from giant blue people...to squid people....to adorable school girls....and then to "Juane?" Right. All of that totally makes sense. Sure. On one hand, finding a familiar face at least gives her some hope. Whatever happened, apparently, is not an isolated incident and that means there's more of a chance of finding the others. It means maybe getting to the bottom of this. On the other hand....this -is- Jaune. Furthermore all of this is kind of a sensory overload. It feels surreal, chaotic and just a little overwhelming. Its too much to take in at once. Yang sort of raises a hand in a feeble wave, as she's not 100% sure but that is, in fact, what it appeared that the squid-(person?) was doing. Her eyes dart back to Kotal taking in his....big blueness. "I'm sorry. Con?what?" Yang cranes her neck to see around him to where Jaune is, "Do you have any idea what's going on?"

Kotal Kahn lets Sae be her winsome self whilst he picks her up. Sometimes, it is better to be naive enough to not be aware of any surrounding danger, its easier to simply not deal with it. This is particularly true when there's a nearby giant turquoise skinned god of war present to deal with it for you.

As Sae is dropped off nearby Silencia and the butterfly girl peeks behind Kotal to greet the newcomer, the Aztec god waits for Serenity to give her own spill about Twisted since she is considerably far better at greeting people than Kotal could ever be.

A god of welcoming he is not.

"Converged." He explains in his blunt manner of speech. "It means you have been swallowed by this realm. Just like your friend here." It is very good that they appear to know each other.

Unfortunately, with Serenity going over to prep the Welcome Center that leaves Kotal in the difficult position to be the official greeter and as previously stated he is.. not.. the best.. at this kind of thing. Put him against any kind of foe and he'll overcome any odds, but he's just not a people person like most of these gals are.

"Hmr, two convergences in one night. This is very odd." He muses to himself and fiddles with his radio. "I must apologize, our official greeter is occupied at the moment but.." Kotal's golden glowing eyes peer around, as if trying to find something, or someone, to distract Jaune and Yang. "Here, you can speak to my priestess and her lady in waiting." Then he makes way for Silencia and Sae to have at 'em whilst the god talks to his ear piece.

Jaune says quite simply to Yang, "No. No I do not."

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